Deep Songs

After The Storm

Author: Troy
Theme: Hope
VERSE1: After the bitter storm
You're washed up on the shore
Naked and bleeding
Shaking and needing
After the storm has gone

After the womb is torn
A child of joy is born
Tears you've been seeding
Yield sweeter meaning
After the storm is gone

CHORUS: See how the great (old) sun sets
So soon you will forget
Rise with a new life (Rise from the dark night)
Run to the sunrise (Run to the sunlight)
After the storm is gone

VERSE2: After the great snow falls -
Spring dawns to thaw it all
Love's light freeing
Waters of healing
After the cold the warm

Como el sol murio
Tu olvidaras
(resucito) Levantate a la vida
corre a la luz (de sol)
Despues de la tormenta

Why Troy wrote this deep song "After The Storm" for YOU

Wrote this for Mom after she was heartbroken from a terrible divorce. The chart success shocked us: Surprised us by being a favorite of audiences all over the earth.

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Study Notes

after the storm (pain) (hurt) is gone
BRIDGE: Brave the waves, the pain, the rain
Strong you'll journey on
after the storm is gone

you've to hang on til tomorrow
you are greater than the sorrow
storm past
helpless (broken)
(your day will shine in time)
ride the night
hope alive
you'll find the light in time
after the storm is gone

Ride the lightning 'to tomorrow
through the terror through the sorrow
do the thing you're most afraid of
and courage (freedom) will follow
After the storm

After the hurt is gone
After we travel on
Life (love) finds a way of bringing the healing
After the hurt is gone

you're rise again once more

After the healing comes
you shine like the rising sun
And find (let) the
forgiveness flows like a river
after the hurt is gone

Naked and helpless

You catch a new breath
what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

Watching the sunset ; Day Breathes it's last breath
After the bitter storm

Now you can travel on

Trials are endless
Naked and helpless

After the labor pain
a child of joy is born

Pain breathes it's last breath

no longer helpless

After the healing comes
After the joy's restored reborn

Look high - look to the sky hold your head up
lift your head up

FROM Deep Songs

Doug RendallWow! I just listened to After the Storm and Undying Love and I was blown away! I'm just going to *have* to get some of your music! Also, I happened to see your artwork, Troy, and was very impressed! Your Nail Cross (and others) is phenomenal!