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Child song (was Ordinary Song)

Author: Genie
Words and Music by Troy, Lisa Skiba, and Genie

VERSE 1: In your presence I am small
But I'm answering your call
and I'm humbled just to be surrounded
by the wonder of it all
So I'm down upon my knees
Because the child inside of me just wants to please you

CHORUS 1: So I sing to my King
A child song (An ordinary song) is all I bring
And when I sing unto Your Majesty
My child song is (ordinary song's) a Masterpiece

VERSE 2: There are many more like me
Singing their own harmonies
Gathered like the countless there
On the endless crystal sea
Some are shedding joyous tears
Thanking you for staying near to hear us

CHORUS: So we sing to the King
A child song (An ordinary song) is all we bring
And when we sing unto Your Majesty
Our ordinary song's a Masterpiece

BRIDGE: Eternally the choirs of angels sing for you
Each day the heavens and the Earth declare your glory
Creation is playing a symphony to you each starry night
But never do the heavens shine so bright

VERSE 3: As with a child song (An ordinary song)
To tell you it's your Spirit that we long for

CHORUS: And so we sing...
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