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1 His Love Endures Forever
2 When All The Light Has Gone
3 Higher than the Heavens
4 I Am So Small
5 Shalom
6 All Night, All Day
7 Hawking's Song
8 One Last Phone Call
9 Bless You and Keep You
10 The Plans I Have for You (Jer. 29:11)
11 Quiet Place (Secret Garden)
12 I Love You More Than Life
13 Beautiful
14 Holy Nation (1Peter 2:9)
15 King Of The Jungle
16 Beatitudes
17 Abba Father
18 John 3:16
19 Wildflowers
20 Lover Not a Fighter
21 Be Strong And Courageous
22 The Humbling
23 I Believe In Heroes
24 On Wings Like Eagles (Isaiah 40:31)
25 Sacred Sky

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