Troy & Genie's First Songs Together


Author: Genie
Lost in your childhood
Looking through innocent eyes
You did what anyone would do
Boundaries were broken
Each time the price was too high
They took away a part of you

Joy turned to fear
Trust turned to tears
But it's over

CHORUS: Lisa you've suffered enough
For those who have broken your trust
It's time now to run to the Father
Time to let go the chains
For you are not to blame

Grown up and lovely
Wearing your beautiful smile
Wanting to love and be loved

Living in Secrets
Caught in the crossfire again
'Never know when to say "enough"

Wishing the lies
And Hidden Conditions were over


INTERLUDE: There is another way of love
Another lover who will
take your tears and give you trust
And make it over

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FROM Troy & Genie's First Songs Together