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24 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Political Evil

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  1. The Final Beast Rises: The New World Order
  2. The United Nations Rage Against The Creator
  3. YAH Laughs At All Human Power - We Are Comedy
  4. The World Is All Wickedness. TRUST NO ONE!
  5. Cocky King Herod Agrippa Dies Of Crotch-Rot
  6. [YAH] Releases Satan From Prison In The Abyss
  7. I.R.S. Boss Releases A Terrorist, Not Christ
  8. Religionists Betray, Try, Impale The Messiah
  9. Flashback: Daniel's 4 Beasts Dream
  10. Religionists Frame Yahshua For Tax-Evasion
  11. Taxman Sends Christ To The Pedophile STD-King
  12. King Antiochus Cheats With Egypt's Princess
  13. Judeo-Christianity Falls Off The Wagon Again!
  14. Zeke Condemns The Filthy Sin Of Your Nation
  15. Real Atheists, No Matter How Smart, Are Fools
  16. YAH Controls The Fate Of Nations
  17. The Neck-Men Rebel Against Evil 'Father-King'
  18. Mighty Nimrod Rules Babylon
  19. Job Reveals: Some Wicked People Live Easy
  20. The Pagans Accuse The Jews Of Tax Rebellion
  21. King Jehoram Reigns Over Judea In Wickedness
  22. Ezekiel Challenges Egypt's Pharaoh
  23. Hoshea (North Israel's Last King) Takes Reign
  24. List Of Lands Seized West of The Jordan River


197 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Political Evil

  1. Amos 5:26 [NO.] You erect the shrine[s] of your Moloch {war-god} and Chiun {Kewan}, your phantom illusory leaders. [You mark your monuments with] the star[s] of the gods you make for yourselves.
    note: Amos 5:26 is an ongoing denouncement of every so-called ‘Christian civilization’ of the last 1700 years, beginning with Constantine and continuing through the hellish war-machines of the British Empire and the United States. Quoting Amos 5:26 got Stephen stoned. 5-sided stars (pentagrams) are used globally to signify rule by military force, symbolizing the god of war. 6-sided stars (hexagrams) represent rule by man's logic and desires, instead of YAH's laws. Both 5 and 6-sided stars are high-holy signs in witchcraft. 3594 Kiyuwn / Chiun: kee-yoon'; from 3559; a statue, i.e. idol representing a heathen deity (perhaps Priapus or Baal-peor). Erect = NASA (lift up). Moloch can mean “warrior-king / commander in chief”.
  2. Matthew 27:22 Pilate yells [back] to the people, “Then what'll I do with YahShua, whom [people] call [YAH's] Messiah?” The people all scream at Pilate, “Impale him!” [“Nail the liar to a pole! We'll watch him bleed to death while we eat!”]
    note: Government by the people, for the people, killed the greatest man who ever lived. There's democracy for you. Popular vote destroys The Son of The Creator.
  3. Matthew 27:25 All the [Israeli mob] yell back [at the Governor], “YahShua's blood [guilt shall fall] on us, and on our children!”
    note: Astounding! So for 2000 years, the Israelites wandered without a country.
  4. Luke 20:22 — Is it lawful for us to give tribute [pay taxes] to Caesar, or not?”
    note: Trick question. The answer is, ‘Yes, and No’. If you sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you use worldly wealth to buy friends and advance the kingdom of heaven, you don't have taxable personal income. Of course, then you can't have that big house and nice car, either. But living in voluntary poverty does not mean starving under a bridge. You can have all your basic needs met and still live in voluntary poverty. ‘If we have food and covering, we're happy.’ Is that your motto? It was Paul's.
  5. Luke 20:24 YahShua answers the [religionists], “Why are you trying to trap me? Show me your [Roman] coin. Whose head and name are printed on the coin?” The religionites answer, “Caesar's.”
    note: Get rid of that worldly money. Start trading in lawful, durable substances such as wheat, corn, beans, honey, oil, and maybe gold and silver.
  6. Psalms 2:2 The kings of the world take their stand. Its rulers conspire together against YHVH, and against his Anointed [leader(s)].
  7. Matthew 4:9 Then [the Adversary makes his best offer] to YahShua, “I'll give you [all the kingdoms of the world and their glory] if you fall down and worship me.”
    note: If in fact the nations belong to the devil, it is only by their agreement to trade their autonomy for Satan's benefits.
  8. Matthew 27:20 But the chief priests & elders convince the crowd that they should ask [Pilate to pardon & set free the fake ‘YahShua’] Barabbas, and destroy [the real] YahShua, [the Messiah].
    note: It was primarily religious leaders, who, for jealousy, caused the death of Yahshua. You don't know murderous rage until you see the reaction of fake religion to real spirituality.
  9. Matthew 27:24 Pilate sees that he can't [argue against the insanity of mob rule]. The crowd starts to riot. So Pilate takes some water. He washes his hands in front of the crowd. Pilate [shouts], “I am not guilty of this innocent [man's death]! You'll [pay] for that!”
  10. Luke 4:6 The devil offers YahShua, “I'll give you all [the world's] power—the glory of the [entire world-system. Generation after generation, all nations] hand [their god-given sovereignty] to me. So I award [worldly power and glory] to whoever I choose.
    note: …“Presidents, kings, governors: they all dance like puppets on my strings. And you, Yahshua, can control them all! Imagine! The whole world listening to and obeying your gospel—today!” The devil offers Yahshua the chance to become Satan's second-in-command, deputy arch-ruler of the entire world, more powerful than any human has ever been.
  11. Luke 6:26 Woe [comes] to you, 😇, when all men speak well of you! For their ancestors spoke well of the false prophets.
  12. Luke 23:23 The mighty-voiced mob keep on shouting, “The stake! Impale YahShua!” [Egged on by Judea's] dictator-priests, the rabble scream. Finally, popular [demonic insanity] prevails [over common sense and logic].
  13. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:19 Then, 😇, I see the beast, and the world's kings, and their armies. They gather together to make war against YahShua who sits on the [white] horse, and against YahShua's [white-horse-riding] army.
    note: This appears to be the ‘Second Coming.’
  14. Psalms 14:3 All people turn astray and get filthy together, 😇. No one [consistently] does good, not one [human being].
    note: Except Yahshua.
  15. JeremiYAH 7:28 So, 😇, say to the [people around you], ‘This is a nation that never obeys the voice of YHVH their Elohim. [They] never receive correction. Faithfulness lies extinct [in this culture]. [All] truth has vanished from their mouth[s].
  16. Daniel 2:33 [The dream statue stands on] legs of iron [supported by] feet partly of iron and partly of [baked] clay.
    note: Iron legs: Roman empire. Feet of iron (military power) + clay (popular vote) = Democratic Republics of the United Nations. (A fragile, worthless iron-ceramic mixture.) The only strong form of government is a benevolent dictatorship run by YHVH's Laws. Ben Franklin rightly proposed that the United States be run by Mosaic Law.
  17. Matthew 4:8 Then the devil takes YahShua up to [the top of] an extremely high mountain. He shows YahShua all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory.
    note: glory = the worship the devil receives from the nations.
  18. Matthew 27:21 The governor asks the [crowd of] people, “Which of these two [‘YahShuas’] have you chosen to ask me to set free for you?” The people scream, “Barabbas!”
    note: Democracy mixed with religion killed Yahshua.
  19. Mark 15:13 The crowd scream back, “Impale YahShua! [Nail him to a pole until he bleeds to death and his lungs collapse!]
  20. Luke 16:15 YahShua says to [people who want to own things they didn't work to get, like welfare, bribes, kickbacks, government benefits, interest payments, and tithing]: “You [fakers] justify yourselves before men. But Elohim knows your hearts. Men highly prize many things that [YHVH] the Eloah eyes as abominations.
  21. John 11:50 —You don't realize what's good for you! Can't you see that it's [in the compelling interest of national security] for one man [YahShua] to die [to quiet] the masses, than for [Romans] to destroy [our] whole nation?!”
    note: That's why they kill you, persecute you and/or deny your buying & selling privileges unless you present documentary proof (a national I.D. card, a Passport, etc.) showing that you disobey Yahshua by swearing allegiance to a United Nations member-state. The world murders saints for national security ‘reasons’. Then they blame your murder on you.
  22. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 13:11 [In the vision,] I watch another ‘beast’ rise up out of the earth, 😇. This [2nd Beast-population] wears two horns like a lamb. But it speaks like a dragon.
    note: Lambs horns = power exerted over the people in the form of benefaction. The corporate-owned government pretends to be the servant of the people. But it actually milks the people like goats to be slaughtered. Out of the Earth: this second beast's power does not come directly from the people. The 2nd beast's power was perfected when people worldwide gave ownership of their land to the beast (when they registered their land-titles with the "government" which uses the land and everything thereon as collateral against un-payable slavery loans.) The beast, who now legally owns the land, controls the people on the land.
  23. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 17:8 —The ‘beast’ you saw used to [formally] exist [as the Babylonian Empire], 😇. Right now it doesn't [formally exist]. That beast-population comes to ascend out of the ‘bottomless pit.’ It charges to [its own] destruction. Back at the foundation of the cosmos, [YAH chose] not to write [most] earth-dwellers' names in the book of [eternal] life. [These mortals] get hypnotized by this ‘beast’ [population] that was, and does not [now exist], and yet [will live again].
    note: The world thinks the Babylon-system died. But it was just knocked out. Not that ancient people rise from the dead, but ancient Babylon's societal-framework returns to dominate the earth.
  24. Psalms 2:1 Why do the [beast] nations rage, 😇? The [world's] people[s] plot in vain.
    note: See Scripture song: Laugh At The Nations. (Psalms #2-#145 were written around the same time.)
  25. Psalms 2:4 [YAH] sits in the heavens laughing! Adonai ridicules the [united nations].
    note: Yahweh laughs at the kings, rulers, and nations of the world. The same statement is made in Ps 59:8, and similarly in PS 37:13. Nowhere else is YAH described as laughing. YAH created the human race as his own 4D reality comedy show.
  26. IsaiYAH 1:6 From foot-sole to head-scalp nothing healthy [nor sound lives in you nor your political, economic, military and religious bodies, 😇,] just wounds, bruises, putrefying, open un-bandaged sores starved of healing oils.
  27. IsaiYAH 5:7 [😇, in this allegory,] the vineyard of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies is the lineage of Israel. The [people] of Judea are [YAH's] garden of delight. [YAH] looks [to them] for justice. But [instead,] he sees bloody [oppression]. He looks for right-actions. Instead, he sees [sufferers] crying [in distress].
  28. Daniel 7:25 This [little horn-power] speaks great arrogant boats against [YHVH] Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High}. [The horn] exhausts the separatist-saints of Ha-Elyon [with affliction]. [The horn] invents massive [blasphemous] changes to calendars and laws. [YHVH] gives [all this power] into [the little horn's] fist until ‘a time and times and the dividing of time.’ [3.5 prophetic ‘years.’]
    note: False ‘Christian’ leaders change the calendar. The Hebrew festivals are replaced by pagan nonsense holidays. Sunday becomes the new fake 'Sabbath.' Idolaters change the world's month-numbers to honor the Sun-God. OCTober (the 8th month) becomes the 10th month. Occultists name all the days of the week after pagan demon-gods. Satanists replace natural Biblical Common Law with the utilitarian Roman Civil law. Pagans make it illegal to pray in schools, etc. [Time, times & 1/2 a time] = 3.5 prophetic years, expressed as 42 months and 1260 days in Rev 11:2-3.
  29. Matthew 20:25 But YahShua calls all 12 disciples to himself. He says, “You know how the national top-dogs exercise dominion over their [subjects, 😇]. Bigshots wield authority over their [citizens].
    note: In the evil world, kings are tyrants. Godless rulers throw their weight around. Superiors become dictators.
  30. Matthew 22:17 Tell us therefore, what is your opinion? Does the Law [of Moses allow us Hebrews] to pay tribute [taxes] to Caesar, or not?”
    note: Hey Jesus, do you pay taxes? You're a taxpayer, right? You sign your tax-form every year under penalty of perjury and send it in like a good slave, right?
  31. Matthew 27:1 Morning rises, 😇. All the chief priests and elders of the people counsel together against YahShua. [They vote] to put him to death.
    note: This, like the evil in the world today, was not just an insider conspiracy. ALL of the leaders of the people wanted Yahshua DEAD. And they want you dead too, if you do what Yahshua did and you say what Yahshua said.
  32. John 19:12 From there on Pilate tries to release YahShua. But the Jews cry out, “If you let this man [YahShua] go, you are no friend of Caesar! Whoever makes himself a king speaks rebellion [against] Caesar!”
  33. Acts 4:26 —The kings of the earth take their stand. The rulers gather together against YHVH, and against His Messiah.’
    note: Psalm 2. See song: Laugh At The Nations.
  34. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 17:10 [The 7 ‘mountains’ correspond to history's] 7 sovereign [powers], 😇: 5 have fallen, 1 exists, and the other is yet to come. When the [final power] comes, its reign will be brief.
    note: Some theorize: 1. Cain, 2. Nimrod, 3. Nebuchadnezzar, 4. Cyrus, 5. Greece, 6. Rome, 7. Holy Roman Empire, and 8. revived Rome (today's New World Order). Rome sits on 7 hills. But Rome fails to fully cover the scope presented here.
  35. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 20:9 [I keep watching earth's future, 😇. I see the beast-nations] march up over the breadth of the earth. They surround the camp of YAH's sacred-saints, and the ‘beloved city.’ Then fire shoots down from [YHVH] the Eloah out of heaven. It devours the [beast-nations]!
    note: Beloved city may mean Jerusalem, or the population of saints dispersed like isolated salt grains over the earth.
  36. Genesis 10:9 Nimrod is a powerful warrior-captor. He rebels against YHVH. That, 😇, is why the epithet resounds through the ages, “[Such-and-such brat is a] Nimrod. He chases power. He [lives] in defiance of YHVH.”
    note: See Jer 16:16.
  37. Exodus 10:27 But [again] YHVH [allows] Pharaoh's heart to harden, 😇. So Pharaoh refuses to let the [Israelites] go.
  38. Exodus 18:24 So Moses heeds the [worldly] advice of his father-in-law. [He dutifully sets up Jethro's doomed man-made hierarchal judicial system.]
    note: This mistake of setting a supposedly holy people under a hierarchal government led to the installation of kings who quickly destroyed Israel. Truly holy people do not need a central judicial system. Righteous people settle their own disputes.
  39. Judges 9:27 Then the [men of Shechem] [run] out into the fields. They harvest their vineyards. They trample the grapes. [They make juice/wine.] They throw a party. They gather in the temple of their [satanic] elohim. There they eat and drink. [Then they] curse AbiMelech, [their ex-‘Father-King’].
  40. 1st Kings 15:30 [This massacre puts a stop to evil king] Jeroboam's sins and offenses, [which plunged northern] Israel [into] sin, whipping up the grieving-fury of YHVH, Israel's Elohim.
  41. Job 21:33 The soil of the valley falls sweet on [the despot's golden casket]. His [cradle-to-grave prosperity] draws every man to him. He enjoys countless followers.
  42. Psalms 2:5 Adonai [shouts in] rage at [earth's nations/rulers/kings]. They shake [beneath] his fire-breathing fury, 😇.
  43. Psalms 35:20 The [hypocrites] blather about peace while they weave false-flag operations that [ransack] the quiet [people] of the land.
    note: The Luisitania, 911, Pearl Harbor, the burning of the Reichstag, Desert Storm, etc. See Sun Tsu's ‘The Art Of War’ and Machiavelli's ‘The Prince’ for details.
  44. Ecclesiastes 8:10 I watch lawless [leaders abuse their authority. They even dare to violate society's] holiest place[s]. Then the [abuser] receives a funeral [ceremony befitting the Messiah]! Meanwhile, the [whole] city forgets the [righteous people whose blood the oppressor spilled! So, 😇, praise from humans] is just [flatus blowing around in the] winds [of chaos].
    note: This verse is an expansion on the previous verse. Most translators ignore context and thus write gobbledegook. Lawless people = people who claim that the law of Moses has been abolished or no longer applies.
  45. IsaiYAH 9:17 [Society has gotten so bad] that YHVH sees no light in even the best young people. He [sees no reason to even] give a hug to orphans and widows. Everyone is a polluted [hypocrite], 😇. Everyone wreaks damage. Every mouth blurts ruinous [nonsense]. Because of all this [incurable social-disease, YAH's] fire-breathing-fury stalks on. His power-hand rises [to strike].
    note: Decentralized social media multiples the insanity of tyrannical broadcast media.
  46. JeremiYAH 7:29 Shave off your [pretty] hair. Throw it away [in mourning, you so-called] ‘People Of Peace.’ Then start wailing a lamentation on [your land's] high places. For YHVH rejects and forsakes this generation of [ingrates. They soon burn in] his fire-rage, 😇.
    note: Jerusalem = City Of Peace, although it has almost always been a battleground of war and division.
  47. Ezekiel 22:7 In you, [Jerusalem,] leaders usurp [parental powers from] fathers and mothers. Right at your core [of political power, leaders] oppress and defraud foreigners. In you, [Jerusalem, your leaders] harass fatherless [orphans] and widows.
  48. Ezekiel 29:15 [Egypt] survives as the basest of the kingdoms. Never again does [Egypt] exalt herself above the nations. I diminish Egypt, so she never again rules over the nations.
    note: True to this day.
  49. Daniel 7:5 Suddenly I see a second beast, like a bear. It raises itself up on one side. It holds 3 ribs in its mouth, between its teeth. [Some beings] say to the ‘bear', “Arise! Gorge yourself with flesh!”
    note: On the macro-historical level, the bear describes the Medo-Persian empire. But it's certainly applicable to Stalin's USSR, which killed over 50 million Judeo-Christians IN THE MID-20TH CENTURY ALONE, far more people than Hitler's Germany killed. The media ignored Russia's atrocities because Russia won WW2 alongside its allies: Britain and the U.S.
  50. Daniel 7:17 “The 4 immense beasts [represent] 4 [beastly] royalties [Empires] which arise out of the earth.
  51. Matthew 22:18 But YahShua reads the [spies'] minds, 😇. He sees the wickedness [in these religious political accessories-to-murder]. He says, “You hypocrites! Why are you trying to trap me [in a bogus tax-evasion charge]? Show me the tribute money!”
  52. Matthew 22:19 So the [liars] bring to YahShua a silver coin, 😇.
    note: SHOW ME THE MONEY!
  53. Luke 2:35 —Yes, [Mary,] a sword [of reality] descends to pierce through your own soul. You watch the human race reject [your Son, the only pure and perfect human who ever lived]. The [politico-commercial-military-religious complex murders YahShua. This crime] painfully reveals [the satanic thoughts] that lurk inside the hearts [of even the best and brightest of humanity].”
    note: Paraphrase.
  54. Luke 23:12 That day, for the first time, these [two bitter] enemies, Pilate and Herod, become ‘friends.’
    note: With friends like that, who needs enemies?
  55. Genesis 10:8 Cush fathers Nimrod {Rebel}. [Nimrod] becomes a mighty hero. [He conquers] the earth.
    note: Nimrod comes from the Hebrew word “Marad” which means, “Come on, let's rebel!” Nimrod is a grandson of Ham.
  56. Judges 9:4 So the [electorate] hands AbiMelech {Father-King} 70 pieces of silver out of the temple of [demon-god] Baal-Berith {Lord-Of-The-Cut}. With this [money], AbiMelech hires good-for-nothing thugs to shadow [him].
  57. Judges 21:25 [As the crazy story above shows,] in those days no [human nor divine] king reigns in Israel, 😇. Every man continually does whatever [stupid thing] seems right in his own eyes.
    note: Like all of the tragedies afflicting today's unholy Judeo-Christian world, all of the disasters in this amazing book stem from Israel's refusal to separate from pagans, as documented in Judges 1:27-36.
  58. 2nd Kings 10:9 In the morning, [JAHu] struts out of his [headquarters]. He stands speaking to all the people [gathered around the 70 severed heads. JAHu says], “You [did] the right [thing]! Wow! I conspired against my [ex] sovereign [JAHoram]. I assassinated [one guy]. But who killed all these [princes]? [We're a team!]
    note: People pay politicians and preachers to lie to them, to declare their evil deeds righteous.
  59. Ezra 4:14 Now, since the “salt” [money] from the Emperor's palace is the “salt” [money] we [live on], far be it from us to [idly] watch the Emperor [sink into] dishonor. So we've sent and certified [this petition to you,] Emperor.
    note: Where salt is scarce, it's worth more than silver. See Num 18:19.
  60. Psalms 2:3 Break their chains, 😇! Throw off their ropes!
    note: This verse has a double meaning. We Hebrews are to break off the legal bonds of national citizenship & debt in the pagan nations. Meanwhile, the pagan nations allow pagan people to throw off the Creator's commandments and still survive.
  61. Psalms 55:11 Wickedness [seethes] at [my city's] heart, 😇. Threats and fraud never leave her streets.
  62. Proverbs 29:12 If a ruler listens to lies, all his servants morph into criminals.
  63. JeremiYAH 45:4 Tell [the crybaby], ‘YHVH says, “Watch: I'm breaking down the [establishment] I built. I'm uprooting the [political structure] I planted, 😇. The whole country's [trashed]!”
  64. JeremiYAH 51:23 With you, [Babylon,] I break in pieces the [corrupt] pastor-leader and his [brainwashed] flock; I pulverize the [soil-eroding] farmer and his yoke-pair of oxen; I dash-to-bits [warmongering] captains and rulers.
  65. Ezekiel 22:9 In you, [Jerusalem,] dwell men who testify falsely so they can spill [innocent peoples'] blood. In you, [occultists] gobble [pigs] on hilltop-shrines. At your city-core [your leaders and people] wallow in perverse crimes.
  66. Daniel 7:6 After this I look. I see a [3rd beast,] like a leopard. 4 bird-wings span its back. 4 heads crown its body. [Heaven] gives dominion to [the leopard].
    note: Macro-Historically: the Greek Empire.
  67. Daniel 7:7 After this I look into the night visions. I see a 4th beast: dreadful, terrible, exceptionally strong. Its two rows of great iron teeth devour and break [nations] in pieces. It tramples whatever remains under its feet. This [terrible beast] differs from all the beasts before it: 10 horns [spring from its head].
    note: Macro-Historically: Rome.
  68. Hosea 7:5 On royal [national] holidays the princes get [Israel's] king [inflamed with lust,] puking drunk, 😇. They bottle-feed [the king] wine until he stretches out his hand [to seal evil pacts] with [liar-ambassadors] who stand there making fun [of him and of his God].
  69. MicaYah 6:16 [This cursing comes because you sham-saints] keep the regulations of [Israel's war-criminal murderer-king] Omri {Heaper}. You perpetuate every [evil] practice of [the infamous prophet-killing king] Ahab {Father-Friend}. You model your life-walk on [ancient Satanic] counsel. [You hurl upon yourself] vengeance and ruin. [You make yourself a] nation of burdensome disgrace. [Over you the beast-nations] sit in judgment, hissing in reproach.
  70. MicaYah 7:2 The good [kindly] man has perished from the earth, 😇. No one upright exists among the human [race]. All mortals lie in ambush for blood. Every man hunts his brother with a net.
  71. MicaYah 7:3 The prince grabs with two skilled hands to do evil. He asks for a [judicial] ‘present.’ For a price, the judge grants [the prince's request], 😇. The powerful [economic and military] man whispers his evil desire. [The politician] wraps up [his bribes] with a twisted bow of corruption.
    note: Partners-in-crime weave the perverted fabric of a dying society, tying-up the human race in ropes of deceit.
  72. ZephaniYAH 3:1 Woe [comes to shake your] filthy polluted oppressing city, 😇!
    note: rebellious, violent, defiled, sewer-city.
  73. ZechariYAH 5:3 The angel says to me, “This [scroll is a] verdict, [a death sentence. It] flies forth over the face of the whole earth. It specifies [the manner in which YAH] comes to clean all thieves [off the face of the land]. [The scroll] also specifies how [YAH] comes to clean away all who swear [oaths].
    note: It is a sin for a human to take an oath, because oaths create master-servant relationships. See Matt 5:33-37 and James 5:12.
  74. Matthew 14:5 Herod [has long been scheming] to put JAHn to death. But Herod fears the multitudes, because the people know JAHn is YAH's prophet.
  75. Matthew 22:20 YahShua interrogates the [smug liars,] “Whose face and name lie [stamped] on [this coin]?”
  76. Mark 15:14 Then Pilate challenges the multitude, “Why [impale YahShua]? What evil has he committed?” Yet the [mad] crowd shouts louder, “Impale him!”
  77. Luke 23:1 With that, the whole [savage circus]: the lying-law-professors, the [corrupt] chief priests, the [brainwashed] elders, and the [lynch-mob High] council [all] jump up. They [whip] YahShua [in chains all the way] to [the palatial courtroom of] Pilate, [the Roman taxman].
  78. John 5:44 How can you believe? You receive honor [only] from one-another. [You refuse to] seek the honor that only comes from Elohim.
    note: Or ‘from YHVH, the only Eloha.’ Men-pleasers accumulate awards, accolades, testimonials. All of which mean nothing. Like medals from Hitler.
  79. 1st John 4:5 The [Anti-Messiahs] are of the world-system. So they speak [from the viewpoint] of the world-system. That's why worldlings listen [to] the [liars].
    note: The world-system's drones will not listen to Yah's words.
  80. Deuteronomy 9:4 After YHVH your Elohim casts the [pagans] out before your [amazed] faces, don't brag in your heart[s], 😇. Don't boast, “It's to reward my righteousness that YHVH escorted me in to possess this land.” [Wrong!] The [satanic] nations are perverted. That's why YHVH drives them out before your faces.
  81. 1st Chronicles 1:10 Cush fathers Nimrod {Chaser}, the powerful wounder of the earth.
    note: By some accounts: the world's first great conqueror, a mighty warrior on earth, a heroic warrior.
  82. Job 21:8 [I've seen villains] watch their seed-children become establishment [power-brokers]. Their offspring [flourish] before their eyes.
  83. Psalms 12:8 😇, when the vilest men get exalted, wicked [beings] walk on every side.
    note: Mobs commonly elect lying, corrupt fornicators to even the highest public offices, such as ‘President’ and ‘Prime Minister’. Promotion of wicked leaders encourages cancerous evil to spread throughout society.
  84. Psalms 55:10 Day and night [thugs] prowl [for blood] on [my city's] walls, 😇. [Fire-breathing] crime and [tragic] toil [lurk] at the city's core.
  85. Proverbs 28:28 When lawbreakers rise [to power], humans hide themselves, 😇. When criminals perish, saints flourish.
  86. JeremiYAH 13:27 I'm sick of watching your adultery, your lustful-neighing, your lewd whoredom, your abominations on the hills [and] in the fields. Oh, Jerusalem! Woe [descends upon] you! How long until you let me clean you up?”
  87. JeremiYAH 18:7 At whatever instant I speak concerning a nation or a kingdom, to pluck [it] up, to pull [it] down, [or] to destroy it, [it's doomed].
  88. Ezekiel 21:24 So my Adonai YHVH says, “You [Judeans] spread the fame of your perversion. You flaunt your treachery. Your crimes show in everything you do. So [the authorities] mark you for [destruction]. Your [enemy's] fist comes to grab you.
  89. Ezekiel 22:4 You [Jerusalem] grow increasingly guilty. [You wallow] in the blood you keep shedding. You keep defiling yourself by making and [worshipping] your demon-idols. You bait your [death] day to draw near. You've reached the end of your years. So I've made your [name] an insult to the beast-nations. Every country [on earth] mocks you.
    note: Certainly true of Washington and Los Angeles.
  90. Ezekiel 24:9 My-Adonai YHVH cries, ‘Woe to the city of blood[shed]! I spiral high her bonfire.
  91. Ezekiel 32:28 Yes, you [Pharaoh] come to lie broken in a pile of ‘un-trimmed’ [pagans]. [You] rot with [dead dogs] pierced by weapons [of war].
  92. Daniel 3:3 So the princes, governors, captains, judges, treasurers, counselors, sheriffs, and all the rulers of [Babylon's] provinces, gather together at the dedication of the statue that Emperor Nebuchadnezzar has set up. The [crowd of thousands] stands, [mouths gaping wide, looking up at] the image that Nebuchadnezzar's [slave-armies] have lifted up [to the sky].
  93. Daniel 8:23 Then in the terminal epochs of [the world-system descended from these Greco-Roman kings], when the [human race has completely] broken away from [YAH's] authority, a fierce-faced sovereignty, skilled in complex tricks, stands up.
    note: Or “bold-faced king.” This may refer to Caesar as well as an end-times ruler/power.
  94. Daniel 11:6 After [63] years the [Greek General-kings] join themselves together, because [Berenice,] the daughter of [Ptolemy II (Philadelphus)] King of Egypt, travels to [Antiochus,] the king of northern Greece, to make a [devilish] agreement: [Berenice marries Antiochus. Antiochus divorces his wife Laodice and disinherits his own son.] But [this adulterous alliance fails: Berenice] loses her strength [when Laodice kills Berenice (and Berenice's son) in revenge for stealing her husband]. So [Emperor] Antiochus falls. His power dies with him. [The Grecians] surrender Berenice to their oppressors, along with everyone who brought [Berenice to Greece,] including [Ptolemy] who fathered her and who strengthened her in these [troubled] times.
    note: See Chr. 18:2 and Dan. 11:8. Egypt = South = Negev.
  95. Hosea 7:7 The [sinners] all stoke themselves up like furnace[s]. They devour their judges, 😇. All their kings fall. No one [in the entire society] calls to me.
  96. Hosea 10:1 😇, israel, [my once] luxurious vine, empties herself [of lifeblood. She selfishly, wantonly, recklessly] dumps all her ‘fruit.’ The more ‘fruit’ [YHVH gives] Israel, the more [sacrifice & tax] altars [she builds]. The better [& more productive YHVH makes her] land, the more she spends its increased wealth making [costly] monuments [in the images of evil political leaders and spiritual idols].
    note: Asheras = pillars, like
  97. the Washington Monument [a giant phallus,]
  98. and by extension, statues like the Lincoln Monument [a shrine to an occultist mass-murderer,]
  99. and phallic steeples on white-washed tombs (churches).

  100. MicaYah 1:5 [The land's degradation] is caused by the transgressions of Jacob [the Cheater-nation]. [War chases] the sins of Israel's family, [especially its temple rulers and priests]. Where lies the [geographical and political] root of con-artist [Israel's] rebellion? Samaria, [the Capitol city of the northern Kingdom that arrogates to itself the name: Israel]! And what, 😇, is the highest of the high prostitute-shrines of the southern Kingdom called Judah {Celebrated}? Jerusalem, [Judea's capitol city]!
    note: Governments and religious leaders pretend to be heroes who stamp out corrupt lowlifes. But in reality, most influential corruption flows from rich and powerful false-authorities. Graft breeds and multiplies like cancer fed by the power of money and fame. Jacob means ‘Cheater’. Ancient Jacob reformed. But most Israelis never repent. They keep on cheating 'til they burn.
  101. John 18:14 (This arch-leader Caiaphas [Dell] keeps counseling the Judeans that it's expedient to [assassinate] one man, [YahShua, to prevent the entire population from destruction. YahShua's kingship is a threat to Rome's sovereignty, 😇.])
  102. Jude 1:11 Woe comes to [consume] all [disobedient so-called Judeo-christians], 😇! For they keep straying [further] into the [violent] way of Cain {Lance}. [They kill, if only through government-sponsored violence.] For reward, [warmongers] keep rushing, greedily chasing the error (fraudulence, delusion) of [false war-machine prophet] Balaam {Ammon-Is-Lord}. [Belligerents] perish in the [same kind of democratic] rebellion as did Korah {Ice} [who tried to vote Moses out of power].
    note: The way of Cain = life in the world's city-state nations. Hitler-esque Politicians claim to protect their faithless citizens by violently extending power. Balaam sold his often-false religious and prophetic services for hire, like a paid preacher. Korah rebelled against Moses by trying to institute a democratic election. YHWH showed his hatred of Democracy by burying everyone within reach of Korah, along with their families.
  103. Deuteronomy 32:32 The [pagan satanic] “vine” [stretches from] its root in Sodom. The “grapes” [which the worldlings burst in their mouths] spring from the [radioactive death] fields of Gomorrah: grapes of poison, clusters of cancer.
    note: The grapes the world sells you are filled with pesticides.
  104. 1st Samuel 22:7 So Saul [growls] to his servants standing surrounding him, “Now listen, you Benjamin-spawn! Will Yashai's [imp David] give every one of you fields and vineyards? [Will he] make you all commanders of thousands [of warriors], and leaders of hundreds [of subjects]?
    note: No. David will let the people be free. He won't impose a hierarchical government.
  105. 2nd Chronicles 21:6 Jahoram walks in the [vicious] life-path of the [other evil] kings of Israel. He copies the [murderous] actions of the family of Ahab {Father-Friend}. He marries one of Ahab's [slut] daughters. [She incites him] to [perpetrate] evil acts in the eyes of YHVH.
  106. Ezra 4:16 —We certify [to you,] Emperor, that, if [you let these dirty Jews] rebuild [Jerusalem] city and erect its [fortifications, the Jews] will [immediately] end your control [and ownership of the entire region] on this [West] side of the [Euphrates] river.”
  107. Job 21:31 Who [of you have the courage to] expose an [evil man's] ways to his face? Who repays [an assassin] for [the harm] he does? [None of you jerks ever challenge tyrants! You pick on good people like me!]
    note: You kick me when I'm down, because I have no power to fight back. You don't attack the religio-political-military-industrial complex that destroys the earth!
  108. IsaiYAH 59:8 [Humans] live in ignorance of the way of shalom, 😇. There's no justice on the [worldly] treadmill. [Adam-spawn] invent crooked paths that deny peace to everyone who walks on them.
  109. JeremiYAH 10:8 😇, all [the] United [nations] are brutish and foolish. They chase idiotic idolatries [bereft of wisdom].
    note: This is a condemnation of idols and their grandson, the Christmas tree.
  110. Ezekiel 14:13 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ when a country keeps on committing devious crimes against me, I stretch out my hand upon it. I smash its food supply. I send famine upon it. I cut off man and beast from it.
    note: That curse is smashing today's world, including the sacreligiously-Christian USA and the UK.
  111. Ezekiel 22:2 [YAH] says, “Now, you ‘son of Adam’, are you ready to pronounce [the death] sentence on this bloody city? Then go expose all her abominations [before] her [eyes].
    note: We are not to judge. But we are to pronounce the verdict of the judge.
  112. Ezekiel 22:5 Countries nearby and countries far away taunt your cursed infamy.
  113. Ezekiel 27:26 [But then] your [political] “rowers” bring your [nation] into heavy seas. The [evil] east wind breaks you in the heart of the ocean.
  114. Ezekiel 30:22 Adonai YHVH continues, “Watch me fight Pharaoh king of Egypt. I break his arms, both the [remaining] strong [arm], and the [arm] I broke [before]. [So] I make the sword fall out of his [murderous] hand.
  115. Daniel 7:3 [One after the other,] 4 great beasts rise up out of the sea. Each [beast] differs from the others.
    note: Beasts = Empires
  116. Daniel 7:4 The 1st beast looks like a lion with eagle's wings. I watch until [heaven] plucks off the [Lion's] wings. Then [some heavenly power] lifts [the lion] up from the earth, and makes it stand upon [2] feet like a [mortal] man. [Heaven] gives a man's heart to the [upright] Lion.
    note: Babylon.
  117. Hosea 7:3 The [villains] brighten up their [corrupt] king with their wickedness. [Criminals delight] the [establishment] leaders with their lies, 😇.
  118. MicaYah 7:4 The best man [stings] like a brier, 😇. The most upright [citizen stabs like a dagger,] sharper than a thorn hedge. But [Judgment] Day comes. The prophets warn [that soon angels] come to tie [evil people] up [like noxious weeds].
    note: You experience judgment day the next conscious moment after your eyes close in death.
  119. Malachi 3:15 [You corrupt priests say, ‘Why fight the system?] The way we see it, the arrogant people are the blessed ones! Yes, the [criminals] who commit wickedness sit pretty! [They live large in big mansions. They sport nice wheels and pretty wives!] Yeah, the [corrupt] people who tempt Elohim are the ones who escape judgment!’
  120. Luke 22:66 At daybreak, [Judea's] popular elders and boss priests and [liar] lawyers assemble together. [They] lead YahShua into their [fake High] Council.
  121. Luke 23:7 Then Pilate, [mistakenly] assuming that YahShua belongs to Herod's jurisdiction, sends YahShua to Herod, who is then in Jerusalem.
    note: Yahshua was merely from the physical area thought to be controlled by Herod. Yahshua was never actually in Herod's ‘jurisdiction’. Yahshua never swore an oath to Herod nor to anyone else. There is no jurisdiction without an oath.
  122. Acts 12:21 On the appointed [meeting] day, Herod, arrayed in [his] royal costume, sits up on his [usurped] throne. He drones a [long-winded sermonic] oration to the people, 😇.
  123. Acts 21:34 Some [Jews] in the crowd shout one [lie]. Some [shout] another. The commander can't get at the truth because of the uproar, 😇. So he orders soldiers to haul Paul into the fortress.
  124. Acts 21:36 The [angry] mob track Paul, crying, “[Do] away with Paul! [Kill him!]
  125. Joshua 10:23 So [the Israeli men open] the cave. They haul out to [JAHshua] those five [dirty, sweating, shaking, pants-peeing pervert] kings:
  126. the king of Jerusalem {City-Of-Peace},
  127. the king of Hebron {Society},
  128. the king of Jarmuth {Heights},
  129. the king of Lachish {Harvest},
  130. and the king of Eglon {Calf-Jump}.
  131. Judges 9:7 [Dissenters run.] They report [the evil king's coronation] to JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect}. [So JahTham] runs [up] mount Gerizim {Cut-Rock}. He stands atop it. He lifts up his voice, crying, warning the [fascists], “Listen to me, you men of Shechem {Neck}, so Elohim can listen to you!
  132. 1st Kings 14:22 [Under fiend-king Rehoboam,] Judea wreaks ruin in the sight of YHVH. [The Judeans] provoke [YAH's] zealous [fury, 😇]. [They] commit [worse] sins than their [wicked] forefathers committed!
  133. Ezra 4:13 Be it known now to [you,] Emperor, that if [you let these Jews] re-build this [Jewish] city and erect its [fortifying] walls, then the [Jews] will never [again] pay taxes, tributes nor duties. [Your] royal revenues [will plummet].
    note: The accusations against Hebrews always come around to separation from the world's taxation systems. Bottom line: if people benefit from a system, however evil the system may be, they want YOU to pay into it. There's never a "Law" that says you have to participate in ‘Social Security.’ You don't have to live in a house and so pay property tax. You can live in a camper or a van or an attic or an office. You can live homeless and unemployed, like Jesus. Your neighbors provide the social pressure to make you live like they do. They want you to share their materialism, and the oppression it loads on them. They want to force you to pay every tax that they opt to pay.
  134. Ezra 4:22 —Watch out! Do not fail to [stop the Jews] right now! Or [I'll have you beheaded] for allowing this threat to grow and damage [my] royal treasury!”
  135. JeremiYAH 18:10 If a [populace keeps] wreaking damage in my sight, [continually] disobeying my voice, then I revoke my declaration of benefits over them.
  136. Ezekiel 14:19 I send pestilence into [every incorrigibly blasphemous] land. I pour out my fury upon it in blood. I slice [every] man and beast off its surface, 😇.
    note: That judgement is coming to the country you live in today.
  137. Ezekiel 31:2 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ challenge Pharaoh king of Egypt, and his hordes [of subjects]. Say, “You're just like [the other big kingdoms: the bigger you are, the harder you'll fall].
  138. Hosea 7:4 The [entire population] is [one big tangled mass of hot-headed] adulterers. They burn up [like brambles] in an oven, 😇. The baker is finishing raising [the loaf,] kneading the dough. The leaven [of foolish arrogance] is [working through the whole batch].
    note: An extraordinarily difficult-to-translate verse. Leaven symbolizes pride. Leaven puffs up bread without adding nutrition-value. The baker firing coals could be YHVH or an invader.
  139. Mark 15:8 The crowd keeps crying out, begging Pilate to [release a prisoner as usual, 😇].
  140. Luke 23:13 Pilate calls together [Judea's] chief priests, rulers and people.
  141. Acts 12:20 [Pervert] ‘King’ Herod has been quarreling with the [Palestinian] people of Tyre {Rock-Port} & Sidon {Fish-City}. So the [citizens of those areas] join together. They secure the support of Blastus [Shoot], Herod's trusted personal servant. The [Palestinians] seek an audience with [Herod]. They ask [him] for peace, because they depend on his country, [Judea,] for their food supply, 😇.
  142. Acts 19:32 The assembly [scrambles] in confusion. Some [idolaters] shout one thing. Some [scream] another. Most of the people don't even know why they've [rushed into the theater, 😇].
  143. Epistle of JeremiYAH 1:16 The impotence [of worldly leaders and their gods] proves they were never elohim, so never fear them.
  144. Deuteronomy 32:5 [YAH watches] perverse and twisted generation[s] corrupt [them]selves, [repeating the same fatal] flaw: [pridefully refusing to become YAH's] sons.
    note: Literally: non-children.
  145. Joshua 8:23 But the [Israelites] take the [evil] king of Ai alive. They bring him to JAHshua.
  146. Judges 9:1 AbiMelech {Father-King}, the [illegitimate, concubine-spawned] son of [Gideon the] Baal-Fighter, [gallops his black war-horse] to Shechem {Neck-Ridge}. [There AbiMelech] conspires with his uncles and his maternal grandfather's whole family clan. [They stage a coup against Gideon's legitimate sons.]
  147. Judges 9:28 [At the party,] Gaal {Loathing} the son of Ebed {Worker} shouts, “AbiMelech [is nothing]! Shechem {Neck} is [a great region]! We [won't] serve [Abimelech! He's] the son of [cursed Gideon, who] attacked our Lord Baal {Demon-Master}! Nor [will we serve] Zebul {Dwelling}, [Abimelech's] officer. [Instead,] serve the men of Hamor {Donkey-Man}, the fore-father of [the original] Shechem [Neck, who seduced Israel's son Dinah]. Why should we serve [Abimelech]?
  148. Ezra 4:19 —So I commanded [my scribes] to search [the historical archives]. The [scribes] found that [Jerusalem] city has since ancient times [fomented] insurrection against kings, and that rebellion and sedition [have] repeatedly [brewed] there.
    note: Lie.
  149. Job 21:9 [I watch rich gangsters'] houses [thrive] safe from fear. Elohim's [punishing] rod [never strikes] down on them.
    note: Job is voicing his feelings of torment.
  150. Job 21:10 [I've seen terrorists'] bull[s] throw [calves] without fail. Their cows birth, never aborting their young.
  151. Job 21:11 [I've seen robbers] spawn their little ones into flock[s] of dancing children!
  152. Job 21:13 [I've seen villains] spend their days in wealth. [Then they pass in the sweet sleep of old age.] They go down to the grave in peace.
  153. Job 21:16 But the [lawbreakers' temporary] prosperity [never comes from] their hands, 😇. [It comes from demonic trickery. So] I stay far away from the advice of scoundrels.
    note: When you see talentless hacks succeeding where anointed saints struggle, you're witnessing demonic manipulation.
  154. Job 21:29 Have you [religiots] failed to ask travelers [about the way of the world]? Do you spurn eyewitness [testimony]?
  155. Job 21:32 [The oppressor's sons] carry his body to his [fancy] funeral. [Guards keep] watch over the tombs of [genocidal maniacs]!
    note: Abraham Lincoln, for instance.
  156. Psalms 11:3 [The] foundations [of world society] lie destroyed, 😇. Righteous [people can't fix this broken world].
    note: No remodeler should try to repair a structure with a collapsed foundation.
  157. JeremiYAH 11:9 Then YHVH says to me, “I spy a conspiracy among the men of Judea, specifically among Jerusalem's populace.
  158. JeremiYAH 43:6 [The bad leaders take] all the [Israelite] men, women, children, including the king's daughters and everyone whom NebuzarAdan the captain of [Babylon's] guard had left with GedaliYah {Great-YAH}, including the prophet JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}, and Baruch {Blessed}.
    note: lit: the son of AhiKam the son of Shaphan, and ‘the son of NeriYAH’
  159. Daniel 6:15 Then the [assassins] assemble [before] the Emperor. They [threaten him]: “Remember, Emperor, that the law of the Medes and Persians mandates that no decree nor statute which the king establishes may be changed.”
  160. Daniel 8:3 I lift up my eyes. I see [the future in symbols]. Suddenly there stands facing the river a two-horned ram. His two horns tower high. But one horn towers higher than the other, though the higher horn grew up after the [shorter horn].
    note: Ram = Persia. 2 horns: (1) Media, represented by Emperor Astyages, and (2) Persia, represented by Astyages' son Cyrus, who became greater than his father.
  161. Daniel 11:9 So [Ptolemy {Benefactor},] the king of the Negev, enters his dominion. He returns [triumphant] to [Egypt,] his own land.
    note: Negev = south of Jerusalem.
  162. Amos 1:5 YHVH predicts, [Watch] me break the bars of Damascus' [city gates]. [I come to] cut off the ruler of Aven {Vanity} Valley. I'm destroying the [usurper] who holds the scepter [of oppression] in Beth-Eden {Palace-Of-Pleasure}. [See] the people of [Highland] Syria [trudge] back into captivity in Kir {Fortress}.”
  163. Amos 1:8 Adonai YHVH predicts: [Watch me] slice down the crime-king of Ashdod {Ravager-City}. [Watch me destroy the fake authority] who holds the scepter in Ashkelon {Coastal-Meat-Market}. [Watch My Almighty] fist slap [down the city of] Ekron {Eradicator}. [Watch] the last remnant of the [line of] Philistine [miscreants] perish.”
  164. Amos 2:3 [😇, watch] me destroy the [corrupt] judge[s] at Moab's center [of evil political control]. I come to slay all her [murderous] princes [and chiefs], [along] with [their bribe-bought judges],” warns YHVH.
  165. Nahum 3:1 Woe, bloody city, stuffed with lies, robbery [and] stolen prey!
    note: Applies to most cities of the New World Order.
  166. Habakkuk 2:10 [Rich cliques are] conspiracies [of] shame, 😇, living-breathing sin. They cut off multitudes [of] people [from their] homes.”
    note: The World Economic Forum is set to enslave the entire world in their ‘Great Reset’.
  167. Matthew 26:5 But the religionists say, “Let's not [murder YahShua] on the feast day, or the masses will riot.”
  168. Matthew 26:73 [Hours pass as Peter crouches in the dark, listening to religionites thrash YahShua.] Bystanders approach Peter {Rock}. They [growl], “You must be one of [YahShua's thugs]. The way you talk gives you away.”
    note: Reffering to [Peter's] terrified voice, or his Heathen-Circle accent.
  169. Matthew 27:17 The masses gather together. Pilate asks the crowd, “Who do you wish me to [pardon & set free for] you: [Jesus-]Barabbas, or YahShua whom people call ‘the Messiah’?”
    note: Pilate punishes the innocent and rewards the guilty. A true Governor only sets free innocent people. Pilate proves that he's an impostor. He fails to meet Paul's standard for a ruler outlined in Romans 13.
  170. Mark 15:12 Pilate again answers the huge crowd, “What do you want me to do with [YahShua,] the man you call the ‘King of the Jews’?”
  171. Luke 9:7 Now Herod ([Judaea's] regional ‘Governor') hears about all the [miracles] YahShua does. Herod [shakes,] perplexed, [terrified], because some [people] say [YahShua is the man Herod murdered]: JAHn [the Immerser,] risen from the dead.
    note: Herod's worst nightmare: The guy you killed is back from the dead, with miracle powers.
  172. John 18:35 Pilate answers, “Am I a Jew? Your own nation and its chief priests delivered you to me! What [crime] did you commit?”
    note: Pilate shrewdly answers with a question.
  173. Acts 4:25 You (by the mouth of your servant [king] David) said, “Why do the beast-nations rage?! The peoples plot vain [conspiracies]!
    note: Quoting Psalm 2. Again, New Testament leaders recognize David as having been a mouthpiece of the Creator.
  174. Acts 21:22 So what [shall we do]? Crowds [of angry Jews will storm us,] because they'll hear that you, [Paul the ‘infidel,’] have come.
  175. Acts 21:31 As the people of the city try to kill Paul, news that all Jerusalem is in an uproar reaches the Colonel of the [Roman] troops.
  176. 1st Corinthians 3:4 [You] show you're carnal when one [of you brags], “I follow Paul;” and another, “I vote for Apollos [not Paul].”
    note: Today this means denominational division: “I'm Catholic”; “I'm Protestant”; “I'm Amish/JW/Mormon/Whatever”...
  177. Joshua 12:24
  178. [And] the king of Tirzah {Delight}.
  179. In all, [Israel banishes or kills] 31 [satanic] kings, 😇.
  180. Judges 9:19 If to this day you had dealt truly and sincerely with [Gideon the] Baal-Fighter and with his family, then you [could] light-up [with joy over your Father-King], and he [could] also rejoice in you.
  181. Judges 9:22 AbiMelech {Father-King} reigns over Israel for 3 years.
  182. 2nd Kings 17:1 [Anarchy ravages northern Israel for 9 years, 😇. Then] in the 12th year of [the reign of] Judea's [evil] king Ahaz {Possessor}, Hoshea {Savior} the son of Elah {Everlasting-Oak-Power} begins his [evil] 9-year reign in Samaria.
  183. Ezra 4:10 [Also teaming up with us in our anti-Jew accusations are] the other nations whom the great and noble [Assyrian Emperor] Asnappar {Ashurbanipal} deported and settled in the [north Israeli] cities of Samaria, plus the other [people-groups] on this [West] side the [Euphrates] river, etc.
    note: Osnappar was the only Assyrian king to ever capture & hold Shushan, the capitol city of Elam, the center of the Persian Empire.
  184. Psalms 14:4 Will evildoers never learn, 😇? [They] eat up my people like they eat bread. They [fail to] call upon YHVH.
  185. Joshua 12:5 [Og] reigned over Mount Hermon {Steep}, and [over] Salcah {Walk}, and [over] all [of] Bashan {Fruitful}, to the border of the Geshurite {Bridgers} and the Maachathite {Pressers}, plus half of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, [to] the border of [the land ruled by] Sihon {Tornado}, king of Heshbon {Intelligence}.
  186. Ezra 4:9 The [letter] says, "From Chancellor Rehum {Compassion}, and Shimshai {Sunny} the scribe, and the rest of [our] conspirator companions [from the entire Empire]: the Dinaites, the Apharsathchites, the Tarpelites, the Apharsites, the Archevites, the Babylonians, the Susanchites, the Dehavites and the Elamites.
    note: These are the names of Persian and Babylonian provinces. These devils were falsely claiming to have the support of the entire Empire in their crusade against the Jews.
  187. Ezra 4:11 —To Emperor Artaxerxes {Truthful-Ruler}: [We,] the men on this [west] side [of] the [Euphrates] river, and [our allies], are your servants.
    note: The original contains this parenthetical: (Now comes the text of the letter that the pagans sent to the Emperor.)
  188. Ezra 4:17 So the Emperor sends the [following] answer to [his] chancellor Rehum {Compassion}, and to Shimshai {Sunny} the scribe, and to the rest of their conspirators living in Samaria, and to the other [politicians west of] the [Euphrates] river:
  189. Psalms 83:6 [The evil conspiracy includes] the [red-hot] citizens of Edom {Southland}, the [Arabian] spawn of Ishmael {El-Hears} and [his mom] Hagar {Flight}, and the [perverted] Moabites;
  190. 1st Corinthians 1:13 Is [the] Messiah divided? Was Paul crucified for you, 😇? Were you baptized in the name of Paul?
  191. Joshua 12:9 [JAHshua vanquishes]:
  192. the king of Jericho {Moon-Spirit};
  193. the king of Ai {Ruin-Heap}, situated beside Beth-El {House-Of-El};
  194. Joshua 12:16
  195. The king of Makkedah {Herd-Mark};
  196. the king of Beth-El {House-Of-El};
  197. Joshua 12:23
  198. The king of Dor {Home} in the heights of Dor;
  199. the king of the Goyim {Beast-Nationals} of Gilgal {Wheel};
  200. Ezra 4:18 "Peace [to all of you leaders of my loyal subjects. Your messengers] have plainly read before me the letter you sent to us.
  201. Psalms 83:7 [the warriors of] Gebal {Chain-Mountains} and [the inbred spawn of] Ammon and Amalek {Blood-Licker}, and the Palestinians, and the inhabitants of Tyre {Rock-Port} [all also rise up against us Hebrews];
  202. Numbers (Journeys) 13:29 The Amaleki {Blood-Lickers} infest the Negev {Southland}. The Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror} and the Jebusite {Threshers} and the Amorite {Mountaineers} infest the hill-country. And the Canaanite {Mercenaries} infest the [Mediterranean] sea [coast] and the Jordan [river valley].”
  203. Joshua 12:15
  204. The king of Libnah {White-Tree};
  205. the king of Adullam;
  206. Joshua 12:17
  207. The king of Tappuah {Apple};
  208. the king of Hepher {Explorer};
  209. Joshua 12:20
  210. The king of Shimron-Meron {Rebel-Whipper};
  211. the king of Achshaph {Fascination};
  212. Joshua 12:21
  213. The king of Taanach {Sandy};
  214. the king of Megiddo {Rendezvous};
  215. Joshua 12:22
  216. The king of Kedesh {Sanctum};
  217. the king of Jokneam {Cry-For-The-People} in Carmel {Fruiting-Garden};
  218. Luke 23:6 When Pilate hears “Heathen-Circle”, Pilate asks “Is this man [YahShua] a Galilean?”
  219. Joshua 12:13
  220. The king of Debir {Oracle};
  221. the king of Geder {Circle-Wall};
  222. Joshua 12:18
  223. The king of Aphek {Fortress};
  224. the king of Lasharon {Grasslands};
  225. Joshua 12:19
  226. The king of Madon {Heights};
  227. the king of Hazor {Hamlet};
  228. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:47 Then all the people turn toward [little DaniEl].They say, “What do you mean by [impeding the flow of justice], boy?”
  229. 1st Kings 15:2 [AbiJam {Sea-Father}] reigns for [just under] 3 years in Jerusalem. ([Note to 😇: AbiJam's] mom (Maachah {Press}) was the [grand] daughter of [doomed rebel prince] AbiShalom {Father-of-Peace}.)
    note: Or “mother, MichaiYAH.” See 2 Chr 13:2. Absalom see 2 CHR 11:21.


7 SONGS on the theme of Political Evil

  1. Miss America Died
  2. Laugh At The Nations (Psalm 2)
  3. Working Class Hero
  4. Smash The Nations (Under Our Feet)
  5. Politics (Parody of Coldplay's Politik)
  6. I'm Embarrassed To Be An American
  7. HalluciNATION


21 CHAPTERS on the theme of Political Evil

  1. American History- A Fish Tale
  2. An Example of Due Process
  3. Humor: Get the Govt to BAN DIHYDROGEN MONOXIDE!
  4. Utapia Synopsis
  5. The Myth of Left vs. Right
  6. A Brief History of the Kingdom
  7. Is your Jesus Hitler's Jesus?
  8. Caught
  9. Billy Joel Laments America's Fall
  10. DEBATE: Honest government vs. the criminal state
  11. 1996: AIDS Dissident Movement Begins
  12. Klaus Competes Against The Hitler Youth
  13. Absalom's Conspiracy Multiplies
  14. DEBATE: A "Christian" nation?
  15. Banning Substances (Herbs&Drugs) Ensures Violence
  16. Cast Of Characters
  17. Caught
  18. Jewish mother
  19. Cast Of Characters
  20. Opening Credits
  21. The System Gets Gamed; Innocent People Die


3 ARTWORKS on the theme of Political Evil

  1. Uncle Sam, "I Want You", With Exploding Hat
  2. Political Evil Icon
  3. SataNation


62 REVIEWS OF MEDIA on the theme of Political Evil

  1. All The President's Men
  2. Evita
  3. The GodFather Part III
  4. Jackie
  5. Sicario
  6. Gulliver's Travels
  7. Nixon
  8. Idiocracy
  9. Red Army
  10. Dave
  11. Clear And Present Danger
  12. Barry Lyndon
  13. Citizen Cohn
  14. The Ghost Writer
  15. W.
  16. Lincoln
  17. Kill The Messenger
  18. The Last Emperor
  19. Absolute Power
  20. State Of Play
  21. Election
  22. The War Room
  23. Dick
  24. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
  25. XXX: State Of The Union
  26. The Fifth Element
  27. Damages (T.V.)

  29. Gulliver's Travels
  30. 1984
  31. Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man
  32. World Order
  33. The Oath
  34. Secret History Of The American Empire

  36. Every system is perfectly constructed to produce the results
  37. The individual has a soul, but the State is a soulless machi
  38. Don't you know that the friendship of the world is enmity wi
  39. Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you 1 John 3:13
  40. Individuals have duties which transcend the national obliga
  41. Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. De
  42. If progress means 'to move forward', what does congress mea
  43. The real destroyers of the liberties of the people is he who
  44. "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhau
  45. The constitution is deader than a doorknob with melanoma and
  46. The government consists of a gang of men exactly like you an
  47. Christ refused to cooperate with Herod, and so I refuse to c
  48. "The real menace of our republic is this invisible governmen
  49. There are always two parties; the establishment and the move
  50. "If we will not be governed by God, then we will be ruled by
  51. "The Great Depression was no accident. It was a carefully co
  52. Some of the biggest men in the US, in the fields of commerce
  53. Anti-Semitism is dangerous for the toilers, for it is a fal
  54. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society consti
  55. Every attempt [by the Federal Government] to excercise power
  56. these United States of America can never be destroyed from f
  57. "The advent of a Universal Republic (NEW WORLD ORDER), whic
  58. Federal Government = compulsory sale of unwanted services
  59. One of the greatest difficulties of the Talmudic Pharisees h
  60. Throw open the doors to Christ for his redeeming power. Let
  61. Masonry ought forever to be abolished. It is wrong - essenti

  63. Political Science
  64. The Great American Novel