Haitian Adoptive Parents
The Song:
Come Out Of Babylon
Scripture Rock 4

Haitian says:
I approve!
I am happy to be coming out of Babylon.
I should be sleeping right now but I keep listening to one track after another from your site, then found a ton of your music on ITunes Store.
How in the world did I not ever hear about you guys before? We own all of the "seeds" albums of kids music, and all of the kids grew/are growing up with memorized scripture from those.
My 3 year old and the two newest additions sing all the songs with mostly slightly incorrect lyrics which is the cutest thing (although they are butchering scripture). Anyway, I am really enjoying your recordings.
My father is a professional musician who also worked with Bobby McFerrin in New York.
My dad has been the organist for a large catholic church in The Bronx for 40 years.