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130 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Punishment

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Angel Plague #5: Darkness
  2. 144000 Saints Sing To YAH With Messiah
  3. Be Happy To Accept Scriptural Correction
  4. Yahshua Predicts Jerusalem's Imminent Fall
  5. Plague 10: YAH Slaughters Egypt's Firstborn
  6. Your Perfect Father YAH Is Disciplining You
  7. Confrontation #3: Blood-Sucking Flying Bugs
  8. Christ's Teaching Floods The World In WarFire
  9. YAH Nukes Sodom & Gommorah
  10. Jahu Assassinates The Demon-Witch Jezebel!
  11. YAH Judges Every Human By His/Her ACTIONS
  12. Sickness Comes From Ignoring The Bible
  13. Plague 1: Moses Turns Egypt's Waters To Blood
  14. Plague #7: Hail
  15. Plague #9: Darkness Penetrates All Of Egypt
  16. 8th Plague: Locusts Devour Egypt's Food
  17. Isaiah Sings The Ballad Of The Vineyard
  18. YAH Decrees Destruction On Evil North Israel
  19. Plague #6: Boils From Human Sacrifice Ashes
  20. Persia's Imperial Executioners Hang Haman
  21. Isaiah Prophesies The Babylon Empire's Fall
  22. Moses Gets YHVH To Relent
  23. YHVH Kills Aaron, The High Priest
  24. YAH Condemns Lazy, Effeminate, Arrogant Jerks
  25. The Creator Moves To Annihilate The Israelis
  26. YAH Allows The Pagans To Pillage Israelis
  27. Isaiah Predicts Assyria's Conquest Of Judea
  28. Isaiah Foresees The Doom Of The City Of David
  29. YAH Comes To Annihilate Billions Of Sinners
  30. Jeremiah Warns His Arrogant Nation Of Demise
  31. Yahshua Condemns Religious Real-Estate Lovers
  32. The 7 Final Plagues Begin
  33. Moses Recounts The Destruction Of The Gripers
  34. Stanza 2: Israel's Ingratitude
  35. Jeremiah Predicts Unrepentant Judea's Fall
  36. YAH Begs The Doomed Judeans To Repent
  37. Plague #5: Death Of Livestock
  38. Moses Gets YHVH To Let The Fear-Mongers Live
  39. Song of Moses: Epilogue
  40. Isaiah Sings Of YAH's Nation-Smashing Power
  41. Destruction Comes From Disobeying YAH's Laws
  42. YAH Sings A Funeral Dirge For Corrupt Israel
  43. Repent, Fake 'Believers!' The End Is Near!
  44. Confrontation #2: Frog Plague
  45. Isaiah Complains of Zion's Corruption
  46. YAH Utterly Destroys The Unrepentant Pagans
  47. YHVH Finally Destroys The Evil World
  48. Jeremiah Begs To Escape Hypocritical Society
  49. YAH Explains Why He Destroys 'His' People
  50. Prophet Amos Pronounces Doom On Evil Zionists
  51. Jesus's Students Envy Religionite Real-Estate
  52. Weak Christians Love Big Church Buildings
  53. YHVH Warns Babylon Of The Persian Conquest
  54. YAH Condemns The System Of Commerce You Use
  55. The Sheep-People Inherit The Wolf-World
  56. YHVH Condemns The Adults Who Left Egypt
  57. A Syrian Archer-Soldier Kills Evil King Ahab
  58. Foreign Pagan Nations Occupy Samaria
  59. Rehoboam & Co. Kneel & Pray In Repentance
  60. Jeremiah Foresees The Collapse Of Israel
  61. YAH Condemns Judea's Invasion-Spawning Sin
  62. Stop Going To Pagan Nations For Your Success
  63. YAH Decrees Fire Will Devour Judah & Israel
  64. Obi Pre-Sees YAH Destroy Red-Man's Southland
  65. Zechariah Foresees The Fall Of Evil Jerusalem
  66. Blood, Hail & Fire Destroy 1/3 Of Earth
  67. Scriptural Ignorance = National Destruction
  68. Israel Shares Syria's Bitter, Total Defeat
  69. Isaiah Predicts Global Punishment For Sinners
  70. YHVH Condemns The Judeans Living In Egypt
  71. The Fearmongering Spies Spontaneously Die
  72. YAH Eventually Punishes Your Oppressors
  73. YAH Condemns Judeo-Christian Hypocrisy
  74. YAH Bans The Perverts
  75. YAH Curses The Idolaters With Genital Tumors
  76. Isaiah Foretells The Fall Of Northern Israel
  77. Jerusalem Wails Over Her Divine Punishment
  78. Ezekiel Foretells YAH's Destruction Of Tyre
  79. Israel Falls Back Into Sin & Slavery 18 Years
  80. King Solomon Assassinates Famous Rebel Shimei
  81. A History Of The Israelites In Song
  82. YAH Strikes Down The Enemies Of His Children
  83. Jeremiah Prophesies Doom On Babylon
  84. Ezekiel Predicts Egypt's Demise
  85. YAH Decrees A Total Fire-Purge For Judea
  86. Prayer For YAH To Smash His Enemies
  87. YAH Sends Angels To Mark & Destroy Hypocrites
  88. Zeke Predicts Doom For Roughnecks Of Mt. Seir
  89. YAH Will Rid Our Earth Of War & Evil
  90. YAH Patiently Waits To See Who Deserves Life
  91. True Believers Punish Sin Using Spirit-Power
  92. YAH Predicts Egypt's Imminent & Final Defeat
  93. Nahum Foresees The Doom Of Nineveh (Assyria)
  94. YAH Leaves Pagans In The Land To Test Israel
  95. David Sings To YHVH re: Slanderous Enemy Cush
  96. Ezekiel Spirit-Flies To Denounce Jerusalem
  97. Ezekiel Predicts The Fall Of Egypt's Empire
  98. Ezekiel Predicts Pharaoh's Fall To The Grave
  99. JAH-El Calls You To Fast, Repent & Pray
  100. Uzzah Grabs The Ark & Dies
  101. Elihu's Bragging Turns To Bitter Condemnation
  102. David Begs YHVH To Help Him Defeat Invaders
  103. YAH Diagnoses The Israelites' Sin-Cancer
  104. YAH Destroys All of His True People's Enemies
  105. Bildad Attacks Job
  106. Isaiah Sees A Vision Of Tyre's Destruction
  107. Jeremiah Foresees Babylon's Conquest Of Syria
  108. YAH Kills Tall-Palm's Husband
  109. The Glider-Prophetess Foretells Judea's Doom
  110. Many Greedy People Live Rich 'Til They Die
  111. Why Does YAH Cast Israel Into Exile & Slavery
  112. EzekiEl Foresees Israel's Devastation
  113. YAH Smashes The Beast-Nations
  114. YAH Calls Doom On Syria, Tyre, Philistia
  115. The Fire Kills The Torturers
  116. Fake Judeo-Christians Die As Cautionary Tales
  117. ELiphaz {Gold-God} Verbally Attacks Job
  118. Asaph Laments Jerusalem's Desolation
  119. Ethan Laments The Fall Of Addict King Solomon
  120. Get Your Life Straight or Burn In War Fire
  121. Jeremiah The Prophet Foretells Global War
  122. Ezekiel Prophesies Doom On Judea's Southland
  123. Roman General Scipio Smacks Antiochus 3 Down
  124. YAH Shows Amos Visions Of Israel's Demise
  125. YAH Condemns Wicked, Greedy Society
  126. YHVH Warns: Evil Cultures Will Die Like Edom
  127. YHVH Warns Zephaniah Of Judgment Day
  128. Isaac's Promise Is For Jacob's Kids, Not Esau
  129. The Jews Take The Red-Man's Southland
  130. Brokefoot Satanist King AhaziYah Dies


949 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Punishment

  1. Genesis 19:25 YAH overthrows those cities, and the plains [around them]. [Fire kills] all the [evil] inhabitants of the cities, and everything growing on the ground.
    note: Apparently there is still in Karbet Goumran (the location of ancient Sodom & Gomorrah) a deep, 4-mile wide, glassy surface resembling the ground on which the most powerful modern bombs fall.
  2. Genesis 19:28 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} looks over the vast plains toward Sodom and Gomorrah, 😇. He stares in shock over the [entire] country. Smog rises [above Sodom] like smoke from a furnace.
  3. Exodus 12:29 Later that [night, 😇, at] midnight, YHVH kills all the firstborn [offspring] in the land of Egypt, from Pharaoh's firstborn [son] (the [royal heir customarily] sitting on the throne) to the firstborn [child] of [every] captive [Egyptian] in the dungeon; including all the firstborn [offspring] of [all Egypt's] livestock!
    note: These plagues come in direct answer to the curses thrown at Israel by Egypt's sorcerers. See SANCTUM, the movie depicting this spiritual battle.
  4. 2nd Kings 9:33 Then [Jahu screams], “Throw [Jezebel] down!” So the [eunuchs] throw [Jezebel] down [from her palace window]! [She crashes. Her bones shatter on the stone-pavement.] Her blood splatters the wall and the horses. Then [JAHu] tramples [her body] under his [chariot-horses'] hooves!
  5. 2nd Kings 9:35 So [the soldiers] run to bury [Jezebel]. But they find nothing left of her but [her] skull, [her] feet, and the palms of her hands, 😇!
  6. ZechariYAH 14:12 And this, 😇, is the plague with which YHVH strikes the peoples who amass against the City Of Peace: The [attackers'] flesh consumes away while they stand upon their feet. The [marauders'] eyes putrefy in their eye-holes. The [tormentors'] tongues rot in their mouths.
    note: An effect like a nuclear-radiation blast, as portrayed in the climax of the movie ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark.’ Ugly death is the fate of all beings who work against YAH's humble peaceful people. Most cancers are caused by addiction. Mouth, tongue and throat cancers are caused by smoking, alcohol and viruses such as mononucleosis which you contract through kissing and fornication. That night petting in the back seat of the car at 16 years-old can rot out your insides when you're 45.
  7. Luke 12:49 I've come to throw fire on the earth, 😇! How I wish that fire was already lit!
    note: Our Savior is one tough fire-throwing warrior. This is not gentle Jesus, away in a manger, walking around lecturing in a dress.
  8. Hebrews 12:11 No discipline is enjoyable while it's happening, 😇. Training hurts! But later, after the pain vanishes, up rises the harvest of right living, like a seed from the ground, quietly [sprouting].
    note: See Bobby McFerrin's scripture song: Discipline.
  9. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:20 [Angels] tread the wine-press outside [Babylon] city. Blood pours out of the wine-press, 😇. [The red ooze rises] up to the bridles of the [screaming, drowning] horses. [Blood] floods [the landscape] for 1600 stadia [200 miles]!
    note: 1600 furlongs. The city mentioned is either Babylon (Rev 14:8) or paganized Jerusalem (Rev. 11:8,13), or a conflation of the two. The city may be a metaphor for the evil world population.
  10. Genesis 19:24 Then, 😇, YHVH rains upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire — [destruction straight] from YHVH out of heaven!
  11. Exodus 7:21 The fish in the river die. The river stinks, 😇. So no Egyptians can drink the water from the river. Blood washes throughout the whole land of Egypt!
  12. Exodus 8:24 So YHVH executes [his word, 😇]: a sky-darkening swarm of flies [and other pestilent insects] soars into Pharaoh's palace, and into his servants’ houses, and [on] into the whole land of Egypt. The [whole] country is laid waste! The swarm[s] of [disease-carrying] insects [eat Egypt's wood, crops, beds, clothes and bodies]!
    note: Possibly including wood and cloth-destroying insects such as carpenter bees and flying termites.
  13. Exodus 9:25 The fire-hail-bombs strike throughout the whole land of Egypt, 😇. [The explosions kill] everyone and everything in the field, both man and beast. The hail kills every plant in every field. It smashes every tree in the country.
    note: Killing any unsheltered animals that weren't killed in the previous plagues.
  14. Exodus 11:5 Then all the firstborn in the land of Egypt die, from the firstborn of Pharaoh sitting on his throne, all the way to the firstborn of the female-worker who [works] behind the mill, including all the firstborn of [all Egypt's] animals.
  15. Exodus 12:30 Pharaoh rises up in the night, 😇 — he, all his servants, and all the Egyptians. They [scream a blood-curdling] cry throughout Egypt, seeing that not one [Egyptian] family is without a dead [son or daughter].
  16. 1st Kings 22:35 The battle rages fiercer [all] day, 😇. Meanwhile, [soldiers] prop up king [Ahab] in his chariot facing the Syrian [horde]. At evening, [Ahab] dies. [The last of his] blood runs out of [his] wound. [Blood] bathes red the [gold-plated] interior of [Ahab's royal] chariot.
  17. Psalms 9:15 The beast-nations hide trappers'-nets to [catch us Hebrews, 😇]. Yet the [nations] sink down, [drowned in] the pits they dig. Their own feet snap in the [snares they set to kill us saints].
    note: Caught in the world-wide web.
  18. IsaiYAH 29:6 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies attacks you, [evil Jerusalem,] with thunder, with earthquake, with earth-shattering noise, with storm[s] and tempest, with an inferno of devouring fire.
  19. Lamentations 4:10 The hands of [formerly] compassionate women boil their own children, their last meal in the destroyed home of my people, 😇.
    note: That's what war brings.
  20. Luke 19:44 [Your Roman enemies] dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. Your enemies leave not one stone on top of another, because you failed to recognize the time when [YAH's Messiah] came to you.”
    note: Listen up, Jews and other people who just can't seem to figure out that Yahshua is Yah's Messiah.
  21. Luke 21:6 [YahShua says,] [Stop] admiring all this [opulence]. The day looms when [every stone in this temple crashes down into blood, ash and dirt]. [Romans] leave not one block standing upon another.’
  22. Hebrews 12:9 Since we respect our physical dads who disciplined us, 😇, shouldn't we even more cheerfully submit to discipline from the Father of our Spirits, and live forever?
  23. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 16:1 😇, I hear a mega-voice from [heaven's] temple [thunder] to the 7 angels, “Go your ways. Pour out the vials of [YHVH] the Eloah's wrath upon the earth.”
    note: And here we are! Environmental disaster upon us! Hold on, it's gonna be a rough ride from here on out!
  24. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 16:10 The 5th angel pours out his vial upon the throne of the beast. So, 😇, the beast's kingdom fills with darkness. [People] gnaw their tongues for pain.
    note: The ‘government’ becomes blind and afflicted.
  25. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 16:19 Then, 😇, [YAH] splits the ‘Great City’ [the world's global interconnected ‘village’] into 3 parts. The cities of the nations collapse [into ruins]. [YHVH] the Eloah judges Babylon the Great. He [hands] her the ‘cup’ of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath.
  26. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 16:21 Huge hailstones of about [66 pounds] each fall from the atmosphere, 😇. Men and women swear [blasphemous] curses [against YHVH] the Eloah for this disastrous world-destroying plague of hail. [The stones] smash [the blasphemers as they speak]!
  27. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:18 —Come! Eat the flesh of kings, the flesh of generals, the flesh of mighty men, the flesh of horses, and of the riders who sit on the horses! Eat the flesh of all [evil mortals], both free and bound [in obligations], small and great alike!”
  28. Genesis 6:13 So Elohim warns Noah {Rest}, “The end of all flesh advances before me. [Meat-men] keep filling the earth with violence. Watch me destroy [humankind] with the planet [they wrecked].
  29. Genesis 7:11 Right then, 😇, (on the 17th day of the 2nd month of Noah's 600th year of life,) all the [sub-oceanic] fountain-springs of the great deep burst open. [Then] the floodgates of heaven open.
  30. Genesis 7:12 Rain falls on the earth [for] 40 days and 40 nights, 😇.
  31. Exodus 8:3 The [Nile] river comes to spew out [millions of] frogs. They rise up [like soldiers]. They hop into your [royal palace]. [They drop into] into your [gold-plated] bedroom. [They slink] up [and poop] on your [priceless] bed. [They crawl] into the house[s] of your servants. [They creep all over] your people. They [stink up] your [cooking] ovens. [They pee] in your bread-kneading bowls.
  32. Exodus 8:16 So YHVH says to Moses, “Say to Aaron, ‘Stretch out your staff. Strike the dust of the land, so it turns into [blood-sucking, disease spawning] mosquito-gnats, covering the whole land of Egypt.”
    note: lice=Mosquito gnats
  33. Exodus 8:17 So Moses & Aaron obey: Aaron stretches out his hand, 😇. [He lifts] his rod [high]. He strikes [the staff down to] the dust of the earth. [The dust] morphs into mosquito-gnats. [The bugs bite every] man and animal. Throughout the whole land of Egypt, all the dust on the land becomes mosquito-gnats!
  34. Exodus 9:23 So Moses stretches out his staff toward heaven, 😇. So YHVH sends thunder and hail. Fire runs along the ground as YHVH rains hailstones upon the land of Egypt—
  35. Leviticus 26:16 I do this to you, 😇: I appoint over you terror, consumption, and burning fevers. [Illness] consumes your eyesight. [Sorrow] depresses your hearts. You plant your seed in vain. Your enemies eat [your crops].
  36. Numbers (Journeys) 14:18 You said, [I,] YHVH, am slow to anger and great in mercy. I forgive perversity and rebellion. Yet I am by no means [too slack to] punish the [unrepentant] guilty. Rather, I [often] allow the negative effects of fathers’ sins to affect [even] their 3rd and 4th generation-children.’
  37. Numbers (Journeys) 20:28 Then Moses strips Aaron of his garments. He puts them upon Eleazar, [Aaron's] son. [Then] Aaron [mysteriously] dies there on the top of the mountain. [Then] Moses and ELeazar {El's-Aid} hike down from the mountain.
    note: See dramatization of Aaron's death.
  38. Deuteronomy 32:42 I get my arrows drunk on [human] blood. My sword devours flesh, 😇. Blood [oozes & sprays] from mortally wounded [pagans], from prisoners, [from] the [severed] heads of [the leaders of] My enemies.”
    note: Watch it happen in Rev 19:17-21. Alternate translation: "Wild long-haired (parot=Pharoah)" enemy chiefs. Long men's hair, however, can be ok, as in Judg 5:2.
  39. Joshua 23:15 But you watch [out], 😇. Just as all [the] good things YHVH your Elohim promised you [have washed] over you, [if you rebel,] YHVH will [rain] on you every evil [tragedy imaginable]. YHVH your Elohim will burn you off this good earth He awarded you.
  40. 1st Samuel 31:3 The battle goes catastrophically against [king] Saul. The [enemy] archers overtake Saul. [They shoot their bows. Flaming arrows blacken the sky. One arrow falls to] fatally wound Saul.
  41. 1st Kings 21:24 —Ahab's spawn who die in a city get eaten by dogs. Ahab's descendants who die in the country get eaten by sky-birds.’”
  42. 1st Kings 22:34 Then a [Syrian soldier] draws a bow. He [fires it] randomly. It strikes [north] Israel's king [Ahab] in the joint between his [lower-armor and his] breast-plate. So [Ahab, coughing blood, yells] to his chariot-driver, “Turn your [rein] hands! [Whip this chariot around!] Carry me out of this [battle]. I'm shot!”
  43. 1st Kings 22:38 One [soldier] washes [Ahab's] chariot in the [prostitutes' bathing] pool in Samaria. [Other soldiers] wash his armor. There dogs lick up [Ahab's] blood. This fulfills the prediction voiced by YHVH.
  44. 2nd Kings 9:8 The whole dynasty of Ahab soon perishes. I cut down Ahab's every last descendant. I leave [Ahab] not one dog-man to pee against a wall, including those [princes] securely locked away in Israel's [fortresses].
  45. 2nd Kings 9:36 So the [soldiers gallop] back [to north Isael's palace]. They report to [JAHu], [“Dogs have eaten Jezebel.”] [JAHu] replies, “This [fulfills] the word YHVH spoke through his servant EliJah {JAH-Is-El} the Traveler [prophet]. [EliJah] said, ‘In a field in JezreEl {El-Plants}, dogs come to eat the flesh of Jezebel {Baal-Seeker}.
  46. 2nd Kings 9:37 —Like [fertilizer] planted by [YAH], Jezebel's carcass [rots] like poop on the face of the field, so [dismembered] that people won't [even] say, ‘This is Jezebel {Baal-Seeker}.’”
    note: Literally, “in the region of JezreEl [El-Plants].”
  47. Esther 7:8 From the palace garden, the Emperor storms [back] into the wine-banquet. He sees Haman fallen, [begging for his life] on the couch where Esther sits! The Emperor shouts, “Will [Haman] rape my queen right before my face here in [my] palace!?” As these words fly out of the Emperor's mouth, [Imperial executioners] bag Haman's face!
  48. Job 27:22 [Catastrophe] relentlessly hurls itself on the [dying world-wrecker]. He [struggles in vain] to flee out of [death's] grip.
  49. Proverbs 3:11 😇, my child, never despise the discipline of YHVH. Never grow tired of His correction.
  50. IsaiYAH 13:8 [Everyone shakes] in terror, 😇. Pangs and sorrows seize [Babylon's minions]. The [pagans] writhe like women in labor. They [stare] aghast at [each] other's [pale skin, drained of blood]. Their faces [melt in] flames.
    note: Are you one of Mystery Babylon's people? If so, that melting face is yours.
  51. IsaiYAH 29:8 A hungry man dreams [he's] eating. Yet [he wakes up] starving, 😇. A thirsty man dreams he's drinking. But at dawn's light, [he] faints, parched. In the same way, swarms of enemy nations dream [of a victorious] conquest over Zion. But [after they punish Jerusalem, they wake to their own deaths].
  52. IsaiYAH 30:14 [YAH] breaks [rogue Israel] like [a cement-mixer] smashes a potters’ [crock] in pieces. [YAH] bashes [hypocrites] into [powder]. You, 😇, can't find in the [infidels'] wreckage a fragment to rake fire-[coals] from a glowing [hearth], or to scoop water out of a pool.
    note: Cement-makers in the valley of hinnom pulverize pottery shards into powder. See Jer 19:1-2.
  53. IsaiYAH 63:3 [YAH replies], “I tread the wine-press alone, 😇. No mortal helps me. I stomp [ruinous humanity] in my anger. I trample them in my fury. Their grape-juice [blood] splatters up on my garments. I'll blood-stain all my clothing [before I'm done destroying the enemies of my saints].
  54. JeremiYAH 8:2 [Pagan slaves] spread [your Israeli bones] out before the sun, and the moon, and all the [demonic] host of heaven, whom you love, whom you serve, whom you follow, whom you seek, to whom you bow down. [Your bones] stay un-gathered, un-buried. They rot like [dog] dung on the face of the earth.
  55. JeremiYAH 15:3 And I appoint over the [infidels] four kinds [of terrors],” warns YHVH: “the sword to slay, the dogs to tear, the sky-birds [to pick apart corpses], and the [wild] land-beasts, to devour and destroy.
  56. Daniel 4:23 And, [you,] Emperor, saw a watcher-angel, [one of the] Holy One[s] coming down from heaven, [shouting], “Cut down the tree! Destroy it! Yet leave his root-trunk in the earth, [protected] by a band of iron and brass, in the tender pasture grass. Let [the trunk] stay wet with the dew of heaven, [sharing the life] of the beasts of the field, till 7 times [years] pass over him.”
  57. Hosea 13:7 So to the [stubborn goats,] I rush like a black lion. Like a leopard by the roadside, I lie in ambush.
    note: Death thins out the spiritually-diseased.
  58. Amos 6:12 Horses run on the craggy ruins of tall fortresses. People plow with oxen [over the once great city]. [Why?] She turned justice into poison. She corrupted the fruit of righteousness into toxic hemlock [and wormwood].
    note: Wormwood [Russian: Chernobyl] is a reference to the horror of radioactive chemical waste, probably the ultimate example of mankind's destruction of the earth in his vain search for self-made-power. Look up ‘Fukishima’.
  59. Luke 17:29 But the day Lot fled Sodom, [YAH] rained burning sulfur from heaven. He destroyed all the [Sodomites].
    note: Fire & brimstone probably refers to a nuclear-level blast. You can reportedly see thick glass-sand under Sodom to this day.
  60. Luke 21:24 This [Jewish] populace comes to fall by the bite of the sword. [Enemy soldiers] lead [the Israelis] away captive [hostage, exiled, dispersed] into all nations. The Beast-Nations trample down Jerusalem until the ‘Season of the Beast-Nations’ elapses.
    note: Right now the United Nation's soldiers, missionaries and benefit-providers canvas the planet, forcing and encouraging the last few stragglers to swear oaths of allegiance, thus BINDing themselves into fasces [national weed-bundles] to be burned when harvest season is over. Like the Jews, the Christianized worldly nations continually default on their responsibility to promote obedience to YAH's Word. The Nations United set up a world Law system [i.e. the national CONstitutions and federal codes and the United Nation's charter] which together comprise a pagan global legal system, a world-enslaving counterfeit of the Mosaic Code. Today's governments pose as benefactors. But they are leaky boats with an 86% intact hulls. (6/7 = .86)
  61. Romans 1:18 From heaven, Elohim is revealing [his] wrath, 😇. [He] fights all [the] unholiness and unrighteousness of humans who suppress the truth by wickedness.
  62. Romans 2:8 But to self-seeking [rogues] who disobey the truth and follow evil, [YHVH throws] indignation and wrath, 😇.
  63. Romans 2:9 Tribulation and anguish [eventually crash on] every human being who does evil, 😇 — first on [unrepentant] Jew[s], [because they heard YAH's laws first]. Then [judgment crashes] on [unrepentant] beast-national[s].
  64. 2nd Thessalonians 1:8 In flaming fire, [YahShua] comes to punish everyone who [refuses] to recognize YHVH [as king]. [Angels end up killing everyone] who [refuses] to obey the gospel [commands] of our Master YahShua, [YAH's] Messiah.
    note: Not "eternal conscious torment," but burning up like weeds.
  65. Hebrews 12:6 'YHVH disciplines the [beings] he loves, 😇. He punishes everyone he accepts as a son.’
    note: Prov 13:24, 3:11-12)
  66. Hebrews 12:7 As you endure the punishment life brings, remember, 😇, that [YHVH] the Eloah is treating you [believers] as his own children. What [kind of] child [grows up under a] father who never disciplines him? [A BRAT! A criminal!]
  67. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 18:14 The fruits your soul lusted after abandon you! All your luxury and glory vanish. You never recover one speck of your prized [wealth, status and power]!
  68. Genesis 6:17 Then watch me bring the flood of water over the earth. I come to wreck from under heaven every living thing that breathes. Everything on land will die.
    note: Possibly the word ‘earth’ here only refers to the land of Biblical focus, that is, the Middle-east.
  69. Exodus 7:24 Meanwhile, 😇, all the Egyptians dig around the river, searching for [clean] water to drink. But they can't drink any water [near] the river [because it smells like rotten blood].
    note: The waters of today's earth are turning to ‘blood,’ that is, death, because mankind is polluting them.
  70. Exodus 9:3 —watch: the hand of YHVH lies upon your livestock in [your] field[s], upon [your] horses, upon [your] donkeys, upon [your] camels, upon [your] cattle and upon [your] sheep. A devastating plague [looms to eradicate them all].’
  71. Exodus 9:9 [The ashes] come to morph into fine dust. [It covers] the whole land of Egypt. [Wherever this dust falls,] festering boils break out on mankind and animals throughout all Egyptian territories.”
    note: Infecting, but not killing, all the sheltered or wild beasts that weren't killed in the previous plague, such as pets (dogs, cats, snakes, etc.)
  72. Exodus 9:14 For this time I come to send all my plagues upon your heart, and upon your officials, and upon your people. Then you glimpse that no one like Me exists in all the earth.
  73. Exodus 9:19 So send [your workers out right] now. Gather your cattle, and everything and everyone you have in the field. For hail comes to rain down upon every man and beast you fail to bring home—they die in the dirt.”
  74. Exodus 9:22 So YHVH says to Moses, “Stretch up your hand toward heaven. [Then I'll throw] hail [over] the whole land of Egypt, upon man, beast and every plant of the field, throughout all Egyptian territory.”
  75. Exodus 10:4 But if you refuse to let my people go, watch out! Tomorrow I bring [billions of devouring] locusts into your borders.
  76. Exodus 10:5 The locusts come to cover the face of the earth, until no one can even see the dirt. The locusts eat your few straggling plants that survived the hail—they consume eat every tree still struggling to grow for you in your field[s].
  77. Exodus 10:13 So Moses stretches out his staff over the land of Egypt, 😇. Then YHVH brings an [evil] east wind upon the land all that day, and all that night. Morning comes. The east wind brings the locusts.
  78. Exodus 10:14 The [destructive] locusts, more heavy than any [pests] before seen, invade. They rise up over the whole land of Egypt, 😇. [They] dominate Egypt from border to border. Never again will [earth be plagued by] such [ravaging insects].
    note: This means that the ‘locusts’ in Revelation represent something else, probably nano-attack-drones.
  79. Exodus 10:22 So Moses stretches out his hand toward heaven. A thick darkness [engulfs] the whole land of Egypt for 3 days, 😇:
  80. Exodus 10:23 No one in Egypt sees another [human being, 😇. Darkness looms, so black and crushing that] for 3 days no [Egyptian can even] stand up [to walk around]. Meanwhile, all the ‘sons of Israel’ enjoy light where they live.
    note: This is the first of 4 darkness judgments in the Bible. This is not a mere natural event like an eclipse or fog. This darkness suppresses the light of candles and fires.
  81. Exodus 15:7 In your infinite majesty you demolish those [fools who] rise [against] you, [YHVH]. You blast out your fire-rage, devouring the [rebels] like straw!
  82. Exodus 32:10 So stand back. [Watch] my fire-rage incinerate the [Israelites] into oblivion. Then I'll make a great nation [out of your future children].”
  83. Exodus 32:11 But Moses begs, facing [up to] YHVH his Elohim, crying, “YHVH, why shoot your fire-rage? [Why] melt your people, whom you brought up out of the land of Egypt with great power, with [your] mighty hand?
  84. Numbers (Journeys) 12:5 YHVH's [angel] comes down in pillar-cloud, 😇. [He] stands in the Sanctuary entrance. [He] calls Aaron and Miriam {Bitter}. The two [guilty, trembling rebels tiptoe] out [into YAH's terrifying light].
  85. Numbers (Journeys) 14:12 I [want to] strike them with the pestilence, then disinherit them. I [want to] make [from] you[r seed-children] a greater, mightier nation than [these ungrateful Israelites].”
    note: Presumably, YHVH is proposing to create a whole new Israeli nation from the children of the black African woman (see ch13) and Moses, thus refuting the idea that "the races can't mix."
  86. Numbers (Journeys) 14:33 Your children come to wander in the wilderness for 40 years. They bear [the negative results of] your prostitutions, until your carcasses [lie] wasted in the wilderness.
  87. Numbers (Journeys) 14:37 —Those exact men who belched up the evil rumor[s] against the [Promised] land—they die by a strike from the face of YHVH!
  88. Deuteronomy 28:30 [Disobey YAH, and] you get engaged to a wife, [only to see] another man ravish her. You build a house. But you never get to live in it. You plant a vineyard from which you never get to gather any grapes.
    note: Lay=ravish.
  89. Deuteronomy 32:20 [YAH] says, “I hide my face from the [rats]. I see the end of this spawn of perversity, [these] totally unfaithful hellions.
    note: Perverse=upside-down. Unfaithful= ‘no loyalty’, echoing ‘non-children’ & ‘non-gods’.
  90. Deuteronomy 32:25 Outside, the sword bereaves, 😇. Indoors, terror [reigns]. The young man [lies stabbed to death] on [his] virgin [bride's breast]. The suckling [babe wails on the bloody corpse of] the grey-haired elder.
  91. Deuteronomy 32:41 [When] I whet My lightning-blade, and My hand grabs hold of justice, I flash-back vengeance to my enemies, 😇. I pay back [the fools] who hate me.
    note: ‘I have seen the fearful lightning of His terrible swift sword.’
  92. 1st Kings 13:24 [The disobedient mystery prophet rides] off down the road [on his donkey]. A lion charges [the mystery prophet]. It massacres him! It throws his carcass in the road. The donkey and the lion stand beside the [prophet's] carcass.
  93. 1st Kings 18:40 So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to [Israel's leaders], “Capture the prophets of Baal {Demon-Master}. Don't let one of them escape!” [So the soldiers] arrest [the child-sacrificing demon-prophets]. Then EliJah brings the [satanists] down to the Kishon {Hard-Ground} brook. There [EliJah does or says something that] causes [some human or spirit force] to slaughter all [the false prophets]!
    note: Again, YAH did not command EliJah to kill those people. Yet YAH was probably happy to see them dead. ַוִיּ ְשׁ ָח ֵטם (u·ishcht·m) is a Hebrew idiom, meaning EliJah does something that leads other people or supernatural forces to kill the false prophets. (Maybe EliJah pointed out to some Israeli soldiers that as long as those evil religionites were alive, it wouldn't rain.) Perhaps EliJah praised YAH, triggering a supernatural force that killed the false prophets. At any rate, EliJah does not himself kill anyone.
  94. 1st Kings 21:23 —YHVH also foretells, ‘By the wall of JezreEl {El-Plants}, dogs come to eat [the corpse of your slut-Queen,] Jezebel {Baal-Seeker}.
  95. 2nd Kings 7:20 So [ELisha's prediction seals the unbelieving General's] fate, 😇: [stampeding, rioting mobs] trample [the General] in the [city] gate. So he dies. [He bleeds out all over the peoples' rushing feet.]
  96. 2nd Kings 9:7 You soon strike the dynasty of your [dead] master Ahab. Thus I avenge the blood of my servants the prophets of YHVH, and the blood of all [my other] obeyers [murdered by] the power-fist of Jezebel {Baal-Seeker}.
  97. 2nd Kings 9:30 JAHu {JAH-Is-He} invades JezreEl {El-Plants}. [A spy runs to the palace. He alerts Queen-Mother] Jezebel {Baal-Seeker}. So she paints her face [to hide her sagging wrinkles]. She coifs her hair. She looks out [her] window.
  98. 1st Chronicles 21:10 [YAH] says, “Go [to the palace]. Tell [king] David, ‘YHVH says, “I stretch out [before] you 3 [consequences for the crime of numbering individual humans]. Choose one of these [3 punishments]. I'll [inflict] it on you.’”
    note: Let the child choose the punishment.
  99. 2nd Chronicles 12:5 Then the prophet ShemaiYah {YAH-Hears} confronts [king] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}, and Judea's [other] leaders. They [shake,] huddled together in Jerusalem for [fear] of Shishak. ShemaiYah says to them, “YHVH says, ‘You've forsaken me. So I've dropped you into Shishak's fist.’”
  100. NehemiYAH 9:30 —Yet for many years you kept tolerating us. You warned us by your spirit, [which you put] into [the hearts of] your prophets. Yet we refused to give ear. So you [again] handed us into the power-fist[s] of the [pagan] people of the [nearby] countries.
  101. Esther 7:6 Esther [points her finger], “The oppressive hater [of my Hebrew people] is this wicked Haman.” Haman trembles. [He wets his official undie's. He spurts diarrhea. Terror makes his heart beat out of his chest.] He [hides his red] face [from] the Emperor and the Queen.
    note: Adversary = Tsar (‘Czar’, the global name for a communist dictator).
  102. Esther 7:7 The Emperor [jumps up] from the wine banquet. Fire-rage [fills his eyes]. He storms into the palace garden. [He screams for his executioners.] [Meanwhile, the trembling] Haman stands up. He begs Queen Esther to [spare] his life. Haman sees [in the Emperor's rage-red eyes] that the Emperor intends to [murder] him.
  103. Job 18:13 [Evil] eats the toughest [sinner's] skin. Death's firstborn devours his limbs.
  104. Psalms 7:16 [The villain's] mischief [eventually] boomerangs on his own head, 😇. His violence smacks down on his [stolen] crown.
  105. Psalms 11:6 YAH rains snares on the wicked. [He drowns them in] fire and brimstone. [He fills their] cup[s] with horrible tempest that sucks them in [when they try to drink it].
    note: Burning sulphur.
  106. Psalms 39:10 Lift your blows from my [back] before your scourging [discipline] kills me.
  107. Psalms 75:8 The hand of YHVH holds a cup, 😇. The wine [swirls] red, undiluted, [full-strength]. [YAH] pours it out [over the earth]. All the wicked [people] of the world must drink it, drain it to the dregs.
  108. IsaiYAH 2:19 [Idolaters] scramble into holes in rock [cliffs], 😇. They tunnel into the soil, fleeing YHVH's terrifying face. His blinding majesty shakes the earth [to bits].
  109. IsaiYAH 5:25 So YHVH's fire-breathing rage flames against his [rebel] people. He stretches out his hand to [smack] them. He strikes. The hills quake. [Carnivores] tear the [fakes'] carcasses in the middle of their [once-lovely] streets. [Still their survivors persist in sin.] So [YAH's] fire-face stays focused on [us hypocrites]. He holds his power-fist [in the air above our heads,] poised to strike!
  110. IsaiYAH 5:26 [YAH] lifts up his war-banner. [He summons] faraway beast-nations. He hiss-whistles, calling [swarming invaders] from the ends of the earth. Watch, 😇! Like lightning, [pagan armies] sprint in [to demolish all false believers]!
    note: Whistle-hiss = calling for bees.
  111. IsaiYAH 5:29 [Marauding armies] roar like lions, scream like tigers. They howl. They growl. They bite-hold on their prey. They rush [the sinners away to death and exile]. No one comes to rescue the [false ‘believers’], 😇.
  112. IsaiYAH 5:30 On doomsday, attackers snarl over [counterfeit Judeo-Christians] like the raging sea. [You] look to the land. [In horror, you] watch darkness crush [all rebels]. [Death's] black rain blots out all [heaven's] light, 😇.
  113. IsaiYAH 10:6 I'm sending [the evil Empire] to [smash] your soiled nation. I'm commissioning [the Emperor] to seize the spoil of my outrageous ex-minions, to take [them as] prey [in his jaws], to tread them down like mire in the streets.
  114. IsaiYAH 10:12 So, 😇, as soon as YHVH performs his massive overhaul on mount Zion and on Jerusalem, [he] swoops in to squash Assyria's [most rotten] fruit, the rock-hard heart of Emperor [Sargon II]. [Watch YAH punch out Sargon's] beautiful haughty eyes!
    note: YHVH appears in the primitive texts, not the scribal substitute: 'Adonai'.
    Sargon II
    (died 705 BC), Emperor of Assyria 721–705 BC. Probably a son of Tiglath-pileser III. Historians note Sargon for his conquest of cities in Syria and Palestine.

  115. IsaiYAH 10:19 The [brat-king's] surviving ‘trees’ in his ‘forest’ of [concubined-spawned princes] end up numbering so few that a toddler can list them, 😇.
  116. IsaiYAH 13:19 Babylon, the glory of [world] kingdoms, the [shining] pinnacle of Chaldean arrogance, explodes, 😇, like when [YHVH] Elohim overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah [in nuclear fire].
  117. IsaiYAH 13:20 [Babylon comes to] lie uninhabited, permanently unoccupied from generation to generation, 😇. Arabian [nomads] refuse to even pitch their tents there. [Curses drive away] even shepherds [desperate for] a place to rest their sheep.
    note: Still true today after nearly 3000 years!
  118. IsaiYAH 13:21 Instead, wild desert beasts rest in [Babylon]. Howling [hyenas] infest its [abandoned] mansions. Hoot-owls' daughters nest in [high-rollers' broken] window-frames. Demon-goat-spirits dance [over Babylon's dead men].
    note: Satyr relates to se'ir, a rough mountain in Edom (Judea's southland) infested by goat-god worshippers.
  119. IsaiYAH 25:11 [Earth's perverts] spread out their hands in the poop-pile, 😇. They thrash like swimmers struggling to stay afloat. But their pride sinks them into the sewage. They and their stolen loot [drown in feces].
  120. IsaiYAH 32:14 [Rogue Judea's] citadels [come to] lie abandoned, 😇. Its [once] busy towns [decay,] deserted. Its forts and towers turn to eternal caverns. [Judea] devolves into a wild donkeys' playground, a pasture for flocks [of deer].
  121. IsaiYAH 65:12 —So I ‘destine’ you [villains] to the sword. You'll all bow down to the slaughter. Because when I call, you refuse to answer. When I speak, you refuse to hear. Rather, you commit atrocities before my eyes. You choose [evils] that disgust me.”
    note: 'Destine' here = manithi, a play on ‘Mani’ ['number'], the god's name in the previous verse.
  122. JeremiYAH 4:13 Watch, 😇: [YAH] rushes up like storm-clouds. His chariots [race] like a whirlwind. [YAH's] horses [sprint] swifter than eagles. [Victims cry,] “Woe to us! We're doomed!”
  123. JeremiYAH 4:30 When the [enemy] plunders you, what will you do, 😇? Even if you clothe yourself with [royal] crimson, or deck yourself with ornaments of gold, or you paint your eyes large [with makeup], or you make yourself look gorgeous, it's all for nothing. Your lovers despise you. They chase down your life-breath [and snuff it out].”
  124. JeremiYAH 7:34 [Death comes to] smother the [sinners' bright] voices of joy, their songs of [festal] gladness, the call of the groom, the answer of the bride, 😇. [Silence haunts] the cities of Judea and the streets of Jerusalem. The [promised] land [falls to] lie desolate.”
  125. JeremiYAH 13:24 [YAH continues,] “So I scatter the [infidels], 😇. Like [hay] stubble, [they] fly away in the desert wind.
  126. JeremiYAH 15:2 The [jerks] will ask you, ‘Where are we going?’ You answer them, ‘YHVH decrees: “Those destined for death go to die. Those who [merit] the sword, go to [be impaled by] the sword. Those who [earn] famine, go to [be eaten by] famine. Those [born] for slavery go to [rot in] captivity.
  127. JeremiYAH 46:10 But this [judgment] day belongs [not to Pharaoh but] to YHVH, the Adonai-over-armies. It's a day of vengeance for paying-back [YAH's] adversaries, 😇. So the sword devours. It sucks [pagan] blood 'til it's [swinging-wild] drunk. For YHVH, the Adonai-over-armies [demands] slaughter in [Syria's] north-land, by the Euphrates river.
  128. JeremiYAH 51:2 I'm driving [foreign armies] to Babylon, 😇, to winnow her, [to blow her away like the chaff which workers thrash away from wheat,] to empty her land, to surround and attack her in [her] day of disaster.”
  129. JeremiYAH 51:40 “I bring the [criminals] down like lambs to the slaughter, like [butchered] rams and stud-goats, 😇.
  130. Lamentations 1:11 All [Jerusalem's] people groan, hunting [in dumpsters for bits of moldy old] bread. They barter their treasures for [a bite of] food to soften the [sting of hunger wracking] their bodies.”
  131. Lamentations 2:15 Everyone who passes by claps their hands [laughing] at you [infidels]. They hiss and wag their heads at [Mount Zion's] daughter-city, Jerusalem. [Mockers] taunt, “Is this [mess] the city men call, ‘The perfection of beauty’, ‘The joy of the whole earth?!’”
  132. Lamentations 2:19 Wake up, 😇! Cry out all night as you watch [for rapists and robbers]. Pour out your heart like water before the face of [YHVH] the Adonai. Lift up your hands to him. [Beg] for the lives of your young children who collapse, comatose from starvation, at every street-corner.
  133. Lamentations 3:1 😇, i, [Jerusalem, cry] as a human who has experienced affliction under the rod of [YAH's] fire-rage.
    note: Jeremiah's experience is a foreshadowing of that of the Messiah.
  134. Lamentations 4:5 [Socialites,] former munchers of delicacies, lie wasted in the streets, 😇. [Nobles] (raised in royal purple-cloth) [crawl on their bellies]. They claw garbage [and manure] piles, [hunting scraps of food].
  135. Ezekiel 23:24 This [multi-Empire force] comes to attack you [Judea] in a whirlwind of weaponized chariots led by organized men arrayed against you with breastplates, shields and helmets. They surround [your cities]. I set my verdict before their [faces]. So they execute your [death] sentence.
  136. Ezekiel 29:5 I throw you into [barren] wilderness. I leave you there [to die], you and all the ‘fish’ of your [commercial] rivers. You fall on [earth's] open fields. [You] burst into unburied, [rotting, uncelebrated] pieces. I give you as meat to land-beasts and sky-birds.
    note: This same condemnation falls on the evil nation among whom you live today. The United Nations = spiritual Egypt.
  137. Daniel 4:15 —Still, leave the trunk of [Nebuchadnezzar's] roots [sawed down to, but not pulled out of] the earth. [Protect the trunk from mowers. Wrap it] in a band of iron and bronze. [Let it wallow beneath] the tender [lush] grass of the countryside. [Let it lie] wet in the dew of heaven. [It'll] share its lot with earth's pasture animals.
  138. Hosea 13:8 I jump [fake ‘believers’] like a bear bereaved of her cubs. I rip the pericardial enclosure of their hearts. [On the spot,] I devour them like a giant lion. I [leave their carcasses] for wild beasts to tear apart [with their teeth].
  139. Amos 9:3 When [sinful hypocrites] hide themselves on the summit of [mount] Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}, I search and grab them off the mountain. When [sinful humans attempt to] hide from my eyes on the sea floor, I command the serpent, and he bites them.
    note: Sea floor = mass of humanity. Serpent = devil.
  140. ObadiYAH 1:5 Thieves invade! Burly powerful ravaging unbeatable destroying night-robbers silently twist and hide from the moonlight. [These special forces soldiers] trick and plunder [Edom. Assassins slice throats in the dead of night. Murderers glean the blood of all Edom's] men like farm-hands clip off fruit. [Red blood spills out of Edom's proud warriors like burst grapes. Attackers] strip bare the vine [of Esau's family line], leaving nothing.
    note: This verse shows the danger in trusting the interpretational conjugations of Biblical scribes. Obadiah saw a vision of special forces soldiers twisting and hiding to evade being caught in the moonlight. Blind interpreters mistranslate this action scene into the powerless mere verbal declaration, ‘How art thou cut off.’
  141. Jonah 1:13 Instead of [drowning Jonah,] the crewmen row hard to bring the ship to shore. But they make no headway. The wild, raging hurricane only surges worse and worse, 😇.
  142. MicaYah 6:15 You [slaves] plant. Yet you reap no harvest. You tread the olives. But you never get to massage yourself with their oil. You mash out the grape juice. But you never get drink the wine.
    note: If you think you're getting real, healthy food from the grocery store, think again. ‘Olive’ oil is the most counterfeited food on planet earth. You have no idea what you're eating unless you grow it yourself.
  143. Nahum 1:2 “Elohim [fumes in] jealous [zeal], 😇. YHVH avenges! YHVH punishes [evil with] hot [burning fury]! YHVH stores [up his] rage. [Then he takes] vengeance [on his] adversaries!
  144. ZechariYAH 14:2 [YHVH warns,] [Watch] me gather all nations against [wicked] Jerusalem for the battle. [See marauders] sieze the [whore] city. [Thieves] rifle her houses. [Soldiers] rape the [oppressive] women. [Garbage-collecters] throw [the bleeding ladies away]. Half the [greedy] city's [people] stagger out [in chains] into slavery. Generals abandon the other half to [wail] in [the miserable disease of] the [ruined] metropolis.”
    note: AD70. The fall of Jerusalem. Over and over again.
  145. Malachi 3:5 YHVH-commander-of-armies warns [all religionists], “I rush at you [priests,] to judge you! [Don't imagine that your paid preacher positions buy you immunity from prosecution.] I swiftly turn to witness against [all] sorcerers, adulterers, false swearers, scrooges who oppress the hireling by [shortchanging his] wages, [against all] who [fail to help] widows and orphans, [against everyone] who deprives aliens of their rights, [against all] who fail to revere Me.
  146. Matthew 22:7 Soon the King hears [that his guests have murdered his servants]. So the King [boils over with] anger. He deploys his armies. They destroy the murderers. [Marauders] burn up the [murderers'] city.
    note: For instance, the Roman armies destroyed Jerusalem in 70AD, as punishment for the hundreds of years when Israel killed the prophets YAH sent them.
  147. Matthew 24:2 YahShua corrects his disciples, “You [merely] see these grand [temporary] buildings. [But you don't see the future.] I tell you the rock-solid truth: [Before you die, Romans] throw down every single stone [in these temple walls]. Not one block stays atop another. [Soldiers use fire to melt down & collect all the gold on & between the stones.]
    note: The Ekklesia is a building made of people. The real ‘temple building’ is our holy socio-spiritual network. 37 years later, in 70AD, Roman soldiers destroy the entire religious Jewish ruling & teaching class.
  148. Mark 12:9 So what does [YHVH] (the lord of the vineyard) do, 😇? He comes and destroys the tenant-farmers, [the false leaders]. Then he gives [his] vineyard to [better managers].
    note: In 70AD, Jerusalem was destroyed. And that was just a preview of coming attractions.
  149. Mark 13:2 YahShua answers His [world-worshiping disciple], “You see these buildings as great, 😇? [In 37 years,] not 1 stone [of this temple] stays standing on top of another. [Roman soldiers and gold-scavengers] soon throw down every single rock!”
    note: Like clockwork, 37 years later, in AD70, Romans destroy Herod's temple.
  150. Luke 19:43 For [your final] days rush at you. Soon your enemies erect a barricade around you. They surround you. They hem you in on every side.
    note: AD70, Rome turns Jerusalem into a parking lot.
  151. Luke 21:22 For [these days in which I live] are the ‘days of vengeance.’ [YAH now] fulfills everything [prophets] wrote [in the Tanakh].
    note: By about AD70, every ‘Older Testament’ prophecy had come true. Yet prophecies are fulfilled in waves. So those same prophecies later come true on an even grander scale. For instance, events of the fall of Jerusalem (in AD70) set up a pattern for the ‘End Of The World’.
  152. Hebrews 10:31 😇, it's terrifying to fall into the hands of [YHVH] the living Eloah.
  153. Hebrews 12:8 The only children who don't get punished by their fathers are children the father abandons after impregnating the mother, leaving the child as a neglected orphan. So if YAH punishes you, 😇, you can feel good that YAH is loving you as his own child.
  154. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 8:5 The angel takes the incense bowl. [He] fills it with fire from the altar. Then [he] casts the fiery bowl [down] onto the earth. [BOOM!] There follow peals of thunder, voices, flashes of lightning and an earthquake, 😇!
  155. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:18 Yet another angel [flies] out from the altar. This angel [holds] power over fire, 😇. He screams loud, crying to [the angel] who holds the sharp sickle: “Thrust your razor-edged reaper into [the cosmos]! Gather the earth's [rotten] vine-clusters!’ Her grapes are as ripe [as they're going to get]!”
  156. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:19 So, 😇, the angel thrusts his sickle into the earth. He gathers the earth’s [nasty grape] vine[s]. He hurls them into the great wine-press of YHVH's wrath.
  157. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 15:1 Then, 😇, I see another sign in heaven, great and marvelous: 7 angels hold the 7 last plagues. With these, YHVH will exhaust His fury.
  158. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 16:9 Men's [skin] scorches in [this] great radiation, 😇. They blaspheme the name of [YHVH] the Eloah, who has power over these plagues. [Yet] mankind still fails to repent and give YAH glory.
    note: Why repent when you have air conditioning and chemotherapy? #2738 kauma = heat, glow, burn, kindle, consume, light.
  159. Genesis 7:10 [YAH's] 7 day warning [passes. Immediately, 😇,] waters flood the earth.
  160. Genesis 7:21 The water drowns every living being that moves on the earth: birds, livestock, other animals, insects, and every human being, 😇.
    note: At least in whatever area the flood affected.
  161. Genesis 7:22 Every dry-land creature sucks in one last breath of life through their nostrils. [Then they sink beneath the dark blue surface. Water fills their lungs, 😇. Their last air-bubbles rise. They fall to their muddy tomb at the base of the endless sea.]
  162. Exodus 9:6 [So, 😇,] the following day, YHVH does [as he warned]. All the [field] livestock of Egypt die. Yet not one of the animals belonging to the people of Isra’el dies.
  163. Exodus 9:16 Indeed, I raised you up [into fame and majesty to smash] you, to show my power [by such a devastating blow that] My Name [YHVH forever] echoes throughout all earth's [histories].
  164. Exodus 9:18 Watch: tomorrow about this time I make [the sky] rain [a storm of] huge hailstones—a tempest greater than any [hurricane] seen in Egypt from the day it was founded until now.
    note: Plague punishing the worship of storm gods Horus, Set, Typhon, etc. See Ex 12:12.
  165. Exodus 10:12 So YHVH says to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the land of Egypt. [Summon] the locusts to rise upon Egypt's territory, to eat every plant of the land—every sprout that survived the hail.”
  166. Leviticus 26:33 Then I scatter you among the beast-nations, 😇. I draw out a sword. [I chase] after you. Your land comes to lie desolate, your cities wasted.
  167. Numbers (Journeys) 14:23 Not one of the [rebel Israelis] will see the land I swore to [give] their forefathers. No one who provokes Me will ever see [their Promised Land].
    note: Israelis who do evil are not YHVH's chosen people. Only people who act in accordance with Hebrew Law can expect to see the blessings YAH promised to Abraham.
  168. Numbers (Journeys) 14:45 [Bam!] The Amalekite {Sons-Of-The-Strangler} rush down, flanked by the Canaanite {Mercenaries} who infest the hill. These [pagans] smash the [rebel Israelis], crushing them. [The pagans chase the last dying Israeli stragglers all the way north] to [the secluded village of] Hormah {Destruction}.
    note: Hormah may have been as far northwest as Palestine. Its location is disputed.
  169. Numbers (Journeys) 20:26 Strip Aaron of his garments. Put them upon his son Eleazar {El's-Aid}. Aaron will be destroyed. He dies there [on the mountain].”
    note: Not ‘gathered to his people.’
  170. Numbers (Journeys) 20:27 So, 😇, Moses does as YHVH commands. He [leads Aaron and Eleazar] up onto Mount Hor {Looming-Peak}, with all the [million+] people [of Israel] watching [far below].
  171. Numbers (Journeys) 25:4 So YHVH's [angel] orders Moses, “Take all the chiefs of the [Israelite] people. Abandon them to YHVH's [mercy]. [Make them walk away from the camp] in the [hot] sun. Then YHVH will turn His fierce anger away from Israel.”
    note: YHVH did not order the murder of these men. He told Moses to excommunicate (ban) them: #3363 yaqa`yaw-kah' : to sever oneself, i.e. (by implication) to be dislocated; figuratively, to abandon; causatively, to impale (and thus allow to drop to pieces by rotting):--be alienated, depart, hang (up), be out of joint.
  172. Numbers (Journeys) 25:11 [YAH's angel] says, “Phinehas {Snake-Mouth}, the son of ELeazar {El's-Aid}, the son of [High] Priest Aaron, turned my fire-rage away from the people of Israel. He zealously [guarded My commandments] in society. So I'm holding back from zealously consuming the people of Israel.
    note: This is one of the few moments in all of scripture where YHVH rewards an act of violence. This extraordinary event, involving stopping the spread of public occult fornication, is an odd way to love your enemies. This was a desperate, emergency situation calling for extreme measures. YAH did not order Phinehas to kill these exhibitionist porno-occultists. Yet YAH was happy to see them dead. Wrath child = rothschild.
  173. Numbers (Journeys) 33:4 Meanwhile, 😇, the Egyptians bury all their firstborn [sons and livestock], which YHVH struck down right beside them, fulfilling his condemnation of their [satanic, child-sacrifice-loving] demon gods.
  174. Deuteronomy 1:44 So the Amorite {Mountaineers}, who infest that mountain, charge out against you. They chase you like [swarming killer] bees. They destroy you at Seir {Rough}. [They beat your falling carcasses] all the way to Hormah {Banishment}.
  175. Deuteronomy 1:45 Then you [survivors straggle] back [to grovel before me]. You weep before YHVH. But YHVH [refuses to] listen to your voice or to give [his] ear to you.
  176. Deuteronomy 4:22 So I must die in this land. I can't cross over [the] Jordan [river]. You soon cross over and possess that awesome land.
  177. Deuteronomy 9:14 Stop [praying for me to spare those criminals]. I [want to] destroy the [Israelites,] to blot out their name from under heaven. Then, from you[r seed-children, Moses], I'll make a nation more-populous and mightier than the [existing 2 million Israelites].
  178. Deuteronomy 34:4 Then YHVH says to [Moses], “This is the land I swore to [give to] Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, to Isaac {Laughter}, and to Jacob {Heel-Grabber}. [I] said, ‘I will give [the Promised Land] to your seed-children.’ I'm letting you, [Moses,] see it with your eyes. But you won't go over there.”
  179. Judges 2:14 So, 😇, the anger of YHVH fires hot against Israel. He delivers them into the hands of ravagers who pillage them. [YAH] sells the [hypocrites] into the hands of their surrounding enemies. So they can no longer stand when faced by their foes.
  180. Judges 9:57 Back on their own heads, Elohim dumps all the ruin [wreaked] by the jerks of Shechem {Neck}. Thus [YAH] fulfills the prophetic curse uttered [in the tree parable] of JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect}, [the only surviving] son of Gideon the Jerub-Baal {Baal-Fighter}.
  181. 1st Samuel 5:6 The fist of YHVH falls heavy upon the [pagans] of Ashdod {Ravager-City} and the surrounding areas. [YAH] devastates them. He strikes them with [cancerous] tumors on their private-parts!
  182. 1st Samuel 5:9 Then, after the [slaves] carry [YAH's Ark to Gath,] the ‘fist’ of YHVH [fights] against [Gath] city. Overwhelming panic [seizes the wine-pressers]. [YAH] strikes their townsmen, small and great alike. [YAH gives them] tumors on their private parts!
  183. 1st Samuel 31:6 So, 😇, that day [king] Saul dies, together with his 3 sons, and his armor-bearer, and all his [soldiers].
  184. 2nd Samuel 24:16 Just as the angel stretches out his hand over Jerusalem to destroy it, YHVH relents. [YAH] stops the disaster. [He] commands the population-destroying angel, “That's enough. Now hold [back] your hand.” At that [moment] the angel of YHVH stands near the threshing-floor of Araunah {Strong} the Jebusite {Thresher}.
  185. 1st Kings 2:34 So YAHoyada's son BenaYAH {YAH-Built} [gallops] up [to the sanctuary]. He [attacks General Joab]. He kills [Joab]. So [Joab's sons] bury [their father] at [their family's] desert-house.
  186. 2nd Kings 19:26 [I allow you] to strip the [nations'] inhabitants of their power, [leaving] them disheartened and ashamed, [insignificant as blades] of grass in an [abandoned] field, [frail] as green sprouts, like [stray] weed[s] growing [in a crack] on a rooftop, like corn blasted [by a tornado] before it has a chance to grow up!
  187. 2nd Chronicles 24:24 The Syrians attack [Judaea] with only a small company of soldiers. Yet, because [Judea] kept forsaking YHVH ([the] Elohim of their fathers), YHVH delivers [the] massive [Judaean] population into [Syria's] fist. Thus [Syria] executes [YAH's] judgment against [fallen king] JAHoash {JAH-Fired}.
  188. Esther 7:9 Harbonah {Destroying-Sword}, one of the chamberlains, [bows to address] the Emperor, “Look! There, in [front of] Haman's house, stands a 50-cubit-high execution-stake. Haman built it [yesterday to crucify] Mordecai. Yet [Mordecai] spoke [only] good for [you,] Emperor!” The Emperor screams, “Hang Haman on that [stake]!”
    note: The word ‘Cubit’ has fluctuated in definition over the centuries. It may here translate to about 2 feet, making this grandiose crucifixion-stake about 100 feet high, to be seen for miles, within and outside the capitol city.
  189. Esther 7:10 So [executioners] hang Haman on the stake he'd prepared to [murder] Mordecai. [Haman's death] quiets the Emperor's fire-rage.
  190. Job 4:9 By the blast of [YHVH the] Eloah, the [wicked] perish. The spirit-breath of [YHVH's] nostrils eats [sinners].
  191. Psalms 7:15 [The criminal] digs a hole, scoops it [out], then falls into the ditch he made, 😇.
  192. Psalms 58:9 By the time [the tyrant's] cooking-cauldron feels the heat of the thorns [you use for kindling], drown the [villain] alive in your whirlpool of fire-rage.
  193. Proverbs 20:30 Bruises & wounds cleanse away evil, 😇. [Whip]-stripes [clean] the inner heart.
  194. Proverbs 23:14 Tap the [misbehaving] child with the switch, 😇. Deliver his soul from the grave.
    note: A switch is a small smooth green tree-twig, perfect for giving a brief, harmless sting to a misbehaving child's leg or buttock. This verse can also be interpreted to mean use firm parental guidance like a shepherd's guiding rod.
  195. Ecclesiastes 8:13 [Life] eventually turns to tragedy for the lawless [human] who fails to [live in] awe of Elohim. [The wicked man's] lifespan [vanishes], 😇. For [mortality] is a mere shadow [of real eternal life].
    note: Lawless = liars who claim they don't have to obey YAH's law because they're ‘saved by grace’.
  196. IsaiYAH 2:21 [Idols and their worshippers fall] into fissures in rocks, 😇. [They snag] in forks of crags. They [fly] in fear of YHVH's face, from his overwhelming radiation. [His] rising convulses the earth.
  197. IsaiYAH 5:5 Now come, 😇. I'll show you what I'm doing to my ‘vineyard.’ I'm ripping out it's [protective thorny] hedge so [wild beasts] devour it. [I'm] demolishing it's [defensive] wall[s] so [thugs] trample it down.
  198. IsaiYAH 13:13 —I shake the heavens [so hard] that the earth moves off its gravity-foundation.” YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies snorts fire [onto the earth] on the day his fury explodes, 😇.
  199. IsaiYAH 13:22 Coyotes howl in Babylon's desolate fortresses, 😇. [Lizards poop] in [Belshazzar's] luxurious palaces. [Babylon's] judgment hour rushes [to completion]. YAH cuts short her [pampered] days.
  200. IsaiYAH 14:23 “I make [Babylon] a porcupines' playground, a swampy waste. I sweep it with the broom of destruction,” declares YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies.
  201. IsaiYAH 17:6 [The tyrant] leaves only a few [human] "gleaning grapes" in Israel, like [leftovers which paupers] shake from an olive tree. [Invaders leave a mere] two or 3 [human] "berries" in the top of the uppermost “bough” [of Judea], four or five [fruits] in [Israel's] outer branches,” warns YHVH, Israel's sovereign [Elohim].
  202. IsaiYAH 27:11 [Pagans are useless, like] dead branches of [war-torn] tree[s] that women break off and use for kindling [beneath cooking pots. YAH destroys every incorrigibly] clueless nation, 😇. The Sovereign who formed the [pagans] shows them no favor. They [render themselves] ineligible for [YAH's] mercy.
  203. IsaiYAH 28:2 Watch, 😇: YHVH [summons Assyria,] his invincible force. Like a tempest of hail in a hurricane, [like] a flood of overflowing torrential waters, [Emperor Sennacherib's] fist smashes [Israel] down into the dirt.
    note: By extension, this prophecy predicts the imminent fall of modern "Judeo-Christian" empires such as the U.S. and the U.K.
  204. IsaiYAH 28:4 [Israel's] glorious beauty, the capitol [city atop Samaria's] fertile valley[s], fades like a [dead] flower, like first-ripe summer fruit which [beggars] grab and eat on sight.
  205. IsaiYAH 29:20 [YAH] drops the terrorcrat[s] to zero. [YAH] consumes the [world's] mocker[s]. [YAH] hacks out every perverse eye, 😇.
    note: YAH cuts out those smut-scanning eyes.
  206. IsaiYAH 30:27 Watch, 😇: YHVH's ambassador [swoops] in from afar. His nostrils breathe glorious burning smoke-clouds. His lips spit fire-froth. His tongue whips the [world] with devouring flame.
    note: lit: the name of YHVH.
  207. IsaiYAH 32:13 Thorns advance to [choke] my peoples' land, 😇. Briers smother the [once] bright houses in the city whose [feasters once] jumped for joy.
  208. IsaiYAH 34:6 YHVH's sword drinks-its-fill of blood, 😇. It lubricates itself with [sinners'] fat. [It liberates] the life-juices of obese goat-leaders. [It slices] the kidney meat of [human] “rams.” YHVH slaughters Bosrah {Sheep-Fort}. He heavily butchers the [criminal] country[men] of Edom {Southland}.
  209. IsaiYAH 34:7 Down fall the rhinoceros-rulers. Bullish [men die beside] their bullheaded [brats]. Blood soaks the [rebels'] soil. [Human] fat fertilizes the [evildoers'] dust.
  210. IsaiYAH 59:18 YAH always pays his adversaries exactly what their deeds deserve, 😇. He boomerangs payback on his enemies in every land on earth. Boom!
    note: The only way you can avoid punishment is to make nice with YHVH. YAH's enemies always die.
  211. IsaiYAH 63:6 —So I tread down [hurtful] peoples in my anger, 😇. I make them drunk on my fury. I hurl their [murderous] blood-strength down to the earth.”
  212. IsaiYAH 66:15 Watch, 😇! YHVH [descends] with fire. His chariots [rush] like hurricane[s]. [He] rains his fire-breathing fury! [He enforces] his verdict with flashing flames!
  213. JeremiYAH 4:18 Your [chosen] life-paths, your actions, bring this [attack] on you, 😇. This bitter pain that seizes your heart is the [sting] of your own wickedness!
  214. JeremiYAH 4:26 I look, 😇. See the fruitful [fields] turned into a wilderness, all their towns broken down [under] the face of YHVH, [ruined by the blast from his] nostrils.
  215. JeremiYAH 6:6 For YHVH-commander-of-armies says, [Marauders,] cut down Jerusalem's trees to raise a siege-ramp against her. This is the city to be punished, 😇. She's bursting with violence, totally filled with oppression.
  216. JeremiYAH 6:11 So I fill with YHVH's fury. I'm tired of holding [it] in, 😇. [YAH warns,] “I come to pour out [my fury] on brats everywhere, including on the [religiots' phony] youth-group gathering[s]. [Invaders] kidnap [every] husband and wife, up to the old [people] full of days.”
  217. JeremiYAH 6:12 [Enemy generals] come to give [the Israelis'] houses, fields and wives to [pagans, 😇]. YHVH foretells, “I stretch out my hand [to strike] the [criminal] inhabitants of the [promised] land.”
  218. JeremiYAH 7:20 Adonai YHVH warns, 😇, watch me pour out my fire-breathing fury on this place, upon man, and upon beast, and upon the trees of the field, and upon the fruit of the ground. [The hypocrites' world soon] burns with [a fire] no [man] can quench.”
  219. JeremiYAH 8:1 YHVH warns, “The day [of reckoning] comes, when [enemy slaves] dig up [Judea's] graves. They pull out the bones of the kings of Judea, and the bones of his princes, and the bones of the priests, and the bones of the prophets, and the bones of the [other] inhabitants of Jerusalem.
  220. JeremiYAH 8:17 YHVH warns, “Watch out, 😇! I'm sending serpents: uncharmable cockatrices among you. They'll bite you [if you don't repent].”
  221. JeremiYAH 12:13 The [hypocrites] plant wheat, 😇. But [they] reap thorns. They wear themselves down for zero profit. They [cry,] bled-pale by their harvest [of shame. Their crops lie blighted] by YHVH's fiery nostrils.
    note: lit: ashamed by their income/revenue.
  222. JeremiYAH 23:19 Watch, 😇: a whirlwind from YHVH flies in fury. A slicing tornado comes to fatally twist [off] the head[s] of all wicked [beings].
  223. JeremiYAH 30:23 Watch, 😇: the whirlwind of YHVH shoots out with fury, an unstoppable tornado. It falls, [raining] pain on the head[s] of [all] wicked [beings].
  224. JeremiYAH 44:6 So, 😇, my fire-breathing fury pours forth. It enflames the cities of Judea. It leaves the streets of Jerusalem wasted and desolate, as they [lie] today.”
  225. JeremiYAH 50:13 YHVH's fire-rage leaves [Babylon] uninhabited, wholly desolate. Everyone who passes near Babylon drops their jaws. They whistle [in shock] over all her plagues.
  226. JeremiYAH 50:23 Babylon the earth-hammer [lies] hacked apart, shattered, a desolation among the beast-nations!
  227. Lamentations 1:20 Look, YHVH! I'm being tortured! My guts churn! My heart turns over in my [chest]. I [admit] I grievously rebelled. Abroad the sword bereaves [us]. Home [fills with] death.
  228. Lamentations 3:45 You've reduced us [hypocrites] to sewage and trash in the midst of the [world's] people.
  229. Ezekiel 7:25 [Bone] snapping-horror comes. The [criminals] seek peace. But they find none, 😇.
  230. Ezekiel 12:25 For I am YHVH {The-Eternal}. I speak, and the prediction I speak happens. I'm not waiting anymore. In your days, you pack of rebels, I come to utter and execute your [death] sentence[s],” warns Adonai YHVH.
  231. Ezekiel 22:31 So I, Adonai YHVH, pour out my mouth-frothing [fury] upon [your nation, 😇]. I devour the [villains] with the fire of my rage. I repay [their crimes] upon their heads.”
  232. Ezekiel 23:29 The [pagans you laid] hatefully beat you. [They] take away all you work for. [They] leave you naked and exposed [to the elements]. So [I] expose your shameless whore-craft, your heinous crimes and your fornications.
  233. Ezekiel 23:32 Adonai YHVH decrees, ‘You, [Judea,] drink of your sister [north Israel's] deep, large cup [of punishment,] full to the brim with [the whole world's] ridicule and derision.
  234. Ezekiel 23:34 You [frauds] drink [the cup of death]. [You] suck it dry. [You] gnaw it to shards. [You] tear out your own breasts [in agony]. I speak [your future],’ decrees Adonai YHVH.
  235. Ezekiel 30:25 [Watch] me uphold the arms of the Babylonian Emperor, while the arms of Pharaoh fall down. At last the [pagans] grasp that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-One}, when I put my sword into the hand of the Babylonian Emperor. [See] him stretch [his scimitar] out over the land of Egypt.
  236. Ezekiel 32:5 I strew your flesh on [earth's] mountains. I fill the valleys with your [rotting carcasses].
  237. Ezekiel 32:8 Over you I black out all the bright lights of heaven. So darkness floods over your land,” warns Adonai YHVH.
  238. Daniel 4:16 —Alter [Nebuchadnezzar's] human heart-mind! Give him an animal's heart-mind. Then let 7 [bitter, brutal, humiliating] times [years] pass over him.
    note: Heart-Mind = The heart and the brain comprising one connected nervous system, like a tree with branches in the head, connected to equally extensive and intelligent roots in the torso, as is actually the case. Babylonian excavations reveal records showing that Nebuchadnezzar in fact did nothing at all for 7 years.
  239. Hosea 9:6 Watch [Judeo-Christians] straggle from their devastated [homeland into exile], 😇. [See] Egyptian [soldiers] heap [your diseased bodies into piles]. [See] Egyptian [slaves] from Memphis burying [fallen fake believers]. [See] stinging nettles [grow to] possess [your] beloved silver. [See] thorn-bushes [take over your] homes.
    note: Today, spiritually-speaking, Egypt refers not specifically to Northeast Africa, but to the modern Nations United against the Creator.
  240. Amos 2:9 [Remember, 😇, how] before the [Israelites'] faces, I exterminated the Amorite {Mountaineers}, men who towered like lofty cedars, strong as oaks? I destroyed [those wicked perverts’] fruit above, and their roots beneath.
  241. Amos 5:19 [You sinners come to die] like a man who flees from the jaws of a lion into [the rushing claws of] an oncoming bear. [You're going down] like a man who enters his house and rests his hand on the wall only to have a serpent bite him!
  242. MicaYah 7:9 I bear the turbulent [discipline] of YHVH, because I've [often] sinned against Him. But YAH still fights my battle[s, 😇]. He executes judgment in my favor. YAH brings me out into the light, [where] I see His righteousness.
  243. Nahum 1:3 YHVH [is] slow [to] anger. [But he's] great [in] power, 😇! [YAH] lays bare [the land of the wicked,] cleansing it. YHVH rides hurricane storms! Clouds [are the] dust [from YAH's] footsteps.
  244. Jude 1:7 Like falling angels, so Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities around them, forked themselves over to fornication, chasing strange fleshly perversions. Those cities suffered the vengeance of [YAH's] eternal fire. YAH destroyed them as cautionary examples, 😇.
    note: Yes, there was homosexual fornication in Sodom, which, like heterosexual fornication, is a crime. However, Sodom and Gomorrah were more righteous than the modern civilizations around you. YAH eventually destroys all such populations because of their pride. Note that the fire here is described as eternal, even though Sodom and Gomorrah aren't still burning. In a similar way, YAH destroys all wicked [beings] in eternal fire. But no human will ever writhe in conscious eternal agony.
  245. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:23 And I strike ‘Jezebel's’ brats with death, 😇. Then all the Ekklesiae see that I am he who [telepathically] searches [all] minds and hearts. I repay every one of you what your deeds deserve, 😇.
    note: Doesn't matter if you said that ‘salvation prayer’ or count your ‘Hail Mary's’ on your rosary. You get what your actions deserve.
  246. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 15:7 To the 7 angels, one of the four [eye-covered flying] creatures hands 7 golden vials full of the wrath of [YHVH] (the Eloah who lives forever in every [dimension]).
    note: The worldlings hand their freedom to psychotic demon-posessed despots whose dumb science experiments destroy the planet. So the Creator reasons, “Why continue having a population on earth at all?”
  247. Genesis 19:13 —We will destroy this place, because the cry against this [criminal] populace [from the people they've damaged] has grown so great before the face of YHVH that YHVH has sent us to destroy it.”
  248. Exodus 8:6 So Aaron stretches out his hand over the waters of Egypt. [Immediately, 😇, hordes of] frogs swarm up. They [soon] cover all Egyptian territory!
  249. Exodus 8:14 The [Egyptians] gather the [dead frogs] together in [thousands of] heaps, 😇. So the land reeks [of millions of dead frogs].
    note: So the Egyptians curse the day they ever started worshiping frogs.
  250. Exodus 9:15 For next I'll stretch out my hand to strike you and your people with pestilence. You will be cut down from the earth.
  251. Exodus 10:6 [Locusts] swarm to fill your houses, and the houses of all your servants, and the houses of all the Egyptians — [more infestation than] either your fathers, or your fathers’ fathers ever saw, since the day [your ancestors walked] on the earth to this day.” Then Moses spins on [his heel]. He [stomps] out from Pharaoh's [throne room, past the evil-eyed assassin-guards].
  252. Exodus 10:21 So YHVH says to Moses, “Stretch out your hand toward heaven. Bring down darkness over the land of Egypt — darkness [so thick] you can feel it.”
  253. Exodus 19:21 YHVH's [angel] says to Moses, “Go [back] down. Command the people [again] not to break through [the cloud] to ‘gaze at YHVH’, because the [whole bunch of them] will be dead [the 1st step they take up this mountain].
  254. Leviticus 26:38 So you perish among the beast-nations. The land of your enemies eats you up.
  255. Numbers (Journeys) 21:28 —Fire flashes out of [the] City-Of-Intrigue. Flame [shoots] from [Chief] Tornado's [Capitol] city. [The flame] devours [Ar,] the watch-town of Moab. [The blaze licks up] the [warlock] lords of the [occult] high-shrines surrounding [the roaring rapids] of Arnon!
    note: lords=baalim.
  256. Numbers (Journeys) 22:32 So the angel of YHVH says to Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}, “Why did you beat your donkey 3 times? Look, I [descended from heaven] to fight you [like Satan], because [I'm sick of] staring at your perverse way [of life].
  257. Deuteronomy 3:27 Hike yourself up to the summit of [jagged Mount] Pisgah {Slice}. [From there,] lift up your eyes to the west, north, south and east. See [the promised land] with your eyes. But you won't cross over the Jordan [river].
  258. Deuteronomy 4:23 Watch out for yourselves, 😇, or you'll forget the covenant that YHVH your Elohim made with you. [If you slip,] you'll make yourselves a representative idol, which YHVH your Elohim has forbidden you.
    note: An idol is a leader who tells you to break YAH's laws. Hitler was an idol for the German population of 1935-1945. The leaders of the nation around you are similar, but stealthier, idols.
  259. Deuteronomy 28:20 YHVH sends upon you sworn [death sentences], chaos, and [painful] reality-checks in everything you set your hand to do, until you're destroyed — until you perish [in a heartbeat] because of the wicked actions you took, abandoning [YAH].
    note: Christians, do not abandon the law of Moses!
  260. Deuteronomy 28:63 Guaranteed: as YHVH [once] rejoiced over you, [planning] to do you good, and to multiply you; so YHVH rejoices [while] destroying you. [He] reduces you to nothing. [The leaders you elected] pluck you off the land you're intending to own. [Then they grind you into fertilizer.]
  261. Deuteronomy 32:21 [Fake Judeo-Christians] inflame my [killer] zeal with their [puff-breath] non-gods. They provoke my fire-rage with their vanities. So I stir up their zeal by [sending a bunch of] sub-humans [to attack them]. I whip up their anger by [sending in attack-troops from] a decadent nation [of fools].
    note: Vanity=puff, futility. Useless as a fart. ‘Ain't worth a poot in a hailstorm.’ No-folk = uncivilized, or negligible society.
  262. Deuteronomy 32:23 I scrape [and sweep heaps of] challenges over the [backsliders]. I exhaust my arrows in their [flesh].
    note: evils = adversity/challenges/humblings.
  263. Deuteronomy 32:24 [Backsliders wallow,] burnt [& gaunt] with hunger [& famine], devoured, [fighting] burning heat [& fever & thunderbolts, stung] by [the] bitter sting [of destruction]. I drive beasts' teeth into the [sinners. I infect perverts with] poison [venom] from slithering [fear-serpents] skulking in dust.
    note: See Job3:5.
  264. Deuteronomy 32:26 I warn [you, 😇]. I blow [all infidels] to the [4] winds. I wipe them from mortal remembrance!
  265. Judges 2:23 (Note, 😇: YAH never delivered many pagan nations into the hand of JAHshua. (Instead, [YAH] proposed to slowly drive out the [pagans]. [But when YHVH sees that Israel loves fornicating with pagans,] he [instead] leaves the [pagans in the Promised Land, to punish Israel].)
    note: Most translations make no sense of this verse.
  266. Judges 10:9 Even worse, the [inbred] spawn of Ammon cross [west] over [the] Jordan [river] to fight against the tribes of Judah {Celebrated}, Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, and Ephraim {Double-Fruit}. So Israel lives in constant suffering, 😇.
  267. 1st Kings 2:30 So BenaYAH {YAH-Built} [gallops his war-horse] to YHVH's [Sanctuary-tent]. [BenaYah storms inside.] He [barks] to [Joab], “The king commands you to come [with me].” Joab [cries], “No. I'll die here.” So BenaYAH [gallops] back to [Solomon's palace]. He reports to [the] king, “Joab [won't let go of the altar horns].”
  268. 1st Kings 9:8 Then, at this high exalted temple, everyone who passes by [gawks,] astonished. They hiss. They ask, ‘Why has YHVH [so severely punished] this land, and [destroyed] this temple?’
    note: or: “this temple will become a huge embarrassment.”
  269. 1st Kings 13:21 [Tempter-Prophet] cries to the [mystery] man of Elohim who came [north] from Judea, “YHVH decrees, [You'll die] because you rebelled against the mouth of YHVH! You failed to obey the order YHVH your Elohim commanded you.
  270. 2nd Kings 9:31 JAHu [drives his chariot] in through the [palace] gate. [Jezebel leans out her window. She cries], “Are you [here] in peace, you ‘Zimri {Plucker}’, you murderer of your master?”
  271. 2nd Kings 9:34 [JAHu] storms into the palace. He eats and drinks [royal food]. Then he says, “Now go see the [carcass of the] cursed woman [Jezebel]. Bury her. Because [even though she's a witch], she's a king's daughter.”
  272. 2nd Kings 17:25 So when the pagans initially come to occupy [North Israel], they fail to fear YHVH. So YHVH sends lions [bounding] into their [towns]. [The lions] kill some of the [pagans].
  273. 2nd Kings 21:12 So [I,] YHVH Elohim of Israel decree: Watch me bring [punishment] upon Jerusalem and Judea. [The coming purge looms] so catastrophic that whoever hears of it, both his ears will tingle.
  274. Esther 6:12 [Then] Mordecai returns to the royal [castle] gate. Haman runs to his house, crying. He covers his head [in shame. He mourns the total humiliation he's being forced to endure.]
  275. Esther 9:25 [Fathers tell their jaw-dropped children,] “Esther [defied death. She illegally] approached Emperor Xerxes. [But instead of killing her,] the Emperor commanded by [royal] decree that [Imperial Prime-Minister] Haman's wicked attack-scheme, Haman's plot against the Jews, should boomerang on Haman's own head. [So hangmen] crucified Haman and his sons on a [giant] execution-stake!”
  276. Job 11:20 But the eyes of [all] wicked [beings always] fail. They can't escape. Their hope vanishes like a dying [man's] final gasp.”
  277. Job 15:30 [The criminal dies in] an inescapable dark [trap]. Flames turn his [leafy] branches [to] dry [ash]. A [puff] of spirit-wind from [YAH's] mouth blows the [thief] away.
  278. Job 18:5 [YAH] puts out the light[s] of wicked [beings]. The spark of their life-fire never shines [again].
  279. Job 21:18 [In the end, crooks vanish:] stubble before the wind, [mere] chaff the storm carries away.
    note: or: ‘too infrequently, wicked people vanish.’
  280. Psalms 37:15 [In time,] the [slimeball's] sword [boomerangs around to] pierce his own heart, 😇. [YAH] breaks the [killer's] bows-and-arrows.
  281. Psalms 37:38 [YAH eventually] crushes all dirtbags in one [blow], 😇. [YAH] chops their future off [reality's timeline].
  282. Psalms 38:1 YHVH, please don't crack-off [into fury] when you discipline me. Hold back. Don't whip me [with] your raging-fire.
  283. Psalms 58:10 Light up the [faces of us] right-walker[s] as we watch you [take] vengeance [on the world's criminals]. [Let us] wash our [dancing] feet in the blood of wicked [villains].
  284. Psalms 68:2 Elohim, force [your enemies] away like smoke driven [by a hurricane]! Make all wicked [beings] perish before your face, like wax melts in a [wild] fire!
  285. Psalms 78:49 [YAH's] mouth-frothing, fire-snorting rage hurls down his angels of affliction on a mission [to] squeeze [all oppressors 'til they pop in a bloody spray of screaming death].
  286. Psalms 89:13 [Smash our captors with] your forceful arm, your diamond-hard fist, your sky-high power-hand.
  287. Psalms 105:29 [So YAH] turns [Egypt's] waters into blood. [This plague] kills [Egypt's] fish, 😇.
  288. Psalms 105:32 Instead of rain, [YAH] sends [Egypt] hail and fire. Their land goes up in flames, 😇.
  289. Psalms 105:33 Then [YAH] strikes [Egypt's] vines and fig bushes. Border to border, [YAH] snaps their trees.
  290. Psalms 105:36 [Finally YAH] strikes all the firstborn [children and animals] in [Egypt's] land. [YAH kills] the pinnacles of [Egypt's national] strength.
    note: Presumably these children [and perhaps animals] bounced from death into an afterlife of far superior joy and fun.
  291. Proverbs 1:18 [Oppressors] lie in ambush for their own blood. They secretly lurk to [take] their own lives.
  292. Proverbs 6:31 But if [the cops] catch the thief, he pay back seven [times what he stole, even if it means] he [has to] surrender all the valuables in his house, 😇.
    note: The proper punishment for theft is restitution. It does no good to throw thieves in prison, aka ‘Crime College’.
  293. IsaiYAH 1:28 [I, YHVH,] descend to break [the world's] rebels & sinners in one [swat], 😇. [I] devour whoever abandons [me].
    note: Rebelling against the Roman empire caused the utter destruction of the state of Israel in 70AD.
  294. IsaiYAH 2:15 [YAH squashes] every towering skyscraper, 😇. [He crushes] every fortress wall.
  295. IsaiYAH 2:16 [YAH submerges] every mercenary ship, 😇. [He drowns] all their precious treasures [in the heart of the sea].
    note: lit. Tarshish
  296. IsaiYAH 3:8 Jerusalem is ruined, 😇. Judea is fallen. Her tongue-wagging and criminal-actions against YHVH fling like acid in his majestic eyes.
  297. IsaiYAH 9:14 So YHVH cuts-off Israel head and tail, branch and grass, in one day, 😇.
  298. IsaiYAH 10:33 Watch, 😇: [through Sargon's military arm], the Adonai, YHVH-Commander-Of-All-Armies, slashes off [Judean society's] rotten ‘branches.’ [Jewish] high-rollers scream in terror, hewn down [by Assyrian swords]. Stuck-up [noses] dig down [dead] in [Israel's] dirt.
  299. IsaiYAH 13:2 [YAH's destroying angel hovers above the river-city: Babylon, capitol of world-history's richest Empire. The angel shouts YAH's commands to his errand-boys, the Generals of Persia's armies], “Lift up [Persia's] banner on [Babylon's] high mountain. Shout [war-cries] to the skies. Shake your fist! Drive [Cyrus' attack troops] through [drunk Emperor Belshazzar's] Nobles' Gate!”
  300. IsaiYAH 13:12 —My [angel-armies] make mortals rarer than fine [glittering] gold, 😇. [After Judgment day, it's harder to find] a human than [to grab a priceless] golden statue from Ophir {Gold-Land}.
  301. IsaiYAH 25:12 [YAH] brings down the [perverts'] impregnably high fortress walls. [YAH] lays [the jerks] low. [He smashes them] to the ground, crushes them into the soil.
  302. IsaiYAH 26:5 For YAH brings down the [tyrants] who dwell on high, 😇. He lays lofty populations low. He throws [world Empires] down, all the way to the ground. He brings [human grandeur] to the dust.
  303. IsaiYAH 29:17 In a flash [of geological time, YAH] turns the [impassable] white-mountains-of-Lebanon into fruitful fields, 😇. And [YAH] can [just as quickly] weave [dead sinners'] cropland into wildwood [tangles].
    note: You can't tend your fields if you're dead.
  304. IsaiYAH 30:28 The blast of [YAH's breath drowns wicked people] like a flooding river. [Sinners float] up to their necks in [disaster]. [YAH] sifts the beast-nations in the sieve of destruction. [YAH sticks] a bridle in the jaws of populations. So [they] reel [back from their suicide-courses].
  305. IsaiYAH 30:30 YHVH's crushing voice thunders in [humanity's] ears. His arm smashes the earth [like lightning, 😇]. His fire-breathing fury boils [the evil world] in flames. His hurricane [spirit] whips hailstones into a flood [of disaster].
  306. IsaiYAH 32:19 [Meanwhile,] hail pounds [wicked peoples'] forests, 😇. [Their] cities sink down [into the grave].
  307. IsaiYAH 33:14 [See] Zion's sinners startle, 😇. Shuddering seizes the [hypocrites]. They soil [their pants]. [They shout,] “Who can survive [YAH's] devouring fire!? Who can hide from eternity's inferno!?”
  308. IsaiYAH 34:2 [Watch] YHVH burst [into fury], 😇. [See] His fire-rage fall on all beast nations. [He incinerates] all their armies. He utterly bans them. He condemns the [‘pigs’] to slaughter.
    2763 charam khaw-ram’:
    to seclude, ban, forfeit; often rendered "destroy".

  309. IsaiYAH 37:29 —Your fury and insolence against Me keep coming up into my ears. So I'm putting my hook in your nose. [Watch] My bridle [pierce] your lips. I'm turning you back by the way you came, [bigshot].”
  310. IsaiYAH 42:13 [See the future, 😇:] YHVH the champion rushes out [from heaven]. He awakens his warrior-zeal. He shouts the battle-roar. He triumphs over his enemies.
  311. IsaiYAH 42:14 [YAH] screams louder than a woman pushing [out a baby], “I've held back in silence long [enough], 😇! Today, in one breath, I stun and blow-away all [evildoers]!
  312. IsaiYAH 47:11 So evil attacks you. You never see from where it rises. Ruin falls upon you. You run for shelter. But you find none. Unforeseen desolation flashes down on you [infidels].
  313. IsaiYAH 51:17 Wake-up! Open-your-eyes! Stand up, Jerusalem. You've drunk the cup of YHVH's fire-fury [straight] from his hand. You drained the goblet of quaking [terror] to the dregs. You've sucked [out its very last drop of punishment].
  314. IsaiYAH 64:7 [YHVH,] no one calls upon your name. [No one] stirs up himself to hold fast to you. So you hide your face from us [Judeo-Christians]. You dissolve us, [using] the ‘hand’ of our depravities.
  315. JeremiYAH 1:14 YHVH explains to me, “Out of the north an evil [disaster] soon breaks out upon all the inhabitants of [this Israeli] land.
  316. JeremiYAH 6:21 YHVH continues, “Look, 😇! I lay stumbling-blocks before this populace. Fathers & sons together fall upon the [‘rocks’]. Neighbors & friends perish.”
  317. JeremiYAH 7:16 So, [Jeremiah,] don't pray for this mob [anymore]. Don't lift up cries or prayer[s] for them. Don't get between me and them, 😇. I won't listen [to] your [prayers on their behalf].
  318. JeremiYAH 9:12 Who is the wise man who can understand this [world's predicament], 😇? [Where is the prophet] to whom YHVH's mouth speaks? [Find him. Ask him] to explain why the land perishes, [why] she [lies] burned up, [reduced to] a wilderness that no human [can even] cross!
    note: The land perishes because humans, both in church and out, despise the Law of Moses, the operations-manual for planet earth.
  319. JeremiYAH 10:18 For YHVH forewarns, “Watch me sling the inhabitants of this land into the [hands] of their attacker[s] in one [stroke], 😇!”
  320. JeremiYAH 12:12 Ravagers attack! [They stream] over all the desert hills. The sword of YHVH devours [everyone] from one end of the land all the way to the other end of the land, 😇. No flesh is safe.
    note: Sword of YHVH = YAH's word, or his Avengers.
  321. JeremiYAH 13:14 I [come to] dash the [jerks] against each other. [I bash] the fathers and the sons together [in mass graves]’, warns YHVH. ‘I refuse to pity, or spare, or have mercy, 😇. I destroy the [liars].’”
  322. JeremiYAH 13:26 So I lift your skirts over your faces. I expose your shame [to the universe].
  323. JeremiYAH 14:16 [Today] the sheeple [listen to the religionites' false] prophesies. But look into the future: Watch the faces of sword and famine cast [the liars and their listeners] out into the streets of Jerusalem. No one remains [alive] to bury the [dead liars], nor their wives, sons and daughters. I pour the [hypocrites'] own wickedness back down on their [heads].
  324. JeremiYAH 16:9 For YHVH Commander-Of-All, the Elohim of Israel, forewarns, “Watch. Before your eyes, in your days, in this place, I come to silence every joyful sound, every bright [glad] song, every groom's voice, every bride's [answer].”
  325. JeremiYAH 29:18 I persecute the [hypocrites] with sword, famine and plague, 😇. I give them as torture-toys to every far-flung dominion on earth. [They] become a curse-word, a jaw-dropping, hissing insult to every beast-nation where I drive them.”
  326. JeremiYAH 34:22 YHVH says, [Tyrants,] see [your future]: I order [foreign marauders] to return to this city. I draw [them here]. They attack this [crime-zone]. They seize it. They burn it with fire. I [bomb] the cities of Judea [into] wastelands stripped of inhabitants!”
  327. JeremiYAH 44:2 YHVH-commander-of-armies (Israel's Elohim) says, “You [Israelis] have seen all the destruction I [let] rain upon Jerusalem and all the other cities of Judea. Look: today they're wastelands where no human lives!
  328. JeremiYAH 44:11 So YHVH Commander-Of-Armies, Israel's Elohim, decrees: “Watch me set my face against you [infidels,] to destroy you, to amputate [you treasonous] Judeans [from the planet].
  329. JeremiYAH 46:15 [Jeremiah says,] “Why are your valiant men swept away? They can't stand up in the driving [wind] of YHVH's [spirit-breath]. It crushes [the pagans] flat, 😇!
  330. JeremiYAH 49:27 “Inside the wall of Damascus I kindle a fire. It consumes the palaces of Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity}.”
  331. JeremiYAH 50:14 [Soldiers,] surround Babylon with your [battle] arrays! All you [archers,] bend [back] your bows! Shoot her! Spare no arrows! For she [leads the world] away from YHVH.
    note: Not a command for holy people to engage in carnal warfare.
  332. JeremiYAH 50:30 “So, 😇, [Babylon's] young men fall in the streets. In one day, I cut off all her men of war,” foretells YHVH.
  333. JeremiYAH 50:46 The earth quakes at the sound of Babel’s capture. The cry of [dying Babylonians] resounds in [peoples'] ears throughout [all] nations.
    note: This prophecy is being fulfilled in you right as you read this.
  334. JeremiYAH 51:1 YHVH decrees: ‘Watch me raise up a Destroyer-Spirit to fight Babylon, to attack the [people] who live in league with [rebels] who rise up to fight Me.
    note: “In league” = “mixing in,” the way modern Christians and Jews mix in with the world's pagan cultures.
  335. JeremiYAH 51:11 [Soldiers] sharpen arrows, 😇. They gather shields. YHVH rouses the [fighting] spirit of the kings of the Medes, to [execute] his war-strategy against Babylon, to destroy it. Thus YHVH pays back [Babylon], avenging their destruction of his temple.
    note: Again, YAH uses pagan people, not his own holy people, to kill whoever needs to be killed.
  336. JeremiYAH 51:22 With you, [Babylon,] I break in pieces [destructive] man and [ruinous] woman; I rip-apart old and young [criminals]; I beat to pulp the young [whoremonger] and his [VD-spreading] slut-girl.
  337. JeremiYAH 51:25 YHVH continues, “Watch me fight you, O destroying [Empire] ‘mountain’. You ruin the whole earth. But I stretch out my hand upon you. I roll you down from [your] craggy [range]. I morph you into a heap of burnt waste.
  338. JeremiYAH 51:26 From your [rubble], no one [ever] recovers one [useful] cornerstone, nor even a main-foundation rock, [Babylon]. You lie desolate for eons,” warns YHVH.
  339. JeremiYAH 51:33 For YHVH Commander-Of-Armies, the Elohim of Israel, decrees: [Ancient] Babylon's [evil] daughter-population [brims] like a threshing-floor [full of wheat] ready to be stomped [to bits], 😇. In a moment, her time of harvest falls.”
  340. Lamentations 2:3 [YAH] cut off the whole power-horn of Israel, 😇. He's drawn back his right hand [of protection, allowing our] enemy's [advance]. He burns against Jacob like a flaming fire, devouring everything around [us].
  341. Lamentations 3:2 [YAH] led me, 😇. He brought me into darkness, but not into light.
  342. Lamentations 3:4 [YAH] wears away my muscle and my skin, 😇. He breaks my bones.
  343. Lamentations 3:6 [YAH] drops me into dark [holes], like [where men] drop old [rotten] corpse[s].
  344. Lamentations 4:8 Now the faces [of our holy ones] lie smeared black [with] coal-soot, 😇. They're unrecognizable in the streets. Their skin clings to their bones, withered, [dry] as sticks.
  345. Lamentations 4:11 YHVH empties his fury, 😇. He pours out His fierce anger. He kindles a fire in Zion [so hot] it devours [Jerusalem's] foundations.
  346. Ezekiel 6:11 Adonai YHVH adds, “Strike [the ground] with your hand. Stomp your foot. Shout, ‘Oh no! [War advances to stop] all the evil abominations of the house of Israel! The [villains] come to fall [dead] by the sword, by famine and by plague.
  347. Ezekiel 7:15 The sword [devours all soldiers] outside [the city-gates]. Pestilence and famine [devour the cowering citizens] inside, 😇. All [the sinners] in the country die by the sword. Starvation and infection eat everyone in the city.
  348. Ezekiel 7:18 So [the surviving commercialists] wrap themselves in sackcloth, 😇. Horror covers them. Shame floods all faces. Baldness defaces the [hypocrites'] heads.”
  349. Ezekiel 12:15 At last, 😇, the [Israelis] realize that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-Creator}, when I scatter them among the beast-nations. I disperse them in [earth's] countries.
  350. Ezekiel 19:9 Then, 😇, the [beast-nations] put [the murderous lion] in chains under guard. They drag him to the Babylonian Emperor, who throws the [lion] into cages with [jumping] hoops. No [one] ever again hears the [Lion's] voice on the mountains of Israel.
  351. Ezekiel 21:5 In the end, 😇, all flesh-men see that [when] I YHVH draw my sword out of his sheath, I don't put him back [until his job is done].
  352. Ezekiel 22:14 Can your heart endure, can your hands stay strong, in the days I'm dealing to you, 😇? I YHVH foretell and actualize your future.
  353. Ezekiel 22:15 I come to scatter you [hypocrites] among the beast-nations. I disperse you into [earth's] countries, to burn your filthiness out of you.
  354. Ezekiel 22:22 Like silver melts in the center of a [hot] furnace, you liquefy in the middle of [your city]. Then you grasp that I, YHVH, poured out my fury upon you.’”
  355. Ezekiel 22:24 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ say to [your nation], ‘One day [soon] I come to brighten your dull and dirty [drought-stricken] country. I rain [fire] from my mouth [onto your cities].
  356. Ezekiel 23:47 The mob stones [my slut-nations] with rocks. [Thugs] chop the [prostitutes] with swords. [Pagans] slay the [whores'] sons and daughters. [Armies] burn up the [floozies'] houses with fire, 😇.
  357. Ezekiel 24:10 Heap on wood! Flare up, fire. Consume the [sinners'] flesh. Dump in the spices! Incinerate the [criminals'] bones!
  358. Ezekiel 26:4 The [nations] destroy the walls of Tyre {Rock-Port}. They break down her towers. I scrape her soil from her. [I] reduce her to a bare rock [ledge].
    note: Exactly a description of Tyre to this very day. A perfectly-placed seaport almost completely empty for 2000 years. Tyre's enduring abandonment is one of history's most powerful proofs of scriptural reliability.
  359. Ezekiel 26:14 Yes, I come to scrape you [Tyre] down to a rock ledge, a mere place [for fishermen] to spread their fish-nets. You never get rebuilt, because I YHVH say so,” decrees Adonai YHVH.
    note: The region of Tyre is still populated, but presumably the ancient site referred to (in this prophecy) has never been rebuilt.
  360. Ezekiel 26:21 I bring you [Tyre] to a horrifying end. [Explorers] come to hunt for you. But no one ever again finds you,’ decrees Adonai YHVH.”
    note: The modern Lebanese city of Tyre stands near, but not atop the site described here.
  361. Ezekiel 30:3 [Judgment] day nears. The ‘day of YHVH’ looms, 😇: a cloudy day, the time of [doom for] the beast-nations.
  362. Ezekiel 30:8 Finally the [north Africans] grasp that I am YHVH {Creator-of-Time}, when I light Egypt on fire, when all her helpers fall destroyed.
  363. Ezekiel 30:12 I dry up [Egypt's] rivers. I sell the [pagans'] land into the grip of wicked [marauders]. By foreign fists I waste the [evil] country and everything in it. I YHVH speak [your] future.”
  364. Ezekiel 32:6 With your blood, I water the land where you swim. Up to the mountaintops, rivers fill up with your [blood].
  365. Ezekiel 32:7 When I extinguish you, I cover the sky. [I] blacken its stars. I cover the sun with a cloud, so the moon hides her light.
  366. Ezekiel 35:8 I fill [Seir's] mountains with dead bodies. In your hills, and in your valleys, and in all your rivers, men fall, slain by the sword.
  367. Ezekiel 35:9 I make you a perpetual ruin. Your cities never return. Finally you see that I am YHVH, {Creator-Of-Eternity}.
  368. Ezekiel 35:14 Adonai YHVH predicts, “The whole earth brightens up when I waste you.
  369. Ezekiel 36:18 So I pour my fury on [Israel] because of the blood she keeps shedding in the land [as] her [minions] defile it with their idols.
  370. Hosea 8:14 For [north] Israel keeps forgetting his Maker. They build palaces, while Judea multiplies forts. Then [their traitorous allies] send fire [raining] inside [Israel's] cities, devouring [Judea's] citadels.”
    note: Then as now, humans destroy the earth and place themselves under debt-bondage, building huge residential homes, unnecessary commercial buildings, and murderous over-budget military bases.
  371. Hosea 10:7 [YAH] chops off Samaria's king, 😇. He floats like a dead twig on an ocean wave.
  372. Hosea 13:15 [But for now,] though [Ephraim is called] ‘the most fruitful’ brother, an [evil] east wind blows [his way]! [See the future!] The wind of YHVH comes up from the wilderness. [Ephraim's] wells go bad. All [their] springs dry up. [Invading Emperor Shalmanzer] robs every single item of value in [the tribe of Ephraim's] land.
    note: Just after Hosea writes this, Shalmanzer destroys north Israel. Echoes of this prophecy are still coming true today.
  373. Amos 4:3 [Marauders] come to fling you [greedy wenches] from [the heights of] your castle-residences. [Slashers] drag your [flabby bodies] through cracks in [your] ruined city walls. The nose of every cow-woman shoves up against [the butt] of the cow-woman in front of her," decrees YHVH.
  374. Amos 5:18 Woe to you [fools] who [claim you] yearn for the [judgment] day of YHVH! Your day [of] YHVH's [justice fast] approaches. But [for you con-artists] it ends in utter darkness, not the bright light [of heaven].
  375. Amos 6:11 At YHVH's command, [attackers] pound [your] spiraling mansions to pieces. [In a flash, marauders] rip open little houses.
  376. Amos 8:10 Watch me turn your [gluttonous] feast-celebrations into mourning. [Hear me] transpose all your [dance] songs into lamentation. All [you criminals] slide gunnysacks around your waists. I [coif you with] baldness upon every [male and female] head. [I] drop your women down [on their oppression-fed butts]. They mourn like their only son[s] just died, on their final bitter day.”
  377. ZephaniYAH 1:14 YHVH's great [Judgment] day lies near! It's close! It rockets at you, 😇! Cry out! YHVH's [verdict] day [dawns]. [Soon you come to see] mighty warriors crying bitterly [like abandoned babies].
  378. ZephaniYAH 2:10 [YAH's] remnant nation takes all the possessions of the arrogant [warmongers] who stripped & encroached [upon the] people [of] YHVH [commander] of angel-armies.
  379. ZephaniYAH 2:14 Flocks lie down on [the Assyrian Empire's] main street. Masses of wild beasts [roam the once-proud city]. Ravens croak in broken-down [mansion] doorways. Owls sing in the windows [of dead socialites]. [Ornate] cedar-work [becomes a perch for birds].
  380. ZephaniYAH 3:6 [The shameful acts of bad leaders cause YAH to] cut off the beast-nations: Towers ruined; streets wasted, no one passes by. Cities [and all their] men and inhabitants [fall to lie] destroyed.
  381. Haggai (Dancer) 1:10 [Your selfish pettiness] locks up the sky. [The clouds refuse to send you even] dewdrops. [Your fruitless greed] prevents earth from bearing fruit.
  382. ZechariYAH 14:15 [Foresee] the [aforementioned nuclear-cancer] plague descend on the horse, the mule, the camel, the donkey and all the beasts in the [war] camps [of all invading nations].
  383. Romans 9:22 [YHVH] the Eloah defers his violent-passions, 😇. He [holds back from] making his power known. With great patience [he] bears the objects of his wrath [as he] prepares [them] for destruction.
    note: Paraphrase. YAH allows some stories to develop long enough to serve as a object lessons, cautionary tales for the rest of us to learn from. In eternal life, we will have greater temptations than those we now suffer. Pain grows us up.
  384. 1st Corinthians 10:5 Yet [YHVH] the Eloah grew disgusted by [the crimes] of the majority of Moses’ fellow Israelites. So, 😇, [YAH] scattered the [ingrates'] dead bodies across the desert!
  385. 2nd Corinthians 13:2 I warned you [Corinthians] during my second visit. I now warn you in writing: When I return, I'll [call down miracle-power to] punish those [counterfeit Christians] who sinned earlier and haven't turned around. And I won't spare any of the other sinning ‘Christians.’
    note: The Ekklesia can and should punish unrepentant sin with excommunication and shunning.
  386. Hebrews 12:10 For during our fleeting days of childhood, 😇, our Dads punished us as they pleased, [sometimes helping us, sometimes hurting us]. But Father YAH's discipline is always appropriate and totally for our benefit. [With divine correction,] we become separated [from evil] like [our] holy [Father YAH].
  387. Jude 1:14 [That's] why Enoch {Initiate} (in the 7th generation after Adam) prophesied about these [lawless ‘believers’], saying, “Look, 😇! Adonai [YHVH] comes [to destroy all evil beings]! [He's surrounded by] thousands upon thousands of his holy [saints].
    note: A reference to the Book of Enoch? We need to look further than just the *66* books of the modern 'Bible' if we want to know everything YHWH wants us to know.
  388. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:10 The locusts [swing] their tails like scorpions. They sting men with their power-loaded tails, 😇. [They] torture [disobedient] humans for 5 “months.”
  389. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 15:8 The temple fills with smoke from the glory of [YHVH] the Eloah, and from His power, 😇. (No one is able to enter [heaven's] temple until the 7 plagues of the 7 angels finish [raining punishment on the evil world]).
  390. Genesis 7:4 For in 7 days I come to make [water] rain down on the earth for 40 days & 40 nights. I soon destroy every living [earth-crawling] thing that I've made. [I'm] wiping [them] off the face of the ground.”
    note: Ground = Adamah (soil), NOT Erets (earth). Water-creatures continued to thrive during the 40 days of rain. Likewise, the geographical scope of the flood may have been limited. The point is not primarily technical, but moral: bad behavior drowns you. The only way to safety is though obeying the Creator.
  391. Exodus 8:5 [Pharaoh ignores Moses, 😇. So] YHVH commands Moses, “Say to Aaron, ‘Stretch out your hand with your rod over the streams, the rivers, the ponds. [This will supernaturally] make frogs swarm up, covering the [entire] territory of Egypt.”
  392. Exodus 12:12 For tonight I come to pass through the land of Egypt. I strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast. So I execute judgment against all the Elohim [gods & leaders] of Egypt. I am YHVH, [the only inherently eternal being].
  393. Exodus 32:34 So go now. Lead the people to the [land] I promised to [give] you. Watch: my Angel goes before you. But the day hastens when I boomerang the [Israelites’] sin [down] on them.”
  394. Leviticus 26:22 Then I send wild [human or animal] beasts among you. They rob you of your children. They destroy your cattle. They make you few in number. Your highways come to lie desolate.
  395. Leviticus 26:25 I bring a sword down on you, 😇, to avenge [your] breaking of [My] covenant. [When you run] together, [seeking safety] in your cities, I send the pestilence among you. [I] bat you into [your] enemy's fist[s].
  396. Leviticus 26:32 I destroy your land so completely that your enemies who live there [gape], shocked, 😇.
  397. Numbers (Journeys) 14:34 For each of all 40 days your [faithless spies] searched the [promised] land, I make you spend a whole year carrying the punishment for your depravities. Then you grasp [how it feels to be spat out of the mouth of the Creator of the Universe].
  398. Numbers (Journeys) 20:25 Take Aaron and his son ELeazar {El's-Aid}. [Walk] them up to [the pinnacle of] Mount Hor {Looming-Peak}.
  399. Numbers (Journeys) 24:21 [King Balak shakes Balaam. The king screams, “Stop prophesying death to my allies!” Balaam, still convulsing, his eyes closed,] shout-sings this prophecy, “[I] see the sons of Cain! [Fools!] You nestle yourselves in your ‘impregnable’ fortress snug in mountain crags!
  400. Numbers (Journeys) 25:9 But [before it's over, 😇], 24000 people die in the [demonic venereal disease] plague.
    note: Probably, Moses crucifies or bans 1000 leaders, and a plague kills 23000 more. See 1 Co 10:8.
  401. Deuteronomy 4:21 But YHVH got angry with me. [You Israelites got me so mad, I threw a violent fit.] [So YHVH] swore I [would die before] I got to cross over [the] Jordan [river]—before [I got to] go into that awesome land YHVH your Elohim is giving you, 😇, as an inheritance.
    note: Even Moses needed discipline.
  402. Deuteronomy 11:6 And [you saw] how [YAH] punished Dathan and AbiRam {High-Father}, the sons of Eliab {Fathered-By-El}, the descendant of Reuben {Look-a-Son}: how the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up, with their households, and their tents, and all the stuff they owned, as the whole [nation] of Israel [ran away screaming in every direction].
  403. Joshua 11:20 YHVH allows the [pagans’] hearts to harden, 😇. So they attack Israel in battle. So [YAH gains final justification] to utterly banish them as deserving no grace. [Israel righteously] overthrows them, as YHVH [earlier] commanded Moses [to evict the pagans using praise-power].
  404. 2nd Samuel 22:27 To pure [beings], you show how pure you are. To perverse [creatures], you show [that] you're a [cunning] wrestler!
  405. 1st Kings 2:44 Then king [Solomon] says to Shimei {Famous}, “Your wicked heart stores the memory of all the [crimes] you committed against David {Love} my father. So YHVH now dumps your evil on your own head.
  406. 2nd Kings 9:32 [Jahu] lifts his face toward [Jezebel's] window. He [yells], “Who is on my side? WHO?!” Two or three eunuchs look down at him.
  407. 2nd Kings 22:17 The [Judeans] keep abandoning me. They [keep] burning [bodies as] incense to [appease] demon-gods. They whip up my fury with every action of their hands. So my unquenchable fire-rage flares up against this country.’
  408. 2nd Chronicles 7:21 [The collapse of] this high house will shock everyone who passes by it. They'll say, ‘Why did YHVH [smash] this land?! [Why did he demolish] his [own] temple!?’
  409. 2nd Chronicles 23:14 Then, out of [the temple, high] priest YAHoyada brings the heads of the 100-man [workgroups he'd] appointed to oversee the masses. He says to them, “Don't execute [the evil Queen] in the temple of YHVH. Escort her past the ranks [of guards]. Whoever follows her, kill him with the sword.”
  410. Esther 8:7 Emperor Xerxes answers Queen Esther and Mordecai the Jew, “Look, Esther. I've awarded [you] Haman's estate [and his Prime-Ministership]. [My executioners] hung [Haman] upon the execution-stake. [That should stop any Persian from] laying a hand upon [you] Jews.
  411. Job 15:22 [The evil man] loses all hope of escaping darkness. [All his life,] the sword [hangs over his head,] watching him, waiting for the moment [to strike].
  412. Job 16:9 [Job turns his face down to his accusers,][YAH] tears me in his fire-rage. He hates me. He gnashes on me with his teeth. My enemy sharpens his eyes upon me.
  413. Job 18:14 [Punishment] uproots trust from the [criminal's] home. [The death angel] drags him to the king of terrors.
  414. Job 20:5 [Zophar points his crooked finger at Job. Then Zophar shouts to the crowd:] “Wicked [beings] only triumph for an instant. The joy of the hypocrite lasts for a [mere] eye-blink.
    note: Yes, but that ‘eye-blink’ could span 120 years.
  415. Job 21:17 [YAH eventually] snuffs out the candle of [every] damager! Destruction [smashes them in the end]! One day Elohim gets angry. So He deals out pain.
    note: or: ‘The wicked get away with it time and time again. They rarely have trouble. Elohim skips them when he distributes sorrows in his anger.’
  416. Job 35:13 No way El {Power} is gonna' listen to your futile bloviating. The Almighty always ignores [self-justifying criminals].
  417. Job 35:15 As you lie, you get no [mercy], only pounding fury. [And you ain't seen nothin' yet.] You're clueless. [YAH's] fire-breathing-rage is gonna explode you into powder [if you don't repent].”
  418. Psalms 7:12 If [sinners repeatedly fail to] turn [away from sin], [YAH] sharpens his sword, 😇. [YAH keeps] his “bow” bent, ready [for the strike].
  419. Psalms 44:19 Yet you [drag us to] haunts of monsters to crush us. You bury us in the shadow of death.
  420. Psalms 60:3 You shove doom in our faces. You make us drink [bitter] ‘wine’. [Punishment makes us] reel [in convulsions].
  421. Psalms 68:21 —Yes, Elohim keeps smashing the heads of his enemies. He [rips out] the hairy scalp[s] of [the world's] crime-walkers.
  422. Psalms 69:24 Spit fury-froth from your mouth onto the [beasts]. [When they try to run away, fry] them in the heat of your fire-breathing rage.
  423. Psalms 69:27 Repay the [savages] calamity for their crimes. Never let them enter your amnesty.
  424. Psalms 79:6 Pour out your fire-rage on the beast-nations who never acknowledge you, upon the kingdoms who never call on your name.
  425. Psalms 89:32 So I'll discipline the rebels with the rod [of correction]. [I'll punish] the perverts with a ‘touch’ [of whiplash].
  426. Psalms 90:7 We [humans] wilt under your overwhelming fire-breathing fury.
  427. Psalms 94:23 [YAH] eventually boomerangs the [criminals'] own evil on them, 😇. [YAH] uses their own wickedness to cut them off [from life]. Yes, sooner or later, YHVH our Elohim cuts [all wicked beings] out [of existence].
  428. Psalms 105:31 [Then YAH] speaks. [His voice sends out] swarms of lice and flying insects coast to coast [over Egypt].
  429. Psalms 105:34 [Again YAH] speaks. Countless locusts and caterpillars descend [on Egypt].
  430. Psalms 105:35 [These consumers] eat up all the herbs in [Egypt's] country, 😇. ‘Consumers’ devour the fruit of the [pagans'] soil.
  431. Psalms 141:7 Scatter [bad bigwigs'] bones at the mouth of Sheol {The-Grave}, like a [woodchopper] cuts and cracks wood on the earth.
  432. Proverbs 16:4 YHVH makes [us] all for a reason, 😇. [It's fun to watch] the world-smashers get trashed on their day of [destruction].
  433. Proverbs 19:19 A person whose fire-rage overflows must suffer punishment. When you rescue him [from judgment, he erupts] again, 😇.
    note: Sometimes you've got to let your children learn the hard way. Tough love is real love. Co-dependence is addiction. Co-dependent parents destroy their children.
  434. IsaiYAH 1:7 Your country desolate, 😇, your cities burned with fire: strangers devour your land before your face. [Your homeland is a] wasteland overthrown by foreigners.”
  435. IsaiYAH 3:18 [Judgment] day comes, 😇. [Watch] Adonai rip off the [sluts'] gorgeous anklets, their medallions, their crescent-necklaces.
  436. IsaiYAH 3:21 [Marauders rip out the hustlers' finger]-rings and nose-jewels.
  437. IsaiYAH 10:34 With [his] iron-fist, [YAH's avenger] hacks down [Judea's] ‘forest thickets’ [of corruption], 😇. Lebanon {White-Mountain} tumbles with one mighty blow [of Assyria's ax]!
    note: On Aug. 4 2020, amidst Syrian oppression and multi-directional Middleast war, one of history's most massive explosions blew the prime part of Lebanon's capitol city (Beirut) into the ocean.
  438. IsaiYAH 17:4 The day dawns when Jacob's glory thins, 😇. His muscular [nation] shrivels to skin-n-bone.
  439. IsaiYAH 18:5 Then, 😇, just before [Ethiopia's war-plans reach] "harvest", as the bud[s] [of violence] mature, as the "sour grape[s]" [of hatred] ripen and shine, [YAH] cuts off [north Africa's warring] sprigs with pruning-shears. [YAH] cuts down and hauls away [Ethiopia's] branches.
  440. IsaiYAH 27:10 [Meanwhile, YAH] desolates [criminals'] fortified cities, 😇. All their homes fall to lie abandoned, left like [sticks in] the wilderness. Cattle feed in [the rubble of buildings. Wild animals] lie down [on broken mattresses. Goats] strip the branches off [the infidels' few remaining trees].
  441. IsaiYAH 28:19 Every time [disaster] passes through, it takes you [liars]. Morning by morning [death] sweeps [you away]. By day and by night [you take flight]. [If] you [criminals] understood this message, you'd be [screaming] in agony.”
  442. IsaiYAH 28:21 YHVH rises up, 😇. [He sends in angel armies] as he did [to rescue David's hordes of praise-warriors] at mount Perazim {Breakthrough}. [YAH's] fury [rages], like when his [praise-power crushed the 5 armies who attacked Joshua at] the valley of Gibeon {Flower-Hills}. [YAH] takes mysterious action. He brings a foreign [army to] enslave [his criminal people].
    note: Perazim: 2 Sam 5:20. Gibeon: Josh 10:10.
  443. IsaiYAH 31:8 [After your repentance, your] success-mongering [enemies] fall by [YAH's spirit]-sword, not by [a blow from a mere] man. A blade beyond Adam's [forging] devours [YAH's enemies]. [The oppressor] flees from [YAH's] blade. [Angelic hordes] crush [your foe's] choice warriors, 😇.
    note: Success = Ashur (Assyria), from where we derive the modern word "Insurance". Assyria's Empire once controlled the Middle East. Now the INsurance Empire controls the globe.
  444. IsaiYAH 34:5 [YAH shouts, “Watch] my sword bathe in heaven's [star-fields], 😇. See [my blade] slam down on Edom, [the rebel southland], upon the troop[s] I doom to judgment.”
    note: Idumea (Greek: Ἰδουμαία, Idoumaía; Latin: Idūmaea) was a Semite-inhabited historical region of the Southern Levant located south of Judea and the Dead Sea. Jews often use ‘Edom’ as a nickname for Rome. The word ‘Edom’ connotes sin, war and rebellion. Edom is forever linked to its early ruler, Esau, Israel's selfish, short-sighted hothead rebel brother.
  445. IsaiYAH 34:8 The day of YHVH's vengeance dawns. Payback-year [rushes on] Zion's nemesis.
  446. IsaiYAH 47:5 [YAH shouts,] “Sit silent, [Babylon]. Flee into darkness, [dungeon] daughter of the [ancient] Chaldeans. [People] are done calling you, ‘The [first] lady of [all] kingdoms.’
  447. IsaiYAH 65:6 Watch, 😇: the [hypocrites' verdict] lies written [before my face]. I don't stay silent. I repay. I boomerang [death] into [each miscreant's] bosom.
  448. JeremiYAH 5:10 [Armies,] advance through [my people's] vineyard-walls. Selectively strip away and destroy every branch that doesn't belong to [me] YHVH.
  449. JeremiYAH 6:4 [The enemy shouts,] ‘Prepare to battle YAH's [fallen people]. Let's attack at noon!’” Woe [descends on] us, 😇! The day wanes. Night shadows stretch over [our empire of lust].
  450. JeremiYAH 8:3 All the [surviving] residue of this evil [Judean]-spawn wallow in the [hell-holes] where I drive them, wishing for death to end their lives,” predicts YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies.
  451. JeremiYAH 8:13 YHVH warns, “I absolutely consume the [proud sinners, 😇]. [I] leave no grapes on their vine, no figs on their fig tree. [All their] leaves fade. The bounties I lavish [on] them pass away from them.”
  452. JeremiYAH 8:15 We keep looking for peace, 😇. But no good comes. [We hope for] a season of healing. But [we] see [only] trouble!
  453. JeremiYAH 9:9 YHVH asks, “How could I refrain from [swooping down to] punish the [criminals] for these crimes, 😇? Shouldn't my life-breath avenge [the atrocities] of such a [brutal] nation?
  454. JeremiYAH 9:15 So YHVH Commander-Of-Armies, the Elohim of Israel, warns: “Watch me feed wormwood [to] this [rotten] populace, 😇. [I'm] letting them drink [the] poison juice [they've chosen].
    note: #3939 la`anah lah-an-aw' wormwood (poisonous, accursed):--hemlock. Same as Russian "Chernobyl," the site of the world's first nuclear reactor meltdown. Man's powers poison him.
  455. JeremiYAH 9:16 So, 😇, I scatter the [reprobates] among beast-nations. [They slave for pagans] foreign to them, [enemies of] their ancestors. I send a sword after the [criminals]. It [never rests] 'til [it] consumes them.”
  456. JeremiYAH 11:11 So YHVH decrees, “Look, 😇! [Watch] me [rain] disaster on the [ingrates]. They [hang] powerless to escape [their punishment]. They shriek to me. But I refuse to listen to them.
  457. JeremiYAH 11:22 YHVH Commander-Of-Armies decrees, ‘Watch me punish the [persecutors]: their choice [warriors] die by the sword. Their sons and their daughters die in famine.
  458. JeremiYAH 12:7 I'm abandoning [most of] my [earthly] family, 😇. I'm leaving my ‘heritage [people].’ I'm handing my [previously] dearly-beloved [nation], my life's-breath, into the fist of her enemies.
  459. JeremiYAH 16:6 Soon both the great and the small die in this land. No one [survives] to entomb the [liars]. No human wails for them. Nobody slashes their skin nor shaves their [hair in mourning] for the [ingrates].
  460. JeremiYAH 17:4 You [Judeo-Christian rogues] willfully divorce yourself from the heritage-home I gave you. I bring you to serve your enemies in a country bewildering to you. The fury-fire you keep stoking in me stays burning to the end [of time].
  461. JeremiYAH 19:12 YHVH warns: ‘I come to make this country and its inhabitants, including this [warmongering] city, a [huge stinking, burning corpse pile] like Tophet {Drum-Smack} [valley].
  462. JeremiYAH 21:5 I myself fight against you [rebels] with [my] outstretched hand [powered by my] mighty arm. [My] nostrils [flare over you] in overwhelming burning fire-rage.
  463. JeremiYAH 21:6 I'm striking the inhabitants of this [cruel] city, both man and beast. They soon die of a ferocious pestilence.”
    note: The animals didn't sin. But they may have been infected with STD's because of the perversion of the people.
  464. JeremiYAH 25:10 I come to take from [you Jews] the voice of bright-cheer, the call of glee, the voice of the groom, the voice of the bride, the sound of millstones [grinding grain], the light of the candle.
  465. JeremiYAH 25:18 Soon Jerusalem, and the [other] cities of Judea, and [Judea's] kings and leaders, morph into a desolate, astonishing [heap. Its passersby shriek] hissing curse[s]. (So [Judea lies] today, [as I complete this account many years after my original pronouncement].)
  466. JeremiYAH 25:30 So, 😇, prophesy all these words against the [ingrates]. Warn them, ‘YHVH comes roaring from on high. His voice blasts out from his sacred [heavenly] home. His ear-splitting roar [echoes] over [Israel,] his [earthly] homestead. He shouts like a [jubilant] grape-treader [smashing blood out of] all [evil] earth-crawlers.
  467. JeremiYAH 30:14 All your lover-allies have forgotten you, [rogue Israel]. They don't even look for you anymore. Your millions of sins, your cancerous unfairness, [return to] maul [you] like a cruel punisher, a stabbing enemy [assassin].
  468. JeremiYAH 30:15 Why cry [for healing]? Your wounds are [terminal]. Your anguish is the incurable result of your nonstop evil. I have to [curtail] you to [stop] your sin from spreading [through the universe].
  469. JeremiYAH 31:30 [In the coming times of justice,] every one dies for his own evil. The [hard] sour grapes one man eats will pucker his own mouth [and no one else's].
  470. JeremiYAH 42:22 So see your certain [future]: you soon die by the sword, by famine, and by plague, in the place you're dying to go vacation.”
  471. JeremiYAH 49:21 The earth rocks at the noise of [Edom's] fall. The cry of their [national] crash echoes [south] to the Red Sea.
  472. JeremiYAH 50:24 I, YHVH, lay the snare that traps you, clueless Babylon. I'm tracking you and capturing you, because you keep on grating [against me].”
  473. JeremiYAH 50:31 Watch me fight you, you arrogant [beast-nation],” warns YHVH-Adonai-over-armies. “Your day comes. It's payback time.
  474. JeremiYAH 51:29 The earth comes to quake, 😇. It writhes as [men, angels and beasts] execute every purpose YHVH intends against Babylon. [YAH's workers] turn Babylon's lands into wastes devoid of inhabitants.
  475. JeremiYAH 51:48 The heaven and the earth, and everything in them, come shout-singing [cheers] at [evil] Babylon's [fall. See Persian] ravagers race upon her from the north,” warns YHVH.
  476. JeremiYAH 51:64 Then say [to the crowd], ‘Babylon comes to sink like [that stone]. She never rises from the disaster I bring on her. [All] her people expire.’” Here end the prophecies of JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}.
  477. Lamentations 2:17 [Yet the attacking nations are just bit-players on YAH's stage.] YHVH does what He warns. He fulfills the prophecies he decreed in ancient days. He throws [the fakers] down without pity. He makes your enemy rejoice over you, [evil Judea]. [YAH] erects the horn of your adversaries.
  478. Lamentations 3:3 [YAH's] power-fist turned against me, 😇. He turns his fist against me [again and again,] all day long.
  479. Lamentations 3:8 And when I cry and shout, [YAH] shuts out my prayer.
  480. Lamentations 3:44 You, [YAH sometimes] cover yourself in a cloud [so thick] that our prayers can't pass through.
  481. Lamentations 3:48 My eye[s] flood down rivers of water, 😇, [seeing] the destruction of [ancient Israel's] daughter-populace, my [people].
  482. Lamentations 4:12 The kings of the earth, and all the inhabitants of the world, couldn't believe that [Israel's] enemy invaders would [bash-down] the gates of Jerusalem.
  483. Lamentations 4:22 [Jerusalem,] daughter-city of Zion, [YAH] has finished punishing you for your [past] crimes. [Babylon] will no longer carry you away into bondage. But, daughter-cities of Edom {Red-Man's-Southland}, [YAH descends to] punish your crimes. He comes to uncover your sins.
  484. Ezekiel 6:7 As the slain fall all around you, you come to realize [that] I am YHVH {The-Eternal-One}.
  485. Ezekiel 6:12 [People] far away [from Israel] end up dying of [her] plague, 😇. [People] near [Israel] fall by the sword. [People] remain under siege 'til they die by the famine. Finally I spend my fury on them.
  486. Ezekiel 7:9 My eye won't spare. I won't go soft. I repay you as your ways deserve, 😇. I throw your abominations back into your laps! Finally you perceive that I, YHVH, strike [the blow]!
  487. Ezekiel 7:14 [Intelligence officers] blow the trumpet. They scramble to ready [the populace and their armies for attack]. But no one gets to the battle, 😇. My fire-rage rains down on the whole [commercial] horde.
  488. Ezekiel 7:16 The [few commercialists] who escape [the war] flee to the crags like fire-fleeing valley-doves, 😇, all mourning the evil [they've done].
  489. Ezekiel 20:48 Finally all flesh-creatures come to see that I YHVH light fire[s] no [human] can extinguish, 😇.”
  490. Ezekiel 22:16 You inherit [not riches but] wounds, while the beast-nations watch [and laugh]. Then you grasp that I am YHVH, [the Almighty who speaks your future].”
  491. Ezekiel 23:46 Adonai YHVH warns: “I summon a mob [to crash down] on the [hustler sisters]. I hurl them into terror and plunder.
  492. Ezekiel 23:49 [Foreign soldiers] come to pay back your devious crimes. You [cheaters] bear the penalty for [worshipping] logs. Then you realize that I am YHVH-ELohim {The-Omnipresent-Sovereign}.”
  493. Ezekiel 25:7 So watch me stretch out my hand upon you [Oriental marauders]. I deliver you as spoil to the beast-nations. I cut you off from [earth's] population. I make you perish out of all countries. I exterminate you. Then you recognize that I am YHVH {The-Omni-Temporal-Sovereign}.”
  494. Ezekiel 26:3 So Adonai YHVH decrees, ‘See [this vision of your future]! I fight you, Tyre {Rock-Port}. I drive hordes of nations to [march] up and attack you, like the sea hurls up his waves!
  495. Ezekiel 26:5 [Tyre] devolves [from a major port-city] into a seaside ledge for spreading fish-nets. I'm telling [you Tyre's] future,’ foretells Adonai YHVH. [Tyre] becomes a plunder-pot for the beast-nations.
  496. Ezekiel 26:16 Then all the princes of the sea [lands] step down from their thrones. [They] lay aside their robes. [They] strip off their embroidered garments. They clothe themselves with quaking. They sit on the ground, trembling nonstop, stunned at your [demise].
  497. Ezekiel 26:19 For Adonai YHVH foretells, ‘I forever devastate your city into a ghost-town. I lift the deep up over your [head]. Great waters [come to] smother you, [Tyre].
  498. Ezekiel 27:28 The pastures shake at the sound of the outcry of your [drowning] ship-pilots.
  499. Ezekiel 28:19 Everyone who knows you among [earth's] people-groups soon [drop their jaws,] stunned at your [destruction]. You become a terror, an [imaginary ghost] who doesn't exist.”
  500. Ezekiel 30:9 In that era messenger-angels rush forth from my face in [celestial] ships. [The sight] makes the careless Ethiopians shake [in terror]. Great pain floods over them, like the [plagues that wracked ancient] Egypt [on her judgment] day. Watch out, 😇! [Trouble's] coming!”
    note: Possibly an angelic force, possibly human-manned war ships.
  501. Ezekiel 30:10 Adonai YHVH warns, “I come to end [the wicked lives of] Egypt's throngs. [They die, smashed] under the power-fist of Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.
  502. Ezekiel 33:27 Tell the [ingrates] this: ‘Adonai YHVH foretells, ‘As I live, you wasteland waste-products soon fall by the sword. In the open field I give [your flesh] to beasts' devouring-mouths. Everyone in forts and caves comes to die of plague.
  503. Jah-El 1:15 Oh no! The heat! The [Judgment] Day of YHVH lies at hand, 😇! Devastation comes from the Almighty [Ravager].
  504. Jah-El 3:19 [See] Egypt become a desolation, and Edom a desert wilderness, [as payback] for their violence against the children of the people of YAH's Name. ([Edom and Egypt] shed innocent blood on [Judaean] land.)
    note: Egypt and Edom are in fact harsh polluted deserts to this day. Yet ‘Egypt’ today refers primarily to the New World Order satan-system, not merely to northeast Africa.
  505. Amos 2:5 So [watch] me send fire upon Judea, 😇. [See] flames devour the citadels of Jerusalem.”
    note: The Jews enjoy Amos' prophecy as long as he condemns their enemies. But as soon as Amos turns his fiery words at the Jews, they throw rocks at his head!
  506. Amos 2:15 The archer trips. He drops his bow. The swiftest-footed runner sprints. But he fails to escape. The rider flees on horseback. But he falls [to death] trying to save his life.
  507. Amos 4:10 “I revisit you [posers] with the ancient Egyptian plagues. I [send] swordsmen to kill your choice young men. [Thieves] kidnap your prize horses. I fill your nostrils with the stink of rotting dead bodies in your camps. Yet you continue to ignore me,” decrees YHVH.
  508. Amos 5:20 [For religionists,] the [judgment] day[s] of YHVH [are] darkness, not light, 😇. Gloom. No brightness.
  509. Amos 9:1 My Adonai [YHVH hovers,] stationed over the [religious] altar. He commands [his angels], “Strike [a deadly blow to] the capitol-dome! Quake the [sanctuary's] columns! Slice the [pillars] to pieces on the heads of the whole [congregation]! Sword-slay every last [evildoer]. He who flees among the [wicked] won't get away. Whoever escapes won't be saved by the [fair-weather-friends] he runs to for help.
    note: Spherical-Capital may mean tops of pillars or lintels of doors.
  510. Amos 9:4 If [people who systemically commit injustice] flee, driven into captivity before the [scowling faces of] enemy [armies, in the land of foreign exile] I command the sword. She slays the [evildoers]. I set my eye to ruin, not help [the hypocrites].”
  511. Amos 9:5 My Adonai (YHVH-over-armies) touches the land. She melts. All earth-dwellers mourn. The entire [orange, glowing, molten] earth rises up like the flooding [Nile river, 😇]! Like the flash-floods of Egypt, [lava and liquefaction] drown [and dissolve humanity].
  512. ObadiYAH 1:9 [Edom's] mighty southland warrior-tyrants [fall to] lie face-down in blood & mud. Confused, terrified, [they pee their pants. They pray for mercy that never comes.] Champions, husbands, fathers, sons of Esau {Rough-Red} [lie] slaughtered. [Their blood and brains roll down the] mountainside.
    note: Esau was a lustful wild-man, an insatiable polygamist. Genesis 26:34–35 describes Esau's marriage at age 40 to 2 Canaanite sluts. This arrangement torments Esau's Hebrew parents. Esau sees his Dad bless his brother Jacob. Esau's father rejects Esau's Caananite hook-ups. So Esau flees to the house of his evil uncle Ishmael. There Esau marries his own cousin. Then Esau marries 3 more pagan Canaanite wives. (Some scholars equate the wives mentioned in Genesis 26 with those in Genesis 36.) Esau and the Ishmaelites drive the Horite [Cavemen] out of Mount Seir. Esau spawns 5+ [nasty] sons. (Gen. 36:4–5.)
  513. MicaYah 1:6 [😇, watch] Me [YHVH] throw Samaria into the trash heap of the field, to [fertilize] my garden plants. [Watch] Me dump her stone [walls, buildings, roads, monuments, public works] into ravines. I lay bare the foundations [of north Israel's vile Capitol city].
  514. Habakkuk 3:12 Furious, [YAH] marches [across the] land, threshing beast-nations [in] anger, 😇.
  515. Luke 23:32 Then, with YahShua, the soldiers lead out 2 other [men], criminals, to put them to death.
  516. Colossians 3:6 Because of such sins, the wrath of [YHVH] the Eloah [falls] upon the children of disobedience.
    note: wrathchild=rothschild
  517. Hebrews 12:26 YAH's voice then shook the earth. But now, 😇, YAH promises, ‘Once more I come to shake not only the earth but also the heavens.’
    note: (Haggai 2:6)
  518. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 6:17 For the great Day of [YAH's and YahShua's] fury arrives. Who can stand, 😇?”
  519. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:7 The locusts are shaped like horses equipped for battle, 😇. On their heads sit [capitals] like crowns of gold. Their faces appear like the faces of men.
  520. Genesis 19:27 [Meanwhile,] Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} gets up early in the morning, 😇. [He's startled by explosions and flashes of light! He runs] to the [high] spot where he'd stood [speaking with] YHVH.
  521. Genesis 38:7 But Er {Eye-er} (Judah's firstborn) demolishes [innocent people] in the sight of YHVH. So YHVH kills him, 😇!
  522. Exodus 8:4 The frogs come to [conquer] you, your people and all your servants.”
  523. Exodus 11:4 Then Moses [shouts], “YHVH warns, ‘About midnight [tonight,] my [angel swoops down to fly] throughout Egypt:
  524. Numbers (Journeys) 14:25 Now [since] the Amalekite {Sons-Of-The-Strangler} and the Canaanite {Mercenaries} live in the [nearby] valley, [and the Israeli masses are not ready to enter the Promised Land,] tomorrow turn [the nation back, Moses]. Travel into the wilderness along the path by the Red Sea.”
    note: Red Sea = Sea of Suf / Gulf of Aqaba / Reed Sea.
  525. Numbers (Journeys) 14:35 I YHVH speak [your future]! I completely fulfill [what I've foretold] to this whole evil population who gather together against me. This wilderness consumes the [rebels]. [Here in the desert] they die.”
  526. Deuteronomy 7:10 To their face[s], [YAH] repays everyone who hates him. He destroys them. [YAH] won't hesitate to [exterminate] beings who spurn him. He repays them to their face[s].
    note: Therefore, all will be resurrected to face judgement.
  527. Deuteronomy 28:64 YHVH scatters you [apostates] among all peoples from one end of the earth all the way to the other. There [in exile] you serve strange gods [and leaders] whom neither you nor your fathers ever knew. [You] even [bow down to demons masquerading as idols made of] wood and stone.
    note: This is called the diaspora of the Jews, one of the most acknowledged events in history.
  528. Deuteronomy 29:21 And, out of all the tribes of Israel, YHVH singles out such [lawless ‘believers’] for the disasters listed in all the curses of the covenant written in this book of the law.
    note: Simeon, for instance, is wiped out of Moses' blessing in Deut33.
  529. Deuteronomy 29:28 In furious, violent anger, YHVH rooted the [Israelites] out of their soil. He hurled them into another land, where [they slave in exile] to this day.’
  530. 1st Samuel 15:32 Then SamuEl {Heard-By-El} says, “Bring Agag {Flame}, the king of the Amalekites, here to me.” So [smirk-faced] Agag struts to SamuEl. Agag assumes, “Surely the bitterness of death lies past.”
    note: Agag had value to Saul as a sperm-donor, or a gladiatorial games-contestant, or a slave, or as an evil-conspirator.
  531. 1st Samuel 28:19 —So YHVH now throws Israel with you into the Palestinian power-fist. Tomorrow you and your sons [come to lie] with me [in the grave]. [Tomorrow] YHVH pours Israel's army into the Philistines' [dirty] hands.”
  532. 2nd Samuel 6:8 David {Love} [screams, “No!”] [David rages], furious to see YHVH's [power] break out on Uzzah {Strong}. David re-names the area [of the threshing-floor] ‘Perez-Uzzah [Breakout-Of-Strength].’ [That name that sticks] to this day, 😇.
  533. 2nd Samuel 24:14 [King] David answers Gad {Troop}, “I'm caught in a huge vise. But let's fall into the hand of YHVH. His mercies are great. Don't let me fall into the hand of man.”
  534. 1st Kings 2:37 Watch: the day you exit [this city], and cross over the Kidron {Dusky} brook, know for certain that you die. Dead! The blood-guilt [for your death] will rest on your own head.”
    note: The Kidron flows through the garden of Gethsemane.
  535. 1st Kings 11:39 So I'll humble David's seed-children. But [their punishment] won't [last] forever.”
  536. 2nd Kings 21:14 I pound the leftover [pagans] out of my heritage [family]. I hand the [idolaters] into the fist[s] of their enemies. The [infidels] become prey and plunder for all their foes.
    note: As normally translated, this verse contradicts the many verses which promise that YAH will never abandon his remnant heritage-people.
  537. 2nd Kings 22:16 YHVH says, “Watch me rain calamity on this country, and on its inhabitants. I soon fulfill all the doom [prophecies written] in the Law-book which Judea's king just read.
  538. 2nd Kings 23:26 Yet YHVH refuses to turn from the fierceness of his great fire-breathing rage against Judea. [YAH continues to punish] all the infuriating atrocities [which JosiYah's Grand-Daddy king] Manasseh [trained Judaea to] commit.
  539. 2nd Kings 24:3 Like clockwork, at the commandment of YHVH, this [disaster] rains upon Judea. [War] strips Judea from YAH's sight. [Death wipes away the stain of] the evils wreaked by [king] Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}, [and those who] copied all his [crimes].
  540. 1st Chronicles 13:11 So David blazes up in anger, because YHVH's [power] broke out, [killing] Uzza {Strength}. To this day, that place is called Perez-Uzza {Uzza's-OutBreak}.
  541. 2nd Chronicles 29:8 —So the fire-rage of YHVH [rained] upon Judea, including Jerusalem. [YAH] delivered [our predecessors] to agitating terror, to ruin, to derision, as you see with your eyes.
  542. 2nd Chronicles 29:9 —Look: our fathers [lie] fallen by the sword! Our sons and our daughters and our wives [wallow] in slavery as [punishment for our nation's crimes].
  543. 2nd Chronicles 34:24 YHVH says, “Watch out! On this country, and on its inhabitants, I [soon] rain calamity, including all the curses written in the book [which] the [scribe just] read before [you,] king of Judah.
  544. Job 12:21 [YAH] pours-out contempt upon nobles. He slackens the rope-hold by which mighty [people control their lives].
  545. Job 15:24 Stressful tight-squeezes horrify [the villain]. They overpower him, like a king [charging] into battle.
    note: However, sometimes evil people live easy.
  546. Job 15:33 [YAH] shakes off [the scoundrel like an] unripe grape [dies on] the vine, like an olive [tree] sheds its flower.
  547. Job 18:10 [Demons] lay a noose for [sinners] on the ground. A rope-trap [hides] in the road [of the evil man].
  548. Job 18:15 [The devil] squats in the [scoundrel's abandoned] home. [Demons] scatter burning-sulphur over the [sinner's] estate.
  549. Job 18:16 [Sin] dries up the [rogue's] roots below. [Disaster] cuts off the [crook's] high branches.
  550. Job 18:19 [Misfortune] bereaves [the fraud] of any [offspring] to propagate his lineage. [Early death] strips his path of survivors.
  551. Job 36:18 Beware [heaven's] fire-rage! It comes to prick you [through]! In one stroke it'll [send you the Unseen realm of the dead, where] not even the richest ransom can rescue you!
  552. Psalms 9:5 You rebuke the beast-nationals. You destroy evil [beings]. You blot out their name[s] forever and ever.
  553. Psalms 21:10 You, [YAH] destroy the enemy's fruit from the earth. [You rip] their seed-spawn from among the children of Adam.
  554. Psalms 34:21 Evil [eventually] slays [all] wicked [beings], 😇. [YAH] desolates everyone who hates innocent [people].
  555. Psalms 37:17 YHVH breaks the arms of every [unrepentant] lawbreaker. But [YAH] supports the arms of [every] righteous [believer].
  556. Psalms 50:22 Now get a clue, you [fools] who forget Elohim, before I tear you in pieces, and leave no one [alive] to rescue [you].
  557. Psalms 60:2 [YHVH,] You make our earth quake. You open fissures [beneath our houses]. [Please,] seal the cracks before [our country completely] collapses!
  558. Psalms 66:3 Shout to Elohim, “How terrifying you are when you act! Your enemies cringe [before] you. Your overwhelming power horrifies the [thugs]!
  559. Psalms 78:62 Enraged at his [squandered] heritage, [YAH] surrenders [us,] his people, to the sword.
  560. Psalms 79:4 We [Hebrews] have devolved to disgrace our neighbors. [We're objects of] scorn and derision to the [nations] surrounding us.
  561. Psalms 89:40 You [let the enemy] breach all [king David's] stone-dams [and corrals]. You crack all his fortresses [to bits].
  562. Psalms 92:9 One look from your eyes, YHVH, and your enemies perish. All the hate-filled workers of evil [in the universe] scatter [like] dying [cockroaches].
  563. Psalms 106:27 [YAH aims his spirit-weapons to] strike-down even the [Israelite] seed-children living in the beast-nations, to scatter their [dead bodies] across the earth.
  564. Psalms 110:6 [YHVH empowers the Messiah to] judge among the beast-nations, 😇. [The Messiah] fills [earth's valleys] with dead [criminals'] bodies. He wounds the heads of myriad planets.
    note: Planets = erets (earths.)
  565. Psalms 135:10 [YAH] strikes great nations, 😇. [He] slaughters mighty kings.
  566. Proverbs 2:22 But [YAH] always [eventually] cuts wicked [people] off the earth. [YAH] roots unfaithful [people] out of [existence], 😇.
  567. Proverbs 19:29 😇, [YAH holds] judgments in store for scorners. [YAH saves] whip-stripes for fools' back[s].
  568. Proverbs 24:20 For no reward [stays with] any evil man, 😇. [YAH] snuffs out the life-candle of [every] wicked [sinner].
  569. IsaiYAH 6:12 [I,] YHVH keep hurling [evil] men far from [life on earth]. [I have to] completely strip [sinners] out [to preserve my] land.
  570. IsaiYAH 16:14 Now YHVH speaks, 😇, clarifying that within 3 years [from the death of Judea's king Ahaz], [counting] exactly (as would an indentured servant [marking off his days to freedom), YAH] condemns the glory of [the spawn of incestuous] Moab. [Assyria {North-Iraq} demolishes Moab's] massive populace. [Ravagers] leave only a tiny, weak remnant [of Moabite survivors].
  571. IsaiYAH 23:4 Sidon {Fish-City} [languishes] in shame, 😇. The tsunami roars [over her]. The powerhouse ocean [disowns her]. [She cries,][I can't die yet!] I've never endured labor pains, never had a baby, never reared children to manhood, never raised virgin-daughters.’
  572. IsaiYAH 23:11 YHVH, the kingdom-shaker, decrees a death-sentence against the merchant city. [YAH] stretches out his hand over the sea. [Storms] annihilate [Tyre's] strongholds.
  573. IsaiYAH 23:13 Look at the land of the Chaldean [Babylonians, overrun by] a previously non-existent population. The Assyrian [Emperor handed Babylon] to the wild beasts. [The Babylonians] set up [siege] towers. They raised up [amazing] palaces. Yet [war] brought [Babylon] to ruin.
    note: Bible translations, all claiming to be accurate, vary wildly on this verse.
  574. IsaiYAH 25:2 You turn [evil] cities into heaps. You ruin fortresses. [At one blast of your breath,] pagan citadels fall to nothing, never to be rebuilt.
  575. IsaiYAH 30:31 YHVH's shout smacks the success-worshippers to the ground, like a [cop beats criminals with] a club.
    note: Assyria = success.
  576. IsaiYAH 51:19 [YAH says,] “Your double-dose of [punishment] slams down on you. Does anyone feel sorry for you? Desolation, destruction, famine, the sword. Who's [willing] to comfort you? [No one but] me.”
  577. IsaiYAH 63:2 [YHVH], why are your robes so red, your clothes dyed crimson like a grape-treader's [pants]?
  578. JeremiYAH 1:15 Watch me summon all the dynasties of the kingdoms of the north,” warns YHVH. “Their [armies] invade [Israel. Foreign powers] set their throne[s] at Jerusalem's entrance-gates, 😇. They [erect siege works] against all [her] encircling walls. [Marauders] attack all Judea's cities.
    note: A long-fulfilled and ongoing prophecy.
  579. JeremiYAH 4:17 YHVH [shouts], [Attackers,] surround [Judea] like watchmen [guard] a field, because she keeps rebelling against me, 😇.”
  580. JeremiYAH 6:3 [Future nomad] shepherds bring their flocks [into your city]. [Sheep] munch [wild grass overgrowing her streets, 😇]. [Ranchers] pitch their tents everywhere. Random [shepherds] carve pastures [out of your high-priced real-estate].
  581. JeremiYAH 8:20 Harvest flees. Summer dies. We're doomed, 😇.
  582. JeremiYAH 9:11 [Atrocities compel me to] reduce Jerusalem [to] a heap [of ruins: a] den of jackals, 😇. [Crime] makes the cities of Judea desolate, without one inhabitant.’
  583. JeremiYAH 10:25 Pour out your fury on the beast-nations who [refuse to] acknowledge you. [Burn] the broods who [refuse to] call on your Name [YHVH]. For [pagans] eat [the lineage of] ‘Jacob’ [Israel]. They devour [us]. They consume [us]. They devastate [our] home[land].
  584. JeremiYAH 14:19 [YAH,] have you utterly rejected Judea? Does your soul detest [mount] Zion? Why do you keep fatally beating us [beyond cure]? We look for peace, but [we] find no good. [We await] the time of healing. Yet [we] see only terror!
  585. JeremiYAH 15:7 I keep winnowing [my people] in my thresher, from the [Israel's outlying] lands right up to their city [court] gates. They refuse to turn back from their [devastating] ways. [So] I [reluctantly] bereave them of children. I destroy my people.
  586. JeremiYAH 15:8 Their widows stack up to me, [higher] than the sands of the seas. [Under] noonday [sun], I bring the devastator down on the young [infidel's evil] mother. I hurl sudden destruction down on her. Her eyes fly open to terrors flurrying [upon her].
  587. JeremiYAH 17:3 I'm giving away as plunder my mount [Zion and its] surrounding fields, with all your [Jewish] estates and treasures, [along with] your high-occult-shrines. [I must punish] the criminal-guilt that runs-rampant throughout all your borders.
  588. JeremiYAH 19:3 Say, ‘Hear the word of YHVH, [you] kings of Judea, you denizens of Jerusalem. YHVH-commander-of-armies (Israel's Elohim) warns: ‘Watch me rain such calamity on this country that whoever hears [of it], his ears will tingle.
  589. JeremiYAH 21:14 I come to punish you. [You eat] the fruit of your [evil] actions,’ decrees YHVH. ‘I ravage a fire through [your] wildwood. It devours everything around [you].’”
  590. JeremiYAH 31:29 In the coming days, [Israeli-haters] stop joking, ‘The [Jews'] ancestors ate a sour grape [that continues to] blunt their descendants' teeth!’
  591. JeremiYAH 34:2 [YAH's angel] says, “YHVH (Israel's ELohim) says, ‘Go [to the palace bunker]. Speak to Judea's [phony] king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right}. Tell him, ‘YHVH decrees, “Watch me give this city into the hand of the Babylonian Emperor. He comes to burn it with fire!
  592. JeremiYAH 40:2 The captain of [Babylon's Imperial] guard summons JeremiYah. The [captain] says, “[Jeremiah,] YHVH your Elohim ordered [us Babylonians] to destroy [your] country.
  593. JeremiYAH 44:28 Yet, 😇, a small number [of fugitives] who escape the sword eventually return [north] from the land of Egypt into the land of Judea. Then the whole [dead] Judean remnant (who've emigrated to sojourn in the land of Egypt) come to know whose words stand: mine, or theirs.
  594. JeremiYAH 47:4 [YAH's] day of plunder comes to [ravage] all Philistines. [YAH] cuts off every last survivor, [leaving no one to] help Tyre {Rock-Port} and Sidon {Fish-City}. YHVH destroys the Palestinians, the last remaining colonists from [the wreath-shaped island of] Caphtor.
  595. JeremiYAH 47:6 [Jeremiah cries,] “Oh sword of YHVH, how long 'til you stop [slashing]? Put yourself back in your scabbard! Rest; be still.”
  596. JeremiYAH 47:7 [The destroying angel responds,] “How can [the sword] rest, seeing YHVH commands it to battle Ashkelon {Market-Town} all the way to the sea shore? YAH demands [this bloodbath].”
    note: Yet even when YAH wants people dead, he doesn't want his holy people killing them.
  597. JeremiYAH 48:44 He who flees the horror[s of war] falls into the pit. He who climbs up to escape the pit gets taken in [soldiers'] snare[s]. I bring upon Moab, the [dirty whore nation,] the year of her payback,” foretells YHVH.
  598. JeremiYAH 50:25 YHVH opens his armory. He hauls out the weapons of his fury. YHVH-Adonai-over-armies works [his wonders] in the land of the Chaldeans.
  599. JeremiYAH 50:27 [Persian soldiers] slay all [Babylon's] young ‘bulls.’ [Cyrus {Sun}] drives [Belshazzar's minions] down to the slaughter in terror! [Babylon's judgment] day comes, 😇. It's payback time.
  600. JeremiYAH 50:45 So, 😇, hear the war-plan YHVH is executing against Babylon. He's accomplishing his goal. He's punishing the Chaldean country. [Persian soldiers come to] drag away [Babylon's] littlest sheep-children, leaving their homeland shell-shocked.
  601. JeremiYAH 51:14 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies swears by himself to warn you, [Babylon]: “I soon fill you to the brim with [fighting] men [numerous] as a plague of locusts. They lift up a victory shout [as their feet stamp the air out of your bleeding chest(s).]
  602. JeremiYAH 51:41 Sheshach {Babel-city} (praised by the whole planet) comes to lie taken, destroyed! [Earth's] nations [eye] Babylon in stunned, jaw-gaping [shock]!
    note: Easton's Bible Dictionary (New and revised editions) indicate: Sheshach is equivalent to Babel (Babylon), according to a Hebrew cryptographic code (the Atbash decryption Cipher) used by Jews of unknown antiquity. This code consisted in substituting the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet for the first, the next to last one for the second, and so on. Thus the letters sh, sh, ch become b, b, l, i.e., Babel. The name ‘Sheshach’ does not appear on any map nor in any other documents beside Jeremiah. Here in Jer. 51:41, Sheshach and Babylon occur in parallel clauses. (See Streane's Jeremiah, l.c.) A similar instance of this code occurs in Jer. 51:1, where Leb Kamai is code for Chaldea.
  603. JeremiYAH 51:53 Even if Babylon could mount up to heaven, even if she could fortify her strength to the skies, yet from me, ravagers reach her, 😇,” warns YHVH.
  604. Lamentations 3:39 Why should any human drawing breath complain about [being] penalized for their villainy, 😇?
  605. Lamentations 4:6 The punishment [YAH inflicts] for the offenses committed by my countrymen is greater than the punishment [he inflicted for] the sin[s] of Sodom, 😇. [YAH] destroyed [Sodom] in a [nuclear] flash. No [pagan] hands tortured her [on and on].
  606. Lamentations 4:21 Rejoice, daughter-cities of [southland] Edom, dwelling in the land of Uz {Counsel}. Be glad that this cup [of destruction] has yet to pass through to you. [But soon] you [fall to] lie [in the dirt,] drunk [on your nation's blood]. [Soon] you strip yourself naked [when the Babylonians enslave you]!
  607. Lamentations 5:16 The crown falls from our head, 😇. [The consequences of] our errors [engulf] us in woe.
  608. Ezekiel 6:10 At last the [churchy-criminals] recognize that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-Creator}, and that I didn't speak empty [threats] when I warned that I'd rain this disaster on them.”
  609. Ezekiel 7:4 My eye never overlooks you [criminals]. I don't spare you [the results of your misdeeds]. I boomerang [the consequences of] your life-paths upon you. Your disgusting practices flood you [with disaster]. Then you grasp that I am YHVH {The-Omni-Temporal-Creator}.’”
  610. Ezekiel 9:1 Then [YAH] cries in my ears with a loud voice. He says, “The [spiritual] authorities [who rule over] this city draw near! Every ‘man’ [carries] his destroying weapon in his hand!”
    note: Angels are sometimes referred to as ‘men.’
  611. Ezekiel 9:5 And to the other [5 angels], I hear [YAH] say, “Follow the [scribe-angel] through the city. Smite [its infidels]. Don't let your eye spare [any sinner]. Take no pity [on any hypocrites]!
  612. Ezekiel 11:9 “I grab you out of the middle of your [pot]. I hand you into the fists of strangers. [I] execute judgments throughout your [populace].
  613. Ezekiel 11:21 But as for everyone whose heart walks in consent to [the hypocrites'] filthy abominations, I boomerang their habits upon their own heads,” warns Adonai YHVH.
  614. Ezekiel 14:15 “I [come soon to] allow evil beasts to pass through the land. They spoil it. These fury-faced animals leave it wrecked, 😇. No man can pass through [for years]!
  615. Ezekiel 14:16 Even if those 3 men [Noah, Daniel & Job] inhabited [this land],” Adonai YHVH says, “as I live, those [prophets] couldn't even rescue [their] sons or daughters, 😇. Only the [most righteous people] would rise to safety. The land would still lie desolate.
    note: 21st century Christian, your job is not to bring souls to live eternally with you in heaven. Your job is to warn them of their coming annihilation. A few might repent, but only through the holy Spirit's power, not through human effort.
  616. Ezekiel 14:17 [Swiftly] I bring a sword upon the [warmongering] country. I say, ‘Sword, [fly] through the land. Slice man and beast off the [earth].’
  617. Ezekiel 14:18 Even if those 3 men [Noah, Daniel, Job] dwelt in [your land],” Adonai YHVH warns, “as I live, they couldn't even save their sons or daughters. I would only airlift the [holy ones out of danger,] no one else.
  618. Ezekiel 14:20 Even if Noah, DaniEl and Job were in this [disgusting country],” Adonai YHVH warns, “as I live, they'd deliver not one [of their] son[s] nor daughter[s]. The [most] righteous [man alive] would rescue [his] own life-breath and [nothing else].”
  619. Ezekiel 16:27 So watch me stretch out my [celestial] hand on you [Jews]. I'm drying up your [welfare] dole. I'm handing your life-breath over to the whims of the [foes] who hate you, the Philistine tramps who [vomit] in shame when they see your criminal ways-of-life.
  620. Ezekiel 16:43 Look, [Israel. I'm your father.] I writhe in emotional-agony [watching] you commit all these [crimes]. I have to repay your ways upon your head, to get you to finally remember [how I've agonized over you since] your infancy,” warns Adonai YHVH. “Stop piling [pagan] lewdness on top of all your atrocities!
  621. Ezekiel 20:15 But I also lift up my hand [in a death-sentence] to those [first-generation émigrés] in the wilderness. [I vow] that I will never bring them into the land I awarded them, the glory of all lands, gushing milk and honey.
  622. Ezekiel 20:38 I purge the rebels from your [population, 😇]. I [eliminate] all my betrayers. I bring [all Hebrew refugees] back out of the countries [who held you captive]. But the [wicked hypocrites] never enter into the land of Israel. Then you realize that I am YHVH {the-Omnipotent-eternal-source-of-all-life}.
  623. Ezekiel 24:3 Quote the [following] metaphor to [my] rebel House. Say to them, ‘Adonai YHVH says, “Set a pot on the hearthstone. Light the [fire]. Then pour water into [the pot].
  624. Ezekiel 24:4 Gather pieces of [meat] into the [pot]. [Put in] every good piece [including] the thigh, and the shoulder. Fill the [pot] with the best bony [pieces].
  625. Ezekiel 26:6 [Soldiers] sword-slay [Tyre's] mainland daughter-cities. Finally [Tyre's survivors] realize that I am YHVH {the-only-omni-temporal-Being}.’
  626. Ezekiel 27:29 All [distant rowers] who handle oars, the mariners, and all the [nearby] sea-captains disembark from their ships. They stand upon the land, [gaping at your destroyed port-city].
  627. Ezekiel 28:10 By the hand of strangers, you [Tyrian royals] die the deaths of [people whose hearts have] never been trimmed [of evil]. For I've [irrevocably] sentenced [you to death],’” decrees Adonai YHVH.
  628. Ezekiel 28:18 You keep defiling your sanctuaries by your countless perversities, by the evil of your traffic. So I come to shoot out fire inside your [city]. It devours you. I reduce you to ashes upon the earth in the sight of everyone who sees you.
  629. Ezekiel 29:8 So Adonai YHVH says, “Watch me slash a sword on you. I come to cut off man and beast from your [land].
  630. Ezekiel 29:11 [When I'm done,] no human foot passes through [Egypt]. Not even the foot of [a] beast passes through it! It lies uninhabited for 40 years.
  631. Ezekiel 30:14 I waste Pathros {Upper-Egypt}. I set fire to Zoan {Eastern-Nile-Delta}. I execute [death] sentences in No {Thebes}.
    note: Moses brought town the 10 plagues at Zoan.
  632. Ezekiel 30:15 I pour my fury upon Sin, Egypt's stronghold [fortress]. I cut down the hordes of No {Thebes}.
    note: Sin is a now unidentified city-fort probably adjoining the Sinai desert.
  633. Ezekiel 30:19 Thus I execute my verdicts [to punish] Egypt. Finally the [pagans] see that I am YHVH {the-omni-temporal-power}.
  634. Ezekiel 32:3 Adonai YHVH warns, “So I come with a great throng of [warriors]. [They] spread out my net over you. They drag you up in my [crocodile] trap.
  635. Ezekiel 32:10 Yes, I make many people aghast at you. Their kings [come to shake] in horror, terrified for you, when I brandish my sword in their faces. They tremble non-stop. Every man [fears] for his own life on the day of your fall.”
  636. Ezekiel 32:14 I drain down [Egypt's] waters. I make the [pagans'] rivers run [sluggish and nasty] like oil,” warns Adonai YHVH.
  637. Ezekiel 33:28 I come to lay [your] land stunningly desolate. I eradicate her forceful arrogance. The mountains of Israel soon lie deserted. No one passes through.
  638. Ezekiel 35:4 [Watch] me lay your cities waste. When you're ruined, you realize that I am YHVH, [who creates your future].
  639. Ezekiel 35:7 Yes. I soon make Mount Seir {Rough} totally desolate, 😇. I cut off passage for everyone traveling in or out of [Mount Seir].
  640. Ezekiel 35:15 Just like you partied when you [stole] the inheritance of the house of Israel as they [lay] desolate, I [start a] party when I ruin you, [you infidels] of Mount Seir {Rough}, and all [southland] Edom. [I execute] your whole [gaggle of criminal warlords]. Then [the survivors] grasp that I am YHVH, [reality's omni-present Source].”
  641. Hosea 1:6 [In succeeding days, the floozy Gomer sleeps with who-knows-how-many guys, 😇. So] she gets pregnant again. She births a daughter. [YAH] says to [Hosea,] “Name the baby ‘Lo-Ruhamah {Untouchable}’. For I'm done fondling the house of Israel. I'm picking them up to carry them away [into exile].
    note: ‘Nasa Nasa’ is almost always translated (wrong) as ‘I will never forgive them.’ It should be obvious to any translator that YHVH continues even today to have compassion and forgiveness on the house of Israel. Untouchable is usually translated as ‘un-pitied.’
  642. Hosea 2:9 So [watch] me turn back and snatch away my corn at harvest time, and My wine at wine-pressing time, 😇. [Watch Me] recover my wool and my flax [which I long to drape over My nation] to cover her [shameful] nakedness.
    note: Idolatry brings famine.
  643. Hosea 7:12 [My people] soar off [to seek pagan alliances]. [So, 😇, watch] me spread my net over them. I bring them down like a swarm of sky-birds. I teach them [in the only way they can] hear: [through pain].
    note: Or, ‘punishing them as they were all warned they would be punished.’
  644. Jah-El 1:17 Seeds rot under clods [of dead clay]. [Soldiers] lay [our] granaries desolate. [Marauders] break down [our nation's] barns, 😇. [Locusts] spoil [our] underground hoards of grain.
  645. Jah-El 1:18 Listen to the animals groan, 😇! Herds of cattle [stagger,] perplexed, bereft of pasture. Flocks of sheep suffer, bled-pale [of life].
    note: Global sin provokes global pestilence, plague and drought. In that sense, climate change is real. Really, it's a climate curse.
  646. Jah-El 3:4 Tyre {Rock-Port}, Sidon {Fish-City}, coasts of Palestine, [you] sit safe, allied, satisfied. [But] the treatment you've given [My people] comes to swiftly boomerang back as payback on your head.
  647. Jah-El 3:8 Watch Me sell your sons and your daughters into the hand of the children of Judea. Then watch them sell your offspring to the far-away foreign nations of the [Arabian] Sabeans.” YHVH speaks [your future, perverts]!
  648. Amos 2:13 See [your future, hypocrites]: I crush you like an overloaded grain-cart crushes everything its [wheels] roll over!
  649. Amos 2:14 Like lightning, all hard [violent, impudent, loud, stiff-hearted people] fly away and die. Established, [obstinate, wealthy people] lose [their lives. Rich warmongers] lie dead beside their once-mighty warriors.
  650. Amos 8:8 The land trembles, [disturbed] by [commercial injustice]. All [earth's] dwellers mourn. They rise up in one piece like a flooding river. [Populations die,] cast out and extinguished, drowned, overthrown [in] a flash-flood [of] Egypt-like [sin].
    note: The worlds banker masters are today fighting to reduce earth's human population to .5Million, a 94% reduction.
  651. ObadiYAH 1:8 [The hot] Day [of fire reigns]! The Word of YHVH confuses & destroys the shrewd offspring of the Red-Man, the cunning cliff-dwellers on Esau's mountain.
  652. Jonah 4:7 But at dawn the next day [YHVH] Elohim sends voracious maggots to attack the castor-bean tree. So it dries up [into a shriveled mass of vegetable trash in the dust].
  653. MicaYah 2:10 Get up! Go, [evil ones]! You can’t stay and rest here! [The land] lies unclean, polluted [with your sin-poison]. [Your criminality] traps, tortures and destroys [everyone].
    note: BLM = Burn, Loot, Murder.
  654. MicaYah 5:14 [Watch] me pluck up your [pagan shrine] Easter-Steeples from your midst. I exterminate your cities of hate, 😇.
    note: YAH hates societies built on fighting aggression.
  655. Nahum 2:3 [See] soldier's shields [shine blood] red, 😇. Warriors [advance] clad [in] scarlet. Chariots [race to war]! Flaming torches blaze hot [like sunlight]. [See] pine spears lifted high [to stab]!
  656. Nahum 3:5 YHVH commands: “Armies, lift [the whore's] skirt [over her] face! Show [the] nations [her] nakedness! [Show earth's] kingdoms [her] shame, 😇!”
  657. Nahum 3:6 [The armies] pelt [the whore with dog] poop. [Soldiers] set [the] vile [whore up on a pedestal. She cries, an embarrassing] public spectacle.
  658. ZephaniYAH 1:10 [“Time's up!”] shouts YHVH. Noise! Crying [panic fills] the [low-rent] Fish-Gate! Howling [terror suffuses] the [city's affluent] second [Quarter]. [Hear] massive crashes [echo across Jerusalem's] hills, 😇.
  659. ZephaniYAH 1:15 [Redemption] Day [dawns, 😇]! The Day of fire-rage [for the evil world-system]! [The] day of trouble & distress; the day of wasting & desolation; the day of dark gloom; the day of clouds & thick blackness —
  660. ZephaniYAH 2:2 [Death] sentence[s] multiply! [Judgment] day invades. [The wicked] sweep [away like chaff] in the face of YHVH's fierce anger. The day approaches, 😇! YHVH's fire-rage comes!
  661. ZephaniYAH 2:13 [YAH's] fist stretches out. It pounds the [pagan countries] north [of Jerusalem. Judgment] destroys Assyria. [Their ancient capitol,] Nineveh {Mosul-Iraq}, burns down to a desolate dry wilderness, 😇.
  662. ZechariYAH 5:4 [The scroll reads: “Watch] me send out [humanity's flying death-sentence],” decrees YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies. [Watch the verdict] fly into the houses of criminals, and of anyone who swears falsely by my Name, 😇. [Watch the verdict] lodge in the middle of [the evildoers'] houses, consuming timber, stones, everything.”
  663. ZechariYAH 6:6 The black horses [in the sky] ride out into [Babylonia,] the land north [of Israel]. The white [horses] chase after the [black horses]. The dappled grey racing horses charge toward [Edom & Egypt,] the land[s] south [of Jerusalem].
    note: Some translators say the white horses are going ‘west.’ South is ‘Teman’ which is literally part of Edom. Black horses = death. White horses = reconstruction or restored government.
  664. ZechariYAH 11:6 I no longer pity the [evil] crawlers of this land,” warns YHVH. “Watch me deliver every [ruinous] human into the hands of his neighbor, then into the power-fist of the [oppressor] king who pounds the land to pieces. I refuse to rescue [unrepentant criminals] from the grip [of their oppressors].”
  665. Malachi 1:4 [The people of] Edom keep saying, “We're impoverished. But we're going back to rebuild our desolate [country].” YHVH-commander-of-armies says, “I will throw down whatever the Red-Man's clan builds. [In the end all people come to] call Edom, ‘The country of wickedness, the people against whom YHVH's anger endures through the ages.’
  666. Colossians 3:25 But, 😇, everyone who does wrong receives [punishment] for the injustice he commits. YAH never shows favoritism to any person.
  667. 2nd Peter 2:6 YHVH turned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes, 😇. He condemned them, overthrew them, made them an example to all [beings] who come to live wickedly.
  668. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 15:6 The 7 angels, clothed in pure and white linen, with gold belts around their chests, [fly] out of [heaven's] temple, 😇. They carry [earth's] 7 [final] plagues.
  669. Baruch 2:2 [Adonai] brought upon us great plagues, such as had never appeared under the whole heaven. The [calamities] that befell Jerusalem matched every [prophecy] written in the law of Moses;
  670. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:25 [The flame] passes through [the furnace openings] and burns every Chaldean it finds near the furnace.
  671. Genesis 6:7 YHVH says, “I'll destroy man, whom I created, from the face of the earth. I regret making them all: man, beast, creeping things, and sky-birds.”
    note: You have the right to destroy what you make.
  672. Genesis 7:24 The waters hold power over the land for 150 days, 😇.
  673. Genesis 18:21 Let's go down and experience the [atrocities for which victims] keep sending up cries [for revenge] to Me. I'm [about to] answer.”
    note: This is an example of a verse in which the commercial translators construct a nonsense sentence around the Hebrew words. Hebrew translation requires interpretation. Obviously YHVH knows exactly what he's going to do.
  674. Genesis 41:10 [A while back your father the] Pharaoh grew angry with your servants. So [he] threw me and [your] chief baker in prison, in the dungeon of the captain of the guard.
    note: Pharaoh Apepi had shared his rule with his father and grandfather.
  675. Exodus 17:14 YHVH says to Moses, “Write this in a record book. And tell the ears of JAHshua: I eventually completely blot out all memory of the spawn of Amalek {Blood-Licker} from under heaven.”
    note: This is the first time writing is commanded in the scriptures. Reading is a weak form of education. YHVH generally commands that his laws and histories be transmitted via audio/visual means. The Protestant church has lost its societal influence because churchlings focus on written words and sermons instead of stories, pictures, dances, movies, plays and songs.
  676. Exodus 33:4 [So Moses hikes down Bush Mountain, 😇. He gives] the people [YAH's] terrifying pronouncement, [that YHVH refuses to accompany them]. So they mourn. They [take off] all their [remaining] jewelry [and ornamental clothing].
  677. Numbers (Journeys) 14:17 So now, YHVH, I beg you, [show] your great power by the [surgically-precise] manner you [previously] described:
    note: YHVH's name was removed by the Sopherim.
  678. Deuteronomy 1:46 That's why you [had to] stay camping in Kadesh [the area cursed because of its history of male temple prostitution] as long as you did.
  679. Deuteronomy 2:23 [YHVH similarly used pagans to destroy] the Avim {Perverts} who occupied [the land] from Hazerim {Courtyards} [in Palestine] all the way to Azzah {Fort} [near Gaza]. The Caphtorim {Cretans} invaded [Palestine] from [the wreath-shaped island of] Caphtor {Crete}. The [Cretans] destroyed the Avim {Perverts}, then occupied their territory.)
    note: Caphtor is where the Philistines originated.
  680. Deuteronomy 29:24 All nations come to ask, “Why does YHVH [punish] this country? What draws the heat of [YAH's] great anger?”
  681. Deuteronomy 31:18 So, [as punishment] for all the evils the [Judeo-Christians] commit by turning to [non-Hebrew] gods [& leaders], I hide my presence.
    note: The more you sin, the less you feel YAH's presence.
  682. Deuteronomy 32:52 So you'll see the [Promised] land [sprawling out] before you. But you won't go into the land I'm giving the children of Israel.”
  683. Joshua 22:18 Must you turn away so soon from following YHVH? You'll see! Today you rebel against YHVH. Then tomorrow He'll explode against all the millions of Israel!
  684. Judges 2:20 So, 😇, YHVH's fury flames against Israel. YAH [shouts], “This nation treacherously [breaks] my covenant which I commanded their fathers. [Israel refuses to] listen to my voice!
  685. Judges 10:8 Starting that year, and for 18 years, the [the inbred Arabs] persecute and oppress the people of Israel who live on the far [East] side of [the] Jordan [river] in the land of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, in Gilead {Witness}.
  686. 1st Samuel 3:11 YHVH's [angel] says to SamuEl {Heard-By-El}, “Watch: I'll do an act in Israel which will tingle both [the left and right] ears of everyone who hears [about it]!
  687. 1st Samuel 5:7 The men of Ashdod finally realize that [YAH is crushing them]. So they cry, “The ark of the Elohim of Israel can't stay with us! [YAH's] fist is torturing us. [YAH] keeps smashing Dagon, our [Fish] god!”
  688. 2nd Samuel 6:7 So YHVH snorts fire-rage against Uzzah {Strong}. To [prevent Uzzah's example from] drawing [other people into underestimating the awesome paranormal nation-destroying power of the ark], Elohim immediately strikes Uzzah. So [Uzzah] dies there beside the ark of Elohim. [Uzzah falls dead. The thud of his body scatters grains across the threshing-floor.]
    note: A well-meaning act can be so wrong that it demands punishment to prevent copycat-errors. True "strength' comes not from your physical might but from obeying YAH.
  689. 1st Kings 2:36 Then the king dispatches [messengers]. They summon Shimei {Famous}. [Solomon] orders him, “You build a house [here] in Jerusalem. Stay here. Never travel outside [the city walls].
  690. 1st Kings 14:27 So king Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} replaces [Solomon's gold shields] with brass shields. [Rehoboam] commits the [shields] to the hands of the chief of the [royal] guard tasked with patrolling the gate to the royal palace.
  691. 1st Kings 15:8 AbiJam {Sea-Father} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [Royal pallbearers] bury AbiJam in the citadel of David {Love}. Then AbiJam's son Asa reigns in AbiJam's place.
  692. 2nd Kings 1:4 —Because of [this sin], YHVH decrees [to AzahiYah], ‘You won't come down from the bed you've mounted. You'll definitely die.’ So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} walks up [towards Samaria. He delivers YAH's message to the royal messengers.]
  693. 2nd Kings 13:3 So YHVH's anger flares up against [north] Israel. [YAH] hands them into the fists of Syria's king HazaEl {El's-Sight} and [HazaEl's evil prince] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity}. Year [after year the oppression grows worse].
  694. 2nd Kings 17:18 So YHVH gets furious with Israel. He removes them from his sight. He leaves only the tribe of Judah {Celebrated} [in the promised land]!
  695. 2nd Kings 17:20 So YHVH despises all the [evil] ‘seed-children’ of Israel. He afflicts them. He hands them into the fist[s] of plunderers, until he's cast them out of his sight.
  696. 2nd Kings 19:21 —This is the verdict YHVH decrees against [Sennacherib]: ‘The virgin, Zion's daughter, despises you. [Judea] laughs you to scorn. [My] daughter Jerusalem shakes her head [in derision] at you.
  697. 2nd Chronicles 22:7 Meanwhile, YAH chooses and sends Nimshi's brat, [captain] JAHu {JAH-Is-He}, to cut off the dynasty of Ahab. Through [king] AhaziYah's [relationship] with [king] JAHoram, [YAH arranges for JAHu] to destroy AhaziYah [as well].
  698. NehemiYAH 1:8 —I beg you to recall the word You commanded your servant Moses. You said: ‘If you [Israelites commit] treachery, I'll scatter you abroad among the nations.
  699. Job 5:4 When [the fool's] children [stray] far from safety, they get crushed in a gate [or in court]. No one [comes] to rescue them.
  700. Job 5:13 [Yah] catches the wise-guys in their own crafty [ploys]. [He] rolls the plans of twisted [people] headlong [down the cliffs into the raging sea].
  701. Job 12:23 [YAH] mushrooms the [populations of the] beast-nations. Then [he] destroys them. He spreads the beast-peoples [over the earth]. Then he herds them [into concentration camps].
  702. Job 14:16 But today you number my steps. [Like a hawk,] You watch my sins.
  703. Job 15:20 The wicked man travails [in pain] all his days. The tyrant hoards his numbered hours [in vain paranoia].
  704. Job 15:28 [Miscreants fall to] dwell in desolate cities, in abandoned houses—collapsing heaps [of rubble].
    note: Evil people capture cities and seize houses whose owners flee. But war will destroy those cities and houses.
  705. Job 18:6 Darkness [replaces] light in the [lives of wicked men like you]. [YAH] snuffs out [sinners'] ‘candle[s][in the grave].
  706. Job 18:7 [The villain's] strong stride shortens [to nothing]. His own schemes thrust him down [to death].
  707. Job 18:8 [The thief's] own feet hurl him into a net. He treads on a snare.
  708. Job 18:9 The trap seizes the [wicked man] by the heel. So robbers [hang] him.
  709. Job 18:12 His strength hunger-bitten, oppression [breaks] his ribs.
  710. Job 18:17 [The lawbreaker's] memory perishes from the earth. His name is never more [heard] on [any] street [in the world].
  711. Job 18:18 [Demons] drive the [sinner] from light into darkness. [Righteous men] chase him out of the [world].
  712. Job 18:20 [From the East to the West,] dread dawns on the [offender's] younger [relatives]. Panic seizes his elders.
  713. Job 22:10 So [now] snares surround you. Sudden terror grips your [heart].
  714. Job 22:11 Darkness kills your vision. Flood-waters [of punishment] bury you.
  715. Job 22:16 [You criminals] get arrested. [YAH] cuts you out of the [universe's] timeline. [Your] foundations [of greed] wash away in floods [of truth].
  716. Job 24:21 [Death eventually devours the miscreant] who preys on infertile, childless [women], and who abuses widows.
  717. Job 27:9 Will El {God} listen to the [hypocrite] crying when distress descends to [press him flat]?
  718. Job 27:18 [Wicked man] builds his house like a moth, like a [garden] keeper makes a [temporary] booth [to sleep in].
  719. Job 31:2 For what does Elohim above pay out to wicked [beings]? Destruction, right?
  720. Job 34:11 [YAH] pays back every man exactly what his work deserves. Every man finds the [reward that lies at the end of] his chosen life-path.
  721. Job 35:12 [Below our soaring wings, sinners] cry. But [YAH] gives [sinners] no answer. [He abhors] their evil arrogant faces.
  722. Job 36:10 [Punishment] opens the [sinner's] ear to discipline. [Pain] warns the [villain] to turn from evil.
  723. Job 36:15 [ELohim] strips and humbles [the criminal] through misery. [YAH] uses oppression to open the [tyrant's stuffed-up] ears.
    note: Sometimes.
  724. Job 38:15 [Do you] withhold life-light from history's infidels? When [tyrants] lift their [fists to smash the earth, are] you the [power] who breaks their arms?
    note: Implying that the wicked hide from the light.
  725. Psalms 5:10 [Judge my enemies] guilty, Elohim. Let them fall in their own schemes. Cast them out [because of] their endless offenses. Quash their constant rebellions against you.
  726. Psalms 6:1 [Please] YHVH, don't convict me in your anger. Never whip me in your fire-fury.
  727. Psalms 28:4 Give the [traitors] all the payback their wicked deeds deserve. Repay them for their schemes they wreak with [their evil] hands. Boomerang [their violence on their heads]!
  728. Psalms 36:12 Hurl the workers of evil [into the abyss]. Push them [down so hard that] they can never get up again.
  729. Psalms 38:2 Your arrows stick fast in me. Your hand smashes me ['til my blood spurts out like grape juice].
  730. Psalms 44:9 So [why] do you cast us off, [YHVH]? [You] put us to shame! You refuse to march out [before our] hordes [of praise-teams].
  731. Psalms 44:14 You make us a cautionary-tale among the beast-nations. The people [of the world] shake their heads at our [shame].
  732. Psalms 68:1 Elohim, arise! Scatter your enemies! [Make] everyone who hates you flee from your [fire-breathing] face!
  733. Psalms 69:25 Devastate the [tyrants'] domiciles. Forever strip all life from their [haunted] homes.
  734. Psalms 78:31 The fire-rage of Elohim falls upon us, 😇. It slaughters our greasy gluttons. It strikes down Israel's [studly young] bucks.
  735. Psalms 78:45 [We forget] how [YAH] sends swarms of flies to devour [heathens] in their [luxurious homes], how [YAH's] frogs rotted [Egypt].
  736. Psalms 78:50 [YAH] rolls out a beaten [highway] for his fire-spitting inferno, 😇. He lets loose his death [angel] over every panting [piece of] pagan-flesh. [YAH] surrenders the [liars'] lives to pestilence.
  737. Psalms 78:51 [YAH] strikes every firstborn [child] in Egypt, stripping [northeast Africa's] homes of the most brawny, lusty sons of [Noah's perverted brat]: Ham {Hot-Head}.
  738. Psalms 78:60 So [YAH] abandons the sanctuary at Shiloh {Tranquil}. He [tears apart] the meeting-tent he placed [to serve us] humans.
  739. Psalms 79:5 How long will your zeal burn like fire, YHVH? Will you fume [in rage] for ever?
  740. Psalms 79:12 Seven times, boomerang into our [evil] neighbors' chests the naked disgrace they've [inflicted] on you, YHVH.
    note: YHVH, not ‘Adonai’.
  741. Psalms 83:17 [Bleed] the [satan-nations] pale, in terrors [so torturous] they vanish forever. Make them perish in disgrace.
    note: That's exactly what happens in 2 Chr. 20.
  742. Psalms 85:5 Are you going to snort [destruction] at us forever? Are you going to draw-out your fire-rage generation after generation?
  743. Psalms 88:16 Your laser-rage slices over me. Your terrors devour me.
  744. Psalms 89:43 You blunt the edge of [David's] sword. You [refuse] to raise him up in battle.
  745. Psalms 89:44 You've blackened [David's] brightness. You've toppled his throne down to the ground.
  746. Psalms 89:46 YHVH, how long will you hide yourself? Will the [raging] inferno of your fire-fury consume [us] forever?
  747. Psalms 104:35 [😇, pray that YAH] burns [all unrepentant] sinners off the earth, [and that he] permanently deletes [all] wicked [beings] from existence. Kneel [to] YHVH, breathing-creature[s]. [Make wild, shiny, loud, embarrassing, yet clear] shows [of praise to] YAH!
    note: HalleluYAH.
  748. Psalms 106:40 [So] YHVH's fire-rage flares up [hot] against his [corrupted] people. [YAH] abhors his [fallen] ‘heritage-family.’
  749. Psalms 119:119 Eradicate earth's lawless [criminals] like [the] slag-trash [they are]. [But keep me around because] I love every word that comes out of your [mouth].
  750. Psalms 135:9 [YAH] sends signs and wonders into the midst of you, [wicked] Egypt: [plagues] on Pharaoh, and on all his servants.
    note: So we should make people's mouths drop open at the wild, clear enthusiasm of our praise.
  751. Psalms 135:11 [YAH destroyed] Sihon king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, and [fat giant] Og, king of Bashan {Fruitful}, and all the kingdoms of Canaan {LowLand}.
  752. Psalms 140:11 Don't let any slanderer establish [his dominion] on the earth. [Send] evil [to] hunt and overthrow [every] violent man.
  753. Proverbs 6:15 So [the scoundrel's] calamity comes suddenly, 😇. [In the blink of an eye, YAH] incurably breaks the [jerk].
  754. Proverbs 14:19 Evil [people eventually] bow before loving [people, 😇]. Criminals eventually [lie] prostrate, [licking dust] at the gates of do-gooders.
  755. Proverbs 14:35 The king's favor [turns] toward a wise servant, 😇. Royal fire rages against [all] purveyors of shame.
  756. IsaiYAH 1:8 [Jerusalem,] Zion's daughter lies abandoned like a cottage in a vineyard, a hut in a garden of cucumbers, like a city under siege.
  757. IsaiYAH 1:24 Adonai YHVH, commander-of-all-angel-armies, the Mighty One of Israel, declares, “Ah! [Finally, I get sweet] revenge [on my] adversaries, 😇! Punishment [for my] enemies!”
  758. IsaiYAH 1:25 [YHVH's] hand [takes violent] action, 😇. He perfectly cleanses [humanity's] dross. He removes [our] base ‘metals.’
  759. IsaiYAH 3:2 [See YAH exterminate Judea's] heroes, warriors, judges and prophets, soothsayers and elder [statesmen], 😇.
  760. IsaiYAH 3:3 50-man [squadron] captains, [handsome]-faced nobles, advisors, skilled-craftsmen, and eloquent enchanters, [all die in the coming rage, 😇].
  761. IsaiYAH 3:4 I, [YAH], come to gift leadership to [the idolaters'] children. Babies [grow to] rule over [Judea].
  762. IsaiYAH 15:1 [Time passes, 😇. Then YAH gives me (Isaiah)] the [following prophetic] “burden”, [a vision of the future of] Moab: In [one] night [YAH] lays waste to [the city of] Ar {Watchpost} in Moab. [Assyria] brings [Ar's raucous rage] to silence. That [same] night, [YAH] lays waste to Kir {Fortress} in Moab. [War] silences [the city's sin].
  763. IsaiYAH 15:9 The waters of Dimon [reek], full of [dead men's] blood. Yet I [YHVH] bring more [punishment] upon Dimon. Lions [pounce] on everyone who escapes from Moab, and upon the remnant [survivors] in their land.
  764. IsaiYAH 18:1 Woe [darkens] the [African] land shadowed by [whirring] ‘wings’. [Boats cease to] traverse the rivers of Cush {Ethiopia}.
    note: Ethiopia = Cush. Wings may refer to cicadas, mosquitos, flies, winged-boats, or rushing armies. Ethiopia (home to around 100 million people) is a big deal in world history.
  765. IsaiYAH 23:2 [War] silences all life on the coast [of Tyre, 😇. No more] will [Rock-Port] enrich the seafaring merchants of Sidon {Fish-City}.
  766. IsaiYAH 23:7 Can this [rocky wreck] be the joy-jumping city of Tyre, founded in antiquity, who [sent her] settlers' feet across the sea to [establish] colonies?
  767. IsaiYAH 26:20 [Your lifetime is like the first Passover, 😇.] Go home, my people. Get inside. Lock your doors! Hide until YHVH's fury [against your enemies] passes.
  768. IsaiYAH 29:2 [YAH speaks your future:] “I come to distress Ariel {Lion-Of-El} with heaviness and sorrow. I [attack it as] El the Lion [power].
  769. IsaiYAH 31:9 YHVH predicts, [The war-mongers' high] rock-fortress falls over, shaken-by-fear. [The attacking captains] quake in terror of [heaven's] ‘flag.’ [The marauders realize] that [my crematorial] fire [burns beneath Mount] Zion. [My testing] furnace [lies] in Jerusalem.”
  770. IsaiYAH 33:10 Finally [war serves its terrifying purpose]. Then YAH says, “I'm rising up. It's [time to] tower over [earth's puny tyrants].
  771. JeremiYAH 4:6 Raise a signal [flare] toward [mount] Zion. Run [for safety, 😇]! Don't wait! I bring [attackers] from the north[lands]. [They come to wreak] great destruction.
  772. JeremiYAH 4:27 YHVH decrees, ‘The whole land comes to lie desolate, 😇. (But I won't [yet] completely destroy the earth.)
  773. JeremiYAH 5:9 😇, why should I hold back from punishing these crimes?”, asks YHVH. “How can I breathe until I avenge such a beastly-nation?
  774. JeremiYAH 6:1 [YAH warns,] “Gather your [families,] you brats from [the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. Flee from the bowels of Jerusalem. Blow the trumpet in Tekoa {Trumpet-Town}. Set up a fire-signal in Beth-Haccerem {Vineyard-House}. For disaster threatens from the north. Great destruction [looms, 😇]!
  775. JeremiYAH 7:15 I come to cast you [false 'believers'] out of my sight, like I hurled out all your brothers, including all the seed-children of [ancient Patriarch] Ephraim {Double-Fruit}.’
  776. JeremiYAH 8:14 [So] why do we sit still [while attackers race toward us, 😇]? Let's race together into [our] fortified cities. Let's [sit] in hushed [repentance]. Or YHVH our Elohim [may] astonish us [with his severe punishment]. YHVH will give us a drink of [our own] poison if we keep sinning against him.
  777. JeremiYAH 11:14 So stop praying for these [jerks, Jeremiah]. Raise no more shouts of praise-warfare for them. I [turn my] ear away on the day they cry. [I ignore their begging me to lift] them from their [self-inflicted] trouble.
    note: As the Messiah confirms, there is no forgiveness for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
  778. JeremiYAH 15:13 [Judea,] I'm handing your estates and your treasures as priceless plunder [to your invaders]. For wrong permeates all your borders.
  779. JeremiYAH 22:8 Soon many nations pass by this city. Every man [cries] to his neighbor, ‘Why did YHVH [smash] this great metropolis!?’
  780. JeremiYAH 24:9 I scatter those [Judeo-Christian destroyers]. I hurl them into all the kingdoms of the world to be damaged, to become cautionary tales-of woe. [They die as] taunt[ed] curse[d outcasts] everywhere I drive them.
  781. JeremiYAH 24:10 I send the sword, the famine, and the plague among the [liars], till they lie [finished,] consumed off the land I gave to them and their forefathers.”
  782. JeremiYAH 25:12 YHVH continues, [You Israelites come to] pass 70 years in slavery. But in time I punish the Babylonian Emperor and his nation for their evil. [I strike] the land of the Chaldeans. I make it a perpetual desolation.
    note: The 70 year periods mentioned in v. 11 and 12 are not necessary synonymous.
  783. JeremiYAH 25:13 I soon bring upon [Babylonian] territory all the verdicts I've pronounced against it, including every [disaster] written [of] in this book, which JeremiYah {YAH-Rises} has prophesied against all the nations.
  784. JeremiYAH 25:19 [From Judea, this desolation spreads out to consume:] Pharaoh king of Egypt, and his servants, and his leaders, and all his people;
  785. JeremiYAH 25:21 [This destruction consumes] Edom, and Moab, and the [inbred] spawn of Ammon;
  786. JeremiYAH 25:24 [Calamity storms] all the kings of Arabia, and all the kings of the miscellaneous [foreigners] tenting in [Middle-Eastern] wilderness[es];
  787. JeremiYAH 25:26 [Cataclysm wracks] all the kings of the north, far and near, one with another, 😇. Ultimately [tragedy smashes] all world-kingdoms upon the face of [earth's] soil. Then, after them, the king of Sheshach {Babylon} drinks [his doom].
  788. JeremiYAH 25:28 If the [nations] refuse to take the cup from your hand to drink, then you say to them, ‘YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies warns, ‘You will drink [the cup of my] fury — guaranteed!’
  789. JeremiYAH 25:31 [YAH's] battle-tumult floods all the way to the ends of the earth. YHVH prosecutes his case against all beast-nations. He judges all flesh. He gives [every] wicked [being] to the sword.” YHVH speaks [your future, 😇].
  790. JeremiYAH 48:45 “Refugees flee to stand helpless [and exhausted] under the shadow of Heshbon [Intelligence-City]. From [there] a fire rushes forth. A flame jets [from the middle] of Sihon {Tornado}. It devours Moab from side to side. [The blast melts] the crowned-heads of [Moab's] noisy braggarts.
    note: lit. sons of tumult
  791. JeremiYAH 49:25 How deserted lies the applauded metropolis, the city that [used to] brighten me up [with joy].
  792. JeremiYAH 50:26 [YAH orders the destroyers:] “Attack Babylon from [every] border. [Break] open her storehouses. Pile her [buildings] into heaps. Ban [Babylon from life]. Leave no [Babylonian in power].”
    note: Not an order for believers to do violence.
  793. JeremiYAH 50:35 YHVH predicts, [My] sword [falls] upon the Chaldeans, upon [all] who domicile in Babylon, upon her princes, and on her sages, 😇.
  794. JeremiYAH 50:37 [My] sword falls on [Babylon's] war-horses, and on their chariots, and on the whole melting-pot population packed into her. Her [warriors scream] like women. The sword[s] of [Persian] robber [soldiers swipe down] to steal [Babylon's] treasures.
  795. JeremiYAH 50:40 YHVH warns, “As Elohim overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah and their neighbor cities, so no man lives in [Babylon]. No ‘son of Adam’ [travels back to] dwell there.
  796. JeremiYAH 51:62 Then pray, ‘YHVH, you've promised to destroy this place until no human remains in it, neither man nor animal, and that it will stay desolate forever.’
  797. Lamentations 1:13 From above, [YAH] shoots fire into my bones. [Flames] conquer [me], 😇. [YAH] spreads a net for my feet. He pushes me back. He leaves me desolate, [wallowing] in misery all day long.
  798. Lamentations 2:1 YHVH's fire-breathing furor has drowned Zion's daughter [Jerusalem] in a dark cloud, 😇. [YAH] dashed the beauty of Israel down from heaven [to the dust]. In his day of [hurricane] fury, [YAH] abandoned His [Temple, his royal] “footstool.”
  799. Lamentations 2:4 [YAH] bends his bow like an enemy, 😇. He stands with his right hand [clenched] as [our] adversary. [He] executes everyone [our] eyes prize in the ‘tent’ of Zion's daughter-city, [Jerusalem]. [YAH] pours out his fury like fire.
  800. Lamentations 3:5 [YAH] built [siege-works] against me, 😇. He surrounds me with bitter-gall and hardship.
  801. Lamentations 3:7 [YAH] hedges me all around, so I can't get out, 😇. He weighs down my chain. [I lie pinned, motionless in the mud.]
  802. Lamentations 3:43 You, [YAH,] cover [us violaters] with fire-breathing [rage]. You chase us down. You kill us [by the thousands,] without looking back.
  803. Ezekiel 7:2 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam’, [I] Adonai YHVH proclaim to the land of Israel, ‘The end has come! [Israel's domination] of the four corners of the [Promised] Land is over.
  804. Ezekiel 7:5 Adonai YHVH warns, “Look, 😇! An ruinous, unprecedented disaster comes…
  805. Ezekiel 7:10 Behold the day [of disaster, 😇]! Watch out! It's here! Its dawn rages forth! The rod [of punishment] blossoms. [Your human] pride climaxes.
  806. Ezekiel 9:7 [Elohim shouts] to [the angelic executioners], “Defile the temple! Fill [its] courts with the [wicked] slain. Go on!” So the [soldier-angels stomp] out [of Jerusalem's temple]. They murder [villains] in the city.
  807. Ezekiel 9:8 Later, as the [angels continue to] slay [Jerusalem's evil people], I [Ezekiel] stand alone [in the temple]. I fall upon my face, crying, pleading, “Oh, Adonai YHVH! Will you destroy all the rest of Israel [after] you pour out your fury upon Jerusalem?”
  808. Ezekiel 11:10 You come to fall by [enemy] sword. When I judge your [survivors] at Israel's border [detention camps], you finally realize that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-Creator}.
  809. Ezekiel 11:11 This city isn't your cauldron-fortress. And you [bigwigs] aren't meat safe inside. I [come to] punish you [evil leaders] throughout Israel's territory.
  810. Ezekiel 14:14 Even if these 3 mortals: Noah {Rest}, DaniEl {El-Judges}, and Job {Persecuted} lived in [this land], they could [only] snatch their own souls out [of the fire] by their [own] righteousness,” laments Adonai YHVH.
    note: World society has grown so evil that we evangelists cannot reasonably expect to bring another soul to heaven with us.
  811. Ezekiel 20:23 So, [there] in the desert, I lift up my hand [in solemn warning] to [Israel's 2nd generation émigrés], 😇. [I promise] to scatter them among the beast-nations, to disperse them throughout [earth's] countries.
  812. Ezekiel 20:33 As I live,’ decrees Adonai YHVH, ‘I rule absolutely over you [rebels]. I come to dump out my fury [on you]. My mighty fist [swings with my] outstretched arm!
  813. Ezekiel 20:47 Announce to the southern [human] wildwoods, ‘Hear the word of YHVH: Adonai YHVH says, “Watch me kindle a fire in you. It devours every green tree and every dry tree in you. The flaming wildfire can't be quenched. It burns all [your impudent] faces, from the south to the north.
  814. Ezekiel 23:10 The [pagans] uncover [my daughter's] nakedness, 😇. They kidnap her sons and her daughters. [They] murder her with the sword. The punishment [her bad lovers] inflict on her [makes her] stand out in the [tragic] history of [bad] women.
  815. Ezekiel 24:25 So, ‘son of Adam’, I [come soon to] take away [Judea's] strength, their crowning joy, the delight of their eyes, the thing[s] they live and breathe for, [including] their sons and their daughters.
  816. Ezekiel 24:26 [See your future, Ezekiel:] On the day [Jerusalem falls], a [man] escapes. He flees to you. He speaks [Judea's tragic] news in your ears.
  817. Ezekiel 25:5 I turn Rabbah {Plenty} city into a stable for camels. [Eastern armies trample you] Ammon-spawn [down into] pasture for flocks. Then you grasp that I am YHVH {The-Future-Speaker}.”
  818. Ezekiel 25:13 So Adonai YHVH warns, “I come to stretch out my hand over Edom. I cut man and beast off of [Esau's rocky soil]. I ruin [the savages]. From Teman {Southland} to Dedan, [warlords] fall by the sword.
  819. Ezekiel 25:16 So Adonai YHVH warns, “Watch me stretch out my hand over the Philistines. [See] me cut the Kerethite {Executioners} off [the planet]. I destroy every [last] remnant of their seaport [city].
  820. Ezekiel 27:31 [Your commercial partners] shave themselves totally bald [in mourning] for you, [Tyre]. They wrap [their bodies] in sackcloth. They weep for you with bitter heart and ear-ripping lamentation.
  821. Ezekiel 27:35 All the inhabitants of the isles [fall to their knees,] stunned by your [destruction]. [Earth's] kings tremble in terror, faces [twisted] in distress.
  822. Ezekiel 27:36 The merchants of the nations gasp at [the thought of] your [demise]. Your [mention] inspires terror. [You symbolize all wicked cities who] cease to exist.’’”
  823. Ezekiel 28:22 Say, ‘Adonai YHVH says, “Look [out,] Sidon {Fish-City}! [I'm smashing down] heavy on your center [of power].’ After I execute my verdicts in [Sidon], its [survivors] come to acknowledge that I am YHVH {The-Omnitemporal-Sovereign}, the sacred [source of all life].
  824. Ezekiel 29:4 [Surprise!] I come to put hooks in your jaws. I make the fish of your rivers stick to your scaly-skin. I drag you up out of the middle of your rivers, with all the river-fish stuck to your alligator-scales.
  825. Ezekiel 29:10 So watch me fight you and your river [god]. I come to smash the land of Egypt to bone-dry dust, from Migdol {Tower} to Syene {Seven} all the way to the border of Cush {Ethiopia}.
  826. Ezekiel 29:12 I make the land of Egypt [the most] desolate among ruined countries. Her cities chopped, towns laid waste, she lies destroyed for 40 years. Meanwhile I scatter the Egyptians among the beast-nations. I disperse them through [earth's] countries.”
  827. Ezekiel 30:5 Cush {Ethiopia}, Libya {Dry-Land}, Lydia {Persia}, the Arabs, and the people of their allied countries fall by the sword alongside [Egypt].’
  828. Ezekiel 30:6 YHVH warns: “Egypt's supporters all fall. The pride of her power crashes down. From Migdol {Tower} to Syene {Seven} the inhabitants [of Egypt] fall by the sword," promises Adonai YHVH.
  829. Ezekiel 30:16 I set fire to Egypt, 😇. Sin {Desert-Fort} suffers great pain. [Soldiers] tear No {Thebes} apart. Noph {Memphis} weathers distresses day after day.
  830. Ezekiel 30:23 I scatter the [villainous] Egyptians among the beast-nations. I disperse them through [earth's open] countries.
  831. Ezekiel 30:26 [Watch] Me scatter the Egyptians among the beast-nations, 😇. I come to disperse them among [earth's open] countries. Finally they see that I am YHVH {The-Source-Of-All-Reality}.”
  832. Ezekiel 31:11 So I [YHVH swoop down] to deliver you into the fist of the mightiest of all beast-nations. [Babylon] comes to deal you [the punishment you deserve]. I'm driving you out of [power] because of your villainy.’
  833. Ezekiel 32:11 For Adonai YHVH warns, “The sword of the Babylonian Emperor comes [crashing] upon you.
  834. Ezekiel 32:13 I destroy all [Egypt's] beasts by a [flood] of [north Africa's] overpowering waters. The foot of Adam stops troubling the [Nile]. [When I'm done,] not even a beast's hoof agitates [Egypt's] waters.
  835. Ezekiel 32:15 “I throw desolation on the land of Egypt. The country comes to lie stripped of all its previous abundance. I strike all its inhabitants. Then they grasp that I am YHVH {The-Omni-temporal-Creator}.
  836. Ezekiel 35:3 Tell its [inhabitants], “Adonai YHVH decrees, ‘Watch [out,] you [roughnecks] of Mount Seir {Rough}. I'm stretching out my hand against you. I [come to] make you stunningly desolate.
  837. Daniel 9:14 So, [friends,] YHVH keeps [alertly] watching [us wreak] destruction. Then he brings [the consequences of our evil] upon us. YHVH our Elohim is righteous in every action he executes: for we fail to [listen &] obey his voice.
    note: A good parent lets his son feel the consequences of the son's own evil actions. A bad parent shelters a child from reaping what he sows. All of the problems of the human race are summarized in that simple parental principle.
  838. Daniel 11:19 Then [Antiochus 3] turns his face toward [his] stronghold, his own land [of northern Greece / Syria]. But [Antiochus] stumbles. [Defeated by Scipio at Magnesia, Antiochus limps back north to Syria.] There [Antiochus 3] falls, never to be seen again.
  839. Hosea 1:5 —We're speeding to the day when I chop [north] Israel's bows [and arrows] into kindling in the valley of JezreEl {El-Plants}.’
    note: NLT: I will put an end to Israel's independence by breaking its military power in the Jezreel Valley.
  840. Hosea 3:4 [This, 😇, symbolizes how, like a lost wild-wife,] the descendants of Israel come to weather a long time without a king, without a prince, without food [for communal & charitable feasts], without a [national] monument, without the [high-priest's miracle-making] ephod-vest, and without a healer.
  841. Hosea 6:11 And Judea, your [slash&burn] harvest-day is set. [Watch] me turn you, ‘my people,’ back into exiled [slaves].”
    note: 7105 qatsiyr kaw-tseer' from 7114; severed, i.e. harvest 7114 qatsar: to dock off
  842. Hosea 8:3 Israel casts off [YHVH] the Gracious One. [So] the enemy pursues [Israel to the death].
    note: Gracious One = (all that is) good = kindness = valuable or priceless = Treasure.
  843. Hosea 10:8 [Soldiers] destroy the high shrines of [lawless] vanity, the sin [centers] of Israel. Thorn and thistle-weed mount [up, overshadowing north Israel's church] altars. The [wicked people] shout, ‘Mountains, cover us! Hills, fall on us!’
    note: Aven = vanity.
  844. Hosea 10:11 [The tribe of] Efraim {Double-Fruit} is [like a] trained heifer accustomed to treading out the grain—[an easy job that she loves, 😇]. But I'm passing [a big bad bull's yoke] over her pretty neck. I'm driving Ephraim {North-Israel} [in front of the plow]. Judea, [get] plowing! [Descendants of] Jacob, break up [that hard] ground! [Your days of ease are gone!]
  845. Hosea 12:14 Yet Ephraim {North-Israel} [keeps on] severely, bitterly, provoking [YHVH] to anger, 😇. So YHVH leaves [their blood-guilt] upon [them]. Adonai pays back [the rogues'] contempt.
    note: What makes YAH mad? See 1Ki 25, 2Ki 17, Deut 28:37.
  846. Jah-El 3:7 Watch Me raise My people from the slave-dens to where you sell them. I [throw you pedo-peddlers into slavery] as payback upon your own head.
  847. Amos 1:2 [Amos] warns [of Israel's dark future]: “YHVH roars from [shining mount] Zion! He thunders his voice from Jerusalem. The shepherds' oases mourn. The summit of [mount] Carmel {Fruiting-Garden} dries bare.
    note: The people below Mount Carmel depend on its snow-water and crops/grass. So the mountain drying up is a bad thing.
  848. Amos 1:4 [Watch] me send fire into the house of [Syria's evil king] HazaEl {El's-Sight}. [See] flames devour the palaces [and citadels] of [HazaEl's brat-prince] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity}.”
    note: HazaEl = the [all] seeing God, i.e. the sun-god.
  849. Amos 1:7 [Watch] me send fire on the walls of Gaza {Strength}. Flames soon devour her citadels.”
  850. Amos 1:10 [Watch me] send fire on the walls of Tyre {Rock-Port}, 😇. Flames devour her palaces & citadels.
  851. Amos 1:12 [Watch] me rain fire on [Edom's capitol city:] Teman {South-wind}. [Watch my] flames devour [Edom's] palaces & citadels in Bozrah {Fort}. [I'm giving the South-land back to its rightful owners: peaceful sheep.]
  852. Amos 1:14 [Watch] me kindle a ravaging fire in the wall of Rabbah {Bounty-Town}, [the Ammon-spawn's capitol city, 😇]. [See flames] devour her fortresses. [Hear soldiers] shout in the day of battle! [See] tempest [rule] the day of the whirlwind!
  853. Amos 2:2 [Watch] me send fire upon Moab, 😇! The inferno devours the palaces [and citadels] of Keriot {City-Buildings}. Moab dies amid tumult, shouting and trumpet blasts.
    note: Judas, the Messiah's betrayer, hailed from Keriot.
  854. Amos 2:10 I'm making you [Israeli impostors] trudge into the wilderness, [like when] I brought your [ancestors] up from the land of Egypt, like [when] your [fore-fathers] wandered for 40 years [in order] to possess the land of the big-bad Amorite {Mountaineers}.”
  855. Amos 2:16 [Watch] the most courageous-hearted among the mighty [masterful men of your war-state] flee away naked on [My] hot-day [of punishment, 😇],” warns YHVH.
  856. Amos 3:11 So Adonai YHVH pronounces [his sentence], [See your future, fallen Israel:] your adversary encircles the [promised] land. Your foe strips down your strength. [Pagans] plunder your citadels.”
  857. Amos 5:17 [All your evil society's] vineyards come to fill with wailing. [Divine judgment] overruns and devours you [frauds]," predicts YHVH.
  858. Amos 6:3 [All your borrowing and lying and squeezing out the pennies of the poor] merely postpones the evil day [of invasion]. The reign of violence approaches.
    note: The Assyrian Empire is soon to invade.
  859. Amos 6:14 YHVH Elohim-over-armies decrees, “House of Israel, watch me raise up against you a beast-nation. They crush you [throughout your land]. [Destruction rages] from [your northern] walled pass [at Hamath] to [your southern Jordan river] watercourse [at the gorge of] the Arabah {Desert-Plain}, [the sterile desert wilderness that leads to the Red Sea].”
  860. Amos 7:2 At last the locusts [in the vision] finish devouring the last grass of the land. So I beg, ‘My Adonai YHVH, forgive, please! Who will lift up little Jacob?’
  861. Amos 7:9 I [YHVH] rise above Jeroboam's [evil] dynasty. [I swing down My] sword. It desolates the high [pagan prostitution shrines] of Isaac's [brats]. [My avenging minions] waste the [corrupt] sanctuaries of Israel. Their [cathedrals come to] lie [deserted].”
    note: Jeroboam means: ‘(The) people will fight.’ Naming a child with such fighting words indicates a lack of faith, and a war-culture mindset.
  862. Amos 7:11 —Amos [slanderously] predicts, ‘[Our king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} soon dies by the sword! [Invaders] come to lead Israel away as slaves, booted from their own land.’”
  863. Amos 8:2 YAH asks me, “Amos, what do you see?” I reply, “A crate of ripe fruit.” YHVH says to me, “See the future of [my people who are ripe for punishment]! Extreme [destruction] comes for my [rogue] nation Israel. Watch me refuse to save the [jerks].”
    note: ‘I will not delay their punishment again.’
  864. Amos 8:3 YHVH foretells, “Foresee the day when [evil ‘believers’] howl [praise] songs in the temple [in a vain attempt to get Me to stop their attackers]. See the silent [city filled with thousands of] dead bodies flung everywhere, [cast in mass graves in dreadful silence].”
  865. Amos 8:9 Adonai YHVH warns, “See the future, 😇! On [your judgment] day, watch me drop the sun down at noon! Watch me darken the earth during the clear bright heat:
  866. ObadiYAH 1:6 [Invaders] ransack Esau's [country]. [They] pillage [his] hidden treasures!
    note: Ancient Isaac & Rebekah's sons Esau & Jacob (see Genesis 25:24-34) were fraternal (not identical) twin brothers, opposites, case-studies in 2 versions of flawed human nature: Jacob redeemable, Esau fatally-flawed. Esau despised his birthright. Jacob stayed in contact with YAH. Jacob was the priest of his family. Jacob maintained his covenant relationship with YAH. In contrast, Esau basically said, “I'd rather have a bowl of soup than have a relationship with the Creator.” Esau's fatal flaws (materialism, greed, shallowness, arrogance, short-sightedness, living for immediate pleasure) magnified 100,000 times in the nation he birthed (Edom). ‘I love Jacob. But I hate Esau...’ (Malachi 1:2, 3)
  867. ObadiYAH 1:10 [Finally, YAH rains] payback for the violent cruelty, damage, oppression, injustice [the Red-Man and his children] hurled against [Esau's] brother Jacob [and Jacob's descendants]. Shame buries [Edom's bodies. The Red-Man's lineage lies] destroyed, consumed, chewed up [by earthworms] forever.
    note: Hebrews 12:15–16 decries unspiritual Esau for thoughtlessly throwing away his birthright. Romans 9:13 references [YAH's] ‘hatred’ for Esau. Edom means ‘red’ in Hebrew. The name ‘Edom’ came upon Esau once he ate the “red soup”. Ironically, Esau was born "red (and hairy) all over.”
  868. ObadiYAH 1:18 The dynasty of Jacob [the heel-catcher] sparks into [destroying] fire! The house of Joseph {Increaser} erupts into [consuming] flame. [They] blaze the straw-stubble house of Esau {Rough-Red}. Esau's dynasty flares up [into smoke]. Burning spears of fire chase & devour [the rough Red-Man's house & family, leaving only ashes]. YHVH promises: “I come to leave no survivors from the house of Esau.”
    note: II Maccabees disputably reports that during the 200BC revolt of the Maccabees against the Seleucid kingdom, a Seleucid/Greek general Gorgias ‘governs Idumaea.’ Judas Maccabeus conquers Edomite territory for a time around 163BC. The Edomites later fall to John Hyrcanus (c. 125 BC), who (despite Pharisee opposition) forcibly converts Edom to Judaism. Antipater the Idumaean births the Rome-controlled Herodian Dynasty. Under Herod the Great, Idumaea suffers under a series of governors, incl. Herod's brother Joseph ben Antipater (and brother-in-law Costobarus). Immediately before the siege of Jerusalem by Titus, 20,000 Idumaeans (under John, Simeon, Phinehas & Jacob) fight in Jerusalem to free the Zealots besieged in the Temple. After the Jewish Wars, the Idumaean people are no longer mentioned in history.
  869. MicaYah 1:12 The villagers of Maroth {Bitter-City} writhe in [bitter] pain. [They expect] help. But it never comes, 😇. [Instead,] distress rains down from YHVH [all the way into] the gate(s) of Jerusalem.
  870. MicaYah 2:3 So YHVH decrees, 😇, watch me devise disaster to smash the inbred network [of crime. Here comes] a doomsday era from which [greedy] necks never escape. When I'm done, [snatchers] never again strut [the earth] in arrogance.”
  871. MicaYah 2:4 The hot day comes, 😇! [YAH] makes [Israel's] history a cautionary parable. [The Jews] wail [their] sad song, crying, “We're utterly spoiled, devastated! [YAH] trashed my people's inheritance! [He] withdrew, turned away, divided our fields [to our enemies].”
    note: MESSAGE: 'Our lives are ruined, our homes and lands auctioned off. They take everything, leave us nothing! All is sold to the highest bidder.'
  872. MicaYah 3:4 In the era after the oppressor-leaders perform such atrocities, the oppressors cry to YHVH, 😇. But YHVH [refuses to] hear [the murderers]. YAH hides His face from [all] corrupt leaders.
  873. MicaYah 5:11 [Watch] me cut off the cities of your [wicked] land. I throw down all [Judeo-ChristenDUMB's evil] strongholds.
  874. MicaYah 7:16 Beast-nations watch [in horror as] all their might fades away. [Pagans] lay their hands upon their mouths [in shame]. [Sinners'] ears go deaf.
  875. Nahum 1:6 [YAH] stands. [His] face [bursts into] rage, 😇! [YAH] rises [in] fierce anger! [He] pours out furious fire! [He] hurls down boulders!
  876. Nahum 1:8 Overwhelming floods completely destroy the [hiding] place[s of YAH's] enemies, 😇. Darkness pursues [all infidels].
  877. Nahum 1:9 YHVH devises [a way to] make [an] utter end [to the war-state's] squeezing [of lifeblood from poor sufferers]. [YAH] rises. [He] strikes!
  878. Nahum 1:12 YHVH says: “[All wicked war-states end up] completely, overwhelmingly cut down from end to end. [I leave warmongers] abased, humbled.”
  879. Nahum 2:8 Nineveh, [the capitol of the evil empire,] evaporates [like a] pond [in one hot] day. [She falls to lie] finished, face-down, forever.
  880. Nahum 2:13 [At] YHVH's command armies burn [the war state's] chariots [into] smoke! Swords devour [the army's] young ‘lions.’ [Destruction] cuts [them] off [from making] the earth [their] prey. Call aloud, messengers! Summon [the earth to] assemble [and] hear [the news of Assyria's demise]!
    note: or: and the voice<06963> of thy messengers<04397> shall no more be heard<08085>.
  881. Habakkuk 1:5 See [the] heathen! Investigate [history's] shocking, amazing [murders]! Act! Work! Today! Rack up the record [of mankind's sins]!
  882. Habakkuk 1:12 Prime [mover,] YHVH Elohim, holy [one] who cannot die, YHVH, ordain judgment! [Mighty] Rock, establish righteousness!
    note: ‘Who cannot die’ was changed to ‘we will not die’ by Sopherim.
  883. Habakkuk 3:5 [Before YAH's] face marches [destroying] pestilence. Burning [plague-carrying] lightning follows [in YAH's] steps.
  884. Habakkuk 3:7 See Cushan's [African] tent-dwellers hyperventilate in distress, 😇. [Earthquakes] shake [tent] curtains [in the Arabian] land of Midian {Brawler}.
  885. Habakkuk 3:13 [Yah] goes forth saving [his] people, liberating [His] anointed [saints]. He crushes [the] head(s) [of the] palaces [of the] wicked. He strips [world-powers naked from] head [to] toe. [Then he] hangs [them to death].
    note: (pause [for dramatic effect])
  886. ZephaniYAH 1:2 [I come to] terminally destroy [everything on] the face of the land,” warns YHVH.
  887. ZephaniYAH 1:3 “Man & beast [fall to lie] consumed. Like sky-birds [and] sea-fish, [I annihilate] wicked people who make others stumble. [I] slice [perverted] man off the face of the earth,” declares YHVH.
  888. ZephaniYAH 2:6 The [rich-man's] seaboard [becomes] a pasture, 😇, a place of shepherd camps and enclosures for sheep.
  889. ZephaniYAH 3:8 "Wait,” says YHVH! [But humanity loves evil, 😇. So on Judgement] day, YAH rises up [against the] target [of His] death-sentence. Beast-nations gather. Kingdoms assemble. [YAH] pours out [his] indignation. [Hot molten] fierce anger [floods the planet]. [The] fire [of YAH's] jealousy devours [the world].
  890. ZechariYAH 8:14 For YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies explains, “I let [your] evil [deeds boomerang on] you when your fathers provoked me to fire-rage. I didn't regret [punishing you. Children need to see the painful effects of their hateful actions.]
  891. ZechariYAH 9:1 This is a doom-prophecy: YHVH's Word [comes to smash] the country [controlled by] Hadrach {Command-of-Moon-God-Aku}. [Syria's Capitol city] Damascus brims fat with complacent men living at ease. [They fantasize that I can't see their crimes. The Syrians lie unaware that I] YHVH have [my all-seeing] eye [trained] on all humans, not just on the tribes of Israel.
    note: #2317 Chadrak = Shadrach = Shudur Aku.
  892. ZechariYAH 9:2 Doom looms certain for Hamath {Joined-Walls}, the [sinful, arrogant] sister city of Damascus. [Smack-down falls on] the [supposedly rock-solid] city of Tyre {Rock-Port} and [the rich fishery center of] Sidon, clever as they [think they] are.
  893. ZechariYAH 9:4 “Watch, 😇! [I] Adonai soon evict Tyre. [Watch Me] strike her sea-[side] estate. [See] fire devour Tyre. [Flames consume all her power.]
  894. ZechariYAH 9:5 The terrifying sight of [Tyre burning seizes the minions of] Ashkelon {Market-Town}. [The once-strong warriors of] Gaza see [Tyre collapse in ashes]. So [Gaza's people crumple, weeping in dreadful] sorrow. [The marauders of] Ekron [lie] ashamed, [confused and disappointed] for [foolishly] expecting [help from Tyre & Sidon]. Gaza's king vanishes. Everyone abandons Ashkelon. [Her powerful distribution & marketing center devolves into a permanent ghost town, 😇.]
  895. ZechariYAH 9:6 Watch mongrel [aliens] occupy Ashdod {Ravager-City}. Watch [YAH] destroy the pride of the Philistines.
  896. ZechariYAH 11:1 Open your doors, Lebanon {white-mountain} of [cold frozen] hearts. Fire comes to [sweep through and] devour your cedars.
    note: #3844 Lebanon, a snow-white northern-Palestinian mountain range.
  897. ZechariYAH 11:2 Howl, fir tree! The [proud] cedar falls! Nobles lie devastated. Wail, oaks of Bashan {Fruitful}! The forest lies cut off. The [fools'] high [mountain] fortification collapses.
  898. ZechariYAH 11:3 [Hear the] sound of [false] shepherds howling, 😇. Their glorious robes [of nobility lie] devastated! [Hear the] screaming of roaring young [soldier] ‘lions.’ [YAH] devastates the arrogant [pomp] of the down-thrower.
    note: Down-thrower = Jordan. ‘Robes’ can refer to swatches of farm and forest land.
  899. ZechariYAH 14:1 😇, envision the coming [judgment] day of YHVH, when (right in your midst) [invaders] divide all of the plunder [that your fake religious leaders] have [extorted from the people].
  900. Malachi 1:3 I hated Esau {Rough-Red}. So I laid his mountains and his inheritance waste for wild desert jackal-dogs [to roam].”
  901. Matthew 27:38 2 thieves [hang on stakes beside] YahShua: one [thief] on YahShua's right hand, another [thief] on YahShua's left.
    note: "Crucified" is not in the text.
  902. Romans 9:13 Just as [YAH] says [in MalachYAH 1:2&3], ‘I love Jacob. But I reject Esau {Rough-Red}.’
  903. Romans 9:28 For Adonai YHVH always finishes [the] work [he starts]. [In the end he] righteously cuts [humanity] short. With speed and finality He [destroys and remakes] the earth.
    note: Isaiah 10:22,23
  904. 2nd Corinthians 13:3 [How I punish sinners] will be the proof you seek that [the] Messiah speaks in me. For the Messiah is not a weakling outside of you. He is a tremendous power inside of you, 😇.
    note: Just lying to a true servant of the Messiah can strike you dead on the spot.
  905. 2nd Corinthians 13:4 [Soldiers] executed YahShua on a stake. [They bled him out. His body grew so] weak [he died]. Yet now, by YAH’s power, YahShua lives! We [persecuted disciples] are weak, as YahShua once was. But in dealing with [your sin, 😇,] by Elohim’s power we unite with [the all-powerful risen] YahShua.
    note: Don't ask a true prophet to come to your church unless you want an explosion of real supernatural power to blast your materialistic false churchianity to bits. Truth will leave your little ‘Christian Chamber of Commerce’ whining like a pack of weeping girls in the rubble, all you smug Doctors and Lawyers, Elders of the First Church of the WhiteWashed Tomb. A real prophet can poof pulpit parrots right down to their dirty underwear!
  906. Hebrews 2:2 Every word [YAH] speaks through angels is binding, 😇. So every violation and disobedience receives its rightful payback.
    note: Originally in past tense.
  907. 2nd Peter 2:5 Likewise, 😇, YHVH [chose] not to spare ancient [antediluvian] society. He sent the flood upon the wicked world. He only saved Noah {Rest} (a herald of righteousness), plus 7 of [Noah's family members].
    note: ‘World’ here = kosmos (arrangement), which can mean society, the universe, the planet, etc. Scripture leaves room for debate as to what the deluge flooded: the entire earth, or merely the regions affecting Noah.
  908. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:17 Another angel [flies] out of the temple in heaven, 😇. He too wields a sharp sickle.
  909. Wisdom of Solomon 3:10 But [YAH] will punish all wicked [beings] with payback matching their schemes, because they neglect the righteous, and forsake YHVH.
  910. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 21:9 A gang of wicked [people] is like [a bunch of] rope wrapped together. [YAH] lights a fire to one end, and they all go up in smoke together.
  911. Baruch 2:1 So Adonai has made good his word, which He pronounced against us, and against our judges who judged Israel, and against our kings, princes, and men of Israel and Judah {Celebrated},
  912. Baruch 2:3 [Moses foretold] that a man would eat the flesh of his own son, and the flesh of his own daughter.
  913. Baruch 4:6 [YAH] sold you to the beast-nations [to discipline you,] not to destroy [you]. You provoked Elohim to fire-rage, so [he] handed you over to [your] enemies.
  914. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:5 In all the [punishments] you've brought on us, and on the holy city of our fathers, Jerusalem, you've executed flawless judgment. Judging by the facts, you sent all these [disasters] on us, [to wake us up from] our sins.
  915. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:9 You delivered us into the fists of lawless enemies, most hateful forsakers of [you,] Elohim, to an unjust king, the most wicked [tyrant] in all the world.
  916. 2 Maccabees 7:32 For we [Hebrews] suffer because of our sins.
  917. Numbers (Journeys) 20:23 YHVH speaks to Moses and Aaron [on] Mount Hor {Looming-Peak}, by the border of Edom {Red-Man's-Southland}, 😇. [Far below, the hairy red army tracks the Hebrews, ready to pounce and kill should one Israeli set his foot in ‘RedLand.’]
  918. Judges 2:21 —So from now on I'll stop driving away the nations that have remained [surrounding] you [Israelis] since JAHshua died.
  919. 2nd Kings 1:17 So [evil king AhaziYah] dies. ([This] fulfills the Word of YHVH spoken by EliJah {JAH-Is-El}.) [AhaziYah] leaves no son. So [Ahab's brat] JAHoram {YAH-Raised} reigns in [AhaziYah's] place. [This occurs] during the 2nd year of [the reign of the other] JAHoram {YAH-Raised}, the son of Judea's king JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment}.
  920. Job 4:11 [YAH withholds] prey. So the old [wicked] lion dies. The cubs of the lioness scatter abroad.
  921. Job 5:14 Darkness covers [schemers] in the daytime. They grope in the noonday [sun] like it was night.
  922. Job 8:22 [Bildad looks to the sky:] “Everyone who hates you, [God,] gets clothed with shame. The home of the lawless [man] comes to nothing.”
  923. Job 18:21 Such [death wracks] the homes of [all] wicked [people]. The [unmarked grave] is the [resting] place of whoever fails to know Elohim.”
    note: Obviously Bildad oversimplifies the issue of human suffering.
  924. Job 22:12 [YHVH] the Eloah [looks down on you] from [the] lofty heavens. The highest stars [laugh at your fate].
  925. Psalms 1:6 For YHVH guards the path of righteous [beings], 😇. But the way of [all] wicked [beings] ends in death.
  926. Psalms 76:11 YHVH ELohim pays what he promises, 😇. What goes around, comes around with terrifying [force].
    note: Pan-handling liar-preachers famously misquote this verse to guilt you into pledging money to their businesses they label “ministries”. The real bible never tells you to promise anything. It just tells you to do what's right. By slavishly obeying fallible masoretic markings, the CJB, NIV, NIRV, NLT, NASB and KJV translate this verse to contradict other verses. The Message and the GNT more reasonably say, ‘Pay what you owe.’
  927. Psalms 95:11 In my fire-rage, I swore to [your ancestors] that they would never enter into my [place of] rest, 😇.”
  928. Psalms 141:6 [Send your] hand [to] fling the establishment [villains] down from rocky crags, so [the common people can] hear [your] sweet life-plans.
  929. IsaiYAH 16:7 So [the people of] Moab howl for [their country]. Everyone howls. Struck down by grief, [they] mourn over the [smashed] foundations of Kir-Hareseth {Pottery-Fortress}.
  930. IsaiYAH 23:10 [Tyre,] the daughter-city of Tarshish {Gem}, sweeps across the earth like a river [in the tsunami]. The powerful [harbor] vanishes.
  931. IsaiYAH 23:14 Howl, you shipmen of Tarshish {Gem}. Your strength, [your fortress,] lies waste.
  932. JeremiYAH 25:20 [YAH eventually destroys] all foreigners [in Egypt], and all the kings of the land of Uz {Advisor}, and all the kings of the Palestinian [coast] land, and Ashkelon {Market-Town}, and Azzah {Fort}, and Ekron {Uprooter}, and the survivors in Ashdod {Ravager-City}
  933. JeremiYAH 25:22 [War-flames engulf] all the kings of Tyre {Rock-Port}, and all the kings of Sidon {Fish-City}, and the kings of the isles/coastlands beyond the [Mediterranean] sea;
  934. Amos 8:13 See the coming days when lovely virgins and choice young men faint for thirst, 😇.
  935. ZephaniYAH 2:5 Wails [echo from the mouths of the] inhabitants [of the] sea coast. Cretans [die]. YHVH destroys the inhabitants of Canaan {LowLand}. Palestinian territory [withers].
  936. Romans 9:12 [YAH] told Rebecca, “The older of your twins grows to serve the younger.”
  937. 1st Timothy 1:20 Hymenaeus {God-Of-Weddings} and Alexander {Man-Defender} are shipwrecked “believers.” They yielded [to] Satan. The Adversary will discipline them, 😇. Then maybe they'll stop blaspheming.
    note: Again, doesn't translate directly to English.
  938. Prayer of AzariYAH 1:8 So all [the pain] you brought upon us, and everything that you have done to us, you did in flawless justice.
  939. 1 Esdras 8:77 For our sins and our fathers’ [sins], [YAH] gives us and our brothers and our kings and our priests up to the world's kings, to the sword, and to captivity, as a prey, with shame, to this day.
  940. Deuteronomy 30:18 I predict to you today that [if you persistently rebel,] you, 😇, will certainly perish. You won't live long in the land you're crossing the Jordan [river] to enter and possess.
  941. Job 9:13 Eloah won't avert the [blast of fire-fury from] his nostrils [for anyone]. Down, the [whole human-beast] huddles under [YAH's] blustering [shouts].
    note: Or: ‘Dragon-bred sea monsters cringe before YAH.’
  942. Job 15:32 [YAH] fully repays [the evil man] before his time. His green branch [disintegrates to a grey skeleton].
  943. JeremiYAH 25:25 [Catastrophe topples] all the kings of Zimri {Plucker}, and all the kings of Elam {Hidden}, and all the kings of Media [Persia].
  944. Hosea 9:5 [Look into the future, 😇. See] what your [nation] will be doing on the day you should have been holding a festival [in honor of] YHVH:
    note: [Exiled as pagan slaves,] what will your [nation] be doing on [worship] meeting-days? History repeats itself: Starting in 2020, worldwide PLANdemic lockdowns intentionally and specifically prohibited all public celebrations of every major Hebrew holy day festival, even in Israel.
  945. Amos 5:27 So I deport you [religiots] into [slave] captivity beyond Damascus," sentences YHVH, whose Name-Authority is Elohim-Tsaba {Sovereign-Over-All-Hosts}.’
  946. Prayer of Manasseh 1:5 For the majesty of Your glory is unbearable. Your overwhelming anger threatens [us] sinners [with annihilation].
    note: .
  947. 2 Esdras 15:56 YHVH says, “As you have done to my chosen, that's what Elohim will do to you. [I'll] deliver you into mischief.
  948. ObadiYAH 1:19 Southern [Judaeans] occupy, seize and take-over Esau's mountain and plains. [Israelites] from the Palestinian foothills occupy the fields of Ephraim {Double-Fruit} and the fields of Samaria {north-Israel}. The [tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} [inherits] Gilead {Monument-Mound}, [the region east of the Jordan river].
  949. 2 Esdras 15:57 Your children will die of hunger, and you'll fall through the sword: your cities will be broken down, and all your [loved ones] will perish with the sword in the field.


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