Scott Raney
Worship Rock 1

Scott says:
I am excited about introducing "Worship Rock"'s different versions of a few songs we already do, and thrilled that "Big House" is in split-track.
I know that our kids will love these versions of the songs.
Let me say thank you, thank you, thank you, oh and once again thank you, for putting together songs for kids that have a great sound.
So many songs that are put out sound like what I call lolli-pop music.
It's real cute and also real boring!
But you guys write and produce music that children really enjoy.
Please let me know when the other "Worship Rock" CD's will be released.
I pray that God will continually put creative ideas in you!
The music that you guys have written on Scripture Rock is awesome.
Our kids especially love the songs "Go", "Proverbs 3:5,6", "Genesis 1:1", and "John 3:16".

Scott's field of work: Children's Ministry