Greg Loveria
Sacred Sky

Greg says:
Oh wow.
I urge you to listen to "When All The LIght Has Gone" from Sacred Sky. This is a wonderful, moving and enchanting musical journey that swells between an 'Art of Noise' new age tune to one that rocks almost like a classic, well, rock song you thought you should have heard from the likes of 'Heart' but never did.
Blended with thoughtful tastes of 'WhiteSnake' dual lead harmony guitars mixed in for good measure.
Great production, with voice over duet vocals that reminds one of 'Enya' on a higher high and lyrics over pianos that conjure up visions of 'Tori Amos.' Listen to the lyrics.
You'll better understand what war, lost lives and love and the pain that conflict brings to humanity is about.
Not a downer tune, but a great emotional ballad that stirs the heart. After a dozen repeat plays of this song, I decided I had to visit and I must humbly say the web site and family are amazing (they are husband and wife.) On the site you can dig deep into their music, art and writings.
One should especially check out the screenplay and book by Troy entitled 'Hiroshima Stones'.
The script's title says it all. PS - I have no affiliation with these wonderful people.
I just discovered them on Amazon.