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One Last Phone Call

Author: Troy
Theme: Communication
Lying on her lonely bed
She told me "Only love lasts in the end
You won't pass this way again
So ask yourself the question
If you had

One last phone call
Who would your ring?
What would you say?
Why are you waiting for your
One Last phone call
Who would it be?
What would you say? Why are you waiting?"

So Watch your life fly by your eyes
One Truth outshining all the lies
(That) When your ride is finally done
Your Life was people that you loved
So with your


So trying to say what's dying to be said
I'm not going to wait until the end

I'm gonna make that moment (phone call)
Reach out - touch you
Spend every breath Saying "I Love You"
I'll make that message Last my life through
Starting with you
No more waiting...
Who would it be...what would you say...Why are you waiting?
En tu ultima llamada
ยฟA Quien vas a llamar?
ยฟQue vas a dicir?
ยฟque estรกs esperando?

Why Troy wrote this deep song "One Last Phone Call" for YOU

Genie was dying, "planes" were flying into towers, my Dad's friends were killing millions of Muslim children. I started feeling the need to say what need to be said, before it was too late. To say I'm sorry, and I love you, to friends and loved ones.

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Study Notes

(final, dying, final breath)

(I'm starting a new Life here with you)
Live like there;s no tomorrow, live each breath like the last; live
Put away the old life in which I didn't value the things that really matter- die to that life, start anew
last phone call (of my old life)

The millions on their dying beds
Saying if I could live life again
Be Kinder, more loving
and I would ask this quesion
So don't sweat the small stuff
Live each moment like the last one

Old guy on his dying bed
says "I can't live my life again"
Only love lasts in the end
so ask yourself the question

I'd make sure you knew

I'd hope I could say
I gave my life
No longer waiting

And one of them would rise above them all...
(Who would be your person above all?)
(last phone call of my old life)

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