Joanne W.
The Song:
Hand In Hand
Worship Rock 1

Joanne says:
We just started group that meets with Special Needs Adults every Saturday for 5 hours for Bible teaching, crafts and music.
Everyone is a volunteer - and our goal is to share the Gospel with these Friends and their caregivers.
It is called the Sonshine Club.
I just wanted you to know that your song "Hand in Hand" is our closing song each week - we all join hands (the volunteers, the Special Needs Friends, and their caregivers/drivers) and it is a special bonding experience for the whole group.
Thank you for this simple, yet inspirational song! I have read your story - I myself have been longing for a simpler life, and for fresh (air away from the rat race).
May His blessings flow down on your family as you continue to glorify Him.