Deep Songs

After The Storm

Author: Genie
VERSE1: After the bitter storm
You're washed up on the shore
Naked and bleeding
Shaking and needing
After the storm has gone

After the womb is torn
A child of joy is born
Tears you've been seeding
Yield sweeter meaning
After the storm is gone

CHORUS: See how the great (old) sun sets
So soon you will forget
Rise with a new life (Rise from the dark night)
Run to the sunrise (Run to the sunlight)
After the storm is gone

VERSE2: After the great snow falls -
Spring dawns to thaw it all
Love's light freeing
Waters of healing
After the cold the warm

Como el sol murio
Tu olvidaras
(resucito) Levantate a la vida
corre a la luz (de sol)
Despues de la tormenta

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FROM Deep Songs

Doug RendallWow! I just listened to After the Storm and Undying Love and I was blown away! I'm just going to *have* to get some of your music! Also, I happened to see your artwork, Troy, and was very impressed! Your Nail Cross (and others) is phenomenal!