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Hiroshima Stones (Theme Song from Movie)

Author: Troy Joy
Theme: Fighting/Strife/Conflict
In love we walked
My dark skinned bride
On garden rocks
White soldier I
By Bonzai trees On Sunny days
My secret wife- my unborn babe

At the Hiroshima Stones ... Hiroshima Stones

I sailed away ; sweet meeting planned
But her father chose another man
Forced, they wed that morning bright
When little Boy fell through blue sky
Million suns... Silent (atom) crash
Time stood still - Shadows flashed

On the Hiroshima Stones

BRIDGE: Today White flowers rise
Above my lover's grave
War stains wash away
But shadows remain

On The Hiroshima Stones
Old and alone- She seeks (me) peace in dreams (seeking)
The Hiroshima Stones
Speak to your soul
If rocks could talk these stones would sing

Never again
It must never ever ever happen again...

A las piedras de Hiroshima
Nunca mรกs
Debe nunca jamรกs vuelva a ocurrir ...
Nunca otra vez Debe suceder nunca siempre nunca otra vezโ€ฆ
Nunca jamรกs jamรกs jamรกs debe suceder otra vez...
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Study Notes

Tom Hanks "You can paint over the shadows, but you cannot erase them".

In the book, Professor Osada wrote:
There is a branch office of the Osaka Bank about five hundred yards away from the center of the explosion....If you look at it, you will find it encloses a dark silhouette of a man printed on the stone wall and the steps. Upon these steps at the moment of the blast, a man must have been sitting, perhaps with an elbow on one knee and one hand supporting his chin, in an attitude of deep thought. The powerful action of the radioactive waves "printed" the outline of this man on the wall, marking the moment of his death. The dark silhouette is gradually disappearing and, as time passes, memories of that tragic time will gradually be forgotten. But the shadows will never lift from the hearts of the people of Hiroshima who lost their parents, brothers and sisters and friends. Though they smile cheerfully in answer to inquiries after them from sympathizers and even appear carefree at times, the agony remains profound and lasting.
Original version below

VERSE1: Garden rocks by water's play (War was far so the children played)
Lovers walked on wedding day (The lovers walked the (rocky) pebbled way)
Proud papa A mother's curls
Ringbearer Flowergirl

By the Hiroshima Stones
Hiroshima Stones

VERSE2: They spoke their vows he kissed the bride
There was no time to say goodbye
When A single plane flying high
Sent Little Boy down blue sky
Millions suns Atom flash
Time stands still (fire burned) till all is ash but the

CHORUS: The Hiroshima stones
(Stand) old and alone
Seeking peace in dream they remember the day
The Hiroshima stones
Have a story to tell
listen close you can hear them sing listen to what the shadows say

Never again It must never ever ever happen again

BRIDGE: White flowers rise
Above our (their) mother's graves
War stains wash away (Time erases stains)
But shadows remain (on the)


Never again It must never ever ever happen again

Other ideas:

Reingold Story ideas:

I sailed away soon to return
I had to leave go, but we would meet
Her father made her wed his man
He took the chance to wed her to another man
I sailed to sea - her father's man (Her father chose his country man)
(pushed) her down the wedding path (And rushed)
That fateful morning summer bright (light) Beneath the morning

sunny day peaceful breeze
Children play by Bonzai trees
And rushed the (garden) wartime wedding plan
He tied their hands and cursed my life
He tied their hands and cursed my life
Walked her down the wedding path
beneath the morning sky
When a single plane in high blue sky bright summer sky
Sent Little Boy

Hiroshima stones outlived the bones

(Baptized in acid rain) (Reborn by natures healing (spring))
(the fire burns their final dance in the)
(sing in shadowy tones)

Love wouldn't wait for war to die
New life's first kiss- (became) (a last) goodbye

My home land was incinerated
On the burnt soil that contains our relatives' ashes
White flowers bloom today
Alas, we must not allow A-bomb
Never repeat A-bomb on our town-Yoko Ishida
I will not turn away my eyes from it. I will directly gaze at it.

In a beautiful breathtaking horrible flash
melted the glass
Vaporized in a flash; the Rays
Bonzai were ash ; The lovers were gas
lovers vanish Bonzai ash
A million degrees
The rocks bleached white
except for the shadow of the lovers kiss A milions suns flood their rays
The witness stones could not keep silent
So they wrote their song in the shadows tones
Til death we part a promise kept
But the witnesses - the bleached-white stones
wrote their song (captured the kiss- like a camera) in the shadows tones

By the shadowed stones the mother wept
To death we part - a promise kept
Where Birds feed young in Bonzai leaves
Two rose to wed in the morning breeze
A bride and groom by the the Bonzai trees
The garden rocks are our eyes to see
A beautiful stone garden where the lovers loved to walk thousands of years
If rocks could talk
The lovers walked the pebbled way
In the beautiful stone garden
If rocks could talk
of children concieved in dark hot summer nights
Of first kisses sweet in the evening twilight
Mothers with strollers on spring afternoons
Children who climbed up to stare at the moon
Weddings in the shade of the Bonzai trees
Birds feeding their cheeping young in the Bonzai leaves
a first kiss- a last goodbye
Love does not wait for war to die
a child plays beneath the bright summer sky
a peaceful garden where the war feels so far away
A bride and groom by the the Bonzai trees
Were the last good thing the stones could see
The war was far away on this perfect day
fulfilled that day
flowergirl ringbearer proud father weeping mother...

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