The Story Never Ends

This River Runs Deep

Author: Genie

Sun dry streams die
he flies she cries
Love drought;
the well's out
but our roots find the life

This River Runs Deep
These waters are Wide
This Love is older than the ocean
Stronger than the tide
This River Runs Deep
These waters are Wide

The sun is beating down and still we thrive

These clouds lift us higher than the mountains
Life tries to make us climb
This River Runs Deep
These waters are Wide
This River Runs Deep

Waves break
hearts fail
boats roll
but our Anchor holds
under thunder
in peace we sleep

roots, branches reach to the sky, hot sky, branches touch the sky, grow, prosper, tower high, drops, trinkle, ooze, pour, flow, flows, flood, reservoir, lake, pond, pool, shower, sprinkle, spurt, spit, spout, swim, float, teardrop, raindrop Carried from the mountain to the sea, bay stay

3rd chorus only: The love that runs between us (inside us?)
FLows from a deeper stream
More endless than our minds could ever dream

old verse: Love spoke and all that is was made
And (we are) our love's an echo of that Word
Like a (tear)(raindrop falls into the stream
Carried from the mountain to the sea

This River Runs Deep
These waters are Wide
This river runs deep

higher power lifts us up

All around us waves are breaking; hearts are failing
love is drowning
men and women are flailing in the waves
failing falling
rushing tumbling
anchor bay stay

It didn't start within us
It flows beyond all time

Whatever comes against us
Must ultimately fall
For the power comes from far beyond this world
And this river runs deep
This ocean is wide

And all the world is but a breath in time
And we are just a thought
In God's eternal mind
Kept alive by wonders we can't see dream of
Nothing we can do can keep us together
But all good things come from above
Through His mighty power

(We can fly) This (His) Love is
More powerful than we could ever dream
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