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Grandma Got Struck By A Bolt Of Lightning

Author: Parody
Theme: Adultery
(This is a parody of Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer)

Grandma Got Struck By A Bolt Of Lightning
To stop her fornicatin' and blasphemy / Coming home from her adultery
You can say there's no such being as Jesus
But as for me and Grandpa we believe

We told Gram's to do some swimming
At the local spa and gym
There she spied her Sugar-Daddy
So she [ran] took off and hit the sack [town] / danced all night with him

Grandma got a fancy lawyer
To buy a state divorce decree
The judge said it was fair / [right] and legal
But [the voltage showed/proves] that Jesus disagrees

Yeah, she didn't like Gramps' gripin'
And his big medical / insurance / hospital bills
So she shacked up with that rich guy
Who bought her stuff/junk to give her granny thrills

His waterbed waved shlishy shloshy
Her legs [toes/feet] swingin in the air
But when she walked out of his mansion
The sky flashed and she didn't have a prayer
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Study Notes

divided Grandpas house in pieces

we told her to do some swimming
at the local 'Y
But we didn't mean for her to run off with another guy

Leaving from her lover's house last night

original lyrics below:

She'd been drinkin' too much eggnog
And we begged her not to go
But she'd left her medication
so she stumbled out the door into the snow

When they found her Christmas morning'
at the scene of the attack
There were hoof prints on her forehead
and incriminating claw-marks on her back

Now we're all so proud of Grandpa
He's been takin this so well
see him in there watching' football
drinkin' beer and plain cards with cousin Mel

it's not Christmas without Grandma
All the family's dressed in black
And we just can't help but wonder
should we open up her gifts and send them back

Now the goose is on the table
and the pudding made of figs
and a blue & silver candle
that would just have matched the hair in Grandma's wig

I warn all my friends and neighbors
Better watch out for yourselves
They should never give a license
to a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves

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