Holy Hits!

Parody Of 'Audition' From 'La La Land'

Author: Genie
We opened his book
leapt with one look
Baptized without a plan
Our vision so hazy
They say we're crazy
To follow a homeless man

CHORUS: Here's to you who believe
Foolish as you may be
Here's to your/our hearts that ache [break 3rd x]
Here's to the mess we make

He gives/gave us a feeling
Sky with no ceiling
A vision beyond all frames
To live something bigger
We die with a flicker
But Yahweh relights our flame


He tells me
What they call madness is key
To give us new colors to see
Who knows where he will lead us
And that's why they need us

So come on, pariahs
You slaves/friends of Messiah
You street-singing prophets and priests


We give our lives up for him
The crucified penniless man
Smiling to serve him
We'd die to do it again

CHORDS (approximate):

VERSE: ||: F C/E
Bb/D F/C
d- d-/C
G- C :||

CHORUS: g- C d-
g- C F
g- C D-
g- C F

d- A Bb
d- A Bb
g- C F
g- C F

A E/G# D Dd7/F
f#- A/E b- Db7/F

f#- B c#-
f#- B E
f#- B c#-
f#- B E E7

A A F# F#
A A F# F#

D bdim7 A
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