Jody Brolsma
Worship Rock 1

Jody says:
THE KIDS LOVED your music from GROUP's VBS 2000!!
We field tested it two weeks ago and it was hot!
5h grade boys--who are known throughout Christendom as rolling their eyes at any music--dancing wildly and shouting with the CD.
I got chills when the kids shouted "Jesus" during "Jesus Loves Me Rock." Just wanted you all to know the important part you had in allowing kids to worship in fun ways that really meet them where they're at!
We had a blast!
FYI: this field test was with about 200 kids--next summer hundreds of thousands of kids will discover that praising God is cool through the music you and your team worked on.
Blessings and thank you for sharing your gifts with kids across North America!

Jody's field of work: Publisher