Dr. Earl Henslin

Dr. says:
From the bestselling book: This is Your Brain On Joy (Page 114): "Genie's CD 'Whisper' is akin to being surrounded by angels who are whispering words of peace.
[Genie's music] is perfect to calm and soothe the troubled minds of adults and kids, particularly in winding down for sleep, or letting go of stress, One woman calls [Genie's music], "The perfect Bathtub music!" (Order Genie's music for any donation at GenieMusic.com.
music that is soothing and calming and puts you in a peaceful, grateful state...
to calm your brain.
[Genie is] a soothing vocalist who who devotes herself to an orphanage.
[Genie] bringing peace to troubled bodies and minds through her music.
[Genie's music includes] a lot of beautiful instrumentals and soothing sounds (rain, ocean waves, birds.) Genie's voice is very soft, almost childlike, like a Celtic singer.
Genie has been compared to Enya.