Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

Streams In the Desert

Author: Genie
Streams in the Desert
Roses in the snow
A baby sleeping in the night
A soft fire's glow
Sunshine while it's raining
A blind man given sight
Water turned into wine
Stars in the night

You are the water when it's hot and dry
You are the life in the cold
You are the peace when I lay down to sleep
You light a fire that warms my soul


You are the sunlight
when clouds fill the sky
And I couldn't see till you opened my eyes
I taste your miracles time after time
countless in number like stars in the sky


aguas serΓ‘n cavadas en el desierto
y torrentes en la soledad
El lugar seco serΓ‘ tornado en estanque
y el secadal en manaderos de agua

Eres el agua donde hay tanto sed
eres el agua de vida
eres la paz para el viajante
eres refresca cuando estoy muriendo

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FROM Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

Robert RobergThey just keep getting better and better. My favorite now is Streams in the Desert. It really lifts my soul.