Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

Quiet Place (Secret Garden)

Author: Genie
In this quiet place
I rest in your embrace
You hold me like
A sleeping child

In this quiet place
Away from all the hate / haste
Where all is pure /truth
And all is light / right

When autumn leaves
Begin to blow
And winter chills me to the bone

Eternal spring
Forever grows
In this quiet place

Spanish Translation:
en este lugar tranquillo
Me descanso en tu abrazo
Me sostienes
como un niΓ±o que duerme

en este lugar privado (reservado (pacifico?, silencioco)
Lejos de todo el odio / rapidez (aparte de toda angustia)
Donde todo es puro / verdad todo (Donde estΓ‘ todo puro)
y todo es luz / correcto (Y todo sea recto)

Cuando soplan
las hojas del otoΓ±o
Y el invierno
me enfrΓ­a al hueso

Primavera eterna
constante crece

en este lugar tranquillo

Why Genie wrote this touching song "Quiet Place (Secret Garden)" for YOU

A peaceful song for prayer and meditation, inspired by Genie's turning to God when she feels overwhelmed by chronic pain

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Study Notes

Held in your embrace

(you shield the chill
of winters snow)
I find you there
In fields of green
where flowers always grow

when all seems wrong
when hope grows dim

basic idea
there is a place that's
not a physical location
it is the somewhere in the soul
It cannot be effected by circumstances
but can be hard to reach due to circumstances

There are those who live in this place
for minutes, hours, days , months, years
There are those who have never been there
The closest place in this world might
is in the womb
in all innocence

FROM Wildflowers (Songs Of Love)

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Tejas BOh my God! I write to you now as I listen to Quiet Place (Secret Garden). Both of you are so full of peace and conviction. You took me to a place I haven't been in a long time, being caught up with this mindless activity we call "making a living". Thanks ...
Mark LushI was listening while working on Genie's page, and I have to say that I liked "Quiet Place" the best. Genie's music is really beautiful. - Jenny
Lex LexI love Genie's song Quiet Place! My friend and I are making a demo cd and were wondering if we could use that song- it would feature our voices.