Troy & Genie's First Songs Together

Keeping Secrets From Myself

Author: Genie
Verse1: Sometimes in my mind
I unlock a dusty room
where I keep unwanted memories
and relics of the truth

I come to read the pages (stay) (sit) Reading through the pages
Of my diary of pain
(But soon I feel)I feel naked and defenseless
I lock the door again

CHORUS: I keep secrets from myself
On a hidden shelf
Keeping secrets from myself
(and I tell) Telling no one else
I say I've got it all together
And I don't want to tell a lie
So whatever I can't face I must hide
Keeping secrets from myself locked deep inside

Verse 2: There among my memories
In the shadow of my doubts
There's a file of realizations that could show me a way out
Of this cage where I find comfort
It's a masquerade, I know
But I control the atmosphere (scenery), so I feel right at home
(chose my reality and here I feel at home)
Places in my mind where I forbid myself to go
I'm not allowed to go
I make my own rules
Places in my psyche where I'm afraid to go
I feel restricted
halls and rooms I never see
Places inside myself I never go
I don't really know myself

BRIDGE: I don't know what I'm hiding from
But I know I'm tired to trying to pretend
For (this) living in denial
Is (just) lying to myself
About things I always find out in the end

LAST CHORUS: I said I had it all together
But I don't want to live a lie
So I know I have to face the things I hide
I'm on a quest for self-perception
Though I fear what I might find
I don't want forbidden chambers in my mind
For keeping Secrets from myself locked deep inside

Trade my truth for lies
Where I wrestle with the truth
Secret door I go unpacking and exploring
My inner self comes into view
I see who I really am
catch a glimpse of who I am

FROM Troy & Genie's First Songs Together