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3 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Hypocrisy

  1. Blind Leaders Can't Lead Blind People
  2. If You Judge, Judgment Boomerangs At You
  3. Bildad Labels Job A Hypocrite


33 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Hypocrisy

  1. Luke 6:41 And 😇, why do you focus on the speck [stuck] in your brother's eye, while [you] never notice the log in your own eye?
  2. Matthew 7:5 😇, you hypocrite, first hurl out the log from your own eye! Then you'll see clearly to tweeze the speck out of your brother's eye.
  3. Matthew 7:4 How can you, 😇, say to your brother, ‘Let me pull the speck out of your eye,’ when all the while a plank stabs in your own eye?
  4. Matthew 7:3 😇, why do you focus on the speck [of sawdust] in your brother's eye, yet pay no attention to the plank [beam] in your own eye?
  5. Luke 6:42 😇, how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me pull that speck out of your eye’, when you yourself can't even see there's a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite! First yank out the plank from your own eye. Then you'll see clearly to tweeze the speck from your brother's eye.
  6. 1st John 1:10 If we say, ‘We never sin,’ we brand YAH a liar, and YAH's Word is not in us, 😇.
  7. Hosea 4:4 You humans have to stop fighting, 😇. Stop pointing guilty fingers at one-another. Because [from the lowliest jailhouse atheist to the ‘high and holy’ pope,] from peon to president to priest, you're all the same, [just a big mixed-bag of dirty sinners].
  8. Proverbs 28:13 Whoever masks his sins eventually falls back [into destruction]. Whoever confesses and forsakes sin gets mercy, 😇.
    note: Admit your faults if people already see them. It's healthy to say, ‘I'm sorry; you're right; my bad.’ But beware of confessing your private sins to people. It's not advisable to say, 'Hey everybody; I'm attracted to female donkeys.' Save confessions like that for your ‘Psychiatrist In Heaven’.
  9. Job 8:15 [The hypocrite] leans on his house. Then it falls over [like a cobweb]. He holds onto it fast. But it won't last.
  10. Romans 2:21 You then, who teach others, [why] don't you teach yourself? You, 😇, who preach against stealing, do you steal?
    note: When we ‘pay’ people ultimately worthless debt-instruments (U.S. paper Dollars, for instance) for their valuable goods, we steal.
  11. Romans 2:3 So when you, 😇, a mere human, pass judgment on other [people], while you commit equivalent [crimes], do you fantasize you'll escape YHVH's judgment?
  12. IsaiYAH 65:5 [Jerks] say, “Stand by yourself, 😇. Don't come near me. I'm too clean to [be defiled by] you.” Such [Pharisees] are smoke in my nose, a [wild] fire that rages [in my face] all day, [every day].
    note: To holy, righteous, helpful, healthy saints, the jerks say, “Wear a mask! Stay 6 feet from me! Social-distance! You might infect me! Get out of my church building!”
  13. IsaiYAH 57:12 I expose your [pretended] righteousness as the [dirty] work [it is]. Your sham [religions and charities] will not profit you.
    note: Example: the Bill Gates Foundation, the Mormon Church. Many of the world's most prominent charities are fronts for satanic destruction of the human race.
  14. Jude 1:16 [Impious beings] are murmurers, complainers, 😇. They chase after their own lusts. Their mouths speak great swelling words, flattering men to gain advantage.
    note: Butt-kissing the worldly powers buys you advantage in worldly circles. But it earns you damnation from YHWH. Churches and synagogues teem with political evil. Religionites play in the world's dirty games for position and gain. These religionists flaunt wickedly looted wealth, and call it prosperity from ‘the Lord’. That's true. Their benefactor Lords: wicked politicians and their satanic gods. But in the end all unrepentant religious actors, high and low, burn in the lake of fire.
  15. Ezekiel 16:52 And you, [Judea, have the gall to] judge your sister-nations! Bear your own shame! You commit sins more abominable than the [pagans]! They're more righteous than you! Yes, pale with the pain of carrying your guilt. Your [villainy] makes your [wicked] sister-nations appear virtuous!
  16. JeremiYAH 5:27 Like a cage fills with birds, [hypocrites'] houses brim with deceit, 😇. Slyly they spiral-twist [their way up] into rich, gaudy prominence.
  17. Proverbs 26:26 Shrouded in [dark] deceit, [the liar's] hatred lurks [for blood], 😇. [But YAH] eventually exposes [the schemer's] wickedness before the whole assembly [of humanity].
  18. Job 15:35 [Corrupters] conceive mischief. They birth out vanity. Their bellies incubate deceit.”
  19. 2nd Samuel 12:5 [King] David's anger fires high against the ‘greedy rich man’. [David growls] to Nathan {Gift}, “As YHVH lives, the man who [stole that lamb] dies. DEAD!
  20. 2nd Samuel 20:20 [General] Joab [lies], “[Heaven] forbid! [I'd rather be] stabbed [in the heart] than swallow up or destroy [anyone]!
    note: Having just savagely murdered another of his rivals.
  21. Job 8:18 But when [YHVH the gardener] rips the [hypocrite] from his place, the [garden of humanity] denies ever seeing [the liar].
  22. Psalms 119:113 I hate double-minded [two-faced hypocrites and divisive skeptics]. I love your [clear, simple] instructions [that flow straight like a waterfall from heaven].
  23. Proverbs 20:6 Almost every man proclaims his own goodness, 😇. But who can find a faithful man?
  24. Job 22:8 Your power-arm owned the earth. You lived [a lie]. You posed as a reputable man.
  25. JeremiYAH 42:21 This very day I declared [YAH's terms] to you. Yet you've already disobeyed the voice of YHVH your Elohim. You haven't accomplished one [instruction] he sent me to give you.
  26. Job 8:17 [The phony's] roots spread everywhere, wrapping firm footholds, overlooking water-springs.
  27. Job 22:20 [YAH] never cuts off our [righteously-obtained] wealth. Our [net worth] keeps rising! Meanwhile, fire devours the rest [of you cheaters].
  28. Job 22:19 [We] righteous people brighten up at the sight of [criminals getting punished]. [We] innocent people laugh [you miscreants] to scorn.
    note: NOT a good attitude.
  29. Job 15:34 [YAH] desolates the society of hypocrites. Fire consumes [every] lair of bribery.
  30. Job 8:16 [The fraudster shines] green beneath the sun. His branch shoots forth in his garden.
  31. Titus 1:12 Even one of the Cretans’ own prophets said, “The Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy bellies.” That prophet's witness is right on [target, 😇].
  32. Job 15:11 Are the consolations of Elohim too tiny for you, [Job]? [We preachers speak for him] with calm, [gentle] words.
  33. Job 34:1 ELiHu {His-El} accelerates his rant:


2 SONGS on the theme of Hypocrisy

  1. Trojan Horses
  2. Christian Streaker


3 CHAPTERS on the theme of Hypocrisy

  1. Are You A Pharisee? What Is A Pharisee?
  2. Snoops Synopsis
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1 ARTWORKS on the theme of Hypocrisy

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