Worship Rock 1


Author: Troy
Theme: Humility
Vs. 1 Bb- Eb- Bb- Db Eb Gb Ab Bb-
Rich man high on a hill, In a castle built out of stone cold will
Bb- Eb- Bb- Gb Ab Bb-
you'll come down, stumbling tumbling, You'll come down in the humbling
Bb- Eb- Bb- Db Eb Gb Ab Bb-
Muscle man, cover girl, Church man frowning at the world
Bb- Eb- Bb- Gb Ab Bb-
Doctor Singer Superstar, All come down in the humbling

CHORUS: Db Ab Db Db Eb F
Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess
Bb- Eb- Bb- Gb Ab Db
Christ is the King & We all need The Humbling

Vs. 2 Bb- Eb- Bb- Db Eb Gb Ab Bb-
I cried "why oh why" as I shook my fist at the silent sky
Bb- Eb- Bb-
Yah said "I'm saving you from pride
Gb Ab Bb-
My love comes in the humbling

Verse (solo)

Vs. 3 Bb- Eb- Bb- Db Eb Gb Ab Bb-
Yah Cried when He saw our pride, leading us to be crucified.
Bb- Eb- Bb- Db Eb Ab Bb-
So He sent down His only Child to suffer through the humbling

Toda rodilla se doblará
y toda lengua confesará
que cristo es el rey

Rico en tu mansión
construido de opresión

Why Troy wrote this deep song "Humbling" for YOU

Our career was going great; Songs active with every major company, dream production budgets, getting paid huge sums to do concerts all over... But the television and concert audiences couldn't see Genie was dying... "Pride comes before a fall."

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Study Notes

Bb- Eb- Bb- Db Eb Gb Ab Bb-

Bb- Eb- Bb- Gb Ab Bb- (2x)

Db Ab Db Db Eb F

Bb- Eb- Bb- Gb Ab Db

Form: Verse (intro)
Verse (solo)
Verse Soft
Verse outro
verse outro

ay que ser humildes
Humillaos delante del Señor
ante el del Señor

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