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All forms of addiction are inappropriate for, and forbidden to true believers. However, there are no ‘controlled substances,’ or unlawful drugs. Everything has its proper use.

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5 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Addiction

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Stay Away From Drug And Alcohol Addiction
  2. Alcohol & Drugs Are For The Terminally Ill
  3. Solomon Drugs The Shepherdess
  4. The Feasters & Emperor Get Slobbering Drunk
  5. Judith Gets Alone With Holofornes


45 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Addiction

  1. IsaiYAH 5:11 😇, woe [devours] the [addicts] who rise early in the morning to get ‘high’, who chase down hard liquor through nights of wine-enflamed [lust].
  2. 1st Timothy 5:6 But [anyone] who lives in pleasure is living dead, 😇.
    note: ‘She who lives in pleasure is dead while she lives.’ Pleasure-seekers are walking zombies. Junk-food & TV addicts ride the slow-lane on the meth-head's highway to death.
  3. Proverbs 31:5 When [leaders] ingest [intoxicants, they] forget [YAH's] law, 😇. They pervert the justice due to oppressed children.
  4. Proverbs 23:35 [Junkies moan,][My enemies] beat me, 😇. But nothing hurts! They hammered me, but I didn't feel [their fists]! When I wake up, I'm gettin' more booze [to kill the pain]!”
  5. Genesis 9:21 Noah {Rest} drinks so much of his wine he gets drunk. [He falls down] passed out naked in his tent, 😇!
  6. Ephesians 5:18 Never get drunk with wine, 😇. Intoxication is excessive. Instead, keep on [letting YAH] fill you with [His] Spirit.
    note: Alcohol is permissible, but generally best avoided. Christians can, but shouldn't, drink alcohol, and never to the point of drunkedness. Drunkedness makes you lose control. Avoid any substance which becomes a habit or dependency or is involved in you losing your way, from table sugar to coffee to crack cocaine.
  7. Proverbs 23:32 In the end, wine bites you like a serpent, stings like an adder, 😇.
    note: All alcohol.
  8. Proverbs 23:31 😇, don't stare at red wine. Ignore its sweet swirling shining color in the cup.
  9. Proverbs 23:29 [😇, druggies and lust-hounds get] woe! Sorrow! Fights! Babbling! Wounds for nothing! Red [bloodshot] eyes!
    note: Red eyes may refer to a subconjunctival hemorrage, a nasty, scary blood-bruise in the eye-white.
  10. Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mouth-off. Hard liquor is an [uncontrollable] raging bull. No wise man gets deceived by [addiction], 😇.
  11. IsaiYAH 28:7 Meanwhile, alcohol leads [drunkards] astray. Intoxicants [knock their victims] off the road [to heaven]. Liquor turns priests & prophets into deviants. Wine swallows them up. ‘Spirits’ push [addicts] off the [cliff]. Stoners' vision fails. Their [sense of] justice stumbles.
    note: All addiction whatsoever is forbidden to all believers all the time, except on the terminal patient's final deathbed, when painkillers are OK, according to Solomon. This is because the end-stage patient will not live to experience the pit of addiction.
  12. IsaiYAH 28:8 [Look at] the [addicts'] tables clogged with vomit, 😇. Filth everywhere!
    note: Tables intended to serve holy feasts to poor saints.
  13. Daniel 5:1 [28 years pass. Nebuchadnezzar dies, leaving the Babylonian Empire to his [slut-mongering] grandson Belshazzar {May-Baal-Protect-The-King}. In 426 B.C.,] Emperor Belshazzar throws a huge feast for 1000 of his lords. Belshazzar [gets himself hot dancing around with his hundreds of belly-dancing concubines. He guzzles wine and gets falling down] drunk, right in front of [Babylon's top] 1000 [leaders].
    note: Rulers should never get intoxicated. Therefore no believer should ever get intoxicated. This banquet hall has been excavated. It measures 60 x 172 feet. It's amazingly adorned with pagan mythical artwork. Belshazzar is the son of Nabonidus (see Jer 27:7).
  14. Leviticus 10:9 [YAH's angel] says, “Before and during your work shift in the congregational tent, never drink wine nor strong drink—not you, nor your sons with you—or you might die. [Work-time sobriety] is statutorily mandated for you [priests] forever, down through [all] your generations.
    note: This ruins the argument that Catholic priests can routinely drink alcohol. Presumably Aaron's sons were drunk, and that's why they made the mistakes in this chapter.
  15. Genesis 30:14 [Time passes, 😇. One day,] Reuben {Look-a-Son} ventures [into the fields] during wheat harvest-time. He finds [phallic, addictive, narcotic, aphrodisiac] mandrake [plants] in the field. [Rachel sees Reuben] brings these [drugs home] to his mother Leah {Weary}. [Leah, itching to trick burned-out Jacob into impregnating her, grabs the plants with a grin.] Rachel {Ewe} [bursts in] and [yells] at Leah, “Give me some of your [brat's] mandrake [roots]!”
    note: Mandrakes are roots easily shaped into the form of a man, often used in medicine and magic. They are narcotic aphrodisiacs, which the Arabs call for good reason, “Apples of Satan.” Mandrakes apparently remedy impotence and fulfill a function similar to MDMA (Ecstasy,) making the subject feel synthetic 'love' toward the person he's with. The Bible warns against use of any such mind-altering substance.
  16. IsaiYAH 5:22 Failure [foils earth's] champion wine-chuggers, the [world's] superman spirits-mixers.
  17. 1st Kings 20:16 [Ahab's forces] deploy at noon. Meanwhile, Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} and his 32 sub-king allies sit drinking themselves drunk in their [royal] war-tents.
  18. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 26:8 A drunken woman buzzes around stirring up great fury, heaping up shame she [can] never hide.
  19. Proverbs 31:6 😇, leave hard liquor to dying [patients]. Save wine for [people suffering from] body-trauma.
    note: The bible commands you to give people alcohol to drink, but only in certain emergency situations. This is not, as often mistranslated, a suggestion to give alcohol to depressed people.
  20. Proverbs 31:7 Let the [dying / wounded man] drink. He'll forget his need, 😇. [Let him] become [temporarily] oblivious to his misery.
    note: Intoxicants are only an emergency band-aid, not a routine medication. Opioid overuse is a world-destroying pandemic.
  21. Song of Solomon 7:13 [Solomon's magic eyes force the shepherdess' shaking hand to involuntarily take the potion-filled golden cup from Solomon's hand. She raises it to her lips. Her throat expands in a gulp. The red juice stains her lips. She goes bug-eyed, smiles lustfully.] [SOLOMON: Yes. My] mandrakes yield potion that [opens] the gates to all kinds of pleasure [fruits], new and old. On the word ‘old’, Solomon kicks the Queen away from the Shepherdess. [Solomon strokes her hair. She falls into his embrace. She lays her willing head on his shoulder, yields herself to his arms.] [SOLOMON:] I've [stored endless surprises in my] secret [hiding place] for you, my lover.
  22. Proverbs 13:19 [😇, immediate] gratification is [so] sweet to [your] animal-nature, that [in your] foolish [moments, you] detest the [very thought] of turning away from ruin.
  23. Proverbs 23:33 [Drunk] eyes approve slutty women, 😇. [Stoned] hearts utter perverse frauds.
    note: She's a '10' at 3 (am) and a '3' at 10 (am).
  24. Proverbs 23:21 Addicts and gluttons come to poverty, 😇. Sleep dresses [lazy drunks] in rags.
  25. IsaiYAH 24:11 [Drunks] yell, [fighting] in the streets for [a drop of] alcohol. All brightness darkens. All happy-shine flees the land.
  26. IsaiYAH 28:1 Woe [falls on tower-encircled Samaria city], the arrogant crown [on the head] of [north Israel's] alcoholic [tribe:] Ephraim. The [rebels'] glorious beauty is a rotting flower. They sit atop their fat valleys, battered by wine, [oblivious to their approaching doom].
  27. IsaiYAH 28:3 [Assyria's] feet trample down the crown of [Israel's] pride. The drunkards of [the ruling tribe of] Ephraim [fall].
  28. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:25 Don't show your toughness by [guzzling] wine. Booze destroys billions.
  29. Proverbs 23:30 [Drunks] loiter [drinking] wine, 😇. They roam [the streets] hunting mixed drinks.
    note: As do prescription and non-prescription drug addicts.
  30. Proverbs 23:20 Don't company with drunks nor riotous meat-eaters, 😇.
  31. Esther 1:7 [Beautiful slaves] serve wine in goblets of gold, each one unique. The royal wine flows endlessly, showing the Emperor's generous wealth.
  32. Jah-El 1:5 Drunkards, wake and weep! Howl, wine-suckers! [Gasp as the invaders] snatch the fresh juice from [your] lips.
    note: Invaders cut off your supply of booze. Your grapes (for making new wine) lie destroyed.
  33. Proverbs 23:34 [😇, addicts] lie down in the middle of the sea. [They] lie atop ship's masts.
  34. Numbers (Journeys) 15:7 And as a drink-contribution, donate 1/3 hin [1.3 quarts] of wine/juice, 😇. Give [people the gift of] a delicious taste in YHVH's [honor].
    note: The Hebrew word for wine (#3196: yayin) implies fermentation and intoxication. This is exactly what the Messiah provided as his first public miracle. However, it is neither wise, nor healthy, to actually be the one who gets drunk.
  35. 1st Samuel 1:14 So Eli says to Hannah, “How long do you plan to stay drunk? Get away from your wine.”
  36. Numbers (Journeys) 6:3 [The Nazir] must separate himself from wine and strong drinks, 😇. [During the term of his vow,] he'll drink no vinegar made from wine, nor vinegar made from strong drink. Nor will he drink any liquor [made] from grapes. He won't [even] drink grape juice, nor eat grapes or raisins.
    note: This explains why the Messiah makes alcoholic wine for other wedding guests to drink, but he doesn't drink it himself. A Nazir is something or someone separated & holy.
  37. Judith 12:17 So Holofernes says to Judith, “Drink now. Party with us.”
  38. Esther 1:8 There are no limits on the drinks, 😇. The Emperor orders the palace-servants to [pour] everyone as much [alcohol] as they want [to guzzle]!
    note: This state-sponsored addiction is the source of the problems that follow, just as in your country today.
  39. Judith 13:2 So Judith is left alone in the tent, with [pervert General] Holofernes lying on his bed, full of wine.
  40. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:26 The furnace proves the edge by dipping: so does wine the hearts of the proud by drunkeness.
  41. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:27 Wine is as good as life to a man, if it be drunk moderately: what life is then to a man without wine? for it was made to make men glad.
  42. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:28 Wine measurably drunk and in season brings gladness of the heart, and cheerfulness of the mind:
  43. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:29 But wine drunken with excess makes bitterness of the mind, with brawling and quarrelling.
  44. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:30 Drunkenness increases the rage of a fool till he offend: it diminishes strength, and makes wounds.
  45. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 31:31 Don't rebuke your neighbor at the wine, and despise him not in his mirth: give him no despiteful words, and press not upon him with urging him [to drink.]


4 SONGS on the theme of Addiction

  1. Fallin' Down Drunk On Christmas Eve
  2. Rudy The Red-Nosed Rabbi
  3. Feelin' Greasy/Gassy (Parody of Feelin Groovy)
  4. ScarFace The BlowMan (Parody of Frosty The Snowman)


40 CHAPTERS on the theme of Addiction

  1. The 23RD CHANNEL
  2. Rodeo King Dies
  3. Utraan
  4. Smiley Drives To Rodeo, Outruns Cops, Wrecks
  5. The Junkie Leaders
  6. Drug Addict
  7. The 'Mercan' Workaholic Murkan
  8. Brave New World Exposes Big Pharma's Evils
  9. Appendix: Oxytocin and sex
  10. How To Break Your Coffee Addiction
  11. Grad. Student Eddie Dreams Of Greek Battles
  12. Pharmaceutical Industry Dictates Conflict With Biblical Law
  13. 'Solomon' Drugs The Shepherdess To Seduce her
  14. Jackie Cries As Swish Falls To Drugs
  15. A Patient Kidnaps Another Patient To Get A Cigarette
  16. Scientific Basis
  17. Leah Buys Jacob's Stud-Rights For Mandrakes
  18. The Junkie Leaders
  19. Drug Addict
  20. I Get Janis Joplin To Shoot Tainted Heroin
  21. Rudy sneaking liquor
  22. I Induce Jimi Hendrix To FreeBase
  23. Romo Plays Like A God On Uppers
  24. I Tempt John BonHam With Booze
  25. Drunk Rudy Botches A Circumcision
  26. Princesa Gets HoodWood Addicted To Drugs
  27. Rock & Avi Get Mick Passed-Out Drunk
  28. A Doctor Offers Butch Pills
  29. Solomon Invests In The MePhone
  30. Munky Gets Addicted To Grand Theft Auto
  31. I Blow Out Syd Barret's Mind With Drugs
  32. I Get Freddie Mercury To ... Do It All
  33. I Get Whitney Houston To Mix Drugs
  34. I Get Keith Moon To Drink And Lay Face-Up
  35. I Get Def Leppard's Drummer To Drive Drunk
  36. Doctors Refuse To Dispense Drugs
  37. Doctor-Shopping
  38. Addicted To Pain-Killers
  39. JZ Makes Drinking Fountains Spout Wine
  40. Brother Hassles Jesus To Make Alcohol


2 ARTWORKS on the theme of Addiction

  1. Skull Smoking A Cigarette
  2. Addiction Icon


42 REVIEWS OF MEDIA on the theme of Addiction

  1. Flight
  2. Requiem For A Dream
  3. A Star Is Born
  4. Traffic
  5. Beautiful Boy
  6. Rush
  7. ScarFace
  8. Postcards from the Edge
  9. Auto-Focus
  10. When a Man Loves a Woman
  11. Rush
  12. Cherry
  13. The Rose
  14. Z: The Beginning of Everything
  15. Breaking Bad (Series)
  16. McCabe & Mrs. Miller
  17. Winter's Bone
  18. HurlyBurly
  19. Less Than Zero
  20. Inherent Vice
  21. All That Jazz
  22. Limitless
  23. Finding Amanda
  24. Honey Boy
  25. Fix
  26. A Scanner Darkly
  27. The Doors: The Movie
  28. Blow
  29. The Marketing Of Madness: Are We All Insane?
  30. Meet The Feebles
  31. Blow
  32. The Wrestler
  33. The Basketball Diaries
  34. Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke
  35. Affliction
  36. Leaving Las Vegas
  37. Half-Baked
  38. Life With Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows
  39. Home Run

  41. And I continued to perform o--- s-- and then he pushed me aw

  43. Chet Baker's Swan Song
  44. Lickin' Toads Again