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Idolatry is putting your faith, adoration, obedience, allegiance, or trust in anyone or anything but YAH and His Messiah.

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76 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Idolatry

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Commandment #2: No Idols
  2. N. Israel's Demon-Prophets Fail To Rouse Baal
  3. The Israelis Go Wild In A Drunken Pagan Orgy
  4. Judgment Drives Idolaters To Caves & Holes
  5. EliJAH Sentences King Ahaziah To Death
  6. The New Generation Forsakes YHVH
  7. Emperor Forces All To Pray To A Giant Idol
  8. Diana's Idol-Makers Stir Up Anti-Christ Hate
  9. YAH Satirizes Idolaters Who Worship Statues
  10. King Amaziah Brings Back Demon-Idols From War
  11. Avoid Pagan Worship Patterns & Symbols
  12. Remember The Bush-Mountain Miracles
  13. Jews Insist On Celebrating Christmas & Easter
  14. Modern Society Is Idolatrous To The Core
  15. Aaron & Israel Forge A Golden Bull God
  16. Never Get Involved in ANY Kind Of Idolatry
  17. No Image or Statue Begins To Represent YHVH!
  18. YAH Alone Created Everything
  19. Zechariah Sees The Demon-Goddess In A Basket!
  20. Moses Smashes The 1st Set Of Tablets
  21. Moses Destroys The Bull-God
  22. Moses Recounts The Golden-Calf Debacle
  23. YHVH Sends Plague On The Idolatrous Israelis
  24. EliJah Summons Baal's Prophets To A Showdown
  25. Israel's Sex-Addicts Erect A Sex-Shrine
  26. Don't Use Freedom To Confuse Weak Believers
  27. The Sweet Syrian General Repents Of Idolatry
  28. Get Rid Of Pagan Objects, Habits & Thoughts
  29. Paul Stops The Insanity Of Animal Sacrifice
  30. Idols Are Idle Nothings
  31. Gideon Tears Down The Altar Of Baal
  32. Occultists Kill Hebrews For Refusing To Bow
  33. Good King Josiah Rids Judea Of Idolatry
  34. YAH Gives Moses His Anti-Idolatry Statutes
  35. JAHu Massacres All Israel's Baal-Worshippers
  36. King Hezekiah's Brat Manasseh Reigns Wickedly
  37. Good Example Can Be The Most Important Thing
  38. Condemnation of Christmas Tree-Like Idols
  39. King Ahaz Sacrifices Bodies To Demon Gods!
  40. Jeroboam Leads Northern Israel Into Idolatry
  41. The World Crawls With False Prophets & Idols
  42. Israel Grows Up To Be A Worldly Whore
  43. Evil King Ahaziah Falls & Seeks Demon-Healing
  44. Grace Is Stopping Sinning, Not Freedom To Sin
  45. A Prophet Buys His Whore-Wife From Her Pimp
  46. Isaiah Predicts The Demise Of Babylon's Gods
  47. Idolatry Produces Devastation
  48. YAH's Ark Conquers The Fish-God Idol
  49. Wrestle For The Souls Of Your Evil Countrymen
  50. Why Assyria Invaded: Israel Hated YHVH
  51. The Whole City Mob Christians In A Theater
  52. Wolf-Land's Pagans Sacrifice Animals To Paul
  53. Prophet Daniel Blows Up A Satanic Dragon-Idol
  54. Moses Begs YHVH To Forgive Israel
  55. Worldly Hypocrites Reject Prophet Jeremiah
  56. The Sinful History Of The Israelites In Song
  57. The Beast-Nationals Refuse To Follow YAH
  58. EzekieEl Foresees The End Of Israel's Glory
  59. King Josiah Destroys Judea's Occult Idols
  60. False Religionists Are The Root Of Evil
  61. Brats Of Israel Whine, But YAH Ignores Them
  62. Spiritual Egypt Sucks Out Your Soul
  63. Idols Are Mute, Dumb, Impotent, Useless Junk
  64. Never Let Idolatry Infect Your Fellowship
  65. Shun Your Family If They Follow Pagan Leaders
  66. Stay Disconnected From Pagan People
  67. Daniel Proves The Idol-Priests Are Con-Artists
  68. Egypt's Ptolemy III Defeats Grecian Antiochus
  69. Micah's Mom Forges A Giant Silver Idol-God
  70. YAH Condemns Syncretistic Pseudo-Believers
  71. Hezekiah Destroys Judea's Idolatry Systems
  72. EliJAH Utters King Ahaziah's Death Sentence
  73. ‘Jeremiah’ Warns You To Never Worship Idols
  74. Global Apostasy Precedes The Messiah's Return
  75. Arrogant AzariYah Gets Leprosy!
  76. Micah Returns A Fortune He Stole From His Mom


457 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Idolatry

  1. Exodus 20:4 😇, make no graven idol resembling anything in heaven nor earth nor earth's waters:
    note: Churches, especially the Amish, commonly get this 2nd commandment wrong. You can and SHOULD make any kind of artwork for good purposes. Just don't make images that are used or treated as idols. Don't create an image of a celebrity or politician to be worshiped, as Leni Reifenstahl did with Hitler. (Most politicians and celebrities use Leni's idol-making techniques.) Don't make statues in the form of pagan gods. (For instance, pictures of men or gods engraved or molten into money.) Just about every man, woman and child has monetary idols in their pockets, and has since civilization began. The Catholic church fraudulently tries to bury this commandment inside the first commandment, to hide the fact that their icons are just re-cycled and re-branded pagan gods.
  2. Exodus 20:5 😇, never bow [down to nor] serve [idols. I,] YHVH [your] Elohim, [am the] zealous El {Power}. I punish [the] sins of [all] fathers who hate Me, [because those sins cascade down] to [harm] the 3rd and 4th generation of [the sinners'] children.
    note: Or ‘Jealous’. The word ‘serve’ here denotes ‘HONOR’ as in honoring a check with payment. We should not accept the world's graven images and molten idols (funny money) as payment for our goods and services. Again, the sin is in serving idols or what idols represent. Who does not serve money and the world powers which the money represents? However, images, pictures, of every type, are excellent tools to present YAH's thoughts to the world. Never pledge allegiance nor swear any oath nor make any binding agreement nor promise, especially not to get the world's idolatrous money and to serve the names and people engraved thereon. ‘Sins’ here = AVON (perversity, moral evil).
  3. 1st Kings 18:27 Then around noon, EliJah {JAH-Is-El} mocks the [demon-prophets]. [He yells,] “Cry louder! Your god must be daydreaming, or pooping! Maybe he's away on vacation. Or maybe he's [just] asleep, and you need to [yell really loud] to wake him up!”
  4. Luke 4:7 —If you bow down before me, all [the world] becomes your property.”
  5. Exodus 20:23 😇, never make an image representing Me (nor any lower elohim) out of silver nor gold [nor anything else]. I stand alone.
    note: This repeats the 2nd commandment, specifically forbidding the standard monetary-design practice of every nation of the last 3000 years. Never mint coins bearing the images of mythical gods nor dead presidents nor kings: a law broken by every civilization that ever minted money.
  6. JeremiYAH 7:18 Children gather wood. Fathers kindle fire. Women knead their dough, to make cakes to [honor] the [demon Easter who masquerades as the] ‘queen of heaven.’ The [fake-Jews] pour out drink offerings to [appease] retard-gods. Thus they whip up my grieving-fury.”
    note: Catholics to this day bake hot-cross buns for Mary, the so-called ‘Queen Of Heaven’. There is no ‘queen of heaven.’ YHVH (our Creator) has no body, thus no sex, thus no wife. He is spirit. The paganized Judeo-Christian world worships the arch-demon Ishtar as Easter, Liberty, Fate, etc.
  7. Ezekiel 8:14 So [YAH] brings me to the north-facing door by the gate of YHVH's temple. There I see women weeping for [false Christ] Tammuz.
    note: The "Christian" cross is the symbol for Tammuz, the ancient mythical son of the Sun god, and husband of the goddess Easter. The women weep at Christmastime because at the winter solstice the sun appears to be dying. But then spring ‘resurrects’ the sun. Catholics preserved this ancient mystery religion, forbidden by the bible, by weaving it into Christianity. Why? Because they already had invested fortunes in Tammuz cross artworks that they didn't want to melt down. The Greek New Testament text says explicitly that Jesus died on a stake [stauros], not a “cross.”
  8. Acts 7:43 Yes, you keep erecting the tabernacle of Moloch [the war god]. [You] lift high the [6 sided / 5-sided] star of ‘god’: your god Remphan. You make [5 and 6-sided stars] to worship those [false gods]. So I exile you away beyond Babylon.”
    note: This refers to the six-sided star, the Seal of Solomon (incorrectly called the star of David), and to the ubiquitous 5 sided star of the worldly military powers. #4481 Rhemphan hrem-fan' (Hebrew #3594); (i.e. Kijun), an Egyptian idol. #3594 Kiyuwn/Chiun kee-yoon' from 3559; properly, a statue, i.e. idol; but used for some heathen deity (perhaps Priapus or Baal-peor). #798 astron as'-tron from #792; properly, a constellation; put for a single star (natural or artificial). Walk around your town calling the 6-star & the 5-star ‘abominations’, and you'll get what Stephen got: killed.
  9. Acts 12:23 Immediately [an] angel [from] Adonai [YHVH] strikes Herod down [as punishiment] for failing to give YHVH the glory. [Venereal] worms [in Herod's crotch invade his bloodstream. They] eat [away] his [brain and body]. So ‘King Hero’ ‘gives up the ghost.’
    note: Herod should have said, “No, I'm just a man, bound to obey YHVH like everyone else.” But Herod, like the Roman Emperor, wanted the people to think that he was possessed by the spirit(s) of the god(s).
  10. Acts 17:29 So, since we are YHVH's ‘offspring,’ we should never think that the Divine [being] is like gold, or silver, or stone, engraved by art and man's device, 😇.
    note: ‘Theios’ is often rendered with the confusing Catholic code-word: Godhead.
  11. Romans 1:23 And people keep exchanging the glory of [YHVH] the incorruptible Eloah for images resembling corruptible humans, birds, four-footed beasts, and creeping [reptiles & bugs]!
  12. Exodus 32:1 [Meanwhile, 😇, down below,] the [Israelite] people realize that Moses has shamed them by staying alone with YHVH instead of coming down the mountain [to be a part of their society]. So the people mob Aaron! They command him, “Get up! Sculpt us idol-gods to [parade] before us. Because as for this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt—we don't know what's become of him.”
  13. Exodus 32:19 Time passes, 😇. Moses approaches the camp. He sees the [idol] calf, and the [people dirty] dancing [before it]. Moses’ anger flares hot. He hurls the tablets from his hands. The [tablets] shatter on the [rocks at the] base of the mountain.
    note: The hebrew word 'anah' has variant interpretations, such as singing, shouting, dancing, playing flutes, etc. Music should be a whole function, involving all of society and mixing all of the arts.
  14. Exodus 32:20 [Moses runs down the foothill.] He grabs the bull-idol the [people] made. He burns it in the fire. He grinds its [remains] to powder. He scatters the gold dust on the water. Then he makes the descendants of Israel drink it!
    note: A functionally exact replica of this golden bull sits outside the New York Stock Exchange. You are living in spiritual Egypt.
  15. Exodus 34:17 😇, never make ANY molten elohim.
    note: Never make coins showing images of pagan gods or worldly leaders.
  16. Numbers (Journeys) 25:2 So, 😇, the [pagan] whores invite the Israelites to slaughter-celebrations [honoring] their demon-gods. [The Israelites flock to the festivals, where] they eat [food sacrificed to idols. Even worse, the Israelites] bow down to [the pagan] demon-gods.
    note: This demon-god was probably named "Easter." Sound familiar?
  17. Deuteronomy 5:8 😇, never make any engraved [nor carved idol] image, nor any [idolatrous] likeness of anything in heaven [or sky] above, nor on earth below, nor in the waters below the shoreline;
    note: This verse is only half of the 2nd Commandment; it MUST be completed by the next verse. Make tons of artworks. But avoid worshipping them. Banning artwork turned the protestant church into a boring lecture hall filled with retarded, artless sermons. What this command prohibits is the idolatrous images, for instance on coins and bills and government monuments.
  18. Deuteronomy 5:9 😇, never [literally nor metaphorically] bow yourself down to ANY image [idol, including celebrities/politicians/leaders, etc.] Never serve them. For I YHVH your Elohim am a jealous El {Power}. I hold people (who hate Me) personally responsible. Their sins damage themselves, their children, their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren.
    note: YAH does not punish children for the sins of their parents. Parents' sins cascade down through time to damage their descendants.
  19. Deuteronomy 9:21 So [I hike back down the mountain]. I take your ‘sin’, the calf you forged. I incinerate it in [a huge deadly] fire. I smash it! I grind it to powder fine as dust. Then I cast its dust into the brook descending from Mount [Sinai].
  20. 1st Kings 18:29 The sun crosses noon. The [demon-prophets] go on ranting-and-raving until the time [Hebrews normally] slaughter the evening [sacred-feast meal]. And of course, no voice nor action answers the [demon-prophets]. [Even the crowd stops] paying attention [to the lunatics].
  21. 2nd Kings 10:19 So now summon to me all the prophets of Baal {Demon-Master}, and all his servants, and all his priests. No exceptions! Because I have a great sacrifice to [offer] Baal. Whoever fails to show, dies.” But JAHu says this to set a trap. He intends to destroy Baal's worshippers.
  22. 1st Chronicles 10:10 The [Philistine] rabble hang [Saul's] armor in the temple of their gods. They fasten [Saul's] head [to the wall] of the temple of Dagon {Fish-God}.
  23. Psalms 135:18 All [idol]-makers are [deaf, dumb, blind and spirit-less] like their [creations]. [Equally dumb are] all the [dummies] who trust in [idols], 😇.
    note: This applies to all media idols, the developers of worldly shows and games, and all the people who stare at those screens.
  24. IsaiYAH 2:20 On [judgment] day, [every] Adam-spawn flings away his illegal-idols of silver, his outlawed-totems of gold, 😇. The treasures [man] makes to bow-down-to, he abandons to the moles and the bats.
  25. IsaiYAH 44:12 The iron-smith works the fire-coals with his tongs. He fashions [his god-product] with [picks and] hammers. He bends [his ‘god’] with the strength of his arms. [By lunchtime, the metalsmith's] stomach growls, 😇. His strength fails. He forgets to drink water. So he faints over [like he's dead]! [PLOP!]
  26. Daniel 3:1 [20 years pass.] Emperor Nebuchadnezzar [foolishly pays metal-smiths to sculpt] an image of gold, 60 cubits [90 feet] high by 6 cubits [9 feet] wide. The Emperor's [slaves] erect this pole on the plain of Dura {Circle}, [12 miles South-East of Babylon city,] in the province of Babylon.
    note: An enormous carved Asherah pole. Note 60&6, numbers of man, seen in Rev 13:18. These numerological markers have enormous significance and should not be translated '90 & 9 feet' as is often done by mistake. Every number in the scripture is not just mathematical accounting, it's thematic code. This pole is similar to the Washington Monument, which is 666 feet high (including its base). The "al-Dura" is today a neighborhood in the Rasheed administrative district in Southern Baghdad, Iraq. Fleeing United States soldiers called Al-Dura "the most dangerous place in Iraq".
  27. Daniel 3:5 At the exact time that you hear the sound of the horn, pipe, harp, zither, lute, bagpipe and [whatever other] kind of musical instrument [the army-band plays], you [shall] fall down and worship the golden image that Emperor Nebuchadnezzar has erected:
    note: Modern idolatry is much more sophisticated and subtle: swearing oaths to judges, pledging allegiance to flags, signing statements under penalty of perjury, building monuments and printing coins and bills showing engraved images of revered national worldly leaders who happen to be mass-murderers.
  28. Daniel 3:6 And whoever [fails to] fall down and worship [the idol,] will the same hour be hurled [by Imperial soldiers] into the [white-hot] center of a burning fiery furnace!”
    note: This story is powerful because, like the saga of today's health-scare lockdowns, it illustrates the inevitable and futile war waged by utilitarian [human-invented] statutes against natural [God-ordained] law as championed by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
  29. Malachi 2:12 Wake up, 😇! Open your eyes! Pay attention! YHVH chops off any human [of any class] who commits idolatry, [no matter if you're a seminary-trained divinity scholar and a professor of theology,] no matter if you're from the house of Jacob, no matter if you bring sacrifices to YHVH-commander-of-armies.
  30. Acts 19:28 The idol-builders hear this [accusation against Paul]. So they boil over in wrath, 😇. They cry out. [They] shout, “Great is Diana, [goddess] of the Ephesians!”
    note: If you want to embroil a similar controversy in your church, propose celebrating Passover instead of Easter. (Easter is the cutesy name for Ishtar/Astarte, a goddess roughly equivalent to Diana.)
  31. Exodus 32:4 So Aaron accepts the jewelry from the people. He melts it down. (Using an engraving tool) he sculpts the gold into a calf. Then the people shout, “O Israel, [this statue represents] your elohim, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt!”
    note: Calf=egel, pronounced "Eagle," drawing a clear auditory connection to today's nationalistic idolatry. The bull-god was the primary deity of Egypt. So praising it was as normal as pledging allegiance to the flag today. The same bull god sits outside of the New York Stock Exchange today. This story is retold in Neh 9:18 and Ps 106:19-21.
  32. Exodus 32:6 So, 😇, [the Israelites] rise up early the next day. They offer donated [meat] for smoke-roasting. They bring [vegetables, grains and desserts as] peace donation[s]. The people sit down to eat and drink. Then they jump up to play [sports-games]. [The fun devolves into dirty dancing and tail-chasing.]
    note: Obviously they cooked meat, because they ate. They may also have criminally burned whole animals in a misguided attempt to placate the god(s), Egypt-style. The word (alah) normally rendered “burnt offerings” here has little to do with burning. See 1 Co 10:7.
  33. Exodus 32:7 [So, back up on the summit,] YHVH says to Moses, “Go. Get down [the mountain]. Your people, who you brought out of the land of Egypt, have corrupted themselves:
    note: YHVH disowns the pagans.
  34. Exodus 32:8 They've quickly turned aside from the Way [of life] which I commanded them. They've forged themselves a molten calf. They're worshiping it. They're slaughting [animals in its honor,] shouting, ‘O Israel, this [statue represents] your elohim, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt!’”
  35. Exodus 32:17 [Down lower on the mountain, Moses meets JAHshua.] JAHshua hears the noise of the people shouting [praises to their idols, dirty-dancing, partying]. [JAHshua] exclaims to Moses, “That's the noise of WAR in the camp!”
  36. Exodus 32:24 So I answered them, ‘Whoever has any gold [jewelry], take it off.’ So they gave it to me. Then I cast it into the fire, and [magically,] out popped this calf!”
    note: Aaron's lying. He sculpted the calf.
  37. Leviticus 26:1 😇, never make any idols of metal, earth or wood. Never erect any [phallic] object, [steeple or obelisk]. Never set up any stone image in your land, unless [the image on it is purely artistic, and has no function in] worship [of deities, nor subjection to men]. For I am YHVH, your sole [Judge, Lawgiver and Sovereign].
    note: This directly forbids virtually every coin or political statue you've ever seen, and forbids all church steeples, obelisks at the Vatican, the Washington Monument, and on and on. It doesn't forbid artwork, unless it's the kind of idolatrous artwork you see in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda, the Statue Of Liberty, or the monetary instruments common to world economic systems.
  38. Deuteronomy 9:16 Then I look [down to the valley. With shock I] see you [Israelites] betraying YHVH your Elohim. You forge yourselves a molten calf [to worship]! You race off-course immediately. You abandon the way YHVH commanded you [to go]!
  39. Deuteronomy 13:8 Refuse to consent to any [idolater, 😇]. Don't listen to him. Don't look [for a way] to shelter him. Don't spare him [from retribution]. Don't hide him [from justice].
  40. Judges 6:28 The men of the city wake early in the morning. They see
  41. the altar of Baal {Demon-Master} demolished,
  42. and [Baal's] steeples cut down beside it,
  43. and [Gideon's Dad's] second young bull smoke-roasted on the cooking-altar [which Gideon] built!
  44. 1st Samuel 5:4 Again the [Philistines] get up early the next day, only to see Dagon {Fish-God} again fallen on his face to the ground before the ark of YHVH. But [this time] the Fish-God's head and both his hands lay severed on the [temple] threshold, 😇! Only the [Fish-God's] torso lies intact.
    note: ‘Head’ represents thoughts and intentions. ‘Hand’ represents choices and actions. These are the locations of the mark of the beast.
  45. 1st Kings 11:7 Then, on the hill facing Jerusalem, Solomon {Peace-Man} builds a high-shrine for Chemosh {Crusher}, the abominable [demon] of Moab, and for Molech {War-God-King}, the abominable [demon who controls] of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon.
    note: The nation around you worships those same demons, in ways you don't see unless you look beneath the surface.
  46. 1st Kings 12:28 So king [Jeroboam] takes [wicked] counsel [from sorcerers]. He [pays artisans to] craft two golden bulls. He announces to the [Israelis], “It's too much trouble for you to hike all the way [south] to Jerusalem [to hold feasts]. Look, Israel. Your gods [rule] here [in north Israel. The demons represented by these two bulls] brought you up out of the land of Egypt!”
    note: Just like the golden bull in front of the New York Stock Exchange.
  47. 2nd Kings 1:16 EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to [the corrupt tyrant], “YHVH says, ’An Elohim exists in Israel. You could ask me [to give you his] Word. Yet you send messengers to inquire of Ekron's demon-god, Baal-Zebub {Lord-Of-The-Flies} [aka Satan]. So you never [again] come down off that bed on which you are laid up. You die. Dead.’”
  48. 2nd Kings 5:18 [And please ask] YHVH to pardon me (your servant). Because when my master [the king of Syria] goes into [Syria's] temple to worship in the shrine of Ramman {Storm-god}, [the king walks] leaning on my arm. [So when the king bows, I feel I have to] bow down. [I know it's wrong] to worship in the temple of Ramman. [So please ask] YHVH to pardon [me,] your servant, of this [sin].
    note: Probably Rammanu, the ‘God of the Storm.’
  49. 2nd Kings 11:18 Then all the people of [Judaea's] land [rush] into Baal's temple. They break it down. They completely smash [Baal's animal-sacrifice] altars and his idol-images. In front of the altars, [they execute] Baal's [high] priest Mattan {Gift}. Then [hebrew high] priest [YAHoyada] appoints officers [to guard] the temple of YHVH [against revenge attacks from witches].
    note: 2 chr 24:7
  50. 2nd Kings 23:20 And upon the altars, [king] JosiYah [ritually] slaughters all the local [child-molesting] priests of each [occult] high-shrine. Then [Josiah] burns men's bones on the [altars]. Then [JosiYah] returns to Jerusalem.
  51. 2nd Chronicles 34:4 [King Josiah personally] supervises the [Judaeans] in breaking down the altars of Baalim {non-Hebrew-Sovereigns}. The [Judaeans] chop down the idol-images mounted high above [occult altars]. They [burn Judea's] Easter-Steeples, carved idol-images, and metal idol-images. [JosiYah's demolition-men] break [all of Judaea's idols] into pieces. He [grinds] them to dust, 😇! He strews the [dust] on the graves of the [pagans] who had sacrificed [lives] to the [idol-gods].
  52. NehemiYAH 9:18 [Our ancestors] even forged themselves a [golden] bull-calf. They lied: “This [statue represents Baal,] your Elohim who brought you up out of Egypt.” And they committed other gross blasphemies.
  53. Psalms 106:19 [Beneath Mount] Horeb {Dry}, the [Israelites] forge a molten calf-idol. Then [they] worship it, 😇!
  54. Psalms 106:20 The [Israelis] exchange their glorious [YHVH] for a statue of a grass-munching bull, 😇!
    note: Just like the bull outside the New York Stock Exchange.
  55. IsaiYAH 44:9 —All [people] who forge idols are human-chaos. Their coveted [treasures] benefit no one. People who defend [idol-worship] see nothing. They know nothing. Shame eventually [covers all unrepentant idol-mongers].
    note: This condemns celebrity worship, reverence of political figures, and prayer to Catholic 'saints,' including the no-longer-virgin Mary.
  56. IsaiYAH 44:11 Watch, 😇: shame eventually [floods] the idolater and all his associates. Idol-builders are mere meat-men. At the final [judgment day, angels] gather all [history's fetishists] into one big [herd]. The [pagans] stand quaking [in terror before YAH's throne]. All [blood] drains from their pale-faces.
  57. IsaiYAH 44:13 The wood-artist stretches out his measuring-tape, 😇. He pencils red cut-lines onto [his god-log]. He sculpts it with a planing-tool. He [rounds its shape] using a compass. He sculpts it into a man-shape, an idyllic humanoid-figure. [Upon sale, it goes to] inhabit [an unsuspecting idolater's] home.
    note: Or, “checks its accuracy with calipers.”
  58. IsaiYAH 44:15 Most of the wood goes to people to burn, 😇. They [each] grab a log to warm their [bones]. They light it to bake bread. Then they take an identical log. [With it,] they forge an “El {Power}.” They bow down to it. They fall on their faces before images they whittle [from wood]!
  59. IsaiYAH 44:17 From his remaining wood, the [idolater] forms a carved statue. [He calls it] an ‘El {Power}.’ He falls down on his knees [before his statue]. [But that achieves nothing. So the idolater falls] on his face. He worships [the log]. He prays to it, 😇. He moans, ‘Rescue me, my [beloved] El {Power}!’
  60. IsaiYAH 44:18 [Idolaters] fail to experience or understand [reality], 😇. They shut their eyes [to truth]. They can't see [plain facts]. Their hearts can't grasp [basic information].
  61. IsaiYAH 44:19 The [idolater neglects to] consider [truth] in his heart. [He fails to attain] information. [He lacks the] learning to conclude, ‘I burn part of the [log] in the fire. Then I bake bread on its coals. I [use wood to] roast meat to eat. So why would I carve the remaining [lumber] into an abomination? Why do I fall down on my knees to face a tree trunk?’
  62. JeremiYAH 10:4 The [pagans] deck [the tree] with silver and with gold, 😇. They fasten it with nails and with hammers, so it won't totter.
    note: This tradition survives today, disguised as the Christmas tree.
  63. JeremiYAH 43:12 I come to light [wild] fire in the sanctuaries of Egypt's idol-gods. [Nebuchadnezzar] burns the [temples]. He carries the [idols] away [as his] captives. He wraps the land of Egypt [around himself] like a shepherd puts on his cloak. Then he exits Egypt [rich, happy and] safe.
  64. JeremiYAH 44:19 Yes, we smoke [bodies] to [appease] the queen of heaven. We pour out drink offerings to her. We make cakes to worship her, and [we] pour molten-idols to [honor] her, all with our men's [participation and authority].”
    note: Julius Caesar's Rome celebrated the Saturnalia (named after their god Saturn), on the Winter Solstice (December 25), marking the ‘birth of the sun-god's son’. Romans called Christmas: Saturnalia (Dies Natalis Solis Invicti), celebrated by exchanging gifts, placing lights on trees cut from the woods, hanging circular wreaths, and burning Yule logs. Romans taught that 9 months earlier, the Mother of God (aka Queen of Heaven, Madonna, Mother Earth, Astarte) was impregnated by the sun-god on Easter (the Sunday nearest the Spring Equinox). This pagan Easter holiday featured (then as now) a bunny laying colorful eggs, ham feasts and hot cross buns. Try to get churchgoers to trade Easter for Passover, and Christmas for Sukkot {Tent-Fest}, and you'll feel what Jeremiah felt.
  65. Ezekiel 7:20 The [pagans] set their finest jewels in majestic, artistic yet spiritually-abhorrent idol-images representing ruinous [demon-gods]. So I dump [their treasures] into the [sewer's] filth.
  66. Daniel 5:4 [Babylon's rich and powerful fools suck down] wine. They praise the [pagan statues all around them, icons representing demon] gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, wood and stone.
  67. Hosea 2:2 Wrestle in your mother [country, 😇]! Contend [against her]. She is not my ‘woman’. I'm not her husband. [Your nation] must get rid of her [idolatrous sorceries and prostitute clients] and never look to them again… [Your country must kick out] her [adulterous lover-allies] from between her breasts!
    note: There are no Christian or Hebrew nations (except the Kingdom Of Heaven). The UK, The US, and the modern State Of Israel are and always have been pagan nations, outside of YAH's dominion.
  68. Hosea 3:1 Then, 😇, YHVH says to me, [Hosea], go back [to your slut wife]. Love a woman who loves other lovers, [a wench who] commits adultery. [Cherish her] like [I] YHVH love the brats of Israel who turn [their backs on Me] to respect other leaders [and gods. Judeo-Christians are idolaters in] love [with] flagons of wine.”
    note: Love your wife again, your cheating AIDS-bait skank who's in your bed bouncing her latest boyfriend.
  69. Hosea 8:6 Still Israel produces artisans who create these [idolatrous statues], which, [being man-made, are obviously] not Elohim {Authorities}, 😇. Then the [oppressors] smash to bits your [golden] bull-god [which purportedly holds the taxes of the people for their future benefit].
    note: The administrators of ancient temples stole the gold from communal statues, then replaced the statues with gold-plated hollow iron counterfeits. Today, the administrators of the world's social security systems run off and spend the money you thought was going to fund your retirement.
  70. MicaYah 1:7 [Watch, 😇: invaders] beat all the [evil city's] carved [sculptures] to pieces. Fire burns [the debased nation's] debased money. [Blaze melts the faces of Israel's false gods and lying leaders.] All the [country's] idols lay devastated, because the leaders bought those treasures with the wages of prostitution. So [invaders carry our whore-nation's] riches away into foreign pagan prostitution-temples.
  71. ZechariYAH 5:11 [The angel] answers me, “[The winged-women] are carrying the [wicked woman in the eye-basket] to her yet-to-be-built shrine-temple in the land of Shinar, [a plain in Babylonia, the land of confusion]. There [infidels prepare] to set [the woman] on her pedestal [to be worshiped].
    note: Israel’s great sin was idolatry. Babylon, the ancestor of today's world order, is the fountainhead of idolatry. Babylon is to be judged and destroyed (see Revelation 17, 18).
  72. Acts 19:25 The silversmith calls together the idol-related artisans and workmen. He [growls], “Men, you know that this [occult] craft brings us our wealth.
  73. Acts 19:26 —And you see and hear that [here] at Ephesus [in Turkey] and almost throughout all Asia, this [fundamentalist terrorist,] Paul has persuaded and turned away many [customers], claiming that [idols] made with hands [can't channel] gods at all!
    note: Paul was not tolerant of the pagans' multicultural pluralistic society. Why are you?
  74. Acts 19:27 —So our [idol-]craft is in danger of coming to nothing. And also the temple of the great goddess Diana will be discredited. So the goddess herself, whom [devotees] worship throughout the province of Asia and the world, will be robbed of her divine majesty.”
  75. Romans 1:25 People morph the truth of YHVH into lie[s, 😇]. They worship and serve creations [and ordinances and institutions and buildings,] instead of the eternally-adored Creator!
    note: Most church activity lies fixated on maintaining buildings and milking the socio-economic status quo for money.
  76. 1st Corinthians 10:14 So my dearly beloved 😇, flee from idolatry.
  77. 1 Maccabees 1:54 [Anxious time passes.] On the 15th day of the [early winter] month [called] Casleu, in the [Greek Empire's] 145th year, the Greeks erect the “Abomination Of Desolation” upon the [Hebrew Temple's] altar. They build idol altars throughout the cities of Judea on every side.
    note: This ‘Abomination’ includes slaughtering a pig in the Hebrew temple. Hot dogs at the church's national-holiday picnic. The scripture says, ‘touch no part of a dead pig.’ Yet Christianites stuff squished-up pig penis and pig anus in their children's mouths, and call it ‘freedom in Christ.’
  78. Exodus 32:35 So YHVH [sends down a] plague on the [Israelite] people, 😇, because they manipulated Aaron into sculpting them an [idol] calf.
    note: The Hebrew word rendered “calf” here is “egel”, pronounced Eagle, which is the idol used by such pagan nations as the United States and Nazi Germany.
  79. Deuteronomy 4:15 So diligently guard yourselves [so you never get tied up in idolatry]. Remember, you didn't see any image or form on the day YHVH spoke to you from the heart of the fire on [Mount] Horeb {Desolation}.
  80. Deuteronomy 4:16 [Watch out, 😇,] or you'll corrupt yourselves [with idolatry]. [Never] make engraved images or [other] likenesses of figures, [including] representations of male or female [gods or leaders, such as the heads on your coins] and the engravings [on your paper money].
    note: Images are not a problem. It's idolatrous images that tend to get spiritually worshiped or served. The U.S., for instance, has always prided itself on printing idolatrous images on its money, and commissioning idolatrous art. Look at the U.S. capitol rotunda! It's covered with depictions of false gods! Look at the history of idolatrous coinage!
  81. Deuteronomy 4:17 [Never make any idolatrous use of] the likeness of any earth-beast, nor the likeness of any winged bird that flies in the air, 😇.
  82. Deuteronomy 4:19 [Watch out, 😇, or you'll] lift up your eyes to the sky. Then, when you see the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and all the host of celestial [wonders], you'll be driven to worship them. You'll serve the [demon-gods named after inanimate creations] which YHVH your Elohim has provided for all nations under the whole heaven [to innocently enjoy].
    note: Witness horoscopes in American newspapers dating back into the 19th century.
  83. Deuteronomy 4:25 When you spawn children and grandchildren, when you've lived a long time in the land, [watch out, 😇, or] you'll corrupt [your nation by making] idols representing some [leader or god]. [You'll start] wreaking evil crimes in the sight of YHVH your Elohim, provoking His [fire-rage].
    note: You probably commit crimes today, such as
  84. using a personal serial number (an SSN/SIN),
  85. Receiving or paying interest charges,
  86. Trading in unbacked currency.

  87. Deuteronomy 9:17 So, [in a fit of rage,] I grab the two tablets. I chunk them out of my two hands. The [stones] shatter before your eyes.
  88. Judges 2:11 So, 😇, the brats of Israel flaunt evil in the sight of YHVH. They [abandon YHVH to] serve [demons they call] ‘Baalim {Lords}’.
  89. Judges 2:12 The [Israelis] forsake YHVH, [the] Elohim of their fathers, who brought them out of the land of Egypt, 😇. The [Israelis] follow other gods [& leaders served by] the people-groups surrounding [Israel]. The [Israelis] bow themselves to [non-Hebrew powers]. This [stokes] YHVH's grieving-rage.
    note: When you apply for a driver's license, a passport, a bank account, a loan, insurance, a National I.D. number, etc., you enter the jurisdiction of the worldly state. Religion blesses these evils and drags you down, in an effort to grab 10% of your evil war-booty on your way down to eternal fire. False religion is a parasite that kills its host: you.
  90. Judges 6:25 That very night, YHVH says to [Gideon], [Go.] Get your father's young bull calf, and the other young bull, the 7 year-old. [Before you return here,] throw down your Dad's altar [he uses to sacrifice animals to] Baal {Demon-Master}. And cut down the phallic-steeple-pole[s] surrounding the [altar].
    note: Pole = Easter steeple.
  91. Judges 6:30 Then the men of the city bark at JAHoash {JAH-Fired}, “Bring out your son, so he can die! He threw down the altar of Baal {Demon-Master}. He cut down the phallic steeple[s] surrounding it!”
  92. 1st Samuel 5:3 The next day, Ashdod's people get up early. They see [the idol of] Dagon {Fish-God} fallen on its face to the ground in front of the ark of YHVH! So [the pagans] take [their] Fish-God [idol]. They set ‘him’ back in his place.
  93. 1st Kings 12:29 [Jeroboam] erects one [golden bull ~10km north of Jerusalem] in Beth-El {House-Of-El}, and the other [~110km northeast bordering Syria] in [the tribal territory of] Dan {Judge}.
    note: Or possibly, ‘…further west in Dan’. The question persists because Dan’s tribe originally held coastal territory west of Jerusalem. However, they soon (murderously) seized Laish’s land beneath Syria's Mount Hermon.
  94. 1st Kings 16:33 Then Ahab {Father-Friend} sculpts a [giant steeple to honor the demon-goddess] Easter. Ahab goes on to do more to pump up the fury of YHVH Elohim of Israel than all the kings of Israel before him!
  95. 1st Kings 18:19 So now dispatch [your soldiers] to summon all [the leaders of northern] Israel to [a showdown] with me on mount Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}. And [bring] the 450 prophets of Baal {Demon-Master}, and the 400 Easter-Steeple [worshipping] prophets who eat at the [royal] table of [evil Queen] Jezebel {Baal-Seeker}.”
  96. 1st Kings 18:24 —Then you call out the name of your god. [Then] I'll invoke YHVH's Name-Authority. Whichever ‘elohim’ answers by fire [is the true] Elohim.” All the people answer, “Well spoken.”
  97. 2nd Kings 10:21 Then JAHu {JAH-Is-He} sends [summoners] throughout [northern] Israel. So all the worshipers of Baal {Demon-Master} come. Not one [Baal-seeking] man fails to attend. They flock into the temple of Baal. Baal's temple fills from one end to the other, 😇.
  98. 2nd Kings 19:18 —The [Assyrians] hurl [every] nation's gods into the fire. But those [gods] were not elohim. [Idols are] just the work of men's hands, wood and stone. [That's why the Assyrians were able to] destroy them.
  99. 2nd Kings 21:7 And [Manasseh hires pagan craftsmen] to carve an Easter-steeple. Then he sets it on [YAH's] temple, [knowing] that YHVH said to David {Love}, and to [David's] son Solomon {Peace-Man}, “In this temple, and in Jerusalem ([the city] I've chosen out of all tribes of Israel) I stamp my [sole] Name-Authority for ever.
    note: Just like when you put a steeple on a 'Christian' church.
  100. 2nd Chronicles 15:16 Then king Asa deposes his grandmother Queen Maachah {Press}, because she'd made an Asherah {Easter-Idol}. Asa cuts it down. He smashes it [to bits under elephants' hooves]. He burns it at the Kidron {Ash} brook.
    note: Even respect for parents takes a back-seat to devotion to YAH's Law.
  101. 2nd Chronicles 28:23 [Syria's army] attacks [King Ahaz]. So he sacrifices [animals] to the demon-gods of Damascus! [Ahaz] reasons, “The demon-gods of the kings of [Highland] Syria help them. So I'll sacrifice [bodies] to those [gods]. Then they'll help me.” But those [demon-gods] ruin [king Ahaz] and [his nation,] Israel.
  102. IsaiYAH 2:18 [YAH] completely abolishes all idols, 😇.
  103. IsaiYAH 10:10 —My fists routinely grab kingdoms [watched over by] statuesque idol-gods far greater than the [invisible God] of Jerusalem and Samaria!
  104. IsaiYAH 41:29 Look at all [the world's religious] leaders, 😇. Their [self-promoted] works amount to nothing. Their molten-idols are fart-tornadoes.”
  105. IsaiYAH 44:10 What [kind of lunatic attempts to] forge an El {Authority} out of a useless carved image, 😇?
  106. IsaiYAH 46:7 [The heathens] lift [their stupid ‘god’] onto their shoulder[s]. They tote him [home]. They set him in his place. There he stands, never to move from his perch. Amazingly, [idiots] cry to him. But [of course] he never answers. He can't save [his worshippers] from trouble.
  107. JeremiYAH 44:17 —We're gonna' keep on doing whatever [plan] shoots out of our own mouth[s]. We'll smoke [whatever we want] to [appease Easter,] the Queen of heaven. We'll pour out drink offerings to her, as we always do, we, and our fore-fathers, our kings, our leaders throughout the cities of Judea, including in the streets of Jerusalem. [Easter-worship is how we get] plenty of food, and stay well, and avoid seeing disaster.
    note: Even today, Catholic women make hot-cross buns explicitly devoted to the ‘Queen Of Heaven.’ There is no indication of the observance of the Easter festival in the New Testament, nor in the writings of the apostolic Fathers.—Encyclopedia Britannica
  108. Ezekiel 8:16 So [YAH] brings me into the inner court of YHVH's temple, 😇. [I] look to the door of the temple of YHVH, between its porch and the altar. I see about 25 men, with their backs toward YHVH's temple, and their faces toward the east. They lay down [in worship] to the [rising] Eastern sun!
  109. Daniel 3:2 Then Emperor Nebuchadnezzar sends [soldiers & messengers] to gather together the princes, the governors, the captains, the judges, the treasurers, the counselors, the sheriffs, and all the rulers of the provinces, to travel [across the desert] to the dedication of the [idolatrous] image which Emperor Nebuchadnezzar's [slaves] erect.
  110. Daniel 3:7 Suddenly, all the [gathered] people hear the sound of the horn, pipe, harp, zither, lute and the rest of the [army band's] musical instruments. All the [native Babylonians], and the [conquered] nationals, and the [people of the tribal] language-groups, [except some Hebrews,] fall down and worship the golden image that Emperor Nebuchadnezzar has [so devilishly] set up.
    note: Are moderns more advanced? Today whoever refuses to wear their useless slave-mask and recieve their tracking-chip vaccine full of aborted baby cells and monkey-kidney-pus, is denied access to buy food.
  111. Daniel 3:10 —You have commanded a decree, O king, that every human who hears the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipes and the rest of the orchestra's instruments must fall down and prostrate themselves to [your] image of gold.
  112. Hosea 4:14 I'm not [the one] punishing your [occult-dabbling] daughters when they commit prostitution, nor your brides when they commit adultery. [You priests and leaders] yourselves flock to your ‘holy’ whorehouses. You sacrifice with your own [temple] ‘prostitutes.’ People without understanding [automatically, naturally lose and] fall, 😇.
    note: Sin is its own punishment. YAH is not some killjoy up in the sky pelting you with lightning bolts every time you have fun. The sinner's epic fail is not their Creator's fault.
  113. Habakkuk 2:18 [For profit, elite criminals] lift up idols&graven-images carved by men, [for example, dead presidents' faces on fake debased money]. [Idolmakers] pour [hot metals into] molten-images: [worthless base-metal coins, statues, monuments. Propagandists] rain down false education [filled with] lies. [Disinformation] squeezes [humanity into the devil's] mold. [Fiction] brainwashes [the masses to] trust dumb, manufactured good-for-nothing [political, religious, military & commercial] idols.
  114. Acts 19:24 [Greece boils up in Anti-Christian rage. It starts with] a man named Demetrius {Devoted-to-Demeter}, a silversmith, who makes silver shrines for [the ‘goddess’] Diana. [Demetrius] keeps many [idol-making] artisans in business.
  115. 1st Corinthians 10:7 Don't be idolaters, as were some [Old Testament characters]. As the scripture says, “The [rogue Israelis] sat down to [eat] a [gluttonous] feast, 😇. Then they erupted in an orgy of drinking and [mindless sex-partying].”
    note: Exodus 32:6
  116. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:20 The rest of the [world's] men who avoid being killed by these plagues still refuse to repent of the [ruinous] works of their hands, 😇. They keep on worshiping devils and idols of gold, silver, brass, stone and wood: [materials] which can't see, hear or walk.
    note: Political leaders make ‘laws’ which are really forbidden contracts that turn you into a slave of the devil. Stop giving your life to buy houses, cars and jewelry.
  117. Bel and the Dragon 1:3 Now the Babylonians [worship] a [huge] idol, named Bel {Lord}. Every day the Babylonians sacrifice to Bel 12 great measures of fine flour, 40 sheep, and 6 vessels of wine.
    note: Bel = Baal = The Lord.
  118. Bel and the Dragon 1:22 So Emperor Cyrus {Sun} kills the idolatrous priests and their families. The Emperor gives all authority over Bel to DaniEl {El-Judges}. DaniEl [blows up] Bel [with explosives]. He [orders the army to knock over] Bel's temple.
    note: ‘Explosives’ is an assumption. Daniel could have had the idolaters grind Bel into powder and made them drink it, as did Moses.
  119. Bel and the Dragon 1:28 Soon the [millions of] Babylonians hear that DaniEl destroyed their dragon idol. So they boil over in [self-righteous] fury. They conspire against the Emperor, saying, “The Emperor has become a Jew! He destroyed Bel. He killed [our] dragon [god]. He put [our] priests to death!”
  120. Exodus 32:2 So Aaron says to the [idolaters], “Take the golden earrings off the ears of your wives, your sons and your daughters. Bring the [gold] to me.”
    note: False religion demands money.
  121. Exodus 32:5 Aaron admires [the idol]. He builds a [sacrificial] altar before it. [Then] Aaron makes a proclamation. He shouts, “Tomorrow [we'll celebrate] a festival [honoring] YHVH!”
    note: It's impossible to mix YHVH's spirit with sin. But religionists try.
  122. Exodus 32:18 [But Moses answers,] “That's not the voice of people shouting in victory, nor the screaming cries of people being overcome. What [we're] hearing is the noise of [pagans shouting, dancing &] singing.”
  123. Exodus 32:31 So Moses hikes back up [the mountain] to [talk with] YHVH. [Moses] says, “Wow. These people committed a towering offense: they sculpted idol-gods out of gold.
  124. Leviticus 26:30 I destroy your high places [of sorcery and corrupt politics, 😇]. I cut down your [blasphemous] sun-images. I cast your carcasses on the dead-wreckage of your helpless idols. My soul abhors you [felons].
    note: Chron 34:5, 2ki 23:20. Idols = dunglike logs of wood.
  125. Deuteronomy 7:25 Completely burn up the carved statues of the [pagans'] gods. Don’t be greedy for the silver or gold on the [idolatrous artworks]. Don’t take it with you, 😇, or you'll be trapped by it. [Objects used in devil worship are] abhorrent to YHVH your Elohim.
    note: Physical objects can become tainted with evil.
  126. Deuteronomy 9:12 Then YHVH says to me, “Get up [off the ground]. Run down [this mountain]. Your people who you led up out of Egypt have corrupted themselves. They race to turn aside from the way I command them: they've [even] forged themselves a molten idol-god!”
  127. Deuteronomy 13:13 [Reject] all Sons-Of-Belial {Worthless-Scoundrels}. They spring up [like poison weeds] among you, leading astray the people of their town[s] by saying, “Let's go and serve other gods [or leaders] whom you have never experienced.”
  128. Deuteronomy 17:5 Bring out to your [town] gates that [idolatrous] man or woman whom [multiple credible eyewitnesses saw] perpetrating the life-threatening felony. [Anyone can] stone that man or woman to death with rocks.
    note: No one is forced to stone anyone. The so-called death penalty removes societal protection from the criminal. The penalty finds equitable jurisdiction in the Sinai contract: under oath, the perp agreed to the penalty in advance. Again, Moses, not necessarily YHVH, gives this command. Hebrew law classifies crimes by their aggregate effect across society, not by their immediate consequence. Acts are criminal if their ubiquitous occurrence would ultimately destroy society, even if only one instance would have a negligible effect. Thus charging interest, debasing currency, dishonoring parents, adultery, worshipping demons, orgies and murder all get the same penalty.
  129. Deuteronomy 29:17 And you've seen the abominations [of the pagans, including] their Galal-Gilul {Poop-Logs} of wood, stone, silver and gold — [idols through which the idiots channel demons].)
    note: Galal=dung. Gilul=logs.
  130. Judges 6:31 A crowd [of killers rush] against JAHoash {JAH-Fired}. He challenges them: “Why are you defending Baal {Demon-Master}? Can you save him? Everyone who takes Baal's side will be put to death this morning! If Baal {Demon-Master} is an elohim, let him defend himself when some [man] destroys his altar.”
  131. Judges 8:27 From that gold, Gideon {Chopper} forges a [giant] vest [like Aaron's priestly ephod]. He installs it in his city (in Ophrah {She-Fawn}). But [eventually] all Israel goes there whoring after the [vest]. [They involve it in demonic worship and/or man-made government]. So [the giant vest] becomes a snare to Gideon, and to his family.
  132. 1st Kings 11:5 So Solomon chases after Easter (the goddess of the Sidonian {Fish-Fighters}) and after Milcom {War-God-King}, the abominable [boss-demon who controls] the [inbred spawn of] Ammon!
    note: Does your War-State-supporting church celebrate Easter? If so, you can't judge Solomon. Milkom = Malcham = Molech = Nike.
  133. 1st Kings 14:15 YHVH strikes [north] Israel like he's shaking a reed in the water. He uproots [north] Israel's [population] out of this good land he gave their fore-fathers. He scatters the [Israelis] beyond the [Euphrates] river [past Iraq and Syria], because [Israel] built [phallic sex-god] steeples [and other obelisks], stirring YHVH's [grieving-rage].
    note: Similarly, the Washington monument is 666-foot-high (foundation included) brazen phallic idol, a big middle-finger in the Creator’s face.
  134. 1st Kings 18:26 So, 😇, [the demon prophets] take the young bull [Ahab] gives them. They prepare it [for cooking]. Then they call on the name of Baal {Demon-Master}. All morning until noon, [they] cry, “O Baal, hear us.” But no voice nor [action] answers. [Eventually] the [desperate demon-prophets] leap [somersaults] over the altar [they] made!
  135. 1st Kings 21:26 Ahab committed outrageous obscenities, 😇. He chased [after] demon-idols. He perpetuated the [sick, perverted, murderous, insane] abominations of the Amorite {Mountaineers} whom YHVH [earlier] cast out before the children of Israel.)
  136. 2nd Kings 10:25 JAHu smoke-roasts [an animal]. Then he orders the guard[s] and the captains, “Rush in. Kill the [Baal-Worshippers]. Let none come out [alive].” So the [assassins] strike the [idolaters] with the ‘bite’ of the sword. The guard and the captains throw out [the dead idolaters' bodies]. Then [JAHu's men] invade the inner-shrine of Baal's temple.
  137. 2nd Kings 10:27 [Soldiers] break down the idol-image of Baal {Demon-Master}. They demolish Baal's temple. They convert it into a latrine, as it is today, 😇.
  138. 2nd Kings 17:17 And the [Israelis] make their sons and their daughters pass through the fire! And [they] use divination and enchantments. They sell themselves to do evil in the sight of YHVH. They whip up his fire-rage, 😇!
  139. 2nd Kings 23:14 [JosiYah] smashes in pieces [Solomon's] idol-images. And [he] cuts down [all Judea's] Easter-steeples. He fills their ruins with dead-men's bones.
    note: In light of the scores of such verses, it's hard to see how any church could go in debt to build a steeple and celebrate Easter. Yet every year, they do, all over the globe.
  140. 1st Chronicles 14:12 The [Philistines] abandon their idol-gods [on the battlefield]. David gives the command. So the [Israelis] burn the [idol-gods] with fire.
  141. 2nd Chronicles 13:9 —Have you [north Israelis] not cast out the priests of YHVH, the sons of Aaron, and the Levites? Didn't you [hire] yourself [occult] priests like the nations of pagan lands? Any joker who comes [to your devil-shrines] to “consecrate” himself by [donating & killing] a young bull calf and 7 rams gets to be a priest of your fake gods!
    note: Christianites have likewise fired all the Hebrews, then set up a make-believe religion that Jesus hates, staffed by money-driven ‘pastors’ who feed on their own flocks.
  142. 2nd Chronicles 23:17 Then all the [Judaean] people rush to the temple of Baal {Demon-Master}. They break it down. They smash [Baal's] altars. [They dash] his idol-images into pieces. Then, in front of [Baal's demolished] altars, [the Judeans] kill Mattan {Gift}, Baal's [child-sacrificing high] priest.
  143. 2nd Chronicles 25:14 Finally [king] AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness} [loads his camels with] the [demonic] idol-gods of the descendants of Seir {Rough}. Then he returns [~120km north to Jerusalem] from striking the Edomite {SouthLanders}. [He sets the idols] up to be his [palace] gods! He bows himself down before them. He smokes [herbs and bodies in an attempt] to [appease] the [demons which the idols represent]!
  144. 2nd Chronicles 25:15 So YHVH breathes fire-rage at [king] AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness}. [YAH] sends [the king] a prophet, who says, [Amaziah,] why have you chased after the gods of the [pagans]? [Their gods] who couldn't even rescue their [people] out of your hand!”
  145. 2nd Chronicles 25:20 But [king] AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness} refuses to listen [to reason]. His [ignorance] falls into Elohim's [plan] to deliver [Judea] into the hand of their enemies for chasing after the demon-gods of [southland] Edom.
  146. 2nd Chronicles 34:5 [JosiYah] burns the bones of the [corrupt] priests on their altars. This [fire symbolically] purifies Judea and Jerusalem.
  147. 2nd Chronicles 34:7 On and on, [young, handsome king Josiah] breaks down [evil] altars, [chops down] Easter-Steeples, and beats carved idol-images into powder. Finally he cuts down the last idol in the whole land of Israel. So he returns to Jerusalem.
  148. Psalms 106:28 [YAH sees] the [Israelites] join themselves to Baal-Peor {Lord-Of-The-Slit}. They gobble [meat] sacrificed to dead [non-gods].
  149. Psalms 115:8 All [people] who make [idols] are [dumb] like [idols], 😇. Everyone who trusts in [idols is impotent].
  150. IsaiYAH 10:11 How can I fail to smash Jerusalem and her idols like I smashed Samaria and her gods?!”
  151. IsaiYAH 17:11 Your [pagan] sun [gods] may make your seed grow fast in the ‘morning.’ But planting [evil] buds [you] trouble, 😇. You harvest a ruined future. You chafe in mortal pain.
  152. IsaiYAH 30:22 You trash your silver-plated idols and gold-plated images. You throw them away like used menstrual rags. You shout, “Get out of here, [idols]!”
    note: Today's most common idols are monetary instruments. This verse is a call to remove yourself from the evil world economic system.
  153. IsaiYAH 31:7 [😇, make today] the day when you all cast away your forbidden silver idols and gold nothings, [including your] criminal [monetary instruments], forged by your own [society's] hands.
    note: Money is society's #1 most prevalent form of idolatry.
  154. IsaiYAH 36:20 [No. You can't] name one god out of all these countries who ever rescued their land from my fist. So how is YHVH gonna' deliver Jerusalem from my grip?’”
  155. IsaiYAH 37:19 The [Assyrians] hurl [all] nations' idol-gods into the fire. [But] the [icons] aren't [real] Elohim {Powers}. They're just the work of men's hands: wood and stone. So it's [trivial for] the [Assyrians to] utterly destroy [those idols].
  156. IsaiYAH 40:20 Poor idolaters, lacking [gold and silver,] merely select a rot-resistant tree, 😇. Then they search out a skilled workman. He chops and whittles [the tree trunk] into a wobble-free idol.
    note: For instance, totem poles.
  157. IsaiYAH 41:24 Look, [idolaters]. You idol-gods are nothing. You achieve nothing except to putrefy anyone who approves [of] you.
  158. IsaiYAH 44:16 So the [idolater] burns half of [the log] in the fire, 😇. With that half he roasts meat. He eats his fill. He moans, “Ah! I [love] getting warm, staring at fire-light!”
  159. IsaiYAH 46:2 The [pantheon of false-gods] stoop. As one, they bow [to the Almighty]. The [burdensome ‘gods’] can't even save their own [idols'] lives. [Babylon's ‘gods’] disappear into captivity.
    note: The ‘gods’ cannot protect the people, and the people cannot protect the ‘gods’. They go off into captivity together.
  160. IsaiYAH 57:8 Behind [your] doors and your [fences], you erect [idolatrous] memorial-shrines. You expose yourself to my rivals. You climb up into bed [with pagan powers]. Then you make your bed even bigger, to [hold more partners]. You forge contracts with [demons]. Your eyes light up at the sight of their [prostitution] beds.
  161. JeremiYAH 10:9 [Sailors] bring beaten-silver plates [to Israel] from Tarshish {Gem}. Goldsmiths (clothed in [royal] blue & purple silk) hand-sculpt gold from Uphaz {Ophir}. The [idol-builders] are master craftsmen, 😇.
  162. JeremiYAH 10:14 Every human is an ignorant brute, 😇. Every idol-maker gets bled-pale [in shame] by his own sculpture[s]. For his [every] molten idol-image is falsehood devoid of spirit-breath.
  163. JeremiYAH 17:2 [Even Jewish] children revere their [pagan] altars and their Easter-Steeples [under whatever] green tree, on [all the land's] high hills.
  164. JeremiYAH 19:13 Jerusalem's houses, including the palaces of Judea's kings, come to lie defiled like the Tophet [trash-fire]. [I smash] all these houses upon whose roofs the [criminals] burn [bodies as] incense to [appease] the whole army of star-demons. [Never again do these jerks] pour out drink offerings to [mollify] retard-gods.’”
  165. JeremiYAH 43:13 [The Emperor] blows up the steeples of Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun} [all over] the land of Egypt. He burns the temples of the idol-gods of the Egyptians to ashes.”
    note: These sun-worship obelisks are today stationed at the Vatican, the Washington Monument, and atop millions of 'Christian' church buildings.
  166. JeremiYAH 51:17 Every man is an ignorant brute, 😇. Every goldsmith gets shamed by the idols he carves. All molten idol-images are frauds, devoid of any spirit [of life].
  167. JeremiYAH 51:18 [Idols] are empty [nothings,] works of deceit, 😇. In the day of reckoning, they perish.
  168. JeremiYAH 51:44 I swoop [down to] Babylon [to punish its idol-god] Bel {Demon-Master}. I bring forth out of [Bel's] ‘mouth’ the [people and loot] he swallowed up. The nations stop streaming as one to [Babel]. Even Babylon's [mighty] wall falls, 😇!”
  169. Ezekiel 6:5 I strew the dead carcasses of Israel's [fallen] brats before their idols. I scatter your bones around your [occult] altars.
  170. Ezekiel 6:6 Everywhere you [liars] live, [tyrants] soon lay your cities waste. [Your] high-shrines come to lie desolate. [I] wreck your [sacrificial] altars. [I] smash your idols to nothingness. [Soldiers] chop down your sun-pillars. [I] abolish your [wicked] works.
  171. Ezekiel 14:3 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ these mortals have erected their excremental-idols inside their heart[s]. They set the stumbling-block of depravity before their own faces. Why should I let them ask any advice from Me?
  172. Ezekiel 16:16 You seize [and shred] your [royal] garments. [With them,] you deck your high [occult shrines] with various colors. You commit prostitution on [your priestly gowns. You fantasize, ‘Curses] will never return to me. The judgment that threatens [other nations] will never reach me, [because I'm god's child].’
  173. Ezekiel 20:31 You offer your gifts to [war-gods who] make your sons to pass through fire! You pollute yourselves with all your idols to this very day! Then [you] pretend to seek me, house of Israel? As I live,’ says Adonai YHVH, ‘You never seek me!
    note: #784 'esh (fire) occurs in this verse, but is missing from other similar verses.
  174. Daniel 3:15 Now then, as soon as you hear the sound of the trumpets, oboes, lyres, zithers, harps, and strings and all the other instruments, bow down and worship the statue I have made. If you [again] refuse [to prostrate yourself to my image, then my soldiers] will immediately hurl you into [the hot center of] a blazing furnace. And who is the Elah {Oak-Power} who will rescue you out of my hands?”
  175. Hosea 4:12 My people ask counsel from [and pray to] blind, dead, wooden [objects and drone-leaders. People fantasize that] their divining rods give them prophetic visionary oracles. [Thus my people] fall into whoredom, 😇. Spiritual prostitution leads my people out from under the [wing of Me,] their ELohim {Sovereign}.
    note: Spiritual prostitution could be rendered: ‘a spirit of prostitution.’ Some examples of wooden objects which people (including presidents and kings) consult today are: Ouija boards, carved idols and divining rods. U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, for example, attended seances led by his wife in the White House.
  176. Habakkuk 2:19 Woe! [Idiots] call [to their idols]: “Wake up! Arise. Lead & teach & inform us! Provide for us.” [The] dumb wooden & stone [leader/gods and statues and buildings sit] overlaid [with] gold [and] silver. [Maniputors costume their ignorance in flash & money to] capture [the blind masses]. [The world's icons] brim [with empty breathless, spiritless] air, 😇.
  177. ZechariYAH 5:9 I lift up my eyes. I look. Suddenly, 😇, two women soar out [of heaven]. The wind surges in their wings [which] fan out and feather like [wings of] a stork. The [two winged-women] lift up the basket. [They fly] between the earth and the heavens.
  178. 1st Corinthians 8:10 😇, you have this knowledge, [that you can eat food that has passed through the pagan tax-rituals]. But suppose someone with a weak conscience sees you sitting eating a meal in the temple of an idol. Won’t he build up the wrong [idea that it's beneficial to] eat this food which has been sacrificed to idols?
    note: Promote the gospel in bars and strip clubs. But don't promote bars and strip clubs.
  179. 1st Corinthians 10:19 Do you see my point, 😇? Sacrifices offered to idols are offered to nothing. For what's the idol but a nothing?
  180. 1st Corinthians 10:25 Whatever food [people] sell in the commons, 😇, you can eat without questioning whether it was involved in idolatry.
    note: Paraphrased, to make clear that you can't eat just anything the supermarket sells. The world market sells all kinds of unhealthy addictive parasite-laden junk. This verse concerns idolatry, not diet.
  181. Galatians 4:8 In the past, when you didn't know ELohim {God}, you served as slaves to beings and things which are [spiritual] tumors, false gods.
    note: Idols, money, leaders, lusts, pledges of allegiance to pagan nations.
  182. 2nd Thessalonians 2:4 [Sinful man] opposes and exalts himself above all that is called Elohim, or that is worshiped. So he, godlike, comes to sit in the temple of [YHVH] The Eloah, proclaiming himself to be Elohim.
    note: Applies in many senses: mankind, individual men, and possibly, as is commonly supposed, one super evil man.
  183. 1st John 5:21 Little children, keep yourselves from idols. [The above facts are] firm. [Found your life on them.]
    note: (Amén.) Keep yourself from idols, American or otherwise. Coins bearing pictures of men or gods (dead presidents and kings, Mercury, Liberty, etc.) are a common modern form of molten idols. Further, base-metal coins are ‘idle’ false weights and balances because they do not contain, nor are redeemable for, the weight of gold imprinted on their face. (Dollar, Pesos Oro, etc.) Today's other common idols are politicians, religious and other celebrities, actors, etc.
  184. Bel and the Dragon 1:6 Emperor Cyrus {Sun} answers DaniEl {El-Judges}, “Don't you think Bel is a living Elohim? Don't you see how much Bel eats and drinks every day?”
    note: Could be tongue-in-cheek. Likely that Cyrus knew about the deception, but he wanted to catch the cheating priests red-handed.
  185. Bel and the Dragon 1:7 DaniEl smiles and says, “O king, never get deceived. This [idol Bel] is just clay plated with brass. It never ate nor drank anything.”
  186. Bel and the Dragon 1:20 Emperor Cyrus {Sun} [clenches his teeth. He growls,] “I see the footsteps of men, women and children.” The Emperor [boils over in] anger.
  187. Bel and the Dragon 1:29 So the Babylonians [rush in rebellion against] Emperor Cyrus {Sun}. They demand, “Give us DaniEl, or we will destroy you and [everyone who lives in] your house!”
  188. 1 Maccabees 1:48 [The Greeks force the Hebrews to] leave their children ‘un-trimmed,’ and to make their souls abominable with all sorts of uncleanness and profanation:
    note: ‘Uncircumcised’ means ‘untrained in the ways of Hebrew separatism.’ Sticking the children in mandatory forced atheistic ‘education.’ Filling entertainment with empty sex, violence and profanity.
  189. 1 Maccabees 2:24 When MattathiYah sees [this blasphemy], he flames up with zeal. His [body] trembles uncontrollably. He can't hold back showing his fury. Filled with [obsession for] justice, he runs and kills the [Jewish] idolater on the [pagan] altar, 😇!
  190. 1 Maccabees 2:25 [His sword still dripping with Jewish blood,] MattathiYah assassinates the king's [tax] commissioner, [to stop him from] making [Jewish] people offer [any more] sacrifices [as taxes in honor of the pagan gods]. Then MattathiYah pulls down the [Greek] altar!
    note: MattathiYah kills the King's Tax Commissioner, then tears up their tax-collection headquarters.
  191. Genesis 35:4 So, 😇, [everybody in Jacob's family caravan, including the kidnapped women and children,] hand Jacob all the strange idol-gods in their possessions, [a fortune worth many mansions], and all their [pierced] earrings from their ears. Then Jacob buries [those sinful items] under the oak near [the town of] Shechem {Neck}.
    note: Doubtless with a lot of fighting and anger, because those precious-metals were worth a fortune, both in their gold content, and in their legal value as deeds to estates.
  192. Leviticus 19:4 😇, never turn to idols [elilím], nor make for yourselves molten [images of your] leaders or gods. I am YHVH, your [only] King, [Lawmaker, Judge and ‘Deity’].
    note: That's forbidding those coins in your pocket. Every coin or piece of paper ‘money’ you've ever touched is a demonic idol!
  193. Numbers (Journeys) 21:29 Cry [in desperation, inbred perverts of] Moab! [Wail,] you crushed minions of [the dark-power god] Chemosh {Crusher}! [Your demon-lord] abandoned [you,] his [few] surviving sons and daughters, into slavery to Sihon {Tornado}, king of the Amorite {Mountain-Men}!
  194. Deuteronomy 4:12 Then [the angel of] YHVH spoke to you out of the heart of [heavenly] fire. You [Israelites] heard the [angel's] voice speaking [YAH's] words. Yet [you] saw no form [that you could replicate as an idol to worship]. You only heard a voice.
  195. Deuteronomy 4:18 [Never make any idolatrous use of] the likeness of anything that creeps on the ground, 😇, [nor of] the likeness of any fish in the subterranean waters.
    note: How about that double-6 fish logo on cars? The logo other drivers see and curse when 'Christians' cut them off in traffic.
  196. Deuteronomy 13:2 [Even if] the predicted signs or miracles take place, 😇, [shun any] prophet who says, ‘Come; let's serve [non-Hebrew] gods [or leaders].’
  197. Deuteronomy 32:37 [YHVH] warns, “Where is their [false] god now, 😇? [Shattered shards are all that remain of] the “rock” in whom the [pagans] took refuge.
  198. Judges 8:33 Then, as soon as Gideon {Chopper} dies, the brats of Israel again turn [away from YHVH], 😇. They run whoring after Baalim {Sovereigns}. They make Baal-Berith {Lord-Of-The-Cut} their elohim.
    note: Cut = Covenant = Berith, a word Jews use to refer to the vile pagan rite of penile circumcision.
  199. Judges 10:10 So the people of Israel cry to YHVH, moaning, “We've sinned against you. We've not only forsaken our Elohim. We've [defected to] serve [human and demonic] Baalim {Sovereigns}.”
  200. Judges 10:13 Yet you've forsaken me to slave [for inferior] gods & leaders! So I'll rescue you [brats] no more.
  201. Judges 18:31 [In defiance of the authority of YHVH and of the other tribes of Israel, Dan's rogue priests] erect for themselves the graven idol-image Micah previously forged. [They leave] it [proudly standing] there [in Lion-land] the whole time the [authentic] temple of [YHVH] the Eloah functions in Shiloh {Tranquil}.
  202. 2nd Samuel 5:21 There the [Philistines run away screaming from heaven's supernatural onslaught]. They abandon their [priceless] idol-images. So David and his men burn the [spiritually-contaminated treasures. They resist the temptation to take pagan gold and jewels.]
  203. 1st Kings 11:33 [Israel] has forsaken me. [She] worships Easter (the goddess of the Sidonian {Fish-Fighters}) [and] Chemosh {Crusher} the god of the Moabites, and Milcom [Molech] (the war-god of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon). [Israel consistently] refuses to walk in my ways. They [hate] doing what's right in my eyes. They [refuse] to guard my statutes and my judgments. [Solomon's] father David {Love} [is rolling around in his grave]!
  204. 1st Kings 13:1 [Time passes, 😇.] At YHVH's command, a [mystery-prophet] from Elohim [rides his donkey ~10km north] from Judaea to Beth-El {House-Of-El}. There [northern Israel's king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} stands by a [pagan] altar. [Jeroboam] burns incense to [honor his demon-god].
  205. 1st Kings 14:9 In contrast, you [constantly] wreak greater evil than any [king] before you! You keep going and making [false] gods [and promoting fake] leaders for your own [evil purposes]. You keep stoking [my fire-rage] by sculpting molten idols. You [continually] toss me behind your back [like I'm trash]!
  206. 1st Kings 14:23 [The people of Judea] build high-occult-shrines. [They sculpt] idol-images. [They install phallic] steeples on every high hill, and under every green tree.
  207. 1st Kings 18:20 So [king] Ahab sends [soldiers and messengers out] to [summon] all [rebel north] Israel’s [leaders]. [The soldiers also] gather [Baal's evil] prophets together [~20km northwest of Samaria] on mount Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}.
  208. 2nd Kings 1:2 [Then one day,] in Samaria, [king] AhaziYah falls down through a lattice in his upper chamber! [Jagged shards of wood tear his flesh. The fall breaks his bones.] AhaziYah summons messengers. [He] says, “Go, ask Ekron’s god Baal-Zebub {Lord-Of-The-Flies} if I'll recover from this injury.” [So royal messengers run from the palace.]
  209. 2nd Kings 1:6 The messengers answer the [evil] king, “A man came up to meet us. He said, ‘Go [home to Samaria]. Turn back [west] to the king who sent you. Tell him, ‘YHVH asks [you], ‘Is there no Elohim in Israel? How dare you send [messengers] to inquire of Baal-Zebub {Lord-Of-The-Flies}, demon-god of Ekron {Uprooter}? Because of [this sin], you'll never get down from the bed you're on. You'll die. DEAD!’”
    note: ‘Surely die’ as in Gen 2:17.
  210. 2nd Kings 3:13 [The prophet] EliShua {El's-Salvation} says to [north] Israel's [evil] king [JAHoram], “What do I have [in common] with you? Go consult the false-prophets of your [dead] Dad [Ahab], and the false-prophets of your [dog] mom [Jezebel].” But [north] Israel's king [begs EliShua], “No. [We need real help.] YHVH called us 3 kings together to deliver us into the hand of [incestuous] Moab.”
  211. 2nd Kings 10:26 The [soldiers] haul the idol-images out of Baal's temple. [Workers] burn the [idols].
  212. 2nd Kings 13:6 Yet the [Israelites] still fail to stop committing the sins of the dynasty of Jeroboam, who drove Israel into crime, 😇. The [Israelis] walk in those [life-destroying errors]. And they leave the Easter-steeple erect in Samaria.
    note: Try to get the vatican and the churches around you to take down their penis-steeples. Try to lobby the U.S. government to dismantle the Washington Monument. Try to get your local churches to celebrate Passover instead of Easter, and Tent-fest instead of Halloween. It's not easy to get a culture to change its ways.
  213. 2nd Kings 17:9 The sons of Israel secretly perpetrate countless unrighteous crimes. They fight YHVH their Elohim. They build themselves high [occult shrines] in all their cities, from [their remote] watchmen's towers [all the way] to their fortified citadels.
  214. 2nd Kings 17:10 The [Israelis] erect idols and phallic-Easter-steeples on whatever high hill they wish, and under any green tree they choose, 😇!
    note: Just like the nation around you. Those pictures on the ‘money’ you use, the statues at your government buildings, and the steeples on your churches, are forbidden by the bible.
  215. 2nd Kings 17:16 [The Israelis] abandon all the commandments of YHVH their Elohim. They pour themselves molten images, including two [monstrous golden] bull-calves! They erect Easter-steeple[s]. They worship the whole army of heaven's [star-demons]. They serve Baal {Demon-Master}.
  216. 2nd Kings 21:3 [Manasseh] re-erects the [occult] high-shrines which his father HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} destroyed. And [Manasseh] rears up [animal-sacrifice] altars to [honor] Baal {Demon-Master}. And [Manasseh] erects Easter-steeples, as did [north] Israel's [evil] king Ahab {Father-Friend}. [Manasseh] worships all the army of heavenly [demons]. He serves their [evil world-destroying desires].
    note: Just like the leaders of the nation that surrounds you.
  217. 2nd Kings 23:6 Then king [Josiah] hauls the Easter-steeple from the temple of YHVH, out of Jerusalem to the Kidron {Ash} brook. He burns it [there]. He stamps its ashes to powder. He casts the powder on the graves of the children of the [common] rabble.
  218. 2nd Kings 23:7 Then [king Josiah] breaks down the sodomite [shrine prostitute] quarters near [and in] the temple of YHVH, where [pagan] women weave [banners] to hang on Easter-steeple[s].
  219. 2nd Chronicles 14:3 For Asa rids [Judaea] of the altars of the strange gods, and the [occult] high-shrines. He breaks down the [region's] idol-images. He chops down its easter-steeples.
  220. 2nd Chronicles 28:25 In every last city of Judea, [Ahaz] constructs [occult] high-shrines to [burn bodies as] incense to [appease] retard-gods. This whips [up the fury of] YHVH, [the] Elohim of [Ahaz's] ancestors.
  221. 2nd Chronicles 33:7 [Manasseh] even installs a carved image, the idol he'd commissioned [of slut-goddess Easter], in Elohim's sanctuary, of which Elohim had decreed to David {Love} and his son Solomon {Peace-Man}, “In this temple in Jerusalem, [the city] I've chosen from all the tribes of Israel, I'll put my name-authority for [all] ages.
  222. 2nd Chronicles 34:6 [Judea's king JosiYah crosses his country's border in his quest for righteousness, 😇!] He continues [smashing all idolatry] in the [rebel northern-Israeli enemy] cities of [the tribes of] Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}, Ephraim {Double-Fruit} and Simeon {Listener}, all the way [north] to [the territory of] Naphtali {Wrestler}, and its surrounding ruins.
    note: Like if Canada's Prime Minister knocked down all the steeples from all of Canada's churches. Then he tore down every obelisk and every statue of a Greek or Roman or Hindu or Buddhist 'god' in Canada. Then he came south and did the same thing in the U.S.! Including blowing up the Washington Monument!
  223. Psalms 97:7 All who serve crafted images or rave about idol-nothings are shameful [and confused]. All you leaders [and ‘gods’] must bow to [YHVH].
  224. Psalms 106:36 So the [Israelites] serve the [pagans'] idol-gods. [So demons] ensnare the [pagans and the Hebrews alike].
  225. Psalms 135:16 [Idols] have mouths. But they say nothing. They have eyes. But they see nothing.
  226. Psalms 135:17 [Idols] have ears; but they hear nothing, 😇. No [spirit] breath inhabits their mouths.
    note: This applies to human idols, politicians, celebrities, stars.
  227. IsaiYAH 2:8 But [earth's Judeo-Christian] land[s] also overflow with forbidden-idols, 😇. [Israelis and Christianites] worship the work of their own hands. They bow down to [trinkets] crafted by their [wimpy] fingers.
  228. IsaiYAH 36:7 But if you say to me, ‘We trust in YHVH our Elohim’, isn't that the [god] whose high [occult shrines] and whose altars HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} recently removed? [Didn't your king] command Judea, including Jerusalem, to prostrate [themselves] solely before [his personal] altar?
    note: The Assyrians are mistaken. Hezekiah removed the PAGAN altars, not YAH's altar.
  229. IsaiYAH 40:19 The workman melts a carved idol-image, 😇. The goldsmith spreads it over with gold. He drapes it with silver filigree.
  230. IsaiYAH 41:21 YHVH, Jacob's King, challenges [you priests of the beast-nations:] “Produce evidence [of your power]. Bring out your strongest proof.
  231. IsaiYAH 41:22 [Bigsots, I challenge you to] bring in your idols [for a test]. [Let them] show us what will happen. Have them show us past events. [Explain history,] so we can understand where [the world has] been and where it's headed. Declare the future [of the universe].
  232. IsaiYAH 41:23 Foretell our tomorrows, so we'll verify that you're really gods. Perform some good or evil act for us to see and shake in terror.
  233. IsaiYAH 42:17 —Shame drains the [blood] from everyone who trusts in carved images, who [cry] to their molten images, “You are our gods!” [Terror] thrusts the [idolaters] backwards.
  234. IsaiYAH 44:14 [The idol-logger] chops down cedar-trees, 😇. He grows cypress and oak trees in the forest. He plants ash-trees. Subsequent downpour[s] stretch the trees to the [sky].
  235. IsaiYAH 44:20 The [fetishist] feeds on ashes, 😇. His deceived heart leads him astray. [His idolatry] never rescues his soul. He never asks [himself], ‘Why is this lie in my right hand?’
  236. IsaiYAH 45:16 The [pagans die] ashamed and confounded. All makers of idols eventually [fall] together into confusion.
  237. IsaiYAH 46:6 [Idolaters] dump gold from a money-bag. They weigh silver in a balance. They hire a goldsmith. He melts the [metal] into a [bogus] ‘El {Power}.’ Then, incredibly, the [fools] fall down on their knees [and faces]. They worship [metal]!
  238. IsaiYAH 65:7 YHVH says, “Your perversities merge with the depravities of your forefathers who smoked [flesh] upon [earth's] mountains. They blasphemed me upon [Israel's] hills. I dump full payment into the laps of [unrepentant idolaters].
    note: Modern idolatry = obesiance to political and economic leaders.
  239. JeremiYAH 10:5 Hammered-idols stand upright like palm tree[s], 😇. But they can't talk. Somebody has to carry them around. [A statue] lacks the motile power [of a cockroach]. Never fear idols. They can't do evil. Likewise, there's no power in [idols] to do good.”
    note: Like a scarecrow in a melon patch...
  240. JeremiYAH 10:11 Say this to the [pagans, 😇], “The ‘gods’ didn't create the heavens and the earth. All [idols] quickly perish from the earth, [when YAH burns everything] under the [highest] heaven.’
  241. JeremiYAH 44:18 Ever since we stopped smoking [sacrifices] to [appease] the queen of heaven, and pouring out drink offerings to her, we've lacked everything. We've been consumed by the sword and by the famine.
    note: Easter is ‘Astarte’, one of the titles of Beltis, the [misnamed] ‘queen of heaven,’ whose name is found on Assyrian monuments as ‘Ishtar’. ‘Easter’ is not a Christian name. The hot cross buns of Good Friday (and the dyed eggs of Easter Sunday) figured in the Chaldean rites just as they do now.—(The Two Babylons, by Alexander Hislop, pp. 103,107,108.) The cross was a pagan symbol long before [Christ]. Bread and cakes were marked with [the cross] in pre-Christian times.—Easter and Its Customs
  242. JeremiYAH 48:13 Moab [comes to shake,] ashamed of [their false-god] Chemosh {Crusher}, like the house of Israel was ashamed of [the gods they] confided in [at their pagan shrine in] Beth-El {House-Of-El}.
  243. JeremiYAH 51:47 So watch, 😇: the days approach when I execute judgment on Babylon's carved images [and their worshippers]. Her whole land comes to lie ashamed [and confused]. All her [miscreants] fall slain in her midst.
  244. Ezekiel 6:4 Your altars fall to lie desolate. Your idol-images shatter. I come to hurl down your dead worshippers in front of your idols.
  245. Ezekiel 6:13 Finally you [Judeo-Christians] recognize that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-Creator}, when [your] slain men lie entangled among their idols. [Corpses] fall to surround [pagan] altars on every high hill, in all the mountaintops, and under every green tree, and under every thick oak where [rogue Israelis] offer [the] ‘sweet’ stink [of worship] to all their idols.
    note: Todays idols = politicians and celebrities and the financiers who own them.
  246. Ezekiel 16:17 Then you grab your fair jewels from the gold and silver I gave you. [You] sculpt yourself [steeples,] images of male [members]. You commit prostitution with them.
    note: Asherah poles = steeples = obelisks = phallic symbols.
  247. Ezekiel 16:25 You build your high [shrines] at every head of your [main] street[s]. You degrade your beauty into abhorrence. You spread [wide] your feet to [seduce] every passerby. [You] multiply your cornucopia of whoredom.
    note: Triumphal arches. For instance Napoleon's ceremonial Arc de Triomphe (completed 1836, code for 666) at the head of the Champs-Élysées (avenue) in Paris, commissioned by Napoleon to commemorate his victories in 1805–06. Inspired by the Arch of Constantine in Rome.
  248. Ezekiel 20:28 After I bring the [Israelites] into the land I lifted my hand [in pledge] to give them, 😇, they look up to every high hill-shrine. [They worship] thick trees. There they slaughter flesh. They give infuriating gifts [to the War gods]. They [smoke corpses in what they call] ‘offering sweet fragrances [to demons].’ They pour out [blood sacrifices they call] ‘drink-offerings’ [to idols].
  249. Ezekiel 23:37 The [deceivers] keep committing adultery, 😇. Their hands drip with blood. They spiritually-fornicate with idol-gods. And they make their sons, whom they bore to me, cross over [into the pagan world] to become food [for the war-gods].
    note: "The fire" is not in this verse.
  250. Ezekiel 30:13 Adonai YHVH continues, “I destroy [all] idols, 😇. I make the image-gods of Noph {Memphis} cease to exist. No ruler remains in Egyptian territory after I strike the land of Egypt with terror.
  251. Hosea 11:2 But ‘Egypt,’ [the evil world-system, keeps] calling [my people] back, 😇. So [my people] keep turning their faces [away from Me]. They sacrifice [their wealth and time and thoughts] to [gods they call ‘the Lord,’ and to employers, politicians and celebrities. My children] hook up with idols.
    note: Lords = Baalim. burning incense to graven [carved] images.
  252. Acts 7:41 So in the ensuing days [the Israelites] forge a bull-calf-idol. They sacrifice [animals] to [appease the god] the idol [represents]. They spin around [dirty dancing] with violent emotion, praising [the Social Security structure] forged by their hands.
    note: The Israelites sacrificed their gold, paying into the central treasury: a huge golden statue which held the wealth of the community. This was their version of modern Social Insurance (Corban) systems.
  253. Acts 14:11 The crowd sees Paul [heal the lame man]. Immediately they lift up their voices, [shouting] in the Wolf-Land language, “The gods have come down to us in the form of men!”
  254. Acts 17:16 Paul waits for Silas {Woodsman} and Timothy {YAH's-Treasure} at Athens. He sees the city completely surrendered to idolatry, 😇. So his spirit boils, [stoked with anger].
  255. Acts 19:29 Soon the whole city [rages] into an uproar, 😇. The pagans seize Gaius {Rejoicer} and Aristarchus {Top-Ruler}, (Paul's traveling companions from Macedonia {Northern-Greece}). The [mob] rush as one man into the theater.
  256. Acts 19:34 Then the crowd realize that Alexander {Man-Defender} is a Jew. So with one voice the crowd cries out for about 2 hours, “Great is Diana [Artemis], [goddess] of the Ephesians!”
  257. 1st Corinthians 8:5 Yes, so-called ‘elohim’ exist in heaven or on earth, 😇. In some sense there exist ‘gods’ and ‘lords’ galore.
    note: ELohim is a flexible word that can mean: leader, idol, judge, god, power, authority, etc.
  258. 1st Corinthians 10:28 But, 😇, if someone says to you, “This food was offered as a sacrifice,” then don’t eat it. Consider [the fragile scruples] of the person who pointed it out. [Relieve your] conscience [of the guilt of sending a message that might promote idolatry].
  259. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:41 [The idolaters] will grab a mute [child,] and drag him before [a statute of] Bel, and beg the statue to help the [boy] speak, as though [a statue] could understand [language.]
  260. Bel and the Dragon 1:8 So Emperor Cyrus {Sun} gets angry. He calls for his priests. He growls to them, “If you don't tell me who devours these [‘sacrificial’] expenses, you die.
  261. Bel and the Dragon 1:13 The priests [inwardly laugh at Emperor Cyrus {Sun}, 😇]: for under the table the priests have crafted a private trap-door, through which they always enter and consume the ‘sacrificed’ food and drink!
    note: Like today's preachers who collect huge salaries for doing ‘the Lord's work’ which YHVH never ordered. For instance, building Christian church buildings and preaching sermons.
  262. Bel and the Dragon 1:15 Now in the night, the priests come [up through the trap-door] with their wives and children, as they usually do. Then, [in the dim light of a candle, they] eat and drink up all the ‘sacrifices.’
  263. Bel and the Dragon 1:19 DaniEl laughs. He says, “King, before you go in the door, look now at the floor inside. Mark well whose footprints you see.”
  264. Bel and the Dragon 1:27 So DaniEl takes [loads of] tar, fat and hair. He boils them together. Then he forms the [nasty goo into] lumps. He [shovels] the lumps into the dragon's mouth. [Then the lumps expand.] The [pressure] bursts the dragon in two, [proving it's just a hollow statue.] DaniEl says [to the king and his entourage], “Look. These [nothings] are the elohim you worship.”
  265. 1 Maccabees 2:18 So you come first, and fulfill the [Greek] Emperor's order[s], just as all the nations [obey him]. All the men of Judea, and [the few northern Israelis] who remain at Jerusalem, [have already bowed and paid the sacrificial tax. So just honor the Greek gods. Then] the Emperor will number your family among his friends. [He'll] honor you and your children with silver and gold, and many [other] rewards.” [The tax collector nods to a gaggle of Greek shrine whores who lick their lips and lift their skirts at MattithiYah.]
    note: The evil tax collectors offer the righteous man rewards and benefits to join their evil Federal government.
  266. 1 Maccabees 2:23 MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift} finishes speaking these words. Then right there in Modin (in front of the watching crowd) up runs an [apostate] Jewish man. He comes to sacrifice [animals] on the [pagan] altar. [He rushes to] obey the [Greek] Emperor's [idolatrous] commandment.
  267. Leviticus 26:31 I waste your [sick] cities, 😇. I bring your [corrupt] sanctuaries to desolation, so I no longer have to smell [the stink of what you call] the ‘pleasing aroma’ of your [pagan-inspired] sacrifices.
  268. Numbers (Journeys) 25:3 [Soon, 😇, a large part of the nation of] Israel [legally yokes] itself in the [slutty] worship of Baal {Demon-Master} of Peor {Mouth}. So YHVH's fury blazes against Israel.
    note: Peor is a mountain, but its name means ‘opening’ as in ‘orifice’, as in a vagina, anus or mouth. Baal Peor is thus ‘lord of the sex-holes’. The prostitutes engaged in ritual sex in honor of the fertility god Easter.
  269. Deuteronomy 13:6 [😇, shun even] your brother, the son of your mother, or your son, or your daughter, or the wife of your bosom, or your friend, as [close to you as] your own soul, [if they] entice you secretly, saying, ‘Let's go and serve retard-gods unknown to you or your fathers.’
  270. Deuteronomy 16:21 Never install an Asherah pole [or any other pagan symbol] near any altar you build to [worship] YHVH your Elohim, 😇.
    note: Asherah = Easter, the demon-goddess of happiness, as in “pursuit of happiness”. Don't put a national flagpole or a steeple anywhere near your church.
  271. Deuteronomy 27:15 ‘Cursed is the man who makes and secretly sets up any engraved or molten idol-image: an abomination YHVH [detests]. [Never worship] the work of any craftsman's hands.’ Then all the people antiphonally respond, “Amén.”
    note: The money of the worldly nations is cursed. Paper and coin money has historically been covered in occult symbols.
  272. Joshua 22:20 —Didn't Achan {Trouble-Maker} the son of Zerah {Ray} commit treachery [by hoarding] accursed [idolatrous] objects? [He made heaven's] fire-rage fall on all the [millions] of Israel! Achan wasn't the only one who died for his crime!’
  273. Judges 6:29 The investigators ask each-other, “Who wrecked our temple and cooked our animals!?” They [run around] asking [everyone. The townspeople blab], “Gideon {Chopper} the son of JAHoash {JAH-Fired} [wrecked your idol-temple]!”
  274. Judges 6:32 (Ever since [Gideon] knocked down Baal's altar, people call Gideon ‘Jerub-baal’, which means ‘Let Baal {Demon-Master} defend himself!’)
  275. Judges 18:19 The soldiers shout at the priest, “Quiet! Plug your mouth! Come with us. Be our father and priest. Why stay here being the priest of one man's [silly personal] shrine, when you can be [high] priest of an entire tribal state within Israel?”
    note: Man's priests get promotion, while YAH's priests get persecution. But on judgment day, the tables turn: man's priests burn, while YAH's priests inherit eternal glory.
  276. 1st Samuel 4:3 The [Israelites] straggle back into the [war] camp. The elders of Israel cry, “Why did YHVH strike us today when we faced the Philistines? Let's [send priests to] Shiloh {Tranquil} to fetch the ark of the covenant of YHVH. They'll bring it here. [We'll carry it into battle in front of] us. [It'll] rescue us from the power-fist of our enemies.”
    note: These foolish Israelites tried to use the ark like an idol. Treating holy things like occult talismans doesn't work. See Raiders Of The Lost Ark for a vivid portrayal of just such a mistake.
  277. 1st Kings 12:33 So, the 15th day of the 8th month, the date [Jeroboam] devised in his own heart [to initiate his fake religion], he offers [sacrifices] on the altar he crafts in Beth-El {House-Of-El}. He institutes this [Satanic holiday] to [separate] the children of [north] Israel [from Judea's society]. [Jeroboam] offers [animals] on the altar. He burns incense [to summon demons].
    note: Man-made priests throw man-made feasts.
  278. 1st Kings 18:22 Then EliJah {JAH-Is-El} says to the people, “I'm the sole remaining prophet of YHVH [here]. But [Demon-Lord] Baal has 450 [false] prophet-men [here].
  279. 2nd Kings 1:3 [Meanwhile, out in the wilderness,] YHVH’s angel commands EliJah {JAH-Is-El} the Traveler [prophet], “Get up. [Hike] uphill [~30km southwest toward] Samaria. Intercept the messengers king [Ahaziah] sent. Ask them, ‘Is it because there's no Elohim in Israel, that you go to inquire of Baal-Zebub {Lord-Of-The-Flies} ([the] idol-god of Ekron {Uprooter})?’
    note: Or ‘EliJah from Tishbe’. Tishbe was a wilderness camp about 20km south of Lake Galilee. Other locations are plausible. 30km SW assumes that Elijah started this trek from Tishbe.
  280. 2nd Kings 10:29 But JAHu never abandons the sins of Nebat's brat-king Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}, who drove Israel off [history's cliff]. For instance, [JAHu fails to demolish] the golden bulls in Beth-El {House-Of-El}, and in Dan {Judge}.
    note: Similarly, Washington D.C. and New York City overflow with the same idol images, including golden bulls and phallic obelisks.
  281. 2nd Kings 15:5 [And AzariYah arrogates himself to perform the functions of a high-priest. So] YHVH strikes king [AzariYah] with leprosy. To the day of his death, [AzariYah] lives in [a] quarantine-house. Meanwhile, JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect}, [AzariYah's] royal son, runs the palace. [This prince JAHtham] judges the people in [Judea's] territory.
    note: 2 Chr 26:16-21.
  282. 2nd Kings 17:11 [At these occult] high-shrines the [Israelis] burn incense [to honor demon-gods]. [The Israelites] copy the beast-nations whom YHVH carried away before the [ancient Hebrews]. They [all] engineer wicked schemes that whip up YHVH's fury, 😇.
  283. 2nd Kings 17:12 The [Israelis] serve idols, after YHVH warned them, “Never [serve idols]!”
  284. 2nd Kings 17:29 But all the beast-nationals keep forging [demonic] idol-gods of their own. They install their [idols] in the [occult] high-shrine-temples the [Israelite] Samarians had built. Each national [group erects idols in] in the cities they occupy.
  285. 2nd Kings 17:30 The men from Babylon build daughter-tents [shrine-whore-houses]. The men from Cuth build [statues of idol-god] Nergal {War-Rooster}. And the men of Hamath {Joined-Walls} erect [statues of the idol-god] Ashima {Fate}.
    note: The goddess of fate is worshipped in the Disney theme song: When You Wish Upon A Star.
  286. 2nd Kings 17:32 The [beastly invaders] fear YHVH [to a degree]. But they also make personal high-shrine priests out of their most common citizens. [These bogus priests] sacrifice [animals] for the [pagans] in [north Israel's] occult high-shrine sanctuaries.
  287. 2nd Kings 17:33 The [invaders] respect YHVH. But they simultaneously serve their own idol-gods in the fashion of the nations they left [behind when they] emigrated to [north Israel].
  288. 2nd Kings 23:4 Then king [Josiah] commands high priest HilkiYah {YAH's-Inheritance}, and the priests of the second rank, and the door-keepers, to carry out of the temple of YHVH all the articles [which previous kings] made to [worship] Baal {Demon-Master}, Easter, and the whole army of star-demons. [The king] burns these [abominations] outside Jerusalem in the fields of the Kidron {Ash} [Brook]. [The king's couriers] carry the ashes of the [idols] to Beth-El {House-Of-El}.
  289. 2nd Kings 23:8 Then [Josiah] retrieves all [YHVH's] priests from [their hiding places] in [random] towns throughout Judea. [Josiah] desecrates the high-shrines where the [idolatrous] priests had burned incense, from Geba {Hillock} [10km north of Jerusalem all the way 55km southwest to] to Beer-Sheba {Well-Of-Seven}. And [Josiah] breaks down the [occult] high-shrines by [Jerusalem's] gates, [especially] the [grand] entrance-gate of JAHshua, [Jerusalem's] governor. (That's the gate on your left hand as you enter the city.)
  290. 2nd Kings 23:10 And [king JosiYah] destroys [the fire-pit of] Topheth {Drum-Smack} (in the valley of the sons of Hinnom) so no man can ever make his son or daughter ‘pass through the fire’ to Molech {War-God-King} there.
    note: To ‘pass a child through fire’ can mean ‘enter the child in military jurisdiction’ or ’sacrifice the child’.
  291. 2nd Kings 23:11 And [king JosiYah] hauls away the horse-statues [which] the kings of Judea had dedicated (to the sun-god) at the entrance to YHVH's temple, near the chamber of chamberlain Nathan-Melech {Gift-King}, in the side-courtyard. And [JosiYah] burns the [similar idolatrous] “chariots of the sun” with fire.
  292. 2nd Kings 23:15 And [king JosiYah] smashes the [pagan] altar at Beth-El {House-Of-El}. And [he explodes] the [occult] high-shrine built by (Nebat's brat) [king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}, who drove [north] Israel off [history's cliffs]. [JosiYah] demolishes both [Jeroboam's] altar and [his] high-shrine. [JosiYah] burns the [ruined] high-shrine. He stamps it to fine powder. He [simialrly] burns the [shrine's] Easter-steeple[s].
  293. 2nd Chronicles 29:16 So the priests go into the temple of YHVH to clean its inner sanctum. They haul out all the filthy [yet costly idols] they find in YHVH's sanctuary. They dump [the idols] in YHVH's temple courtyard. Then the Levites [cart away] the [idols]. They haul them down [the temple mount]. They [smash] them in the Kidron {Ash} brook [by the garden of Gethsemane].
  294. 2nd Chronicles 33:3 [Manasseh] rebuilds the [occult] high-shrines his father HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} broke down! [Manasseh] erects [tax] altars [to honor] Baalim {Sovereigns}. He builds Easter-Steeples. He worships the whole [demonic] host of heaven. He serves [devils who masquerade as angels of light].
  295. 2nd Chronicles 33:22 But [king Amon] wreaks ruin under YHVH's [watchful] eye, as did [Amon's] dad, Manasseh. Amon {Skill} sacrifices [animals] to all the carved images his father Manasseh forged. [Amon] serves their [demon-spirits, 😇]!
  296. Job 31:26 Did I [worship] the shining sun-god? Did I [pray] to the bright moving moon? [No!]
  297. Psalms 78:58 We grieve [YAH] by [allowing] sites of high [occult witchcraft to continue operating], 😇. We [stoke YAH's] jealousy by [allowing] carved [idols and phallic steeples to dominate our country].
    note: Check out any state or national capitol. They're covered with the most blatant (and expensive) pagan art ever created. For instance: the statue of liberty [Ishtar], the Washington Monument [phallus].
  298. Psalms 115:7 [Idols] have hands that can't feel anything. They have feet that will never walk. [Idols'] throats never speak [one word], 😇.
  299. IsaiYAH 16:12 Watch and see, 😇: Moab wears [itself out praying] at high-shrine[s]. [Moabites] stream to [their demon-gods'] sanctuary to pray, to no avail.
  300. IsaiYAH 17:8 [In the end,] man stops looking to [occult] altars, 😇. [He stops worshipping] the work of his hands. Man stops idolizing things his fingers make, including Easter-Steeples and sun-god-images.
  301. IsaiYAH 41:7 [In desperation, pagans build idols, 😇.] The carpenter hurries [his] goldsmith, polisher and anvil-pounder, saying, “Good enough! Join the idol together! Fasten it with nails so it can't move!”
  302. IsaiYAH 46:1 [Here's a prophetic window into history, 😇: Cyrus {Sun} defeats Babylon. Pagan idol-god] Bel {Master} bows [to YHVH]. Nebo {Babyl-god} stoops [in shame. Persian soldiers] load [doomed Babylonian] idols on mules, and upon cattle. [Persia's] heavily-laden carriages weigh down the [soldiers'] weary beasts.
    note: Bel = Baal, a reference to Rome's Zeus/Jupiter. Nebo = Egyptian Anubis / Greek Hermes / Roman Mercury. These same idols appear in priceless sculpture and artwork in the capitol buildings of U.S. and European governments. YAH destroys any nation who venerates these ‘gods’. So get ready for Yah to destroy the nation among whom you live.
  303. IsaiYAH 57:6 [You reject me, your Maker.] Instead, you choose [to sculpt gods from] smooth river boulders. So that's what you get: an inheritance [worthless as stones]. You pour out drink-offerings and donate presents to [dumb rocks]! Yet you fantasize [that idolatry] delights Me?
  304. IsaiYAH 57:13 When you cry-out, do your gaggles [of idols] rescue you? [No.] The wind carries them all away. Vanity swallows them. Meanwhile, he who puts his trust in Me possesses the land. Joyful [saints] inherit my holy mountain.
  305. JeremiYAH 2:27 [Fools] say to a log [idol]: ‘You're my father,’ and to a stone: ‘You birth[ed] me [into the world].’ So [Israel] keeps turning their back[s] to me. They hide their [guilty] face[s]. But their time of trouble approaches. They end up begging [me], ‘Arise! Save us!’
    note: Wood and stone signify both idols and church-buildings.
  306. JeremiYAH 3:9 [Israel takes] her whoredom so lightly that she defiles the earth, 😇. She commits [spiritual] adultery with stone and rock [idols].
  307. JeremiYAH 3:13 Just acknowledge your evil, 😇. [Admit] that you keep [committing] treason against YHVH your Elohim. YHVH decrees, “You keep scattering your life-path. [You give yourself] to pagans under whatever green tree [they want]. You [keep refusing] to obey my voice.
  308. JeremiYAH 44:25 YHVH-commander-of-armies (Israel's Elohim) decrees the following order: ‘You and your wives have spoken [your death-sentences] with your [own] mouths. [You] wreak [your doom] with your own hand[s]. You brag, ‘We will completely perform the [disastrous] vows we've pledged. We'll keep smoking [food] to [honor] the queen of heaven. We'll keep pouring out drink offerings to her.’ So you definitely will accomplish your vows. You'll surely execute the actions [you pledged].’
  309. JeremiYAH 48:7 You [foolishly] trusted in your works and in your treasures. [So soldiers] snatch you up with your [plunder]. [Your demon-god] Chemosh {Crusher} goes out into captivity with his priests and his politicians bound [in chains].
  310. JeremiYAH 48:46 [You] minions of [the dark-power god] Chemosh {Crusher} perish. [Soldiers] seize your sons as captives, your daughters as [breeders].
  311. Ezekiel 6:14 So I stretch out my hand upon the [rogue Israelis] wherever they live. I make [their] land [a] stunning waste even more desolate than the desert near Riblah {Fertile}. Finally they realize that I am YHVH {The-Omnipresent-Creator}.”
  312. Ezekiel 14:4 So address the [idolaters]. Say to them, ‘Adonai YHVH decrees, ‘[I confront] every man of the house of Israel who erects his nasty-idols in his heart, who lays a ruinous stumbling-block before his face, then comes to [also seek guidance from my] prophet. I YHVH answer him [with fire,] as I [always answer people who] chase polytheistic idols.
  313. Ezekiel 14:8 I set my face against that [idolatrous] man. I make his [death story] a sign. [His life morphs into] a [cautionary] proverb. I cut off his [life as he stands] amidst my people. Then you grasp that I am YHVH {The-Omnipotent-One}.
  314. Ezekiel 16:19 Then you take the food I gave you, including the fine flour, and oil, and honey I fed you. You lay it all on fire before the faces of your [idols. You fantasize that they find smoking food] to be a restful fragrance. Thus [you fall],” laments Adonai YHVH.
  315. Ezekiel 20:7 Then I say to the [Israelis], ‘Every one of you, throw away the abominations [that draw] your eyes. Stop defiling yourselves with the manufactured-gods of Egypt. I am YHVH your Elohim {Sovereign}.’
  316. Daniel 11:8 [South] To Egypt, [Ptolemy aka ‘Benefactor’] carries booty, including the [Greeks' precious-metal statues of their pagan] gods, their [other] metal images, and their valuable vessels of silver and of gold. [This ‘Benefactor’ reigns in Greece for 4 years, in addition to his 42 years in Egypt. He reigns] longer than [his adulterous Greek predecessor, Antiochus,] ‘king of the north’.
    note: Euergetes was a benefactor to the Egyptians. For them he stole 40000 talents of Greek silver plus 2400 molten idols, many of which the Grecian king Cambyses had earlier plundered from Egypt.
  317. Hosea 2:11 Watch me end all [the] elation of [apostate Israel's idolatrous] festivals, her [corrupted] new moon [soirées], her [desecrated] sabbath [rest days], and all her [unholy] holidays.
    note: All of the holidays of the pagan nations (for instance, the United States) lie drenched in corruption. Modern holidays are anti-Christ substitutes for true Hebrew Holy-Day celebrations, which are almost totally forgotten, except by some Jews and a few Hebrew-Roots Christians. Some poor interpreters claim that this verse abolishes Hebrew festivals. The trust is just the opposite. YAH is calling you to correctly celebrate the Biblical Hebrew holidays. Every call to end or suppress the Hebrew Feasts is issued by the Devil. That includes the illegal lockdowns which globally prevented Passover, Pentecost and Sukkot (Tent-Fest) From March to October 2020.
  318. Jonah 1:6 The shipmaster runs [stumbling over tossing cargo floating through the bilge-water] to Jonah. The [shipmaster] cries, “What are you doing, sleepyhead!? Get up! Call your god! Maybe [a] god will pay attention and save us from death!”
  319. ZephaniYAH 2:11 YHVH [the] Holy Terror shrivels up all the world's [idolatrous] gods. All mankind, everywhere, [to the farthest] island, [including the basest] heathen, [throw] their bodies down [to beg mercy from] YHVH, 😇.
  320. ZechariYAH 10:2 [Household-god] demon-idols speak lawlessness, 😇. Diviners see lies. [They] tell false, [futile] dream [interpretations & prophesies & fantasies]. [False religionists] speak vanity [while pretending to] comfort people. That's why [people pull up their tent-pins and] wander [down random dead-end paths, rather than following YAH] as a flock. [False religion] is why people live constantly troubled & depressed & abased. [The world's problems] stem from the lack of [authentic] shepherds.
    note: Or, “YAH's people keep getting uprooted and dispossessed by oppressive ‘shepherds.‘“
  321. ZechariYAH 13:2 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies declares,[Envision] the [rapidly] approaching [Judgment] Day: I cut the names of all grievesome-demon-idol-carvings out of the earth. [Humanity] forever forgets [idolatry]. [Watch] Me cause all [false] prophets & unclean spirits to pass out of the planet.
  322. Malachi 2:11 [The tribe of] Judah bamboozles [the world], 😇! Abominations continue to be committed in Israel and Jerusalem! By marrying the daughter-population of strange alien gods, Judea profanes YHVH's [most] beloved sacred place.
    note: Babylonian religions spread the lie that divorce is acceptable.
  323. Acts 7:40 [Our ancestors] demanded of Aaron, “Craft us idol-gods to [travel] before us. Because as for this Moses [fellow], who [lured] us out of the land of Egypt, we have no clue what happened to him.”
    note: Gods = the people and idols pictured on your coins and bills, and the screens of your devices.
  324. Acts 14:13 Then the priest of Zeus [Dios/Theos], whose temple lies just outside the city, brings oxen and garlands to the city gates, 😇. (The priest and the crowd clamor to offer sacrifices to Paul & Barnabas {Prophet-Child}!)
  325. Acts 14:14 The apostles [Barnabas & Paul] hear of this [idolatry]. So they tear their clothes. They rush out into the crowd, shouting:
  326. Acts 14:18 Even with these words [Barnabas & Paul] barely restrain the crowd from [the horrific madness of] sacrificing [animals] to them, 😇.
    note: Wasting animals is a pagan custom. It never had anything to do with true Hebraism.
  327. Acts 17:30 In the past YHVH overlooked such ignorance, 😇. But now YAH commands all men every where to repent.
  328. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:4 Now in Babylon you'll see [idol] ‘gods’ of silver, and of gold, and of wood, [representing demons] whom all the beast-nations fear, carried on [people's] shoulders.
  329. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:13 [Custodians] have to wipe the [idol's] faces when the dust of the temple piles up on them.
  330. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:14 This [‘god’] can't put to death one [criminal.] Yet he wields a scepter, like he were judge of the country.
  331. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:15 [The idols and the pagan leaders who worship them] hold in [their] right hands a dagger and an ax: but [they] can't rescue [themselves] from war and thieves.
  332. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:22 Upon the [idols's] bodies and heads sit [dirty animals:] bats, swallows, and birds, and even cats.
  333. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:26 People carry idols on their shoulders because [idols] have no [working] feet. It's like they're shouting, ‘We're worthless!’
  334. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:28 What people donate to the [idols], their priests sell and abuse. Likewise, the [priest's] wives convert [the donations into expensive] salt. But [the fake priests] give nothing to the poor and lame.
  335. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:57 No matter how much gold or silver you lay over a wooden ‘god,’ it can never escape from thieves or robbers.
  336. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:68 Beasts are better than [idols]: for they can get under shelter and help themselves.
  337. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:72 And you'll know [idols] aren't gods [when you see] their bright [royal purple clothes] rotting on their [backs.] [Then you'll see termites] eating them as [they lie] disgusting [and abandoned] in the country[side.]
  338. Bel and the Dragon 1:21 Emperor Cyrus [sends his attack troops. They seize] the priests with their wives and children. [Begging for mercy, the children] show the king the secret doors, where they had always come in to eat the sacrifices upon the table.
  339. Bel and the Dragon 1:31 The Babylonians cast DaniEl {El-Judges} into the lions’ den. He stays there for 6 days.
  340. Exodus 32:3 So all the people break the golden earrings they'd had in their ears, 😇. They bring the [crushed jewelry] to Aaron.
    note: "All" may here signify only the majority, as in, “the American people elected a President.”
  341. Exodus 32:22 Aaron [cries], “[Please] don't let the anger of my lord flare up [and burn me to death]! You know these people, how they're [hard-wired] to do wrong.
  342. Exodus 32:23 They [commanded] me, ‘Make us elohim to [parade] before us, because this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we don't know became of him.’
  343. Deuteronomy 13:9 [You can] strike to kill [any incorrigible Israelite idolatry-ringleader]. Make your hand the first to strike him to put him to death, then the hands of the people.
    note: You don't have to kill Hebrews who defect to Satanic religions. But you can, according to Moses. Possibly hyperbole, as in, “Better to die than be an idolater.” 2026 harag : to smite with deadly intent... Traditional Hebrew transliteration: that to-kill you-shall-kill·him hand-of·you she-shall-be in·him in·the·first to-put-to-death-of·him and·hand-of all-of the·people in·the·hereafter
  344. Deuteronomy 13:16 Then gather all the treasure of [the idolatrous Israelite] city into the middle of its street. Then, [in your zeal] for YHVH your Elohim, burn the whole city with fire, including all its plunder, to ashes. [The city] will remain a [trash] heap for ever. It'll never be rebuilt.
    note: Scripture contains no such incident actually occurring.
  345. Deuteronomy 17:2 In any town YHVH your Elohim gives you, [investigate every claim] that [anyone] among you, man or woman, has violated [the Sinai] covenant by wreaking damage in the sight of YHVH your Elohim.
  346. Deuteronomy 17:3 [Investigate any accusation that a Hebrew] is [breaking] my commands by going and serving [non-Hebrew] gods [or leaders], and worshiping them, either the sun-god [Apollo/Zeus], or [a] moon-god, or any [gods named after] the host of heaven.
    note: Much of what passes for modern Christianity is Babylonian sun-worship imported by the Roman Catholic church. Sunday-sabbath, Easter, steeples, the Athanasian creed, etc.
  347. Joshua 13:12 [So the cattle-barons get] the whole kingdom of [fat giant] Og {Round}, who reigned [over] Bashan {Fruitful} [from his capitol cities:] Ashtaroth {Easter} and Edrei {Power-Arm}. [Note to 😇: Og was one of the] last of the [demon-spawned] giants. Moses cast out these [smut-and-money-worshiping Easter-celebrators]. That's why [Israelites] occupy [their land].
    note: Ashtaroth = Easter, the occult goddess of wealth-accumulation and fertility.
  348. Judges 17:3 So Micah restores the 1100 shekels of silver to his mother. His mother says, “I promised YHVH that [if I ever found that stolen silver,] I'd entrust it all to my son, to make a carved sculpture [overlaid with] poured [molten silver]. So now I'm entrusting [the money] back to you.”
    note: Perhaps this lady simply wanted to make artwork to commemorate Biblical events, say, a statue of Moses, similar to Michaelangelo's David. Or maybe this lady is like the Roman Catholics, who think that using statues to focus worship is a good idea. It's not, because it turns into idolatry.
  349. Judges 17:4 But Micah just gives the money back to his Mom. So his mother takes 200 shekels of [her] silver. She gives them to the [local] metalworker. He fashions the [silver] into a carved idol and a poured sculpture. Somehow these [statues] wind up in Micah's house.
  350. Judges 17:5 This guy Micah [owns] a [private] “temple of Elohim.” He forges an ephod [vest like ancient high-priest Aaron's]. He [sculpts some more] homemade ‘gods.’ [Then] he consecrates one of his sons [to serve as] his own private ‘priest.’
  351. 1st Samuel 5:2 The Philistines carry the ark of Elohim into the temple of Dagon {Fish-God}. They set the [ark] next to Dagon's [towering idol].
    note: The clandestine worship of Dagon persists in the Pope's pointy fish hat.
  352. 1st Samuel 5:5 So, 😇, to this day, in Ashdod {Ravager-City}, neither the priests of Dagon {Fish-God}, nor anyone who comes into [the Fish-God's] temple, walks on the ‘threshold of Dagon.’ [They all hop over the threshold.]
    note: Perhaps the origin of the taunt, ‘Step on a crack, you break your mother's back.’
  353. 1st Kings 12:30 So this idolatry infects [Israel] with sin, 😇. The [north Israelis] stream [north] to worship [the golden bull in the territory of the tribe of] Dan {Judge}.
    note: Or possibly: ‘stream west’.
  354. 2nd Kings 10:22 [JAHu] orders the [Temple's] wardrobe-chief, “Bring out robes for all the worshipers of Baal {Demon-Master}.” So the [wardrobe-chief] brings out robes. [His assistants distribute the robes to the priests. The priests proudly bask in their designer outfits.]
  355. 2nd Kings 10:28 Thus JAHu {JAH-Is-He} rids Baal {Demon-Master} from [northern] Israel.
  356. 2nd Kings 15:4 But [AzariYah] fails to rid [Judah] of its [occult] high-shrines. The [Judaeans] keep on sacrificing [animals] and burning incense [to the demon-gods] on the high-shrines.
  357. 2nd Kings 18:22 —Don't [lie] to me. [Stop] saying, ‘We trust in YHVH our Elohim.’ Isn't [YHVH] the [god] whose high places and whose altars [you], HezekiYah {Strength-From-Yah} [smashed]? [Didn't you] demand that [the people of] Judea and Jerusalem must worship facing [your private royal] altar in Jerusalem?’
    note: The Emperor is a bit confused.
  358. 2nd Kings 23:13 And king [JosiYah] desecrates the high-shrines facing Jerusalem, south of the ‘mountain of corruption,’ where [united] Israel's king Solomon {Peace-Man} built [temples] for Easter (the abominable-demon-god of the Sidonian {Fish-Fighters}), and for Chemosh {Crusher} (the abominable-demon-god of the Moabites,) and for Milcom [King-god] (the abominable-demon of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon).
  359. 2nd Chronicles 15:17 Meanwhile, the [north] Israelis fail to remove their high-occult-shrines. Still Asa remains wholeheartedly [opposed to idolatry] all his days.
  360. 2nd Chronicles 17:6 [JAHoshaphat's] heart soars on the ways of YHVH. He even rids Judaea of [its occult] high-shrines and easter-steeples, 😇.
  361. 2nd Chronicles 21:11 Plus, [king JAHoram] builds [and staffs] high [occult shrines] in Judaea's mountains. He induces the inhabitants of Jerusalem to commit [sexual, political and spiritual] fornication. He pushes [all] Judaea do the same, 😇.
  362. 2nd Chronicles 24:18 So [Judaea again] abandons the temple of YHVH ([the] Elohim of their forefathers). They worship Easter-Steeples and idol-images. So, for [these] offenses, fire-rage rains on Judea, including Jerusalem.
  363. 2nd Chronicles 31:1 Finally the [double passover feast] ends. So all the attending Israelis fan-out to the cities of Judaea. There they smash in pieces every idol-image [they see]. They chop down [hundreds of] Easter-Steeples. They throw down [thousands of occult] high-shrines and [animal sacrifice] altars throughout all [the territories of the tribes of] Judah, Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh. They destroy all [traces of idolatry]. Then all the descendants of Israel return, every man to his own [home] in his town.
    note: Start smashing occult idols and you'll find out what it means to be a persecuted Hebrew.
  364. Job 31:27 Did [idolatry] secretly entice my heart? Did my hand blow one kiss to [any idol]? [No!]
  365. Psalms 16:4 Sorrows eventually multiply on everyone who rushes after retard-gods. I'll never pour out their offerings of blood, [their immoral wars]. I'll never take the [pagan gods'] names on my lips.
    note: Avoid speaking the names of the evil political leaders and other pagan elohim of the nations around us. Every time you say a day of the week, you say the name of a pagan god. Offerings of blood = immoral wars.
  366. Psalms 115:4 The [beast-nations'] idols are [mere] silver and gold, [gadgets] made by men's hands.
  367. Psalms 115:5 [Idols] have mouths, 😇. But they can't speak. Their [painted-on] eyes see nothing.
  368. Psalms 115:6 [Idols] have ears that never hear, noses that never smell, 😇.
  369. IsaiYAH 36:19 —Where are the gods of Hamath {Joined-Walls} and Arphad {Spread-Land}? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim {Twin}? Have they delivered Samaria {North-Israel} out of my fist?
  370. JeremiYAH 2:28 So where are your idol-gods which you Judeans made [to rule] you? Let them rise [up], if they can save you in your time of trouble, 😇. You [Judeo-Christians] have as many Overlords as you have cities.
    note: Idols refers not only to statues but to celebrities, politicians, economic leaders, possessions and wealth.
  371. JeremiYAH 3:6 [Time passes.] Later, 😇, in the days of king JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH}, YHVH again asks me: [Jeremiah,] have you seen what backsliding Israel is doing? She marches up onto any [old] high mountain. [She lays down] under any [old] green tree. [There] she plays whore [to her idol gods].
  372. JeremiYAH 10:3 For the customs of the people are empty [detours, 😇]. Some guy chops a tree out of the forest. A craftsman [lifts] his hands to shape the tree with his tool[s].
  373. JeremiYAH 10:15 [Idols] are vanity, ridiculous laughingstocks, 😇. [See the future:] The coming fires of judgment [reduce all idols] to ashes.
    note: Paraphrase.
  374. JeremiYAH 51:52 So YHVH reiterates, “Watch, 😇! The days approach when I pass sentence on [Babylon's] carved idol-images [and their worshippers]. Throughout all her land, wounded [criminals] come to groan.
  375. Ezekiel 8:5 Then, 😇, [YAH] says to me, “‘Son of Adam,’ now lift up your eyes toward the north highway.” So I lift up my eyes toward [Jerusalem's] north road. Northward, at the altar-gate entrance, I [again] see this [Easter-goddess] idol [which whips up YAH's] jealous [fury].
  376. Ezekiel 14:5 [Via punishment,] I take back the hearts[s] of the house of Israel. Their idol-worship alienates them from me.
  377. Ezekiel 16:18 You strip [off] your embroidered garments to clothe [your idols]. You place my [smoking] oil and my incense before [your idols'] faces.
  378. Ezekiel 16:24 Then you build your arches. You convert your every street into a high [occult-brothel].
    note: McDonald's double-arches = homages to Satan on every major street in the world. No wonder their ‘food’ is a prime source of the world's cancers.
  379. Ezekiel 20:39 So you, [rogue] house of Israel,” Adonai YHVH says, “get [away from me]. You won't listen to me. So all of you keep on serving whatever idol[s] you choose. But stop polluting my name-reputation. Bring me no more of your idol-stained donations.
  380. Daniel 3:4 Then a herald cries aloud, “Peoples! Nations! Language-groups! You are [hereby] ordered:
  381. Daniel 3:9 The [occultists] address Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, [flattering him:] “O king, live forever.
  382. Hosea 2:4 I'm done fondling [Israel's mamzer] brats — her whore-spawn.
    note: Children raised by idolatrous, evil parents are usually worse than their parents.
  383. Hosea 10:2 [Your] heart is divided. [You deal slickly.] Now you bear your guilty [verdict. Watch YAH] break the necks of your [sacrifice & tax] altars. [He comes to smash them to the ground,] devastating your monuments.
    note: Yah is going to break the neck of the Washington monument, and all other Phallic obelisks, including the obelisks in Jerusalem and at the Vatican.
  384. Hosea 12:11 Gilead {Monument-Mound} [a region East of the Jordan river] is filled with vain, empty-headed [religion]. They [disgust me by] sacrificing bulls in Gilgal {Wheel} [the birth-place of the evil of central government. So watch me toss] their altars into heaps in the furrows of [their] fields.
    note: Gilgal is where Israel rejected YHVH by demanding a human King.
  385. Hosea 13:1 In the past, 😇, when the tribe of Ephraim {Double-Fruit} spoke, the other tribes of Israel shook, afraid. They looked up to Ephraim. But when [north-Israel] sinned by [setting up Masters over themselves,] they started dying. And they just keep on dying.
    note: Forbidden Masters include: debt-creditors, employers, gods (Baals), school officials, democratically-elected authority figures, armed-forces commanders, and anyone to whom you make any pledge or oath. See James 5:12. If you put a man in charge of yourself, you die.
  386. MicaYah 5:13 [Watch] me cut off your carved [idolatrous] images [on coins and monuments]. I surgically remove your [occult totem] poles from your midst, 😇. [Then] you [Judeo-Christians] never again [bow down to] worship the work of your hands.
    note: Most coins sport human and/or god-faces. They're idols. Steeples and obelisks are phallic icons.
  387. Nahum 1:14 YHVH commands [your society to] plant [his] Name [in the] temple(s) [of the] gods, [including all leadership buildings: schools, houses of worship, government and trading centers]. So, 😇, swiftly destroy [all idolatrous] carved images [and] molten idols [down to the] grave!
  388. Nahum 3:4 [bodies of the] adulterous populace, [the] high-priced glam-whore, [the] mistress [of] witchcraft. [She] sold nations [into] whoredoms, families [into] sorcery.
    note: Who sent out her missionaries to open doors for pharmaceutical companies to sell toxic poison drugs to the unsuspecting masses of the “3rd world.”
  389. ZephaniYAH 1:4 [YHVH's] hand stretches out over Judea (including [over] the inhabitants of Jerusalem). [YAH] slices off every remnant of [shrine child-prostitute selling] Baal-God(s). [He wipes out] the name[s] of [all black-robed, demon-serving] Chemarim priests.
    note: Chemarim suggests not Linen-clothed not Cohen (Hebrew priests), but black-robed ascetic priests, shriveled from fasting. Chema = burn, as in chemical burns. This condemns pharmaceutical pushers, who are sorcerers in disguise.
  390. Acts 17:22 So Paul stands on the middle of Mars’ hill. He [shouts], “You men of Athens, I perceive that in every way you're very religious.
  391. Acts 19:35 The city-clerk quiets the crowd. He says, “Men of Ephesus, what man [alive] doesn't know how the city of the Ephesians is temple-keeper for the great goddess Artemis [Diana], and of [her sacred stone] image which fell down from Jupiter's heaven?
    note: Jupiter=Zeus/Deus/Dios/Theos.
  392. 1st Corinthians 8:4 So, 😇, as for eating food sacrificed to idols, we [apostles] realize that, as you admit, “An idol has no real existence in the world, and there is only One Elohim.”
    note: This applies to modern life: the world's financial, legal, medical, political and entertainment systems are idolatrous fictions.
  393. 1st Corinthians 10:27 😇, if an unbeliever invites you to a meal, and you want to go, [you can] eat whatever [your host] puts in front of you without raising questions of conscience [related to idolatry].
    note: Paul is talking about idolatry, not diet. You are not morally obliged to wolf down dead rats, dogs, cats, pigs, spiders, human tongues and frog's eyes just because people offer them to you. (Such abominations will be offered to you if you travel far enough, and you can politely refuse to eat them.) Paul means that you don't need to ask people if they involve their food in some idolatrous practice. See next verse.
  394. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:8 The [idol's] tongue is polished by a workman. The [idol] is are gilded and laid over with silver. They're totally [lifeless.] They can't speak.
    note: The politician is a silver-tongued devil. The television is a liar.
  395. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:11 Yes, the [priests] give [tithes] to the common whores, and dress them in men's clothes, [and worship] ‘gods’ of silver, and ‘gods’ of gold and wood.
  396. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:18 Just like [jailers] wall-in a [criminal] who offends the king, the priests secure their temples with doors, with locks, and bars, like they're [locking down] condemned [murderers], lest their ‘gods’ get plundered by robbers.
  397. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:20 Idols are just like temple beams. [A truthful priest] will confess that creeping termites eat the wooden hearts of their [idols], and when the [wood-destroying insects] eat the [‘gods’] and their clothes, the [‘gods’] feel nothing.
  398. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:23 So you know [worldly gods and leaders] are not authorities. So never fear them.
  399. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:25 These lifeless, non-breathing [idols] command a terribly high price.
  400. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:27 People serve idols to their own shame. Any time an idol falls to the ground, it can't pick itself up again. If someone sets the [idol] upright, it can't move itself. If the [sculptor carves the] idol bowed down, the [idol] can't straighten itself [up]. If you set a gift before [an idol] it's like [you set a plate of food] in front a dead man.
  401. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:30 So how can anyone call [idols] ‘gods?’ [Why do] women set food before the elohim of silver, gold, and wood?
  402. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:44 Everything done in connection [with idols] is false: how can anyone think or declare that [idols] are elohim?
  403. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:48 When any war or plague upon [idolaters], the [phony] priests scramble to find a place where they can abscond with their [idols].
  404. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:53 [Idols] can't set up a king in the land, nor give rain to men.
  405. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:54 [Idols] can't judge their own case, or redress a wrong. They're [more powerless] than crows [flying] between sky and earth.
  406. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:55 When fire falls on the house of wooden elohim of wood, even if they're plated with gold or silver, their priests flee away, and escape, while the [idols] burn to nothing like [the structural] beams.
  407. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:56 Much less can [idols] fight off any king or enemies. So how can anyone think to call them ‘gods!’
  408. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:58 Strong [soldiers] eventually steal all the gold and silver and fancy garments off the helpless idols.
  409. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:63 And the fire sent from above to consume hills and woods does as [YAH] commands. But [idols] are unlike [natural phenomena] in appearance and power.
  410. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:65 So since you know that [idols] are not elohim, never fear them.
  411. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:70 Like a scarecrow in a garden of cucumbers safeguards nothing, gods of gold & silver-plated wood [do nothing.]
  412. Bel and the Dragon 1:18 Emperor Cyrus {Sun} opens the [temple] door. He looks at the table. He cries with a loud voice, “Great are you, O Bel! In you lies no deceit at all.”
  413. Bel and the Dragon 1:23 Nearby [the destroyed temple of Bel,] there stands a giant [statue of a] dragon, which the Babylonians worship.
  414. Bel and the Dragon 1:24 Emperor Cyrus {Sun} asks DaniEl, “Are you going to tell me that this dragon is nothing but brass, [like Bel]? Look, [the dragon is] alive! He eats and drinks. You can't say that this dragon is not a living elohim! So [bow down and] worship [it, like me and everybody else].
    note: C'mon, pledge allegiance!
  415. Bel and the Dragon 1:26 But give me permission, O king, and I will slay this dragon without a sword or [even] a stick.” The Emperor replies, “Yes, I give you this authority.”
  416. Numbers (Journeys) 31:22 [Melt down all] the gold, silver, brass, iron, tin, and lead [booty].
    note: The metal had been used in pagan ceremonies and was shaped like demon sex-gods. So melting it changed its shape to something benign and useful, cleaned off any physical impurities, and served as a symbol of spiritual purification. There may have been some non-idolatrous metal items which merely passed through fire, rather than being melted.
  417. Deuteronomy 13:11 Quickly all Israel will hear [of the idolater's demise]. Then [they'll all] fear [YHVH]. So [they'll] never again wreak any such wickedness among you.
    note: Apparently, even if the stoning took place, it would be an exceptionally rare event.
  418. Deuteronomy 13:12 You may hear [alarming] rumors [of idolatry being committed] in one of your cities YHVH your Elohim gives you to live in, 😇.
  419. 2nd Kings 15:35 But [king JAHtham] fails to rid [Judea] of its [occult] high-shrines. [Judea's] people continue sacrificing [animals] and burning incense [to the demon-gods] in the high-shrines. [But to his credit,] JAHtham rebuilds the higher gate of YHVH's temple.
  420. Hosea 4:17 Ephraim {North-Israel} is married to the idolatrous images that have ‘him’ spellbound. So leave him alone. [Cut his corrupt tribes from your company like you would quarantine a leper or a crazed crack addict.]
    note: Ephraim {Double-Fruit} was rebel north Israel's leading tribe.
  421. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:17 For like a vessel a man uses is worthless when it's broken, so it is with their ‘gods.’ Right after [the priests] set the [idols] up in the temple, the [idol's] eyes fill up with dust from the feet of the [worshippers].
  422. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:19 The [priests] light more candles [for their gods] than they do for themselves. But the ‘gods can't see even one [candle].’
  423. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:21 The [idol's] faces get blackened by the smoke pouring out of the temple.
  424. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:24 Even though the [idol's] gold-plating makes them beautiful, unless they wipe off the rust, they won't shine. When they were molten felt no [heat.]
  425. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:32 The [idolaters] roar and cry before their [demon] elohim, like wailers at the [funeral] meal when [their loved] one is dead.
  426. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:35 Similarly, [idols] can't give [anyone] riches or money. If a man makes a vow to [an idol], and fails to keep it, the idol can't demand [performance.]
  427. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:36 [False priests and their idols] can't save any man from death, nor deliver the weak from the mighty.
  428. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:39 Their ‘gods’ of wood plated with gold and silver are like stones cut out of a hill. [People] who worship [idols] will be ashamed.
  429. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:40 How can any man then think and say that [idols] are elohim, when even the Chaldean [idolaters] themselves dishonor [idols]?
  430. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:45 [Idols] are made by carpenters and goldsmiths: they can be nothing [better] than the workmen make them to be.
  431. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:46 The idol-makers live short lives. So how can the statues they make be ‘gods’?
  432. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:49 So why don't men get that [idols] are not elohim, that can't even save themselves from war, or from plague?
  433. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:52 Who is so [dumb] as to not know that [idols] are not elohim?
  434. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:64 So no one should ever say or suppose that [idols] are elohim, seeing, they're unable to judge causes, [and unable] to do good to men.
  435. Bel and the Dragon 1:30 The Emperor sees that [he can't resist the] terrible pressure of the [millions of uprising] Babylonians. So having no other choice, he surrenders DaniEl to the mob.
  436. 1 Maccabees 2:6 [Hammer] watches [in disgust as Greeks and Hellenized Jews] commit blasphemies in Judea, including Jerusalem.
  437. 1 Maccabees 2:12 See our sanctuary, our [prime] beauty and our glory, [now] laid waste, profaned by the [godless, pagan] Gentile [Beast-Nations], 😇!
  438. Deuteronomy 13:10 You [can] stone [any unrepentant Israelite idolater] with rocks. Let him die, because he tried to thrust you away from YHVH your Elohim, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, from the slave-jail.
    note: This may be hyperbole.
  439. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:24 In contrast, I say to you, 😇, and to [your fellows] in Thyatira {Daughter-City} (who avoid mixing with the teachings of ‘Jezebel {Baal-Seeker},’ and who refuse to follow what some [dupes] call the ‘profundities’ of the Adversary), I put upon you no further burden.
  440. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:12 Yet these ‘gods’ can't even save themselves from rust and moths, though they're covered with [royal] purple clothing.
  441. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:34 Whether [people] do good or harm to an [idol], they can't deliver payback. [Idols] can neither set up a king, nor put him down.
  442. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:42 Yet [idolaters] can't see [the folly of idolatry], so they never abandon [their idols], because [idolaters] lack knowledge.
  443. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:43 The [shrine-prostitute-girls] sit on the temple-street, wrapped in ropes, burning bran as perfume [to the ‘gods.’] Then a [whore], enticed by some [guy] that passes by, lies with him. Then she looks down on her fellow whore whom [the ‘gods’] didn't deem worthy to [send a john] to rip off their ropes.
    note: Obscure and of uncertain translation. The tradition English translation says: The women also with cords about them, sitting in the ways, burn bran for perfume: but if any of those women, enticed by some [guy] that passes by, lies with him, she reproaches her fellow, that she was not thought as worthy as herself, nor her cord broken.
  444. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:50 Future generations will see and know that idols are just wood plated with silver and gold.
  445. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:59 So it's better to be a king who shows his power, or else a useful utensil in a house, which the owner can work with, than to be a false god. Better to be a door in a house, to keep useful things inside, than to be a false idol [god.] Better to be a pillar of wood in a palace, than a false ‘god.’
  446. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:66 For idols can neither curse nor bless kings.
  447. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:67 Nor can [idols] show signs in the heavens among the beast-nations, nor shine as the sun, nor give light as the moon.
  448. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:69 So it's obvious to us that [idols] are not elohim: so never fear them.
  449. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:73 The righteous man who has no idols is better off [than the richest idolater]. The righteous man will stay far from disgrace.
  450. Bel and the Dragon 1:12 —Then tomorrow when you come in, if you don't find that Bel has eaten up all the food and wine [which you the king left in the 100% sealed room], we priests will suffer death. [Conversely if Bel does eat the food, the one to die will be] DaniEl {El-Judges}, who speaks falsely against us.”
  451. Genesis 36:4 To Esau {Rough-Red}, Adah births [a son named] Eliphaz {Gold-god}. Esau's [other wife] Bashemath {Fragrance} births ReuEl {Friend-Of-El}.
  452. 1st Corinthians 8:7 But not everyone knows [about strict Monotheism, 😇]. Some people still think that statues of gods are real elohim. When [gullible believers] eat food that [a worshipper] offered to statues of gods, they think of it as food that was offered to real gods. And because the [new believer] has a weak sense of what is right and wrong, they feel guilty.
    note: Heavily paraphrased.
  453. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 22:8 [😇, as soon as] I, JAHn, see and hear these [visions,] I fall down to worship before the feet of the angel who revealed them to me.
  454. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:47 [Idolaters] leave lies and guilt on [the generations that] follow [them].
  455. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:51 Someday it will be obvious and clear to all nations and kings that [idols] are not elohim, but the works of men's hands, and that [YHVH the] Eloah had nothing to do with them
  456. Bel and the Dragon 1:11 Bel's priests protest, “O king, look, we priests will leave the temple. Then you prepare the food and make ready the wine for the god to drink. Then you personally shut the door tight and seal the door with your own signet [ring].
    note: Breaking the signet ring's seal would impose the death penalty on anyone who tampered with the door.
  457. 1 Maccabees 1:55 [The Greeks] burn [pagan] incense at the doors of their houses, and in the streets.
  458. 1 Maccabees 4:45 The priests decide it's best to pull down the altar, lest it become a curse to them, because the beast-national [killers] defiled it. So the priests demolish the altar.
  459. Acts 28:11 After 3 months [on Malta,] we sail off [north] in an Alexandrian ship which had wintered on the island. This ship sports a carved Gemini for its figurehead.
    note: Gemini = Castor and Pollux, the ‘Heavenly Twins of Jupiter.’
  460. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:71 An elohim of gold & silver plated wood is like a white thorn-bush in an orchard, that every bird sits on, like a dead body [facing] the [evil,] dark East [wind.]
  461. 1 Maccabees 4:44 The priests convene to decide what to do with the altar of ascensions, which the [pagans] profaned [by burning unclean animals in sacrifice to their demon-idols].
  462. Genesis 36:36 Hadad {Knifer} dies, 😇. [Then] Samlah {Idol-Cloak} from Masrekah {Vineyard} reigns.
    note: Samlah=Idol-Cloak, as in a man allowing his body to become the ‘clothing’ for the incorporeal god-demon who possesses him.
  463. Judges 17:1 [Time passes, 😇. The focus of Israel's story moves to] the Ephraim {Double-Fruit} hills. There lives a man named Micah {Who-Is-Like-Yah}.


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