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Hiroshima Stones (Theme Song from Movie)

Author: Genie
In love we walked
My dark skinned bride
On garden rocks
White soldier I
By Bonzai trees On Sunny days
My secret wife- my unborn babe

At the Hiroshima Stones ... Hiroshima Stones

I sailed away ; sweet meeting planned
But her father chose another man
Forced, they wed that morning bright
When little Boy fell through blue sky
Million suns... Silent (atom) crash
Time stood still - Shadows flashed

On the Hiroshima Stones

BRIDGE: Today White flowers rise
Above my lover's grave
War stains wash away
But shadows remain

On The Hiroshima Stones
Old and alone- She seeks (me) peace in dreams (seeking)
The Hiroshima Stones
Speak to your soul
If rocks could talk these stones would sing

Never again
It must never ever ever happen again...

A las piedras de Hiroshima
Nunca mรกs
Debe nunca jamรกs vuelva a ocurrir ...
Nunca otra vez Debe suceder nunca siempre nunca otra vezโ€ฆ
Nunca jamรกs jamรกs jamรกs debe suceder otra vez...
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