Funny Christmas Songs

Rudy The Red-Nosed Rabbi

Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
You know Krochmal, Schotten, Schneersohn, Shapotschnick,
Bornsztain, Teitelbaum, Dorff, Kook and Luntschitz

But do you recall
The funniest Rabbi of all?

Rudy the red-nosed Rabbi
Had that alcoholic nose
And when he got all blotto
Rudy'd rip off all his clothes

All of them other rabbis
Used to laugh and call him names
They wouldn't let drunk Rudy
Play in their religious games

Then at the Nativity
Baby Jesus said,
"Rudy with your nose so red
Come and bless my nappy head"

Now all the other Rabbis
Are screaming Rudy is a fraud
('cause) Rudy's shoutin' from the rooftops
β€œJesus is the son of God!”

Rudy The Red Nosed Rabbi!
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