The Story Never Ends

Goal (You're my Goal)

Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
Theme: Marriage
The ultimate soccer love song.
From the feature film: JockRock.

You're my goal
You're my victory
You're my world cup
& I'm going to drink you up
You're my trophy
You fill my hole
You've won my soul
You're my perfect goal

Life is a field
And we are merely players
A team of two
Love is a game
I have only one rule
I only want to play with you

You're my goal
You're my victory
You're my medallion
Let's shine for the world to see
I'm gonna' hang you around my neck
For the rest of my life
For I always go for the gold
And loving you is my life's true goal

Eres mi gol
Eres mi victoria
Eres mi copa del mundo
Voy a beberte en todo
Eres mi trofeo
Llenas mi estadio
Mas que fΓΊtbol
Eres mi gol

La vida es el terreno
(En el que) somos jugadores
Un equipo de dos
El amor es un juego
(En el que) Tengo solo una regla
Solo quiero jugar contigo

Eres mi gol
Eres mi victoria
Eres mi medalla
Eres mi historia
Voy a ponerte encima de mi cuello
Para el resto de mi vida
Por que siempre busco el oro
Amarte a ti es mi ultimo goal

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I'm gonna score a goal on you, girl
I'm gonna give you my best header
I'm gonna trick-ball you

Shining across the sea
You run my soul

You're my laurel wreath
You're my olympic gold medal
in the game of love

[one true / life's true] goal

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