Barbara J Van Houten

Barbara says:
THANK YOU for your wonderful music.
Your CD has been a blessing and encouragement to us ever since.
Your music has a wonderful peaceful quality, but you also have some "steppin' tunes".
Genie sings with clarity, so the messages of encouragement, hope, worship, and conviction always get through. My grandchildren, ages 4 & 5, had a GREAT time at your concert at family camp, and still talk about it whenever they hear you on CD.
They were very excited to get up on stage and join in with you.
We're grateful for their opportunity also, since we're a very musical family, and raised our children with experiences on the stage to sing, act, and dance, all to lift up the name of Jesus. Please keep up your ministry, and keep Christ at the center of it always--He has used you greatly to draw us closer to Him.
We first heard you at Browncroft Community Church (in Rochester, NY).