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Daddy's Hand

Author: T&G (Educational)
Theme: Parents
Little Girl watches Daddy build a home
(asks him) Daddy how can you build this house by yourself?
Daddy puts her hand on the saw, (shows her how to cut a board)
Just watch Daddy's hand, and he will pull you through

Children on a road trip through the rocky storm
Can't see the highway for the rain and fog
All they see is Daddy's fingers grip the steering wheel, sweat pours from his brow
(they ask) Daddy, how are we gonna get to Grandpa's house?
Momma says, just watch Daddy's hand - he will guide you through

Getting married
bride is scared to say I do
Scared of having children
Don't know if I know how to raise children and stay faithful 'til death do you part
When the preacher says do you?
I thought of Daddy's hand (example) and said, "I do"

Teaching child to read and write
just follow Daddy's hand

Father's funeral
how can we live without him?
Just watch Father's hand and he will pull you through
he made everything, the mountains, (the earth, the stars) and your heart too
So watch your Father's hands... take care of you

Watch your father's hand ... he'll take care of you

A A/C# D
b- E f#-
c#- c#dim7 F#7
b- E A
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