God's Top 10 Commandments

Don't Bow Down To Idols

Author: T&G (Educational)
Theme: Idolatry
In the olden days
People used to bow and pray
To the idols tall, fat, medium and small
They would bow and grovel
Down on their knees
Slobber on their idols
And kiss their feet

What a silly sight
You can see it did no good
For the Statues were
Made of metal, rocks and wood
And bending down
kissing Idols' toes
They might as well been worshiping
Their play-dough!

Don't bow down to idols
Idols don't love you
Don't bow down to idols
That's commandment #2
Don't bow down to idols
Idols are a joke
Don't bow down to idols
They'll go up in smoke!

Maybe we don't bow
Down to idols made of stone
But we don't always love
Yah and Yah alone
'cause we love our money
Ourselves and our things
And we idolize people
on TV!
รญdolos no te ama

mandamiento numero dos
รญdolos va en fuego...
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Deana BondyWOW!!!! our family's TOP favorites: 1. Don't Bow Down to Idols 2. Amazing Grace 3. God's Top 10 Commandments 4. we love all T&G's music!! We'll be watching for your exciting project!!!