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Sunrise (Of Your Life)

Author: Genie
You loved, you lost
You paid high cost
Yet you still carry that heavy cross

Alone at night
No hope in sight
I hear you crying out for love's light

But no light shines
I too have wandered blind,
but I've seen the other side

(First you) light a candle
(Then) you start a fire
Then your maker paints your stars up in your midnight sky
Soon your moon comes rising
Stay alive all night—
You'll see the Sunrise of your Life

VERSE 2: Backstabbed, betrayed
wailing you prayed
Your faith did not make pain go away

Heart drained by need
Hard to believe
Heaven would wake you from death's dark dream

Won't happen fast
but life comes alive
when you strike the first match

Life comes RUSHING to you
Sunlight breaks the clouds
Color floods the landscape
as your world turns around
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