Angels All Around Lullabies

Bless You and Keep You

Author: Genie
Theme: Blessing
Yahweh bless you and keep you
Yahweh make his face shine upon you
Yahweh be gracious to you
And give you peace
Jehová te bendiga, y te guarde:
Haga resplandecer su rostro sobre ti
y tenga de ti misericordia:
y ponga en ti la paz

From Numbers (Journeys) 6:24

Why Genie wrote this touching song "Bless You and Keep You" for YOU

We lay hands on the heads of the abandoned children at the Music Monastery and sing this song. They request it almost every day. Sometimes they smile, sometimes they cry, but they are always blessed, to have a better life than their parents had, to heal.

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Study Notes

22 Y Jehová habló á Moisés, diciendo:
23 Habla á Aarón y á sus hijos, y diles: Asi bendeciréis á los hijos de Israel, diciéndoles:
24 Jehová te bendiga, y te guarde:
25 Haga resplandecer Jehová su rostro sobre ti,
y tenga de ti misericordia:
26 Jehová alce á ti su rostro, y ponga en ti paz.
27 Y pondrán mi nombre sobre los hijos de Israel, y yo los bendeciré.

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