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Avoid all sexual involvement whenever possible, especially when the other party does not give knowing, mature, explicit consent. Women, avoid attracting attention. Never go behind closed doors with anyone (but your spouse) who might be attracted to you.
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6 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Rape

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  1. The Priest Cuts Up Whore's Body, Mails Pieces
  2. Benjamite Perverts Rape & Kill Priest's Whore
  3. King David's Son Amnon Rapes His Sister Tamar
  4. It's Not A Crime To Get Raped
  5. Israel Plans Civil War Vs. FlowerHills Perv's
  6. Judges Attempt To Rape A Sweet Young Bride


51 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Rape

  1. Judges 19:27 Then, seeing the morning [sunlight,] her master [the priest] rises out [of bed]. He opens the doors of the house. He walks out to resume his journey. And there, 😇, he sees the woman, his concubine, fallen down at the door of the house. Her [dead] hands clutch the threshold.
  2. Deuteronomy 22:25 But imagine a man finds an engaged girl in the field. The man grabs her. He rapes her. Then only the man who lays [with] her dies, 😇.
  3. Judges 19:25 But the perverts refuse to listen to the old man. So the [priest] grabs his concubine. He brings her out to [the perverts]. So they rape her. They abuse her all night until the morning. Then when the day dawns, the [thugs] let her go.
    note: PRIEST: Get out there! CONCUBINE: How dare you! You go sleep with the perverts! PRIEST: You've slept with 100 men! A few more won't make any difference! He kicks her butt out the door, then slams it behind her!
  4. 2nd Samuel 13:14 But [prince] Amnon refuses to listen to [princess] Tamar's voice. Rather, his overpowering [muscles] force her [down beneath him on the bed]. He ravishes her.
  5. 2nd Samuel 13:20 So (Tamar's full-brother) [prince] AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} asks her, “Has your brother Amnon been with you?” [She cries, whimpering, speechless. Her tears cascade down her tattered robe. AbShalom says,] “Keep your rape a secret, my sister. Amnon is your half-brother. [Protect your reputation.] Forget it ever happened.” So Tamar {Tall-Palm} stays [depressed and] lonely in her brother AbShalom's mansion.
  6. Judges 20:5 Then Gibeah's chief-lords rose against me by night. They surrounded [me]. They attacked the house I was staying in. They tried to murder me. [Instead] they gang-raped my concubine until she died.
    note: ‘Chiefs’ is probably the priest's exaggeration, meant to whip up war.
  7. Judges 19:29 The priest drags his [concubine's dead body] into his house, 😇. He grabs a knife. He steadies her [corpse]. He cuts her up. He [severs] her bones [and flesh] into 12 pieces! He sends her [body parts] into the [12 tribal regions] of Israel.
    note: That's one way to get attention for your cause.
  8. IsaiYAH 13:16 [Persian rogues] ransack [Babylon's] houses, 😇. [Marauding Medes] dash [Babylonian] babies to pieces before the [parents' crying] eyes. [Soldiers] throw [Babylonians'] wives to the ground. Then the [soldiers] rape the [screaming women while the [victims'] fathers, brothers, husbands and children writhe, chained in helpless terror].
    note: The lack of proper nouns leaves open the possibility that this verse describes the evils perpetrated by Belshazzar's Babylon.
  9. Judges 19:26 Then, 😇, at dawn's first light, the [priest's] whore staggers into [the yard]. She falls down at the door of the [old] man's house. Inside, her master [the priest lays asleep]. So [the whore] lays there [bleeding] until sunlight [hits the doorstep].
  10. Jah-El 3:3 The beast-nations [continue to] cast lots for my people, 😇. [Look!] The [pigs] market boys as prostitutes. The [pimps] sell girls to [buy] intoxicants. [See!] The beast-nations get drunk [on the profits from child prostitution and pornography]!
    note: Child prostitution, including homosexual child prostitution fills the world today. Most of the media and internet traffic today is pornography. We are living in a horror worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. We call it ‘Judeo-Christian society’.
  11. Lamentations 5:11 [Oppressors] ravish the women in Zion, [impregnating] virgins in the cities of Judea!
  12. 2nd Samuel 13:1 [Time passes, 😇. Prince] Amnon {Support}, [the firstborn] son of [king] David, [sits looking through his mansion bedroom window. He peeps into the adjacent mansion's bathroom window. He sees his] beautiful half-sister, [princess] Tamar {Tall-Palm}, the full-sister of AbShalom {Father-of-Peace}. [She glistens in the candlelight. She pours water over her perfect body.]
  13. 2nd Samuel 13:11 Tamar {Tall-Palm} brings the cakes to Amnon. [She smiles, “Eat, my brother.”] Amnon grabs Tamar. He [hisses] to her, “Come. Lay with me, my sister.”
  14. 2nd Samuel 13:15 Then Amnon hates Tamar {Tall-Palm} with [demonic] fire. The hatred Amnon [hurls at] her outdoes [all] the lust he'd [ever] felt for her. So he growls to her, “Get up [from my bed]. Get out of here!”
    note: Wrong use of sex produces hatred, not love.
  15. 2nd Samuel 13:13 —Think about me! How could I ever get rid of my shame? [If you rape me], you'll [never be king. You'll just be another] fool in Israel. Go now, please, speak to [Daddy] the king. He'll [give you permission to marry me even though I'm your half-sister].”
    note: Probably a ruse to buy time.
  16. JeremiYAH 13:22 You come to cry in your heart, “Why is this happening to me?!” Your overflowing evil [brings soldiers to] rip off your skirts. They strip you naked. They violate your rear-end[s].
    note: Or "strip your heels bare." #6119 `aqeb aw-kabe' from 6117; a heel (as protuberant); hence, a track; figuratively, the rear (of an army): heel, hoof, last, step.
  17. Judges 19:30 [Thousands of men, women and children] see [the dead whore's body parts. The [viewers] hold their hands over their mouths and noses.] They cry, “Never has such a thing been done nor seen since the day the people of Israel emigrated up out of the land of Egypt to this day!” [They scream to their elders,] “You [can't stay silent]! Hold a council [meeting]! Figure out how we're gonna’ [punish Gibeah]!”
    note: See Hos 9:9, 10:9. The "Days of Gibeon" = "horrendous times."
  18. 2nd Samuel 13:22 Meanwhile, AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} [stews. He secretly plans his revenge.] [He shrewdly] refuses to say anything good or bad to his [pervert] brother Amnon. AbShalom hates Amnon for forcing his sister Tamar {Tall-Palm} [into his sin-stained bed].
  19. Judges 20:6 Then I took my [dead] concubine [home]. I cut her into pieces. I sent [one body part to each tribe] throughout all the country Israel inherited, to [make the Israelites aware that the ‘sons’ of Benjamin] committed [this] obscene and degrading crime in Israel.
  20. 2nd Samuel 13:21 Soon king David hears [about the incest-rape]. He boils over in rage.
  21. Judges 21:21 Then keep your eyes peeled. When the girls of Shiloh {Tranquil} come out [to the field] to whirl around in [their praise] dances, then you rush out of the vineyards. Every man of you kidnap his [new] ‘wife’ from the daughters of Shiloh. Haul [the girls off] to the land of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
    note: Stupid, idiotic, not-blessed idea.
  22. 2nd Samuel 13:19 Tamar {Tall-Palm} throws ashes on her head. She rips her long, colorful garment [into shreds] on her body. She lays her hand on her head. She goes on crying.
  23. 2nd Samuel 13:16 But Tamar {Tall-Palm} objects to Amnon, “How can you [banish me]? The evil you're doing by [rejecting me hurts] more than your [raping] me.” But Amnon refuses to listen to [Tall-Palm].
  24. Deuteronomy 22:26 Do nothing to [punish] the [raped] girl, 😇. She didn't commit any sin worthy of death. [A true rape-victim is like] a man who gets attacked and murdered by his neighbor.
  25. Judges 19:23 So the [old] man, the master of the house, goes out to the [rapists. He pleads], “No, my brothers! No, please, don't commit the wickedness [of homosexual rape]. You saw that this man has come [into the safety] of my house. Don't [commit this vile sin]!
  26. 2nd Samuel 13:10 [Prince] Amnon [croaks] to [princess] Tamar {Tall-Palm}, “Bring the food into the bedroom, so I can eat it [from] your hand.” So Tamar takes the cakes she's made. She brings them [from the kitchen] toward her brother Amnon's bedroom. [Amnon grins to himself under the sheets.]
  27. 2nd Samuel 13:12 But Tamar {Tall-Palm} [claws] Amnon's [hands. She screams], “No, my brother, don't force me! No such [evil] ought to be done in Israel! Don't commit this wicked [crime]!
  28. 2nd Samuel 13:9 Tamar {Tall-Palm} takes a pan [from a kitchen rack]. She turns out the cakes [on the counter]. [Prince] Amnon can see [everything she does through his bedroom doorway]. But [Prince Amnon] refuses to eat. Amnon [whispers to Jonadab], “ Send everybody away from me.” So all of Amnon's [servants and hangers-on] leave [Amnon's mansion].
    note: This is where the sin is sealed: the minute two people go behind closed doors alone. Righteous people NEVER go behind closed doors alone with anyone with whom sexual sin is a possibility. And they never put a media-viewer (phone, computer, TV) that could access pornography in a room where they go alone. That's the "Billy Graham" rule. Follow it, and you stay out of trouble.
  29. 2nd Samuel 13:17 Then Amnon calls his helper-servant. [Amnon] shouts, “Get his woman out of my room. Bolt the door after her. Now!”
  30. 2nd Samuel 13:3 So Amnon [consults] his [cousin] ‘friend’ Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man}, (the son of [king] David's brother Shimeah {Proclamation}). Jonadab [comes up with] a [devilishly] shrewd [plan].
  31. Judges 20:12 The tribes of Israel send [messengers] racing through the whole tribe of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. [The messengers] scream, “How [are you going pay for] this awful [rape-murder] committed by your men?
  32. Judges 19:28 The priest says [to the raped concubine,] “Get up. Let's go.” No reply. So the priest loads her [dead-weight] up on a donkey. He rides off [north]. [Finally] he arrives home [in the Double-Fruit hills].
  33. Jah-El 3:5 You took My ‘silver’ and My ‘gold.’ You carried My finest treasures, [my young men and women] into your [pagan-prostitution] temples.
    note: Yah is not concerned with precious metals. His people are his silver and his gold. Temples are banks. "Modern" society corrupts children and turns girls and boys into makers and buyers of pornography. Corrupting kids equals the same crime as carrying off Judean children and turning them into enslaved temple prostitutes and whore-mongers.
  34. 2nd Samuel 13:18 Tamar {Tall-Palm} [gathers] her long, colorful robe on her [shaking body]. [Amnon's] servant hauls her out. [Amnon] bolts the door behind her.
  35. Judges 20:4 The Levite [priest], the husband of the murdered [whore], answers, “I traveled into Gibeah {Flower-Hills}, [the territory that] belongs to [the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. I [came with] my concubine, to stay the night.
  36. Judges 19:24 Look, here's my virgin daughter, and [the priest's] concubine. I'll bring them out now. [You can] humble them. Do with them what seems good to you. But don't [rape] this priest.”
    note: An inappropriate trade. Probably a ruse, to give the old man time to go grab his weapons and blast the perverts to death.
  37. Deuteronomy 22:27 [The rapist] finds her in the field. She screams. But no one comes to save her [from the rapist].
    note: Lesson: girls should use the buddy-system.
  38. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:23 It's better for me to fall into your hands [and so be stoned for refusing to let you judges rape me], than to sin in the sight of the Adonai [YHVH].”
    note: Never let anyone threaten you to get sex.
  39. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:21 If you won't [lay us], we'll lie in court against you. We'll say [we saw] a young man [ravish] you! We'll say you sent your maids away from you [so you could please the young buck in private]!
  40. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:16 So there's nobody [in the garden] except the two [dirty] old [jurists], hiding, watching Susanna's [sweat roll down her skin in the summer] heat.
  41. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:20 “Look, the garden doors lie shut, so no one can see us. We're in love with you! So consent to us! Lie with us [both, one on each side].
    note: Judges always try to get consent first. “I'm from the justice department. I'm here to help you.” Baloney! Any judge will tell you never to mistake the justice system for being about justice: it's always about money and power, and as in this case, the power to force people to get nasty with powerful perverts.
  42. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:24 With that, Susanna {Lily} cries with a loud voice. So the two [rapist] elders start screaming lies about her, 😇!
  43. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:22 Susanna {Lily} sighs [in terror]. She says, “I'm blocked on every side. If I [let you have my body], it's death to me. Yet if I don't [let you judges rape me,] I can't escape your [judicial] claws.
  44. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:18 The maids do as Susanna {Lily} asks: they shut the garden doors. The [maids] walk out through private doors to fetch the [bathing items] as Susanna commanded them. None [of the ladies] see the [dirty] old [jerks] crouching hidden [in the bushes].
  45. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:14 Both judges leave. They part ways in the road. But independently of each other, they each sneak back to the lookout where they spy on Susanna's [flesh]. Each judge asks the other, ‘What are you doing here?!’ Then, [mutually busted,] they each confess their [uncontrollable pornographic] obsession with Susanna's body. So, [to guarantee that neither judge will rat out the other,] they appoint a time to come back and [seduce] Susanna [together]!
    note: People in power tempt each other to sin, to get blackmail ammunition.
  46. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:8 These two [crooked] elder [judges] spy Susanna {Lily} going into [the garden] every day and walking. [Over time, the spark of] the judges’ lust for Susanna flames up [into a roaring blaze].
  47. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:19 With the maids gone [from the garden], the two elders jump up. They run to Susanna {Lily}. They whisper, [as they had to other girls, and perhaps children, before:]
  48. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:17 Then Susanna {Lily} says to her maids, “Bring me oil and washing balls. Then shut the garden doors, so I can bathe myself [in privacy].”
  49. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:15 Time passes, 😇… one day the judges crouch down watching Susanna {Lily} stroll into the garden as before. Only two maids [accompany her]. Soon Susanna decides to wash herself in the garden.
  50. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:57 You were able to rape the daughters of [rebel north] Israel, because they fornicated with you out of fear. But the daughter of Judah, [Israel's southern kingdom,] would not abide your wickedness.
  51. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:7 Now when the people leave [Jahoachim's estate] at noon [to get lunch], Susanna {Lily} goes into her husband's garden to walk.


12 CHAPTERS on the theme of Rape

  1. Absalom Fails To Stop His Sister's Rape
  2. Daniel Sees 2 Pervert Rapist Judges Attack Susanna
  3. SunFlower Flees & 'Dies' In The SnakeRocks
  4. Absalom Comforts TallPalm
  5. The Decoy King Keeps Wooing The Shepherdess
  6. Rich Man Drugs & Abuses Cinder
  7. Cast Of Characters
  8. Cinder Finds Blood On Her Sheets
  9. Jeni's Brothers Rape Her
  10. The System Kills Rapists In The Act
  11. The Rich Boy's Father Rapes Red-Girl's Mom
  12. Her Dad Saves Her From Her Pervert Step-Brother


1 ARTWORKS on the theme of Rape

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6 REVIEWS OF MEDIA on the theme of Rape

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  2. Promising Young Woman
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