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Author: Troy Joy Comedy Show
Come on inside
Why are you frightened?
No one will ever hurt you here

There's no one here for you to fear

What have they done- to make you shudder at
You shudder at a loving touch

What have they done to make you shake so
What is the unseen hand you fear?
Don't run away
don't be frightened
No one will hurt you here

C.1 (You're safe - I'll tell you about others like you)
In your eyes I see you want to tell me all about it -
but you're scared to open up to eat and drink, relax,
I'll tell you a story - you're not alone
A lover's life has left you beaten
You're safe now the danger's over
Though you're hurting (healing still)

THis is a safe place- a place to run to -
You're among friends
It's hard to trust now

You're safe now- the danger's over
the storm has passed
You're safe at last

There's no reason for you to worry

V.2 Upon a time he had a lover
inside her room
under her pillow
a little note
explaining all

V.3 Upon a time she had a husband
she has the wedding pictures still
she gave him everything she was

You're safe here

Come here
be silent
food and drink
eat if you are hungry

Here is something for your hunger
water for your thirst
Love to fill the hole within

u�w�A sanctuary - He had (bought) a ring she never wore
into the fire

he threw the (wilted) roses and a note she never saw

above the fire a dozen roses
above the fire a doses roses and a note she never opened

Don't look back
Ther's no one sneaking up behind you
The running's over
The journey's just begun
But we're here to run with you - when you're rested - when you're ready
Look over there- (dashed) burned thein their bedroom ; (he read, he found) she left a letter telling all
and every word cut like a dagger ; til he longed for death; his soul was torn to shreds
He's safe now The running's over though the journey's just begun
We're walking with him - and he will love again
other ideas for this verse:
Look over there - Love to fill the hole within������??
������� ??�������������? you're not alone - you are invited to cause your crying
to make you shake at loving touch
You don't have to talk about it
We're your friends - you can trust
More ideas for this verse or chorus
In his heart she was his wife (they were married)- Across the room - (); and
Now he's gone - THought she really knew him well
������� ??�������������?
Though the journey's just begun
We can somehow learn to love
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken
a relationship of trust
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