Scripture Rock 2

Be Strong And Courageous

Author: T&G (Educational)
Theme: Courage
////: Be Strong! ( Joshua 1:9 ) :\\\\

Be strong and courageous
Do not be terrified
Do not be discouraged
For Yahweh Elohim is with you
Wherever you go

Yah has chosen you
His promises are true
He'll show you what to do
He'll be right there with you

//// Se fuerte! (valiente!) Josue Uno Nueve \\\\

Se fuerte y valiente
No temas ni desmayes
Porque Jehovรกh (tu) Dios
Estarรก contigo (en) dondequiera que vayas

Jehovรก te has escogido
Jehovรก ha prometido
Eres elegido (eres dirigido)
Jehovรก (El) estarรก contรญgo

Contigo estarรฉ
si tu Conforme a (todo) mi Ley
hagas lo que en รฉl estรก escrito;
y harรกs prosperar tu camino

(Mira que te mando que te esfuerces y seas valiente)

NOTE: This song is not to be used in the promotion of any military or violent activity. YHVH is with you only if you Love your enemies
English translations incorrectly use "The Lord" instead of "Yah" (YHWH)
See Study notes on Be Strong And Courageous

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