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War is confusion. A true believer NEVER supports confusion. It's always evil. There is no holy war, no just cause for war. War brings destruction to the loser and bankruptcy to the victor. Surprisingly, YHVH never commanded his believers to go to war.

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182 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of War

    Interactive Timeline
  1. The 2nd Beast Firebombs Cities From The Sky
  2. War Comes From Greed
  3. Micah Foretells Israel's Imminent Destruction
  4. General Lightning Fights Evil General Sisera
  5. War Makes Millions Of Widows Need A Man
  6. Everything Has Its Time
  7. Syria Attacks Joash, Murders Judea's Leaders
  8. Syria's Embargo Makes Israelis Eat Their Kids
  9. War-Crazed Ptolemy III Destroys His Empire
  10. Israeli Mobs Loot The Empty Syrian War-Camp
  11. Humans Ignore Wise-Men. They Crown Fools King
  12. David's Allies Slaughter 20000 Rebel Killers
  13. Isaiah Prophesies Judgments On Israel
  14. Yahshua Opens Seal #2: War Ravages Earth
  15. The Pagan Army Kills Saul & His 3 Sons
  16. Syrian Dictator Ben-Hadad Attacks Samaria
  17. A Woman Drops A Rock On Father-King's Head
  18. General Joab's Men Bury Dead Prince Absalom
  19. The Assyrian Empire Enslaves North Israel
  20. Assyria's Armies March To Attack Jerusalem
  21. King Amaziah Battles The Southern Red-Men
  22. Devil-Posssesed Antiochus 4 Rages World War
  23. YAH Predicts Assyria's Demolition Of Judea
  24. YAH Foretells The Destruction Of Judea
  25. Jerusalem Personified Laments Her Rape
  26. Middle-East 'War-Horses' Kill 1/3 Of Humans
  27. 'Unity' Stabs Eglon The Obese Pervert-King
  28. Civil War Breaks Out: Double-Fruits vs Gilead
  29. United Israel's Armies Run Out Of Water
  30. JAHu Rips Northern Israel From King JAHoram
  31. AmaziYah Tries To Recapture North Israel
  32. Isaiah Foretells The Ruin Of Damascus, Syria
  33. YAH Sends Armies To Devour Hypocrites
  34. After The Struggle, Hebrews Rule The Earth
  35. Pharaoh's Armies Chase Israel To The Red Sea
  36. Avoid The Jurisdiction Of War-Leaders
  37. King Tornado Attacks Israel & Denies Travel
  38. Philistines Attack Judah In Boomerang Revenge
  39. Danites Massacre The Pacifist Farm-Dwellers
  40. Blind Israel & Judea Fight The Syrian Empire
  41. Amaziah Starts A Stupid War With North Israel
  42. Emperor Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem
  43. Judgment Day Destroys The Warmongering World
  44. Edom's King Denies Israel's Travel Rights
  45. King Snake-Hiss Makes War On Arid Jabesh
  46. Palestine's Giant (Goliath) Challenges Israel
  47. Jeroboam Rips Northern Israel Away From Judah
  48. Emperor Sennacherib Captures Northern Israel
  49. Isaiah Foresees Doom For The Valley of Vision
  50. Jeremiah Smashes A Clay Bottle To Warn Judea
  51. Yah Previsualizes Israel's Fall To Babylon
  52. Jeremiah Predicts Palestine's Fall To Egypt
  53. Ezekiel's Performance-Art Prefigures Battle
  54. Lord Chedorlaomer's Forces Overpower All Foes
  55. Israel Falls Into Slavery To The Brawlers
  56. Bad King Saul Chases David Through The Desert
  57. The Philistines Make War On Saul's Israel
  58. The Edomite Southland Revolts Against Judah
  59. The Inbred Leaders Expose The Israelis' Butts
  60. Pharaoh Shishak's Armies Invade Judaea
  61. YHVH Sends Arabs & Palestinians vs. Judea
  62. The Judaeans Rock On Building The Wall
  63. Jeremiah Warns Judea's Evil King Of Invasion
  64. Israel Rots Like A Lion Trapped In A Cage
  65. Israel Smokes Like A Burned-Up VineYard
  66. Cleopatra Switches Sides To Her Boy-Love-King
  67. King David Mounts Judea's Counter-Rebellion
  68. The Syrian Empire Returns To Fight Ahab Again
  69. Isaiah Warns King Ahaz: Assyria Invades!
  70. Isaiah Foresees The Destruction of Ethiopia
  71. Jeremiah Again Predicts Egypt's Destruction
  72. YAH Foretells Hypocrite Israel's Destruction
  73. YHVH Kills Your Enemy & Gives His Junk To You
  74. Unity Leads Israel To Evict 10000 Warriors
  75. Sisera Amasses His Hordes To Murder Israel
  76. Brawler-Nation's War Coalition Attacks Israel
  77. David Recovers Israelis & Kills Kidnappers
  78. Northern Israel Thrashes & Pillages Jerusalem
  79. Assyria's Generals Threaten To Destroy Judea
  80. Reuben, Gad & Manasseh's Anti-Arab War
  81. Southland Edom Rebels Against Judea's JAHoram
  82. North Israel's Killers Defeat & Plunder Judea
  83. Emperor Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem
  84. Jeremiah Prophesies Against Inbred Ammon
  85. Ezekiel Predicts Babylon's Takeover Of Egypt
  86. Greek King Antiochus 3 Defeats Jews & Egypt
  87. Micah Foresees YAH Destroy Evil North Israel
  88. YAH Promises To Destroy Worldly War-States
  89. The Amalekites Attack To Steal Water
  90. Israel Banishes King Tornado's Mountaineers
  91. The Palestinians Attack The Penitent Ekklesia
  92. King David Organizes His Loyal Defenders
  93. YAH Grants Judaea Slavery Instead Of Death
  94. YAH Warns Of Doom For Edom, Judea's Southland
  95. Father-King's Governor Betrays Gaal's Rebels
  96. Father-King Massacres The Neck-City Rebels
  97. Young King Saul Begins His Reign Of Terror
  98. David Escapes To Live With Enemy Philistines
  99. Israeli General Abner Forges A Fragile Peace
  100. Slime-Brother Smartly Plots To Kill David
  101. YAH Warns He'll Feed Evil Judea To Babylon
  102. Ezekiel Predicts Babylon's Conquest Of Judea
  103. Israel Captures The ‘Ring Of Protection’
  104. Moses Banishes Moab's Fat Giant King Og
  105. Saul Crushes The Armies Of King Snake-Hiss
  106. Saul Morphs His War-State To A Killing-Empire
  107. Snake-Hiss's Son Humiliates David's Envoys
  108. General Joab's Trumpet Ceases The Fighting
  109. King Rehoboam Reigns Wickedly Over Judea
  110. Rezin & Pekah Attack King Ahaz's Judah
  111. Emperor Nebuchadnezzar Seizes Jerusalem
  112. Antiochus Epiphanes Conquers Egypt
  113. Corrupted King Saul Banishes The Amalekites
  114. Wicked King Ish-Bosheth's Captains Murder Him
  115. King David Defeats Many Surrounding Enemies
  116. David & General Joab Seize Jebus (Jerusalem)
  117. Yah Foretells The Fall Of Syria & N. Israel
  118. Jeremiah Prophesies Doom On Incestuous Moab
  119. JAH-El Prophesies Crop Destruction
  120. YHVH Violently Destroys All War Empires
  121. JAHshua Takes Ai-City From The Demon-Spawn
  122. YAH Raises Up 'Force-Of-El' To Rescue Israel
  123. Israelis Slink Back To Beg Jephthah To Fight
  124. Jephthah Tries Reason With The Inbred Enemy
  125. Israeli Armies Face Off In A Civil War
  126. Israel Massacres 100000+ Benjamite Relatives
  127. Saul Drafts Israel's Men To Fight Snake-Hiss
  128. David Saves A Citadel By Supernatural Power
  129. Philistine WarLords Boot David From The Army
  130. Ammonites Hire Syrian Armies To Attack Israel
  131. David & Joab Defeat The Inbred Spawn Of Ammon
  132. Flashback: The Rise Of Fierce Hadad
  133. A Million Ethiopians Attack King Asa's Judea
  134. Ammon and Moab Attack JAHoshaphat's Judea
  135. North Israel Enslaves Millions Of Judeans
  136. Isaiah Declares The Doom Of Violent Warriors
  137. Jeremiah Predicts Egypt's Betrayal Of Judea
  138. Jeremiah Foresees Babylon's Arabian Conquest
  139. Jeremiah Foretells Babylon's Conquest Of Elam
  140. Habakkuk (Hug) Foresees Chaldean Domination
  141. Shepherd Boy David Goes To The Battlefield
  142. David Evicts Pagans From The Promised Land
  143. Israel Gores A Syrian/Ammonite Terrorist Army
  144. King JAHoram Joins Judah's King To Fight Moab
  145. YHVH Rescues Israel From The War-State
  146. King David Seizes Treasures For Priestly Work
  147. YAH Stops King Rehoboam's Counter-Rebellion
  148. Evil North Israeli King Stink Attacks Judea
  149. Isaiah Foresees Moab's Desperate Survivors
  150. Jeremiah Prophesies Judgment on Judea
  151. War-Kings Inflame The Middle-East
  152. The Danite Murder-Troop Rides Out
  153. Philistines Attack Israel, Diverting Mad Saul
  154. JAHoram Gets Shot Attacking Syria w/ AhaziYah
  155. Foreign Armies Slice Off Parts Of Israel
  156. Rehoboam Amasses Judaea To Fight Jeroboam
  157. Syria Attacks and Routs King Ahaz's Judea
  158. Palestinians Rout Judea
  159. Egypt's Nicator Dominates South Of Israel
  160. Ptolemy III Conquers Antiochus' Warlike Sons
  161. YAH Promises To Destroy Esau's Evil Spawn
  162. Sea-Father Reigns In Wickedness over Judea
  163. King Jehoiakim Rebels Against Nebuchadnezzar
  164. Benjamites Slaughter Another 18000 Israelis!
  165. Jehu Assassinates Judah's Evil King AhaziYah
  166. Isaiah Speaks The Arabians' Future
  167. YHVH Denounces Fish-City
  168. Nebuchadnezzar Decides To Conquer The World
  169. A Mighty Conspiracy Of Evil Armies Attacks!
  170. RedMan Murders All CaveMan's Southland Sons
  171. Judah's Tribe Occupies Jerusalem & Judea
  172. YAH Smites The Philistines For 7 months
  173. Israel Shakes In Fear Of the Coming War
  174. Israel Prepares To Defend Against Invasion
  175. The Invaders Find Their Headless Dead General
  176. Holofornes Ammasses A World-Destroying Horde
  177. Judith Puts Holofornes' Head On Display
  178. Holofornes Moves His Troops To Attack Israel
  179. Israelis Get Rich Raiding The Invaders' Stuff
  180. King Josiah Throws A Great Passover Feast
  181. Iraq's Emperor Nebuchadnezzar Conquers Iran
  182. Greek Bigots Conspire To Wipe Out All Hebrews


1111 SCRIPTURES on the theme of War

  1. IsaiYAH 13:18 Catapults dash [Babylon's] young men to pieces, 😇. The [attackers] take no pity on the ‘fruit’ of [women's] womb[s]. [Snipers'] eye[s] target even [helpless] children.
    note: Alternatively, this may be a description of the evils perpetrated by Belshazzar's Babylon.
  2. Luke 21:10 Then YahShua [warns] his disciples, 😇, nation[s] keep rising against nation[s]. Kingdoms [keep] attacking kingdoms[s].
  3. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 13:13 And the ‘beast’ [populace] does great wonders, 😇! It even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men.
    note: Bombs. Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, etc. The USA firebombed 67 cities in Japan alone. And that was just a warmup.
  4. 2nd Kings 8:12 So HazaEl {El's-Sight} asks, “Why are you weeping, my lord?” [ELisha] replies, “Because I see [your future]. I see the evil your [future self] inflicts on the children of Israel. You set their fortresses on fire. You murder their young men with the sword. You dash their children [on rocks]. You rip apart their pregnant women!”
    note: Elisha could have prevented this regicide by warning Ben-Hadad. But Elisha chose to allow the assassination. Apparently Ben-Hadad was a criminal who deserved to die.
  5. 2nd Kings 18:27 But [Assyria's] Rab-shakeh [shouts] back [at] the [priests], “Has my master sent me [only] to your master, and to you, to speak these words? Hasn't he sent me to the men who sit on the wall, who are about to eat their own poop, and drink their own urine with you [because our army cuts off your food and water supply]?”
    note: So much for the Bible being a nice book for old grannies.
  6. 1st Chronicles 22:8 But the word of YHVH came [alive in] me. [YAH] said, ‘You've shed [rivers] of blood. You've waged massive wars. So don't build a temple to [honor] my name. You've shed too much blood on the earth in my sight.
    note: YAH intended for David to always fight his battles using praise-power, not military violence.
  7. 1st Chronicles 28:3 But [YHVH] Elohim said to me, ‘Never build a temple for my Name-Authority, because you've been a man of war. You've shed [rivers of] blood.’
  8. Ecclesiastes 3:8 A time to love, and a time to hate. A time to [endure] war, and a time to [enjoy] peace.
    note: This is not suggesting that there is a good time for holy people to hate people or to make war. War is always confusion and sin. But there are times when YAH sends war to the earth, for evil people to kill each other.
  9. Ecclesiastes 9:18 Wisdom beats weapons of war, 😇. Yet one little sinner [quickly] destroys heaps of good [things and innocent people].
    note: Your worldly nation spends all its debt-money on weapons of war, while ignoring wisdom. Wisdom is constructive. War is destruction and confusion. A fool working at a factory can produce something. A fool with a machine gun or a missile can blow up millions of innocent people. A fool with military power is a dead rat in your water-supply. Examples: Curtis LeMay, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin. The worst thing a nation can do is borrow money to buy military weapons. It's a sure path to destruction. Borrowing money is the proof that the leadership has no wisdom with which to manage weapons. Love your enemies.
  10. Ecclesiastes 10:10 If the iron [military leader] is blunt [stupid & crooked], and he fails to sharpen the edge, [to study YAH's Law & seek counsel from Hebrew prophets to learn how to resolve conflicts,] the [ruler] will have to use force [to control his people and to fight his enemies], 😇. Wisdom succeeds where [military power fails] to direct [a society].
    note: Iron sharpens iron. Context, people! This chapter began as a condemnation of military evil, and continues before and after this verse to condemn usurpers of authority and their stooges in high-places. The commercial translations make senseless irrelevant soup out of this amazing world-changing verse.
  11. IsaiYAH 3:25 Your men fall by the sword. Your mighty [sons die] in war.
  12. JeremiYAH 7:33 The carcasses of the people [of this nation] become meat for sky-birds and earth-beasts. No [human] remains to frighten [the predators] away, 😇.
  13. James 4:1 Where do your wars and fights come from? Don't wars and fights come from your lusts that war in your sin-flesh, 😇?
    note: Very important. War is the result of competing lusts.
  14. James 4:2 You, 😇, lust when you want something [that belongs to someone else]. Jealous, you kill [in person or by proxy]. Yet still [you] fail to satisfy your greed. You fight crippling war[s] [that bankrupt your families and your nations]. [Conflict] makes it impossible to ever get what you truly need. You would rather fight than ask politely and pray.
    note: You have not because you ask not. Nations of the world, listen up. Civilians kill by paying soldiers, policemen & assassins to kill.
  15. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 6:4 Another horse [runs] out: a red [stallion]. [YAH] gives its rider power to take peace from the earth. So humans kill each other, 😇. [YAH] gives this red horse's rider a great sword.
  16. 1 Maccabees 2:38 So the Greeks rise up against the Hebrews in battle on the Sabbath. They slay 1000 of the Hebrew [men], [plus] their wives, children and cattle.
  17. Exodus 15:9 The enemy brags, “I chase [the Hebrews down]. I overtake them! I divide their loot! [Killing Hebrews] satisfies my soul's lust [for blood]! I unsheathe my sword. My power-fist [swings] to destroy [YAH's people].
    note: If you try to live different from the pagan world, the worldlings crave to kill you.
  18. Judges 3:21 Ehud {Unity} reaches out his left hand, 😇. He grabs [his] dagger from his right thigh. He thrusts it into [the pervert-king's bloated] belly!
  19. Judges 3:22 The handle sinks in after the blade, 😇! The [king's] fat closes over the blade, so that he can't draw the dagger out of his belly. The [king's] poop [shoots out all over the room]!
    note: Or "[king's constipated intestinal] poop rushes out [of the wound]", or "the sword's tip pokes out from the king's behind." Gross, no matter how you translate it!
  20. Judges 4:22 Meanwhile, [General] Barak {Lightning} [rides his horse like the wind, pursuing] Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra}. Yael {Ibex} runs out to meet Barak. She [shouts] to him, “Come, I'll show you the man you're chasing!” [General] Lightning runs into [Yael {Ibex}'s] tent. [He] sees Sisera lying dead, a nail [shot] through his [bleeding] temples!
  21. Judges 18:27 So [Dan's militia] takes the occult treasures which Micah forged. The [brutes steal] Micah's former employee, the [fake] priest. [The militia] arrives at Laish {Lion-Land}. [They stare down on its] quiet, peaceful populace. [Dan's militia] strikes the [farmers] with the ‘bite’ of the sword. [Dan's soldiers] burn the [farmers'] city with fire!
    note: #5221 nakah = strike or cast out. This genocide is part of why the tribe of Dan is cursed. So Dan does not appear in the list of the 144000 holy people in the book of the Revelation.
  22. 2nd Samuel 2:23 But [the teen] refuses to turn aside. So [Israeli general] Abner {Father-Of-Light} shoves the back end of his spear [into the boy's hurtling chest]! [The spear] strikes [the teen] under the 5th rib. [The general shoves it in so hard that] the spear-butt jabs out of the boy's back. [So AsahEl] falls down. He dies right there. Soon [a stream of soldiers and mourners] flock in. They stand still, [weeping] over the place where AsahEl lies fallen down dead.
  23. 2nd Samuel 10:4 So [evil king] Hanun {Favored} seizes [king] David's envoys. He shaves off one half of each [man's] beard. He cuts off their [pants] in the middle, exposing their buttocks! Then he drives them away.
    note: Or, 'cuts their robes'.
  24. 2nd Samuel 18:8 The battle scatters over the face of the whole countryside. That day, countless [horse-back collisions with trees, gashes from giant thorns, and leg-breaking falls into] forest [canyons] devour more [fighters] than the sword consumes.
    note: Riding mules is dangerous under any conditions. Especially in a forest during battle.
  25. 2nd Samuel 18:15 Then [General] Joab's 10 young armor-bearing [guards] surround [prince] AbShalom {Father-of-Peace}. They strike him, 😇! They [complete] his assassination.
  26. 2nd Kings 6:28 Then the king asks her, “What's your dilemma?” She answers, “A woman said to me, ‘Give [up] your son, so we can eat him today. Then we'll eat my son tomorrow.’
  27. 2nd Kings 9:24 Then, with his full strength, [Captain] JAHu draws an [arrow in a] bow. It strikes [king] JAHoram between his [fleeing] shoulder-blades. The arrow [glides in]. It pierces [JAHoram] through his heart. [It comes out of his chest. The evil king] sinks down in his chariot.
  28. 2nd Kings 25:10 Then, led by the captain of the [royal] guard, all the Chaldean [Babylonian] army [soldiers] demolish the walls surrounding Jerusalem [using high explosives].
  29. IsaiYAH 29:5 —Millions of foreign [enemies] envelop you [infidels] in an instant. Suddenly, like swarms of fine dust, [innumerable] terrible [tormentors assail you] like chaff blowing [in your eyes].
  30. IsaiYAH 36:12 But the Rabshakeh {Field-Commander} [shouts], “My Emperor sent me to speak this challenge to your king and to you [Hebrew peons]! He sent me to [warn] the [Jewish] men sitting on that wall that they're about to [become so desperate for food that they'll] eat their own poop and drink their own urine with you [‘officials’]!
  31. JeremiYAH 39:8 Meanwhile, Chaldean [soldiers] burn [Judea's] royal palace (and the houses of [Judea's] people) with fire! Then the [marauders] break down Jerusalem's [massive city] walls!
  32. JeremiYAH 47:3 [Victims run] from the deafening stamping hoofs of [the attacker's] strong horses, his rushing chariots, his rumbling wheels. [Attacked] fathers have no [time] to look back to [grab] their trampled children's dying hands, 😇!
  33. MicaYah 5:1 [See] Israel's [near future, 😇:] Armies crowd & gash the [rogue Israeli] daughter-of-robber-troops! [The attacker's] raiding company raises siege works against [wicked Israel]. [Torturers fatally] beat [Israel's evil] judges on their [flabby] cheekbones with clubs.
    note: Lots of plays on words here: the word for club also can mean clans/tribes. The attack on corrupt Israeli judges is itself a judgment.
  34. Matthew 24:6 You, 😇, live to hear the noise of battles close by and the news of wars far away. But never let yourselves live in fear. [Wars and other catastrophes] must happen. But [global tragedy] does not [necessarily] signal the imminent end [of the world].
  35. Genesis 32:8 Jacob reasons, “Even if Esau {Rough-Red} [attacks] and slaughters one [of our] groups, then the other group [will have time to] escape.”
  36. Exodus 14:9 The Egyptians chase the [Israelites northeast, 😇]. All the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, and his horsemen, and his army, overtake the [Israelites] encamping by the [Red] sea beside Pi-Hahiroth {Mouth-Of-The-Gorges}, facing [the place known as the throne of the Winter-Storm-God] Ba‘al-Tz’fon {Lord-Typhon}’.
    note: Pi Hachirot probably lies on the northwest fork of the Red Sea, called today the ‘Gulf Of Suez’ (max width 32km), but possibly on the Red Sea's northeast fork, called today the ‘Gulf Of Aqaba’ (max 24km wide). The actual crossing width could have been less than 1km, if the Israelis crossed at a narrow point.
  37. Leviticus 20:3 I set my face against every man [who enrolls his children in a war-state, 😇]. I cut him off from among his people, because he transfers [jurisdiction over] his seed-child to the War-Master[s]. [War] defiles my [human] sanctuary. [War] profanes My sovereign Name-authority.
    note: Sanctuary doesn't refer to a building, but to the Living Temple made up of holy people. When you sign up your child for a birth certificate and a national I.D. number, the war-state borrows money to kill innocent people, using your child's estimated future tax-payments as collateral. Get educated, people! You beast-marked slaves are collateral for your national debt, most of which funds the murderous mercenary military!
  38. Numbers (Journeys) 21:23 But [Chief] Sihon {Tornado} [illegally, criminally refuses] to let [the people of] Israel pass through his territory, 😇. Instead, Tornado gathers all his [mountaineer] people together. They charge out [of the royal fortress-gates]. They rush into the wilderness, chasing Israel. [Tornado's army] marches to [the threshing-grounds of] Jahaz {Stomp} [east of the Jordan river]. There [Sihon's armies] battle against Israel.
  39. Numbers (Journeys) 31:8 [The Israelites keep blowing trumpets, 😇. They raise a hullaballoo, praising YHVH. Suddenly all the evil] kings of Midian [the Brawler-Nation] drop dead beside their [child-molesting] minions! Evi {Desirer}, Rekem {Versi-Color}, Zur {Rock}, Hur {White} and Reba {Square}: five kings of Midian [drop dead]. [But first the kings] sword-slay [their occult prophet] Balaam {Loner} son of Beor {Fire-Starter}, [because his sorcery failed to protect them from YAH].
    note: Balaam is the prophet whose donkey beat him in a spiritual awareness match. The fact that these 12000 Israelites killed 5 kings shows that the Israelites were using supernatural, not physical weapons. 12000 men can't kill all the men in 5 kingdoms and all live to tell about it.
  40. Deuteronomy 25:18 [The Amalekites] attacked you. As you dragged, faint and weary down the road, they struck your stragglers: the feeble [elderly, women and children languishing] behind your caravans. Amalek's [blood-licking brutes] had no fear of Elohim.
  41. Judges 3:25 The [king's] servants wait. They grow suspicious. [One says,] “The king [wouldn't usually] keep the doors of his parlour closed so long.” So the [servants] grab a key. They open the doors. Shocked, they see their lord fallen down dead on the ground [in a pile of his septic intestinal feces]!
  42. Judges 4:10 So [General] Barak {Lightning} [sends out a proclamation] summoning [the leaders of the tribes of] Zebulun {House} and Naphtali {Wrestler} to Kedesh {Sanctum}. [From there, Lightning] rides up with 10 thousand [praise-warriors marching] at his feet. Deborah {Bee} rides up [beside General Lightning].
  43. Judges 5:27 [The General's big muscle-bound body] sinks into the dust at [Yael's] feet. Downed, 😇, [never to rise,] he crumples [in a death rattle] by her [little toes]. [He lies] fallen, [forever] devastated.
  44. Judges 9:38 Then [Governor] Zebul [yells] to [Gaal], “Where's your [big] mouth [now]? [You bragged,] ‘AbiMelech {Father-King} is [nothing]! We [won't] serve [that punk]!’ 'Looks like the people you despised [are attacking you]. Go! Fight them!”
  45. Judges 9:45 All that day, AbiMelech {Father-King} fights against Shechem {Neck} city. Finally he seizes the city. He slays the people inside. He tears down its buildings. He covers its land with salt [so nothing will ever grow there again]!
  46. 1st Samuel 14:20 [Then] Saul and all his [warriors] assemble themselves. They rush into battle. [Stunned, they] see every [Philistine warrior slashing] his fellow [soldier] with his sword. [The Palestinians] massacre their own [brothers-in-arms] in a [tornado] of [supernaturally-spawned] confusion!
    note: War = confusion. Loving your enemy = sanity.
  47. 1st Samuel 17:5 A helmet of brass crowns Goliath's [massive] head. His chest flashes with a brass coat of armor-mail. It weighs 5000 shekels [120 pounds]!
    note: Goliath is a model of the New World Order, which will fall with an even greater thud.
  48. 1st Samuel 27:1 But David {Love} realizes in his heart, “[When Saul's evil spirit returns,] he'll crush me [like a bug] in his hand. My best option is to rush to escape into the Philistine coast-lands. Saul will hunt me throughout all the territory of Israel. Then he'll give up. So I'll escape out of his fist.”
  49. 1st Samuel 31:8 Then the next day the Palestinians swarm [the battlefield]. They strip [Israel's] slain [of plunder]. They find Saul and his 3 sons fallen [dead] on mount Gilboa {Gushing-Spring}.
  50. 1st Samuel 31:9 The [pagans] saw off [king Saul's] head! They strip off his armor. They send [Saul's head & armor on parade] into the surrounding Palestinian land[s]! [Palestinians trumpet Saul's death] in the temples of their idols, and among the rabble.
  51. 1st Kings 12:16 Soon the whole [nation of northern] Israel sees that king [Rehoboam] keeps ignoring them. So the people [scream] at the king, “What share is David's [dynasty] giving us? The [line] of Yashai (Jesse) is [stealing] our inheritance! To your gods, Israel! Guard your family, [spawn of] David!” So [the men of northern] Israel storm off to their homes.
    note: ‘Gods’ ְל ֹא ָה ָליו was changed to ‘tents’ by the Sopherim. This error persists in all commercial bibles.
  52. 1st Kings 20:3 The [messengers say], “[Emperor] Ben-Hadad decrees, ‘Your silver and your gold are mine. And the best of your wives and your children are mine.’”
  53. 1st Kings 20:12 [The messengers repeat Ahab's defiant message to] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} while he's getting drunk with his [allied] kings in their tents. [So Ben-Hadad growls] to his [Generals], “Array your [troops for battle].” So the [imperial armies march into battle] arrays. [They surround Samaria, Ahab's capitol] city.
  54. 1st Kings 20:27 So the sons of Israel muster, all present to confront [the Syrians]. The sons of Israel pitch [war-camp] facing the [Imperial army]. [The Israelis look] like two little flocks of newborn-goat-kids [dwarfed by] the Syrian hordes filling the countryside.
  55. 1st Kings 22:31 Meanwhile, Syria's Emperor commands his 32 chariot-squadron captains, “Fight not with [warriors] small nor great. Only target [north] Israel's [evil] king [Ahab].”
  56. 2nd Kings 6:29 So we boiled my son. We ate him. Then, the next day, I said to her, ‘Surrender your son, so we can eat him.’ But she hid her son!”
  57. 2nd Kings 10:7 [JAHu's messengers storm throughout north Israel. They hand JAHu's] letter to the chiefs of [many] cities. The [chiefs] read it. Then they seize king [Ahab's] sons. The [chiefs] murder all 70 [royal punks]! The [chiefs] drop the [princes’] heads into fruit-baskets. They send the [bleeding heads] to [captain JAHu] in JezreEl {El-Plants}.
    note: Flies buzz, eating the flesh and blood, laying eggs in the dead prince-heads.
  58. 2nd Kings 14:12 The [north] Israelis gore Judea, 😇. Every [surviving Judaean soldier] flees to his home!
  59. 2nd Chronicles 10:13 But king Rehoboam answers the [northern Israelis] roughly. He rejects the counsel of the old [wise] men.
    note: Little arguments start big wars.
  60. 2nd Chronicles 15:5 —But in [faithless] times no peace comes to anyone, whether they venture out [of their homeland], or come home. Instead, great chaos ravages over all the inhabitants of the [world's] countries.
    note: That's your world today.
  61. 2nd Chronicles 18:33 Meanwhile, a man draws a bow at random. [He lets the arrow fly!] It strikes [north] Israel's [evil] king [Ahab] between the joints of his [armor] harness! [Ahab moans] to his chariot [driver], “Turn [the reins in] your hand! Carry me out of the [battle]. I'm wounded.”
    note: The arrow hits between Ahab's lower armor and his breastplate.
  62. 2nd Chronicles 21:9 So [king] JAHoram {YAH-Raised} rushes [south] with his princes. All his chariots [rush] around him. The Edomites surround him. But he and his chariot-captains rise up by night. They strike the [Edomites dead]. (Yet, to this day, 😇, the Edomites [still] rebel [to shake off] Judaea's hand).
  63. 2nd Chronicles 24:23 So at the end of that year, the army of Syria {Highland} marches [~150km south] to attack [king JAHoash]. The [Syrians] invade Judea, including Jerusalem. They destroy all the nation's leaders [right] among the people. They plunder [Judaea's treasures]. They send the [loot north] to their king in Damascus.
  64. 2nd Chronicles 25:12 [Some brats] from [the tribe of] Judah carry away another 10 thousand Seir-dwellers as prisoners. [The Judeans criminally] haul their [captives] to the top of a rock-cliff. They hurl the [south-landers] down from the mountaintop. The [southlanders' bodies] smash into bits [of bloody flesh and bone], 😇!
    note: YHVH did not command the Judeans to murder these people.
  65. 2nd Chronicles 25:17 Then Judea's king AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness} acts on bad counsel. He sends [a challenge] to [north] Israel's king JAHoash {JAH-Fired} (the son of JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed}, the son of JAHu {JAH-Is-He}). [Amaziah] says, “Come [on]. Let's [fight] face-to-face.”
  66. 2nd Chronicles 26:15 In Jerusalem, [king Uzziah's military-industrial complex] makes war-machines, invented by cunning men. [Engineers] mount [these weapons] on [the city's] towers and bulwarks. [Some of these weapons] shoot arrows. [Others catapult] huge stones. So [Uzziah's] name spreads far abroad because of the marvelous unbeatable [war machine] surrounding him.
  67. IsaiYAH 4:1 [See] the [coming] day, 😇: 7 women grab hold of one man. They beg, “We'll eat our own food. [We'll] wear our own clothes. Just let us be called by your name, so [society] won't shun [our children] as [fatherless orphans].
    note: Pregnant girls beg men to adopt their children of rape, fathered by invading soldiers. Childless girls plead for a man to impregnate them, so they can rebuild the male population after all war slaughters nearly all Israelis.
  68. IsaiYAH 5:27 No weary stumbler slows down the [invading destroyers], 😇. None of them daydream nor sleep. Their weapon-belts all hug tight to [their hips]. Every [soldier] sports [brand-new], tight-laced combat shoes.
    note: War is coming to your nation. Are you ready?
  69. IsaiYAH 7:18 See your [judgment] day, [Ahaz]: YHVH whistles [from heaven. He calls hordes of] ‘soldier-flies’ [to attack Jerusalem]. [YAH's hiss echoes ~300km south] to the farthest streams of Egypt's rivers. And he summons [millions of] ‘stinging-bees‘ from Assyria's northlands.
  70. IsaiYAH 7:20 [See your future] dawning, [Ahaz]. From northeast of the Euphrates river, YHVH hires [your boyfriend, the] Assyrian Emperor and his [armies]. They rush [here to punish you]. They shave [you and your nation] like a razor. [Assyria] fleeces you from your toe-hair to the tip of your head. [YAH's barber] slashes off your pubes between your legs. [He strips your prized manly] beard. [He makes you his pretty little girl-toy.]
  71. IsaiYAH 8:8 The [flood-king] inundates Judea. He flows over her [like a monster-rapist]. [He rolls] on south [to Egypt]. [Armies like eagles'] wings drown your entire land in blood reaching up to your [squirming] necks. [Then you wish you'd paid attention to] ‘Immanuel {El-With-Us}.’
  72. IsaiYAH 10:4 You [greedy pigs] end up bowing down as prisoners. Or hiding [from soldiers] underneath [stinking] dead bodies. Or falling [to the infidel's sword]. Still, after all this, [your destroyer] rages on. His power-fist stretches to the sky [to smash you].
  73. IsaiYAH 31:1 Woe [falls] on everyone who goes down to ‘Egypt’ for help, who rely on horsepower, who trust in proliferating chariots and violent riders, while refusing to look to Israel's sacred Sovereign. [Militarists] fail to consult YHVH, 😇.
    note: This condemns today's military-industrial complex.
  74. IsaiYAH 54:16 Look [at history, 😇]: I create the [metal]smith who blows the coals in the fire to make weapons for [killing tyrants]. I create the waster to destroy [evil people].
    note: But you, saint, don't want to be the waster. The waster fails to reach heaven.
  75. IsaiYAH 64:11 Our holy [sanctuary], our beautiful temple, where our fathers [shook the earth, dancing and shouting in wild, public] praise to you, lies burned up with fire. [Invaders] lay waste to all our coveted [treasures].
  76. JeremiYAH 4:23 I look at the [promised] land. Look, 😇! She lies wasted, ruined. Her [black] heavens shine no light.
  77. JeremiYAH 4:29 Entire cities flee from the noise of horsemen and bowmen, 😇. [Hordes careen] into thickets. [They] climb up on [desert] rocks. Every city [lies] forsaken, devoid of every living man.
  78. JeremiYAH 4:31 I hear screaming, like a woman in labor, anguish like [a mother] forcing out her first child, 😇. It's the wail of the girl[s] of Zion, screeching, spreading out [their] hands, moaning, ‘Terror! My life-breath falls to murderers!’
  79. JeremiYAH 5:17 The [army] devours your harvest. [Soldiers eat] your bread. [Troops consume] your sons and your daughters. [Attackers] chew up your flocks and your herds. [Like locusts, destroyers munch] your vines and your fig trees. [Marauders'] swords impoverish your fortified cities in which you trusted.
    note: ,
  80. JeremiYAH 7:31 The [sinners keep] erecting the high [ceremonial] places of Tophet {Drum-Smack}, in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in fire. I NEVER commanded them [to kill people, 😇]! The [ridiculous desire for burnt offerings and military drafts] never once entered my heart.
    note: Tophet = striking. This refers to beating drums in honor of the god of war, for instance, in marching military bands. This may refer not to actual child-sacrifice, but to drafting men and women into the military, where they use fire-power, and get fired at.
  81. JeremiYAH 7:32 So watch, 😇: The days come,” warns YHVH, “when no one calls [Tophet] ‘drum-dance valley’, nor ‘the valley of the son of Hinnom’, but the ‘valley of slaughter.’ [Future sinners] fill [your ceremonial parks] with burial-graves, until there's not a [square-inch to walk on without a dead body underneath].
  82. JeremiYAH 19:11 Then say to the [Judeo-Christian elders], ‘YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies warns: ‘This is exactly how I come to break this [evil] populace and their [criminal] city, like a [man so violently] shatters a potter's vessel that nothing can make it whole again. [Soldiers] come to bury your corpses in Tophet {drum-Smack} [valley]. They fill it to the [hilltops, leaving] no more space to bury [one more dead body].
  83. JeremiYAH 43:11 [The Emperor] swoops [in]. He strikes the land of Egypt. He delivers you dead [men] to death. [He sends you] slaves to captivity. You sword-fodder [get eaten] by his sword.
  84. JeremiYAH 51:20 [Babylon,] you are my battle-axe, my [arsenal of] weapons of war. [When] I [fling] you, [the impact] breaks the beast-nations into pieces. I [wield] you to wipe-out [evil] kingdoms.
    note: YAH uses evil people to kill other evil people.
  85. Lamentations 1:15 Adonai [YHVH] stomped under foot all my valiant men in my [nation's] core. [YAH] invited a ‘congregation’ [of attack-troops to a fight-feast] against me. [They've] crushed my young men [like grains of wheat, 😇]. The Adonai stomps [Jerusalem,] Judea's [prized] virgin daughter. [She bursts like a grape] in a wine-press.
  86. Lamentations 2:11 My eyes fail from [nonstop] crying, 😇. My bowels churn. My heart pours out on the earth, over the destruction of my daughter-populace. [I see] children and sucklings swoon in the streets of the [once holy] city.
  87. Lamentations 2:12 [Malnourished children] beg, “Mommy, where's [our] grain and juice?” [Tots] swoon like shot [soldiers] in the streets of the city, 😇! [The angel of death] sucks out [our babies’] souls. They lay [dead] on their [shrieking] mothers’ [shriveled] breasts.
  88. Ezekiel 4:16 Then, 😇, [YHVH] says to me, “‘Son of Adam,’ watch me cut off Jerusalem's bread supply. The [fakes] fall to anxiously eat weight-rationed bread. Shell-shocked, they drink rationed water [in little sips].
  89. Ezekiel 12:19 And say to the people of the land, ‘Adonai YHVH warns the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and of the land of Israel: [you] come to eat your bread in anxiety. You drink your water in horror, seeing your land and everything in it desolated [to punish] the violence of all its inhabitants.
  90. Ezekiel 21:15 I set the point of [war's] sword against all the [hypocrites' city] gates, to dissolve [their] heart[s], to multiply [their] ruins. Oh! The [sword of war flashes] bright [as lightning], razor-sharpened for slaughter.
    note: This indicates that the prophet is to wave a sword in city squares, clashing it against the courthouse gates, to get peoples' attention. Try that and you'll be a persecuted prophet.
  91. Ezekiel 23:25 I pour my zeal on you, [hypocrite-city]. [Evil armies] furiously [annihilate] you. They cut off your nose and your ears. Your escapees fall by the sword. [Swordsmen] kidnap your sons and your daughters. Then fire devours your survivors.
  92. Daniel 8:6 The stud-Goat heads toward the two-horned Ram I'd seen standing facing the river. In the fury of his power, the [Grecian] Goat charges at the [Persian] Ram.
    note: In 13 years, Alexander subdued the world.
  93. Hosea 10:13 You [hypocrites] plow wickedness. So you reap evil [perversion]. You, 😇, eat the fruit of lies. You trust in your [own] way, in the large number of your warrior-troops.
    note: It's the dual heights of insanity to borrow money to fight wars.
  94. MicaYah 4:11 Many nations keep ganging up against you, [Israel]. [Your enemies] scream, “I want to see the terrified look in her Zionist eyes while we violate her!”
    note: They're ganged up against you. Many godless peoples yell, ‘Kick her when she's down! Violate her! We want to see Zion grovel in the dirt. We want to see the world laugh when the Zionists suffer!’ History repeats itself: Under cover of fake public health propaganda, nazi globalists worldwide locked down Israelis from celebrating their 3 most important festivals in 2020. Barely a peep of protest emerged from the world population. The dupes turn a blind eye to the Holocaust's 21st century re-emergence.
  95. Haggai (Dancer) 2:22 I overturn thrones of kingdoms. I exterminate the power of national dominions. I overthrow chariots and chariot-riders. The horses and their riders go down. Man stabs [his] brother-man with swords.
    note: Yah's high art of war lets wicked armies destroy each other.
  96. James 5:6 You [rich people] continue to condemn and kill just [martyrs]. You murder innocents who never resist you.
    note: If you're a worldly citizen, you've paid policemen and judges to jail and kill poor black boys for carrying a hemp-cigarette in their pocket, or for using their right to drive a car without a license. And you keep paying into the kill-system because you love 'police protection.' You've killed innocent ‘foreigners’ by paying taxes to fund wars which support your evil economic system's monopoly. And you keep paying-in because you love the benefits of being an empire ‘insider.’
  97. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:18 1/3 of [the world's] men get killed by the fire, smoke, and brimstone shooting out of the ‘horses'’ mouths.
  98. 1 Maccabees 1:20 After Antiochus smites Egypt, he returns again in the [Greek Empire's] 143rd year. He besieges Israel and Jerusalem with a massive horde [of soldiers].
    note: After first subduing Israel with voluntary legal bondage, Antiochus oppresses the Israelites with involuntary military bondage. Just like in the U.S. civil war. And there's more coming.
  99. Genesis 14:13 An escaped [rebel] runs [from the battle]. He [risks his life] to report [Lot's kidnapping] to Abram {High-Father} the Hebrew. [Abram is still] back camping in the plain of Mamre {Whiplash} (the Amorite, brother of Eschol {Grape-Bunch}, and brother of Aner {Boy}) with whom Abram has [foolishly] formed alliances).
    note: In contrast to Lot, Abram here is identified as a Hebrew, that is, a faithful, fearless man who ‘crosses over to the other side,’ suffering hardship rather than being sucked down the toilet with the evil world. Are you like Lot, or like Abraham? Alliances = master-servant legal bonds.
  100. Exodus 14:3 For Pharaoh will [stupidly] brag, ‘The children of Israel lie entangled in the wasteland! The wilderness has shut them in.’
  101. Leviticus 20:4 [You don't escape judgment by being in the middle of a herd. Even] if the people of the land look the other way, hiding their eyes and neglecting to kill the man when he transfers [jurisdiction over] his seed-child to [the] War-Boss, [I won't hide my eyes, 😇].
    note: Signing your children into the jurisdiction of the War-State is one of the very few death-penalty offenses in the whole bible. It's so serious because the war-debt economy destroys everything it touches. Warmongering eventually causes global socioeconomic collapse, resulting from global spiritual collapse. However, you are not required to throw rocks at the guy, certainly not to kill him. See following verse.
  102. Leviticus 20:5 I set my face against that man, and against his family. I cut him off from among their people, along with all who go whoring after him, committing ‘prostitution’ with [the] War-State-gods.
    note: If you allow your children to serve the War-State that governs the nation around you, the Almighty Himself hunts you down and kills you and everyone who follows you.
  103. Numbers (Journeys) 20:18 But [the king of the Red-Man's southland] replies to Moses, “If you pass [through my territory], my [armies will] march out [and attack] you with the sword [of war].”
    note: A denial of the Hebrews' fundamental, universal right to travel. Guess what? The same evil injustice is being done to you through the state's demand for driver's licenses and passports. And soon the same destruction will rain down on the Nazis who enforce those unlawful demands today.
  104. Numbers (Journeys) 20:20 [The king of the Red-Man's land] responds, “You'll [never] pass through [my land].” [The king of] Edom marches out against [Israel] with a huge [crowd of red hairy] people and a mighty [armed] force, 😇.
    note: The denial of travel rights is an act of war.
  105. Deuteronomy 2:32 Then Sihon {Tornado}, surrounded by all his troops, marches out against us [Hebrews], 😇. [They] attack [us] at Jahaz {Stomp}.
  106. Joshua 8:19 As soon as JAHshua stretches out his hand, the [Israeli] ambush-party leap up, 😇. They run from their [hiding] place into the city. They capture it. They rush to set [its buildings] on fire.
  107. Joshua 11:4 Out ride the [pagan] armies, 😇: millions of soldiers, uncountable, like sand on the seashore. Their [hundreds of thousands of] horses and chariots [thunder across the landscape]!
  108. Judges 4:6 Deborah {Bee} sends [messengers] to summon [General] Barak {Lightning}, the son of AbiNoam {Gracious-Father}, to [gallop south] from Kedesh-Naphtali {Wrestler's-Sanctum} [to plan a praise-war. Lightning rides up the fruited hills to Deborah.] Deborah says to him, “YHVH Elohim of Israel commands [you]: [March north to] mount Tabor {Fragile}. Take with you 10 thousand men of the [tribes] of Naphtali {Wrestler} and of Zebulun {House}.
  109. Judges 7:12 Gideon {Chopper} sees the Midianite {Brawlers} and the Amalekites and all the [warriors] from the east. [They] span across the valley like [an endless] swarm of grasshoppers, with countless camels: a crowd of [warriors] as numerous as the sand of the sea, 😇!
  110. Judges 7:25 [In the process,] some [Ephraimites] capture two Midianite {Brawler} princes: Oreb {Raven} and Zeeb {Wolf}. The [Israelis] slay Oreb on “Oreb {Raven} Rock.” They slay Zeeb {Wolf} at the “Winepress of Zeeb {Wolf}.” The [Israelites] chase [the] Midianite {Brawler} army. [Israelis] bring the heads of Oreb and Zeeb to [Chopper who crossed to] the far [East] side of [the] Jordan [river].
    note: YAH did not tell any Israelis to cut off anyone's head. YAH said that HE would fight for Israel. The head-chopping was some Israeli thug's idea of fun. But heaven lost no sleep over the deaths of the evil princes.
  111. Judges 8:21 Then Zebah {Slaughter} and Zalmunna {Cold-Heart} taunt [Choppper], “You get up and drop [your sword] on us, if you're man enough.” So Gideon {Chopper} rises up [in rage]. He kills Zebah and Zalmunna. He [rips] the [royal] ornaments from their camels’ necks.
    note: YHVH did not command Gideon to kill those kings.
  112. 1st Samuel 11:2 So Nachash {Snake-Hiss} the Ammon-Spawn [tyrant] answers the [men of Jabesh], “On this condition I'll make a peace-accord with you: I get to poke out all your right eyes. That'll humiliate everyone in Israel [who fails to come to save you].”
  113. 1st Samuel 17:7 The staff of [Goliath's] spear looms [thick and long] like a weaver's beam. His iron spearhead weighs 600 shekels [15 pounds, 😇]! His [mighty] shield-bearer stalks in front of him, [shouting threats at the Israeli army].
    note: Goliath's shield is huge, covering his entire body.
  114. 1st Samuel 17:9 If [your champion] is able to fight me, and kill me, then we [Philistines] become your slaves. But if I beat him, and kill him, then you [Israelis] become our slaves. [You'll] serve us.”
  115. 1st Samuel 17:41 The Philistine [giant] stalks closer to David. [Goliath's] shield-bearer goes before him.
  116. 1st Samuel 17:54 [Meanwhile,] David takes the head of the Philistine [giant], to [later] bring to Jerusalem. [But David uses] his own tent to store the Philistine [giant's] armor [& weapons].
  117. 1st Samuel 21:11 Achish's servants say, “[King Achish], isn't that David, the king of the [holy] land? Don't [the Israelis] sing to each other about him in dances? [They] shout, ‘Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens [of] thousands!’ [Let's kill David before he kills us!]
  118. 2nd Samuel 3:26 [Judean General] Joab {JAH-Dad} storms out from David's [throne-room]. [Joab] sends soldiers chasing [General] Abner {Father-Of-Light}. The soldiers [drag] Abner back from the well of Sirah {Departure}. (David knows nothing about this [act of war].)
  119. 2nd Samuel 15:37 So [king] David's friend Hushai {Hasty} [runs back] into [Jerusalem] city. Then [prince] AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} [and his murderous army] invade Jerusalem.
  120. 1st Kings 11:40 So [king] Solomon {Peace-Man} tries to assassinate Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}. But Jeroboam mounts [his horse]. He flees [on a torturous, horse-killing ~250km trek southwest] to Egypt. [He takes refuge under the protection of] Shishak, Egypt's king. [Jeroboam] stays in Egypt until Solomon dies.
  121. 1st Kings 14:26 [Shishak's soldiers] haul away the treasures from YHVH’s temple. Then the [invaders steal] all the riches from [Jerusalem's] royal palace. The [Egyptians] seize everything! And [of course Shishak] confiscates all the golden shields Solomon {Peace-Man} had sculpted.
  122. 2nd Kings 9:18 So a messenger rides out on horseback to meet [Captain JAHu]. The [messenger] says, “The king asks if you're coming in peace.” JAHu [barks] back, “What do you have to do with peace? Turn around. [Ride] behind me.” The watchman [on JezreEl's tower] reports [to bleeding king JAHoram], “[Your] messenger rode to the invaders. But he's not coming back.”
  123. 2nd Kings 10:3 Now as soon as this letter comes to you, [I challenge you to] search out the very best-qualified [king] among your [dead] sovereign [Ahab's] prince-sons. Set him on his father's throne. Then fight [me] to [defend] your master [Ahab's] dynasty.”
  124. 2nd Kings 14:10 —So you beat down [the Southland]. Now your heart swelled you up [like a balloon]. Take glory in your victory. Stay home. Why should you hurt yourself by meddling [with me]? [If you mess with north Israel,] you'll fall. You'll [die]. And [you'll destroy] Judaea with you.”
    note: Edom = Red man's southland.
  125. 2nd Kings 14:14 Then [JAHoash] steals all the gold and silver and valuables [his soldiers] can find in YHVH's temple. And [JAHoash grabs all] the treasures of [Jerusalem's] royal palace, plus hostages. Then [he marches his army] back [~35km north] to Samaria.
  126. 2nd Kings 25:1 On the 10th day of the 10th month of the 9th year of [evil king ZedekYah's] reign, Babylon's Emperor Nebuchadnezzar, flanked by his entire army, [storms his chariots south] into [Judea] to attack Jerusalem. The [invaders] pitch war-camp outside [the city]. They build siege-forts surrounding it.
  127. 2nd Chronicles 12:9 So Egypt's Pharaoh Shishak storms [his armies] up against Jerusalem. He steals away the treasures of the temple of YHVH, and [Rehoboam's] royal palace treasures. Shishak takes everything. He hauls away the [near priceless] shields of gold made by Solomon {Peace-Man}.
  128. 2nd Chronicles 15:6 —Nations destroy other nations. Cities destroy other cities. Elohim [allows human actions to] spin into tornadoes of trouble.
    note: Just like today.
  129. 2nd Chronicles 21:17 So, 😇, these [armies] rush up [toward Jerusalem from both sides at once]. They invade Judaea. They smash it [apart]. They carry away all the wealth they find in [Judea's] royal palace. [They kidnap JAHoram's] sons, and his Queens. They leave him no children except his youngest brat [AhaziYah aka] JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed}.
    note: AhaziYAH [YAH-Seized] = JAHoahaz [Seized-by-YAH]. Same person. Same meaning.
  130. NehemiYAH 4:8 All those [pagans] conspire together to invade and attack Jerusalem, to stop [our rebuilding].
  131. Psalms 140:3 [Warmongers] keep their tongues sharpened like serpents' [fangs]. The poison of vipers [drips from militarists'] lips. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  132. IsaiYAH 8:7 So now watch, 😇: YHVH overspills the waters of the [Euphrates] river. [A] strong and boundless [flood] rushes south. The [dread] Assyrian Emperor, in all his majesty, rises up over his channels. He overflows all his banks!
    note: YHVH, not 'Adonai'.
  133. IsaiYAH 9:21 Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} [feeds on its brother-tribe,] Ephraim {Double-Fruit}. In revenge, Ephraim [consumes] Manasseh. [Both famished from war,] they turn [south] together to [devour] Judea. Even after all this [destruction, their senseless] fire-rage [stalks on], 😇. [Their] fist[s] rise higher [to strike].
    note: Or, per tradition, “YAH's rage, fist...”
  134. IsaiYAH 13:4 Thundering hordes of [attackers] shake [Babylon's] great mountains, 😇. A screaming hurricane of beast-national kingdoms gathers as one. YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies musters the host for the battle.
  135. IsaiYAH 13:5 From faraway lands, [soldiers] stream [to the middle-east], 😇. From the ends of the heavens YHVH [summons] the [angelic] weapons of his fury. [They] tie the whole country [of Babylon in iron chains].
  136. IsaiYAH 17:5 [Israel] lies empty, like a grain-field picked clean by [thousands of] harvesters' hands. [Soldiers take lives like workers'] arms strip corn-ears from the valley of Rephaim {Giants}.
  137. IsaiYAH 18:6 [Soldiers fall to] lie in jumbled abandoned heaps, feeding the mountain fowls and the land-beasts. Summer-birds pick [apart warriors' corpses]. Winter-animals eat what's left.
  138. IsaiYAH 30:33 The ancient [cremation] site of Tophet stands ready to burn Moloch [the War-King]. YAH blesses the site. He digs it deep and wide, like a drum. He lights the fire. He piles on reams of wood. YAH's blast of brimstone-breath kindles the [inferno].
    note: Tophet = a cremation site in the valley of Hinnom, Jerusalem's continually-burning trash dump.
  139. JeremiYAH 5:6 So a ‘lion’ jumps out of the wildwood to slay the [entire corrupt society], 😇. A ‘night-wolf’ from [the world's dark] gorges [springs to] devastate the [miscreants]. A leopard spy-eyes their cities. Everyone who travels out gets torn in pieces. So ends their litany of treacheries, their multiplying recidivism.”
    note: In 2020, even the U.S. Supreme Court failed to recognize that unwarranted mass virus hysteria cannot overrule fundamental inalienable rights.
  140. JeremiYAH 8:16 [The ears of the people of Israel's murderous northern tribe of] Dan shake with the snorting of [Assyrian battle]-horses. The whole land trembles at the fierce roaring [war-horses]. [Attackers] race in. [They] devour the land and everything in it, 😇. The city and everyone living in it [die].
  141. JeremiYAH 15:9 The mother (who birthed seven [sons]) crumbles. She gives up the ghost. Her sun goes down before day expires. She lies [rightfully] shamed and confounded. I deliver the straggling survivors to the sword before their enemies' [angry faces],” warns YHVH.
  142. JeremiYAH 19:9 I feed the [criminals] the flesh of their sons. They [gobble] the skin-n-bones of their daughters. In the coming siege, each [murderer] eats the muscle of his [dead friend]. The [villains'] enemies, who seek their lives, pinch them [to death in the diseased city].”
  143. JeremiYAH 21:10 For I've set my face against this [brutal] city. I [come to bring it] adversity, not pleasantry,’ warns YHVH. [I soon] drop it into the hand of the Babylonian Emperor. Then he burns it with fire.’
  144. JeremiYAH 32:2 The prophet JeremiYah [paces,] caged in the prison courtyard of Judea's royal palace, 😇. Outside, the Babylonian Emperor's army besieges Jerusalem.
  145. JeremiYAH 33:4 For YHVH (Israel's ELohim) decrees [doom] on the houses of this city, including the palaces of Judea's kings. [All your buildings] are about to be thrown down by [soldiers mounting] siege-ramps, [slinging] war-sword[s]. [See what's coming]:
  146. JeremiYAH 37:10 Even if you were to smite the whole Chaldean army that fights against you, leaving only their stabbed [victims], every one of them would rise up from his [medical] tent and burn this city with fire.”
  147. JeremiYAH 48:33 [Marauders] rob [your country's] shining-joy. Circle-dancing [dies] in [your] plentiful field[s]. [Attackers ravage] the land of [incest-spawned] Moab. My [judgment] stops [your] flowing wine-presses. [War] stills [your] grape-treading singers. Their shouts die to silence.
  148. JeremiYAH 50:9 For watch, 😇: I raise up an empire of great nations from the north country. I hurl them up to fight Babylon. They set their [armies] in battle-array against her. They take her in her [bed]. [Persia's] arrows fly like [swords flung] by a mighty expert assassin. Not one soldier returns [to Persia] empty-handed.
  149. JeremiYAH 51:12 [Persians] raise their [victory] flag on Babylon's walls, 😇! [Conquerors] strengthen their guard. They set men on [watchtowers.] They mount ambushes. They execute every plan YHVH devises and decrees against the [corrupt] Babylonian establishment.
  150. JeremiYAH 51:21 With you, [Babylon,] I break in pieces the horse and its rider. With you I shatter the chariot and its driver.
  151. Lamentations 1:17 Zion spreads out her hands [begging for help]. But no one comforts her, 😇. YHVH predetermined that Jacob's adversaries would surround [Israel]. Among these [pagan attack-legions,] Jerusalem lies [weak and pitiful as] a menstruating woman.
  152. Ezekiel 4:17 Finally, starving for bread and water, they come to stare, [appalled] at each other. [Their malnourished brains rot behind their] stunned [eyes,] wasting away because of their guilt.”
  153. Ezekiel 21:22 The [Emperor's] right hand [grabs the divining arrow] marked ‘Jerusalem.’ He appoints captains to open the mouth [of] slaughter, to lift high the [army's] shouting voice, to set battering rams against [Jerusalem's] gates, to pour out earthworks, and to build a siege fort.
  154. Ezekiel 23:26 [The pagans] strip you [apostate Jews] out of your clothes. They take away your fine jewels.
  155. Ezekiel 30:11 [I] bring [Nebuchadnezzar south] with his [army], the terrible [killers] of the beast-nations, to destroy [Egypt's] country. [Chaldeans] draw their swords against Egypt. They fill its land with the slain.
  156. Ezekiel 31:12 So the most terrible foreigners of all the beast-nations cut [Assyria] down. They leave him stranded on mountains and valleys. [Assyria's] branches lie fallen. His boughs [rot]. [They lie] broken beside all the rivers of the land. All the people of the earth come down out of [Assyria's] shadow. They abandon him.
  157. Daniel 11:12 As the [grave-digging soldiers] clear the corpses [from the battle-field,] the [Egyptian] king, drunk [with arrogant bloodlust,] flies into a [manic] murder rampage. He massacres tens of thousands [of his enemies]. But [of course] this [insane war-making] only weakens his rule.
    note: This massacre happens at Raphia, SW of Palestine's Gaza, still a world-famous war-zone today.
  158. Daniel 11:38 In the place [where YHVH should be honored, this arch-ruler] honors “the almighty god [over our armed] forces.” With gold, silver, precious stones and coveted treasures, [this ruler] honors [a being who is actually Satan,] a [counterfeit] super-war-god whom his fore-fathers did not [consciously] recognize.
    note: When Jews and Christians bless their boys and send them out to kill and die in pagan wars, they are offering human sacrifices to the "god of Forces," right there in a "Christian" church or Jewish synagogue. Today, the people of the world survive merely to maintain the debt their oppressors have incurred to fund and supply mercenaries who blow up the planet, wreaking the havoc that gives Satan his only fun. World War honors the ‘god of forces’ on a grand, global scale. If these lunatics could take their insane destructiveness to other planets, they would. But despite human space-travel propaganda, they can't, because earth is a prison for evil spirits.
  159. Hosea 10:9 “Israel, you've kept sinning since the days [of the incestuous murder-rape that descended into nation-destroying civil war at] Gibeah {Flower-Hills}. You've stayed just as immature, hateful and violent as you were at the battle of Gibeah, when you killed the pervert-boys. They died as you [perverts] will [die].
    note: Difficult verse. Requires interpretation. Every translation differs.
  160. Amos 4:2 Adonai YHVH swears in His holiness: ‘See [the] days [of judgment] rush upon you: [Oppressors] drag you away with [fish] hooks. Your family-line ends in a boiling pot of fish soup!
  161. ZephaniYAH 1:13 Forces [bankrolled by Satan] plunder & devastate houses, 😇. [Then the oppressors] build [new] houses and settle down to plant vineyards & get drunk [on the] wine.
    note: Poor soldiers get drunk to silence their tormented consciences, to ease their self-loathing, to wipe out the memory of the horrible crimes and murders they committed in the name of ‘God and country.’
  162. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:17 Here, 😇, is how the ‘horses’ look in the vision: on the horses sit riders wearing breastplates of fire-red, iris-blue and sulfur-yellow. The horses’ heads loom [huge] like lions’ heads. Their ‘mouths’ shoot fire, smoke and sulfur.
    note: Tanks?
  163. Genesis 14:8 The king of Sodom, the king of Gomorrah, the king of Admah {Earthy}, the king of Zeboiim {Land-Of-Gazelles}, and the king of Bela {Swallower} (aka Zoar {Tiny-Town}) all march out to fight off [Chedarlaomer's massive international forces] in the valley of Siddim (the flats of the salt sea).
  164. Exodus 14:4 Then I [allow] Pharaoh's heart to harden. So he [suicidally] chases after [you Israelites]. I become honored at the expense of Pharaoh and all his force[s]. Then the [few surviving Egyptians] realize that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-One}.” [Pharaoh and his army] do exactly [as YAH predicts, 😇]:
  165. Exodus 14:6 So Pharaoh prepares his chariot, 😇. He takes [all] his troops with him:
  166. Numbers (Journeys) 21:24 Israel casts out [Tornado's mountaineer army] with the [supernatural] mouth-sword [of YAH's Word]. Then [Israel] siezes [the Amorites'] territory, from [the roaring rapids of] Arnon to [the fords of] the Jabbok {Gushing} [river], all the way [north] to the [country of the inbred] sons of Ammon. The [Israelites stop there, thrust back by] the border-[guards] of the [incestuous] Ammon-spawn.
    note: YHVH did not tell the Israelites to fight by the sword. He told them to patiently wait for Him to supernaturally save them. Jabbok was where Jacob wrestled the angel. The Arnon river empties south into the Dead sea.
  167. Numbers (Journeys) 23:24 You watch! [Israel's] people rise up like a [giant] roaring-lion. [Israel] flies up like a mauling tiger who never rests until he devours [his] prey, drinking the blood of the slain.”
  168. Joshua 8:24 [Ai's warriors] lurk in the field. [Seeing their king taken, they flee] into the wilderness. [JAHshua] stops the [Israelites] from slaying Ai's men. [JAHshua] casts all [the men of Ai] out [of the fields and forests] by the mouth-sword [of YAH's word]. Then all the Israelites return to Ai {Ruin-Heap}. There the [Israelites] cast out [Ai's stragglers by singing, slinging] the [mystical] mouth-sword [of scripture-song].
    note: Difficult, pivotal verse. If translated wrong, this event appears to be a brutal genocide, though perhaps of demon-spawned nephilim [giants]. If translated properly, this is revealed to be a banishment using supernatural power. The words normally translated ‘edge of the sword’ connote ‘mouth-sword’, as in the sword of the spirit, (YAH's Word) that comes out of the Messiah's mouth.
  169. Judges 3:13 [King Eglon] pulls the [inbred] spawn of Ammon and Amalek {Blood-Licker} into his [Anti-Hebrew conspiracy]. [This pervert coalition] rides out. They strike Israel. The [war-pigs] seize [Jericho aka] Ir-Tamarim {City-of-Palm-Trees}.
  170. Judges 3:16 Under his [long-shirt], on his right thigh, Ehud {Unity} hides a two-edged, 9-inch-long dagger he'd forged, 😇.
    note: Not a cubit, but a 'cut', a word only used here.
  171. Judges 3:17 [Ehud] brings the present to Moab's king Eglon {Calf-Jump}, [who sits hanging] his grossly obese fat [off of the sides of his royal throne].
  172. Judges 4:16 [Meanwhile,] Barak {Lightning} chases after the chariot-driven [pagan] legions to heathen Harosheth {Tool-City}. [Barak] overthrows Sisera's entire host [with] the [supernatural] mouth-sword [of YAH's Word]. [Barak] leaves not one [of Sisera's] men [in the Promised Land].
    note: #5307 naphal = falls on / overthrows. The ambiguity in this word leaves a question as to whether Barak kills the pagans, or banishes them.
  173. Judges 5:28 [Back in pagan Caanan, General] Sisera's Mommy looks out [her] window. She cries through the lattice, “Why is [my baby's] chariot [taking] so long to return [home]? Why are the hoofs of [my son's] chariot-horses [so slow to get back here]?”
  174. Judges 6:5 [The pagans] swoop in with their cattle and their tents. Like a million grasshoppers, [they cover Israel], 😇. Their numberless war-camel-galloping [attack-soldiers] invade the [Promised] land to destroy it.
  175. Judges 6:34 But the Spirit of YHVH comes upon Gideon {Hacker}. [So] he blows a [praise] trumpet. [The men of the clan of] AbiEzer {Father-Helper} rally behind [Gideon].
  176. Judges 9:29 —I wish to god this populace were under my hand! Then I'd flush AbiMelech [down to hell, like the feces he is]!” [Gaal] taunts AbiMelech {Father-King}, [shouting], “Build your biggest army, then come out [and face me, if you're man enough]!”
  177. Judges 9:52 So AbiMelech {Father-King} [breaks through the city wall with battering rams], 😇! He storms the tower. His [army fires weapons. The tower windows blow apart!] AbiMelech rushes to the tower door, wielding an incendiary [bomb] to burn it with fire.
  178. Judges 11:4 Time passes. The [inbred] spawn of Ammon make war against Israel.
  179. Judges 11:20 But Sihon {Tornado} didn't trust Israel to pass through his territory. Instead, Sihon gathered all his troops together. [He] pitched [war-camp] in Jahaz {Stomp}. There [king Tornado] attacked Israel.
  180. Judges 12:4 [The men of] Ephraim {Double-Fruit} [shout to Jepthah], “You Gileadites are just rejects from [the tribes of] Ephraim and Manasseh!” So Jephthah {Wide-Open} [storms out in rage]. He amasses all the men of Gilead into one army. They strike [their brothers] the Ephraimites. [Jepthah's army] devours the [‘fruits’ in an orgy of blood-spraying violence]!
  181. Judges 12:6 If [the traveler] answers, ‘No,” then the [Gileadites] order [the traveler], “now say ‘Shibboleth {Stream}”. If [the traveler] answers ‘Sibboleth {Ear-Of-Corn},’ because he's unable to pronounce [“sh”] right, the [Gileadites] seize him. They slaughter him at the Jordan [river] crossing! Before long, [the Gileadites] murder 42000 men of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}!’
  182. Judges 18:10 When you go, you'll [attack] a naive populace. [They live defenseless] in a huge land-area. Elohim has given it into your hands. The whole region is stocked full of everything the earth [can provide].”
    note: Tyrants tell themselves that they have a divine right to invade other peoples' countries.
  183. Judges 18:11 So [northeast] out of Zorah {Wasp} and Eshtaol {Prayer} gallop 600 men from the tribe of Dan {Judge}, strapped [heavy] with weapons of war.
    note: 600 = number of the beast.
  184. Judges 20:16 Among [the vast host of Gibeah's army] stand 700 hand-picked [super-assassins], each one [trained to] sling stone after stone, never missing their kill-target by even a hair's breadth, even with their right hands tied [behind their backs].
  185. 1st Samuel 12:9 [But soon your forefathers] forget YHVH their Elohim, 😇. [So YHVH] ‘sells’ [your ancestors] into the fist of Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra}, General of the Army of Hazor {Hamlet}. And [YAH sells Israel] into the power-fist of the Philistines, and into the hand of the king of Moab. [All of] those [nations repeatedly] fight against Israel.
    note: War is the natural consequence of Biblical illiteracy.
  186. 1st Samuel 13:4 So [the] whole [nation of] Israel hears [the trumpeters shout], “Saul destroyed a garrison of the Philistine [army]! The Philistines [are calling] Israel an abomination! [They intend to wipe us off the face of the earth!] Saul summons all [Israeli men] to amass [under his command] at Gilgal {Wheel}!”
    note: YAH is not commanding any of this warfare.
  187. 1st Samuel 15:3 Now go and evict Amalek's [nation]. Utterly banish all they have. Spare no one. [Get rid of] both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’”
    note: This is, as normally translated and interpreted, the most shocking verse in the bible. 2763 charam = seclude, not destroy. Amalekites are still alive in 1 Sam 27:8 and 2Sam 1:1, etc. So perhaps the word "muwth" (death) is here used figuratively, as in ‘get rid of.’ slay = 4191 muwth : to die (literally or figuratively). The other, more common conclusion is that YAH had so little appreciation for Saul that he used Saul as a doomed executioner like he used pagan kings. In neither case is this a command for holy people to kill anyone. Amalek (blood-licker) was the child whom Esau (the Red-Man) spawned with his Hittite lover, Adah, the daughter of Elon, a 'Son Of Terror' descended from Ham. It is conceivable that every one of Amalek's line was demon-possessed and infected with incurable STD's, even the infants.
  188. 1st Samuel 17:8 Goliath {Stripper} stands. He shouts to the armies of Israel, “Why march out to [get] your [whole army killed in] battle? Am I not a Philistine, and you servants of Saul? You choose a man to [represent] yourselves. Let him [march] down to [fight] me.
    note: Goliath the sensible. He offers to save two entire nations from spilling the blood of their fathers, brothers and sons.
  189. 1st Samuel 23:26 [Mad king] Saul rides [along] one side of the mountain. David and his men [flee] on the [opposite] side of the mountain. David rushes to get away from Saul. But Saul and his thugs surround David and his men. [The royal thugs] close in to [murder David and his loyalists].
  190. 1st Samuel 29:4 But the Philistine warlords [fire up in] anger against [king Achish]. They [shout] to him, “Drive this man [David] back to the [country-town] you awarded him. Don't let him go down with us to war. He might turn and fight us in the battle. Wouldn't the perfect gift to reconcile [David] to his master [Saul] be a gift of all of [our Philistine] heads?
  191. 1st Samuel 30:17 So David strikes the [Amalekite terrorist kidnappers in a nonstop 30+ hour spirit-battle] from dawn to the following evening. Not one [kidnapper] escapes, apart from 400 young men [with the good sense to] jump on camels and sprint away.
    note: YHVH didn't command David to kill the kidnappers. However, YAH would not hold David guilty for killing kidnappers. Kidnapping is a death-penalty offense. Under Hebrew Law, you can't be punished for meting out a penalty YAH decreed. However, that doesn't protect you from the spiritual and mental harm that killing does to you.
  192. 1st Samuel 31:10 The [pagans] hang [Saul's] armor in the Temple of Ashtaroth {Easter}. Then they nail [Saul's] body to the wall of Beth-Shan {House-Of-Ease}.
  193. 2nd Samuel 1:12 David and his men weep and fast until evening. They mourn for Saul and his son JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, and for the people of YHVH, and the family of Israel, fallen by the sword.
  194. 2nd Samuel 1:25 The mighty [lie] fallen in the middle of [the] battle [dead]! JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, [lies] slain on [Israel's] heights!
  195. 2nd Samuel 3:1 So begins, 😇, the long war between the dynasty of Saul and the family of David {Love}. David grows stronger and stronger. Saul's [doomed] dynasty grows weaker and weaker.
  196. 2nd Samuel 11:24 The [enemy] archers shot [arrows down] from their [fortress] wall. [They murdered many of us,] your servants. Some of [your] royal deputies died… And your servant UriYah {YAH's-Flame} the Hittite died.” [The messenger winces, bracing for the impact of king David's wrath.]
  197. 2nd Samuel 17:2 —I'll overrun [David] while he's weary and weak-handed. I'll terrify him. Then all the [warriors] with him will flee. Thus I'll strike only the king.
  198. 2nd Samuel 17:24 Meanwhile, [king] David [and his hungry, famished fleeing loyalists] straggle [east] into Mahanaim {Double-Camp}. Simultaneously, [rebel prince] AbShalom {Father-of-Peace} crosses [the] Jordan [river]. All the [millions of warriors] of [rebel] Israel trail behind him.
  199. 2nd Samuel 18:7 There [in the forest], David's loyalists defeat [rebel] Israel's soldiers. In one day, the [Davidians] slaughter 20 thousand [of Absalom's traitors]!
  200. 2nd Samuel 18:10 An eyewitness [runs] to [David's General] Joab {JAH-Dad}. [The soldier Jumps up and down, screaming], “Hey! I saw AbShalom hanging in an oak [tree]!”
  201. 2nd Samuel 18:17 [Joab's soldiers] lift AbShalom's [corpse]. They throw him into a huge pit in the wood[s]. They pile a colossal heap of stones over his [bleeding] body. Then all [the rebel] Israelis flee, every man to his [own] tent.
    note: This story bears amazing symmetry: A pile of stones ends the ambition originally symbolized by a pillar.
  202. 2nd Samuel 20:6 So [king] David says to Abishai {Father-Of-Gifts}, “Now Sheba the son of Bichri {Youth} will do our [country] more harm than AbShalom did. So you take your [previous] master [General Joab's soldiers]. Chase [Sheba]. Otherwise he'll escape us. Then he'll seize [north Israeli] forts [to empower] his [rebellion].”
  203. 2nd Samuel 20:7 So [Abishai] leads [General] Joab's men, with [Judea's] Cherethite {Executioners}, and the Pelethite {Couriers}, and all [Judea's] power [fighters]. This [army storms north] out of Jerusalem to chase down Bichri's [rebel] brat (Sheba).
  204. 2nd Samuel 21:16 So the giant-spawn Ishbi-Benob {Judge-Of-Fruitland} [charges] to murder David. [The giant glitters in] brand new armor. [His one hand flashes a new sword. The other arm rams] a brass spear-head weighing 300 shekels [7 pounds]. [It points at David's grey head!]
    note: Giant = Rapha / Rephaim.
  205. 1st Kings 12:21 Meanwhile, Solomon's brat Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} [rides] back [~30km south] to Jerusalem. To re-unite the kingdom under [him], he assembles all the [top fighters] of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin (180 thousand chosen warriors [sworn] to devour [rebel northern] Israel).
    note: 180 = 60 * 3, marking this as man's, not YAH's, military plan.
  206. 1st Kings 15:6 But [the Civil] war [that began] between [Judea's king] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} and [North Israel's king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} [rages] all the days of [AbiJam's] life, 😇.
  207. 1st Kings 16:12 So [Captain] Zimri {Plucker} destroys the whole dynasty of Baasha {Stink}. This fulfills the prediction YHVH spoke against [King Stink] through the prophet JAHu {JAH-Is-He}.
  208. 1st Kings 20:1 [Meanwhile, ~120km to the northeast,] Syria's Emperor Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} amasses all his forces together in a [league with] 32 [other] kings! [They array thousands of] horses and chariots. This [imperial army marches southwest through north Israel]. They surround Samaria. They attack it, 😇!
    note: Or, 32 vassal-princes.
  209. 1st Kings 22:30 There [north] Israel's [evil] king [Ahab whispers] to JAHoshaphat, “I'll disguise myself. I'll enter the battle [pretending to be a normal soldier]. But you put on your [royal] robes.” So [north] Israel's king [Ahab] disguises himself. He [rides] into the battle.
    note: Ahab feigns bravery. But he's trying to get JAHoshaphat killed by making JAHoshaphat an obvious royal target. Ahab hopes to seize control of Judea by exploiting the power vacuum left by Jehoshaphat's death.
  210. 2nd Kings 3:9 So the king of [north] Israel, the king of Judea, and the king of Edom [march] out [east] on the circuitous 7-day journey [around the red-man's southland mountains]. But they find no water for the armies and the cattle following them, 😇!
  211. 2nd Kings 3:24 The [Moabites] reach the Israeli army camp. Suddenly the Israelites rise up and attack the [Moabites]. [Israel] sends [Moab] fleeing! The Israelites chase [the Moabites]. The [Israelis] strike the Moabites all the way back to [Moabite] country.
  212. 2nd Kings 6:24 Eventually Syria's king dies. Then his successor (Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity}) musters his army. He marches uphill [southwest ~100km into north Israel]. He besieges [its capitol city,] Samaria.
  213. 2nd Kings 8:21 So [Judea’s evil king] JAHoram [rides south. He leads] all [his attack] chariots to Zair {Tiny}. [Judea's army] rises up [under cover of] night. They strike the surrounding Edomites. So all [Edom’s men] (even their chariot-captains) flee to their [home] tents.
  214. 2nd Kings 9:15 King JAHoram lies in retreat in JezreEl, [hoping] to get healed of the wounds the Syrians inflicted on him as he fought Syria's king HazaEl. So [Captain] JAHu [whispers to his conspirators], “If you think like me, then let no one exit or escape this city to go tell [anyone in] JezreEl [about my takeover-plot].”
  215. 2nd Kings 9:20 The watchman [yells to Israel's king], “The messenger reached the [invaders]. But he's not coming back. The [invader's] driving looks like the swerving of JAHu {JAH-Is-He} the son of Nimshi {Extricated} — he drives like a maniac!”
  216. 2nd Kings 9:27 Meanwhile, Judea's king AhaziYah sees [JAHu assassinate JAHoram]. So [AhaziYah] flees down the garden house road. So JAHu chases [AhaziYah]. [JAHu] screams [to his soldiers], “Kill [the king of Judah] in his chariot!” So at the ascent to Gur {Cub}, near Ibleam {Devouring-People}, [JAHu's assassins] shoot [an arrow through king AhaziYah. Bleeding, AhaziYah] flees [~15km west] to Megiddo {Rendezvous}. He dies there, [where thousands of years later, the world's armies will fight the final battle to end the world].
  217. 2nd Kings 13:7 [War] leaves [evil king] JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed} only 50 horsemen, 10 chariots, and 10 thousand footmen, because Syria's king destroys them. [He pulverizes north Israel into] grain-threshing dust.
  218. 2nd Kings 13:20 [Soon] EliShua {El's-Salvation} dies. [His fellow prophets] bury him. Then in [spring], the beginning of the year, Moabite [raiding] bands invade [Israeli] land.
  219. 2nd Kings 15:29 [So] in the days of [north] Israel's king Pekah {Watch}, Assyrian Emperor Tiglath-Pileser invades [north Israel]. He seizes Ijon {Ruin}, and Abel-Beth-Maachah {Press-House-Meadow}, and Jonoah {Quiet}, and Kedesh {Sanctum}, and Hazor {Hamlet}, and Gilead {Monument-Mound}, and Galilee {Heathen-Circle}, and all the land of Naphtali {Wrestler}. He drags [their inhabitants] captive [~650km northeast] to Assyria {Iraq}.
    note: 734BC. See ISA 9:1,2.
  220. 2nd Kings 18:13 Now in the 14th year of king HezekiYah's reign, Assyria’s Emperor Sennacherib [marches his armies south 40km from Samaria to Judea]. He attacks all of Judea's fortified cities. He captures them.
  221. 2nd Kings 24:2 So against [JAHoaiakim] YHVH sends bands of Chaldeans, and bands of Syrians, and bands of Moabites, and bands of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon. [YAH] sends these [raiders] against Judaea to destroy it's [wicked establishment]. This [torrent of war] fulfills the prophecy YHVH spoke through his servants, the [ancient Hebrew] prophets.
  222. 2nd Kings 25:15 The captain of [Babylon's Royal] Guard hauls away [the Hebrew temple's] fire-pans, bowls and everything [else] made of [or plated with] gold or silver, [plus all Jerusalem's] gold and silver [bullion or coins].
  223. 1st Chronicles 5:22 Many [sons of Ishmael] fall down slain, because Elohim [protects the Israelis] in the battle. So the [Reubenites] live in the homes of [Hagar's arabs] until the [Assyrians drag the Israelis away] captive.
  224. 1st Chronicles 11:13 [Eleazar rides his war-horse] beside [king] David to Pas-Dammim {Dell-Of-Bloodshed} [~30km south of Jerusalem]. [There they see] Philistine [soldiers] swarming for battle on [gigantic] field[s] full of [tall] barley. All [Israel's] people run [screaming] from the Philistines!
  225. 2nd Chronicles 10:16 The whole [macro-region of north] Israel sees that king [Rehoboam] won't listen to them. So the [northern] people [scream at] the king, “What share do we have in David's [dynasty]? We have no inheritance in the [kingdom of] Yashai's brat[s]! Every man to your gods, Israel! [Dead king] David, see to your own house now!” So all [the northern] Israelis run to their homes.
    note: ‘Sopherim’ changed ‘Gods’ ְ(ל ֹא ָה ָליו) to ‘tents’. This error appears in all the commercial bible translations.
  226. 2nd Chronicles 12:2 Judaea keeps [committing] treason against YHVH. So in the 5th year of [the reign of] king Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}, Pharaoh Shishak of Egypt marches [his legions] up [~250km north] to attack Jerusalem.
    note: War comes from sin.
  227. 2nd Chronicles 25:13 Meanwhile, the soldiers from the [north Israeli] army [disobey] AmaziYah's command to go home. Instead, [the Israeli mercenaries] fall in battle upon Judea's cities. [They ravage the land] from Beth-Horon {Cave-House} [~30km north] to Samaria! They [viciously] strike 3000 [Judeans]. They steal tons of plunder.
  228. 2nd Chronicles 25:24 Then [JAHoash] steals all the gold, silver and vessels his [warriors] find in Elohim's sanctuary. [JAHoash also captures priest] Obed-Edom {Southland-Worker}. [Then Joash's thugs confiscate Judea's] royal palace treasures. Plus [the brutes take] hostages. [Soldiers drag these Judeans and their treasures] back [~30km north] to Samaria.
  229. Esther 3:7 In the 12th year of Emperor Xerxes’ rule, in the 1st month, the month of Nisan {~April}, [evil lord] Haman orders [his sorcerers to] throw ‘lots’ (known as “purim") [similar to rolling dice]. [Thus the satanists ask the war-gods to reveal] the right month and day to launch [evil Haman's genocidal holocaust against the Hebrews]. The lot falls on the [13th day of the] 12th month, the month of Adar [~late February].
  230. Psalms 74:6 [I'm watching] crowbar and hatchet-wielding [thugs] demolish [your temple's] gold-engraved panels!
  231. Psalms 137:7 YHVH, remember those [red, hairy] brats of Edom. [Punish them for] the day [they attacked] Jerusalem, screaming, “Rase [the City-Of-Peace]! Tear it down! [Strip it] to its foundation [stones]!”
  232. IsaiYAH 3:26 [Jerusalem's] gate [courtyards clog with survivors] weeping, lamenting [the dead]. A desolate [widow, Judea] falls to her knees to sit on the ground, [wailing].
  233. IsaiYAH 5:28 Sharp arrows [shine] in the [soldiers'] bent bows. Their war-horses [strike fire on the rocks under] their hard-as-flint hooves. Their war-machine-wheels whirl like hurricanes, 😇.
  234. IsaiYAH 8:4 —For [in 21 months from the day you made the carving,] before [your] suckling-tot learns how to cry ‘My father…my mother’, the Assyrian Emperor comes to haul away the riches of Damascus [Syria], along with [all the] loot in Samaria [north Israel].”
    note: In Ahaz' 3rd year of reign, Assyria sacks Damascus and murders king Rezin.
  235. IsaiYAH 9:19 The fire-rage of YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies incinerates the land. [Our] people devolve into fuel for [judgment's] fire. No man spares his brother.
  236. IsaiYAH 10:32 Now [Sargon] stands [10-hours-march away] at Nob {Fruit}, 😇. He shakes his [iron] fist [east] toward Mount Zion's daughter-hill: Jerusalem, [the ‘City-Of-Peace’].
    note: Exactly the same war broils today: Iraqi terrorists attack Judea from Palestine. Isaiah prophesies about your own life.
  237. IsaiYAH 13:3 —I command you lightning-pure [angels]: call [Persia's] mighty [warriors] to mount [the skies] to [smash Babylon] with my fire-breathing-fury.”
  238. IsaiYAH 14:31 Howl, gate [guards]! Cry, [mean] city. Melt away, all [you] Palestinian [thugs]. For from the north comes a smoking [army]. Not one straggler [slows] its ranks, 😇.
  239. IsaiYAH 17:1 [I (Isaiah) see] a [prophetic] “burden,” [a vision of the future of Syria's capitol,] Damascus. Watch, 😇: invaders strip away the city of Damascus. In its place they leave a heap of trashed wreckage.
    note: Tiglath Pileser, Emperor of Assyria, destroys Damascus in 632BC.
  240. IsaiYAH 18:4 YHVH [whispers his strategy] to me (Isaiah): “Quietly, silently, from my lookout, like shimmering heat on herbs, like [unseen] summer night-mist, I watch [man gather his armies].”
  241. IsaiYAH 21:2 [YAH] shows me a vision of dense [carnage], 😇. Traitors backstab [their "friends"]. Ravagers pillage [Babylon]. [Persian commanders shout,] “Mount [the castle walls, soldiers of] Elam {Hidden}. Besiege [Babylon, marauders of] Media! Today I, [Emperor Cyrus {Sun} of Persia,] silence the groans of every [nation whom Babylon holds in slavery]!”
  242. IsaiYAH 22:5 YHVH-Adonai-over-armies [sends] the day of uproar, of trampling-down, of rampant-confusion, 😇. [War violates] the Valley of Vision. [Soldiers] break down [Jerusalem's] walls. Cries of desperation echo over [Judea's] mountains.
  243. IsaiYAH 22:8 [The invaders] strip Judea naked, 😇. [Their] eyes gleam with [greedy] pleasure on the day they raid [armor, weapons and shields from] the armory in [Solomon's] cedar palace.
  244. IsaiYAH 33:11 —You [war-mongers] conceive chaff. You birth stubble. Your fire-breathing rage [whips back to] devour you.
  245. IsaiYAH 33:12 [You oppressive] hordes soon vaporize like fuel for limekilns. Blaze incinerates you like chopped-up thorns [pop in a bonfire].
  246. IsaiYAH 36:5 —I say, does mere empty talk constitute strategy and strength for war? To whom are you running-for-refuge? [How dare you] rebel against me?
  247. IsaiYAH 36:9 [But you Jews lack 2000 soldiers willing to fight us, even if we provide the horses!] You can't about-face one captain, the least of my master's officers. You're running to Egypt's chariots and horsemen for shelter [they can't provide]!
  248. IsaiYAH 36:13 The Rabshakeh stands [firm]. He screams at the top of his lungs in the Jewish dialect, “You! [Jews on the city wall!] Hear the words of the great Emperor, the king of Assyria!
  249. IsaiYAH 51:20 Your sons lie fainted, collapsed at the head[s] of all the [region's] streets. [Soldiers catch them] like wild antelopes[s] in nooses. They [bleed] out, overflowing with YHVH's fire-fury, [killed by] your Elohim's verdict.
  250. JeremiYAH 4:7 The lion rushes up from his thicket, 😇. The destroyer of the beast-nations [charges] on his way. He [rages] forth from his lair to desolate your land. [He soon leaves] your cities wasted, without 1 inhabitant.”
  251. JeremiYAH 4:24 I look at the mountains. See them tremble, 😇. All the hills sway.
  252. JeremiYAH 5:15 See [the future], house of Israel. YHVH warns, ‘I bring a nation upon you from far, a mighty [empire]. Their language mystifies you. You can't even parse what they're saying, 😇.
    note: In modern times, this predicts the world dominance of Asian powers.
  253. JeremiYAH 6:23 The invaders grab hold on bow and spear. They're cruel, without mercy, 😇. The [attackers' unified] voice roars like ocean [waves]. They ride upon horses. They set their men of war in array to fight you, [mount] Zion's daughter-population.”
  254. JeremiYAH 8:21 The wounds of my daughter-populace tear me [in pieces, 😇]. I'm black [with ashes]. Ruin seizes me.
  255. JeremiYAH 10:19 Agggh! Boom! [Bones] crack! Carnage, 😇! Epidemics! Terrible sickness! [Smoke] rises [to heaven]!
  256. JeremiYAH 19:7 Here in [this trash dump,] watch me nullify the evil stratagems of Judea's and Jerusalem's [criminal leaders]. I make them fall by the sword before their enemies' [angry faces. The fakers die, slain] by the hands of [ravagers] who seek their lives. I give [hypocrites'] carcasses as [tasty] meat for sky-birds and earth-beasts.
  257. JeremiYAH 46:16 [YAH's soldiers] topple [pagan] crowds. They all fall, stumbling over each other. So the [rogue Jews scream], “Arise! Let's retreat back to our own people, to the land of our nativity! [Flee] from the face of the tyrannizing sword!”
  258. JeremiYAH 46:20 Egypt is a lovely, beautiful heifer. But [the] ‘piercing-twitching-insect [plague]’ comes. It [flies] out of the north.
    note: North of Israel: Babylon.
  259. JeremiYAH 46:22 [Egypt] hisses like a [scared] snake. Yet [her] enemy’s army marches ahead. They attack her with their axes like lumbermen chop trees.
  260. JeremiYAH 47:2 YHVH decrees: “Watch, 😇. Waters rise up from the north. [The torrent] builds into an overflowing flood. It [comes to] inundate the [Promised] land and everything in it, [including every] city, and all their inhabitants. Men cry [like babies]. All the earth-dwellers howl!
  261. JeremiYAH 47:5 [Soldiers] shave Gaza {Strength} bald. [Knife-slashes] silence [scream-throated merchants] in Ashkelon {Market-Town}. Hordes [of troops] gash the survivors [in Palestine's] valley[s].”
  262. JeremiYAH 48:37 Every head goes bald. [Soldiers] clip every beard. Gashes mar every hand. Sackcloth girds every waist.
  263. JeremiYAH 50:22 Sound[s] of battle fill the land, 😇. Great destruction [reigns]!
  264. JeremiYAH 51:42 The [human] sea rises to [flood] Babylon [with warriors]. She [sinks,] innundated with [the nations'] raging waves [of armies].
  265. JeremiYAH 51:55 YHVH devastates Babylon. His spectacular voice [booms down] to destroy her. Waves [of destruction] roar [from her] like ocean-wide waters. [Horrible] uproar thunders and screams.
  266. JeremiYAH 52:13 [Nebuzaradan] burns the temple of YHVH, and the royal palace, and all the houses of Jerusalem, and all the big-shots' mansions, 😇. He torches the [whole city] to ashes!
  267. Lamentations 1:4 The roads of Zion mourn, because no one comes to [attend Hebrew] festivals, 😇. All [Jerusalem's] gates hang desolate. Her priests groan. Her virgins grieve. She lies in bitterness.
  268. Lamentations 4:19 Our persecutors [fly] swifter than the eagles of the heaven[s, 😇]. The [pigs] chase us on the mountains. They lay in ambush [to kill] us in the wilderness.
  269. Ezekiel 4:13 [I jolt in shock, 😇.] YHVH continues, [Human-dung-fuel] is exactly how the ‘sons of Israel’ come to eat their defiled food among the beast-nations where I [soon] drive them.”
  270. Ezekiel 19:7 [The bad lion-king] ravages widows. He wastes cities. His roaring tumult leaves the [promised] land [shaking in] terror.
  271. Ezekiel 19:8 So the beast-nations lay snares to fight [the lion Jehoiakim] on every side, 😇. They spread their nets over him. They drag him into their pit-trap.
  272. Ezekiel 19:12 But in fury [Babylon] plucks up [your mother vine, 😇]! [He] flings her to the ground. The east wind dries up her fruit. Her strong rods lie broken, withered, eaten by wildfire.
  273. Ezekiel 21:31 I pour out my mouth-frothing [fury] upon you [hypocrites]. I hurricane-blow my fire-rage on you. I dash you into the hand[s] of mortals, brutish artificers of ruin, skillful destroyers.
  274. Ezekiel 23:23 [I send] the Babylonians, and all the Chaldean [soldiers, plus the asian armies of] Pekod {Punisher}, Shoa {Rich}, Koa {Cut}, and all the Assyrians with them. All these [armies brim with] dashing young men, captains and rulers, [led by] famous generals. All of these [invaders] gallop upon war-horses.
  275. Ezekiel 26:8 With the sword, the [Emperor] slays your [Tyrian] daughter-cities. [Your blood runs down from your city walls] into [your] field[s]. The [Emperor] builds towers to [pelt] you. [He] erects siege-ramps against your [fort(s)]. [He] raises [a screen of] shields to repel [your weapons].
  276. Ezekiel 26:9 The [Emperor] pounds [down] your walls with battering rams. [He] hacks apart your [defense] towers with his axe-blades.
  277. Ezekiel 26:11 With the hoofs of his horses the [Emperor] treads down all your streets. He slays your people by the sword. Your strong garrisons fall down to the ground.
  278. Ezekiel 26:12 The [Babylonians] seize your riches. [They] loot your merchandise. [They] smash down your walls. [They] destroy your pleasant houses. They hurl your stones and your timber and [even] your soil into middle of the sea-floor.
  279. Ezekiel 26:15 Adonai YHVH [also] foretells of Tyre {Rock-Port}, “How the coastlands quake at the sound of your fall, when [your] wounded cry, when slaughter [strikes] you to the core!
  280. Ezekiel 29:19 So Adonai YHVH announces, “Watch me give the land of Egypt to Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He takes her populations, seizes her treasures, plunders her [livestock] as prey. Egypt comes to pay the [back] wages [Nebuchadnezzar owes] his army.
  281. Ezekiel 32:30 There [lie] the princes to [Israel's] north, all of them, including all the Sidonian {Fish-Fighters}. They sprawl, hurled down [to sleep] among the [saints they] murdered. The [killers die] ashamed of the terror their might [fired in their victims' eyes]. They lie loose among their [enemies they] slaughtered and slashed. The [murderers] carry their [eternal] shame, like every [villain] who falls to the pit [of death].
  282. Ezekiel 38:12 I'll loot [the paupers'] treasures. I'll plunder them like prey. I'll backhand the recently repopulated desert towns which [YAH just] reconvened from the [world's] beast-nations. [They've just now] reacquired cattle and possessions. They're [sitting pretty] in the planet's navel.’
    note: This simultaneously describes the AD70 destruction of Jerusalem and a supernaturally-thwarted 21st century NWO battle.
  283. Ezekiel 39:19 [Animals,] eat choice [human meat] 'til you brim full [and satisfied]. Suck blood 'til you're drunk on the slaughter I kill for you.
  284. Daniel 11:13 Watch: [after 14 years,] the [Greek] king of the north, [Antiochus III,] recruits a vast throng [of soldiers] greater than before. [Antiochus] returns [for revenge]. He invades [Egypt] with a huge army well-equipped [with war-machines and war-horses].
  285. Daniel 11:24 [Epiphanes] launches surprise attacks. He [burns and loots] the most prosperous regions [in and around the Greek Empire]. He commits [atrocities worse than all the evil deeds of his forefathers and predecessors. He scatters the bodies of his enemies.] He steals their houses, animals and riches. He redistributes the booty to [his loyal subject citizens. Thus he amasses popular political will to] seize all the fortresses of the [neighboring nations].
    note: [Epiphanes] acts like a modern socialist/communist, for instance, a U.S. President or a Russian Czar. He invades other peoples' land, steals from his enemies, then redistributes wealth to his loyal citizen-subjects who "support their troops." Epiphanes, like modern leaders, also funds public entertainment, to keep the people's minds off of the evil their government wreaks. Sound familiar?
  286. Hosea 10:14 So turmoil erupts among your people, 😇. [See] all your fortresses devastated, like [Assyrian Emperor] Shalman {god-of-Hades} destroyed Beth-Arbel {House-of-the-Ambush-of-God}. In the day of battle, [Shalman's soldiers] dashed mothers to pieces upon their children!
  287. Habakkuk 1:8 War-horses [sprint] swifter [than] leopards, fiercer [than] night-wolves. Horsemen [advance], 😇! Cavalry spread, besieging from afar. [They] fly [like] eagles rushing [to] devour [humans].
  288. ZechariYAH 6:7 The powerful strong, red, fleet horses ride forth, rearing to run [patrols back and forth] throughout the earth. [The angel] commands [the horses], “Run! Travel. [Survey] the earth!” So the [powerful horses] speed across the land, 😇!
    note: Most translations miss the connection between ‘admim’ [red] and ‘amtzim’ [#554 'amots aw-mohts': of a strong color, i.e. red (fleet):--bay]. Thus translators lose track of the red horses, omitting mention of what the red horses are doing, and sloppily describing the grey horses twice.
  289. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:16 I see (and hear confirmation) that the troops on ‘horseback’ number 200 million, 😇!
    note: 2 hundred thousand thousand.
  290. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:19 The “horses'” power lies in their mouths and tails, 😇. The tails [flick] like serpents with ‘heads’ that injure people.
    note: Mouths and tails = The fronts and backs of tanks, drones, planes, helicopters and other killing machines.
  291. Genesis 14:5 [The next year, the] 14th [year of the imperial war, Emperor] Chedorlaomer and his [league of] kings attack and smash the [superhuman] Rephaim {Giants} in Ashteroth Karnaim {Double-Horns-of-Easter}. Then [Chedorlaomer rages on. He smashes] the Zuzim {Wild-Ones} in [the Ethiopian country of] Ham {Hot-Head}. Then [the Emperor attacks] the Emim {Terrors} in Shaveh-Kiriathaim {Double-City}.
    note: Rephaim = children of the Nephilim.
  292. Genesis 36:20 [When the Red-Man invades the Southland, he's attacked by the armies of the part-human, part-giant] sons of Seir {Rough} the Cave-man: Lotan {Mask}, Shobal {Flood}, Zibeon {Color}, Anah {Answer}, Dishon {Trampler}, Ezer {Treasure} and Dishan {Jumper}. [So, 😇, to gain territory and wealth for his millions of future descendants, the Red-man conquers them all.]
    note: Horites are a branch of the [supernatural-human hybrids, the] Nephilim.
  293. Exodus 14:7 [Pharaoh] takes 600 special [fighting] chariots, plus all Egypt's other war-machines. [He stations] captains [to command] every armored-division, 😇.
    note: 600 = number of the beast.
  294. Numbers (Journeys) 21:27 That's why the proverb-heralds sing, [Builders,] rush to Heshbon {City-Of-Intrigue}. Rebuild and re-establish [Chief] Tornado's [Capitol] city!
  295. Numbers (Journeys) 21:33 Next the [Israelites] turn [north], 😇. They travel on the road to Bashan {Fruitful}. Bashan's [fat giant] king Og {Round}, flanked by all his troops, charges out against the [Israelites]! The [Moabite perverts rush] to battle [the Israelis] at [the stronghold of] Edrei {Power-Arm}.
    note: Og was probably a demon-spawned giant.
  296. Deuteronomy 28:53 [Finally,] in the siege, and in the traps in which your enemies distress you, you eat the “fruit” of your own body: the flesh of your sons and your daughters which YHVH your Elohim gave you.
    note: Starvation turns you into cannibals. You eat your dead children. The state pays women to get abortions, then sells the aborted fetuses back to you as food-additives, lotions and pharmaceutical ingredients. Lam 2:20, 4:10. Jer 19:9.
  297. Judges 1:8 Meanwhile the sons of Judah overcome Jerusalem {City-Of-Peace}. They seize it, 😇. They cast out its [satan-worshipping] inhabitants with the [supernatural] mouth-sword [of YAH's Word]. [Then] the [Jews] set the city on fire.
  298. Judges 3:19 Ehud {Unity} [sprints] as far [west] as the stone idol-images [matching those at] Gilgal {Wheel}. Then he [runs] back [east to the fat king]. He says, “I have a secret message for you, O king.” The king says, “I need privacy.” So everyone standing near the king leaves him alone with [Ehud].
  299. Judges 3:20 So Ehud comes to [the fat king], who sits in his own private summer cooling-parlour. Ehud says, “I have a message from Elohim to you.” Then [Ehud] gets out of his seat.
  300. Judges 3:23 Then Ehud {Unity} runs out through the porch, 😇. He shuts the doors of the parlour on [the dead king]. He locks the [royal chamber doors].
  301. Judges 3:26 Meanwhile, while [Moab's royal servants] wait, Ehud {Unity} escapes. He [west] runs past [Moab's] idol-images. [Finally] he arrives safely in Seirah {Roughland}.
  302. Judges 3:29 Then [the Israelis] banish about 10 thousand Moabite men, all lusty, valiant [warriors]. Not one man escapes [banishment, 😇].
    note: Or 'killed." 5221 nakah = strike or cast out.
  303. Judges 3:31 After [Ehud], rises Shamgar (the son of Anath {Answer}). [Shamgar] slays 600 Philistine [warriors] with a [stick used to] goad oxen! Again [a hero] rescues Israel [from the pagans].
    note: YAH can help you fight carnal wars if he so chooses. But what he really wants is for you to fight battles at the source of all conflict: the spiritual realm. Shamgar may have not been an Israeli, but the father of evil Caananite General Sisera.
  304. Judges 4:2 So YHVH sells the Israelis into the power-fist of Canaanite king Jabin {Smarty}, who reigns in Hazor {Hamlet}. [Smarty's] army [is led by] General Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra}, who lives in Harosheth {Tool-City}, [a region crawling with] heathen.
    note: Ra = Sun-god, worshipped on Sun-day. Jewish lore improvises: ‘Ses-Ra's voice was so strong that, when he called loudly, the most solid wall would shake and the wildest animal would fall dead. Deborah was the only one who could withstand his voice and not be stirred from her place.’
  305. Judges 4:7 Then I'll lure Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra}, the General of [Smarty's] army, with his chariots and his huge army, to you [Israelites] at the river Kishon {Hard-Ground}. I'll deliver [Sisera] into your hand.”
  306. Judges 4:13 So Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra} gathers together all his chariots, [a whopping] 900 chariots of iron, plus [legions of attack-warriors] surrounding them. [The pagan horde blackens the earth all the way] from heathen Harosheth {Tool-City} to the river of Kishon {Hard-Ground}.
  307. Judges 5:30 "Surely [our army] speedily [won the battle]. [Surely] they're [busy] apportioning the plunder: to every man a womb [girl], to each captain, two [womb-girls]! [Surely] Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra} is [busy loading up Israel's riches] of all colors, [including for you, his Mom,] a [garment] of many embroidered colors, of rainbow hues of needlework on both sides, fit for the necks of [warriors] who take the [best of the] spoils [of war]!”
  308. Judges 6:3 Every time Israel plants its grain, the Midianite {Brawlers} rush up with the Amalekites and the [Arab pagans] of the east to attack [Israel].
  309. Judges 6:4 [The pagans] set up anti-Hebrew siege-camps. They destroy the yield of [the] soil all the way [west] to Gaza {Strength}, 😇. The [oppressors] leave no sustenance for Israel. [They kill and steal every] sheep, ox and donkey.
  310. Judges 6:6 So Israel starves [nearly to death] because of [constant war with the] Midianite {Brawlers}. So, 😇, the ‘sons of Israel’ cry to YHVH.
  311. Judges 8:10 Meanwhile, [king] Zebah {Slaughter} and [king] Zalmunna {Cold-Heart} hide in Karko {Foundation} with their armies, about 15 thousand men, the only survivors [YHVH left alive] of the [warriors] from the eastern [Jordan river valley]. (For [YHVH] had [killed] 120 thousand sword-wielding [Brawlers].)
    note: Obviously 300 men didn't carnally kill 120 thousand warriors!
  312. Judges 9:20 But since you [killed Gideon's sons:] fire [comes to shoot] out from AbiMelech. [It] eats [you] men of Shechem {Neck} and Beth-Millo {Citadel-House}, as [your] flames [spew] out to devour [your] Father-King!”
    note: Mutually assured destruction.
  313. Judges 9:33 Then, in the morning, as soon as the sun rises, jump up quick. Attack Shechem {Neck} city. Then you'll see: when [Gaal] and [his warriors] rush out against you, you can [kill] them at will.”
  314. Judges 9:35 Then [at sunrise,] Ebed's brat Gaal {Loathing} walks out [of his whorehouse]. He stands in the entrance-gate to [Shechem] city. Then AbiMelech {Father-King} rises up from his hiding place with his troops. [They storm toward the city gate!]
  315. Judges 9:46 All the men in the tower of Shechem {Neck} hear [that] their [city lies destroyed]. They [flee] into a fortified [hiding] place in the temple of El-Berith {God-Of-The-Cut}.
  316. Judges 9:49 So, 😇, every troop-man cuts down his branch. [They all] follow AbiMelech to [Gaal's] stronghold. Abimelech and his men lay the branches against the stronghold. They set the [branches] on fire! The stronghold burns down! So all the men of the tower of Shechem {Neck} die there, about 1000 men and women, 😇!
  317. Judges 9:51 [Abimelech sees] all the men and women [and children] of [Tevetz] city flee to a fortified tower inside the city. [The people] lock the [tower doors]. They race up [ladders. They stumble up stairs] to the top of the tower.
  318. Judges 11:13 The king of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon answers Jephthah's messengers: “Yes. [Long ago,] when [your nation] Israel emigrated up [north] from Egypt, they stole my land from me. [I rightfully own the territory from the] Arnon {Rushing} [river near lake Galilee, south] to [the] Jabbok {Gushing} [river]. [My land extends west] to [the] Jordan [river]. So peacefully restore those lands to me. Now!”
    note: Like today, war is based on water-claims.
  319. Judges 18:2 So the leaders of Dan appoint 5 of their mightiest tribal sons in the land [they're squatting in:] (Zorah {Wasp} [and] Eshtaol {Prayer}) to spy out the [nearby] country, to search it [for an area to conquer by brute military force]. [The leaders] say to [the spies], “Go, search the land.” [So Dan's spies ride out north.] They reach the Ephraim {Double-Fruit} hills. There they spend the night [in sight of] Micah's [occult] shrine.
  320. Judges 18:28 No one comes to rescue Laish {Lion-Land}, because it lies far from Sidon {Fish-City}, and [the people of Lion-Land] live as an independent, self-sustaining, [cooperative] community there in the valley lying near Beth-Rehob {House-Of-The-Way}. [Following YAH's instructions, the Lion-Landers had] avoided engaging in commerce with any man. [The Danites go on to] build a city. They live there [atop the blood-soaked graves of the peaceful farmers of Lion-Town].
    note: That's the story of life on planet earth:
  321. the Russian pogroms,
  322. and the attacks by protestants and catholics against the Mennonites and Amish in Europe,
  323. The white-man's conquest of America,
  324. etc.
  325. Whenever a military society runs out of food, they attack and steal the green lands of peaceful people. If your family is living "The Way" of the Messiah, expect to be attacked by the warmongers!
  326. Judges 20:14 [Instead of facilitating justice against the murderers and rapists they harbor,] the spawn of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} stream from their [surrounding] towns. [They] gather at Gibeah {Flower-Hill} [city. There they prepare] to march out to devour the [other] sons of Israel [in battle].
  327. Judges 20:33 So, 😇, all of Israel's [lead-fighters] run up out of their [hiding] places. They set themselves in array at Baal-Tamar {Lord-Of-Palms}. Then Israel's ambush-men burst forth out of their [hiding] places. Like [killer-wasps they swarm from the] meadows of Gibeah {Flower-Hills}!
  328. Judges 20:34 There rush against Gibeah 10 thousand choice men [of war, hand-picked] from [the entire country of] Israel. The battle rages so fierce [that the tribe of Benjamin] can't see their disaster looming [through their bloody blurred eyes].
  329. 1st Samuel 7:7 Soon the Philistines hear that Israel's [elders] have gathered together at Mizpah {Watch-Tower}. Immediately the Philistine [War] Lords [march] up [to fight] Israel. The sons of Israel hear [stomping jack-boots, demonic shouts, trumpet-blasts]. The [Israelis shake. They wet their pants] in terror of the Philistine [horde].
    note: Tyrants hate assemblies.
  330. 1st Samuel 11:4 So the messengers race [from Jabesh] to [king] Saul's [land] in Gibeah {Flower-Hill}. They fill the ears of the population with the news [of Snake-Hiss's eye-poking threat]. So all [Gibeah's] people lift up their voices. They weep [in desperation].
  331. 1st Samuel 11:11 The next day, Saul arrays [his militia] in 3 divisions. During the morning watch, they rush into the midst of [Snake-Hiss's] army. The [Israelis] slay the spawn of Ammon until the heat of the day. The surviving [spawn of Ammon] scatter. No two of them remain together, 😇!
  332. 1st Samuel 13:5 [Meanwhile,] to fight with Israel, the Philistines amass their forces: 30 thousand chariots, 6 thousand horsemen, and a multitude of [warriors] as [numerous as] the sand on the sea shore. They rise up. They pitch [war-camp] in Michmash {Hidden}, east of Beth-Aven {House-Of-Vanity}.
  333. 1st Samuel 13:7 Some of the Hebrews [flee] across [the] Jordan [river] to [hide in] the land[s] of Gad and Gilead {Witness-Mound}. Meanwhile Saul [waits for Samuel] in Gilgal {Wheel}. A horde of [men] follow [Saul]. [The men] tremble. [They wet their pants in terror, 😇.]
  334. 1st Samuel 17:23 [David] talks with [his brothers]. Suddenly, up out of the armies of the Philistines, stalks the champion, the Philistine of Gath {Wine-Press}, [the dreaded] Goliath. [Goliath] repeats his earlier challenge. David {Lover} hears [Goliath's arrogance].
  335. 1st Samuel 17:52 So the men of [north] Israel and of Judea jump up! Shouting, they chase the Philistines all the way [~20 miles northwest] to the [Gath] valley and to the gates of Ekron {Uprooter}. The wounded Philistines fall down along the road to Shaaraim {Double-Gates}, as far as Gath {Wine-Press}, and Ekron.
  336. 1st Samuel 29:5 Isn't this [the] David of whom the [Israelis] sing to each another in dances, shouting, ‘Saul murdered his thousands, but David [massacres] tens of thousands!?’”
  337. 1st Samuel 30:1 3 days [journey] later, David {Love} and his men [ride] up to Ziklag {Fortress}. [Shocked,] they see that the Amalekite {Blood-Lickers} have invaded [Judea's] Negev {Southland} and Ziklag. They've pillaged Ziklag and burned it with fire!
  338. 1st Samuel 31:1 [Meanwhile,] the Philistines attack Israel. So the men of Israel flee from the [raging] faces of the Philistine [soldiers]. [Many Israelis] fall down slain on Mount Gilboa {Gushing-Spring}.
  339. 1st Samuel 31:2 The Philistines chase hard on Saul and on his sons. Soon the Philistines murder JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, and Abinadab {Generous-Father}, and Malchi-shua {Savior-King}, Saul's sons.
  340. 2nd Samuel 1:21 Mountains of Gilboa {Gushing-Spring}, [I pray that] you never again [see] dew, nor rain, nor fields offering up [crops]! Because [on you] the shield[s] of [Israel's] mighty [heroes lie] trashed, rotting. Saul's shield [rusts] like [dung]. [Its holy] anointing oil [smears into mountain dirt].
  341. 2nd Samuel 2:17 This [sick gladiatorial game] erupts into a terrible battle. At the end of the day, [north] Israeli [rebel General] Abner {Father-Of-Light} and [his surviving warriors flee in defeat] before David's [Judean] loyalists.
  342. 2nd Samuel 3:12 [General] Abner [spins on his combat-booted heels. He storms out of [the rebel] throne-room. He runs to his army headquarters.] He sends messengers to David. [They] tell [David], “[Abner says,] ‘Who [owns] the land [of Israel]? [You do!] Make your league with me. Then watch: my fist-of-power will [fight] for you. I'll bring the whole [united country] of Israel to your [feet].’”
  343. 2nd Samuel 3:22 Just after David sends [General] Abner {Father-Of-Light} riding [down the mountain] in peace, David's servants, [led by General] Joab, [ride] into Hebron {Society}, returning from chasing [and killing some of Abner's] troops. [Joab's soldiers] cart in truckloads of plunder.
  344. 2nd Samuel 4:5 The sons of Rimmon {Pomegranate} from Beeroth {Wells}, Rechab {Rider} and Baanah {Force}, run, [eyes filled with murder,] through the heat of the day, to the palace of Ish-Boshet {Shameful-Man-Of-Baal}. [The men see the king] lying on [his royal] bed at noon.
  345. 2nd Samuel 4:7 The [assassins] run carrying the [dead rebel king's bloody severed] head [in a bag]. They flee all night through the Arabah {Plains}.
  346. 2nd Samuel 5:6 King [David] and his men [march] to Jerusalem to [confront] the Jebusite {Threshers} who still occupy [Judean] territory. [The Jebusites taunt] David. [They yell,] “Don't come in here! [Our city is so fortified that] even our blind and lame [beggars could fend you off]!”
  347. 2nd Samuel 5:17 Soon the Philistines hear that [Israel] has anointed David king over [their united nation]. So all the Philistine [warriors rush] up [east toward Jerusalem] to hunt David, [to preempt him from seizing their Palestinian coastlands]. [A spy tells] David about [the impending attack]. So [David regroups his forces a few miles] downhill [west from Jerusalem] at [his] stronghold [at Adullam].
  348. 2nd Samuel 8:2 And David defeats [incestuous] Moab. He divides their [survivors] into groups, cordoned off with rope[s]. He makes the [killers] lay down on the ground. He executes these [perverse combatants] within the first rope. But he keeps alive the [innocents] inside the 2nd rope. So the [surviving] Moabites become David's subjects. They bring [him] tribute-gifts.
    note: This fulfills Balaam's prediction in Num 24:17. The torturous even/odd execution idea is open to interpretation. YAH is not recorded as commanding it. If David had wanted to randomly kill 2 out of 3 people, he didn't need to measure them with ropes.
  349. 2nd Samuel 17:1 Then Ahithophel {Slime-Brother} [hisses] to [rebel prince] AbShalom, “Hurry! Let me hand-select 12 thousand [warriors]. I'll mount up. [We'll] chase David down tonight!
  350. 2nd Samuel 18:6 So [king David's loyal soldiers march] out into the field to [fight rebel] Israel. The armies clash in the Ephraim {Double-Fruit} Forest.
  351. 2nd Samuel 20:15 [Judean general Joab's army] marches up [north] to [the town of] Abel {Meadow} [in the region of] Beth-Maachah {Press-House}. There they besiege [rebel commando] Sheba. [Joab's soldiers] erect a ramp on a fortified [stretch] of the city [wall]. Then Joab's [soldiers] batter the wall, to knock it down.
  352. 1st Kings 9:16 [The reason, 😇, that Solomon rebuilt Gezer {Cut-Land} is] that Pharaoh king of Egypt [marched his troops north] to seize Gezer. [Pharoah] burned it with fire. He murdered the Canaanite {Mercenaries} living in the city. He gave its [ruins] as a dowry to his daughter-princess, Solomon's [illegal pagan] Queen.
  353. 1st Kings 11:15 Flashback to years before, 😇: David {Love} travels [~50km south] (with his army commander Joab) to Edom {Red-Man's-Southland}, to bury some Israelites who had died in battle. While there, the [Israelite army] kills every male [they find] in Edom!
  354. 1st Kings 11:16 (For 6 months, [Israeli General] Joab {JAH-Dad} stays [massacring the southland] with the whole [army] of Israel. [Joab] cuts down every male [he finds] in Edom.)
  355. 1st Kings 12:19 So, 😇, [northern] Israel rebels against David's dynasty to this day.
  356. 1st Kings 12:27 —If [my northern Israeli revolutionaries hike] uphill [south] to slaughter [feast-animals] in the temple of YHVH at Jerusalem, then the heart of [my fledgling rebel nation] will turn back to their [previous] overlord, Judea's king Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}. [My men] will kill me. They'll fall back to [slavery under] Judea's tyrant Rehoboam.”
  357. 1st Kings 14:30 [Judah's king] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} and [northern Israel's king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} fight wars [against each other] all their days, 😇.
  358. 1st Kings 15:17 [North] Israel's king Baasha {Stink} rises up against Judea. [Stink] fortifies Ramah {Heights}, [a mere 5 miles north of Jerusalem]. Baasha forbids anyone to leave or enter [the territory of] king Asa of Judea!
    note: Right to travel denials stink. Your rights to travel are narrowly restricted. Did you notice that?
  359. 1st Kings 16:16 [There a boy runs up] to [north Israel's] encamped soldiers. The [boy] yells, “[Captain] Zimri {Plucker} conspired and murdered king [Elah]!” So immediately, in the war camp, all [the soldiers of northern] Israel [crown] their army General Omri {Heaper} king over [north] Israel.
  360. 1st Kings 16:17 So Omri {Heaper} [abandons the Philistine conquest. He marches his army] up [away] from Gibbethon {Hilly-Spot}. [He leads] the whole [nation] of [northern] Israel [back] to besiege [his royal city,] Tirzah {Delight}.
  361. 1st Kings 20:24 —And do this: remove the 32 vassal-kings from their posts, and replace them with military [generals].
    note: When politicians control war, soldiers die.
  362. 1st Kings 22:4 [North Israel's king Ahab] continues [his war-pitch] to [Judea's king] JAHoshaphat: “Will you [march your troops ~35km northeast] with me [across the Jordan river] to battle [to recapture] Ramoth-Gilead {Witness-Heights}?” JAHoshaphat replies to [north] Israel's king, “I am as you are. My people as your people. My horses as your horses.”
    note: Jehoshaphat here makes a forbidden league with an evil king. Or he may be tricking Ahab into a suicidal plot.
  363. 1st Kings 22:33 The [Syrian] chariot-captains see that [JAHoshaphat] isn't [north] Israel's king [Ahab]. So the [captains] turn back from chasing [JAHoshaphat].
  364. 2nd Kings 7:12 So [north Israel's] king jumps up in the night. He growls to his servants, “I'll show you the [trick] the Syrians are playing on us. They know we're hungry. So they ran out of their war-camp to hide themselves in the field[s]. They said, ‘When the [Israelis] come out of their city, we'll catch them alive. We'll invade [and control] their capitol!’”
  365. 2nd Kings 7:14 So the king sends spies with 2 chariot horses. He says, “Go see if you can find the Syrian Army.”
  366. 2nd Kings 9:19 So [king JAHoram] sends out a second [ambassador] on horseback. The [ambassador] rides to the [invaders]. He [shouts], “The king asks, ‘Are you coming in peace?’” Again JAHu [screams] back, “Peace? None of your [business]! Turn around. Ride behind me.”
  367. 2nd Kings 9:21 So [north] Israel's [wounded] king JAHoram [groans], “Ready [my chariot]!” So [the royal guardsmen] ready [JAHoram's] chariot. Then JAHoram and (Judea's king) AhaziYah [storm] out, each in his chariot, to confront [Captain] JAHu. They meet him in the land-plot of [dead] Naboth {Fruit-Man} from JezreEl.
  368. 2nd Kings 12:17 About this time, Syria's king HazaEl {El's-Sight} rises up. [He marches his armies southwest ~140km across Israel to Palestine.] He attacks Gath {Wine-Press-Town}. He captures it. Then HazaEl turns his face [east]. He [marches his armies] uphill [~30km] to Jerusalem.
  369. 2nd Kings 14:11 Yet [king] AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness} [refuses] to listen [to reason]. So [north] Israel's king JAhoash {JAH-Fired} [marches his army ~45km south]. He and Judah's king AmaziYah stare one another in the face at Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun} in Judaea.
  370. 2nd Kings 14:13 [North] Israel's king JAhoash {JAH-Fired} even captures Judea's king AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness}! [JAHoash] hauls [AmaziYah ~15km east] from Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun} to Jerusalem. There [the north-Israelis] break down 400 cubits [600 feet] of the wall of Jerusalem (from the gate of Ephraim {Double-Fruit} to the corner gate)!
    note: Lit: Amaziah the son of JAhoash the son of AhaziYah.
  371. 2nd Kings 16:9 [This bribe makes] the Assyrian Emperor listen to [Ahaz]. So [Tiglath-Pileser marches his armies ~500km west] uphill to attack Damascus. He seizes it. He hauls its people captive [south ~200km] to [Moab’s] Kir {Fortress}. And he assassinates [Syria's king] Rezin {Delight}.
  372. 2nd Kings 17:5 Then the Assyrian Emperor [marches his armies] throughout the entire land of northern Israel. [He conquers] all the way uphill to Samaria [city]. He besieges it for 3 years, 😇!
  373. 2nd Kings 18:9 [Meanwhile,] in the 4th year of [the reign of Judea's] king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}, that is, the 7th year of [the reign of north] Israel's king Hoshea {Savior} (son of Elah {Everlasting-Oak-Power}), Emperor Shalmaneser [V] of Assyria [marches his armies southwest ~720km from Iraq to] conquer [north Israel's capitol city,] Samaria. He besieges it.
    note: Shalmaneser = son of Tiglath-Pileser III. Shalmaneser died in the year he invaded Israel (722 BC). So it's possible that the subsequent population exchanges were done by his successor Sargon II.
  374. 2nd Kings 18:17 Then the Assyrian Emperor dispatches his top Tartan {General}, [and] his Rabsaris {Chief-Palace-Officer}, and his Rab-Shakeh {Chief-Field-Officer}. [They march] a great army [~35km northeast] from Lachish {Harvest} toward Jerusalem. Upon arrival, they array in battle-formations by the aqueduct from the Upper Pool, on the road to the laundry commons. They confront king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}.
  375. 2nd Kings 18:25 —Do you fantasize that I've marched [my armies] up against this [city] to destroy it without YHVH's [approval]? YHVH commanded me, ‘Go up against the land [of Judaea]. Demolish it.’”
  376. 1st Chronicles 10:2 The Philistines chase hard after Saul, and after his sons. Soon the Philistines murder Saul's 3 sons: JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, Abinadab {Generous-Father}, and Malchi-shua {Savior-King}.
  377. 1st Chronicles 10:3 The battle goes horribly against [king] Saul. [Enemy] archers hit him. The arrow [mortally] wounds him.
  378. 1st Chronicles 11:5 But the inhabitants of Jebus {Thresher-City} [yell] to [king] David, “[Get out of here!] You'll never get into [our city]!” Nevertheless David captures the fortress of Zion, now [known as] “the city of David.”
  379. 1st Chronicles 12:22 Day after day [warriors] stream to [king] David to help him [fight Saul]. They form a great army, [a vision of] the angel-armies of Elohim.
  380. 1st Chronicles 19:6 The Ammon-spawn realize they've made themselves stink in [king] David's [nostrils]. [So] Ammonite [king] Hanun {Favored} sends 1000 talents [40 tons] of silver [north 200km-450km] to hire [mercenary] chariots and horsemen from [Mesopotamian] Aram-Naharayim {Highland-River-Forks}, and from Syria-Maachah {Highland-Press}, and from Zobah {Station}!
    note: Why not just apologize? Because beast-nations are dumb. They bankrupt themselves and destroy the world just to avoid saying, “I'm sorry.” Aram Naharayim is a plateau which includes the Tigris & Euphrates rivers. 40 tons of silver would buy you about 80 luxury mansions.
  381. 1st Chronicles 19:10 [Israeli General] Joab {JAH-Dad} sees battle arrays squeezing him in front and behind. So he chooses the best [men] of Israel. He puts them in array facing the Syrians.
    note: These may have been the best praisers or the best fighters, or both.
  382. 1st Chronicles 19:16 [Meanwhile,] the Syrians see [that] Israel has whomped them. So they send messengers [~400km] north. The [messengers] summon [a horde of] Syrian [warriors] from beyond the [Euphrates] river. Hadarezer's Army General Shophach {Gusher} [gallops his attack chariot south]. [Days later, he] leads this [invasion force into Israel].
  383. 1st Chronicles 19:17 David's [spies run to Jerusalem's palace. They] alert [David to the invasion]. So [David] gathers all [the mighty men of] Israel. He crosses [them east] over [the] Jordan [river]. They rush upon the [attackers. David orders] his arrays [of praise-warriors] to face the [enemy]. David marches his arrays into direct confrontation [against] the Syrians. Immediately the [Syrians] attack the Israelis!
  384. 1st Chronicles 20:1 Time passes, 😇. At the new year, in [spring, Middle-eastern] kings [march their armies] out to battle. [General] Joab {JAH-Dad} leads forth the power of [Israel's] army. They waste the country of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon. Finally [Joab] marches up [east] to Rabbah {Plenty} [city]. He besieges it. While David {Love} stays [bedding his many wives] in Jerusalem, Joab {JAH-Dad} strikes Rabbah. He pulls it down to the ground. He shatters the city in pieces, 😇!
    note: The real new year begins in spring. DECember is the 10th month. (OCT = 8, NOV = 9, etc.) The world's deranged calendar is a demonic usurpation of YHVH's right to define times and dates.
  385. 2nd Chronicles 11:1 [King] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} returns to Jerusalem. He immediately amasses 180000 chosen battle-trained men of the tribes of Judah {Celebrated} and Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. [The troops prepare] to fight against [north] Israel, intent to reunite the kingdom under Rehoboam.
  386. 2nd Chronicles 12:4 Shishak seizes Judaea's fortified cities. Then [he] advances [north] to [destroy] Jerusalem.
  387. 2nd Chronicles 13:13 [While Judea's king AbiYah tries to reason with the north Israelis, king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} sends a rear-ambush to attack [Abiyah's men]. [North Israeli generals] squeeze the Judaeans between [soldiers in front and behind]!
  388. 2nd Chronicles 14:9 Soon Ethiopia's [king] (Zerah {Ray}) marches [his] million-man army (plus 300 chariots) [~1800km north] to attack [Judaea] at Mareshah {Summit}.
    note: Zerah is alternatively conjectured to be a Kassite or an Arab or Egyptian king Osorkon I or II.
  389. 2nd Chronicles 18:30 Meanwhile, Syria's king commands the captains of his chariot-forces, “Don't fight with anyone small nor great, except with [north] Israel's dictator [Ahab].”
  390. 2nd Chronicles 22:9 Then [captain JAHu] hunts for [Judea's king] AhaziYah {Seized-By-Yah}. [JAHu's men] catch [AhaziYah] hiding [in a spider-hole] in Samaria. They drag him to JAHu. [JAHu] murders him. [But JAHu gives him the dignity of] a burial, because [JAHu's mob reasons], “[AhaziYah was] the son of [king] JAHoshaphat, who sought YHVH with all his heart.” So, 😇, the dynasty of AhaziYah loses all power to retain [the Judean] kingdom.
  391. 2nd Chronicles 25:18 So [north] Israel's king JAHoash {JAH-Fired} sends [a threat] to Judea's king AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness}. [The letter] warns, “A thistle on the Lebanon {White-Peaks} sends [a letter] to a cedar on the [same] mountain, saying, ‘Give your daughter to my son as wife. But a wild mountain beast passes by. The [beast] stomps the thistle down [into the rock]!’
  392. 2nd Chronicles 26:13 Under the hand of these [mighty leaders], a massed force of 307500 [soldiers] make war with mighty power. They enable king [Uzziah] to surround [any] enemy.
  393. 2nd Chronicles 28:8 Then the people of [north] Israel carry away captive 200000 of their [Judaean] brothers, [plus] women, sons, and daughters. And [the north Israelis] also steal away [tons] of plunder. They haul it [north] from [Judaea] to Samaria.
  394. 2nd Chronicles 32:1 Time passes, 😇. [Despite Hezekiah's] faithfulness, Emperor Sennacherib marches [his overpowering armies ~650km southwest] from Assyria. They invade Judea. [The Emperor sets up war] camps to attack [Judaea's] fortified cities, scheming to steal them for himself.
  395. 2nd Chronicles 32:9 Assyria's armies beseige Jerusalem. Meanwhile, [~30km southwest,] Emperor Sennacherib and his other forces lay siege against Lachish {Harvest}. [The Emperor] sends [threatening] messengers to Judea's king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}, and to all Judeans at Jerusalem:
    note: Fortified Lachish was Jerusalem's most strategic site of defense against western [Palestinian] invaders.
  396. 2nd Chronicles 32:10 [The imperial envoys shout:] “Emperor Sennacherib of Assyria says, ‘On what are you [fools] basing your trust? You [can't] survive [our] siege of Jerusalem!
  397. 2nd Chronicles 32:14 —Among all the gods of those nations whom my fathers utterly ravaged, what [king] could deliver his population from my hand? [No one!] So how could your Elohim be able to rescue you [pitiful Hebrews] out of my fist?
  398. Esther 9:1 [Spring-flowers bud throughout the Persian empire, from Greece to Africa to India.] The 13th day of the [year's] 12th month (Adar {~February}) arrives. [The Jew-Haters put Haman's genocidal] royal [verbal] command & [written] decree into [military] action. The Jews’ enemies hope to overpower them that day. (But reality turns to the contrary: the Jews gain rule over the enemies who hate them.)
  399. Psalms 48:4 Watch, 😇. Kings join [forces]. They advance [their armies to attack the city of peace].
  400. Psalms 140:2 [My enemies] scheme disastrous-plans in their [black] hearts. They never stop amassing for war.
    note: King David, far from being a warmonger, was an anti-war activist, constantly hounded by his people and their leaders to fight wars.
  401. IsaiYAH 9:12 [Inland] Syrians in front [to Judea's northeast], and [western coastal] Palestinians behind, open their mouth[s]. They devour [north] Israel, 😇. Yet after all this [carnage, Assyria's] fury stalks [southwest from Iraq]. His power-fist stretches out [to strike Judea].
  402. IsaiYAH 10:29 The [Assyrians come to] cross the [Michmash] Pass, [7 miles north of Jerusalem]. They lodge [unchallenged 5 miles north of Jerusalem] at Geba {Hillock}. The Ramah {Heights}, [2.5 miles north of Jerusalem] shake [in terror. Little Israeli girls feel millions of Assyrian combat boots quake the earth underfoot. All the Israelis] run [screaming from old king] Saul's [homeland] of Gibeah {Milk-Hill}.
  403. IsaiYAH 16:2 Like wandering bird[s] hurled out of the nest, 😇, the daughters of [perverted] Moab [languish] at the fords of [the] Arnon {Shout} [river].
  404. IsaiYAH 17:2 The cities of Aroer {Juniper} lie abandoned, surrendered to flocks, 😇. [Throughout the region, deer] lie down with no [human] to make them tremble [for fear of becoming man's dinner].
  405. IsaiYAH 18:2 [Ethiopians] send their [war-coordinating] ambassadors rushing up and down the "sea" and rivers in boats made of ambach [bulrushes]. [YAH shouts,] “Likewise, go, you speeding [destroying] angels. [Punish] the nation tall, spread out, peeled by the stubborn [African sun], a people from whom history [cowers in] terror, a beast-nation who measures out and tramples down the [north-African] land of the swampy streams.
    note: Sea = Nile. Swamp = Sudd, as in Sudan, mudlands.
  406. IsaiYAH 19:2 [YAH warns,] [Watch] me set the Egyptians against the Egyptians. Every one fights his brother. Every one [harms] his neighbor. City demolishes city. Kingdom slays kingdom.
    note: Referring to the anarchy resulting from Assyria's conquest of Egypt in 688BC. YAH uses everything from wars to barfights to limit the population of violent thugs.
  407. IsaiYAH 21:9 Look, 😇! Troops [of chariots] advance [across Iraq], flanked by [endless] pairs of horsemen. [I] shout back [to Israel], “Babylon is fallen! Fallen!” [In the days that follow, Cyrus {Sun}] breaks all [Belshazzar's] sculptured idol-gods to the ground.
  408. IsaiYAH 21:15 [Refugees] scramble [north from Africa into Edom]. [They] flee drought. They run from smashing swords. They [evade] bent bows. They [escape the] horrors of war.
  409. IsaiYAH 22:4 [People stand around me. They await my prophetic guidance.] I scream [to them], “Look away from me! [Stop watching me] sob.” It's useless to rush to comfort me, 😇. [Every time I close my eyes, I see marauders] pillaging my ‘daughter-population’.
  410. IsaiYAH 22:6 The archers of Elam {Hidden} lift [their arrows from] their quivers. [Soldiers storm] chariots and war-horses [toward Jerusalem]. [Chaldeans from] Kir {Fortress} uncover their [shiny] shields.
    note: Elam and Kir mark the south and north limits of the Chaldean forces. The NLT lists the Chariot-drivers as Syrians.
  411. IsaiYAH 22:7 [Judea's] choicest valleys fill with chariots, 😇. War-Horsemen array [to bash through Jerusalem's main] gate.
  412. IsaiYAH 29:3 —My [angelic] war-camp surrounds you, [Jerusalem]. I lay [my] siege-towers against your [walls]. I raise ramparts to [overwhelm] you.
  413. IsaiYAH 36:4 So [the] Rabshakeh [growls] at the [Jewish ambassadors], “[Slither back to your palace right] now. Tell [king] HezekiYah that the uber-king, the Assyrian Emperor, says, ‘On what are you basing this confidence of [yours]?
  414. IsaiYAH 36:8 —So come on, [puny ‘king’]. Make a wager with my master the Assyrian Emperor. I'll give you 2000 [war] horses, if you're [king] enough to set riders on them.
  415. IsaiYAH 36:10 Do you think I march up to attack [your] country without YHVH's approval? YHVH ordered me, ‘[March your armies] up to conquer and destroy the land [of Israel].’”
  416. IsaiYAH 37:9 [There Sennacherib] hears a spy say, “Tirhakah, the Ethiopian king of Egypt, is marching his armies up [here] to war against you.” Hearing this, [Sennacherib] sends messengers [back] to [Judea's king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}.
  417. IsaiYAH 37:18 —Truly, YHVH, the Assyrian Emperors have laid waste all [nearby] nations' lands.
  418. JeremiYAH 4:16 Report [the news] to the beast-nations, 😇. Publish [YAH's decree] against Jerusalem: [Attackers dash in] from a far country. They blast war-shouts against Judea's cities!
  419. JeremiYAH 4:20 Nonstop disaster, destruction, wailing! The whole land wrecked, 😇! My home disappears in an instant. My walls go up [in flames]!
  420. JeremiYAH 6:5 [The enemy shouts,] "Get up, [soldiers]! Let’s attack at night! Let’s destroy [Judea's] palaces!”
  421. JeremiYAH 8:19 Look, 😇! Foreign invaders raise strangled-cries from my daughter-populace's [throat]! Has YHVH left Zion? Has her king abandoned her? Why do [my people] keep whipping up [YAH's] grieving-fury with their carved images and pagan vanities?
  422. JeremiYAH 10:17 Refugees in the [besieged] fortress, grab your survival-kits! Scramble out of [your] country!
  423. JeremiYAH 10:22 Watch, 😇. Ears prick up at [soldiers'] advancing shouts. A great commotion [rages] out of the north country. [Assyria's] army comes to [smash] the cities of Judea into desolate den[s] of jackals.
  424. JeremiYAH 13:20 Lift up your eyes! See [invaders] stream from the north to [annihilate] the flock [of people YAH] gave you [to protect], your beautiful nation.’”
  425. JeremiYAH 19:8 I come to render this city desolate, a [provoker of scandalous] hissing. Everyone who passes by gawks, astonished. [They] shriek [in terror] of all the plagues that strike [her down].
  426. JeremiYAH 25:16 [Watch] them drink, and reel, and rave [like madmen] in the face of the sword I [keep] sending among them.”
  427. JeremiYAH 32:24 [Jeremiah turns to shout to Judea's evil king,] “See [your future]! [Babylon's battalions] mount [siege-works]. They stream to take [Jerusalem] city. This metropolis falls into the Chaldean hand. [They] vanquish it with sword, famine and plague. Everything [YAH] speaks becomes reality. Look: see for yourself!”
  428. JeremiYAH 33:5 [Jews] rush to fight [back] Chaldean [soldiers]. [But it's no use. Invaders] fill [Judea's homes] with the corpses of [criminals] I slay in my fire-snorting fury. [Judea's] comprehensive and catastrophic [evil] makes me hide my face from this city.
    note: The same carnage looms to destroy today's ‘Judeo-Christian’ nations.
  429. JeremiYAH 37:8 Then the Chaldeans double back [south]. They fight against this city. They seize it. They burn it with fire.’
  430. JeremiYAH 38:3 YHVH says, [I'm] passing this city as a gift into the fist of the Babylonian Emperor's army. They come to grab it.’”
  431. JeremiYAH 39:2 Finally, on the 9th day of the 4th month of the 11th year of ZedekYah's [evil reign], the [Babylonians] rip the city apart.
  432. JeremiYAH 46:9 [Pharaoh shouts,] “Charge up, war-horses! Rage, charioteers! Warriors, attack! [Array my mercenary armies, the] shield-wielding Ethiopians and Libyans {Dry-Landers}. [Deploy my] Lydian [archer-assassins]!”
  433. JeremiYAH 48:12 So watch: “The days [of Judgment] come,” warns YHVH. “Soon I send [soldier-decanters] to Moab. They tilt [her back] and forth [like wine]. They empty [Moab's] vessels. They break [Moab's] bottles.
    note: Vessels = bodies. Wine = blood.
  434. JeremiYAH 49:2 Watch, 😇: the days come,” YHVH foretells, “when I echo the war-alarm in the ears of [the scum of] Rabbah {Plenty}, [the] Ammon-spawns' [nest]. [Soldiers advance to reduce Rabbah] to a desolate [heap] of ruins. Ravaging [marauders] burn [Ammon's] daughter-populations with fire. Finally Israel comes to evict [the brutes] who evicted [the Israelis],” decrees YHVH.
    note: Rabbah is now Amman, in the highlands of Gilead. Romans built a large city there (Philadelphia), which now lies in ruins.
  435. JeremiYAH 49:5 Watch me rain terror upon you,” warns YHVH-Adonai-over-armies. “Every nation around you comes to [terrorize you]. The [furious] faces of [your terrorized neighbors] expel you from [your homes]. No [rescuer] comes to gather up your [panting] stragglers.
  436. JeremiYAH 49:13 For I swear by myself,” YHVH decrees, “that Bozrah {Fort} [soon] comes to fall into desolation, a reproach, a [drought-stricken] wasteland, a curse-word. All its cities end up as deserts for age[s].”
    note: This Bozrah = El Buseirah, southeast of the Dead sea. Different from the Bozrah [Fort] of 48:24.
  437. JeremiYAH 49:22 Watch, 😇. [Nebuchadnezzar] advances. He swoops down like a [giant attacking] eagle. He spreads his wings over Bozrah {Fort}. On [judgment] day, the heart[s] of Edom's mightiest men [flutter] like the heart[s] of women [suffering labor] pangs.
  438. JeremiYAH 49:37 I break Elam {Hidden-Country} before their foes' faces. [They cower] before [marauders] who seek their lives. My fire-breathing fury rains ruin upon them,” says YHVH. “I send the sword [chasing] after them. It eats the [Elam-Spawn off the face of the planet].
  439. JeremiYAH 50:3 For out of the north an empire swoops up to fight her. [Persia] desolates [Babylon's] land until no one lives there [again]. [Everyone] uproots and flees, both man and beast.”
  440. JeremiYAH 50:16 [Persia] comes to amputate all farmers from Babylon's [land]. All [reapers] who handle the sickle at harvest-time [flee for their lives]. In fear of [Cyrus'] oppressing sword, each of [Babylon's slaves] turn home to his people. [All migrant laborers] race home to their own countries.
  441. JeremiYAH 50:42 [Persia's Imperial soldiers] wield the bow and the lance. Cruel-faced, they never show mercy. Their [unified] voice roars like ocean [waves]. They stampede on war-horses, every one locked in array. As one man [they rush] to the battle, against you, daughter-empire of [once-great] Babylon.
  442. JeremiYAH 51:3 [Babylon's] archers lack [a moment to] draw their bows or pick up their coats of armor! [Persia's soldiers] show no compassion. They destroy [even Babylon's] boys.
  443. JeremiYAH 51:4 Slain [children] fall in the land of the Chaldean [Babylonians], thrust through in her streets.
  444. JeremiYAH 51:27 “Erect a flag over the [conquered] country. Blow the trumpet among [all] nations. Marshall the beast-nations to [march] against her. Call together the kingdoms of Ararat {Armenia}, Minni {Iran} and Ashchenaz {Asia-Minor} to fight her. Appoint a head-general [to lead the siege] against her. Make war-horses rise up [over her] like [a plague of] spiked vermin.
  445. JeremiYAH 51:58 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies decrees, “The broad walls of Babylon fall naked, utterly broken, 😇. Her lofty gates turn to [smoke,] burned with fire. Her [evil] minions labor in vain to fight the flames. Weary warrior-clans [fall to die] in [Babylon's conflagration].”
  446. Lamentations 2:13 Jerusalem's wounds go beyond words, 😇, beyond compare, beyond comfort, incurable, without equal [in all of history]. Zion's virgin daughter-populace hemorrhages [blood] like the [waves of the] sea.
  447. Lamentations 2:20 [Cry,][Please] look [down,] YHVH. Consider whom you have [destroyed]. Should [our Judeo-Christian] women eat the fruit [of their wombs] — babies a mere hand-span long?! Will [you let your] priest[s] and [your] prophet[s] [die,] slain in [your] sanctuary, Adonai?
  448. Ezekiel 7:21 I pass [the backsliders' bling] into the hands of foreigners as war-booty. The earth's wicked [robbers] seize [Judeo-Christian gold] as spoil. [Marauders] defile [Israel's treasures].
  449. Ezekiel 16:40 The [pagans] march their mobs up to fight you. They pelt you with stones. [They] thrust you through with their swords.
  450. Ezekiel 19:4 Then the beast-nations hear of [this Judean lion, 😇]. [Led by Pharaoh Necho,] the [nations] snare him in their pit-trap. They drag him in chains to the land of Egypt.
  451. Ezekiel 26:7 For Adonai YHVH foretells, ‘Watch: Upon Tyre {Rock-Port}, I bring Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, an Arch-ruler over [many] kings. [He marches] from the north, with horses, and with chariots, and with cavalry, and a huge, organized army of [soldiers].
    note: YAH gets dirty people to do his dirty work.
  452. Ezekiel 26:13 Thus I stop the noise of your [nasty] songs. The sound of your harps never [again reaches] anyone's ears.
  453. Ezekiel 32:25 [Soldiers] make [hidden Elam] a bed covered by legions of carcasses, drowning in graves. All her [residents] lie gushing [guts], pierced by sabers, [as punishment] for planting panic in the land of the living. [Crushed,] they bear their disgrace, lumped among [myriad criminals] sunk into the abyss. [Elam's king] crumples into a heap of human entrails.
  454. Ezekiel 35:5 You've always hated and shed the blood of the sons of Israel. In their times of distress, while they [lie reeling] from the punishments I've just finished [dishing out to] them, you [smack them] with the force of your sword!
  455. Ezekiel 38:9 You [northern hordes] mount up. [You rush south] into [Israel] like a devastating [storm]. Like a cloud you come to cover the land, you, and all your [bands of] combatants surrounded by hordes of civilians.”
    note: This happened in 70AD. Look for it to occur again any day now.
  456. Ezekiel 38:10 Adonai YHVH says, “Then, on the day [you northern-world-powers invade Israel, satanic] commands ascend into your heart-mind. You devise an evil scheme.
  457. Ezekiel 38:15 You [global-imperialists] storm from your place in the recesses of the north, you, and many peoples with you, all of them riding upon skipping-flyers, a great horde [surrounding] a vast army.
    note: #5483 ‘cuwc’, often rendered ‘horse,’ literally describes the fast skipping flight of a helicopter, airplane, drone, speedboat, ATV, or a swallow.
  458. Ezekiel 39:18 Eat the muscles of mighty [masterful men]. Drink the blood of the princes of the earth, [as if they were] rams, lambs, stud-goats, young bulls, all fatted [delicacies] from [the fields of] Bashan {Fruitful}.
  459. Ezekiel 39:20 Fill your [maws] at my table. [Chomp] horses and chariot-drivers. [Sink your fangs into the sinews of] mighty [heroes]. [Chew up] every man of war [you find],” predicts Adonai YHVH.
  460. Daniel 1:1 In [497 B.C.,] the 3rd year of the reign of Judea's [evil] king JAHoiakim {YAH-Raises}, Nebuchadnezzar (Emperor of Babylon) besieges and invades Jerusalem.
    note: Daniel is probably about 16 years old when Nebuchadnezzar's armies leave Babylon to attack Israel in 497BC. About a year later, Jerusalem lies defeated. The Apocrypha contains an amazing story purporting to describe Daniel's pre-adolescence before the Babylonian invasion.
  461. Daniel 11:18 After [his daughter Cleopatra betrays his evil plot, Antiochus] turns his face to [conquer] the [Mediterranean] coastlands [and islands]. He seizes many [cities]. But a [Roman General, Lucius ’Illuminator’ Scipio,] for his own interest, puts a stop to [Antiochus'] outrageous [invasions]. [The Mediterranean people hail Scipio] for [humbling] the arrogant [Antiochus].
  462. Jah-El 2:3 A fire devours [the earth] before the [horde's] faces, 😇. Behind them a flame burns [on]. Before the [army,] the land [shines, green and flowering] like the garden of Eden {Pleasure}. Behind the [army, the land lies] a desolate wilderness. Yes, 😇. [Nothing escapes the siege.] Deliverance fails to come.
  463. Jah-El 2:9 The [invaders] prowl through the city. They run up on walls. They climb up on houses. They [break and] enter windows like thieves.
  464. Amos 3:12 YHVH foretells: “Like a shepherd [who only] rescues two legs or a piece of an ear [of his sheep] from the lion's mouth, watch Israel's brats get snatched away by the [attacker's] mouth. [The tyrant comes to] ambush [the Israelis] at Samaria {Watch-Station} while they lie stretched out, [oblivious, feeling safe] in their bed-chambers, [wrapped in] sheets, arched back on their couches.
    note: ‘Sheets’ may refer to [the protective cover of pagan] Damascus. Every popular translation misses the play on the word ‘mouth’: 6285 pe'ah pay-aw' feminine of 6311; mouth, i.e. direction, region, extremity: corner, end, quarter, side.
  465. MicaYah 1:9 [Blows, metal-razor-whippings,] incurable wounds, [carnage, pestilence, beatings, plague, slaughter, mortality! Killers ravage northern Israel, 😇. Then these same terrors] grab like hands [southward] to Judea, to the gate of ‘my’ people, right up to Jerusalem, [the supposed ‘City of Peace’].
  466. MicaYah 1:16 [The invaders] shave [Israel] bald. They shear off her delicate children. [Attackers] leave her lacerated and stripped [from coast to coast,] denuded and deported.
    note: Or "bald as an eagle."
  467. Nahum 2:11 [The Lion-City becomes the] haunt [of] lions. [There] baby lions gnaw [on human flesh]. [There] lion chiefs strut, [leading their] cubs [through the] horror.
  468. Nahum 3:2 Whips crack! Wheels [rattle] clack! Horses charge! Chariots [jump &] rumble!
  469. Nahum 3:11 Great men [march] bound in chains. [Former-authorities stagger like bloody] drunkards. [Aristocrats scamper in vain to] hide. [Bigwigs] beg [for] refuge [from] enemy [savages].
  470. Habakkuk 1:6 [The] Chaldeans [astrologers] rise up. [That] bitter, hasty beast-nation marches [the] land's breadth, seizing homes.
    note: The Chaldeans, like modern worldlings, were obsessed about birthdays as a means of divining demonic knowledge through witchcraft. Hebrews do not celebrate birthdays; they celebrate Sabbaths and special feasts.
  471. ZephaniYAH 1:16 [Foresee] the day [when YAH's] trumpet splits [apart the world's] fortified cities and high [battle] towers, 😇!
  472. Matthew 27:16 [Pilate recalls] that his Roman [soldiers] have incarcerated a notorious [Jewish anti-Roman terrorist] prisoner, called ‘YahShua Barabbas.’
    note: A fake Jesus. A false Messiah. Deaf to the Holy Spirit, Barabbas tried to rescue Israel via violence and murder. Just as today, Israel and its neighbors fight to the death for ‘peace’.
  473. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:14 [The altar-voice] commands the 6th angel who holds the trumpet, “Release the 4 angels who [wait] bound at the great river Euphrates!”
    note: Iraq war.
  474. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:15 [An archangel] releases the 4 [Euphrates river] angels. (They've been prepared for this very year, month, day and hour, 😇, to kill 1/3 of earth's people.)
  475. Judith 2:8 [Israel's] slain will fill their valleys and brooks. The [Jordan] river will fill to overflowing with their [Hebrew] dead.
  476. 1 Maccabees 3:52 Look! The beast-nations [have] assembled together against us to destroy us. You know the tortures they plan [to inflict] against us.
  477. Genesis 14:3 These [8 kings] charge [their armies into battle] in the valley of Siddim {Flats} (by the salt sea).
  478. Genesis 14:7 [Chedorlaomer] doubles back. [He brings his army] to En-Mishpat {Spring-Of-Judgment} (aka Kadesh {Sanctuary}). [Chedorlaomer] strikes the Amalekites' entire country, 😇! Then [he strikes] the Amorite {Mountaineers} dwelling in Hazezon-Tamar {Palm-Harvest}.
  479. Genesis 14:9 [The rebels fight] Elam's king Chedorlaomer, and multinational-emperor Tidal, [and] Amraphel king of Shinar, and Arioch king of Ellasar. (Four kings against five.)
  480. Exodus 17:8 [Suddenly, there] in Rephidim {Beds}, [the armies of the] Amalekites [swoop down behind Israel's caravans]. They fight with Israel, [trying to seize the water].
    note: The Amalekites didn't fear YHVH.
  481. Numbers (Journeys) 21:1 Then king Arad {Fugitive} (a Canaanite {Mercenary} living [in the] Negev {South} [of Jerusalem]) hears [intelligence] reports that Israel is advancing up the [caravan] road to Atharim {Spy-town}, [near Palestine]. So [king Arad] attacks Israel. He kidnaps some [Hebrews as] prisoners [of war].
  482. Numbers (Journeys) 21:26 (Heshbon {Intelligence} [had been] the [capitol] city of Sihon {Tornado}, king of the Amorite [mountaineers, 😇]. [Chief Tornado] stole the city by attacking [and killing] the former king of [incestuous] Moab. Then {Tornado} seized all Moab's land, all the way to [the roaring rapids of] Arnon.)
  483. Numbers (Journeys) 21:30 We shoot the [inbreds down]! The [pagan towns in the network of] Heshbon {City-Of-Intrigue} perish all the way to Dibon {Pining}, [the City-Of-Sorrow]. We lay the [pagans] waste as far as Nophah {Wind-Gust} on the borders of Medeba {Quiet-Waters}.”
  484. Numbers (Journeys) 21:32 Then Moses sends spies [into the area called] Jaazer {Ring-of-Protection}. [The spies] capture [Jaazer's] villages. Then the [spies] drive out the inhabitants, [the] Amorite {Mountaineers}.
    note: Notice YHVH is not commanding any theft or murder. It's like YAH says, “I'm going to make you famous, then you're going to buy a Lamborghini.” That doesn't mean YAH is commanding you to buy a Lamborghini. He's simply declaring your future.
  485. Numbers (Journeys) 21:35 So, 😇, the [Israelites supernaturally] cast out [fat giant] Og, and his sons, and all his troops, until none are left [in the Promised Land]. Then the [Israelis] seize [Og's] land.
    note: Although the previous verse is often read to be YHVH's blessing on an act of war, it is highly unlikely that YHVH wanted the Israelites to kill Og's people.
  486. Joshua 8:20 The [soldiers] from Ai [turn from] chasing [the Israelis], 😇. They look behind themselves. Stunned, they see the smoke of their [evil] city ascending up to heaven! But they have no chance to flee in any direction. The [Israelites] who'd [faked] fleeing into the wilderness turn back on [Ai's soldiers]!
  487. Joshua 8:21 [Meanwhile,] JAHshua and all [the] Israelites see their ambush [party] taking the fortress. They [see] the smoke rising from the city. So the [Israelis rush] back toward [the burning ruins]. They banish the men of Ai.
    note: # 5221 nakah = strike or cast out, not necessarily kill. This is yet another holiness event, cleaning out the criminals, not a genocide.
  488. Joshua 8:28 So JAHshua burns Ai. [He] permanently turns it [into] a heap. So, 😇, to this day, [Ai] remains a ruin.
  489. Joshua 9:2 Those kings gather together as one to fight with JAHshua and with Israel.
  490. Joshua 10:5 So the 5 [evil] kings of the Amorite {Mountaineers}:
  491. the king of Jerusalem {City-Of-Peace},
  492. the king of Hebron {Society},
  493. the king of Jarmuth {Heights},
  494. the king of Lachish {Harvest},
  495. and the king of Eglon {Calf-Jump},
  496. gather themselves in [one mass]. They march up, [driving] all their armies, to camp facing Gibeon {Flower-Hill-City}, to make war against it.
  497. Judges 3:9 Finally, 😇, the brats of Israel cry to YHVH. So for the people of Israel YHVH raises up a deliverer named OthniEl {Force-Of-El}, the son of Kenaz {Hunter}, (Caleb's younger brother). [OthniEl] rescues the [Israelites].
  498. Judges 3:10 The Spirit of YHVH comes on OthniEl {Force-Of-El}. So he guides Israel. He [rides] out to engage [the pagans with praise-warfare. So YHVH delivers] Mesopotamia's king Chushan-Rishathaim {Doubly-Wicked-Black} into [OthniEl's] hand. [OthniEl's] power prevails against [the tyrant].
    note: The mode of "fighting" isn't specified here, so we assume it's praise-marching like at Jericho.
  499. Judges 3:24 As Ehud rushes out, the king's servants [run] to the king's parlour. They see its doors locked. [Smelling Eglon's rotten poop,] the [servants] assume, “[The king] must have closed his summer chamber doors to hide his [nakedness while he poops].”
  500. Judges 3:28 Ehud [screams] to the Israelis, “Follow me! YHVH has delivered your enemies (the [incestuous] Moabites) into your hand[s]!” So the [Israelis] rush downhill after [Ehud]. They seize the fords of [the] Jordan [river's west bank] opposite Moab. The [Israelis] refuse passage to all crossers.
  501. Judges 3:30 So, in one day, Moab [falls,] subdued under the hand of Israel. Then, 😇, [for] 80 years, the land enjoys rest [from war].
  502. Judges 4:14 So Deborah {Bee} [shouts] to Barak {Lightning}, “Rise! For today YHVH delivers Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra} into your hand: YHVH [marches] out before you!” So [General] Barak rides down from mount Tabor {Fragile} with 10 thousand [singing, dancing praise-warriors] following him.
  503. Judges 4:17 [Meanwhile, mighty General] Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra} flees away on foot to the [woman's] tent of Yael {Ibex}, the wife of Heber {Charmer} the Kenite {Lancer}. [Sisera hopes to enjoy the state of] peace [then existing] between king Jabin {Smarty} of Hazor {Hamlet} and the clans of Heber the Kenite.
  504. Judges 6:33 Then, 😇, all the Midianite {Brawlers} and the Amalekites and the [soldiers] of the [evil nations] east [of the Jordan river] amass together. They cross [west] over [the Jordan river]. They pitch [their war-camp] in the valley of JezreEl {El-Plants}.
  505. Judges 7:1 Then Jerubbaal {Baal-Grappler} aka Gideon {Hacker} (and all the people with him) rise up early. [They march out from their homes.] They pitch [camp] beside the Well of Harod {Terror}. To the north, in the valley beside the hill of Moreh {Archer}, [Gideon] sees Midianite {Brawler} armies [swarming to cover the earth]!
  506. Judges 9:39 Gaal {Loathing} charges in front of Shechem's troops. They rush out [of the city gate]. They attack AbiMelech {Father-King} [and his troops].
  507. Judges 9:40 AbiMelech {Father-King} chases [Gaal]. Gaal flees before Abimelech. Many [of Shechem's warriors] die [like dogs]. Dead bodies [pile up], 😇! [Bleeding corpses] cover the ground all the way to [Shechem's] city gate!
  508. Judges 9:43 So AbiMelech {Father-King} deploys his troops. He divides them into 3 squadrons. He lays another ambush in the field. Then he looks [up]. He sees [Gaal's] troops careening out of Shechem {Neck} City! So AbiMelech jumps up and attacks them. He strikes them.
  509. Judges 9:44 AbiMelech {Father-King} and the squadron with him rush forward to stand [and fight] in the {Neck} City entrance-gate. Abimelech's other two divisions run upon all [Gaal's] troops in the fields. [AbiMelech's troops] murder [Gaal's rebels].
  510. Judges 11:8 The elders of Gilead answer Jephthah, “[We've seen the light.] We're turning back to you now. So please go with us. Fight against the [inbred] spawn of Ammon. Then [we'll elect you] head over all us inhabitants of Gilead {Witness-Mound}.”
  511. Judges 11:15 [The messengers say to the angry-faced enemy king,] “Jephthah {Wide-Open} says, ‘Israel didn't take away the land of [incestuous] Moab, nor the land of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon:
  512. Judges 11:27 So I haven't sinned against you [pagans]. Rather, you're committing a war-crime by fighting me. Today YHVH the Judge decides [the verdict] between [we] sons of Israel and [you inbred] spawn of Ammon.”
    note: Accuracy fails where sweetness would have succeeded in averting war. A soft answer turns away wrath. An accurate answer sustains conflict.
  513. Judges 15:9 So [in revenge against Samson] the [coastal] Philistine [soldiers] march out [east]. They pitch war-camp in Judea. They spread out to attack [the city of] Lehi {Jawbone}.
  514. Judges 15:10 The Judean men shout, “Why are you attacking us?” The [Palestinians scream back], “To arrest SunRay, that’s why — to avenge him [for pillaging and murdering our people]!”
  515. Judges 20:31 The men of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} rush out against their [brother Israelites. Israel] draws [the Benjamites] away from the city. There [the Benjamites] begin to strike the [Israelis]. On the highway that goes up to Beth-El, and the other road to Gibeah's fields, the [Benjamites] kill (as before) about 30 Israeli men.
  516. Judges 20:32 So the men of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} brag, “The [Israelis lie] beaten down before us, just like [on] the [war's] 1st [day].” Meanwhile, the [opposing] sons of Israel cry, “Let's flee [in false retreat]. Let's draw the [enemy] from the city to the highways.”
  517. Judges 20:43 Thus the [Israelites] enclose the Benjamites, surrounding them, chasing them, easily trampling them down [in the fields] east of Gibeah [as the morning sun rises on 100,000 bloody 3-day-old stinking battle-dead].
  518. Judges 20:47 But 600 [Benjamite] men retreat. They flee to the wilderness, to Rimmon {Pomegranate} Rock. There they [struggle to] survive. They hide [in caves. They eat bugs and rabbits] for 4 months.
  519. 1st Samuel 13:6 The men of Israel see that they're [vastly outnumbered, 😇. So] the [Israeli] people hide themselves in caves, and in thickets, and in rock [mounds], and in [watchtowers], tombs, cisterns, [whatever they can find].
  520. 1st Samuel 14:47 So [king] Saul takes dominion over Israel. He devours all his enemies on every side: [to the east:] Moab and the [inbred] spawn of Ammon, [southland] Edom, [the far north Syrian] kings of Zobah {Station}, and [to the west,] the Philistines. Wherever [Saul] turns his [forces], he vexes [his enemies].
    note: Not 'defeats' them, but 'stirs up trouble.' The war-state feeds itself on war. The war-state never seeks peace. Saul should have loved and fed his enemies.
  521. 1st Samuel 14:48 Then [king Saul] gathers a [huge] army. He strikes the spawn of Amalek {Blood-Licker}. He rescues Israel out of the fists of the [pagan] plunderers.
  522. 1st Samuel 14:52 All Saul's days [Israel rages in] bitter war against the Palestinians, 😇. So when Saul sees any strong man, or any valiant man, he conscripts him to [fight in] his [army].
    note: Demon-possessed leaders impose military drafts.
  523. 1st Samuel 15:2 YHVH-commander-of-armies says: ‘I remember when Amalek's [hordes abused] Israel. As [Israel] emigrated up [north] from Egypt, [the Amalekites] lay in ambush in the road.
  524. 1st Samuel 17:6 Brass leg-armor protects [the giant's] legs. He wears a bronze javelin [slung] between his shoulders.
    note: 6 pieces of armor.
  525. 1st Samuel 17:10 The Philistine adds, “Today I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man, so we can fight it out!”
  526. 1st Samuel 17:16 This Philistine [Goliath] accosts [the terrified Israelites. Every] morning and evening, he offers himself [for battle. This goes on] for 40 days, 😇.
  527. 1st Samuel 17:21 Israel and the Philistines move into position. They face each other, battle-ready, 😇.
  528. 1st Samuel 23:1 Then [David's spies run into] David's [cave]. They report to him, “Look! The Philistines are [at war] against Keilah {Citadel}. They're robbing [grain from Judea's] threshing-floors.”
  529. 1st Samuel 23:2 So David asks YHVH, “Should I go and evict these Philistines?” YHVH answers David, “Go. Evict the Philistines. Save Keilah {Citadel}.”
    note: #5221 = Nakah = strike or cast out. Not necessarily a command to kill. YAH wanted David to use praise-power, not military force.
  530. 1st Samuel 23:5 So David {Love} and his men race to Keilah {Citadel}. They overcome the Philistines. [David's men] haul away the [pagans'] livestock. They evict the [pagans] with a great blow [of praise-power]. So David saves Keilah's inhabitants.
    note: Not clear whether this was a praise-battle or conventional warfare.
  531. 1st Samuel 23:8 So [lunatic king] Saul calls all the [Israeli soldiers] together to war, to [march] down [south] to Keilah {Citadel}, to besiege David and [David's] men.
  532. 1st Samuel 27:9 David evicts [these pagans]. He leaves no [infidel] man nor woman breathing [in] the [promised] land. He hauls away their [abandoned] sheep, oxen, donkeys, camels and clothing. [After every raid, David] returns [to Palestine], dragging [the loot home] to [king] Achish!
    note: #5221 Nakah = cast out, continuing YAH's earlier command to clean the promised land of pagans. Not necessarily killing them, however. Possibly using praise-war techniques such as the nonviolent music marches which Joshua used at Jericho.
  533. 1st Samuel 30:14 We invaded [and raided] the southland of the Cherethite {Executioners}, and some land in Judea, and the southland of Caleb {Battle-Cry}. And we burned Ziklag {Fortress} with fire.”
  534. 1st Samuel 30:25 Then from that day forward, [David] makes [equal sharing for combatants and abstainers] a statute. This ordinance persists in Israel to this day, 😇.
    note: That would be like paying people not to fight in the army. Try suggesting that in the beast-nation around you!
  535. 2nd Samuel 1:4 So David asks, “How did the [battle] go? Please, tell me.” The bowing man answers, “The [Israelites] fled the battle. Many people fell dead. [King] Saul and his son JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} lie dead too.”
  536. 2nd Samuel 3:19 Then [General] Abner [charges his black war-horse] to [the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. In their ears, [Abner shouts mutiny against Ish-Bosheth]. Then Abner rushes his 20 [attack] warriors [~30 miles south] to Hebron {Society}. There, in the ears of David, [Abner whispers the rebel plans of the tribe of] Benjamin and all of [north] Israel.
  537. 2nd Samuel 8:1 Time passes, 😇. David evicts the Philistines [from Israel]. He subdues them. And David snatches Metheg-Ammah {Bit-Of-The-Metropolis} out of the Philistine fist.
    note: These conquests not specifically commanded by YAH. Meteg-Amah can mean: Bridle Of The Mother-City (the seat of government.) This refers to Gath (Winepress-City) and her towns. See 1Chr 18:1.
  538. 2nd Samuel 8:6 Then David builds garrisons in [and around] Damascus, the capitol [city] of [Highland] Syria. So the Syrians become servants to David. They pay [him] tribute. YHVH preserves David {Love} everywhere he goes.
  539. 2nd Samuel 8:7 David {Love} [rips] the shields of gold off of the [dead bodies of] the officers of [king] Hadadezer {Helped-By-The-Idol-Hadad}. [David] carts the [shields] to Jerusalem.
  540. 2nd Samuel 10:6 Soon the [inbred] spawn of Ammon see that they're stinking in David's face. So [the Ammonites] send [envoys ~50 miles north] to hire Syrian [mercenaries] from Beth-Rehob {House-Of-The-Way}, plus 20 thousand other Syrian footmen from Zoba {Station}, plus the king of Maacah {Press} with 1000 men, plus 12 thousand fighters from Ish-Tob {Good-Man}.
  541. 2nd Samuel 10:8 Meanwhile, the [inbred] spawn of Ammon [march] out. They put [their] battle [forces] in array at the entrance to [their city] gate. Meanwhile the Syrians of Zoba {Station}, and of Rehob {Wide-Open}, and Ish-Tob {Good-Man}, and Maacah {Press}, [ready] themselves [to attack Israel from] the field[s].
  542. 2nd Samuel 10:9 [David's General] Joab {JAH-Dad} sees battle lines [squeezing] him in front and behind. So he chooses of all the best [warriors] of Israel. [Joab marches] them into [battle] formation. [They] face the Syrian [killers].
  543. 2nd Samuel 10:11 [Joab shouts,] “If the Syrians prove too strong for me, then you [send your forces to] help me. Similarly, if the [inbred] spawn of Ammon [fight] too strong for you, then I'll come [with my troops] to help you.
  544. 2nd Samuel 10:14 The [inbred] spawn of Ammon see the Syrians fleeing. So the [spawn of Ammon] also flee before [general] Abishai {Father-Of-Gifts}. [The Ammonites] retreat into [their] city. So [general] Joab {JAH-Dad} returns from [defeating] the Ammon-spawn. [Joab marches his army ~25 miles west, past the Jordan river,] into Jerusalem.
  545. 2nd Samuel 10:17 [Messengers rush] to tell [king] David [that new armies are heaping against him]. So [David] amasses all [the men of] Israel together. He crosses [them east] over [the] Jordan [river]. Then he [marches them far north] to Helam {Fortress}. There the Syrians set their [troops] in array against David's [army]. Then the [Syrians] attack!
  546. 2nd Samuel 10:18 But the Syrians flee before Israel. [With praise-power,] David kills 700 Syrian chariot-soldiers, plus 40 thousand horsemen! [David] even strikes [General] Shobach {Thicket}, the head of the [evil] army. So [Shobach] dies there.
    note: If this was a carnal slaughter, YHVH did not command it.
  547. 2nd Samuel 11:1 A year passes. [Spring blooms. Various] kings [march] out to battle. So [king] David deploys [General] Joab {JAH-Dad}. [Joab's] deputies and all [the warriors of] Israel [trail behind Joab. They march east past the Jordan river.] They destroy the [inbred] spawn of Ammon. They besiege Rabbah {Plenty}. Meanwhile, David stays in Jerusalem.
  548. 2nd Samuel 12:28 —So hurry. Amass the rest of your [soldiers]. Set up a war-camp against [Rabbah] city. [Finish] capturing it, or [I'll invade]. Then [everyone] will re-name [the city] after me [instead of you].”
  549. 2nd Samuel 12:30 Then [king] David takes the crown from the head of [Ammonite] king [Malkam]. It weighs 1 talent [66 pounds] of gold and precious stones! [Two men] lift it onto [king] David's head. Then David [and his troops] haul out massive stores of plunder from [Rabbah] city.
  550. 2nd Samuel 18:1 [As prince Absalom's hordes advance, king] David organizes his [loyalists]. He appoints colonels over thousands, and captains over hundreds [of fighters].
    note: #6485 paqad means visit/oversee, not number, or census. Human-numbering is a crime under Hebrew Law.
  551. 2nd Samuel 18:4 King [David] replies to [his officers], “What seems best to you is what I'll do.” So the king stands beside the [city] gate. He [watches] all [his soldiers march] out in [groups of] hundreds and thousands.
  552. 2nd Samuel 18:16 [General] Joab {JAH-Dad} blows [his] trumpet. So, recalled by Joab's [horn-blast], the [soldiers] return from chasing down Israel's [rebel troops].
  553. 2nd Samuel 20:13 With [Amasa's corpse] out of the road, all the [soldiers] run on [north] following [General] Joab {JAH-Dad}. They chase Bichri's brat (Sheba {Seven}).
  554. 2nd Samuel 21:19 In yet another battle against the Philistines at Gob {Pit}, [a hulk named] Goliath {Exile} from Gath {WinePress-Town} [attacks Israel's army. Like his predecessor, this Goliath's] spear-shaft [runs as long and thick as] a weaver's beam! But ElHanan {El-is-Gracious} the son of Jaare-Oregim {Woods-Weaver} from Bethlehem, slays [the brute]!
    note: KJV (probably incorrectly) inserts in italics ‘the brother of’ Goliath. This is a 2nd Goliath, resembling the one David killed (1 Sam 17).
  555. 2nd Samuel 23:14 David was hiding, using the [cave as his] fortress, [because] a Philistine garrison preparing to attack Jerusalem [had] occupied Bethlehem {Bread-House}.
  556. 1st Kings 11:17 At that time, the little prince (Hadad {Fierce}) and some of his father's Edomite servants flee [south] to Egypt.
  557. 1st Kings 11:25 [Rezon,] the Israel-hating [king] over [Highland] Syria, remains an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon {Peace-Man}. [Rezon] adds to the mischief Hadad {Fierce} wreaks [to Israel's south].
    note: Solomon, weakened by sin, loses Syria which David subdued.
  558. 1st Kings 14:25 [So] in the 5th year of [the reign of Judea's] king Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}, Egypt's king Shishak marches [his army ~250km north]. He attacks Jerusalem.
    note: The wall of the temple at Karnak, near Thebes, depicts Rehoboam and his war with Shishak/Shoshenq.
  559. 1st Kings 15:20 So [king] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} listens to king Asa. [Ben-Hadad] sends his army captains [south] against the cities of [northern] Israel. They strike Ijon {Ruin}, Dan {Judge}, Abel-Beth-Maachah {Press-House-Meadow}, all of Galilee {Heathen-Circle}, and all the land of [the tribe of] Naphtali {Wrestler}.
    note: Paying your enemies to kill each other doesn’t always work.
  560. 1st Kings 15:27 Nadab {Liberal} [leads] the whole [army of northern] Israel [west to war]. They invade Philistine-land. They lay siege to Gibbethon {Hilly-Spot}. But [future king] Baasha {Stink} (the son of AhiYah {Kin-Of-Yah}) [rises] from the [tribe] of Issachar {Reward}. [Baasha] conspires against Nadab. At [Hilly-Spot, Stink] strikes Nadab.
  561. 1st Kings 15:29 King Asa strikes the entire dynasty of Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}. Asa leaves Jeroboam no breathing [survivor]. Asa destroys Jeroboam in fulfillment of the prophecy YHVH spoke through his servant AhiYah {Kin-Of-Yah}, [prophet] of Shiloh {Tranquil}.
  562. 1st Kings 20:23 Meanwhile, the [Generals] of [Highland] Syria [brag] to their king, “The [Israelis'] elohim are hill-gods. That's why they proved stronger than us. But let us fight against them on the plains. Then we'll definitely overpower them.
    note: Syria (Aramea) means “highland plateau.”
  563. 1st Kings 20:25 —Then enlist an army, like the army that you lost, horse for horse, and chariot for chariot. Then we'll fight the [Israelis] on the plain. Then we'll surely prove stronger than them.” So [Ben-Hadad] listens to [his Generals'] bleating. He [orders the 2nd war].
  564. 1st Kings 20:26 So at the new year, [in spring, Emperor] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} numbers [his] Syrian [troops]. He [marches ~60km southwest] to Aphek {Fortress} to attack Israel.
    note: Aphek was presumably a town on the east central bank of Lake Galilee.
  565. 1st Kings 22:29 So [north] Israel's king [Ahab] and Judea's king JAHoshaphat [stupidly march their armies] up to [Syrian-occupied] Ramoth-Gilead {Witness-Heights}.
  566. 1st Kings 22:32 The [Syrian] chariot-captains see JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment}. They [yell], “That's the king of Israel!” So they turn aside to fight him. Then JAHoshaphat cries out, [“I'm not Ahab!”]
  567. 1st Kings 22:36 Around sundown, [Israel's Generals send] a proclamation throughout the army. [The couriers yell], “Every man [return] to his city! Every man to his own country!”
  568. 2nd Kings 3:7 [On the way, north Israeli king] JAHoram sends [messengers] to Judea’s king JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment}, saying, “The king of Moab is rebelling against me. Will you [march] with me [east] against Moab in battle?” [JAHoshaphat] replies, “I will [march my troops] up [to fight] beside you. I am as you are; my people as your people; my horses as your horses.”
  569. 2nd Kings 3:21 Meanwhile, the Moabites hear that 3 [Israeli] kings have marched up to fight against them. So they amass every [Moabite subject] big enough to strap on armor. They station [their defense forces] at [Israel's] border.
  570. 2nd Kings 8:22 (Yet, to this day, Edom {Southland} [continues] to revolt from [slaving] under Judea's hand.) Then, [to make evil king JAHoram's problems worse, central Israel’s city of] Libnah {White-Tree} simultaneously rebels [against Judea]!
    note: Archaeologists believe that Libnah was a city in central Israel.
  571. 2nd Kings 13:25 [Then north Israeli king] JAhoash (JAHoahaz' son) snatches back out of the hand of Ben-Hadad the cities which ([Ben-Hadad's] Dad) [HazaEl] robbed from the hand of JAhoash's Dad (JAHoahaz) by war. JAHoash beats [Ben-Hadad] 3 times. So [JAHoash] recovers Israel's cities.
  572. 2nd Kings 14:7 In Edom {Red-Man's-Southland}, in the Salt Valley, [AmaziYah] slays 10 thousand [attack-soldiers]. He captures [the region of] Cela {Lofty-Crag} in war. He renames it [the name] it [holds] today: ‘JoktheEl {Obey-El}’.
  573. 2nd Kings 14:8 Then [Judea's king] AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness} sends messengers to the [evil] king of [rebel north] Israel (JAhoash {JAH-Fired} (the son of JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed}, son of JAHu {JAH-Is-He})). [AmaziYah] says, “Come. Let's look one another in the face, [on the battlefield. I'm going to reunite the kingdom of David under me!]
  574. 2nd Kings 16:5 So Syria's king Rezin {Delight} and [north] Israel's [evil] king Pekah {Watch} (son of RemaliYah {YAH-Decks}) attack Jerusalem in war. They besiege [evil king] Ahaz {Possessor}. But they fail to overcome him.
  575. 2nd Kings 16:6 [So] Syria's king Rezin {Delight} [marches his armies ~300km south from Jerusalem to the Red Sea]. He steals back Elath {Palms} for Syria. [Rezin] drives the Jews from Elath. So [many] Syrians migrate [southwest ~900km from Iraq to] Elath, where their [descendants] live today, 😇.
  576. 2nd Kings 18:24 [If you can't even mount 2000 riders on my horses,] you can't even turn away the face of one captain of the least of my master's [Imperial] officers. [And you're a fool if you] put your trust on Egypt for chariots and for horsemen.
  577. 2nd Kings 23:29 At [the end of king JosiYah's] lifetime, Egypt’s king (Pharaoh Nechoh {Nike} II) [marches his armies ~400km northeast] toward the [Syrian] Euphrates river [in a mad attempt] to attack the Assyrian Emperor. [So Judea's] King JosiYah [foolishly] rushes [his chariots 50km north from Jerusalem to help Assyria repel Pharaoh]. [Pharaoh] spots [JosiYah]. [Pharoah] attacks. He [shoots an arrow through JosiYah's face] at Megiddo {Rendezvous}.
    note: Josiah should have let Assyria and Egypt destroy each other. Never attack your enemies. Instead let them destroy each other. Megiddo is (literally or metaphorically) where the final world-ending battle is slated to soon occur.
  578. 2nd Kings 24:10 So Babylon's Emperor Nebuchadnezzar [deploys his invading] commanders. They rush [their armies] up against Jerusalem. They besiege the city.
  579. 2nd Kings 24:11 Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon [personally] comes to supervise his generals as they besiege [Jerusalem] city.
  580. 1st Chronicles 5:10 Then in [king] Saul's lifetime, [Rebuen's clans] wage war against the [descendants of Ishmael's mother] Hagar {Stranger}. The [Arabs] fall [dead] under the [Reubenites'] fists. So [Reuben's progeny] dwell in the [Hagarites'] tents throughout all the east land of Gilead {Witness}.
    note: Again, not a war commanded by YHVH.
  581. 1st Chronicles 5:18 The sons of Reuben {Look-a-Son}, and Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} [compile an army] of 44760 valiant men, all skillful in war, men able to bear shield and sword, and to shoot [arrows from] bows. [So] they ride out [picking] fights.
    note: Standing armies manufacture wars. That's why Moses commanded Israel to never maintain a standing army.
  582. 1st Chronicles 5:21 So [the Reubenites] steal away the [Arabs'] cattle: 50000 camels, 250000 sheep, 2000 donkeys, plus 100000 humans [whom the Reubenite brutes turn into slaves], 😇!
  583. 1st Chronicles 12:2 [These defectors to David are] Saul's relatives from [the tribe of] Benjamin. [They arrive] armed with bows, trained to use both the right hand and the left to hurl stones [at their kill targets,] and to shoot arrows from bow[s].
  584. 1st Chronicles 14:8 Soon the Philistines hear that united Israel has anointed David king. So all the Philistine [soldiers march] up [east] to hunt [and assassinate] David. But David hears of [the attack]. So he [marches] out [his praise-teams] against the [Palestinians].
    note: Nothing in the text suggests anything about David attacking with armies.
  585. 1st Chronicles 18:3 Then King Hadarezer {Hadar-Is-Help} of Zobah {Station} invades [Israel in a mad attempt] to extend his dominion from the [north origin of the] Euphrates river [in Turkey south ~600km to Egypt]. But [king] David evicts [Hadarezer's army all the way back] to Hamath {Joined-Walls}, [~200km north of Jerusalem]!
  586. 1st Chronicles 19:7 The [inbreds] hire 32000 chariots, plus the king of Maachah {Press} and his [army]. These [mercenary] invaders [march hundreds of miles south to battle Israel]. They pitch [war-camp] facing Medeba {Quiet-Waters}. Meanwhile, the [inbred] spawn of Ammon gather themselves together from their cities. They march [west] to battle [Israel].
  587. 1st Chronicles 19:11 [Joab] sends the rest of the [Israeli warriors] into the control of his brother, [General] Abishai {Father-Of-Gifts}. [Abishai marches his troops] into array against the [inbred] spawn of Ammon.
  588. 1st Chronicles 20:6 Then yet another war flares up with Gath {Wine-Press}. There a huge man, another son of the giant, with 24 digits (6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot) [leads attacks on Israel's towns].
  589. 2nd Chronicles 12:3 Shishak storms out of Egypt leading 1200 chariots, 60 thousand horsemen, and countless warriors from Libya {Dry-Land}, Sukkiy {Egyptian-Hut-Land} and Cush {Ethiopia}!
  590. 2nd Chronicles 16:4 So [Syria's king] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} listens to [Judea's] king Asa. [Ben-Hadad] sends the captains of his armies [~100km southwest to] attack the cities of [rebel north] Israel. They strike Ijon {Ruin}, and [the tribal lands of] Dan {Judge}, and Abel-Maim {Meadows-Of-Water}, and all the store cities of [the tribe of] Naphtali {Wrestler}.
  591. 2nd Chronicles 20:2 A [bleeding runner runs up to Jerusalem's palace. He yells] to [king] JAHoshaphat, “A great [multi-army] coalition from Syria, from beyond the [Dead] sea, advances to attack you! Look out! They're [~35km southwest] at Hazazon-Tamar {Palm-Tree-Row} (aka En-Gedi {Kid-Fountain}).”
  592. 2nd Chronicles 20:11 —I beg you to look at how the [inbreds] repay our [nonresistance]. They're invading [us]! [They're trying] to hurl us out of your own land that you've given us to inherit!
  593. 2nd Chronicles 22:1 The inhabitants of Jerusalem [crown JAHoram's] youngest brat (AhaziYah) king in [JAHoram's] place. [AhaziYah is the only choice,] because back when Arabs invaded [Judaea's refugee] camp, band[s] of [guerrillas] murdered all [of JAHoram's] older children.
  594. 2nd Chronicles 25:21 So [north] Israel's king JAHoash {JAH-Fired} [marches his army ~40km south] to the Judean city of Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}. There [the two kings, north Israel's JAHoash] vs Judea's king AmaziYah, stare each other in the face.
  595. 2nd Chronicles 26:14 [King] UzziYah {YAH's-Strength} prepares shields, and spears, and helmets, and coats of mail, and bows, and slings to cast stones. He [distributes] these [weapons] throughout [his] entire [military] horde.
  596. 2nd Chronicles 32:2 [King] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} sees Sennacherib march up to attack Jerusalem.
  597. 2nd Chronicles 32:13 —Don't you [Jews] know what [damage] I and my fathers have done to all the people of [hundreds of] other countries? Were the gods of the nations of those lands in any way able to rescue their territories from my hand?
  598. Psalms 79:1 Oh Elohim, the beast-nations invade your inheritance. They defile Your sacred temple. They lay Jerusalem in heaps [of rubble].
    note: See Jer. 52.
  599. Psalms 79:2 The [evil ones] sacrifice the dead bodies of your servants as meat to sky-birds. [The killers feed] the flesh of your kind-ones to the beasts of the earth.
  600. IsaiYAH 7:1 [Fast forward] to the days of Judea's [evil] king, JAHtham's brat Ahaz {Possessor}, grandson of UzziYah {YAH's-Strength}). Syria's [cruel] king Rezin {Delight} [forms an evil alliance with] north-Israel's rogue-king Pekah {Watch} (son of RemaliYah {YAH-Decks}). The [two demon-infested dictators march their unified armies] uphill [hundreds of miles south] to Jerusalem, intending in vain to take the [holy city] in war.
    note: See 2Kings 15 & 16.
  601. IsaiYAH 7:5 [Yes, highland] Syria [and North Israel aka] Ephraim, [led by] RemaliYah's scamp [Pekah], conspire to ruin you [Judeans].
  602. IsaiYAH 7:6 [Your enemies scream,] ‘Let's march up [and fight] against Judea. Let's cut-off [their heads]! Let's puncture their [walls]. We'll install the son of Tab-El {El-Pleaser} as our puppet-king at [Jerusalem's] core!’”
  603. IsaiYAH 7:17 Then YHVH hurls [your sugar-daddy, the] Assyrian Emperor down on [top of] you. [Your ‘ally’] smashes your people. He trashes your ancestral dynasty. Destruction [pummels you with a blood-feast] unseen since the day Ephraim {Northern-Israel} broke loose from Judea.
  604. IsaiYAH 15:2 [The Moabites stream] up to Bajith [House], and to Dibon {Longing}, to weep in their high-shrines. Moab howls over [the wrecked cities of] Nebo {Babyl-god}, and over Medeba {Quiet-Waters}. All [Moab's spawn] shave their heads bald [in mourning]. Every beard [lies] cut off [on the blood-soaked ground].
    note: Cutting off a man's beard is a sign of disgrace and mourning.
  605. IsaiYAH 15:3 In their streets, the [ransacked Moabites] wrap their [bodies] with sackcloth, 😇. On the tops of their houses, and in their squares, everyone howls. They flood [their land] with tears.
  606. IsaiYAH 17:9 [Payback] day leaves [Israel's] strong cities abandoned like impassable mountain-top thickets, forsaken by the [terrrified] faces of Jacob's [fleeing] descendants.
  607. IsaiYAH 17:12 Woe [overwhelms] the mingled millions who rage like the roar of the mighty seas. [Death consumes] the proliferating beast-nations who smash [down] like tsunamis [to drown YAH's people].
  608. IsaiYAH 20:1 [Emperor] Sargon of Assyria orders his commander-in-chief to [march his armies [~450km] southwest to seize coastal Palestine]. [So the Assyrian General] attacks the [Philistine] city of Ashdod {Ravager-City}.
  609. IsaiYAH 36:1 In the 14th year of [the reign of good] king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}, Emperor Sennacherib of Assyria [marches his armies ~700km Southwest to] scale [the hills of north Israel]. He [then] attacks all the fortified cities in Judea. He captures them, 😇.
  610. IsaiYAH 36:2 Then, from Lachish {Harvest-Town}, Assyria's Emperor sends a giant army [led by his] Rabshakeh {Field-Commander}. [These marauders march 26km northeast, uphill] to Jerusalem, to [confront] king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}. [The Rabshakeh] amasses [his army] by the Upper Pool's aqueduct on the road to the Washerman's field.
  611. IsaiYAH 36:14 —The Emperor warns, ‘Don't let HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} deceive you. He won't be able to deliver you!
  612. IsaiYAH 51:21 So listen up, you humiliated [nation], you [people more] drunk on [blood] than on wine.
  613. JeremiYAH 2:15 Young [Babylonian] ‘lions’ scream upon [Israel]: ROAR! They lay [Israel's] land waste. They burn every last inhabitant out of [Israel's] cities.
  614. JeremiYAH 4:21 How long must I see the [enemy's] flag, and hear the blast of their trumpets, 😇?
  615. JeremiYAH 5:16 The [invader's] arrow-quiver is an open tomb, 😇. Every soldier is a master of [war].
  616. JeremiYAH 6:22 YHVH says, “See, 😇! A population streams from the north country. [I] rouse a massive beast-nation from the ends of the earth.
  617. JeremiYAH 10:20 Ruined tents! Cords snap, 😇! Children run [away from catapult-fire! My family blows up] into nothingness! My home collapses. The walls blow up [and out].
  618. JeremiYAH 19:6 So watch. YHVH warns: The days come when this place ceases to be called ‘Tophet {Drum-Smack},’ nor ‘The Valley Of Hinnom's Son,’ but ‘The Ravine Of Killing.’
    note: Gay Hagerah = Slaughter Gully.
  619. JeremiYAH 21:4 YHVH Elohim of Israel says: [Judean hypocrites,] watch me flip-back the weapons of war in your hands, with which you fight against the Babylonian Emperor, and [his] Chaldean [killers] who besiege you outside [your fortress] walls. I'm assembling [your foes] in the midst of this, [your bloodthirsty] city.
  620. JeremiYAH 21:7 Later YHVH adds, “I come to deliver Judea's [evil] king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right} (and his obeyers, and [his] people, and every other survivor left in this city) from the pestilence, from the sword, and from the famine. [I drop them] into the hand of Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, into the fist of their enemies, into the clutches of [pagans] who seek their lives. [The Emperor] strikes them with the ‘bite’ of the sword. He refuses to spare them, or take pity, or show mercy.”
  621. JeremiYAH 25:9 Watch me send my servant, Babylonian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar. He comes [leading] all the warrior-clans of the [pagan] lands north [of Israel],” warns YHVH. “I bring [attackers] against this land, and against its [evil] inhabitants, and against all [your] surrounding neighbor-nations. [Nebuchadnezzar] utterly bans [you all from the promised land]. He makes [you infidels] the [source] of stunned hissing, [where you lie rotting, crushed by] perpetual ruins.
    note: 2763 charam = seclude, ban, consecrate, eliminate, or destroy.
  622. JeremiYAH 32:28 Accordingly, YHVH announces, “Watch me [hurl] this city into the hand of the Chaldeans, into the fist of Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He comes to seize her.
  623. JeremiYAH 34:7 Meanwhile, the Babylonian Emperor's army fights against Jerusalem, and against all the remaining cities of Judea, against Lachish {Harvest}, and against Azekah {Farms}, the [only] fortified cities left [standing] in Judea.
  624. JeremiYAH 37:5 Meanwhile, Pharaoh's army storms north from Egypt. Soon the Chaldean [forces] besieging Jerusalem hear news of [the impending Egyptian attack]. So the [Chaldeans] retreat [north] from Jerusalem.
  625. JeremiYAH 37:9 YHVH decrees: ‘Don't deceive yourselves. Stop saying, ‘The Chaldean [army] will keep retreating from us.’ They never leave [Judea].
  626. JeremiYAH 37:11 Time passes, 😇. The Chaldean army disbands from Jerusalem for fear of facing Pharaoh's army.
  627. JeremiYAH 38:28 So JeremiYah {YAH-Rises} stays in the prison-yard until the day the [Babylonians] seize Jerusalem, 😇. Jeremiah [watches the brutes] capture [his beloved] City-Of-Peace.
  628. JeremiYAH 39:1 In the 10th month of the 9th year of [the reign of] Judea's king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right}, Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon and his entire army attack Jerusalem. They besiege it.
  629. JeremiYAH 46:21 Yes, Egypt's mercenary [warriors] parade through [Egypt's cities] like fat young bulls, 😇. But [war] pushes them back [out of Egypt]. They flee away en masse. They can't stand the day of calamity falling on them. It's judgment time.
  630. JeremiYAH 46:23 [Babylon comes to] cut down [Egypt's human] forest,’ YHVH warns, ‘though today [Egypt's population] can't be numbered, because [Egypt] has more people than its countless grasshoppers.
  631. JeremiYAH 48:2 Eventually nothing remains to praise in Moab. [Marauders] in [nearby] Heshbon {Intelligence} plot [Moab's] ruin. [They shout,] “Come! Let's slice the nation of [Moab off the earth]! You, [nation of incest-spawned] madmen die, chased down by the sword.
  632. JeremiYAH 48:3 A crying voice echoes from Horonaim {Double-Cave-Town}: “Destruction! Overwhelming damage!”
  633. JeremiYAH 48:8 The spoiler comes to descend on [your] every town. No city escapes. [Your] valley[s] alike perish. The plains come to [lie] destroyed.” YHVH speaks [your] future, [perverts]!
  634. JeremiYAH 48:10 [Invaders scream,] “Cursed is he who does the work of YHVH deceitfully! Cursed is [the soldier] who withholds his sword from blood!”
    note: Warmongering interpreters misconstrue this verse to be a call from heaven for Judeo-Christians to go to war. However, this verse is in reality just one of many quotations of things people said during Babylon's conquest of Moab. The Creator calls his followers to love their enemies.
  635. JeremiYAH 48:15 [Soldiers] ravage Moab. They attack her cities. Her chosen young men lie downed by [rampant] slaughter,” warns [earth's] King, whose name is YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies.
  636. JeremiYAH 48:17 All you [nations] surrounding [Moab,] bemoan him. All you who know his name, say, “How shattered lies the mighty scepter. The splendid staff [falls, broken to bits]!”
  637. JeremiYAH 48:26 [War] makes [Moab] drunk [on his own blood], because he magnified himself against YHVH. “Moab comes to stagger in his [own] vomit. [The world] makes him the object of blood-sport.
  638. JeremiYAH 48:40 YHVH predicts: “Watch, 😇: [Down the attacking] eagle flies. He spreads his wings over Moab.
  639. JeremiYAH 48:43 YHVH decrees: “Terror, the death-pit, and the snare come to [soon] overtake you, [inbred] infesters of Moab.
  640. JeremiYAH 49:3 “Howl, [people of] Heshbon {Intelligence}. For [your protector,] Ai {Ruin-Heap} lies devastated. Sob, you daughter-towns of Rabbah {Plenty}. Wrap your bodies in sackcloth. Wail. Run back and forth around your [crushed] fences. [Watch Ammon's murderous] war-king trudge into slavery. Molech's priests and his princes [die] together.
  641. JeremiYAH 49:9 When grape-pickers invade your [farms,] do they not leave a few grapes for [poor gleaners] to scavenge? When thieves [attack you] by night, they only ravage you 'til they get their fill.
  642. JeremiYAH 49:10 But I strip Esau's [genealogy] bare. I uncover his secret places. So he can't hide himself. His seed-progeny come to lie spoiled. His brothers and his neighbors [perish]. [Esau's line] vanishes to nothing.
  643. JeremiYAH 49:14 I [Jeremiah] hear a report from YHVH: [He] sends [his angelic] ambassador to the beast-nations, [trumpeting], “Gather your [armies] together! Advance against [Edom]. Rise up to the battle.”
  644. JeremiYAH 49:15 [YAH continues,] “See [your future, Edom]! I come to make you small among the beast-nations, despised among men.
  645. JeremiYAH 49:18 [I come to] overthrow [Edom] like [I nuked] Sodom and Gomorrah and their [perverted] neighbor cities,” YHVH warns. [Eventually] no man lives there. No ‘child of Adam’ [suvives] to infest [post-cataclysmic Edom].
  646. JeremiYAH 49:19 Watch, 😇: [Nebuchadnezzar] rises up like a lion from the swelling Jordan [river]. [He floods] the [perverts'] perennial homestead. In a moment, I make [scared flockling Edom] race away from [Babylon's army. Nebuchadnezzar] is my chosen man. I appoint [him Emperor] over [Edom]. Who is like Me? Who schedules Me? What [nation's] shepherd-leader can stand before Me?”
  647. JeremiYAH 49:29 [Babylon] comes to steal the [Arabs'] tents and flocks. [Soldiers] nab the [Arabs'] curtains, their containers, their camels. The [Arabs] cry, “Shrinking-fear surrounds us!”
  648. JeremiYAH 49:30 “Flee, you Hazor {Hamlet} dwellers! Get far away! Dwell deep [in hiding,] warns YHVH. “Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon now executes war-plans against you. His strategy [ends in your complete destruction].”
  649. JeremiYAH 50:10 [All of] Chaldea becomes plunder. Every [marauder] who loots her [shouts for joy,] delighted with [his take],” predicts YHVH.
  650. JeremiYAH 50:44 Watch, 😇: [Babylon] jumps up like a lion in the Jordan [river's] thickets. [Babylon attacks the world's] mightiest palace[s]. But I come to make [Babylon] suddenly run away from [Persia]. I appoint whatever man I choose to rule [Babylon]. Who compares with me? Who tells me when to [work]? What shepherd-leader [on earth] dares stand and face me?”
  651. JeremiYAH 51:49 As Babylon caused the slain of Israel to fall, so Babylon's fall [becomes] the [greatest] slaying the whole world [has ever seen, 😇]!
    note: Yet to be completely fulfilled.
  652. JeremiYAH 51:54 Sounds of crying-screams echo from Babylon, 😇. Massive smashing echoes [through] all Chaldean land[s].
  653. JeremiYAH 52:4 On the 10th day of the 10th month of the 9th year of [ZedekYah's bloody] reign, Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon comes (flanked by his whole army) against Jerusalem. He pitches [war-camp] against it, 😇. He builds siege-forts all the way around it!
  654. JeremiYAH 52:14 Then the whole Chaldean army, [led] by the captain of [Babylon's royal] guard, break down all the walls surrounding Jerusalem.
  655. Ezekiel 7:22 My face turns away from the [hypocrites. Attackers] desecrate my secret place. Thieves invade [my temple]. They pollute it.
  656. Ezekiel 12:20 [Soldiers] come to waste your populous cities. [Marauders] desolate your farmland. Then you grasp that I am YHVH {Everywhere-All-The-Time}.’”
  657. Ezekiel 21:11 [I YHVH] gave [Nebuchadnezzar] the sword. I told him to sharpen it to [a shine]. Ready, pointing, gleaming, [the Emperor] passes [the sword-force] into the hand of [Babylon's] killer [general].
    note: YAH chooses pagans to execute his bloody punishments. YAH never commands his holy people to commit violence.
  658. Ezekiel 21:12 Cry and howl, ‘son of Adam.’ [Armies] advance upon my people. [Babylon] comes to bash all the leaders of [rogue] Israel. Sword-induced horrors descend on my people. So beat your breast [to warn them, 😇].
  659. Ezekiel 21:28 So, ‘son of Adam’, prophesy! Say, ‘Adonai YHVH condemns the Ammon-spawn for laughing [when Jerusalem fell].’ Say, ‘The sword! [Babylon's] sword draws, shined for slaughter, [ready] to devour [you hypocrites] like lightning!
  660. Ezekiel 24:2 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ inscribe todays date — this very day. For today the Babylonian Emperor appoints his [Empire] to attack Jerusalem.
  661. Ezekiel 28:23 I send pestilence into you. Blood [runs] in [your] streets. [Your men,] wounded by the sword, fall within you wherever you turn. Finally [all who see Sidon's demise] come to know that I am YHVH {The-Eternal-Power}.
  662. Ezekiel 29:18 ‘Son of Adam,’ Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon made his army obediently and massively serve me by [destroying] Tyre {Rock-Port}. [The war] left every [helmeted Babylonian] head bald, their every shoulder rubbed to scabs [from years of weapon-toting]. Yet neither [Nebuchadnezzar] nor his army got any payment for serving [me] by smashing Tyre.”
    note: YAH gets dirty people, not holy people, to do the dirty work of killing criminals. YAH never orders his saints to commit violence. Prof. Sayce's ‘Egypt Of The Hebrews’ (1896) describes the demise of Pharaoh Amasis.
  663. Ezekiel 30:4 The war-sword comes to [slash down] upon Egypt, 😇. Great pain [grips] Cush {Ethiopia}, when Egypt's slain [people] fall. [Oppressors rush in to] steal [Egypt's] population. [Attackers] break down her foundations.
    note: In modern prophetic terms, Egypt refers to the New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum) as depicted in the All-Seeing-Eye Pyramid on the ‘Great Seal’ on U.S. $1 bills.
  664. Ezekiel 32:12 By the swords of mighty-masterful-men I cast down all your battalions of international terrorists. [Northern armies] spoil the pomp of Egypt. [Babylon] exterminates [Egypt's entire] population.
  665. Ezekiel 32:29 There lies [southland] Edom, her kings, all her princes, [and] her master-warriors, flung upon the victims [they] killed in battle. They [fall to stink] with the “un-trimmed” dead who descend to the pit.
  666. Ezekiel 32:31 Falling, Pharaoh sees the [rotten faces of skeletons coming toward him]. He sighs [his last breath] as he falls onto his hordes. [There] Pharaoh and all his army [bleed,] butchered by [war's] blade,” says Adonai YHVH.
  667. Ezekiel 32:32 [Pharaoh gasps his last confession:][I deserve death for] spawning sorrow in the land of the living.’ [So I, YHVH,] scatter his [corpse] on the mounds of [countless] crumpled [pagans] mowed-down by [man's] weapons. [So] Pharaoh and all his crowds [of followers die forever],” warns Adonai YHVH.
  668. Ezekiel 38:4 So I come to spin you [northern armies] in reverse. I [shove] hooks into your jaws. I haul you out, with your whole army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with [a] panoply of armor, a vast assembly bearing breastplates and shields, every [warrior] grasping swords.
  669. Ezekiel 38:5 [Ham's muslim descendants:] Persia {Iran}, Cush {Ethiopia} and Put {Libya} [march] with [Gog {Western-Powers}. See] all their [allied soldiers sporting] shields and helmets, 😇.
    note: This world-empire, at least its ‘Magog’ component, could be the the BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India & China in unholy union. In 2020, Iran formed a coalition with China, as Russia and Turkey-backed Azerbaijani forces attacked Christian Armenia.
  670. Ezekiel 38:6 Beside [Gog] march many people-groups including Gomer {Ukraine}, and all her bands [of combatants], plus the house of Togarmah {Armenia} from the recesses of the north, with all [their] battalions.
    note: Gomer refers to people north of Asia Minor, probably the Ukraine, descended from Japheth (Gen 10:3). Northern Ukraine is the home of Chernobyl (Wormwood), the site of the first major nuclear power disaster.
  671. Ezekiel 39:2 So I spin you [U.N. marauders south]. I lure you [to the promised land]. I rouse you from the recesses of [earth's] north. I send you [to war] upon Israel's highlands.
  672. Daniel 11:15 So the king of the [Syrian] north, [Antiochus III, the ‘Great,’] invades [Egypt]. He erects [mighty] siege-works. He seizes [Egypt's] most fortified city. The armed-forces of the south [Egypt/Negev] fail to withstand [the Greek onslaught. The northern Greeks beat down even Egypt's most] elite troops. Eventually the [Egyptians] lose all strength to resist.
  673. Hosea 8:1 “Set the trumpet to your mouth, 😇! The bird of prey [swoops down] on the temple of YHVH, because [My people] violate My covenant. Judea-Christians covertly savage My law.
    note: Enemy armies attack because the people (who are supposed to depend on YAH) set up doomed relationships with worldly powers. Jews and Christians do the same exact thing today, with the same devastating consequences.
  674. Hosea 11:6 [See your country's future, 😇:] the [slashing] sword [keeps on] wounding [your] cities, consuming your branches, devouring your [chiefs, sons & defenders,] because you seek counsel [from lying, traitorous, money-driven religious and secular leaders].
  675. Jah-El 1:6 Over my land a beast-nation rears up. Its strong, countless ‘teeth’ [bite] razor-sharp like a young lion cub's incisors. [The invader flashes] the ‘fangs’ of the fiercest great roaring lion.
  676. Jah-El 3:10 [Evil warmongers,] beat your plowshares into swords! [Melt] your pruning-hooks into spears! Weaklings, thrust out your chest-muscles! Boast, ‘I'm tough! [I'm a fighter!]
  677. Jah-El 3:11 Mobilize your attack troops! Come on, all you beast-nations! Gather yourselves! Surround, encamped against [My people] on every side! Send your mighty warriors to come down [to face] YHVH {The-Eternal-Creator}.
    note: This is a dare-taunt from Yahweh to the united nations.
  678. Amos 6:9 [Watch what's coming, 😇:] 10 men might survive, [hiding] in one house. But they die [anyway].
  679. MicaYah 1:13 The [big chariot-whipping] men of Lachish {Horse-town} started Israel's revolt [against YHVH]. They led Israel's daughter-people into [the] error [of warmongering]. [Now Lachich's whippers] harness their chariots onto their swiftest stallions. [Israel's ‘heroes’ flee like scared little girls before attacking foreign invaders.]
    note: Apparently Horse-town was a center of military power, symbolized by horses and chariots. Proponents of military bases sell false-hope of salvation through military power.
  680. Nahum 2:12 [The wild] lion tears in pieces all [the food his] cubs [can eat. He] strangles [victims for his] lionesses. They stuff [their] holes [with prey. See cave] dens crammed [with bloody meat, bones,] torn flesh.
    note: A mirror of the brutality of Assyria's war-machine.
  681. Nahum 3:13 Troops [shake, their] hearts [weak as their bleeding] women. [The] land's gates open wide. Enemy fire devours [the] barricades, 😇.
    note: Or troops with men mixed with women.
  682. Nahum 3:15 Fire devours, 😇! Swords cut down! Cankerworms consume [the dead]. Millions [of] devourers. Millions [of] locusts.
  683. Habakkuk 1:10 [Warmongers] scoff [at] kings. [Brutes] scorn princes. [Conquerors] laugh [at] strongholds. [Invaders] build earthen [ramps] to seize [fortresses].
  684. ZechariYAH 1:19 I ask the angel who speaks in me, “What are these [4 horns]?” The angel answers, “These are the horn-powers who [like pitchforks,] scattered Judea, Israel and Jerusalem.”
    note: Goring-Horns: Presumably Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Arabian/Palestinian powers.
  685. ZechariYAH 6:2 Red horses draw the 1st chariot. Black horses draw the second.
    note: Death follows War. Angels execute judgment on the gentile nations (see Revelation 7:1-3; 9:14, 15).
  686. Judith 1:14 So Nebuchadnezzar becomes lord of Arphaxad's cities. Nebuchadnezzar [storms] into Ecbatane [fortress]. He captures its towers, spoils its streets, and morphs its beauty into shame.
  687. Judith 5:20 So now, my lord and governor [Holofornes], let's assume that the [Israelis] are chargeable for [some] crime. Probably they've sinned against [YHVH] their Elohim. So let's acknowledge that their [sins] will be their ruin. Let's [march] up [to fight them]. We'll overcome them.
  688. Judith 16:4 Assur invaded [us] from the mountains of the north. He came with 10 thousand [soldiers] of his army! His multitude stopped the torrents [of our water supply.] Their horsemen covered the hills.
  689. 1 Maccabees 1:1 Alexander [the Great], the son of Philip {Horse-Lover}, the Macedonian [Warlord], rises [to power] from the land of Chettiim {Cyprus}. [Alexander] smites Darius III [Artashata], Emperor of the Medo-Persian Empire, [the most powerful empire on earth]. On Darius’ throne, Alexander reigns as the first-ever Emperor over Greece.
    note: Maccabees is an incredibly important pseudo-sacred book, the outline of which Daniel predicted hundreds of years in advance. Maccabees lays the framework into which Christ is born. Christ's teachings are answers to the Maccabees' errors. The story that has always fired my the Book of Maccabbees. The Maccabbee family stood up. They made war. They stuck by their guns, and they came out winning. It’s like a Western.—Mel Gibson. The Maccabees [Hammers] were a fierce group of guerrilla warriors. They revolted against the Seleucid Empire and its ruler who had forbidden Jewish religious practices. The Maccabees were zealots. Their revolt started with the murder of a Jew who practiced Hellenism. After the Maccabees wrested control of Judea from the Greeks, they set out to purify the promised land. ‘Cyprus’ is an assumption, probably based on the Greeks using the island as an attack base for landing in Palestine. ‘Darius {Maintainer}’ was a title used by multiple Persian Emperors.
  690. 1 Maccabees 1:17 So Antiochus invades Egypt with a great multitude: with chariots, and elephants, and horsemen, and a great navy, 😇!
  691. 1 Maccabees 1:18 [The Greeks] make war against Ptolemee king of Egypt. But Ptolemee [shudders in] fear of Antiochus. So [Ptolemee] flees. [The Greeks] hack many [Egyptians] to death.
  692. 1 Maccabees 3:10 Meanwhile, [north Israel's pagan occupation governor] Apollonius amasses a multi-national Gentile force. They join a huge army [of invaders and traitors stationed] in [north Israel's capitol:] Samaria. [This coalition prepares] to fight against [native] Israel.
    note: The United Nations against the Hebrews.
  693. 1 Maccabees 3:28 Then [Emperor] Antiochus opens his treasure. He gives his soldiers [retainer] pay for a year. He commands them to be ready whenever he may need them.
  694. 1 Maccabees 10:49 The two kings join battle. Demetrius’ host flees. So Alexander {Man-Defender} chases [Demetrius], and overcomes his [army].
  695. 1 Esdras 1:29 So [JosiYah] joins in battle against [the king of Egypt] in the plain of Magiddo. The [Egyptian] princes come against king JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH}, [and shoot him.]
  696. Genesis 14:2 Those 4 kings make war against
  697. Bera king of Sodom {Scorch},
  698. Birsha {Wicked} king of Gomorrah {Heap},
  699. Shinab {Father-of-Change} king of Admah {Earthy},
  700. Shemeber {Illustrious} king of Zeboiim {Land-Of-Gazelles},
  701. and Zoar {Swallower} the king of Bela {Devour-Land}.
  702. Genesis 14:4 The [people of Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah & Zeboiim] rebel against Kedorlaomer after 12 years of serving [as his subjects. This bloody rebellion lasts this whole] 13th year, 😇.
    note: 12 = the number of government. 13 = betrayal/rebellion.
  703. Genesis 36:30 [And Esau conquers] Chieftan Dishon {Antelope}, Chieftan Ezer {Treasure}, and Chieftan Dishan {Jumper}. Thus, 😇, in the land of Seir {Rough}, [the Red Man murders and/or captures] all the chieftains and clans descended from the Horite {CaveMen}.
  704. Exodus 17:10 So JAHshua does as Moses tells him: he [leads the praise] battle against [the army of] Amalek {Blood-Licker}. Meanwhile, Moses, Aaron and Hur {White} [hike] up to the top of the hill [above the battle, 😇].
    note: Hur = son of Caleb, royal noble of the tribe of Judah.
  705. Numbers (Journeys) 21:25 So Israel seizes all the cities of the Amorite {Mountaineers}. Israel camps in all the [Emori] towns and villages, in and around Heshbon {City-Of-Intrigue}.
  706. Deuteronomy 1:4 [Moses gives this Law just] after [YHVH] slays
  707. Sihon {Tornado} (the king of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, who [ruled from] Heshbon {Intelligence}),
  708. and [fat giant] Og {Round}, the king of Bashan {Fruitful}, who lived at Astaroth {Riches-of-Ishtar} in Edrei {Power-Arm}.
  709. Deuteronomy 3:1 Then, 😇, we [Israelites] turn. We charge up the path to Bashan {Fruitful}. Then, [without provocation, the fat demon-spawned giant] Og {Round} the king of Bashan marches out against us. He and all his forces attack [us] at Edrei {Power-Arm}.
  710. Deuteronomy 20:5 Then the overseers speak to the people, saying, “Any man here who just built a new house, and hasn't dedicated it, you can go back to your house, or you might die in this battle. Then another man [would claim your house].
    note: These statutes form the heart of modern military service exemption rules. No matter how you fight, spiritually or physically, you have to get the cowards off your team.
  711. Deuteronomy 25:17 Remember how [the people of] Amalek {Blood-Licker} [abused] you on the road-trip, after you escaped from Egypt:
  712. Joshua 8:2 [Banish the child-molesting populace of] Ai {Ruin-Heap} and her [satanic] king as you did to Jericho {Moon-Spirit} and her king. Only keep [Ai's] wealth and its cattle, as [pay] for yourselves. Hide behind the city [until I call for the praise-attack].”
    note: There is no specific record of JAHshua killing the king of Jericho.
  713. Joshua 8:8 Then, when you've taken the fortress, you'll set the [buildings of the] city on fire. Do exactly as YHVH commanded; that's all I command.”
    note: Presumably, Ai was a place so tainted by evil that its destruction was warranted.
  714. Joshua 8:14 Early [before dawn] the king of Ai {Ruin-Heap} sees [the Israeli praise-warriors sneaking down into the valley]. So the [king] and [his soldiers jump out of bed]! They race out to battle against Israel (at the [festival] grounds facing the Arabah {Desert-Plain}). [But Ai's people] don't realize that behind their city an [Israeli] ambush lies in wait for [them].
  715. Joshua 8:17 Not one man stays in Ai {Ruin-Heap} nor Beth-El {House-Of-El}. They all race out [to murder] Israel. The [pagans] leave their [city gates] unlocked, in their [mad zeal] to chase [the] Israelis.
  716. Joshua 10:4 [Adoni-Zedek's envoys] say, “[March your armies] up to [Jerusalem] to help me. Together we can strike [the city of] Gibeon {Flower-Hills}, because they made peace with JAHshua and [his dreaded nation] of Israel.”
  717. Joshua 10:26 Then JAHshua strikes the [5 murderous] kings. He kills them, 😇. He crucifies them on 5 trees. He leaves their [bleeding carcasses] hanging up on the trees until evening.
    note: YHVH did not order this killing. A way to visualize this: Joshua shouts the name of Yahweh. A supernatural force slams the tyrants up onto stakes. Some angelic force nails the kings to the stakes.
  718. Joshua 10:31 Then JAHshua [races] from Libnah {White-Tree}. [He leads] the whole [nation] of Israel [behind] him, 😇. They camp opposite [the fortress of] Lachish {Harvest}. [They pray all night for YHVH] to overcome it.
  719. Joshua 10:35 The [Israelites] capture [Eglon fortress] the same day. Then, with the [supernatural] mouth-sword [of YAH's Word], [JAHshua] casts everybody out of [Eglon]. [JAHshua] utterly banishes [the satanists from the Promised Land], just like he did at [the fortress of] Lachish {Harvest}.
    note: Charam = seclude (banish).
  720. Joshua 11:5 The [evil] kings conspire together, 😇. Then, [screaming] to fight Israel, they march to encamp together at the waters of Merom {Heights}.
  721. Joshua 11:9 JAHshua does to the [pagans' abandoned war-machines] as YHVH said he [would]. He snatches up their horses. He burns their chariots with fire.
  722. Joshua 19:47 But the territory of the people of Dan proves too small for them, 😇. So Dan's brats rush up to [Palestine to] fight against Leshem {Gem}. They seize it, strike it with the ‘bite’ of the sword, and possess it. [They] live there. They re-name Leshem “Judge,” after their fore-father, Dan {Judge}.
    note: The people of Dan fail to segregate themselves from the westerners (Amorites). So the Amorites push the Danites back into the hills. The Amorites keep Dan's tribe out of the plain. So the Danites lack room to live. Yet YHVH did not command Dan's tribe to massacre the people of Leshem.
  723. Judges 3:1 YHVH [intentionally] leaves [pagan] nations [alive in the Promised Land] to test Israel's [young brats] who never experienced [praise-warfare] in [the land of] Canaan {LowLand}, 😇.
  724. Judges 3:2 [YAH leaves the pagan adversaries in Israel] so that the [new] generations of Israelis gain experience, to teach them [praise-warfare], so these rookie brats can learn [how to fight spiritual battles].
  725. Judges 9:30 Zebul {Dwelling}, [Shechem's] city governor, hears Gaal the slave-son's taunts. So [Zebul] erupts in fury, 😇.
  726. Judges 9:34 So AbiMelech {Father-King} rises up that night with all his [troops]. They split into 4 squadrons. They all lay in ambush facing Shechem {Neck-City}.
  727. Judges 9:37 Then Gaal {Loathing} [yells at the lying politician Zebul]. [Gaal] insists, “Look! Troops are running down off Tabbur-Erez {Earth's-Navel}. And another squadron is rushing straight [at us] from the Elon-Meonenim {Oracle-Oak}!”
  728. Judges 9:41 [That night] AbiMelech {Father-King} camps at Arumah {Heights}. Meanwhile, [Governor] Zebul thrusts out Gaal {Loathing} and [Gaal's] relatives. [Zebul] forbids them to live in Shechem {Neck}.
  729. Judges 9:47 [Informants run to Shechem's city gate.] They tell AbiMelech {Father-King} that [he can find] all the [rebels] from Shechem-tower huddling [in el-Berith's pagan temple].
  730. Judges 9:48 So AbiMelech {Father-King} leads his troops up to mount Zalmon {Phantom-Mountain}. There [AbiMelech] takes an axe in his hand. He cuts down a bough from the tree. He grabs the [bough]. He lays it on his shoulder. He says to his troops, “You saw me [cut that branch]. Hurry up! Do what I did.”
  731. Judges 9:50 Then AbiMelech {Father-King} marches [his armies to the city of] Tevetz {Bleached-White}. [They set up] war-camp against it. They seize it!
  732. Judges 10:17 Then the [inbred] spawn of Ammon amass together at [their war] camp in Gilead {Witness}. So the people of Israel assemble themselves together. They camp [in terror] in Mizpah {Watch-Tower}.
  733. Judges 11:5 So, because the [inbred] spawn of Ammon are making war against Israel, the elders of Gilead {Monument-Mound} go to reclaim Jephthah {Wide-Open} from of the land of Tob {Good}.
  734. Judges 11:6 [Israel's elders] beg Jephthah, “Come and be our captain, so we can fight the [inbred] spawn of Ammon.”
  735. Judges 11:9 So Jephthah {Wide-Open} asks the elders of Gilead, “[Lemme get this straight:] If you bring me back [to my homeland] to fight against the [inbred] spawn of Ammon, and YHVH hands them [over to] me, [you're saying] I'll be your sovereign?”
    note: The evil world makes its fighters chief. The Kingdom Of Heaven is led by those who love their enemies.
  736. Judges 11:26 For [the last] 300 years, Israel [has] lived in [the Jordan's east bank: in] Heshbon {Intelligence} and her towns, and in Aroer {Juniper} and her towns, and in all the cities along the banks of [the] Arnon {Rushing} [river]. So why didn't you [inbreds] recapture those [territories] within that [300] years?!
  737. Judges 18:13 From [Dan's-camp the invaders] gallop [~20 miles] north into the Ephraim {Double-Fruit} hills, toward Micah's [self-serving personal] shrine.
  738. Judges 20:2 The chief[s] of all the people, [the most important men] of all the tribes of Israel, present themselves to the assembly of the people of [YHVH] The Eloah. 400 thousand foot-infantry-men draw their swords. [They lift the swords to the sky!]
  739. Judges 20:15 The ‘sons’ of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} (from the towns) number 26 thousand sword-flashing men, plus the inhabitants of Gibeah {Flower-Hills} [city], who provide an additional 700 choice [fighting] men.
  740. Judges 20:18 The sons of Israel rise. They march up to Beth-El {House-of-El}. They demand [a war-blessing from] Elohim. [They growl,] “Which of us goes up first to devour the Benjamin-spawn?” Then YHVH, [sadness in his voice, knowing how the coming carnage will unfold, truthfully] predicts, “Judah {Celebrated} will go up first.”
    note: YHVH is not condoning war. He is predicting the future. Ask a bad question, get a bad answer. The right question would have been, “How can we avoid this genocidal bloodshed?” The right answer is, “Love your enemies.” There was no way to avoid this bloodshed because these people wanted blood, just like the people around you today. The traditional (and also plausible) explanation for this verse is that Israel had devolved into nothing more than a pagan nation, so the Creator used their tribes to exterminate each other as pest control. Modern statesmen use belligerent young men as cannon fodder for this same population-reducing purpose. War cleans the human race of stupid kill-crazed men.
  741. Judges 20:19 The descendants of Israel rise up in the morning. They set up war-camp opposite [the city of] Gibeah {Flower-Hills}.
  742. Judges 20:20 [Many] men of Israel travel out to battle against [the army of the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. [Other] Israeli [soldiers likewise] put themselves in array to fight against their [blood-kin] at Gibeah {Flower-Hills}.
  743. Judges 20:23 Then the [beaten] ‘sons of Israel’ march up [to the priest]. They weep before YHVH until evening. They demand of YHVH, challenging him, “Shall [we] again attack in battle against the children of [our] brother Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}?” YHVH answers, “Grow up. [Go to your brother in peace.]
    note: YHVH does not say, “Attack.” He says, “GROW UP! RISE above your brother's petty eye-for-eye mentality! GO talk to your brother. Rise above the situation. Take the high road. Love your enemies.” But the hot-headed Israelites don't understand what YHVH is saying, because they don't want to understand. And YHVH goes to no great pains to make them understand, because no matter what he says, they're going to have their revenge. The question is, should we: #5066 nagash: be or come near; attack; YHVH's answer is: #5927 `alah aw-law': ascend, be high, mount, arise, break (the day) ... The traditional interpretation is that the Creator wanted these war-crazed brutes to kill each other off to improve the gene pool. When jerks murder each other, everybody wins. Both armies were in the wrong: Benjamin's tribe condoned rape. The other 11 tribes condoned suicidal civil war. Heaven delights to see all senseless belligerents die.
  744. Judges 20:28 Phinehas {Snake-Mouth} (the son of Aaron's son ELeazar {El's-Aid}) stands before [the Ark] in the sunlight. [Phinehas] asks, “Shall I yet again [march] out to overcome the spawn of my brother Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}? Or should I [return home]?” YHVH answers, “Ascend. Tomorrow I deliver [your brother] into your hand.”
    note: Again, the Israelites misinterpret YAH's answer. YAH says ‘go up.’ But YHVH does not command the Israelites to carnally fight. He commands the Israelites to RISE above the level of their morally-retarded violent brothers, to praise-march (Jericho-style) while YHVH destroys the evil rapists. But again the blood-crazed warmongers refuse to wait for YHVH's peaceful solution.
  745. Judges 20:29 So, 😇, Israel surrounds [the city of] Gibeah with soldiers. They wait in ambush.
  746. Judges 20:35 So YHVH smites [the army of the tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} before Israel. That day the sons of Israel destroy 25100 sword-drawing men of Benjamin.
    note: This does not mean that YHVH condoned the battle. But he did end it. This does NOT mean that any of the people who killed the Benjamites will end up in heaven. Nor does it mean that we Christians are supposed to kill Muslims. Just because some so-called ‘Judeo-Christians’ win a battle doesn't mean that war is a permissible activity for holy people.
  747. Judges 20:38 (Previously the [leaders] among Israel's men agreed that [when Gibeah city lies conquered,] the ambush-men would set a great fire, making flame & smoke rise up out of the city.)
  748. Judges 20:42 The [Benjamites] turn tail before the men of Israel. They rush down the paths into the wilderness. But the battle overtakes the [Benjamites]. The [Israelites] stream out of the [nearby] town(s), [faces set] to destroy every [Benjamite] straggler!
  749. Judges 21:6 The people of Israel [mourn in] repentance for [senselessly murdering] their Benjamite brother[s, including women and children. The Israelis wail,] “A whole tribe lies sliced off from Israel today!
  750. 1st Samuel 4:1 SamuEl's word spreads [like wildfire] to [the] whole [nation of] Israel. Meanwhile, Israel's [army marches] out to battle against the Philistines. [The Israelis] pitch [war-camp] beside Eben-Ezer {Stone-Of-Protection}. The Philistines pitch [their opposing war-camp] in Aphek {Fortress}.
    note: Eben-Ezer actually gets this name later, in 1 Sam 7:12. It's probably within 30 miles northwest from Jerusalem.
  751. 1st Samuel 4:9 —Be strong! Be men, you Philistines! Never be servants to the Hebrews, like they've been to you. [Grow up!] Become men. Fight!”
  752. 1st Samuel 5:1 Meanwhile, the Philistine [army] takes the ark of Elohim. They carry it [west] from [the battleground of] Eben-Ezer {Stone-Of-Protection} to [their fortified coastal city,] Ashdod {Ravager-City}.
  753. 1st Samuel 7:11 Then the men of Israel [race] out of Mizpah {Watch-Tower}. They chase the Philistine [invaders west]. [The Israelis] evict the [pagans] all the way to [the plain] beneath Beth-Car {Pasture-House}.
    note: YAH didn't command these Israelis to kill these people. Evict = nakah.
  754. 1st Samuel 11:3 So the elders of Jabesh {Arid} answer {Snake-Hiss}, “Give us 7 days’ grace-period, so we can send messengers to all the regions of Israel. Then, if no man [comes] to save us, we'll come out [of our city walls] to [let] you [poke out our eyes].”
  755. 1st Samuel 11:5 Soon Saul comes [driving] his [plow] oxen out of the field. Saul asks, “What's wrong with those weeping people?” [The messengers] tell Saul the news from the men of Jabesh {Arid}.
  756. 1st Samuel 11:8 Saul gathers [Israel's soldiers] to [the town of] Bezek {Lightning}. 300000 ‘sons’ of [north] Israel stream in, plus 30000 men from Judea.
  757. 1st Samuel 11:9 [Saul's Generals promise] the messengers from [Jabesh], “[Run and] tell this [message] to [your] men of Jabesh-Gilead {Arid-Heap}, ‘Tomorrow, by the time the sun gets hot, you'll have help.’” So the messengers run. They show [the message] to the men of Jabesh {Arid}. They [all jump up and down for] joy.
  758. 1st Samuel 11:10 So the men of Jabesh {Arid} lie [to Snake-Hiss], “Tomorrow we'll come out [and surrender] to you. Then you'll do with us everything your eyes see as good.”
  759. 1st Samuel 13:1 [Young king] Saul reigns [for] one year [in relative peace]. Then, after he reigns for two years over Israel, [he goes war-crazed].
    note: Some texts add: “Saul was 30 years old when he became king. He ruled over Israel for 42 years.”
  760. 1st Samuel 13:2 [Mad king] Saul conscripts himself 3000 Israeli [fighting] men. 2000 of these [draftees march out (to war]) from Michmash {Hidden} and mount Beth-El {House-Of-El}. The [other] 1000 [men], led by [prince] JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}, march from Gibeah {Flower-Hills} (in [the land of the tribe of] Benjamin). Saul sends the rest of [Israel's] people to their family tents.
  761. 1st Samuel 13:3 Then JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} strikes the Philistine garrison in Geba {Hillock}. [Soon all] the Philistines hear of [the slaughter]. So Saul [sends out his royal heralds]. They blow their [royal] trumpet[s] throughout all the land [of Israel]. [They] shout, “Let [all] Hebrews hear [the news of our victory]!”
  762. 1st Samuel 13:15 Then SamuEl {Heard-By-El} [rides] off. He travels uphill [northwest] from Gilgal {Wheel} to Gibeah {Flower-Hills} [in the tribal territory] of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. Meanwhile, Saul counts the [fighting men] present with him, about 600 men.
    note: 600 = number of man.
  763. 1st Samuel 14:17 Then [king] Saul says to the [soldiers] around him, “Hurry. Count to see who's missing from [our army].” So [the officers] count. They figure out that JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} and his armor bearer are missing.
    note: Saul may have gone beyond a simple head-count and instituted a military registry. That's an act forbidden by scripture, because it leads to a permanent debt-funded standing military, which implodes any nation that attempts it.
  764. 1st Samuel 14:22 Likewise, all the men of Israel who'd hid themselves in the Ephraim {Double-Fruit} Hills hear that the Philistines are fleeing. So the [Israelis] chase [the enemy down] in battle.
  765. 1st Samuel 14:37 So [king] Saul asks counsel of Elohim: “Should I [race my army] down [chasing] the Philistines? Will you deliver the [pagans] into the power-fist of Israel?” But [YAH] doesn't answer [Saul] that day.
  766. 1st Samuel 15:4 So Saul gathers [his army] together in Telaim {Lambs}. He counts 200 thousand [north] Israeli foot [soldiers], plus 10 thousand men from Judaea.
  767. 1st Samuel 15:5 So king Saul [marches his army] to a city of Amalek {Blood-Licker}. [Saul] lays in ambush in the valley.
  768. 1st Samuel 15:7 Then Saul evicts the Amalekites from Havilah {Circle} [canyon] all the way [~250 miles southwest] to Shur {Wall} bordering Egypt.
  769. 1st Samuel 17:1 [As king Saul plummets into madness,] the Philistines rally their troops for war. They amass at Shochoh {Fence}, in Judah's [territory]. They [march] to pitch [war-camp] between [Shochoh] and Azekah {Farms}, in Ephes-Dammim {Valley-Of-Dripping-Blood}.
    note: This section chronologically follows 16:13.
  770. 1st Samuel 17:2 So [king] Saul and the men of Israel gather together. They pitch [war-camp] by the valley of Elah {Everlasting-Oak-Power}. There [they] set their [troops] in battle-array opposite the Philistines.
  771. 1st Samuel 17:3 So, 😇, the Philistine [forces] stand on a mountain on one side. Israel's [army] stands on a mountain on the other side. The valley [of dripping blood] lies between them.
  772. 1st Samuel 17:19 Meanwhile, [king] Saul, and [Jesse's older boys], and all the men of Israel [struggle] in the valley of Elah {Everlasting-Oak-Power}, fighting with the Philistines.
  773. 1st Samuel 17:53 Then the sons of Israel return from chasing the Philistines. They plunder the [pagans' war] tents.
  774. 1st Samuel 23:13 So David {Love} and his [now] roughly 600 men pack up. They leave Keilah {Citadel}. They run wherever they can [hide from mad king Saul]. Soon some [tattle-tale] tells Saul that David escaped from Keilah. So [Saul] calls off the [manhunt].
  775. 1st Samuel 23:27 Suddenly a messenger runs up to [king] Saul. [The messenger] yells, “Hurry! Come! The Philistines have invaded [our] country!”
  776. 1st Samuel 23:28 So [king] Saul retreats from chasing David. [Saul] marches [his armies west] against the Philistines. So [people] call the place [where Saul left David] “Sela-Hammahlekoth {Division-Rock}.”
  777. 1st Samuel 27:4 [Over in Israel, a tattle-tale runs to Saul's throne-room.] The [rat] tells Saul, “David fled to Gath {Wine-Press}!” So [Saul temporarily] stops hunting David.
  778. 1st Samuel 27:8 [Over time,] David and his [band of robbers] rise up to invade [and strip] the Geshurite {Bridgers}, and the Gezrite {Rock-Dwellers}, and the Amalekite {Blood-Lickers}, the ancient beast-nations inhabiting the land on the road to Shur {Wall}, all the way [south] to the land of Egypt!
    note: This proves that Saul banished (not destroyed) the Amalekites in ch 15. The areas described in this verse cover the mid-southern Jordan river valley, Moab, then stretching south though what is now Arabia, to a long line of Northern Egyptian forts.
  779. 1st Samuel 27:10 [King] Achish asks [David], “Where did you go raiding today?” David answers, “Against the Judea's Negev {Southland}… against the [country] south of JerahmeEl's [clan's] land … against the [country] south of the Kenite {Lancers}, [and so on].”
  780. 1st Samuel 28:1 Meanwhile, the Philistines gather their armies together for war, to battle Israel. So [king] Achish says to David, “I promise you and your men, [I'll let] you venture out with me to battle.”
  781. 1st Samuel 28:4 The Philistine hordes amass. They march to pitch [war-camp] in Shunem {Quiet}. So [king] Saul gathers all [the warriors of] Israel together. They pitch [war-camp] in Gilboa {Gushing-Spring}.
  782. 1st Samuel 30:9 So David [rides like the wind]. His 600 [warriors] trail him. They [gallop] to Besor {Cheerful} Brook. There David sees 200 of his [men lying] so faint that they can't cross [the stream]. So [David] leaves those men behind.
  783. 1st Samuel 31:11 The inhabitants of Jabesh-Gilead {Arid-Heap} hear how the Philistines [murdered and defiled] Saul.
  784. 2nd Samuel 2:12 Then [North Israeli General] Abner {Father-Of-Light} (son of Ner {Lamp}) and the [other] servants of Saul's brat Ish-Boshet {Shameful-Man-Of-Baal}, march out west [across the Jordan River] from Mahanaim {Double-Camp} to Gibeon {Flower-Hills}.
  785. 2nd Samuel 2:25 Then the [men descended] from Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} amass together under [northern General] Abner {Father-Of-Light}. They form one army standing on the top of a hill.
  786. 2nd Samuel 2:30 [Meanwhile, Judean General] Joab {JAH-Dad} returns [west] from chasing [northern rebel General] Abner {Father-Of-Light}. [Joab] gathers together all [his men], David's loyalists. [Joab] counts [them]. [He sees they're] missing 19 men, plus AsahEl {El-Made}.
  787. 2nd Samuel 2:31 But David's [Judean] supporters count 360 [rebels they] killed from the [tribe of] Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son} and from [northern General] Abner's [other] warriors.
    note: 360 = 60 * 6, marking this battle as coming from man, not from YAH.
  788. 2nd Samuel 2:32 [Then General Joab's men] pick up [the carcass of] AsahEl {El-Made}. They bury him in the tomb of his father in Bethlehem {Bread-House}. Then Joab marches his men [homeward] all night. [Finally they straggle] into Hebron {Society} at break of day.
  789. 2nd Samuel 3:6 Meanwhile, 😇, the war drags on between the dynasty of Saul and the dynasty of David {Love}. [General] Abner {Father-Of-Light} strengthens his [military power] for the dynasty of Saul.
  790. 2nd Samuel 5:18 The Philistines [march west into Israel]. They spread out their [forces] in the valley of Rephaim {Giants}.
  791. 2nd Samuel 5:22 But the Palestinians [march] up [west into Israel] yet again. They deploy their [armies] in the valley of Rephaim {Giants}.
  792. 2nd Samuel 5:23 So David {Love} consults YHVH. [YAH] says, “Don't go up [to face this enemy]. Instead [sneak] directly behind them. Confront them [with praise-power] opposite the balsam trees.
  793. 2nd Samuel 8:3 David also strikes [evil king] Hadadezer {Helped-By-The-Idol-Hadad}, the son of Rehob {Wide-Open}, king of [the Syrian region of] Zobah {Station}. [David cuts off Hadadezer's march] to re-capture [Syria's] border [obelisk] near the [upper] Euphrates River.
    note: Or “David, on his way to establish his dominion as far as the Euphrates River...” See 1chr 18:2.
  794. 2nd Samuel 8:5 The Syrians of Damascus [ride] into [the battlefield] to help Hadadezer {Helped-By-The-Idol-Hadad}, king of Zobah {Station}. So [using praise-power] David slays 22000 Syrian [soldiers].
    note: YAH did not command David to kill humans with military force.
  795. 2nd Samuel 8:8 And from Betah {Safe-Place} and Berothai {Cypress} (cities of [king] Hadadezer,) king David seizes overwhelming amounts of bronze.
  796. 2nd Samuel 8:9 In [his western-Syrian palace at] Hamath {Joined-Walls}, Toi {Trickster} (king of [the Sons Of Terror]) hears that David has defeated [king] Hadadezer's entire army.
  797. 2nd Samuel 8:14 [David] stations [army] garrisons throughout Edom {Esau's-Southland}. So all the Edomite {Red-Men} become David's subjects. YHVH saves David wherever he goes!
  798. 2nd Samuel 10:7 [King] David's [spies] warn him of the [oncoming attack]. So he sends [General] Joab {JAH-Dad} leading [Judah's] army of trained warriors.
  799. 2nd Samuel 10:10 [General Joab] puts the rest of [Israel's soldiers] into the hands of his brother Abishai {Father-Of-Gifts}. [Abishai] deploys those [troops] against the [inbred] spawn of Ammon.
  800. 2nd Samuel 10:16 So [Syrian king] Hadarezer {Hadar-Is-Help} sends messengers to bring [reinforcement] Syrian [mercenaries south] from beyond the [Euphrates] river. These [fresh troops] march [south] to Helam {Fortress} [near Israel's northern edge]. Shobach {Thicket} (the General of Hadarezer's Army) [rides his chariot] before [his new troops].
  801. 2nd Samuel 11:18 Then [General] Joab {JAH-Dad} sends [messengers west to Jerusalem's palace]. They tell [king] David all the news from the war.
  802. 2nd Samuel 11:23 The messenger says to [king] David, “The [pagans] totally overpowered our [army]. The [infidels] rushed out to [attack] us in the field while we were storming their city gate.
  803. 2nd Samuel 12:26 Meanwhile, [General] Joab {JAH-Dad} fights [Israel's war] against Rabbah {Plenty}, [the royal Arabian city] of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon. [Finally Joab] takes [the city].
    note: Rabbah is now Amman, a major world city with over 4 million inhabitants.
  804. 2nd Samuel 12:27 So Joab {JAH-Dad} sends messengers [~25 miles west past the Jordan river] to tell [king] David, “I've overpowered Rabbah {Plenty}. I've seized their municipal watter-supply.
  805. 2nd Samuel 12:29 So [king] David gathers all his [troops] together. [He marches them northeast] to Rabbah {Plenty}. They besiege the city. They capture it.
  806. 2nd Samuel 17:3 —Then I'll bring back all [David's sheeple] to you like a bride returning to their [true] husband. Then all the [Israeli] people will live [on] in peace.”
    note: Or "The death of the man you seek will mean the return of all." A relatively non-violent plan, like that of Goliath.
  807. 1st Kings 11:14 Then, to [fight] Solomon {Peace-Man}, YHVH stirs up a ‘satan’: Hadad {Fierce} the Edomite, [a prince-son] of [southland] Edom's king.
  808. 1st Kings 11:18 On [Hadad's] way, he passes up through Midian. [Hadad] arrives at Paran {Gleam}. He travels with some men from Paran to Egypt. Pharaoh king of Egypt gives [prince Hadad] a house. [Pharoah] orders [servants to regularly bring Hadad] food. [Pharaoh] gives [Hadad] land.
  809. 1st Kings 11:21 Soon (in Egypt) Hadad {Fierce} hears that [Israeli king] David {Love} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers, and that Joab {JAH-Dad} (the General of [Israel's] Army) lies dead. So Hadad {Fierce} says to Pharaoh, “Let me leave [Egypt] to go [back north] to my own country.”
  810. 1st Kings 11:23 And [to Israel's north,] Elohim stirs up a [Syrian] adversary [against Solomon]: Rezon {Prince} the son of Eliadah {El-Knows}. [Rezon had] fled from his lord Hadadezer {Helped-By-The-Idol-Hadad}, king of Zobah {Station}.
  811. 1st Kings 11:24 Rezon got his start when David {Love} killed [the men] of Zobah {Station}. Rezon gathered [soldiers] around himself. He became captain over a band [of] migratory [raiders] infesting Damascus. [Soon] they [seized] reign [over] Damascus.
  812. 1st Kings 12:2 Meanwhile, Nebat's brat Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} still hides in Egypt, avoiding the [murderous] face of Solomon {Peace-Man}. [Jeroboam] hears [news of Rehoboam's coronation].
  813. 1st Kings 12:3 [Israel's elders] send [messengers south ~250km to Egypt]. They summon Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}. So he and the whole congregation of Israel's [elders ride to Neck-Ridge]. There they challenge [evil king] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}.
  814. 1st Kings 12:15 So king [Rehoboam] refuses to listen to the [northern Israeli] people. But YHVH remains in control. This rift fulfills the prediction YHVH spoke (through AhiYah {Kin-Of-Yah} from Shiloh {Tranquil}) to Nebat's brat Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}.
  815. 1st Kings 12:25 Then [revolutionary king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} fortifies Shechem {Neck} in the Ephraim {Double-Fruit} Hills. He lives there. He [marches his armies] out from there. And [Jeroboam] re-builds [the fortress of] PenuEl {Face-Of-El}.
  816. 1st Kings 12:26 [Time passes, 😇.] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} says in his heart, “[I fear that my northern Israeli] kingdom is about to revert to [king] David's dynasty.
  817. 1st Kings 15:16 Border-fighting [rages] between [north] Israeli king Baasha {Stink} vs. [Judea's king] Asa as long as they both live.
  818. 1st Kings 15:19 [King Asa writes to Ben-Hadad], "We're [mutually bound] by the peace-treaty between our forefathers. So look: I've sent to you a present of silver and gold. [So] go break your covenant with [northern] Israeli king Baasha {Stink}. Then he'll get away from my [land].”
  819. 1st Kings 15:22 Then king Asa makes a proclamation throughout all Judea. [Asa] invites every [Judean] man to come to Ramah {Heights} to haul away the stones and timber which [evil king] Baasha {Stink} used to construct [the evil fortress]. Then king Asa uses those [construction materials] to fortify [nearby] Geba {Hillock} [in the land] of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}, and Mizpah {WatchTower}.
  820. 1st Kings 15:28 (Baasha {Stink} assassinates Nadab {Liberal} in the 3rd year of [the reign of] Judea's king Asa.) So [Stink] reigns in [king] Nadab's place.
  821. 1st Kings 16:15 In the 27th year of [the reign of] Judea's king Asa, [north Israeli assassin-captain] Zimri {Plucker} reigns [for] 7 days in Tirzah {Delight}. [Meanwhile, at] a Philistine possession named Gibbethon {Hilly-Spot}, the [northern] Israeli [army pitches war] camp. [They poise] to attack [Palestine].
  822. 1st Kings 16:21 [When Zimri dies,] the people of [northern] Israel divide into two [warring sub-nations]. Half of the people follow Tibni {Stalk}, Ginath’s son. They make [Tibni their] king. The other half follow Omri {Heaper}.
  823. 1st Kings 16:22 But Omri's followers defeat the followers of Ginath's son Tibni {Stalk}. So [Stalk] dies. So Omri {Heaper} reigns [unchallenged].
  824. 1st Kings 20:2 Then [Emperor] Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} sends messengers into [Samaria] city. They [confront north] Israel's [evil] king Ahab.
  825. 1st Kings 20:5 [Ben-Hadad's] messengers [storm out of Ahab's palace]. They return with this message: “Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} decrees, ‘I sent [messengers] to you, saying, “You will deliver me your silver, and your gold, and your wives and your children.
  826. 1st Kings 20:17 The young men serving [northern Israel's] regional chiefs [ride] out first. Then Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} sends out [his spies]. They bring him back the [bad] news, “[Israeli fighters are marching] out of Samaria [to attack your invasion force].”
  827. 2nd Kings 3:6 So king JAHoram {YAH-Raised} immediately musters all [northern] Israel's [troops]. He [marches them east] from Samaria.
  828. 2nd Kings 3:8 JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} asks, “[By] which route will we [march] up [to attack Moab]?” [JAHoram] answers, “[We'll march our armies south,] on the road through the wilderness of Edom.”
  829. 2nd Kings 8:28 So [Judea's brat-king AhaziYah drives his armies north] with [those of] Ahab's imp, [north Israel's king] JAHoram {YAH-Raised}. They war against Syria's king HazaEl {El's-Sight} in Ramoth-Gilead {Witness-Heights}. [There] Syrian [warriors shoot and] wound JAHoram.
  830. 2nd Kings 8:29 So Ahab's [bleeding] son, king JAHoram {YAH-Raised}, retreats to JezreEl {El-Plants}. [JAHoram hopes] to get healed from these wounds the Syrians inflicted on him at Ramah {Heights} during his attack on Syria's king HazaEl {El's-Sight}. [During a lull in the battle,] Judea's king AhaziYah [rides] down to JezreEl to check on JAHoram.
    note: lit. AhaziYah the son of JAHoram.
  831. 2nd Kings 9:14 So [Captain] JAHu (the son of Nimshi’s son JAHoshaphat) [forms a] conspiracy against [king] JAHoram. Meanwhile [king] JAHoram and all of [northern] Israel [buzz about in] distraction, defending Ramoth-Gilead {Witness-Heights} from [the siege] of Syria's king HazaEl.
  832. 2nd Kings 9:17 A watchman stands on JezreEl's tower. He spies [Captain] JAHu's troop approaching. He [yells], “I see troops!” [Wounded king] JAHoram {YAH-Raised} answers, “Take a horseman. Send [him] to meet the [invaders] to ask, ‘[Are you coming in] peace?’’’
  833. 2nd Kings 10:12 Then [JAHu] mounts up. He gallops [his chariot ~15km southwest] to Samaria. He reaches a sheep-shearing barn.
  834. 2nd Kings 10:32 [So] in [JAHu's] lifetime YHVH starts to chip away at Israel's territory. [Syria's king] HazaEl {El's-Sight} attacks every region of [northern] Israel.
  835. 2nd Kings 10:33 [And Syria attacks everything] East of the Jordan [river, including] all the land of Gilead {Monument-Mound} and the [territories of the tribes of] Gad, Reuben and Manasseh, from Aroer {Exposed} (near [the] Arnon {Raging} River) including Gilead-Town and Bashan {Fruitful}.
  836. 2nd Kings 15:37 In [JAHtham's] days YHVH begins to send [armies] against Judea, 😇. Syria's king Rezin {Delight} attacks. As [does RemaliYah's brat: north Israel's king] Pekah {Watch}.
  837. 2nd Kings 18:10 At the end of 3 years, the Assyrians capture [Samaria]. That is, in the 6th year of HezekiYah's reign [over Judea] (the 9th year of Hoshea's [reign] over [north] Israel) [Assyria (~Iraq) takes] Samaria.
  838. 2nd Kings 18:19 [The imperial] Rav-shakeh {Chief-Field-Officer} shouts to [Hezekiah's officials], “[Your] overlord, the Emperor of Assyria, commands you [officials], ‘Immediately ask HezekiYah, “What is [the basis for] this confidence in which you trust?
  839. 2nd Kings 18:28 Then [the] Rab-shakeh stands, [legs apart]. He shout-screams death-threats in the Jews’ language: “Hear the word of the great king, the Emperor of Assyria:
  840. 2nd Kings 18:29 —The Emperor warns [you], ‘Don't let [your ‘king’] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} deceive you. He won't be able to rescue you out of [my Emperor's] fist!
  841. 2nd Kings 18:37 Then HilkiYah's son (palace governor Eliakim {EL-Raises}) and [royal] secretary Shebna {Grower} and [the royal] recorder Asaph's son Joah {YAH-Brother} [run] to [king] HezekiYah's [panic room]. They rip their clothes [in grief]. They repeat the Rab-shakeh's [threats] to [HezekiYah].
  842. 2nd Kings 19:8 So [Assyria's] Rab-Shakeh {Chief-Field-Officer} returns [to his war camp outside Jerusalem]. His [soldiers] advise him that his Assyrian Emperor [marched ~6km north from] Lachish {Harvest} to make war against Libnah {White-Tree}.
  843. 2nd Kings 19:9 Meanwhile, [Sennacherib's] advisors scream to him, “Watch out! Ethiopia's king Tirhakah is marching [his armies north] to attack you.” So [Sennacherib] sends messengers back to [Judea's king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}.
  844. 2nd Kings 19:12 Did the gods of the beast-nations rescue the [countries] my fore-fathers destroyed, like Gozan {Stone-Quarry}, Haran {Scorch}, Rezeph {Red-Hot-Stone}, and the sons of Eden {Pleasure} in Thelasar? [No!]
    note: Thelasar may = Til-Asurri.
  845. 2nd Kings 19:17 —YHVH, the kings of Assyria truly have destroyed [many] beast-nations and their lands.
  846. 1st Chronicles 5:19 So [pervert Reuben's spawn] wage war against [Arab concubine] Hagar's spawn. [Reubenites conquer] Jetur {Wall}, Nephish {Refreshing}, and Nodab {Noble}.
  847. 1st Chronicles 11:4 Then David {Love} and all Israel's [elders ride their chariots and war-horses ~15km north] to Jerusalem (aka Jebus), where live the Jebusite {Threshers}, the inhabitants of the region.
  848. 1st Chronicles 14:9 The Philistines invade [Israel]. They spread [out] their [battle-arrays] in the valley of Rephaim {Giants}, [thus shutting off Bethlehem from Jerusalem].
  849. 1st Chronicles 14:13 But the Philistines yet again spread out their [armies] in the valley [of Giants].
  850. 1st Chronicles 18:5 Then, to help Zobah's king Hadarezer [kill Hebrews], the Syrian [army from] Damascus invades [Israel from the north]. So [king] David evicts 22000 Syrian [soldiers].
    note: Evict = #5221 Nakah. Whether this eviction was by spiritual or physical means is not here expressed.
  851. 1st Chronicles 18:12 In addition, [General] Abishai {Father-Of-Gifts} the son of [David's sister] Zeruyah {Balm} evicts 18000 Edomites from Salt Valley.
  852. 1st Chronicles 19:8 David's [spies report] to him [this massive allied invasion]. So he dispatches [General] Joab {JAH-Dad}. [Joab] leads the entire host of [Israel's] mighty men [in their march to the east].
  853. 1st Chronicles 19:9 So the [inbred] spawn of Ammon march out into battle-arrays. They face the gate of [Rabbah, their capitol] city. Simultaneously, their [allied] mercenary kings array their armies to fight [Israel] in the open fields.
  854. 1st Chronicles 28:2 King David stands up on his feet [before this horde of leaders]. [He shouts], “Hear me, my brothers, my people: I personally planned in my heart to build a temple of rest for the ark of the covenant of YHVH. [I wanted my temple to be] the footstool of our Elohim. So I prepared to construct the [temple].
  855. 2nd Chronicles 13:3 So [king] AbiYah {Father-YAH} sets the battle in array with an army of valiant men of [spirit] war: 400000 chosen [praise-warriors]. Opposite [AbiYah], Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} sets the battle in array with 800000 chosen [killers,] all mighty, valiant men.
    note: Nothing in this story indicates that Abiyah planned or executed any type of military action. This appears to have been a praise-battle.
  856. 2nd Chronicles 13:4 [King] AbiYah {Father-YAH} stands up on mount Zemaraim {Double-Fleece}, (in the Ephraim {Double-Fruit} hills). He shouts, “Hear me, Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}, and all [you] Israelis!
  857. 2nd Chronicles 14:8 Next [king] Asa assembles an army of men bearing [large] shields and spears. [The tribe of] Judah provides 300 thousand men. [The tribe of] Benjamin provides 280 thousand men who bear shields and draw bows—all of them mighty, valiant men, 😇.
  858. 2nd Chronicles 14:10 So [King] Asa [gallops] out [~30km southwest] to face [black king] Zerah {Ray}. The [two armies] set the battle in array in the valley of Zephathah {Watch-Tower} at Mareshah {Summit}.
  859. 2nd Chronicles 20:1 Time passes, 😇. Then the spawn of Moab, and the [inbred] spawn of Ammon, and their allies (the [Meunites]) [march west around the Dead Sea into Judea] to battle [king] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment}.
  860. 2nd Chronicles 21:10 Simultaneously [with the Edomite revolt, the region of] Libnah {White-Tree} revolts from under [Judea's] hand. [This rebellion happens] because [king JAHoram] keeps forsaking YHVH, [the] Elohim of his fore-fathers.
  861. 2nd Chronicles 21:16 Plus, YHVH stirs up the spirit[s] of the [western] Philistines and the [southeastern] Arabians (near the Ethiopians) to attack [evil king] JAHoram {YAH-Raised}.
  862. 2nd Chronicles 25:23 [There] at Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}, [north Israeli] king JAHoash {JAH-Fired} captures Judea's king AmaziYah {YAH's-Alertness}, (the son of [boy-king] JAHoash {JAH-Fired}, the son of JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed}). JAHoash [hauls] AmaziYah [19 miles east] to Jerusalem. [JAHoash's army] breaks down 400 cubits [600 feet] of Jerusalem's wall, from the Gate of Ephraim {Double-Fruit} to the Corner Gate.
  863. 2nd Chronicles 26:6 So [king UzziYah marches his praise-teams] out [~30 to 40km west]. He [wins supernatural] battles against the Philistines. His [Jericho-like marches] break down the wall [encircling] Gath {Wine-Press}, and the wall of Jabneh {Build}, and the wall of Ashdod {Ravager-City}! [UzziYah then] builds cities around Ashdod, and [elsewhere] among the Philistines.
    note: Almost certainly Uzziah wins these battles by praise-power, not military force.
  864. 2nd Chronicles 28:5 So YHVH (Ahaz's Elohim) hands him into the fist of Syria's king. The [Syrian soldiers] attack [Ahaz]. They carry away a great multitude of [Judean] prisoners. [Soldiers] march the [prisoners] to Damascus. Then [YAH] bats [Ahaz] into the fist of the king of [northern] Israel. [YAH] strikes [Judaea] with a massive slaughter, 😇.
  865. 2nd Chronicles 28:6 Judea forsakes YHVH [the] Eloah of their fathers. So, in one day, Pekah {Watch} (the son of RemaliYah {YAH-Decks}) slays 120 thousand [men in] Judea — all valiant men!
  866. 2nd Chronicles 28:17 [Ahaz needs help because] Edomite [southlanders repeatedly] invade and attack Judea and haul off prisoners.
  867. 2nd Chronicles 28:18 And the Philistines invade the cities of Judea's Shefelah {Low-Country-Foothills} and Negev {Southland}. [Philistines] capture and re-settle Beth-Shemesh {House-Of-The-Sun}, and Ajalon {Deer-Field}, and Gederoth {Walls}, and Shocho {Fenced} with its villages, and Timnah {Grabber} with its villages, and Gimzo {Sycamore} with its villages.
  868. Psalms 18:38 I crush [my enemies with praise-power]. So they'll never rise again. They lie fallen under my feet.
  869. Psalms 74:3 Get on your feet. Survey the permanent obliteration the evil enemy has wreaked on [your] sanctuary!
  870. Psalms 74:20 Look back to the covenant [you made with Abraham. Shine your light on us believers.] Cruel [killers] haunt every dark corner of [your] land.
  871. Psalms 79:3 The [villains] shed [righteous] blood like water surrounding the City-Of-Peace. The [invaders] leave no one [alive] to bury [us].
  872. Psalms 83:8 [Even worse,] Assyria joins with our [attackers]. [They've even] armed the [perverted] spawn of [daughter-bedding] Lot [to fight us]! Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  873. Ecclesiastes 9:14 [Envision a] little city. A small population lives in her. [Suddenly] a great king rushes against her. He surrounds her [with attack-troops]. He builds great siege-works against her.
  874. IsaiYAH 7:19 [These armies of ‘bees and flies’] rush in. They land in [Judea's] desolate valleys, and in the holes in the rocks, on all [Israel's] thorn-bushes. They infest your ‘brambles.’
    note: Attackers exploit the nation's weak people, thugs, criminals.
  875. IsaiYAH 10:28 [But as for you, evil] king Ahaz {Possessor}, your future holds only doomsday. [Your darling Emperor Sargon's army] reaches Ai {Ruins}. He pushes south of Migron {Cliff}. He lines up his war-machines at Michmash {Hidden}.
  876. IsaiYAH 10:31 [West, in Palestine,] Madmenah {Dunghill} flushes away, 😇. The settlers of Gebim {Cisterns} circle their [wagons]. They flee [south toward Egypt].
  877. IsaiYAH 16:3 [The Moabites beg the Judeans,] “Give [us strategic] advice. Resolve [to help us. Cloak us] with your shadow. Make the middle of noonday as dark as night. Hide [our] outcasts. [Please] don't betray [our] fugitives [to the enemy].
  878. IsaiYAH 16:9 So, 😇, I, [Isaiah] wail [with] weeping Jazer {Helpful} [and] the Sibmah {Spice} vines. I water you with my tears, Heshbon {Intelligence}, and EL'ealeh {EL-Ascends}. The shouts[s] [of battle] topple your summer fruits. [Soldiers destroy] your harvest.
  879. IsaiYAH 17:3 “As Damascus' kingdom disappears, the fortresses of Ephraim {North-Israel} [also] evaporate, 😇. All across [Highland] Syria, survivors [straggle], sharing the inglorious [fate] of the [defeated] brats of Israel”, warns YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies.
  880. IsaiYAH 21:1 [Next, 😇, YAH gives me (Isaiah)] the [following 6th prophetic] “burden,” [a vision of the future of Babylon,] the ‘desert sea’. Like a southland whirlwind, the [Persian invader] advances [on Iraq] from [Iran,] the desert land of terror.
    note: The Euphrates and the Nile rivers each received the nickname, "Sea" because of their massive annual flooding. Compare the lake called “the Sea Of Galilee”.
  881. IsaiYAH 21:17 [War] leaves alive only a tiny handful of those masterful archers descended from Kedar {Dusk-Land}. YHVH, Israel's [sovereign] Elohim, speaks [Arabia's future, 😇].
  882. IsaiYAH 33:4 [Spoilers] pillage [our treasure] like beetles devour [crops]. Swarming [looter] locusts ransack [our humble homes].
    note: Traditionally rendered as a pronouncement of boomerang revenge on Assyria.
  883. IsaiYAH 37:8 [Meanwhile, the] Rabshakeh leaves [Jerusalem for] Lachish {Harvest}. On the way, the [Rabshakeh] hears that the Assyrian Emperor has left [Lachish] to war against Libnah {White-Tree}.
  884. JeremiYAH 2:16 The ‘child-populations’ of [ancient Egyptian] Noph {Memphis} and Tahapanes {Daphnae} break the crown of your head; [they crack your Christian skull, 😇].”
    note: Egypt -> Babylon -> Persia -> Greece -> Rome -> Today's New World Order. All the same system.
  885. JeremiYAH 15:12 Can [Judea's puny] iron smash [the far superior] northern iron and steel [wielded by the coming Babylonian invaders]?
  886. JeremiYAH 25:27 YHVH-commander-of-armies, the Elohim of Israel [commands me,] “Tell the world that I say, ‘Drink your [death-potion]. Get drunk [on your own poison]. Vomit. Fall, never again to rise. I'm sending the sword into the center [of your society].’
  887. JeremiYAH 27:19 Instead YHVH Commander-Of-Armies warns [that Babylon advances to plunder] the [temple's] columns and pedestals, the [baptismal] ‘sea,’ and [all the] other riches remaining in this city.
  888. JeremiYAH 34:1 [Soon] Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, and all his army, and all the kingdoms of the lands within his dominion, and all [his] people, fight against Jerusalem. [They tear down] all the cities in [Judea]. Meanwhile, the [following] word from YHVH comes to JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}:
  889. JeremiYAH 34:21 I come to hand Judea's king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right} and his princes into the fists of their enemies, into the grip of [tyrants] who seek their lives, into the clutches of the Babylonian Emperor's army, who just [retreated] from you.”
  890. JeremiYAH 35:11 —But then Babylonian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar invaded the [promised] land. So we said, “Come on! Let's go to Jerusalem to escape the attacking Chaldean and Syrian armies! That's why we're staying in [rented houses] in Jerusalem.”
  891. JeremiYAH 46:3 [Egyptian commanders shout,] "Prepare [the army's] breastplate[s] and shield[s]! Advance to battle!”
  892. JeremiYAH 46:4 [The Egyptian general shouts:] “Harness your war-horses. Riders, mount! Battle formation! Strap on your helmets! Sharpen your spears. [Fasten] on your coats of armor!”
  893. JeremiYAH 46:18 “As I live,” swears [earth's true] King, whose name is YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies, [Egypt's conqueror] comes. [He's strong] like [Mount] Tabor {Jagged}, towering above [earth's] mountains, [invincible,] like mount Carmel {Fruiting-Garden} jutting up from the [Mediterranean] sea!
  894. JeremiYAH 46:26 [Watch] me deliver [the pagans] into the fists of [tyrants] who seek their lives, into the palm of Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, and into the clutches of his servants. Yet one day I [return] to repopulate [Egypt with homes], as in ancient times,” reveals YHVH.
  895. JeremiYAH 48:1 Against Moab, YHVH Commander-Of-Armies, the Elohim of Israel, decrees: “Woe [falls] on Nebo {Babyl-God-Mountain}! [Moab] falls to lie devastated. Kiriathaim {Double-City} lies shamed, raped. Misgab {Impregnable-Fortress} lies confused and depressed.
  896. JeremiYAH 48:9 [Women shout,] “Give wings to Moab, so she can flee and get away, before her cities fall to ruins, with no one left to dwell in them.”
  897. JeremiYAH 48:16 Moab's calamity approaches [like lightning]. Her ruin hastens fast.
  898. JeremiYAH 48:24 [Bombs fall] upon Keriot {City-Buildings}, and upon Bozrah {Fort}, and upon all the [other] cities of the land of [incestuous] Moab, far or near.
  899. JeremiYAH 48:32 You vine-people of Sibmah {Spice}, I weep for you even [more than I wept] when [when armies destroyed] Jazer {Helpful}. Your spreading vines once reached as far as Jazer's [Dead] Sea. But now the destroyer comes to [strip you bare]! [Attackers] descend [to harvest] your grapes and summer fruits.
  900. JeremiYAH 48:38 Sobbing [faces] fill all Moab's housetops. Mourners fill her streets. I break Moab like a worthless [broken] pot,” laments YHVH.
  901. JeremiYAH 49:8 Flee, Dedan-dwellers! About-face! Dig deep [hiding places]. I'm bringing [long-deserved] calamity [upon] Esau's brood. I [soon] bring [Esau's] day of punishment [down] on his [evil descendants].
  902. JeremiYAH 49:17 “So Edom becomes a desolation. Everyone who passes through [Judea's] southland [gapes,] stunned. [Spectators] hiss [in shock] at the [self-inflicted] wounds Edom comes to [suffer].
  903. JeremiYAH 49:23 [YAH then gives Jeremiah the following vision] of the fall of Damascus: Hamath {Joined-Walls} lies wrecked. As does Arpad {Land-Spread}. [Syrians] hear [the] evil news. They [swoon,] fainthearted. Unquietable sorrow [ravages] the [human] sea.
  904. JeremiYAH 49:28 Concerning Kedar {Darky}, and concerning the kingdoms of Hazor {Hamlet}, which Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon comes to smite, YHVH commands: “Rise up, [Babylon]. [March south] up to Kedar. Spoil the [wicked] sons of the east.”
  905. JeremiYAH 49:32 The [bigshots'] camels become [Babylon's] booty. [Armies] come to plunder all the [ranchers'] cattle-herds. I scatter [Hazor's arrogant] people out to the farthest corners [of her land]. I rain calamity on [her] from every side,” warns YHVH.
    note: or: “who poll the corners of their beards.”
  906. JeremiYAH 49:33 “Hazor {Hamlet} becomes a haunt of jackals, a desolation for ages. No man lives there. No ‘son of Adam’ [survives to] dwell in [Hazor].”
  907. JeremiYAH 49:36 I slam the four winds (from the four quarters of heaven) down on Elam {Hidden}. I scatter the [ingrates] to all those winds. Elam's outcasts fly into every nation on [earth].
  908. JeremiYAH 50:1 Via the prophet JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}, YHVH speaks the [following] prophecy of doom against Babylon and against the whole Chaldean land:
  909. JeremiYAH 50:21 YHVH shouts, [Persian attackers,] rise up against the land of Merathaim [rebels]. Mount her. Put the infesters of Pekod {Punisher} to the sword! Chase them to their doom! Do everything I command you.
    note: YAH wants some people to kill certain other people. Yet he wants his holy people to stay free of bloodshed.
  910. JeremiYAH 50:41 Watch, 😇: a population rushes in from the north, a great empire. Many kings rise up [together] from the ends of the earth.
  911. JeremiYAH 51:28 Consecrate [humanity's] mass-animals for war against Babylonia. Send for the kings of Media {Northwest-Iran}, their leaders and officials, and the armies of all the countries they control.”
    note: This is not a call for holy hebrews to participate in war. It's a call for doomed people to annihilate each other.
  912. JeremiYAH 52:5 [Babylon] beseiges [Jerusalem] city until the 11th year of king ZedekYah's [evil reign], 😇.
  913. JeremiYAH 52:12 Now on the 10th day of the 5th month of the 19th year of [the reign of] Emperor Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, NebuzarAdan, captain of the guard and [personal] aide to the Babylonian Emperor, invades Jerusalem.
  914. Lamentations 2:21 [Our] young and old [rebels] lie [lifeless, bleeding] on the street pavement. My virgins and my young men [lie] fallen by the sword. You [YHVH] terminated them on the day [you vented] your anger. Without pity, you executed [our criminal nation].
  915. Ezekiel 11:8 You're [more] in awe of the sword [than you're in awe of me]. So I [swing] a sword on you,” warns Adonai YHVH.
  916. Ezekiel 21:10 Razor-sharp, butchering, slaughtering, polished to glitter [like lightning, Babylon's sword] loves to laugh at the child-rod, that [little] stick, [the rebel king of Israel].
  917. Ezekiel 21:17 [In heaven,] I simultaneously strike my hands together [to incite the war] that spends my fire-breathing rage. I YHVH speak [your future].”
  918. Ezekiel 25:9 So, 😇, watch me [YHVH] expose Moab's [naked] flank. All her cities [go up in flames,] starting with her frontier towns, the glory of the country: Beth-Jeshimoth {House-of-the-Deserts}, Baal-Meon {Baal's-Lair}, and Kiriathaim {Twin-Cities}.
  919. Ezekiel 27:11 The [fighting] men of Arvad {Rover's-Refuge} stand with your army atop your encircling city-walls. Gammadim {Capturers} [man] your towers. [Heroes] hang their shields surrounding your walls, completing your beauty.
  920. Ezekiel 32:20 [Egypt's leaders] fall into the pile of [deadbeats] slain by war. [I] give [her enemies] the sword. ‘Draw her and all her rabble-swarms [down to death],’ [I shout].
  921. Ezekiel 33:21 On the 5th day of the 10th month of the 12th year of our captivity, a [refugee] who escaped from [Babylonian-occupied] Jerusalem runs to me, crying, “[Our] city lies smashed!”
    note: See Eze 40:1.
  922. Ezekiel 36:13 Adonai YHVH decrees, [Your enemies] say to you, [Promised Land,][You] devour up men. You abort nations.’
  923. Daniel 8:22 [India's Elephant-mounted warriors] break the [Alexander-horn]. Then 4 [weaker ‘horns’] stand up in [Alexander's] place. So 4 kingdoms rise out of [Alexander's] nation. But none [of those sub-empires continue] in [Alexander's authority and] power.
    note: Alexander's Empire was apparently split between Ptolemy, Cassander, Lysimachus and Seleucus.
  924. Daniel 11:5 [Watch] the king over the south: [Ptolemy Soter, son of Lagus, king of Egypt] become strong… but [watch:] one of [Ptolemy's] princes, [General Nike-tor] overpowers [Ptolemy]. [Nike-tor] grabs dominion. [This] prince [Nicator] comes to rule [Egypt's Empire] with great power.
    note: South = south of Judea. All Biblical thought centers around literal or metaphorical Jerusalem.
  925. Daniel 11:7 But out of a branch of [Berenice's] roots, [her brother, Ptolemy III, aka ‘Benefactor’] stands up in the estate of [king Antiochus. Ptolemy (Benefactor) advances to avenge Berenice's murder] with an army. He invades the fortress of [Antiochus,] the king of northern [Greece]. [Ptolemy] does [as he wishes] against the [Greeks]. He conquers them.
    note: Euergetes = Benefactor.
  926. Daniel 11:10 But [the defeated Greek king's] sons [Seleucus II (Callinicus) and Antiochus III] rise up [to wage war on Egypt. See] them gather a throng of many armies. They sweep [south] like a mighty [overwhelming] flood. They conquer all the way to the [royal Egyptian] fortress.
    note: In this war Antiochus III gets defeated. His brother dies from falling off a horse.
  927. Daniel 11:11 Then the king of the south [Ptolemy III of Egypt] moves in rage. He storms forth to fight the king of the north [Antiochus III]. [Antiochus] throws his great forces [into the battle]. But [YAH hands] the [Greek] armies into the fist [of the king of Egypt].
  928. Daniel 11:14 And in those times many [enemies] stand up against the king of the south, [Egyptian boy-king Ptolemy #5 (Epiphanes)]. The violent sons [among] your [Jewish] people exalt themselves [in rebellion against foreign rule] to establish [their] dream [of Jewish independence]. Yet the [Jews] fall.
    note: Translations vary widely in interpreting this verse. Apparently hothead Jewish ‘sons of the oppressors’ revolt against Egyptian control of Judea. But this revolt against Egypt strengthens Syria's Antiochus III. He repays the Jews with further oppression.
  929. Daniel 11:29 At the time [YAH has] appointed, [Epiphanes and his Greco-Syrian armies] march back south [through Israel] to invade [Egypt]. But this 3rd invasion pales in comparison to past and future invasions.
  930. Hosea 5:8 [😇, soon the pagan Israelites come to cry:] “Blow the trumpet on Gibeah {Hill}! Sound the bugle on Ramah's [high-mountain-idol-shrine]! Shout [the battle] cry at Beth-Aven {House-of-Vanity}! Fortify the rear guard, [strong sons of] Benjamin!”
    note: Sound the alarm! Raise the war cry! Signal the invasion of Sin City!
  931. Jah-El 1:7 [The invader] lays waste my vine. [He] strips the bark off my fig tree, leaving her bare and white. [She twists her arms & legs around her] naked [frame to hide her shame] as the invader flings her away.
  932. Amos 1:11 YHVH decrees: “Edom {Southland}, I forgave you [at least] 3 times! Then you chased your brother [Israel] with a sword! You threw aside all pity. You nursed [your fore-father the Red-Man's] anger into a never-ending murderous stalking rage. [Your hatred] keeps tearing everything and everyone around you into pieces. So [watch me] boomerang upon you final, perpetual destruction.
    note: You poisoned all compassion.
  933. ObadiYAH 1:1 [Around 480BC, as Nebuchadnezzar tears Judea apart,] Adonai YHVH shows ObadiYah {Obeyer-Of-YAH} [the following] vision [of] Edom's [future]: ‘Listen, 😇! YHVH warns! Spies [sent by Edom's enemies] summon foreign hordes of troops. [The invaders scream,] “Assemble [your armies] for battle! Rise against [the Red-Man's southland spawn]!
    note: This book's explanatory notes are optional reading. ObadYah [aka Abdia] served as steward of evil Israelite King Ahab after Israel abandoned YAH to offer blood-sacrifices to Demon-lord Baal. Obadiah served YAH in secret. Ahab’s evil Queen Jezebel hunted down all YAH's prophets (in her war against the Prophet EliJAH). Obadiah gave YAH's prophets shelter & food (1 Kgs 18:3 ff.) Ahab’s successor King [AhaziYah] sent 3 squads of soldiers to arrest EliJah. EliJah prayed, so fire rained down, vaporizing 2 of the squadrons. Yah spared the 3rd squadron, led by Obadiah. (2 Kings 1) Obadiah then resigned from military service and followed EliJah. Obadiah received the gift of prophecy. He predicted some New-Testament events. Vision means: a (mental) sight, i.e. a dream, revelation, oracle, not primarily a pronouncement, but a prophet spiritually ‘seeing’ events past, present and future, combined as a paranormal ‘movie’ playing in the prophet's mind's eye. Obadiahwas born in the village of Betharam, near Shechem.
  934. ObadiYAH 1:13 [The Red-man's sons rue the day they] marched through the gate of YAH's people in the day of oppression. [The Edomites] coldly looked down on the affliction of [the Israelites,] while [Babylonian] conquerors bowed the [Israelites] down to the ground. [Edom] greedily laid their hands on [Israel's] wealth on [Israel's] day of destruction.
    note: In 587 B.C., Edomites participated in Nebuchadnezzar's destruction of Israel's 1st Temple. “Avenge Edom's [sin]: remember how Edomites cried, ‘raze Jerusalem to its foundations!’” (Psalm 137: 7) “Build thy temple, which Edomites burned when Judaea was laid waste by the Chaldeans.” (Apocryphal intertestamental 1 Esdras 45)
  935. MicaYah 1:11 In Saphir {Beautiful}, [wounded people] scream, "Escape! Get out of your homes!” Exiles flee in naked shame, 😇. [Conquerors] drag mourning [prisoners] out of Zaanan {Sheep-Town}. [Destroyers] knock Beth-Ezel {House-of-the-Side} [off its foundation and] onto its side.
    note: Translation of Micah relies on interpretation of Hebrew poetry. Beth-ezel is a town on the edge [side] of Palestine.
  936. MicaYah 1:15 Then, 😇, [upon] Mareshah {Summit}, [YAH] brings a [destroying, robbing, consuming,] disinheriting [armed] force. It drives out the [Israelites]. [Invaders] occupy [the land] all the way to Adullam {Glory-town}, Israel's [former] glory.
  937. Nahum 2:4 Tanks rage [like beasts of prey in the] streets. [Explosions] clash [in the public] squares [like sparking] torches. [Bullets] dart [like flashes of] lightning.
  938. Nahum 2:6 [The] river-gate opens. The palace collapses [in a rush of water].
  939. Nahum 2:10 Hearts melt. Knees clack together. Bodies [twist] in agony, faces pale, [drained of blood].
    note: Pillaged, plundered, stripped! Doom! Damnation! Desolation!
  940. Nahum 3:3 Horsemen [attack,] flashing swords lifted high, 😇! Spears gleam! Countless corpses pile [up]. [Men] trip [and] stumble [over] dead bodies:
  941. Habakkuk 1:7 The terrible, dreadful criminals [leave] scars [wherever they] go.
  942. Habakkuk 1:9 Devoted [to] violence, [marauders'] faces eat [the] east wind. [They] gather prisoners [like] sand.
  943. Habakkuk 2:1 [Again pagan armies] stand watch, setting up siege towers, leaning forward/peering into the distance spying, arranging [yet] another [military] ‘chastisement’ [for Israel].
  944. Acts 5:36 Some time ago Theudas appeared, boasting he was somebody. About 400 [rebels] joined his [army]. [The Greeks] killed him. They scattered everyone who obeyed him. [His revolt] came to nothing.
  945. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:15 You, 😇, also harbor people who hold the doctrine of the Nike-people. I hate that.
    note: Nicolaitans=Nike-people, themselves conquered and conquering others. Like the mercenary army culture of the United States.
  946. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 9:13 The 6th angel sounds [his trumpet, 😇]. I hear a voice from the 4 horns of the golden altar which [stands] before YHVH.
  947. Judith 1:15 Nebuchadnezzar captures [Iranian king] Arphaxad in the mountains of Ragau. Nebuchadnezzar strikes Arphaxad through [the heart] with darts. That day he utterly destroys Arphaxad.
  948. Judith 2:4 After the war-council, Assyrian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar summons his army General Holofernes, his 2nd-in-command.
  949. Judith 2:7 You'll command the [Israelis] to hand over their land and water [resources] to me. I will go forth in my fire-rage against them. I will cover the whole face of the earth with the feet of my army. I will give [the Middle-East] as a spoil to [my minions].
  950. Judith 2:11 Don't let your eye spare anyone who rebels. But them to the slaughter. Plunder the rebels wherever you go.
  951. Judith 2:17 Holofernes takes [thousands of] camels and donkeys to haul the army's carriages. He loads countless sheep, oxen and goats to [feed the soldiers.]
  952. Judith 2:18 [Holofornes] procures plenty of provision for every man of the army, plus [tons] of gold and silver from [Iraq's] royal palace [to pay war expenses].
  953. Judith 4:1 Now the Israelis living in Judaea hear all the [damage] that Nebuchadnezzar's General Holofernes to [Israel's surrounding] nations, and how he had spoiled all their temples, and brought them to nothing.
  954. Judith 14:11 And as soon as morning rises, the Hebrews hang the head of [General] Holofernes on the [fortress] wall, and every man grabs his weapons, and they run out in bands to the mountain passes.
  955. Judith 14:13 The [captains] run to Holofernes’ tent, and say to the General's head steward, “Wake our lord! Now! Those arrogant [Israeli] slaves [are] charging down against us to battle. Let's kill them all!”
  956. 1 Maccabees 4:35 Now when Lysias sees his army put to flight by the manliness of Judah's soldiers, and how the Israelites stand valiantly ready either to live or die, Lysias retreats [north] into Antiochia. There [he] amasses together a company of foreign [mercenary assassins]. He builds his army greater than before. Again he sets out [south] to advance [his forces] into Judaea.
    note: Hammer's rebellious tactics escalate the conflict. The smarter move would be to ‘love your enemies.’
  957. 1 Esdras 1:25 Now after all these acts of JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH}, Pharaoh (the king of Egypt) rides into [Judaea] to raise war at Carchamis [a city on the] Euphrates [river]. So JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH} rides out [with his army to fight] against [the Egyptians.]
  958. 1 Esdras 1:30 King [JosiYah] screams to his servants, “Carry me away out of the battle! I've [lost my strength.”] Immediately his servants carry him away from the battle.
  959. 1 Esdras 1:31 JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH} crawls up on his backup chariot. [The horses] run him back [bleeding] to Jerusalem, where he dies. [His sons] bury him in his father's tomb.
  960. Genesis 14:1 [Time passes, 😇.] Kings arise:
  961. [Hammurabi] Amraphel (king of [the Babylonian plain of] Shinar),
  962. [Eri-Aku] Arioch (king of Ellasar),
  963. Chedorlaomer (king of Elam {Hidden}),
  964. and [Tudghula] Tidal {frightful} (king of Goiim {Cattle-Nations}).

  965. note: “And it came to pass” [v' yahí bémehi] suggests a time of trouble coming, then passing, yielding blessing, like life itself. The Assyrian historical tablets agree with the Biblical text here. Chedorlaomer = Kudur Lagamar, meaning “Servant of the Goddess Lagamar”, or “handful of sheaves”.
  966. Genesis 36:22 [The Red-Man's armies also murder and/or capture] the children of chief Lotan {Mask}: Hori {CaveMan} & Hemam {Rage}, and Timna {Grabber}, the sister of Lotan [Jr.]
  967. Genesis 36:29 [The Red Man conquers] the Chieftans descended from the [demon-spawn] Horite {CaveMen}: Chieftan Lotan {Mask}, Chieftan Shobal {Flood}, Chieftan Zibeon {Color}, Chieftan Anah {Answer};
  968. Exodus 14:2 “Order the descendants of Israel to turn and camp facing Pi-Hachirot {Mouth-Of-The-Gorges}, between Migdol {Tower}, [the giant fortress on the wall protecting Egypt from Asia,] and the sea, facing [the place named after Winter-God] Baal-Zephon {Lord-Typhon}. Camp opposite it, sea-side.
    note: Scholars have variously described Pi-Hahiroth as:
  969. The prominent mountainous range west of Nuweiba Beach on the West coast of the Gulf of Aqaba.
  970. Arsinoe, Egypt at the northern end of the Gulf of Suez.
  971. a place on the eastern border of Egypt.

  972. Deuteronomy 4:47 [The following address occurs soon after the Israelites] seize
  973. the land of [dead king Sihon], and
  974. the land of [fat giant] Og {Round}, king of Bashan {Fruitful}:
  975. two [of the] kings of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, who [lived and died] on this Eastern [sunrise-facing] side of the Jordan [river].
  976. Joshua 7:3 The spies [rush] back to JAHshua. They say to him, “Don't send up all [our] people. Just let 2 or 3 thousand [praise-warriors] travel up to cast out [the demon spawn of] Ai {Ruin-Heap}. Don't make all the people labor there; for Ai has few [inhabitants].”
    note: Cast out = #5221 nakah.
  977. Joshua 9:1 Soon news of [Israel banishing the pagans] reaches all the kings west of the Jordan river: (the kings in the hills, [and in the] valleys, and [on] the whole coast of the Great [Mediterranean] Sea opposite Lebanon {White-Peaks}. [The terrified nations include] the Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, Amorite {Mountaineers}, Canaanite {Mercenaries}, Perizzite {Plainsmen}, Hivite {Villagers}, and the Jebusite {Threshers}).
  978. Joshua 10:3 So Adoni-Zedek {Lord-Of-Justice} (king of Jerusalem) sends [envoys] to:
  979. Hoham king of Hebron {Society},
  980. and to Piram {Wildman} king of Jarmuth {Heights},
  981. and to Japhia {Bright} king of Lachish {Harvest},
  982. and to Debir {Oracle} king of Eglon {Calf-Jump}.
  983. Joshua 10:32 So, 😇, YHVH delivers Lachish {Harvest} into the hand of Israel. [Joshua] captures [Lachish] on the 2nd day [of the praise-siege]. [The Israelites] cast out [Lachish's inhabitants] with the [supernatural] mouth-sword [of YAH's Word], just as [they] did to Libnah {White-Tree}.
    note: #5221 nakah = strike or cast out.
  984. Joshua 10:33 Then Horam {High-Tower} king of Gezer {Cut-Land} [marches his armies] up to help [the army of] Lachish {Harvest} [massacre the Israelites]. So JAHshua banishes [Horam] and his people. [JAHshua] leaves not one [of them] remaining [in the Promised Land].
  985. Joshua 11:18 JAHshua [praise] battles against those [satanic] kings for a long time, 😇.
  986. Joshua 12:1 The following, 😇, is a list of the kings of lands evacuated by the sons of Israel. [Israel] takes the land East of [the] Jordan [river, all the way] to the rising sun [over the Mediterranean Sea], from [the] Arnon {Raging} River to Mount Hermon {Steep}, including the eastern side of the Arabah {Desert-Plain}.
  987. Judges 1:9 Then, 😇, the sons of Judah {Celebrated} race down to overcome the Canaanite {Mercenaries} living in the hills, and in the Negev {Southland}, and in the Shefelah {Valley}.
  988. Judges 3:18 Ehud {Unity} finishes offering the present. Then [the fat king] sends away [Ehud with] the people who carried in the present.
    note: Present = admittance offering. All the king wanted was the gift. He didn't care about Israel.
  989. Judges 9:42 The next day after [Zebul banishes Gaal, Neck-City's] people race out into the fields. They tell AbiMelech {Father-King}, [“Gaal's coming this way!”]
  990. Judges 11:14 So Jephthah {Wide-Open} sends messengers back to the king of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon.
  991. Judges 20:36 Benjamin's battle-boys see they're beaten, 😇. The men of [united] Israel draw back from the Benjamites. They entrust the wrap-up to the ambush-men they've set around the army of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}.
  992. 1st Samuel 6:1 The ark of YHVH stays in Philistine territory [for] 7 [long, painful] months.
  993. 1st Samuel 13:23 [While the Israelites lament their lack of weaponry,] a squadron [of warriors] from the Philistine army seizes control of the Michmash {Hidden} pass.
  994. 1st Samuel 29:1 Meanwhile, the Philistines amass all their armies at Aphek {Fortress}. The Israelites pitch [their defensive war camp] by a fountain in JezreEl {El-Plants}.
  995. 2nd Samuel 1:13 David asks the young man who said he'd killed Saul, “Where are you from?” The young man answers, “I'm the son of a foreigner, an Amalekite.”
  996. 2nd Samuel 4:2 [Meanwhile, Ishbosheth's] two Benjamite squadron commanders (Baanah {Force} and Rechab {Rider}) [scheme to assassinate Ishbosheth].
  997. 2nd Samuel 17:26 AbShalom [leads] Israel's [armies] to pitch [war-camp] in the land of Gilead {Witness}.
  998. 2nd Samuel 21:21 [This monstrosity] defies Israel. So David's brother JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} (the son of Shimea {Proclamation}) slays the [mutant].
  999. 1st Kings 11:26 Then king Solomon's foreman Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} lifts up his fist against [Solomon]. ([😇, here's Jeroboam's history:] Father: Nebat {Look}). Hometown: Zereda {Pierce}. Home-Region: [the hills of] Ephraim {Double-Fruit}. Mother: Zeruah {Scourge}, a widow.)
  1000. 1st Kings 11:27 Here's the account of Jeroboam lifting up his fist against king [Solomon]. [Flash back to when] Solomon {Peace-Man} builds [Jerusalem's outer defense system] (the Millo). [Solomon's men] repair the breaches in [the wall of the] Citadel of his father David.
  1001. 2nd Kings 14:28 Now you, 😇, should find the rest of the acts and accomplishments of Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} [#2] described in the book of the Chronicles Of The Kings of [north] Israel, including [accounts of Jeroboam's] power, how he warred for [north] Israel, and how he [briefly] recaptured Damascus and Hamath {Joined-Walls}, [which Syria had taken during the fall of Solomon’s] Judean [kingdom].
  1002. 1st Chronicles 12:23 What follows is a count of men in each of the bands of armed battle-ready [men] who defect to turn over the kingdom of Saul to David {Love} at Hebron {Society}, fulfilling the prophecy of YHVH:
  1003. 2nd Chronicles 26:12 In total, 2600 clan-heads lead this [unholy] human power-force.
  1004. IsaiYAH 16:11 So my heart throbs for Moab like a harp, 😇. My guts [wrench, seeing the destruction of] Kir-Haresh {Pottery-Fortress}.
  1005. IsaiYAH 36:22 So, ripping their clothes, palace administrator Eliakim {EL-Raises} (the son of HilkiYah {YAH's-Inheritance},) [royal] secretary Shebna {Grower}, and record-keeper Joah {YAH-Brother} (the son of Asaph {Gatherer} return to [king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}. They repeat to him the threats [the] Rabshakeh [screamed].
  1006. JeremiYAH 25:23 [Disaster engulfs] Dedan, and Tema, and Buz {Shame}, and all the [desert] fringe [nomads].
    note: “all-of ones-cutting-away-of edge (-of-their-hair)” can be rendered:
  1007. with their hair clipped at the corners,
  1008. who cut the corners of their beards (gotees),
  1009. far away places in the east,
  1010. people who shave their temples,
  1011. nomads on the fringe of the desert, etc...

  1012. JeremiYAH 48:19 Inhabitants of Aroer {Exposed}, stand by the road [to Moab]. Watch [war-smoke rise in the distance]. Ask the fleeing escapees, “What happened?!”
  1013. JeremiYAH 48:34 [Victims'] cries echo from Heshbon {Intelligence} all the way to EL'ealeh {EL-Ascends}. [Childrens'] screams resound from Jahaz {Stomp}, to Zoar {Tiny-Town} out to Horonaim {Double-Cave-Town}, then on to Eglath-Shlishiyah {3-year-Old-Heifer-Town}. Even the Nimrim {Clearwater} brook goes bone-dry.”
  1014. Jah-El 3:9 “Call, nations! Prepare war! Wake up [your] mighty master-men! Assemble, soldiers! Rise up, war-mortals!
    note: YHVH taunts the nations who brag about their great strength.
  1015. Judith 1:11 Yet all the inhabitants of the [Middle-East] make light of Assyrian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar's [summons]. They refuse to go [north] with him to fight [Iran]. Nebuchadnezzzar fails to arouse their fear. They view him as a single [narcissistic] man. They send away Nebuchadnezzar's ambassadors in failure and disgrace.
  1016. Judith 1:13 Then, in his 17th year [of reign], Nebuchadnezzar marches his forces [west], arrayed for battle against [Persian] king Arphaxad. Nebuchadnezzar wins the battle. He overthrows the mighty Arphaxad, and all Arphaxad's horsemen, and all Arphaxad's chariots.
  1017. Judith 4:2 The [Israelis quake] in overwhelming terror of Holofernes. They [cry in agitation] for Jerusalem, and for the temple of [YHVH] Adonai their Elohim.
  1018. Judith 5:3 Holofernes says to these [Mid-East leaders], “Tell me now, you sons of Canaan, who are these people infesting [Israel's] hill country? What cities do they inhabit? How big is their army? What gives them power and strength? What king rules over them? Who's the chief of their army?
  1019. Judith 6:13 Holofernes’ [soldiers] find a hiding place under the hill. There they bind [Ammonite General] Achior. They push him to [the ground]. They abandon him at the foot of the hill. Then they race back [East] to their lord [General Holofornes].
  1020. Judith 14:18 "These [Israeli] slaves betrayed us! One woman of the Hebrews brought shame on the house of king Nebuchadnezzar. Look, 😇! [General] Holofernes lies headless on the ground!”
  1021. Judith 16:5 Assyria bragged that he would burn up my borders, and kill my young men with the sword, and dash the sucking children against the ground, and make my infants prey, and my virgins spoil.
  1022. Baruch 1:2 In the 5th year, in the 7th day of the month, when the Chaldeans took Jerusalem (the City of Peace), and burnt it with fire.
  1023. 1 Maccabees 4:5 Meanwhile, [Greek General] Gorgias [rushes] by night into the Jewish war-camp. When Gorgias finds no man there, he hunts for the Israelites in the mountains, assuming, “These [scared hillbillies] are fleeing from us [Greek war-heroes].”
  1024. 1 Maccabees 5:13 Yes, the [pagans] murdered all our brothers [everywhere around the city of] Tobie. There the [villains] butchered about 1000 men. The [infidels] dragged off [our brothers'] wives and their children as slaves, and stole all their goods.”
  1025. Genesis 36:24 [The Red-Man also murders and/or captures] the sons of [Chief] Zibeon {Colorful}: Ajah {Screaming-Hawk} & Anah {Answer}, (the Anah who discovered well-springs in the wilderness while feeding the donkeys of his father Chief Zibeon).
    note: This Anah is mentioned in Gen 26:34.
  1026. Genesis 36:25 [The red man captures] Anah's [2] children: Dishon {Jumper}, and his daughter, Aholibamah {Big-House}.
  1027. Genesis 36:26 [And the Red Man murders and/or captures] the children of Dishon {Antelope}: Hemdan {Delight}, Eshban {Vigor}, Ithran {Winner}, and Cheran.
  1028. Genesis 36:27 [And the Red Man murders and/or captures] the children of Ezer {Treasure}: Bilhan {Timid}, Zaavan {Earthquake}, and Akan {Twister}.
  1029. Genesis 36:28 [And the Red Man murders and/or captures] these children of Dishan {Jumper}: Uz {Counselor}, and Aran {Screamer}.
  1030. Numbers (Journeys) 32:39 Meanwhile, the sons of Machir {Salesman} (the son of Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting}) travel to Gilead {Monument-Mound}. They capture it, 😇. They drive the Amorite {Mountaineers} from it.
    note: Either through praise [spiritual warfare sanctioned by YHVH] or through normal warfare not sanctioned by YAH.
  1031. Numbers (Journeys) 33:40 Then king Arad {Fugitive}, the Canaanite living in the southern [part] of the land of Canaan {LowLand}, hears that the sons of Israel are advancing [toward him, 😇].
  1032. Deuteronomy 2:35 We only keep for ourselves the cattle and the wealth of the cities we seize, 😇.
  1033. Joshua 10:34 Then, from Lachish {Harvest}, JAHshua leads [the whole nation of] Israel. They rush to Eglon {Calf-Jump}. They encamp opposite [the fortress]. They overcome it [through praise-power].
  1034. Joshua 11:19 The only city that makes peace with the ‘sons of Israel’ are the Hivite {Villagers}, (those [tricky] inhabitants of Gibeon {Flower-Hills}). The [Israelites] take the [rest of the Promised Land after YHVH defeats its inhabitants] in battle.
  1035. Judges 1:10 Judah's [tribe praise-attacks] the Canaanite {Mercenaries} living in Hebron {Society} ([a city] previously named Kirjath-Arba {City-of-The-4-Giants}). Judah banishes [occult warlords] Sheshai {Albino}, Ahiman {Gift-Brother}, and Talmai {Terrace}.
    note: #5221 nakah = cast out.
  1036. Judges 3:3 [YHVH leaves] 5 Philistine [War]-Lords, and whole [hordes] of Canaanite {Mercenaries}, plus the Sidonian {Fishermen}, and the Hivite {Villagers} living in mount Lebanon {Snow-Peaks}, from mount Baal-Hermon {Lord-Of-The-Steeps} to the entrance to Hamath {Joined-Walls}.
  1037. 1st Samuel 13:16 Then [king] Saul and his son JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} (and the people with them) take up quarters in [Benjamin's tribal region] of Gibeah {Flower-Hills}. Meanwhile, the Philistine [army] camps at Michmash {Hidden}.
  1038. 2nd Samuel 1:1 After [king] Saul dies, David {Love} returns [north to southern Palestine] from evicting the Amalekites [from the Promised Land]. David stays [for] 2 days in Ziklag {Fortress}.
    note: #5221 nakah = evict or strike.
  1039. 1st Kings 15:32 Border-fighting [rages] between [Judean king] Asa and [Northern] Israeli king Baasha {Stink} all their days.
  1040. 2nd Kings 11:10 Then, from the temple of YHVH, the priest issues king David's spears and shields to the hundred-man-squadron captains.
  1041. 1st Chronicles 12:9
  1042. Chief: Ezer {Aid},
  1043. ObadiYah {Obey-YAH} the second [in command],
  1044. Eliab {Fathered-By-El} 3rd [in command].
  1045. 1st Chronicles 12:10
  1046. 4th: Mishmannah {Fatness},
  1047. 5th: JeremiYah {YAH-Rises},
  1048. 2nd Chronicles 13:2 ([King Rehoboam fathered] AbiYah with a woman named MichaYah {Who-Is-Like-Yah} the daughter of UriEl {El's-Flame} from Gibeah {Flower-Hills}.) AbiYah {Father-YAH} reigns for 3 years in Jerusalem. War [rages] between AbiYah and [north Israel's rebel-king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}.
    note: Micaiah is called "Maacah" (Press) in 1 Kings 15:2 and 1Chr 11:20. See 2Chr 15:16. Apparently as Judean Queen-Mother, Maacah [Press] switched her name to a more worshipful sound-alike: MichaYah [Who-Is-Like-Yah]. But she remained evil. Like today, many sluts have religious names like ‘Christine.’ Josephus says that Uriel was the husband of Absalom's daughter Tamar, who birthed Queen Maacah. So Rehoboam married his cousin(s).
  1049. Psalms 120:5 Ay, 😇! I'm [trapped] on a detour [with people as cruel and heartless as the legendary, barbaric] occupiers of Meshech {Turkey} and Kedar {Dark-Arabia}.
    note: Meshech & Kedar, synonymous with thuggery, as we use the terms: 'vandals', 'goths', 'barbarians'. Today these same geographic groups persecute modern Israel.
  1050. IsaiYAH 21:13 [Next, 😇, YAH gives me (Isaiah)] the [following prophetic] ‘burden’ to deliver to Arabia: [In the] darkness of [your near future, the Assyrian war against Egypt & Ethiopia forces] you nomadic spawn of Dedan to park your caravans in the Arabian wildwoods. [Egypt becomes a death-trap.]
    note: This set of 5 verses relates to the generally cursed descendants of the boys whom Abraham unwisely spawned with his concubines.
  1051. IsaiYAH 21:16 For YHVH promises me, “Within a year, counted [to the day], like an indentured-servant counts [his days to freedom], all the glory vanishes from Kedar {Dusk-Land}.
    note: Kedar = land of Bedoin arabs. Kedar = a descendant of Abraham through cursed Ishmael.
  1052. JeremiYAH 49:34 In the beginning of the reign of Judea's [evil] king ZedekYah {YAH's-Right}, another prophecy from YHVH comes [alive] in the prophet JeremiYah. [It warns of the doom on] Elam {Hidden}, [the now Iranian country east of the Tigris river]:
  1053. Nahum 2:5 Officers shout [orders,] stumbling, marching under shields [to the] defended [city] wall.
  1054. Judith 1:4 Arphaxad raises the city's gates 70 cubits [105 feet] high, and 40 cubits [60 feet] wide, to accommodate the marching forth of his mighty armies, and for setting his foot [soldiers] in [battle] array.
  1055. Judith 1:5 Soon after [king Arphaxad fortifies Ectabane, Babylonian] Emperor Nebuchadnezzar makes war with king Arphaxad. [Their armies meet] on the great plain on the borders of Ragau [in Iran].
  1056. Judith 1:6 Everyone in [Iran's] hill country, plus everyone dwelling by [the] Euphrates, Tigris, and Hydaspes [rivers], and [everyone on] the plain of Arioch the king of the Elymeans {Southern-Iraqis}, and very many sub-nations descended from Chelod, assemble themselves to battle [with Arphaxad against Nebuchadnezzar].
  1057. Judith 2:5 Nebuchadnezzar says, “[I] the Great king, the lord of the whole earth, say ‘Look [into your future:] You'll venture forth from my presence, and take with you 120,000 footmen who trust in their own strength, plus 12,000 horses carrying their riders.
  1058. Judith 2:6 You'll go fight all the countries west of [Iraq], because they disobeyed my commandment [to worship me].
  1059. Judith 2:10 So you'll [march my Imperial army] forth. You'll seize every border [in the middle East]. If they yield themselves to you, you'll preserve them [alive] for me until the day of their punishment.
  1060. Judith 2:15 Holofernes musters the 120,000 chosen soldiers for the battle, as his Emperor had commanded him, plus 12 thousand archers on horseback;
  1061. Judith 2:16 [General] Holofernes arrays his [troops into] a great army ordered for [world] war.
  1062. Judith 4:3 [The Judeans cry,] “We've just returned from exile! We've just gotten our society restored. We only recently restored the temple, its vessels, and its cooking-altar. It's all only just been re-sanctified after its last debasement!”
  1063. Judith 4:4 So the [Judeans] send [messengers] into regions and villages of Samaria {North-Israel}, including Bethoron {Cave-House}, and Belmen, and Jericho {Moon-Spirit}, and Choba, and Esora, and the valley of Salem.
  1064. Judith 5:24 So now, lord Holofernes, let's march up [to attack Israel]. The Hebrews will be prey devoured by all your soldiers.”
  1065. Judith 6:1 Eventually the war-council quiets down. Assyrian General Holofernes addresses the assembled multi-national delegation. He [shouts to Ammonite General] Achior and all [Achior's neighboring] Moabite [generals]:
  1066. Judith 6:16 So the governors call together all [Bethulia's] city elders. All the local youth and women rush to [view] the assembly. The [governors] set [Ammonite General] Achior in the middle of the assembled crowd. Then UzziYah {YAH's-Strength} asks Achior [why the Assyrians dumped him at the bottom of the hill].
  1067. Judith 7:1 The next day, [General] Holofernes commands his whole army, and his other supporters at the war camp, to move from Bethulia {House-of-Yahweh-Elohim}, to first capture the [strategic] high places of the hill country, to make war against the Israelis.
  1068. Judith 14:17 Bagoas runs into the tent where Judith stayed. Seeing Judith has escaped, he jumps [up and sprints] out to the troops, and cries,
  1069. Judith 15:6 And the remaining [soldiers] camped at Bethulia {House-of-Yahweh-Elohim} fall upon the camp of Assur [Assyria (Success)], and spoil them, getting rich.
  1070. 1 Maccabees 3:5 Hammer pursues the wicked. He rousts them out. He burns up the [imperialists] who vex his people.
  1071. 1 Maccabees 3:7 Hammer grieves many [foreign] kings. He makes [the descendants of] Jacob spin-around [in bright joy] with his actions. [Jews go on to] bless Hammer's memory forever.
  1072. 1 Maccabees 4:1 Then [Greek General] Gorgias takes 5000 footmen, and 1000 of [the Empire's] finest horsemen. [They creep] out of [the Gentile war] camp [under cover of] night.
  1073. 1 Maccabees 11:17 For ZabdiEl {El-Gives} the Arabian takes off Alexander's head, and sends it to Ptolemee.
  1074. 1 Maccabees 13:32 [Tryphon] reigns in [Antiochus'] place. [Tryphon] crowns himself king of Asia. He brings great calamity upon the [Middle-East].
  1075. 2 Maccabees 12:28 Juda and his company call upon [YHVH, the] Almighty Elohim {God} who with his power breaks the strength of his enemies. So the [Judah's army] wins [Ephron {fawn}] city. They execute 25000 [oppressors] inside.
  1076. Genesis 36:23 [The Red-Man also murders and/or captures] the children of [Chief] Shobal {Flood}: Alvan {Climber}, Manahath {Lazy}, Ebal {Baldy}, Shepho {Stripper} and Onam {Power}.
  1077. Joshua 9:3 The inhabitants of Gibeon {Flower-Hills} also hear how JAHshua [banished the demon-spawn of] Jericho {Moon-Spirit} and Ai {Ruin-Heap}.
  1078. Joshua 11:2 [Jabin also conspires with] the kings in [Israel's] northern hill-country, and in the plains south of Galilee, and in the [Jordan River] valley, and in the land of Dor {Home} on the west [side of the Jordan river].
  1079. Judges 1:11 From [Hebron, the Judeans] run [to praise-attack] the inhabitants of Debir {Oracle} (previously named: Kirjath-Sepher {Branch-City}).
  1080. Judges 18:12 [These attackers] travel uphill [15 miles northeast]. They pitch [war-camp 10 miles north of Jerusalem] in Kirjath-Yearim {City-Of-Forests}, in Judea. (That's why to this day people call that place behind Kirjath-Yearim, “Mahaneh-Dan {Dan's-Camp}.”)
  1081. 1st Samuel 13:18 Another [Palestinian raiding band] turns up the roadway to Beth-Horon {Cave-House}. [The 3rd Palestinian] company turns to the border roadway that faces the valley of Zeboim {Splendid} (toward the wilderness).
  1082. 1st Kings 15:7 In the book of the Chronicles (of the kings of Judea), scribes record the rest of the acts & accomplishments of AbiJam, including [his victory in] the [‘civil’] war against [north Israel's evil king] Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler}.
    note: II Chr 13
  1083. 1st Chronicles 12:4 —and IsmaiYah {Yah-Hears} the Gibeonite {Hillsman}, commander and one of the strongest of [David's] 30 [special forces warriors], and JeremiYah {YAH-Rises}, Jahaziel {EL-Stomps}, JAHohanan {YAH-Favored}, and Josabad {YAH-Endowed} the Gederathite {Rancher},
  1084. 1st Chronicles 12:6 —and EL-Kanah {El-Obtains}, JesiYah {Yah-Lends}, AzareEl {El's-Aid}, Joezer {YAH-Helps}, Jashobeam {The-People-Return}, the Korhites {Ice-Men},
  1085. 1st Chronicles 12:37 From the [east] side of [the] Jordan [river], the tribes of Reuben and Gad (and the [Eastern] half of the tribe of Manasseh) send 120000 [men] equipped with all kinds of instruments of war [both physical and spiritual] for the battle.
  1086. JeremiYAH 48:23 [Doom descends] upon Kiriathaim {Double-City}, and upon Beth-Gamul {House-Of-Weaned-Children}, and upon Beth-Meon {House-Of-Baal};
  1087. ZephaniYAH 2:12 Ethiopians die by sword, 😇.
  1088. Judith 1:8 [Nebuchadnezzar also summons] the nations in the [previously Israeli] areas near Carmel {Fruiting-Garden}, and Gilead {Witness}, and upper Galilee, and the great plain of Esdrelon {Megiddo}.
    note: Thus involving the future location of the battele of Armageddon.
  1089. Judith 15:12 Then all the women of Israel run together to see Judith, and bless her, and choreograph a dance among them for her: and Judith takes branches in her hand, and gives [branches, or treasure] to the women with her.
    note: In this world, Peacemakers suffer while Warmongers prosper.
  1090. 1 Maccabees 4:2 [Gorgias] plans to rush in upon the Jewish [war] camp, to strike them suddenly, using spies from the [Israelite] fortress as guides.
  1091. 1 Maccabees 4:7 The Israelites see the war-camp of the beast-nations: fierce, strong and well-armed, completely surrounded by horsemen; all experts in war.
  1092. 1 Maccabees 4:20 The [Greek] spies see that the Jews have put the [invasion] army to flight, and are burning the Greek army's tents. The smoke in the air tells the story [of the Greeks' defeat].
  1093. 1 Maccabees 5:51 Hammer then murders all [Ephron's] males with the ‘bite’ of the sword. He rases the city. He seizes its spoils. He passes through the city over the [corpses] of its slain.
  1094. Numbers (Journeys) 31:1 Then YHVH commands Moses [to go on the supernatural offensive]:
    note: Common militarily-skewed misunderstandings of this chapter have set the stage for Judeo-Christian wars right up to the present day.
  1095. Joshua 11:1 Soon Jabin {Intelligent} (king of Hazor {Hamlet}) hears [of JAHshua's unstoppable campaign]. So [Jabin] sends [his envoys] to Jobab {Howler} (king of Madon {Heights}), and to the king of Shimron {Guardian}, and to the king of Achshaph {Fascination}.
    note: Not so intelligent after all.
  1096. Joshua 11:3 [Jabin's attack force swells to include] the Canaanite [mercenaries both] east and west [of the Jordan river, and the] Amorite {Mountaineers}, Hittite {Sons-Of-Terror}, Perizzite {Plainsmen}, the Jebusite {Threshers} in the mountains, and [the] Hivite {Villagers} under [steep, snowy mount] Hermon in the land of Mizpah {Watch-Tower}.
  1097. Joshua 12:10
  1098. The king of Jerusalem {City-Of-Peace};
  1099. the king of Hebron {Society};
  1100. Joshua 12:12
  1101. The king of Eglon {Calf-Jump};
  1102. the king of Gezer {Cut-Land};
  1103. Joshua 12:14
  1104. The king of Hormah {Banishment};
  1105. the king of Arad {Fugitive};
  1106. 1st Samuel 13:17 Then 3 companies of raiding parties stream out of the Philistine [army] camp. One company turns to the roadway that leads to Ophrah {She-Fawn}, to the land of Shual {Fox}.
  1107. 1st Samuel 17:14 David {Lover}, being the youngest, [hates being left behind while his] 3 oldest brothers follow Saul.
  1108. 2nd Kings 10:34 [Scribes] summarize the rest of the acts and accomplishments of JAHu {JAH-Is-He}, and all his might, in the book of the Chronicles Of The Kings of [north] Israel.
  1109. 1st Chronicles 12:3 The [warriors are] led by Ahiezer {Helper-Brother}, then JAHoash {JAH-Fired}, (the sons of Shemaah {Proclamation} the Gibeathite {Hillsman}), and JeziEl {Sprinkled-By-El}, and Pelet {Escape} (the sons of Azmaveth {Strong-One-Of-Death}), and Berachah {Blessing}, and JAHu {JAH-Is-He} from Anatoth {Answer-Town},
  1110. 1st Chronicles 12:5 [and] Eluzai {El-Defends}, Jerimoth {Rising}, BealiYah {YAH-is-Master}, ShemariYah {YAH Guards}, and ShephatiYah {YAH-Judges} (from Charuph {Autumn}),
  1111. 1st Chronicles 12:11
  1112. 6th: Attai {Fit},
  1113. 7th: EliEl {God-Over-gods};
  1114. 1st Chronicles 12:34 [The tribe] of Naphtali {Wrestler} sends 1000 captains leading 37000 [warriors bearing] shield and spear.
  1115. 1st Chronicles 12:35 Dan's tribe [sends] 28600 expert war-fighters.
  1116. 1st Chronicles 12:36 Asher's [tribe] sends 40000 expert battle-hardened warrior-adventurers.
  1117. Judith 1:7 Then Assyrian Emperor Nebuchadnezzar sends [a call-to-arms] to everyone living in Persia {Iran}, and to everyone west of [Iran], including [the peoples] living in Cilicia {Turkey}, and Damascus [Syria], and Libanus {Lebanon}, and Antilibanus {White-Mountains}, and to everyone dwelling on the [Mediterranean] sea coast.
  1118. Judith 14:4 So you, and all who inhabit the territory of Israel, pursue the [pagans], and overthrow them as they go.
  1119. 1 Maccabees 3:40 So the Greek army rides forth with all their power. They advance [on Judea]. They pitch [their war camp] near Emmaus {Warm-Spring} (in the country plains).
  1120. 1 Maccabees 4:29 This beast-national army rides [from Syria down through Judea] into Edom {SouthLand}. They pitch their tents at Bethsura {House-Of-Rock}. Judah the Hammer meets these [65000] beast-national [assassins] with 10000 men.
  1121. 1 Maccabees 5:27 —And how the Hebrews wallow imprisoned in the rest of the cities of the region of Gilead {Witness}. And that the beast-Empire plans to bring their host tomorrow against the forts, to sieze the [Israeli strongholds], to destroy the Hebrews all in one day.
  1122. 1 Maccabees 5:28 Immediately Judah the Hammer and his host turn suddenly onto the wilderness path to Bosora. Hammer wins the city. He murders all its males with the bite of the sword. He takes all their spoils. He burns the city with fire.
  1123. 1 Maccabees 6:3 So Antiochus comes. He attacks the city, to spoil it. But the city fights his army back, because they had been warned.
  1124. Leviticus 20:1 YHVH further commands Moses:
  1125. 1st Chronicles 12:12
  1126. 8th: JAHohanan {YAH-Favored},
  1127. 9th: Elzabad {El-Bestows},
  1128. 1st Chronicles 12:13
  1129. 10th: JeremiYah {YAH-Rises},
  1130. 11th: Machbanai {Hill}.
  1131. Judith 1:12 So Nebuchadnezzar flies into rage against the entire middle-east. He swears by his throne and kingdom, that he will surely be avenged upon all the coasts of Cilicia {Turkey}, and Damascus [Syria], and [Highland] Syria. [He swears to] slay with the sword all the [millions of] inhabitants of the land of [incestuous] Moab, and the [inbred] spawn of Ammon, and all Judaea, and everyone in Egypt, and [north Africa] from coast to coast.
  1132. 1 Maccabees 3:13 Seron, a prince of the army of [Highland] Syria, hears rumors that Judah the Hammer has gathered to himself faithful troops [supported] by a crowd of [supporters] to march out with him to war.
  1133. 1 Maccabees 3:38 Meanwhile, [Imperial steward] Lysias appoints the Emperor's mighty friends Ptolemee (the son of Dorymenes), Nicanor and Gorgias [as war generals].
    note: The text does not make it clear who Lysias is, but he is probably the Imperial steward mentioned in v.34.
  1134. 1 Maccabees 4:26 Meanwhile, all the escaped foreign [warriors] run [north to Greece. Trembling, the survivors] tell [Imperial steward] Lysias how the [unarmed Jews massacred their great Greek army].
  1135. 1 Maccabees 4:41 Then Judah the Hammer hand-picks [warriors] to fight against the [foreigners who] remain in the [city's inner] fortress, until he has cleansed the sanctuary.
  1136. 1 Maccabees 5:30 Before the dawn, [Hammer's host] look up. They see innumerable [pagans] bearing ladders and other engines of war, to take the fortress. The beast-nations assault the [Israelis].
  1137. 1 Maccabees 5:39 [General] Timothy {Lover-Of-Zeus} has also hired the Arabians to help the [Imperial army kill us]. They've pitched their tents beyond the brook. They stand ready to come and fight you.” Upon this Judah the Hammer [rides] forth to meet the enemy.
  1138. 1 Maccabees 5:65 Then Judah [the Hammer] ventures [south] with his brothers. He fights against the spawn of Esau {Rough-Red}. [Hammer] strikes Hebron {Society}, and its towns. He pulls down its fortress. He burns all the towers around [Hebron].
    note: Hammer is the kind of Messiah the Jews wanted. Not some homeless peacenik.
  1139. 1 Maccabees 5:68 So Judah the Hammer turns [west] to Azotus in Philistine territory. There Hammer pulls down the [Palestinians' occult] altars. He burns their carved [idol] images with fire. He spoils their cities. He returns [east] into the land of Judaea.
  1140. 1 Maccabees 6:6 [General] Lysias initially went to battle with a great power. But the Jews drove him away. They've grown strong by seizing the armor, [fire]power and stores of spoils which they plundered from the armies they destroyed.
  1141. 1 Maccabees 6:20 So in the [Greek Empire's] 150th year the Israelites come together. They besiege [the traitors in the tower]. Then [Hammer] makes war-machines and mounts for shooting against the [enemy].
  1142. Joshua 19:26 And [Asher's land includes] Alammelech {King's-Oak}, Amad {People-Of-Time}, and Misheal {Request}. [Asher's land] stretches out west to Carmel {Fruiting-Garden} and Shihor-Libnath {Dark-Turbid-White-Waters};
  1143. 1st Chronicles 1:46 Husham {Speedy} dies. Hadad {Fierce} the son of Bedad {Divider} strikes Midian [the Brawler nation] in the field of Moab. [Hadad] reigns in [Speedy's] place, from his throne-city, Avith {Ruin}.
  1144. 1st Chronicles 2:17 And AbiGail {Daddy's-Joy} births Amasa {Load}: (fathered by Jethro {Superior}, the spawn of IshmaEl).
    note: Here Ishmael's line crosses into the Hebrew seed, with tragic results.
  1145. Judith 1:9 [Nebuchadnezzar also summons] everyone in Samaria and its [daughter] cities, and [everyone] beyond Jordan to Jerusalem, and Betane, and Chelus, and Kades, and the [Nile] river of Egypt, and Taphnes, and Ramesse, and all the land of Gesem.
    note: Truly a world war.
  1146. Judith 1:10 [Nebuchadnezzar also summons the Egyptians] southwest past Tanis and Memphis, all the way [south] to the borders of Cush {Ethiopia}.
  1147. 1 Maccabees 3:57 So the [Israelite] horde mobilizes. They pitch [war camp] on the south side of Emmaus {Warm-Spring}.
  1148. 1 Maccabees 5:4 Hammer then obsesses on the injury [inflicted on Israel] by the sons of Bean, who had been a snare and an offense to the Israelis. (The [Beanies] had lain in ambush [to kill] the [Hebrews] on the [public] roads.)
  1149. 1 Maccabees 5:6 Then Hammer passes [east] over [the Jordan river] to [fight] the [inbred] spawn of Ammon. There he encounters a mighty [military] power supported by a vast populace, [led by] their General Timothy {Lover-Of-Zeus}.
  1150. 1 Maccabees 5:11 These Gentiles, led by Timotheus {Lover-Of-Zeus}, captain of their army, are preparing now to come and sieze the fortress to which we've fled.
  1151. 1 Maccabees 5:35 This done, Judah [the Hammer] turns aside to Maspha {WatchTower}. He assaults it. He seizes and murders all the males inside [the city walls]. He gathers the [city's] spoils. Then he burns Maspha with fire.
  1152. 1 Maccabees 5:36 From there Hammer marches [his army] on. They take Casphon, Maged, Bosor, and the other cities of the country of Gilead {Witness}.
  1153. 1 Maccabees 5:40 Then [General] Timothy {Lover-Of-Zeus} says to the captains of his host, “When Judah [the Hammer] and his host come near the brook, if Hammer passes over first to us, we won't be able to withstand him. He'll mightily prevail against us.
  1154. 1 Maccabees 5:46 These Israelites travel to Ephron {Fawn} (a great, well-fortified city on the way to [Judea]). The Israelites find themselves unable to veer around Ephron, neither on the right hand nor the left. So they resolve to pass through the middle of the city.
  1155. 1 Maccabees 5:59 So [Greek General] Gorgias and his men [rush] out of the city to fight against the [Israeli] captains.
    note: Escalation of conflict.
  1156. 1 Maccabees 10:48 Then king Alexander {Man-Defender} amasses great forces, and camps opposite Demetrius.
  1157. 2 Maccabees 12:29 From [Ephron city, Judah & his army] travel to Scythopolis {Beit She'an}, which lies 75 miles from Jerusalem.
  1158. Joshua 15:23 And [Judah gets] Kedesh {Sanctum}, Hazor {Hamlet}, and Ithnan {Extensive};
  1159. 1 Maccabees 5:20 Judah the Hammer allots Simon {Listener} 3000 men to ride [north] into Galilee, while Judah {Celebrated} takes 8000 men [with him] to the country of Gilead {Witness}.
  1160. 1 Maccabees 5:29 From [Bosora] Hammer marches by night. He the [and his army hike] on. Finally they arrive at the fortress.
  1161. 1 Maccabees 5:41 But if Hammer is afraid, and camps beyond the river, we'll go over to Hammer, and beat him [to pieces].”
  1162. 1 Maccabees 5:55 Flash back [a few weeks] to when Judah [the Hammer] and JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift} [defended] the land of Gilead {Witness}, and Simon {Listener} his brother [defended] Galilee before Ptolemais.
  1163. 1 Maccabees 5:58 So the captains deputize [leaders] to [guard] their garrisons. Then they [march their troops] out toward Jamnia.
  1164. 1 Maccabees 5:66 From [Edom,] Hammer moves [his troops northwest] into the land of the Philistines. Then he [marches his army further northeast]. They pass through Samaria.
  1165. 1 Maccabees 6:19 So Judas [the Hammer], to destroy [the infidels in the tower], calls all [his] people together to besiege it.
  1166. 1 Maccabees 5:52 Then Judah [the Hammer] crosses [the] Jordan [river] into the great plain facing Bethsan.


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  117. I see this as the central issue of our time: how to find a s
  118. Every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, ever
  119. War is an option whose time has passed. Peace is the only o
  120. Our soldiers must have a fighting spirit; if you call that h
  121. We did not lose (Vietnam & Korea) because of lack of braver

  123. Let them In Peter
  124. Tremo T'Tamo