Deep Songs


Author: Genie
Echo- Hear it resound
the Love you pass down Comes back around like an Echo
Somehow it's true All That you do Comes back to you like an echo

Echo- Hear it resound
THe love you pass down
COmes back around like an
SOmehow it's true
All that you do
comes back to you like an ECHO

Lyric as of mar21,2000 5:24 pm below:

You've heard it said (to sons and daughters)
SOlomon (the wise old preacher) Solomon said in his wisdom
Solomon (wisdom's teacher)
SOlomon said in a proverb
Cast your your bread upon the waters, and it will return to you someday just like an echo(Soggy and wet)
Every word is once again heard
Every deed will return
ANd life is life that
Like a wave the past (our acts return) returns
Throw a (kiss) and it returns ; hurl a word again it's heard
Cruel or kind It may take time but life finds the rhyme in an

hear it resound
love gets passed down (all that's passed down) love you pass down
comes back around like an
(you know)Somehow it's true
all that you do
comes back to you in an echo

As we judge we are judged
as we forgive, we're forgiven
As you live your life becomes a song (you'll hear again) you sing a song that everyone sings back to you; We sing the songs our friends sing back to us
We give, we find it given back again (what you give will be given back to you)
In good measure shaken down and pressed together
life overflows like an echo
oye resuena (oye la suena)
el amor que sembras
darΓ‘ fruta demas
como un
solo hay que esperas
todo lo que haces
otra vez llegarΓ‘s como
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