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All forms of incest, even the most benign, are totally forbidden under every circumstance.
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6 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Incest

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  1. Lot Runs To The Mountain & Beds His Own Kids
  2. All Incest Is Sex Crime
  3. The Evil-Incest Spawn Birth Two Savage Races
  4. Only Have Sex Within Lawful Marriage
  5. Hands-Off Your Dad's Female
  6. Curses On Sexual Sinners


46 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Incest

  1. Genesis 19:37 [9 months later, Lot's] firstborn daughter births a son. She calls his name ‘Moab.’ To this day, 😇, he's the fore-father of the [perverted] Moabites.
    note: Moab means "[Child fathered] by his mother's own father." Massive wars result from these accursed children of incest.
  2. Genesis 49:4 [Yet] unstable as water [flowing down and passing away,] you [never] abound.” [‘Why?’ shrieks Rueben. Israel continues,] “Because you mounted your father's bed and defiled it. [Jacob turns to his other children.] “Reuben {Look-a-Son} [violated my woman on] my [own] bed! [He deserves no inheritance!]
    note: In 1 Chr 5:1-26 you see the demise of Reuben's tribe.
  3. Genesis 19:32 —So come on, let's get our Dad [falling-down] drunk on wine [so he can't think straight]. Then [we'll] lay with him. [It's our only chance to get pregnant and] save Dad's genetic line—[to keep our family-tree alive].”
    note: This has got to rank among the stupidest ideas in all of history. The skanks probably got the wine from the liquor store in the nearby town, where there were plenty of men to bed! Despite this, the Messiah traces his genealogy to this act of incest! (King David's Great Grandmother was a Moabitess.) This proves that the Creator can redeem any act, no matter how awful.
  4. Genesis 19:33 So, 😇, that night [Lot's daughters] get their father drunk on wine. The firstborn goes in and lays with her father. He doesn't notice when she lays down. [But by the time she gets up, he knows he's committed a heinous act of incest.]
    note: It's nearly impossible for a man complete two such acts and not know he did it, and the Hebrew text points this out. Alcohol paralyzes your logical brain.
  5. Genesis 19:34 😇, the next day, [Lot's] firstborn [daughter] whispers to [her] younger [sister], “Look, I bedded Dad last night. Let's get him drunk on wine again tonight. Then go you in, and lay [with] him, so we can save Dad's family-tree.”
    note: Idiot girls and pervert Dad.
  6. Genesis 19:35 So that night [Lot's 2 daughters] get their father drunk on wine again. Then the younger sister gets up and jumps into her Dad's bed! She ‘lays’ with him. Lot doesn't notice his daughter laying down. But when she gets up, he's aware [that he's just committed the further crime of getting his daughter pregnant].
    note: The Hebrew text indicates the obvious fact that this guy Lot was consciously complicit in these accursed acts of incest.
  7. Genesis 19:36 So, 😇, both the daughters of Lot get pregnant by their Dad!
  8. Genesis 20:12 —Yet in fact, Sarah {Monarch} is my sister. She's the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother. [My half-sister] became my wife.
  9. Leviticus 18:9 Never reveal the nude body of your sister [or half-sister] (the daughter of your father, or daughter of your mother) whether she was born in the same home or elsewhere, 😇. Don't uncover one speck of her nakedness.
  10. Leviticus 18:6 None of you, 😇, will approach any close relative to [so as] reveal their naked body. I am YHVH, [everywhere, watching everyone at once].
    note: A 1994 study found a mean excess mortality with inbreeding among first cousins of 4.4%. Children of parent-child or sibling-sibling unions are at increased risk compared to cousin-cousin unions. Studies suggest that 20-36% of [sibling or parent-spawned] children will die or have major disability due to the inbreeding. - Wikipedia
  11. Leviticus 20:11 Likewise, the man who goes to bed with his Dad's wife has carnally-disgraced his father. Both the son and the woman [eventually] die. DEAD. Their blood comes to [rot] upon them, 😇.
  12. Genesis 19:31 [Lot's] firstborn [daughter] whispers to her younger [sister], “Our father's [getting] old. [Our whole country lies destroyed.] No man on earth is going to [climb up on this abandoned mountain and make babies] with us like couples are doing all over the globe.
    note: There was a town nearby. These girls were just idiotic sluts.
  13. Leviticus 20:12 Similarly, if a man ‘lays’ with his daughter-in-law, both of them [eventually] die, 😇. DEAD. They committed perversion. Their blood comes to lie upon them.
  14. Leviticus 20:14 And if a man takes a wife and [‘lays’ with both her and] her mother, that's depravity. They all 3 eventually get burnt with fire, 😇. Don't [tolerate] any such wicked [incestuous orgies] among you.
    note: Again, there is no command here to burn anyone. YHVH will do the burning.
  15. Leviticus 20:17 Likewise, 😇, if a man takes his sister (his father's daughter, or his mother's daughter) and sees her nakedness, and she sees his nakedness, that's a wicked [crime. People who even flirt with incest] must be [publicly] banished in the sight of their people. Anyone who uncovers his sister's nakedness must bear [the terrible consequences of] his perversity.
    note: Special penalty here. Banish = Karath = cut off.
  16. Genesis 19:30 For fear of living [among the pagan roughnecks] in [the town of] Zoar {Tiny-Town}, Lot hikes uphill with his two daughters, 😇. They live [by killing rabbits with their bare-hands] on the mountainside. (Just Lot and his 2 daughters, [no wife], camping in a cave.)
    note: Not a good idea.
  17. 2nd Samuel 13:5 So Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man} [hisses] to [prince Amnon], “Go lay down on your bed. Make yourself [look] sick. When your father [king David] comes to see you, beg him, “Please, [Dad], let my sister Tamar {Tall-Palm} come give me food. [She'll] prepare the [meal] before my eyes. Then I'll see it [and get hungry]. Then she can hand-feed it to me.”
  18. Leviticus 20:21 And if a man [commits adultery with] his brother's wife, he's committed a filthy crime, 😇. [It's like] he raped his own brother. The adulterers will [die] childless.
  19. Leviticus 18:11 Never uncover [any part of] the naked body of your stepmom's daughter, [especially if she was] procreated by your father. She's your sister, [not your toy, not your lover]. NEVER reveal her nakedness, 😇.
    note: Stepmom = father's wife
  20. Ezekiel 22:11 [Every hour I see] one [of your citizens] commit disgusting [perversions] with his neighbor's wife, 😇. Another lewdly defiles his daughter-in-law. Another of you humbles his sister, his father's daughter!
  21. Genesis 28:2 Mount-up. Go to Padan-Aram {Syria's-highland-Plateau}, to the estate of your mother's father, Bethu-El {Separated-by-El}. Take a wife from there, from the daughters of your mother's relative, Laban {Whitey}.
    note: Again, the Hebrew chooses genetic inbreeding over the worse horror of spiritual degradation. Genetic inbreeding brings temporary mental retardation and temporary birth defects. Spiritual pollution produces eternal death. In some cases, these ‘marry your cousin’ instructions were not that incestuous. For instance, when the child in question was adopted or birthed from a concubine, or from a distant relative.
  22. 2nd Samuel 13:6 So [that night prince] Amnon lays down [in his royal canopy-bed]. He [bruises his eyes to] make himself [appear] sick. So king [David] comes to see him. Amnon groans to the king, “Please, let my sister Tamar {Tall-Palm} come make me a couple of cakes in my sight, so she can hand-feed me. [I'm too weak to feed myself.]
  23. Leviticus 18:12 Never uncover the nakedness of your father's sister [your aunt, 😇]. She's your dad's close relative.
  24. 1st Corinthians 5:1 People commonly report that fornication [rages] among [you so-called believers], 😇, and such fornication as is scarcely named among the beast-nations: one of your men is sleeping with his stepmother!
    note: Today statistics report that 60% of ‘pastors’ are addicted to porn.
  25. 2nd Samuel 13:4 Jonadab whispers to Amnon, “Why are you, the king's son, getting skinnier every day? [Dark circles grow under your eyes.] Tell me [your secret pain].” Amnon answers [Jonadab], “I'm hot for [princess] Tamar {Tall-Palm}. [But I can't bed her, because she's] my brother AbShalom's sister.”
  26. 2nd Samuel 13:2 Amnon [flushes], vexed [with lust]. He feels love-sick for his sister Tamar {Tall-Palm}. But, her being a virgin, Amnon can't figure out a way to [bed her without getting caught].
  27. Ezekiel 22:10 In you, [Jerusalem, fake Jews] strip their father[s] naked. In you, perverts ravage women sequestered during their [menstruation].
  28. Leviticus 20:19 And 😇, never uncover the nude body of your aunt (your mother's sister or your father's sister). Never denude your close relative, or you'll carry the [awful penalty] of your perversity.
  29. Deuteronomy 22:30 A man can't take his father's woman, nor even lift up the skirt of his father's [wife].”
  30. Leviticus 18:14 Never uncover the nakedness of your aunt, the wife of your dad's brother, 😇. Keep your [lustful paws] far away from her.
  31. Deuteronomy 27:23 ‘Cursed is anyone who lies with his mother-in-law.’ Then all the people shout, “Amén!”
  32. Deuteronomy 27:22 ‘Cursed is [anyone] who lies with his sister, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother.’ Then all the people shout, “Amén!”
  33. Leviticus 20:20 So if a man lies [sexually] with his uncle's wife, it's like he raped his uncle, 😇. The nephew and his aunt will carry [the awful penalty for] their sin. They'll die childless.
  34. 2nd Samuel 13:7 So [king] David sends [messengers] to Tamar's [mansion]. [The messengers] tell [her], “Go [right] now to your brother Amnon's mansion. Make him some food.’
  35. 2nd Samuel 13:8 So Tamar {Tall-Palm} [throws on her long, beautiful robe (the kind of robe the king's virgin daughters wear). She runs] to her brother Amnon's mansion. She [sees] him lying down [in his bedroom]. So she takes flour [to Amnon's kitchen]. She kneads it. She forms cakes. [All the] while, [prince Amnon] watches [her from his bed. His lust grows stronger every second. She] bakes the cakes. [Amnon stares at Tall-Palm's body moving beneath her beautiful robe.]
  36. 1st Chronicles 5:1 Now, 😇, [lots of women bore sons to] Reuben {Look-a-Son}, the firstborn [son] of Israel. But [though Reuben] was [Israel's] firstborn, he defiled his father's bed [by ‘sleeping’ with Israel's concubine]. So [Israel] gave [Reuben's] birthright to the sons of Joseph {Increaser}. So [Israel's] genealogy is not listed using [Reuben's] birthright.
    note: See Gen 35:22 & 49:4. Joseph resisted the sexual sin (adultery) that Reuben charged into.
  37. Leviticus 18:13 Never uncover the nakedness of your mother's sister [your other aunt]. She's your mom's close relative, 😇.
  38. JeremiYAH 48:20 [Incestuous] Moab lies shamed, [bled-dry,] broken down. Howl and cry. Proclaim the [news] in [the] Arnon {Rushing} [river valley]: Moab lies spoiled!
  39. Genesis 19:38 And [Lot's] younger [daughter] also births a son. [She] calls his name “Ben-Ammi.” He, 😇, remains to this day the [prime] fore-father of the [evil, inbred, vicious] spawn of Ammon.
    note: Ben-Ammi can be translated as "son of my own family" or "son of the pagan god Am."
  40. 1st Corinthians 5:3 Even though I'm not physically present, I am with you in spirit, 😇. And I've already decreed [the proper ecclesiastical penalty for church-going] fornicators, just as if I were present.
    note: Implying that there were two reliable witnesses to the incestuous fornication.
  41. 1st Corinthians 5:2 And you're still proud, 😇! Shouldn’t you instead mourn and expel the [fornicators] from your fellowship?
    note: The dirty little secret of churchgoers is that, on average, they fornicate just as much as the worldlings. Churchlings just hide their sins better. When was the last time you heard of anybody being excommunicated from a church for fornicating? Most churches are just alcohol-free pick-up bars for finding semi-clean sex-partners.
  42. Acts 25:13 A few days pass, 😇. [Then king] Agrippa {Wild-Horse-Tamer} and [his incestuous sister-wife] BerNike {Nike-Bearer} arrive at [coastal] Caesarea to welcome [the corrupt new Governor, Porky] Festus.
    note: Bernice = the king's sister, with whom he was having an incestuous affair.
  43. Genesis 29:12 Jacob tells Rachel {Ewe} that he's her father's relative—[her aunt] Rebekah's son. [So] Rachel runs [home]. She tells her father, “We' got company!”
  44. 2nd Chronicles 11:18 [King] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} takes as his wife [his kissing cousin] Mahalath {Sickly} (the daughter of Jerimoth {Rising}, the son of [king] David). Then [Rehoboam marries another of his kissing cousins]: AbiHail {Mighty-Father} (the daughter of Eliab {Fathered-By-El} the son of Yashai (Jesse)).
  45. Deuteronomy 27:20 ‘Cursed is he who lays his father's wife, [or even] lifts up his father's [woman's] skirt.’ Then all the people shout, “Amén!”
    note: And of course, anyone who messes sexually with their Dad. Yuccch!
  46. Matthew 1:3 Judah {Celebrated} fathers Pharez {Breakout} and Zarah [Rising-Light] by Tamar {Tall-Palm}, [the girl who posed as a whore to trick Judah, her father-in-law, into impregnating her]. Pharez fathers Hezron {Courtyard}. Hezron fathers Aram {High-Ram}.
    note: Tamar = erect, pine tree. See her amazing and risque story in Genesis 38.


5 CHAPTERS on the theme of Incest

  1. Absalom Beats Amnon For Eyeing Their Sister
  2. Liege Tricks Ed Rex To Wed His Own Mom, Ioh
  3. Absalom Beds His Dad's 10 Concubines
  4. Dad Abuses Jeni
  5. Reuben Sleeps with Bilhah, his father's concubine


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