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Betrayed By Your Kiss (You Betrayed Me With Your Kiss)

Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
REFRAIN: Betrayed me with your kiss
Betrayed me with your kiss
You marked your kill
My blood would spill
Betrayed me with your kiss

You drank my wine
You ate my bread
You took my body
Left me for dead You stained/shared my bed

Your traitor's embrace
In my private place
Your hand in my purse (pocket)
Your spit on my face

Slain by your lips
Lies in the night
Satan inside
(I cry)

We prayed as one
We sang our hymn
The hands of a sinner
touching/rubbing my skin

I took off my clothes
Wrapped in a towel
Dropped to my knees (knelt down before you)
and I washed your feet

Your spirit was willing
Your flesh was weak
[You] Stripped me naked
Trapped like a thief


Your field will be barren (Your guts will spill out)
but healed my disgrace
Somebody better will lay in your place

Yah/God will revive
The spirit you tore
But better for you
If you'd never been born



There in my garden
me sweating blood (sweating my blood)
This is not my will
your will be done

but this is your hour,
and the power of darkness

You marked the soul you would kill
My blood you would spill

You marked your kill
my blood would spill

glistening spit

My heart ripped open
Your promises broken

You drew near to kiss me

I was with you every day
in our (holy) temple (of love)
And you never stretched out your hands against me

You took me by craft
put me to death

Sold me to my enemies
betrayed my secrets

you stole my silver
tarnished my gold

you sought out my weakness

made my friends cry

I blessed your head

We made a covenant

my blood you shed

we danced together

we sang and danced

you promised devotion

you knew my private place / garden / hiding place
I showed you my private places / private place / hiding place

Deep in my garden
I let you in

Tongue like a dagger
mouth spitting swords

Blessed by religion

called me your "Master"

My friends all forsook me and fled

Witnessed against me
lied about me

Cursing my name

but your story had holes (stories didn't match)

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