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All oaths and pledges have always been forbidden to true believers, because oaths create master-servant relationships, diluting the sovereignty of YHVH. Biblical 'oaths' (sevening) is confirmation, not contract.

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14 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Oaths

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  2. Never Ever Swear Any Kind Of Oath At All!
  3. Mr. Wide-Open Opens His Mouth Too Wide
  4. YHVH Always Does What He Promises
  5. The Effect Of Coverture On Binding Agreements
  6. Jephthah Consigns His Daughter To The Nunnery
  7. Israel Tries To Pay Egypt to Fight Babylon
  8. 'Father-king' Negotiates Peace With Isaac
  9. Make No Promises: Heaven Is Watching
  10. Society's Oaths Contradict Your Sacred Duties
  11. Saul Makes Soldiers Swear A Death-Curse
  12. Saul's Son Jonathan Eats Honey; Death-Cursed
  13. The Flower-Hills Pagans Trick-Squat In Israel
  14. Never Swear Any Oath By Any Wording


115 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Oaths

  1. Matthew 5:34 But I tell you, 😇, “NEVER SWEAR [ANY OATH] AT ALL! Don't swear by heaven, that is, [YHVH] the Eloah's throne.
    note: Very clear: NEVER, ever swear any oath of any kind at all. As commanded in James 5:12. When the judge says “raise your right hand,” you have to disobey the judge. And the believer can't swear a military oath, nor an oath of political office. This is no minor commandment, but a Greek re-phrasing of the First Commandment of the 10 Commandments given through Moses: “I am YHVH your Elohim. Thou shall have no Elohim before me.” The word ‘Elohim’ means the highest Eloha, which is translated ‘God’ but literally means ‘oath,’ or one who binds in a yoke. The prohibition against being bound by man is the foundation of all commandments: no man shall serve two masters. An oath creates a master-servant relationship. Just look it up in any legal dictionary. Eloha (oath) means ‘the absolute and unqualified sovereign’. Allegiance means “absolute and unqualified obedience”. To promise is to put your obligor in the place of the Almighty. Oaths are the essence of idolatry.
  2. Matthew 5:37 Instead [of promises], 😇, let your communication be, ‘Yes, yes; No, no.’ For all [promises] beyond these [simple statements] come from evil.
    note: Is the paper you're thinking of signing saying more than ‘yes’ and ‘no’? Are there any oaths, affirmations, affidavits or penalty of perjury statements? Watch out! Those come from EVIL. Pledges and oaths at boy scouts, clubs, church fund drives, and Vacation Bible Schools come from the DEVIL! The pledge of allegiance comes from SATAN! The military oath comes from the devil! All oaths of political office come from the devil! Most wedding vows come from the devil! Most priestly vows come from Satan! Wake up!
  3. James 5:12 And ABOVE ALL THINGS, my brothers, never swear. [That is, never declare anything under oath!] Not by heaven, nor by the earth, nor by ANY OTHER OATH. Instead, 😇, let your yes be ‘yes;’ and your no: ‘no.’ Otherwise you fall into condemnation.
    note: No oath of any kind means:
    • don't sign anything that says ‘under penalty of perjury’,
    • never raise your hand to a judge,
    • never take any oath of office,
    • never sign a binding contract,
    • never enter the military,
    • never sign a tax return,
    • never be an employee,
    • never make any promises at all.
    Changing the word ‘swear’ to ‘Affirm’ is just a word game that doesn't change anything. Oath = horkos = limit = fence. Oaths corral you into your master's pen. You cannot serve two masters. This verse shows the utter bankruptcy of the Bible commentators who give Churchianity its sermons. Charles Wesley FALSELY claimed: James does not forbid the taking a solemn oath before a magistrate. Matthew Henry's commentary missed it too. Clarke admitted he didn't understand this verse. Gill, not reading, also claimed this verse only prohibits ‘some’ forms of oaths. Ellen White & Joseph Smith also parroted the same illogical error!

  4. Numbers (Journeys) 30:2 If a man vows a promise to YHVH, or swears a binding oath, [it binds his] soul, 😇; he can't break his word: his actions must match everything that proceeds out of his mouth.
    note: This is the foundation of all jurisprudence. (Juris means "oath".) Oaths tie you up. That's why the Messiah commanded you never to swear oaths. And it's why Satan's world system runs on oaths.
  5. Mark 6:26 [False-king] Herod [shakes in terror,] greatly distressed, 😇. Yet out of respect for the [evil] oaths he swore before his dinner guests, he grants Salome's murderous wish.
    note: Oaths can never be broken, especially not by a king. Of course, for some oaths, such as Herod's, the sin of breaking an evil oath is better then the sin of keeping an evil oath. Herod should have said to Salome, ‘I have no authority to do evil.’ A king's Dominion does not include the power to do wrong, only to do right.
  6. Mark 14:71 Peter {Rock} starts invoking curse[s] on himself. [He binds himself under divine and human penalties of perjury] as he swears [oath(s), in a mad, desperate, disobedient attempt to make the people believe his lie]: “I don't [even] know this man [YahShua] you're talking about.”
    note: #332 anathematizo: to declare or vow under penalty of execration:--(bind under a) curse, bind with an oath. #3660 omnuo: to swear, i.e. take (or declare on) oath. See James 5:12, Matt 5:33-37.
  7. Leviticus 5:4 And if you ever swear, 😇, pledging with your lips to do evil, or good, or whatever you blurt out on oath, even if you didn't realize you were binding yourself, when you figure out that you got trapped, you've got to do what it takes to get yourself out of condemnation.
    note: If you say it, you gotta do it. This is the way Satan bound the entire human population as his slaves, and why you need the redemption bought with the Messiah's blood. Satan traps you with your pledges of allegiance and your signatures on applications for driver's licenses, national I.D. numbers, etc.
  8. Matthew 26:63 But YahShua holds his peace, 😇. [YahShua uses his Right to remain silent.] The high priest orders YahShua, “I command you to swear an oath [to me. Show the court that I am your master. Call down on your own head a curse of destruction from] the living Elohim [should I find you lying]. Now tell us [under oath] whether you are the Messiah, the son of [YHVH] the Eloah.”
    note: This evil high priest/judge tries to make Yahshua swear an oath, then testify against himself. All judges try to play the same tricks on you. To swear an oath is to create a master/servant relationship in which the swearer is the servant. Jesus clearly commanded you to never, ever swear any kind of oath, not a courtroom oath, not a military oath, not an oath of office, not a statement signed under penalty of perjury. You have been warned. See James 5:12. Yahshua wisely refused to swear any oath. He used his Right to remain silent, as He commanded us to do in legal confrontations.
  9. Hebrews 6:16 For [sinful] men swear affirmations, 😇, [invoking penalties for perjury upon themselves, penalties meted out by] someone greater than themselves. Men [foolishly] take oaths to confirm what they say. [An oath] puts an end to all argument.
    note: Men call down curses on their own heads, inviting heaven to punish them if they're lying. Men create master-servant relationships by swearing oaths, giving the person to whom the oath was sworn the power to punish, to mete out the penalty of perjury. Yahshua flatly commanded you to never do any such thing. (Matt 5:33-37, James 5:12.) Yah's title: Elohim, means literally the only one who has the power to bind on oath.
  10. Proverbs 6:2 You get snared by the words of your lips, 😇! You get kidnapped by the words of your mouth!
    note: The entire world is chained on Satan's leash because they have pledged allegiance (absolute and unqualified obedience) to Satan's corporations called governments, and ratified these pledges by receiving plunder, privilege and power through their membership benefits.
  11. Proverbs 20:25 A blurted sacred promise is a noose [you] end up screaming to get loose from, 😇.
    note: Religion traps you by getting you to pledge your life to Christ, then training you to live just like the world around you. Oaths are omnipresent in modern commerce. Oaths are sacred vows. Note that there are no wedding vows in the Bible, just the law that a man who beds a woman has to take care of her for life.
  12. Matthew 14:9 'King’ [Herod hyperventilates. He grasps at his thundering heart. He swoons in terror and remorse.] But because of the oath he [just] swore in front of all his dinner guests, Herod orders the soldiers to obey [the murderous demand of his niece] Salome, [the teenage strip-dancer].
  13. Mark 6:23 Herod swears [this oath] to Salome, “Whatever you ask of me, I'll give it you, up to half of my kingdom.”
  14. Genesis 27:13 Jacob's mother says, “[Upon me be your] curse, my son. Just obey my voice. Go fetch me the goats.”
    note: Not a smart thing to say. Because of this curse, Rebekah never sees her son Jacob again.
  15. Genesis 44:9 If you find his cup with any one of us (your servants,) kill him. And all the rest of us will be your slaves forever, my lord.”
    note: Foolish imprecatory oath/vow. Under the (Babylonian, pagan, occult, anti-Hebrew) Code Of Hammurabi, property was more valuable than the life of a man. So it was a death-penalty offense to steal from a palace. Whereas In Hebrew Law, a convicted thief must merely pay back 4 or 5 times what he stole. This again proves that the divinely-spoken Hebrew law is much more fair, advanced and lenient than any human-invented law system, ancient or modern. Today police and citizens commonly shoot robbers in your country. Criminals run the world's ‘justice’ systems.
  16. Exodus 22:11 —if the trustee declares 7 times before YHVH that he didn't take his neighbor's [entrusted] goods, then the Trustor must accept the [Trustee's] declaration [of innocence], and drop [his] demand for restitution.
    note: So it's unwise to entrust property to other people.
  17. Numbers (Journeys) 30:4 If the father of the minor female hears that she has bound her life in a vow, and he fails to object, his silence is taken as consent. All her vows thus stand. Then every [legal] ‘rope’ with which she has tied up her soul will [hold].
    note: Parents are responsible for the debts of their children, unless the parent makes a timely objection.
  18. Numbers (Journeys) 30:5 But, 😇, if her father vetoes [her vow] on the same day he hears of the matter, her vow or other [legal statements] with which she bound her life cannot stand. Her father annulls her [commitments]. So YHVH exonerates her [for foolishly incurring obligations].
    note: The statements of a féme couvert (covered woman) are legally useless unless the man providing her coverture ratifies the statements. This is why women should not talk to hospital officials, police nor anyone else who is trying to rope them into obligations. It is wise for a woman to wear humble head-covering in such situations, as a symbol that she is under coverture. Christians cut off their own feet when they blow-off Paul's recommendation that women wear head covering.
  19. Numbers (Journeys) 30:7 On the day [the female's] husband/master hears [about her agreement], if he acquiesces by silence, [saying nothing forbidding her to continue in the agreement], then her vows stand. And her [legally] binding [statements] with which she bound her soul [also] stand.
    note: Silence is construed as consent. Consent makes law.
  20. Numbers (Journeys) 30:11 When the husband hears of his wife's [obligation], if he acquiesces through silence, then all her vows stand, 😇. If he fails to tell his wife to cancel her agreement, every [legally-binding statement] with which she bound her life stands.
    note: Think of all the agreements you've signed. Do you realize that you sold your soul to the devil to get a bank account? Do you have any idea what “I agree to be bound by all the rules of the Federal Reserve” means?
  21. Numbers (Journeys) 30:13 [When a woman is under coverture,] her husband has the [time-limited] right to establish or to annul every vow and every binding oath that subjects her life [under any jurisdiction whatever, 😇].
    note: Same goes for minor children.
  22. Joshua 9:19 But all the leaders answer the massive crowd, “We swore to the spies [an oath backed up by the enforcing power of] YHVH, Israel's Sovereign. So now we can't touch the [liars].
    note: Unless you swore to do a criminal act, you have to do what you have sworn an oath to do, even if it hurts you. Even if you were forced to swear the oath under fall pretenses. That's why you should NEVER swear any oath!
  23. 1st Samuel 14:24 But that day the [faces of the] men of Israel [wear down in] distress, because Saul had [foolishly] adjured the [army]. [Saul] swore: “Cursed is the man who eats any food before evening! [We'll fast] so [YAH will give] me vengeance over my enemies.” So [that whole day,] none of the [Israeli soldiers] taste any food.
  24. 1st Kings 22:16 Then [evil] king [Ahab yells] at MicaYah, “How many times must I [make you] swear to tell me nothing but truth in the name of YHVH?!”
    note: Micah swears no oath.
  25. Ezekiel 17:19 So Adonai YHVH says, ‘As I live, [the Israelite king] despised an oath [that I consider made to] me. He broke a covenant that I [treat as] my own. So I come to boomerang [his evil] upon his own head.
    note: Christ states this principle: heaven enforces the binding agreements you make on earth. If you stay free from binding agreements on earth, heaven considers you free.
  26. Matthew 5:33 Again, 😇, you've heard that the ancients said, ‘Never break your oath[s]. Keep [the] vows you [swear] to Adonai [YHVH].’
    note: If you foolishly choose to swear an oath, you must either keep it or face punishment. That's why you shouldn't make oaths. See James 5:12. Jewish scholars agree: Not only are false oaths prohibited, but true ones are to be avoided.—Chasidic, Itture Torah, vol. 6 p. 44 [Analysis of Deut 5:11] finds scriptural warrant for the prevailing practice not to testify under oath, even when this entails severe financial loss...—The Torah, American Union Of Hebrew Congregations
  27. Matthew 5:36 Nor will you, 😇, swear by your head, of [which] you can't make one hair white or black.
  28. Mark 6:22 [Salome,] the daughter of Herod's fake-wife Herodias struts into [the royal court]. Salome naughty-dances. She pleases [false-King] Herod and the elite. They sit [lustfully] watching her [dirty] dance. [Pedophile] Herod [pants in perverted heat]. He says to his [niece, the slut] dancer, “Ask me for whatever you want. I'll give it to you.” [Salome raises her eyebrow. She asks, “Anything?”]
  29. Genesis 24:9 So the servant puts his hand under the thigh of his master Abraham. He 7-times [clarifies] to Abraham [his intent to find Isaac a Hebrew wife].
    note: No oath sworn here. Abraham uses the language of 'sevening', (#7650 shaba=seven) but in v.41 the manager repeats this scene, instead (inaccurately) using the word for 'oath.' (423 'alah from 422; an imprecation:--curse, cursing, execration, oath, swearing.) The difference is the penalty of perjury.
  30. Genesis 24:41 If [my relatives] won't give you a [woman to marry Isaac,] you'll be clear of any curse from me. Then you won't be guilty of breaking an oath to me.
    note: Apparently Abraham's manager believes that Abraham bound him in an imprecatory oath (alah), even though the language Abraham used in v.8 was not 'oath' [alth] but 'seven' [shboth]. Of course, Abraham was already the manager's master. See note on v.9.
  31. Genesis 26:28 [AbiMelech and his Junta] answer, “We see clearly that YHVH is and has been with you. So we said, ‘Let's get Isaac {Laughter} under a mutually-binding [non-agression] oath.’ [So] let us make a covenant with you.
    note: Abimelech wants to get Isaac to expose himself to a penalty of perjury—to put himself in Abimelech's jurisdiction.
  32. Numbers (Journeys) 30:9 However, 😇, a widow or a divorced woman [is not under coverture]. Every vow or agreement (with which she binds her life) stands against her.
  33. Numbers (Journeys) 30:12 Conversely, 😇, if on the day the woman's husband hears of the wife's [agreements,] he completely voids them, then whatever proceeded out of her lips concerning her vows (or concerning [legally] binding [agreements] tying up her life) won't stand. Her husband's [veto power] nullifies [her agreements]. YHVH exonerates her.
    note: These principles of legal binding are the source of the Ransom view of the atonement.
  34. Joshua 9:15 So JAHshua makes peace with the [spies]. He [foolishly] obligates himself to a treaty with their [nation]. [Joshua promises to never participate in any action which YHVH might take to deprive the Gibeonites of] life. Israel's leaders [stupidly] ratify that covenant by sworn oath!
  35. Judges 11:31 —then for sure, when I return in peace from [conquering] the [inbred] spawn of Ammon, whatever comes out of the doors of my house to meet me will surely be YHVH's [property]. I'll carry it up [to the Sanctuary] as an [irrevocable] ascension-gift.”
    note: The traditional translations make the sick mistake of translating “ascension-gift” as “burnt-offering”. They wrongly claim that Jepthtah burned up his daughter. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing anywhere in the Law of Moses would allow a human to be burned. Human sacrifice is prohibited under all sane law. In fact, the girl was dedicated to live out her life as a nun, never marrying, performing spiritual, non-commercial service to help the needy. This dedication elevated her life to spiritual heights. Nobody burned her up!
  36. Judges 11:34 So Jephthah {Wide-Open} rides [like the wind] to Mizpah {Watch-Tower}. [He gallops up] to his house. He sees his daughter, his only child, come running out to meet him with tambourines and dances. ([Jephthah] has no other son nor daughter.)
  37. Judges 11:35 When Jepthah sees his daughter, he rips his clothes. He cries, “Oh no! My daughter! You've broken my heart! I never imagined you could cause me such pain! For I opened my mouth to YHVH! I can't go back [on my oath]!”
    note: Oaths cannot be broken. Unless you swear to do a criminal act.
  38. Judges 11:39 So at the end of two months, she returns to her father. He [devotes her to sacred ministry as a priestess,] just as he had promised in his vow. And she never [marries nor sleeps with] any man.
  39. 1st Samuel 14:28 Then one of the [soldiers] speaks up. He warns [Jonathan], "Your father shackled [our Israeli] people. [He] bound us with an oath, saying, ‘Cursed is the man who eats any food this day’, even though we're all fainting [with hunger…]
  40. 1st Kings 2:43 —So why then have you violated [your] oath to YHVH? [You broke] the commandment with which I bound you.”
  41. Ezekiel 17:13 Then [the Emperor] took one of [Israel's] king's seed-children, [evil Zedekiah], and made a covenant with him, and took an oath [of allegiance] from him.
  42. Matthew 5:35 Never swear by the earth [or anything thereon, 😇. Earth] is YHVH's footstool. Never swear by Jerusalem, that is, the city of [YHVH] the great King.
    note: Wake up, sleeping Christians! Jesus said, "NO oaths of any kind, ever." Playing around with the wording doesn't save you. When you give ANY oath, pledge, affirmation, promise or sworn statement, you waive the mercy of YAH. You invite YAH to destroy you if you fail to perfectly fulfill your word. It doesn't make your punishment any less severe if you say, ‘I swear on my mother's grave.’ YAH is the owner of your mother's grave. YAH, not your mother, is the one who punishes you for failing to perform. A statement ‘under penalty of perjury’ means that you waive the right to defend yourself. You thus invite the state to skip right to punishing you. An affirmation means the same as swearing. Get educated, people! Stop listening to preachers and commentators who have no authority and no knowledge of law! Obey Jesus, you Christians!
  43. Matthew 14:7 [Aroused by his teenage niece's pornographic dance,] Herod promises with an oath to give Salome whatever she asks.
  44. Acts 23:14 The conspirators [run] to the chief priests and elders. [They brag], “We've bound ourselves under a great oath-curse. [We've sworn] we'll eat nothing until we've slain Paul!
    note: One of the most important indicia of an oath is that it calls for a penalty: the penalty of perjury. No Christian can ever consider invoking the penalty of perjury by signing or saying any kind of oath.
  45. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 10:5 The [rainbow] angel (who I saw standing on the sea and on the earth) lifts up his hand to heaven.
  46. Judges 11:30 There Jephthah {Wide-Open} [foolishly and unnecessarily] vows a promise to YHVH, saying, “Please, without fail, deliver the [inbred] spawn of Ammon into my hands…
  47. 1st Samuel 14:45 But the [army leaders object to] Saul, “[How can you] kill JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, who achieved this great salvation [by leading] Israel [against the enemy]? Elohim forbid! As YHVH lives, not one hair of [JAHnathan's] head will fall to the ground. He worked with Elohim today!” So the [soldiers] rescue JAHnathan, extending his life.
    note: Now the army leaders swear another imprecatory oath!
  48. 2nd Samuel 14:11 Then [the actress] says, “Please, [O] king, [swear] by YHVH your Elohim, that you won't allow the avengers of blood to add to the destruction by executing my [surviving] son.” [David] responds, “As YHVH lives, not one of your son's hair[s] will fall to the earth.”
    note: David swears a foolish oath to protect someone who should die.
  49. JeremiYAH 4:2 Wholeheartedly, [consistently proclaim], “YHVH lives!” [Be] stable, just, and righteous, 😇. [Then] the nations [will] kneel and shout raves [of praise to YAH].
    note: This is NOT telling you to swear oaths. ‘Shaba’ = (7, i.e. complete), normally rendered "swear." "YHVH lives" is the positive form of the popular phrase "God's not dead."
  50. Ezekiel 17:20 I spread my net over [the oath-breaker]. I take him in my snare. I drag him to Babylon. There I judge him for treacherously fighting and betraying me.
  51. Genesis 26:29 [Swear to us that] you'll never do us harm, [just] as we've never touched you, and as we've done to you nothing but good, and have sent you away in peace, [into] what [everyone can see is a life] blessed by YHVH.”
  52. Genesis 31:32 [But] you can kill whoever you catch with your [stolen idol-gods]. Right here, with our kinsmen standing witness, look for anything [in our caravan] that belongs to you. Take it back.” (Jacob has no idea that Rachel {Ewe} has stolen [Laban's idol-gods].)
    note: Jacob here swears a foolish imprecatory psuedo-oath, un-knowingly calling down a severe punishment on his wife. The death-penalty for stealing comes from the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. Hebrew Law considers theft a relatively minor crime, requiring only 4- or 5-fold restitution.
  53. Numbers (Journeys) 30:3 Likewise, 😇, if a woman promises a vow to YHVH or otherwise ties herself in a binding [obligation] while she [lives] in her father's house [thus under his coverture] in her youth, [the father must quickly object or he becomes bound to honor the female's promise].
  54. Numbers (Journeys) 30:8 If, on the day her husband/master hears of her [agreement], he forbids her [to remain under the contract], then he nullifies her promised vow, 😇. [His objection] likewise effectively nullifies any [obligation] she uttered with her lips, which [would have otherwise] bound her soul. Thus YHVH forgives her [for making promises].
  55. Judges 11:36 [Jepthah's daughter] answers him, “My father, if you've opened your mouth to YHVH, do to me exactly what proceeded out of your mouth; since for you YHVH took vengeance on your enemies, those [evil inbred] spawn of Ammon.”
  56. Judges 11:40 So, 😇, it becomes a custom in Israel, that every year, for 4 days, the daughters of Israel lament the daughter of Jephthah {Wide-Open} from Gilead, [who became a reluctant priestess because of her Dad's loose lips].
  57. Judges 21:18 But we can't give the [Benjamites] wives from our daughters. We sons of Israel swore a vow that: ‘Anyone who gives a wife to [a man from the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} is [an] accursed [pariah].’”
  58. 1st Samuel 14:43 So [king] Saul says to JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, “Tell me what you've done.” So JAHnathan tells [his Dad], “I just tasted a little honey with the end of the rod in my hand. [But] look. [Does that mean] I have to die?”
    note: JAHnathan didn't swear any oath. Saul was bound in an impossible oath: kill an innocent man, or break his oath.
  59. 2nd Samuel 21:2 (Note to 😇: the Gibeonites were not descendants of Israel, but leftover Amorite [mountaineers. They tricked] the Israelites into swearing a peace-pledge to them. But in his zeal to [defend] the ‘sons’ of [north] Israel and Judea, Saul [broke that oath. He tried to] exterminate the [Gibeonites].)
  60. 1st Kings 8:31 —If any man wrongs his neighbor, and [the victim] makes [the perpetrator] bind itself by swearing an oath [to make restitution], and [the perpetrator repeats] the oath before your altar in this temple, [enforce the oath].
  61. JeremiYAH 5:2 —Yes, these [Judeo-Christians] say, ‘YHVH lives.’ But they swear falsely.”
    note: These ‘Christians’ bleat, ‘God's not dead.’ Yet they swear falsely.
  62. Ezekiel 17:18 [Everyone] sees that [Israel's king] despised his oath by breaking [the Emperor's] covenant. Look, [Zedekiah] gave his hand [in pledge]. Then he committed [overwhelming] treachery. [So Judea's deposed king] never escapes [from Babylon].’
  63. Ezekiel 17:21 All [of the oath-breaker's] fleeing elite troops come to fall by the sword. The [few rebels] who remain, I scatter toward all [four] winds. Then you realize that I, YHVH, foretell [your future].’
  64. ZephaniYAH 1:5 [YAH destroys the worshippers] who prostrate themselves [before worldly] altars, [praying] to the hosts of celestial [demon-gods]. [YAH kills people] who worship & swear to YHVH while swearing [oaths] to [human and demonic] rulers.
    note: YHVH forbids you to ever swear any oaths, particularly oaths to other humans or to demons. This prohibition includes oaths to judges, and military and political oaths. See James 5:12 & Matt 5:33-37. Swearing oaths in courtrooms is bowing to the goddess Justicia. When you swear a military oath you become a slave to the War-God Molech. When you sign an oath to get a bank account you swear an oath to the gods of Commerce. And so on. These oaths form the consensual jurisdiction that empowers the lockdown tyrrany which is shutting down churches and synagogues worldwide.
  65. ZephaniYAH 1:6 [When people swear these oaths they] turn their backs on YHVH. Seek YHVH! Ask [him what you should do, 😇]!
    note: An oath creates a master-servant relationship.
  66. Genesis 31:53 [I invoke between us the] judgment of the Elohim of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, the Elohim of Nahor {Snorer}, the Elohim of their father [Ever].” Then Jacob seven [times indicates his intent to honor the boundary, even invoking YHVH,] the fear[ed ELohim] of his father Isaac {Laughter}.
    note: Perhaps an oath. But not an oath that YHVH wanted Jacob to swear.
  67. Numbers (Journeys) 30:10 And if a woman in her husband's family makes a vow or otherwise [legally] binds her life under an oath [or other] legal obligation, [her husband must make timely objection, or be bound, 😇].
  68. Numbers (Journeys) 30:16 That, 😇, sums up the statutes which YHVH commanded Moses on the subject matter of [obligations binding on] a man and his wife, or [on] a father via his daughter who is still in her youth [and living under coverture] in his house.
  69. Joshua 9:18 But the sons of Israel refuse to evict the [pagan inhabitants of the] spies’ cities, because the leaders of the [Israeli] assembly swore to the spies [an oath of peace in the Name of] YHVH Elohim of Israel. So, 😇, the whole [Israeli] assembly grumble against [their] leaders.
    note: evict = #5221 nakah = beat, or cast out
  70. Joshua 9:20 We'll let the spies’ people live, to prevent [YAH's] fire-rage from falling on us [in punishment] for breaking the oath we swore to them.”
  71. Judges 11:10 Gilead's elders promise Jephthah, “YHVH hears [everything we say to each other]. [He'll punish us] if we don't [make you our chief] exactly like you just described.”
    note: A mild imprecatory oath.
  72. 1st Samuel 14:27 But [prince] JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} didn't hear his father bind the [soldiers] with the oath-curse. So [JAHnathan] holds out the end of his staff. He dips it in a honeycomb. He puts his hand to his mouth. His eyes light up, 😇!
  73. 1st Samuel 14:39 —For as Israel's Saviour YHVH lives, even if [the sin is in] my son JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, he will surely die.” But not one man among all the [soldiers dares] answer [Saul].
    note: Saul swears another foolish imprecatory oath.
  74. 1st Samuel 14:41 So Saul [prays] to YHVH Elohim of Israel, “[Please] tell us who's at fault. [Activate your] flawless lot-stone [oracular system].” [So the priest pulls the two miracle-stones from his breastplate. The stone facing Saul & JAHnathan glows, marking] Saul and JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} as suspects, while clearing [all] the [other soldiers].
    note: It's a more serious sin for one man to break an oath than for thousands of men to eat blood.
  75. 1st Samuel 14:42 Then [king] Saul says [to the priest], “Cast lots between me and JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} my son.” [The priest pulls from his breastplate the glowing stone. It points to] JAHnathan.
  76. 1st Samuel 14:44 [Teary-eyed King] Saul answers [prince] JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, “Elohim [will kill you anyway]. And he'll [kill even more of us if I don't kill you now]. So you die. Dead!”
    note: This wording is obscure, but apparently Saul foolishly swears a third imprecatory oath.
  77. 1st Kings 18:15 So EliJah {JAH-Is-El} replies, “As YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies (before whom I stand) lives, I will definitely show myself to [Ahab] today.”
    note: This is a promise, but not an imprecatory oath because it has no penalty of perjury.
  78. JeremiYAH 38:16 King ZedekYah {YAH's-Right} secretly swears an oath to JeremiYah, “As YHVH (the creator of our souls) lives, I won't put you to death. Nor will I surrender you into the hand of [my nobles] who seek your life.”
  79. Matthew 23:16 Woe to you, you blind guides. You spew [religious gibberish] like, ‘If anyone swears an oath in the name of the temple, it means nothing. But you're indebted if you swear an oath in the name of the temple's gold.’
    note: Or as almost all modern ‘Christians’ say: “When I sign my signature on a piece of paper under the words ‘oath’ or ‘penalty of perjury’, it's a meaningless squiggle. Signing doesn't bind me in a master-servant relationship. It's only an oath if I raise my right hand and put my other hand on the Bible.” Poppycock! (See James 5:12 and any Law Dictionary.) Peterson sees this analogy: ‘If someone makes a promise with his fingers crossed, that's nothing; but if he swears with his hand on the Bible, that's serious.’
  80. Luke 1:73 [YAH keeps] the oath He swore to our fore-father Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}.
  81. Hebrews 6:17 YHVH wants to make the unchanging nature of his purpose(s) very clear to the heirs of the [blessings] he promises. So he confirms his promise with an oath.
    note: YAH, who can always perfectly fulfill His word, can swear oaths. But we fallible mortals are never to swear any kind of oath. See James 5:12.
  82. Genesis 21:24 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} answers AbiMelech {Father-King} with seven [indications of honest intent to never harm AbiMelech, his descendants, nor his countrymen].
    note: The word here often translated ‘swear’ is actually ‘seven,’ a Hebrew phrase implying complete intent, as in repeating a declaration 7 times, or offering seven gifts (such as goats) for clarity and solemnity. Abraham does not specifically agree to a penalty of perjury should he be found to have violated his statement of intent. So this cannot be concluded to be a legal oath, although that's how sloppy translation tradition renders it.
  83. Genesis 43:9 —I'll insure Benjamin's safety. Demand him, [on pain of my life], from my hand. If I fail to bring him back to you and set him before you, then let me bear the blame forever.
    note: Not a smart thing to promise. You don't know what the future will bring.
  84. Genesis 47:31 Israel [wheezes], “Seven me.” Joseph {Increaser} seven [times indicates his intent] to [bring] Israel's [bones back from Egypt to the promised land]. Then, 😇, Israel falls down on the head of his bed.
    note: Seven = say or do 7 things to indicate solemn intent. Not the same as placing oneself under the penalty of perjury. The bowing/falling on the bed or staff is in translational dispute. It's often mistaken for being referred in Heb 11:21, which instead refers to Jacob blessing Joseph's sons.
  85. Numbers (Journeys) 30:6 But if the woman had any form of husband/master when she vowed, or if she uttered any statement from her lips with which she [legally] bound her soul, [her husband/master/father must quickly disavow her commitment].
  86. Joshua 2:17 The spies answer Rahab {Biggie}, “We won't be bound by your oath you made us swear, [unless]:
    note: Oath here = severing, a true imprecatory oath, since the spies agree to a penalty of perjury for non-performance in v19. Not recommended.
  87. Joshua 9:21 [Israel's] leaders add, “Let [our allies, the liars, stay] living [near us]. But [pay them back for their duplicity by making] them [serve] our whole [nation] as woodcutters and water-carriers.” So, 😇, [Israel's] princes [technically] keep their oath.
  88. Joshua 24:22 So JAHshua answers the people, “You are witnesses against yourselves. You've elected YHVH [as your Sovereign]. [You've promised] to serve him.” The [crowd] responds, “We are witnesses.”
  89. Judges 21:5 The people of Israel ask, “[Back before the war,] who among all the tribes of Israel failed to travel up with the congregation to [pray to] YHVH?” For the [Israelis] had made a [hugely foolish] arrogant oath condemning anyone who neglected to travel up to [pray to] YHVH to Mizpah {Watch-Tower}. They pledged, “Any [abstainers will] die. DEAD.”
  90. 1st Samuel 14:29 Then JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} responds, “My father's [oath-curse] has [made] trouble for our land: just look how my eyes lit up [when] I tasted a little of this honey.
  91. 1st Samuel 14:30 —Our soldiers would have gained even more [energy] if [Saul] had let them eat freely of the [food] they plundered from the enemy. Then we would have slaughtered many more Philistines!”
  92. 1st Samuel 24:21 So now ‘seven’ [times convince] me, [before] YHVH, that you won't cut off my seed-children after me, that you won't destroy my name from my father's family-line.”
    note: “Shaba,” the word normally translated "swear," means: “declare intent by 7 convincing actions.”
  93. 2nd Samuel 15:8 [I,] your servant, promised a vow while I lived at Geshur {Bridge} in [Highland] Syria. I promised, ‘If YHVH will finally bring me home to Jerusalem, then I'll serve YHVH.’”
  94. 2nd Samuel 21:7 But king [David] spares [the cripple] Mephibosheth, the son of Saul's prince JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, because of [the] binding mutual [family-protection] pact JAHnathan and David [pledged] before YHVH.
  95. 1st Kings 1:30 —Yes, I promised you. I invoked [the wrath of] YHVH Elohim of Israel. [I] vowed, ’Solomon {Peace-Man} your son will definitely reign after me. He will sit on my throne in my place.’ Today I fulfill [that vow].”
  96. 1st Kings 18:10 As YHVH your Elohim lives, my master [Ahab] sent [his assassins] into every nation and kingdom [near Israel]. All their leaders said you weren't in [their territories]. Then [Ahab] made [those foreign leaders] of every kingdom and nation swear on oath that they couldn't find you.
  97. 2nd Chronicles 6:22 —When a man sins against his neighbor [or associate], and [his accuser] lifts up a cursing [accusation] against him and calls him to swear [to his innocence] on penalty of perjury before your altar in this temple, [achieve justice].
    note: This is not a recommendation from YHVH to swear oaths. This is Solomon praying that YHVH will sort out lies from truth in judicial matters. The word ‘alah’ primarily signifies not ‘oath’ but ‘curse’: #423 'alah from 422; an imprecation:--curse, cursing, execration, oath, swearing. #422 'alah aw-law' adjure, i.e. (usually in a bad sense) imprecate, curse, swear.
  98. Psalms 89:35 I swore a sacred [oath] once [and for all]. I never lie to David {Love} [nor to anyone else].
    note: YAH can swear oaths, because he can't break his word. We can't swear oaths, because we are ignorant of and powerless over the future.
  99. JeremiYAH 42:5 The [‘penitents’ falsely] answer JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}, “YHVH is our true and faithful witness between us: We'll do exactly everything YHVH your Elohim sends you to [command] us.
    note: It's always rash to make promises. Real truth-tellers don't need to swear oaths.
  100. Ezekiel 16:59 For Adonai YHVH says, “I deal you back the [pain] you deal [me]. You despise [your] oath[s]. You annul [your] covenant[s].
  101. Daniel 9:11 Yes, all Israel [keeps] over-running your Law. We stampede away from obeying your voice. [That's why] curse[s keep] pouring out on us. [We're receiving the punishments listed in the] imprecatory oath written in the law of Moses (the servant of the Eloah). We [Israelites swore that oath, accepting those penalties of perjury. Still we keep on] sinning against [You].
    note: Don't ever swear any oath. Never agree to the terms of the Sinai Covenant. Just live in harmony with the Covenant's perfectly reasonable principles.
  102. Habakkuk 3:9 [YAH] bends [His bow of truth]. He bares naked [the disgrace of the] curses [people called down upon themselves when they swore] oaths [to] tribes [and rulers in exchange for] promises [the rulers] hung-up [and] breached.
  103. ZechariYAH 8:17 And man, you must never devise evil in your heart [against] your neighbor. And love no false oath, 😇. I hate all [such sins],” decrees YHVH.
    note: The whole world is operating on false oaths. Have you actually read those oaths that you signed when you signed up for a bank account or a driver's license or a passport? No. You only signed the oath because you wanted the benefit. You didn't care that you were legally tying yourself. That's a false oath. Do doctors, lawyers and presidents honor the words of their oaths of office? Ha! Do spouses honor their wedding vows? Of course not! Churchgoers break their oaths just as much as atheists do.
  104. Matthew 23:18 And [you fools say nonsense like], ‘If anyone takes an oath in the name of the altar, it means nothing. But anyone who takes an oath in the name of the gift on the altar is [guilty of a crime] unless he keeps the oath.’
    note: All oaths are binding, and they are all foolish.
  105. Matthew 23:21 And 😇, anyone who takes an oath in the name of the temple automatically takes an oath [invoking a penalty on their own heads in] the Name-Authority of the one [spirit] who indwells the Temple.
    note: If you swear an oath in the state courthouse, you bind yourself under the state's authority. Obvious.
  106. Matthew 23:22 And 😇, swearing [an oath] by heaven invokes [a curse on your head] from [YHVH] the Eloah's throne, and by [YHVH] who sits on that throne.
  107. Hebrews 6:13 Back when YAH made His promise to Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, there was [of course] no one greater for YAH to swear by. So YAH swore by Himself.
  108. 1st Samuel 14:40 [Saul] says to all [the present men of] Israel, “You stand on one side [of this hill]. I and my son JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} will [stand] on the other side.” All the [soldiers] answer Saul, “Do what seems good to you.”
  109. 1st Samuel 20:23 And regarding the [protection pact] you and I just spoke, look: YHVH is [a witness] between you and me forever [of what we've promised each other].”
    note: “…may YHVH make us keep our promises to each other, for he has witnessed them.” A pseudo-oath.
  110. 1st Kings 1:29 Then king [David] promises, “As YHVH, who always redeemed my soul from distress, lives:
    note: This oath or oath-like language sounds holy but is not the kind of thing Yahshua ever said.
  111. Matthew 23:20 😇, If you [make the mistake of] swearing ‘by the altar’, you swear by the altar and by everything on the altar.
  112. Psalms 132:2 [David] seven [times, i.e. completely, declared his intentions of fidelity] to [you,] YHVH.
    note: Not a recommendation of oath-swearing. Yahshua only wants you to obey him, not to make promises to him.
  113. Numbers (Journeys) 30:1 Next, Moses addresses the heads of the tribes of the descendants of Israel, saying, “This is what YHVH commands [regarding promises and oaths]:
    note: Heaven holds you to your commitments!
  114. Acts 21:23 So [here's our plan]: among [our congregation] live four men who've made a [Jewish ritual] vow.
  115. 2nd Corinthians 1:23 I call [YHVH] the Eloah as my witness. YAH [knows] my heart! It was in order to spare you [the pain of rebuke] that I decided not to visit you at Corinth.
    note: Paul saying ‘I call God as my witness’ is often used by bogus believers as justification for swearing oaths in courtrooms and on government and legal forms. But Paul is not swearing an oath here, because the necessary condition for an oath is a promise or binding agreement, and/or acceptance of a penalty of perjury. An actual oath is a transaction of power, creating or strengthening a master/servant relationship. Paul may be dancing up to the line here. Merely to say, “The Lord knows I'm not lying” is not an oath, although it does go beyond “yes/no” and thus is probably best avoided in most cases.


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