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29 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Greed

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  1. No Man Can Serve 2 Masters: It's Money Or God
  2. Commandment #8: Never Steal Nor Defraud
  3. Command #10: Don't Want Other People's Stuff
  4. Loving Money Is A Root Of Every Evil
  5. No Man Can Serve 2 Masters
  6. Blessings On The Poor, Curses On The Rich
  7. Hoarding Wealth Is A Fool's Game
  8. Greed Is Suicide
  9. Almost No Rich People Ever Get Saved
  10. EliShua Curses His Greedy Helper With Leprosy
  11. Death Beats Life
  12. Don't Be A Rich Corpse With Full Storehouses
  13. Hebrew Anti-Money-Lending Statutes
  14. James Condemns Rich People
  15. Be Glad if You're Poor, Scared if You're Rich
  16. Forget About Worldly Rewards & Possessions
  17. Righteous People Live On While Violators Die
  18. Avoid Binding Relationships With Sinners
  19. Isaiah Condemns Greedy Societal Leaders
  20. Be Honest, Kind, Wise & Humble: That's Wealth
  21. Wealth Makes You Arrogant & Spiritually Weak
  22. The Lepers Plunder The Abandoned Syrian Camp
  23. ELishua's Helper Gets Into The Religion-Biz'
  24. Wealth You Hoard Gets Eaten By Consumers
  25. The Israelites Take Bad Booty
  26. Debt-Based Economies Strip Earth Bare & Dead
  27. Ananias & Sapphira Die Of Greed & Lie Disease
  28. Asaph Laments The World's Oppressive Regimes
  29. Reuben & Gad Leave Israel Seeking Cattle-Land


192 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Greed

  1. Exodus 20:17 😇, never covet [your] neighbor's house. [Never even] want [your] neighbor's wife, male worker, female worker, ox, equine, [nor anything of your] neighbor's.”
    note: Wanting someone else's stuff is a sin. Using governments to take from others through taxes and give to you in the form of welfare benefits is a great sin. Your mind is sick if you even want a welfare benefit. The idol-venerating Catholic church tries to split this commandment into two, to make up for their attempted pseudo-deletion of the 2nd commandment.
  2. Exodus 20:15 😇, never steal.
    note: #1589 ganab = to thieve, deceive, carry away, secretly bring, steal (away), get by stealth.
  3. Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters. He either [A] hates the 1st and loves the 2nd; or else [B] he stays loyal to the 2nd and despises the 1st. 😇, you can't serve [both] Elohim and Mammon [Money].
    note: Here Jesus clearly commands you to immediately quit your employee job because, as all legitimate courts decree: "The relationship of EMPLOYER and employee is substantially the same as that of MASTER and servant." Pennsylvania Cas. Co. v. Elkins, 70 F.Supp. 155. And never swear any oath, because all legal dictionaries define an oath as a statement that creates a master-servant relationship. Commerce and Christianity cannot walk hand in hand.
  4. Luke 16:13 No servant can serve 2 sovereigns, 😇. The servant either hates Master #1, and loves Master #2; or else the servant embraces Master #2, and despises Master #1. You can't be the slave of [both] Elohim and mammon (wealth).”
    note: Here Jesus clearly commands you to immediately quit your employee job because: “The relationship of employer and employee is substantially the same as that of master and servant.” Pennsylvania Cas. Co. v. Elkins, 70 F.Supp. 155. 3126 mammonas: confidence, i.e. wealth, personified; i.e. avarice (deified), mammon.
  5. Luke 18:25 😇, it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter [YHVH] the Eloah's Dominion!
  6. 1st Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of every evil, 😇. In reaching for greed, many [people] stray from the faith. [Money-lovers] stab themselves [in the heart and out the back] with many sorrows.
    note: See the awesome The Love Of Money Song.
  7. Deuteronomy 5:21 😇, never even WANT your neighbor's wife. Avoid wanting your neighbor's house, his field, his male or female worker(s), his ox, his donkey—anything your neighbor owns.”
    note: Desire is the seed of sin. If you even want something that's not yours, that's covetousness. The welfare system is based on covetousness. People want things they didn't work to get.
  8. Matthew 19:24 In other words, 😇, it's easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
  9. Mark 10:24 The disciples’ [jaws drop, 😇]. YahShua's words stun them. But he repeats to them, “Children, how hard is it for [people] who trust in riches to enter into the kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah!
  10. Luke 6:24 But how terrible [the punishment falls] on you [people] who are now rich. You've had your easy life, 😇!
  11. Luke 12:15 YahShua warns the crowd, “Watch out! Beware of [wanting anything you didn't work to get, 😇]. A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”
    note: Real life is not measured by how much we own, but by the percentage that we give. And never, ever take government welfare benefits. That's covetousness. And never borrow to get things you can't pay for in cash. That's covetousness too.
  12. 1st Timothy 6:9 [People] who want to be rich fall into temptation, trapped in snare[s], 😇, lost in [the black hole of] countless foolish and hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.
  13. Proverbs 1:19 Everyone greedy of gain gets robbed of his [own] life, 😇.
  14. Ecclesiastes 5:16 So [storing up wealth] is just scraping [yourself] into ruins, 😇. You leave [this world] in every way [just as destitute and helpless] as when you came in. So what profit do you get by slaving for [riches that blow way like dust in] the wind?
  15. Ecclesiastes 5:17 All your days [spent acquiring wealth,] you eat [dust-devils] in darkness, 😇. [You drown in] sorrow & anger, [tormented by many] sicknesses [of the mind, spirit, emotions and body].
  16. JeremiYAH 17:11 Partridges sit on eggs that other [birds] lay. Similarly, the man who wrongly acquires riches loses the [money] in mid-life. He dies a fool's [death].”
    note: Even if the greedster keeps the money and lives long, he doesn't enjoy it.
  17. MicaYah 6:14 You [rogues] consume [& eat & devour & burn up & feed]. But you're never satisfied. You never get enough to fill the empty black-hole in your heart. Everything you snatch slips away from you. What you birth gets sacrificed to the sword.
    note: Consumerism. Corporations wreak ecological destruction to feed the demand of the gluttonous consumer-masses who swarm the earth like cancer.
  18. Luke 19:45 Then YahShua [rides] into the temple, 😇. He launches into driving out the [merchants] selling [products there. Their customers run fleeing.]
  19. James 4:3 You ask, 😇. Yet you fail to receive, because you ask wrongly, in order to spend what you get on your [consumptive, materialistic] pleasures.
  20. James 5:3 Your gold and silver lie corroded, 😇. Your pile of greed-gotten riches [rises] to testify against you. The rust that eats your money comes to eat your flesh like fire. This ‘treasure’ you accumulate to save your skin during the Last-Days comes to stand as damning evidence against you on the day of judgment.
  21. Genesis 31:19 [What Jacob doesn't know is that] just before they left, Rachel {Ewe} spied Laban {Whitey} leaving to shear his sheep. So Rachel [rushed into Laban's house] and stole her father's [golden idol] statues, [precious assets which under Babylonian Law constitute the deed to Laban's entire estate]!
  22. Exodus 3:22 Rather, every [Israelite] woman [comes to exploit the Egyptians’ fear. She] demands that her neighbor and her neighbor's house-guests [give her] silver jewelry, gold [of all kinds], and [fancy] clothes. You [Israelites come to] hang the [pagans' treasure] on your sons and daughters. You plunder the Egyptians [in revenge for 400 years of slavery].”
    note: These gold treasures did not help the Israelites. The Israelites ended up worshiping them and eating them.
  23. Deuteronomy 23:19 Never charge interest on a loan to your fellow [Hebrews, 😇. Resist the urge to take] interest on money, interest on food, interest on anything that can be loaned for gain.
    note: Give zero-interest loans. The best practice: never charge interest; never pay interest.
  24. 2nd Kings 5:27 Because [of your greed], the leprosy [that just left General] Naaman will cling to you, and to your seed-children forever.” Before [EliShua's] face, [Gehazi] stomps out, a leper, [skin] white as snow, 😇!
  25. Proverbs 11:4 Riches [return] zero profit in the day of fire-rage, 😇. Righteousness rescues [you] from death.
  26. Proverbs 22:16 Whoever gains by oppressing poor [people], and whoever bribes rich [people], [both] end up in poverty.
  27. Proverbs 23:4 Never exhaust [your relationships nor your body] to get rich, 😇. Let your wisdom restrain [your work-aholism].
  28. Proverbs 23:5 Why set your sights on non-realities, 😇? Riches always make themselves wings. They fly away like an eagle [soaring] toward outer-space.
    note: See scripture song: The Love Of Money.
  29. Proverbs 28:22 Whoever rushes to get rich has an evil [stingy, occult] eye, 😇. He's oblivious to [the] poverty [rushing to] overtake him.
  30. Ecclesiastes 4:4 Then I realize that all [human] struggle and achievement, [even so-called righteous ministry,] is motivated by man's envy of his neighbor. [So all man's work] equals vanity and spiritual chaos,😇.
    note: If you ever want a wake-up call as to the real motivation for religion, push church members further into the Bible than the verses that make them wealthy and respected in their local chamber of commerce. Ouch! You'll feel the pain!
  31. Ecclesiastes 5:10 Whoever loves money never gets satisfied with money, 😇. Whoever loves abundance [never gets enough] income. [Wealth] is [yet] another meaningless [vanity].
    note: Money = Silver. See great song: The Love Of Money.
  32. Ecclesiastes 5:11 The more stuff you get, the more parasites creep in to eat [your winnings, 😇]. You get no good out of your asset pool. You just watch it [get devoured by robbers, including your ‘government’ and ‘friends’ and ‘loved-ones’].
  33. Ecclesiastes 5:12 The laboring man sleeps sweet, whether he eats little or much, 😇. But the abundance of the rich [man] never lets him sleep.
    note: Wealthy peoples' sleep gets disturbed:
  34. mentally, emotionally and spiritually by the futile obsession with keeping piles of wealth, and
  35. physically, by the excessive amount of food they eat before bedtime.

  36. Ecclesiastes 6:2 [YHVH] the ELoah gives a man riches, wealth and honor. His body lacks not [one] thing of all he desires. Yet the Eloah gives [the man] no power to [enjoy his wealth]. Instead, a stranger eats it [all up], 😇. [Both hoarding and consuming] are vain, totally meaningless evil [mental and spiritual] diseases.
  37. Ecclesiastes 6:7 All man's labor goes to feed his “mouth”, 😇. Yet his soul's [hunger] never fills.
  38. IsaiYAH 5:8 Woe to you [real-estate speculators]. You join houses together [into apartment buildings, stores, office-complexes. Your tenants own zero land]! You conglomerate fields into agricultural [holding corporations]. Now [poor people] have no place [to lay their heads]! All to enthrone yourselves alone on top of the world!
  39. Ezekiel 7:19 The [bankers] cast their silver into the streets. Their gold becomes as abhorrent to them as infectious waste. Their money and bling fail to save them in the day YAH's fire-rage [hits the earth]. [Their riches] cease to satisfy their lives or even fill their bellies. [They trip over] the stumbling-block of wealth. They fall to ruin.
  40. Matthew 19:23 YahShua says to his disciples, “I tell you the rock-solid [truth, 😇.]. It's virtually impossible for a rich man to enter heaven's Dominion.”
    note: This verse is talking about YOU! If you have a survivable standard of living, and some money and a way of getting more, you're richer than 97% of the people in the world.
  41. Luke 12:19 - And I'll say to myself, ‘[Self, you’re a lucky man!] You have a huge supply of good stuff stored up for many years. [Hold your inventory. Then when the market gets hot, sell. Buy low, hold, sell high.] Take life easy. Eat, drink and be merry.’
  42. Luke 12:20 But [YHVH] the Eloah says to the rich man, ‘You fool. Tonight I demand that you repay me [the breath of] life [I loaned you in trust. I empowered you to produce the fruits of the Spirit. Instead, you merely stocked up on worldly commercial products. Die.] Then who'll own the ‘goods’ you stored up?’
  43. Luke 12:21 😇, everyone who stores up personal income, failing to be generous toward Elohim, is like [a rich farmer's dead worm-eaten carcass: worthless, poor, and disgusting].”
  44. Hebrews 13:5 😇, keep your behavior free of wanting things that belong to other [people]. Be content with what you have. For YHVH promises, “I'll never leave you, nor forsake you.”
    note: Deuteronomy 31:6 If you have the loving support of the being who created the universe with one word, you don't need stuff.
  45. James 1:11 The sun rises. It shines burning [radiation]. Heat immediately withers [earth's] vegetation. The grass-flowers fall. Their graceful fashion perishes. Likewise, 😇, the wealthy man fades away while he goes about his business.
  46. Genesis 37:26 Judah {Celebrated} reasons with his brothers: He says, “[Let's make some profit on this deal!] There's no money in killing our brother and covering up his blood.
  47. Exodus 12:35 The descendants of Israel do exactly as Moses predicted, 😇: they extort the Egyptians' silver treasures, gold jewelry, and [fine designer] clothing.
  48. Deuteronomy 4:28 And there [in pagan societies] you [disobedient “believers”] end up slaving for idol-gods, fabrications of men's hands: wood and stone, which never see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.
    note: Today you serve the materialism of rich sinners. Your labor provides them with meaningless stuff to fill their mansions made of wood and stone.
  49. 2nd Kings 5:20 But before [Naaman] gets far off, Gehazi, the attendant of EliShua (the man of Elohim), says, “Wow. My master spared this Syrian (Naaman). [EliShua] refused to receive the [near-priceless] gift[s] [which the General] brought in his hands! But, as YHVH lives, I'll run after [the general]. I'll score some [gold] from him!”
  50. Psalms 49:6 Everyone who runs-for-refuge in their wealth, who foolishly [brags about, shows off or praises] their massive riches [eventually dies], 😇.
    note: "Halal's" their riches, as in HalleluYah. Fallen people halleluMONEY.
  51. Psalms 49:11 [Rich peoples'] hearts [nurse the fantasy] that their dynasties will continue forever, 😇, that their houses will [endure through] all generations. So they name their estate-lands after themselves. [But their only permanence will end in a dusty grave.]
  52. Proverbs 1:13 —We'll score all [kinds of] precious treasure. We'll fill our houses with loot!
  53. Proverbs 10:2 😇, treasures of wickedness [yield] no profit. Righteousness rescues [you] from death.
  54. Proverbs 28:8 Whoever increases his possessions (by charging interest) gathers [money that YAH ends up giving to] someone who pities poor [people], 😇.
    note: Commercial translators add the word “excess” interest to imply that charging a moderate, reasonable rate of interest is OK. It's not. Charging ANY interest either means you're greedy or you're participating in a debased money system forbidden by YHVH. The NLT gets this right: “A person who makes money by charging interest loses it. It ends up in the hands of someone who is kind to the poor.”
  55. Ecclesiastes 5:13 I've seen another sickening evil under the sun, 😇: an owner [spends his life] guarding [his hoard] of riches. [Yet his riches end up] harming him.
  56. Ecclesiastes 10:19 Food-parties serve only for laughing [it up], 😇. Wine manufactures [counterfeit] joy. [Whenever you're scratching your head, asking why people are doing what they're doing,] silver [money] is the answer.
    note: Money buys sycophants anything they want. So if you have money, parasitic people pack on you like stink on poop. Merry wine. If you ever wonder why people act bizarre, not doing things they should, money is the answer. ‘Follow the Dollar.’ Investigate the money trail.
  57. Why do anti-smoking activists invest in tobacco corporations? To get MONEY.
  58. Why do people who claim to live by the bible violate it? For MONEY.
  59. Why are most bible translations corrupt? Because selling corrupted bibles makes MONEY.
  60. Why do nations bankrupt themselves by borrowing money to fight evil wars? Because wars make warmongers MONEY!
  61. Sycophant |ˈsikəfənt, -ˌfant| (noun) : a person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage.
  62. IsaiYAH 32:7 The miser schemes [to] destroy, 😇. He devises plans to bind downtrodden victims with lying words. He derails the needy man's pleas for justice.
  63. Amos 6:4 [I see you hypocrites] lying on your beds of ivory. [You] stretch yourselves on your couches. [You] gobble choice plump lambs from the flocks [of paupers. You munch the meat of] slaughtered calves [that you snatch] from [poor farmers' fattening] stalls.
    note: The original Hebrew juxtaposes the cute picture of little lambs head-butting each other in the field, then having their throats cut and ending up as carnage on the plates of overweight, meat-munching, greedy churchgoing men and women.
  64. Amos 6:7 [See your future: you wrinkle-free rich people] march first in line, naked, stripped, exiled as slaves. Your meat-feast banquet lies strewn on the ground. [Rats nest in the] couches on which you used to stretch your [fatty] backs.
  65. Luke 8:7 Some seed falls among thorn [bushes]. The thorns spring up with the seed-sprouts, 😇. The thorn-bushes choke out the sprouts.
  66. Luke 12:18 The rich man says, ‘I know, 😇! I'll tear down my [storage] sheds. [I'll replace them with] huge barns. Then I'll have room enough to store my crops and [farm tools and everything]!
  67. John 11:48 —If we leave YahShua alone [to keep stirring up the rabble], everyone will believe in him. Then the Romans will [attack us]. They'll rip away our [financially lucrative] position [in religio-political control of the Middle-East]. [They'll destroy our] nation!”
    note: To keep their power, the religionists will kill you if you do as Yahshua did. They'll blame your persecution and death on patriotism and defense of religion.
  68. James 5:1 Come on now, you ‘rich’ people. [Get down on your faces.] Weep and howl. Dread the miseries [YAH] comes to [rain] on you.
  69. Exodus 11:2 Now go tell the [Israelite] people [they're about to be free]. They're all going to [vengefully exploit their advantage] by demanding that their neighboring [Egyptian men] and women give them silver treasure and gold jewelry.”
    note: YHVH did NOT tell the Israelites to beg for their neighbors' jewelry! The Israelis came up with that greedy scheme, which led to a terrible curse! See Ex 3:22.
  70. Exodus 12:36 YHVH's [miracles] give the [Israelite] people [such] superiority in the sight of the Egyptians, that [the Egyptians fork over everything the Israelites] demand, 😇. The [Israelis shamelessly] plunder the Egyptians.
    note: This ill-gotten wealth becomes the source of temptation which brings destruction.
  71. Deuteronomy 8:12 [It's easy to disobey YAH] when you've eaten and [your belly's] full, when you've built lovely houses for [yourselves] to live in, 😇.
  72. Deuteronomy 8:14 [Riches] puff up your prideful heart, 😇. Then you forget YHVH your Elohim, who keeps freeing you from the [evil] ‘Egyptian’ world-system, your slave-jail.
  73. Deuteronomy 23:20 To a foreigner, you may lend charging interest, 😇. But never lend on interest to your brother [Hebrew]. This way YHVH your Elohim will bless you in everything you set your hand to in the land you're going to own.
    note: You can charge a non-Hebrew interest without breaking the Hebrew Law. But that doesn't make it a good idea. Better not to lend for gain at all. If you charge interest to fellow believers you will be cursed.
  74. 2nd Kings 5:24 [Gehazi leads the Syrian soldiers back] toward [Elisha's] hill. Then [Gehazi] takes the [heavy treasures] from the soldiers. He hides the [loot] away in [Elisha's] sanctuary. [Gehazi] sends [General Naaman's] men away. They [ride] off [back northeast for faraway Syria].
  75. Psalms 15:5 [You 😇, can live with YAH if you] never loan money with interest [charges], and if you never take bribes against innocent [people]. He who does these [good] things will never fall [into annihilation].
    note: Charging interest on a loan is evil, and is absolutely forbidden to Christians.
  76. Proverbs 11:28 Run-for-refuge in riches, and [you] fall, 😇. Moral people flourish like trees-in-spring.
  77. Proverbs 16:8 Better a little [wealth] with integrity than great revenues with injustice, 😇.
  78. Proverbs 19:4 Wealth brings [you] many [fair-weather] ‘friends’, 😇. The poor [man gets] shunned [even] by his neighbor[s]!
  79. Proverbs 19:6 Everybody courts the favor of bigshot[s], 😇. Every human [pretends to be] a friend of a gift-giver.
  80. Ecclesiastes 2:26 To a man who [behaves] well in the sight of [YHVH] the Eloah, [YAH] gives wisdom, knowledge and [the] light [of joy]. But to the sinner, [YAH] gives the [lousy job] of gathering and heaping up [wealth] to pass to someone whom [YAH] sees [doing] good. [So living in sin, even if you have money, equals] chasing the tornado of vanity, 😇.
  81. JeremiYAH 51:13 You, [the Empire] rooted [beside] countless [bodies of] water, rich in treasures, your end comes. [YAH] has had enough of your greed.
  82. Ezekiel 28:4 By your wisdom, through your understanding, you've gotten yourself rich. [You pile high] gold and silver in your treasure-houses.
  83. Luke 12:17 The rich man thinks, ‘What'll I do, 😇!? I have no room to store my crops!’
    note: His barns overflow.
  84. Luke 15:12 The younger son barks to his father, “Dad, give me my share of your estate now. [Don't make me wait until you die.]” So the father divides his property between his two sons.
  85. Acts 5:10 Sapphire immediately falls down at Rock's feet. She [too] ‘gives up the ghost’, 😇! The young men come in. They find Sapphire dead. They carry her outside. They bury her next to her husband.
  86. James 5:2 Your wealth is rotting away, 😇. Your fine clothes are moth-eaten rags.
  87. James 5:4 Rich man! Look! Listen to the condemning cries echoing out of your moneybags: sacks full of wages you fraudulently kept instead of paying the laborers who reaped your fields, [who worked your investments]. The cries of your harvest-laborers pierce the ears of [YHVH] Adonai Almighty. He commands the Angel Armies to fight [all] oppressors.
  88. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:1 Watching for riches consumes [your] flesh. Caring about [money] drives away sleep.
  89. Numbers (Journeys) 31:9 Then, 😇, the [violent] sons of Israel [greedily, lustfully] take all the [hot-looking temple-prostitute] women of Midian {Brawler} captive, with their little ones. [And the Israelis] take as spoil all the [Midianites'] cattle, and all their flocks, and all their possessions!
  90. Deuteronomy 8:13 [Disobedience easily infects you, 😇,] when your herds and your flocks multiply, and your silver and your gold pile up. Your [spirit drowns in] your ever-growing [sea] of possessions.
  91. 2nd Kings 7:8 So the lepers enter the [deserted] camp, 😇. They go into one tent. They eat and drink. They carry [out] silver, gold and clothing. They go and hide it. Then they come back. They enter another tent. They carry out [its treasures] too. They [again] go and hide [their loot].
  92. Psalms 17:14 YHVH, [I'm tormented by] men's hands, [brutes of the fleeting] world, [bags of] flattering flesh, bellies full of [the] excess treasure [they heap up to pass to their] gaggle of [cursed] child-spawn.
    note: All translations vary on this verse. Eugene Peterson sees this as imprecatory: “I'd like to see their bellies swollen with famine food, The weeds they've sown harvested and baked into famine bread, With [bitter] second helpings for their children and [posion] crusts for their babies to chew on.”
  93. Psalms 119:36 Bend my heart to your design[s]. [Drag me] away from [the world's income-schemes which amount to legalized] plunder.
    note: According to the legal dictionaries used in tax courts, the following words mean the same thing: gain, income, gagne, plunder, booty. Now you know why you pay income tax. Income is the loot seized via illegal wars.
  94. Proverbs 11:18 The lawbreaker earns illusory profits. But the planter of righteousness eventually reaps a reward guaranteed [by heaven].
    note: All worldly economics = lawbreaking = illusory gains.
  95. Proverbs 13:25 The righteous [human] eats [just] enough to satisfy his life-needs, 😇. The bad-man's belly [gurgles in constant gluttonous] craving.
  96. Proverbs 14:20 The poor [man suffers] hate even from his own neighbor, 😇. The rich [man lives flocked] by [fair-weather] “friends.”
  97. Proverbs 19:7 [A] poor man's brothers hate him, 😇. His friends withdraw. He pursues them with [life's] answers. But they're gone.
  98. Proverbs 27:20 Sheol {The-Grave} and Abaddon {Destruction} are bottomless pits, 😇. Likewise, the eyes of man never sate their [lust].
    note: See Rev 9:11. Earthly burial is a temporary, pre-judgment form of death. Abaddon is final, eternal annihilation following the final judgment.
  99. Proverbs 28:11 The greed-monger sees himself as wise. But the [poor] dangling discerner sees through the rich man's [facade], 😇.
  100. Ecclesiastes 5:14 Some evil misfortune steals away all those riches the man [planned] to hand to his newborn son, 😇.
  101. IsaiYAH 5:9 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies speaks [the land-barons' future] in my ears: “Watch your mega mansions crumble to desolation — your gorgeous palaces empty of [living people].
  102. IsaiYAH 57:17 I get angry at [your] ruinous greed for other peoples' things, 😇. So I strike [you]. I hide myself. I [cloak] my anger while [you] go on perversely following your [covetous] heart.
  103. JeremiYAH 22:14 [The criminal brags], ‘I'm building myself a spacious multi-story mansion with huge chambers.’ He cuts out [big] windows. He panels his ceilings with cedar. He paints [the rooms] in [royal] red.
  104. Ezekiel 26:2 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ [the imps of] Tyre {Rock-Port} slander Jerusalem. [They each laugh,] ‘Ha ha! [Jerusalem,] the people's gateway [to heaven and to world-trade,] lies broken! She's open to me! Now that she's ruined, I'll rush in and get rich!’
    note: Jerusalem lies perfectly situated as the gateway to Africa, Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean sea (the Eastern Hemisphere's channel to the Americas). That's why the Creator chose the Judeans to preserve and propagate his word.
  105. MicaYah 2:2 [Villains] covet lands, 😇. So they snatch fields by violence. [Jerks want other people's] houses. So they carry those houses away. [Criminals] oppress valiant men and their families. [Con-artists] fraudulently violate [saints'] inheritances.
  106. ZechariYAH 9:3 Tyre {Rock-Port} builds herself a strong-hold [of siege defenses]. She heaps up silver like soil. [She hoards] fine gold like [it's cheap as the] mud on [her seaside] streets.
  107. Luke 12:16 YahShua paints this [mind-trip] for the crowd: “A rich man owns fertile farmland. It produces plentiful [excellent] crops, 😇.
  108. John 12:6 Judas says this, 😇, not because he cares for the poor, but because he's a thief! He holds the [disciples'] money bag. He [loves] to take silver out for his own personal use!
    note: Most of the people who are encouraging you give to their causes are doing so because they take a cut of the money you give. Almost all charitable, educational or religious work on earth is done under the covert motive of profit.
  109. Acts 8:20 But Peter {Rock} answers the Sorcerer, “[May] your money perish with you, because you thought the gift of YHVH could be purchased with cash.
    note: Church should not be about money. But it is.
  110. James 5:5 You, 😇, live in pleasure on the earth, [lounging] in wanton luxury and self-indulgence. In a time of slaughter, you go on eating to your heart’s content.
  111. 2nd Peter 2:14 The eyes [of self-willed people] brim full of adultery, 😇. They won't stop sinning. They deceive unstable souls. Their heart[s] are well-practiced in covetousness [wanting what they did not earn]. [Sinners are] cursed brats.
    note: Covetousness = wanting your neighbor's stuff, including welfare payments. ‘Christians’ who sue, who take government handouts, who live materialistically, are cursed brats, not saved saints.
  112. Genesis 13:6 But the land proves too infertile to support [Lot & Abram] living [close] together. Their overly large [animal herds devour the available grass]. So, 😇, [instead of selling some of their animals, Lot & Abram] split up.
    note: Having too much stuff can divide families. Family division puts you under the influence of pagans. Packing around more material substance than you need is a curse, not a blessing. Lot and Abraham, like you and me, were prioritizing wealth above relationships.
  113. Genesis 32:26 [Jacob puts the mystery wrestler in a choke-hold.] The [wrestler groans], “Let me go! [Haven't you had enough?!] The dawn is breaking.” So Jacob, [always looking for an angle,] negotiates: “I won't let you go unless you bless me! [Give me something. Pay me].”
  114. Numbers (Journeys) 31:11 [Then the Israelis] take all [Midian's] loot, and all their [slaves], both human and animal, 😇.
  115. Deuteronomy 3:19 But your wives, and your little ones, and your [beloved] cattle (for I know that [money-making] cattle are what you really care about) will stay in your cities that I've granted you.
  116. Judges 18:3 [The next day Dan's spies ride toward] Micah's temple. The [spies] hear and recognize the voice of [Micah's] young Levite [‘priest’]. So the [spies] turn in there. They ask [the fallen preacher], “Who brought you here? How much [money] do you make here? What are you getting out of [working here]?”
    note: Worldly people want to know how much money you make. Money is all they care about. The jerks rate people by the brutal term: ‘net-worth’.
  117. 2nd Samuel 12:2 The rich man owns more flocks and herds [than he can count].
  118. 2nd Kings 3:23 The [Moabites] assume, “That [liquid] is blood. [Israel's] kings lie murdered. They've destroyed each other. So now, Moabites, [seize] the spoil!”
  119. 2nd Kings 5:22 [Gehazi lies], “All is well. My master sent me [to give this] message [to you]: ‘Look: just now two young men (from the prophets' group at mount Ephraim) [just] came to [visit] me. [So] please give them a talent of silver, and two sets of [fancy] clothes.”
  120. 2nd Kings 5:25 Then [Gehazi] goes into [the study]. He stands before his master [EliShua]. [Elishua] asks him, “Where 'ya comin' from, Gehazi?” [Gehazi lies], “I, your servant, didn't go anywhere.”
  121. Job 3:15 [I'd lay in death] beside gold-rich princes who filled their palaces with silver.
  122. Job 27:8 What hope does the polluted [hypocrite] have of [enjoying] all he's clipped [from other people]? [YHVH the] Eloah rips away the [liar's] life-breath.
  123. Job 28:9 [In search of riches,] the [miner's] hands attack the hardest flint. He uproots and overturns [earth's] mountains!
  124. Job 28:10 [Explorerers] cut tunnel-channels through earth's rocks. Their eyes spy out all its treasures.
  125. Job 28:11 The [adventurer] dams up streams at their flood-heads. Thus he brings hidden [gems] to light.
  126. Psalms 52:7 “Look, 😇! This [bloody piece of meat] is the big-shot who refused to make Elohim his stronghold. [The liar] ran-for-refuge in his overflowing [material] wealth. He got strong by rushing in [to pillage weak people].”
    note: Today such liars pillage through the criminal industries called: insurance, medicine, 'law', religion, atheistic education, ‘defense’, politics, etc.
  127. Psalms 62:10 Never run-for-refuge in oppression, 😇. Don't waste [your life] in robbery. Don't set your heart [on] flourishing power.
    note: Modern man, churchgoers and atheists alike, live in pursuit of gain. Gain = gaigne = ill-gotten spoils of illegal war. To be a normal economic participant in today's world is to become a criminal in the Creator's eyes.
  128. Psalms 73:7 The [frauds'] eyes bulge out of their fat [faces]. Their [greedy] hearts constantly dream up new stuff to covet.
  129. Psalms 112:10 Wicked [beings] watch [YAH exalt righteous people]. Law-breakers grieve [at our success], 😇. They gnash their teeth [in jealousy]. [Finally] they melt away. The greed of sinners [always] perishes [in the end].
  130. Proverbs 10:15 😇, the rich man [sits in] his mansion-fort, [watching] poverty smash [to bits] the poor [people below who dangle by a thread].
  131. Proverbs 15:6 The righteous family's [home] holds abundant [spiritual] treasure, 😇. Trouble hides in the revenue of wicked [people].
    note: Not a justification for storing up wealth on earth... True wealth is the good you do by giving to others. True wealth (the fruit of the Spirit) is stored in your heavenly "mansion" where YAH keeps it 100% safe.
  132. Proverbs 15:27 😇, everyone who craves gain boils his own family [home]. Whoever hates bribes lives [on].
    note: The world's money system is built on the principle of gagne (gain, booty, plunder, aka ‘income’). Nations indebt themselves to banker-masters who send the nation's boys out to steal the resources of poorer countries.
  133. Proverbs 18:11 The rich man's wealth is his [fictional] fortress, a high [unscalable city] wall [that exists only] in his own imagination.
  134. IsaiYAH 5:17 [See] lambs graze in pens [made of] dilapidated [mansions previously] owned by fatcats [now] devoured by non-Hebrew [raiders], 😇.
  135. IsaiYAH 22:16 [Say,] “What have you [built]? Who do you [think] you are? You've hewn yourself a rock-cliff tomb, a high-and-mighty carved sepulchre, your private mountaintop mansion built of cut granite!
  136. Ezekiel 22:13 Look out! I'm striking my hand [down on] the dishonest gain[s] you've made. I'm [avenging] the blood that you [as a political mass keep] shedding.
    note: Most of the time, murder is committed through corporate political means. You may have much more blood on your hands than you realize.
  137. Ezekiel 35:10 You bragged, ‘The twin nations [Judah and North Israel] and their twin countries will be mine. We'll own the [promised land]! YHVH's gone!’
  138. Amos 3:15 [Watch me] strike [every corrupt bigwig's] winter house and summer house, 😇. [See] the [hypocrites'] ivory-covered palaces [& temples] collapse. [Watch me] snatch away the [liars'] great [princely] mansions,” warns YHVH.
  139. Habakkuk 2:5 Deceived [by] intoxication, proud mankind builds homes, fattening [their] flesh. [Meanwhile the] grave satiates [itself with] death, heaping up [destroyed] nations, mounds [of] cadavers, 😇.
    note: Worldlings waste their whole lives building bigger and better homes. Yet all consumers, rich and poor, end up rotting in little boxes in the ground.
  140. Habakkuk 2:7 [Debtors eventually] rise up, 😇. [Borrowers] shock open [their creditors'] eyes. [Paupers] bite [the loan-sharks back for the interest charges with which they bit humanity. Underdogs] wake up [the bankers], shake [them] off [and] plunder [them back]!
    note: The Great Reset will recoil on the globalist bankers.
  141. Acts 5:2 AnaniYah keeps back part of the [real-estate sale] price. AnaniYah's wife knows this secret, 😇. AnaniYah brings [only] part of the sales money. [He] lays it at the apostles’ feet, [pretending he's donated the full amount to the communal fund].
  142. Acts 5:5 On hearing these words, AnaniYah falls down. He gives up the ghost, 😇! Great fear comes over everyone who hears about this [paranormal death].
  143. Genesis 34:23 Their cattle and their wealth and their every beast will be ours! So let's consent to them. Then they'll live with us.”
    note: Communism. Always a big mistake.
  144. Numbers (Journeys) 31:12 [The Israelis] bring the captives, and the [cattle and slaves], and the plunder to Moses and [high] priest ELeazar {El's-Aid}, before the community of the people of Israel, at the camp on the plains of Moab (by the Jordan [river], near Jericho {Moon-Spirit}).
  145. Numbers (Journeys) 32:1 The sons of Reuben {Look-a-Son} and the sons of Gad {Troop} [get sick of dragging around their enormous herds] of cattle, 😇. So when these [ranchers] see the land of Jazer {Helpful}, and the land of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, their eyes fly open. They see these as perfect places to [get rich raising] cattle.
    note: More evidence that the quail massacre occurred because of a demand for democratic meat-use rights, not due to a lack of meat. Here on the (eastern) Arab side of the Jordan river, these Israeli meat-lovers could eat steak every night, free of any requirement to bring the meat to the sanctuary where it would be properly processed and used to help poor people, and to run the sacred government.
  146. Deuteronomy 27:17 ‘Cursed is he who removes his neighbor's land-boundary-marker.’ Then all the people shout, “Amén!”
  147. Job 15:21 Dreadful sounds [ring] in [the evil man's] ears. [His] prosperity [vanishes in a flash when] the destroyer comes upon him.
  148. Job 28:8 No lion's cub ever walked [on subterranean molten lava. Men dig mines in abysses] where even the black-lion [never] stalks.
  149. Psalms 73:12 Watch, 😇. Wicked [jerks] prosper in the world. They build huge estate[s for themselves].
    note: eon
  150. Psalms 73:18 [YAH] sets the [greedsters] in slippery spots [on life's road], 😇. [He] casts them down into destruction.
  151. IsaiYAH 2:7 Sure, 😇, [for the moment, Judeo-Christian] countries brim with silver and gold and endless treasures. The land shimmers with horses and endless [lines of] cars.
  152. IsaiYAH 23:18 So YHVH confiscates [Tyre's] merchandise and her [ill-gotten] gains. She fails to hoard or protect [her wealth]. Her profits go to [saints] who live facing [up to] YHVH. [Thus YAH] gives [his followers] adequate food and quality clothing.
  153. Ezekiel 35:12 And you come to see that I am YHVH, [the future-maker], and that I've heard every blasphemy you brag against the mountains of Israel. [You] gloat, ‘[YAH] laid waste [to the Israelis! He] gave them to us [pagans] to devour!’
  154. Ezekiel 36:2 Adonai YHVH says, “The enemy gloats over you, ‘Ha! [Israel's] ancient heights [have] become our property!’
  155. Nahum 2:9 [Looters] steal [mountains of] silver! [Thieves] plunder [bankers'] gold! [The war-state's] ‘endless’ repository of glorious precious treasure lies empty, void, waste.
  156. Habakkuk 2:6 Lift up [a] parable, 😇, [a] satirical proverb. Taunt [and challenge your society], “Woe [to those who] gain [the] burden [of other peoples'] pledged goods!
    note: Jesus commanded his disciples to never ask for the return of anything they loaned. Loaning = giving. Never charge interest. Never even request the return of your principal investment.
  157. ZephaniYAH 1:11 [See the] wailing inhabitants of the Mortar Wall [on Market Street, 😇]. [Invaders] cut down [greedy] merchant people. Money-carriers [fall] to ruin. [Their silver coins spill into the blood-mud streets.]
  158. ZephaniYAH 2:1 The greedy [shameless] beast-nation(s) gather together like dry-weeds bundled for [eternal] fire, 😇.
  159. Luke 19:2 Right there sits a rich [corrupt] man named ZacchaYah, the chief tax-collector.
    note: ‘Zacchaeus’ is the Greek debased form of ‘ZacchaYah’, which means ‘the pure one of Yah.’ Zacchaeus was not pure; he was a powerful Jew taking bribes in the Roman tax-collecting business.
  160. John 12:5 "Why didn't [this whore] sell this oil for 300 [silver pieces], then give [the money] to [me to dole out to] the poor?”
  161. Acts 5:8 Peter {Rock} asks Sapphire [a trick question], “Tell me, is this the price [the buyer] paid you for your land?” Sapphire lies, “Yes.”
  162. 1 Maccabees 1:16 The [Grecian] Empire becomes established under Antiochus. [Not content with one Empire,] Antiochus decides to [invade south to] reign over Egypt so that he can have dominion over two realms [at once].
  163. 1 Maccabees 1:22 Antiochus [steals Jerusalem's] table of the holy bread, and the pouring vessels, and the vials, and the censers of gold, and the veil, and the crown, and the golden ornaments that stood before the temple—all of this Antiochus rips off, 😇.
  164. Genesis 36:6 [Time passes, 😇.] Esau {Rough-Red} packs up his wives, his sons, his daughters, all the people of his household, his cattle, all his animals and all the possessions he's acquired in Canaan {LowLand}. [They] caravan [south] to a country far out of sight of [Esau's] brother Jacob {Cheater}.
  165. Deuteronomy 3:7 But we take all the livestock and wealth of the cities as plunder for ourselves, 😇.
    note: A crime not commanded by YHVH.
  166. Joshua 8:27 Obeying the decree YHVH commanded JAHshua, [the] Israelis take as their [reward] only the cattle and the wealth of [Ai] city.
  167. Judges 1:14 Anklet [gallops her donkey] to her new hubby. [She] begs him to ask her Dad for some land. [Hubby refuses.] So, [in a huff, Anklet] jumps off her donkey. [Her Dad,] Caleb asks her, “What [do] you want?”
  168. 1st Samuel 25:2 [There] in Maon {Abode} [David spies] a very rich man, a descendant of Caleb {Battle-Cry}, from Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}. [David looks over the man's spread of] 3000 sheep and 1000 goats. [One day David sees the man] shearing his sheep in Carmel.
    note: “Descendant of Caleb” is often here translated “cynical.”
  169. 2nd Kings 5:21 So Gehazi {Vision-Valley} chases [General] Naaman. Naaman sees [Gehazi] running after him. So [Naaman] jumps down from his chariot to meet [Gehazi]. [The General] asks, “Is everything OK?”
  170. 1st Chronicles 2:7 [Zerah's descendant] Carmi {Gardener} [fathers] sons [including] Achor {Roiler}, the ‘troubler of Israel.’ [Achor commits] treachery by [confiscating occult treasures which YHVH] banned.
    note: See Joshua 7:24.
  171. Job 15:29 [The evil man] loses his wealth. His estate crashes. His [crops and buildings and enterprises] cease to spread over the earth.
  172. Job 22:7 You [snatch] water from people passing out from thirst. You [steal] food from hungry [children's mouths]. [You got rich by a life of covert crime!]
  173. Job 22:24 [Repent.] Then you'll store up gold like [it's cheap as] dust! [You'll gather] the gold of Ophir {Gold-Land} like [you gather] river-stones.
    note: This is known as the 'prosperity gospel', a fiction based on a true story.
  174. Job 22:25 [Repent.] Then the Almighty will [serve] as your defense. You'll faint from [carrying] your [piles] of silver.
  175. Job 27:16 [In fact, wicked people can] heap up silver like [it was cheap as] dust. [Frauds] amass [fine] clothes [as fast as poor people heap up] clay.
  176. Job 27:21 The [evil] east wind carries [the greedster] away to nothingness. A [horrifying] storm hurls him out of his place.
  177. Job 28:4 Far [below] the oblivious feet of earth's inhabitants, the [miner] sinks a shaft. There, [diggers] bore dirt. They pass away from [sight]. [In loneliness, suspended on ropes, they swing to and fro.]
    note: Hebrew transliteration: he-breaches-forth watercourse from·with one-sojourning the·ones-being-forgotten from foot they-impoverish from·mortal they-rove
  178. Job 34:9 He bleats, ‘A man reaps zero profit from pleasing Elohim {God}.’
  179. Psalms 10:3 The evil [man] boasts of his heart's lusts, 😇. He blesses [greedy] covetous [criminals whom] YHVH abhors.
    note: False religion blesses greedy oppressors.
  180. Psalms 106:14 In the wilderness, [the Israelites] plunge into greed, 😇. In [middle-eastern] wastelands, they test Elohim's [patience].
  181. Psalms 106:15 So [YAH] gives the [Israelites] the [material stuff] they demand. But [he] sends [them] empty hearts [and wasting diseases].
    note: Like the people around you.
  182. Proverbs 22:28 Never move an ancient landmark which your fore-fathers established, 😇.
    note: Never steal land by moving survey markers. Never allow moral boundaries to loosen. Due Process, freedom of religion, freedom of speech SHALL NOT BE ABRIDGED.
  183. IsaiYAH 23:3 [No more will Tyre] get [filthy] rich as the multinational broker of seeds harvested from the river-lands of [dark Egyptian] Sihor.
  184. Ezekiel 7:13 No seller survives to return to his merchandising. The [destruction you now] foresee [smashes] the entire [commercial] horde. They vanish from existence forever, never to return, because [they lived] morally-weak lives, [too sick-spirited to] repent of their evil.
    note: Peterson: “The bottom drops out of buying and selling. It will never be the same again. But don't fantasize an upturn in the market. The country is bankrupt because of its sins. It's not going to get any better.”
  185. Ezekiel 27:21 Arabia and all the princes of Kedar {Darkness} travel to do business with you. [They] specialize in merchandizing lambs, rams and goats.
  186. Ezekiel 27:22 Brokers from [Ethiopian] Sheba and Raamah {Horse-Mane} engage in commerce with you. They busy your markets trading the finest of all aromatic [spices], every [kind of] precious stone, and gold.
  187. Ezekiel 27:25 The shipsmen of Tarshish {Gem} sing of you as they restock your [markets]. Soon you shine glorious in the heart of [earth's] seas.
  188. Acts 5:11 Great fear floods over the whole Ekklesia, and [over] everyone who hears of these [paranormal deaths, 😇].
  189. 1 Maccabees 1:23 And Antiochus steals [Jerusalem's] silver and gold [and all her] precious vessels. He confiscates [all the] hidden [Jewish] treasures he can find.
  190. Numbers (Journeys) 32:3 [The cattle-barons] say, “[We want the land of] Ataroth {Crowns}, and Dibon {Longing}, and Jazer {Helpful}, and Nimrah {Clear-Water}, and Heshbon {Intelligence}, and EL'ealeh {EL-Ascends}, and Shebam {Spice}, and Nebo {Babyl-god}, and Beon {Baal-House}.
  191. Numbers (Journeys) 32:5 So,” the [cattle-kooks] continue, “[Moses,] if we've found grace in your sight, give this land to [us,] your servants, as our property, instead of taking us with you [west] across the Jordan [river].”
    note: These materialistic men say nothing about the needs or their relatives, children or YHVH. They only talk about wealth for themselves. Sound familiar?
  192. Job 15:27 [The robber] bulks up his appearance with rich muscle-and-fat. He pumps his torso full of [food].
    note: Or: "He lets his face grow gross and fat, and the rest of him bulges with blubber." 'Cheleb' can mean disgusting fat, but it primarily implies rich strength as the opposite of skinny weakness.
  193. Ecclesiastes 6:1 😇, here's [another] evil I've seen under the sun. It's common among humanity:
  194. Acts 5:1 But a [‘believer’] named AnaniYah (and his wife Sapphira [Sapphire]) sell their property, 😇.
    note: Sapphira
  195. 1 Maccabees 4:17 [Hammer] commands the people, “Don't lust for the plunder! Another battle looms before us!
  196. 1 Maccabees 6:1 Then Emperor Antiochus travels through the high countries [north of Israel]. The Emperor hears someone say, “The city of Elymais in Persia is greatly renowned for riches, silver and gold.
  197. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:8 Congratulate [spiritually] rich people found without blemish, who have not [wasted their life] seeking gold [money].
  198. 1 Maccabees 6:2 —There in Elymais stands a very rich temple. It guards coverings of gold, and breastplates, and shields, which Philip's son Alexander {Man-Defender} (the first Macedonian to reign over the Grecians) left there.”
  199. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 20:9 There is a sinner who has good success in evil things; and there is a gain that turns to loss.


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