Dancing With The Angels

Author: Genie
Traditional Irish melody- lyrics Troy and Genie

Close your eyes my little one
The sun is set - the day is done
The time has come to fly away - dancing with the angels
Feel them gently take your hand
And lead you into heaven
To God's presence you will go
To dance before the throne

VERSE 2: Did you know my little child
That we were made so free and wild
But to the ground for now we're bound
beneath the wings of angels
But one day they will take our hands
And lead us into heaven
To his presence we will go
To dance before the throne

So you know my little one
That when this earthly life is done
We will rise up through the sky-
dancing with the angels

So Close your eyes-take his Hand
He'll lead you on to Everland
All night long to Heaven's song
You'll be dancing with the angels

Cerrar tus ojos mi pequeño
FROM Whisper

Rachel's CryI head a ministry called Rachel's Cry. We minister to those who suffer the loss of a child due to abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth or crib death. Your song, Dancing with the Angels was used at the memorial service for my son and I have used it for ...