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All humans eventually betray each other. Expect temporary betrayal from everyone you know, and you won't be so angry when it happens. The only way to keep a secret is to never tell it to anyone. Money buys friends for itself.
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43 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Betrayal

    Interactive Timeline
  1. Religionists Frame Christ As A Tax-Evader
  2. A Mob Arrests Their Messiah
  3. Pagans Force Samson's Wife To Rob The Answer
  4. Delilah Drugs SunRay, Shaves & Tortures Him
  5. Delilah Wears Samson Down & Steals His Secret
  6. A Religionite Mob Come To Arrest The Messiah
  7. Judas Betrays Christ To A Mercenary Mob
  8. Antiochus3 Pimps His 11yo Cleopatra to Egypt
  9. Delilah Fails 3x To Extract SunRay's Secret
  10. Peter Denies Jesus 3 Times; Cock-A-Doodle Doo
  11. Mob Drags Christ To The Priest's Sham Trial
  12. Joash Murders His High-Priest & Mentor's Son
  13. Judea's Bigshots Conspire To Kill The Messiah
  14. King Hezekiah Shows Off Jerusalem's Treasures
  15. Antiochus 4 Conquers Egypt Via Bribery
  16. Yahshua Exposes Judas As His Betrayer
  17. Judas Trades The Messiah's Life For Money
  18. David Begs YAH To Rescue Him From Evil Liars
  19. Saul Makes David Chop Penises To Get His Girl
  20. Peter Denies YahShua 3 Times; CockADoodleDoo!
  21. David Sings Of YAH's Protection For Good Men
  22. Baker Dies. Butler Abandons Joseph To Rot
  23. Christ's Last Supper Before Crucifixion
  24. Religionites Betray, Try & Crucify Messiah
  25. The Messiah's HomeTown Church Rejects Him
  26. Jesus Predicts His Death At The 'Last Supper'
  27. Isaiah Predicts Babylon's Rape Of Judea
  28. Yahshua Warns Of His Imminent Betrayal
  29. Peter 3 Times Denies Knowing The Messiah
  30. King David Laments Betrayal By His Frenemies
  31. Yahshua Identifies Judas As His Betrayer
  32. SunRay Bets The Pagans Can't Solve His Riddle
  33. Evil Governor Sanballat Plots To Stop Israel
  34. King Hiram Feels Short-Changed By Solomon
  35. Syria & North Israel March South, Fight Judea
  36. Pervert-King Herod Co-Opts The Wise Men
  37. Job Rails At His 'Friends' For Accusing Him
  38. Revenge: The Red-Man's Evil Line Dies Out
  39. Ziph's Tattle-Tales Rat Out David To Saul
  40. Avoid Twisted-Tongue Devils: They LOVE Sin.
  41. The Apostles Choose A Man To Replace Judas
  42. Moab Rebels Against Its Master-Nation Israel
  43. Paul Pleads For Timothy To Come Help Him


297 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Betrayal

  1. Mark 13:12 ‘Brother betrays brother to death, 😇! Fathers betray their own children! Children rise up against their parents and cause their deaths [or leave them for dead].
    note: Often the death of a true believer comes not from people killing the believer outright, but from apathetic people. (Often the believer's family, church-members, and/or ‘friends’) merely ignore and neglect the plight of the believer who (out of obedience to Jesus) has put himself in danger (or need). Many believers, the Amish, for instance, will not get driver's licenses because they obey James 5:12. So when the believers' relatives refuse to take the believers out to share the gospel, the believers walk or ride in buggies. Thus the believers risk getting smashed by cars. Throughout history, many believers have been denied all rights to buy and sell because they won't fight in the world's wars, nor swear oaths of loyalty. In myriad ways, family and church-members cause the deaths of YAH's true messengers.
  2. Genesis 29:23 In the evening, [after Laban {Whitey} has gotten everyone falling-down drunk,] Laban picks-up Leah {Weary} (his homely passed-out daughter). He drags her into [Jacob's tent in the dark, 😇. He lays her in the bed next to passed-out Jacob.] Jacob is so drunk he beds Leah, [not bothering to check to see if she's Rachel {Ewe}]!
  3. Judges 16:18 Delilah {Dry-Heart} sees that SunRay told her everything from his heart. So she sends [messengers] to call for the Philistine [War] Lords. [The messengers tell the warlords: “Delilah] says, “Come up here now! SunRay spilled his guts to me!” So the Philistine Lords race [their war-horses] up [the mountain] to [Delilah]. They drag a [fortune] in silver in their [treasure chests].
  4. Matthew 26:34 YahShua replies to Peter {Rock}, “I tell you the rock-solid truth: tonight, before the [morning] rooster crows, you disown me 3 times.”
    note: Three times you'll deny knowing me.
  5. Matthew 26:74 So Peter {Rock} launches into cursing and swearing [more oaths], 😇. He [shouts], “I don't even know the man!” Immediately, 😇, the [high-priest's fighting] rooster crows.
  6. Matthew 26:75 Then Peter {Rock} remembers the prophecy YahShua predicted: “Peter, before the [morning] rooster crows, you deny me 3 times.” So Peter [runs] out [of the courtyard]. He sobs. He wails, 😇.
  7. Mark 6:4 So YahShua answers the congregation, “The only place people refuse to honor a prophet is in his home town [country], and among his own relatives, and in his own house.”
  8. Mark 14:45 Judas arrives [in the garden]. He strides straight to YahShua. [Judas] says, “Master! Rabbi!” He kisses YahShua!
    note: Most ‘Christians’ call Jesus ‘Lord’ and ‘Master’. Then they ignore almost everything he says. They betray him just like Judas did.
  9. Mark 14:50 YahShua's [disciples] all desert YahShua. They run away, 😇.
    note: Like a bunch of scared little girls.
  10. Luke 20:20 So the chief priests and the liar-lawyers watch YahShua. They send out spies (pretending to be holy men). The [spies] grab YahShua's words. They [twist YahShua's statements, to frame him as a rebel]. [The jerks plan] to imprison [YahShua] in the jurisdictional authority of the [Roman tax-collection] chief.
  11. Judges 16:10 So Delilah {Dry-Heart} whines in SunRay's [ears]. [She licks him, smothering him with kisses and finger-play,] “Look, [baby]. You keep mocking me. You [always] tell me lies. Now [please, sugar-lips,] I'm begging. Tell me how I can tie you up!”
  12. Judges 16:17 So SunRay spills his whole heart to Delilah {Dry-Heart}. He says, “Never once has a razor touched my head. I've been a Nazir {Holy-Man}, [dedicated] to Elohim [since I came] from my mother's womb. If I get shaved, my strength flees from me. I'll fall weak, like any other [son of] Adam.”
  13. Judges 16:19 So [Delilah ‘loves on’ Sunray to get him tired. Then she slinks out of bed. She turns her back. She drops narcotic powder into a cup of milk. She helps him drink it. So] he falls asleep on her knees [like a child]. Then she calls for a [sheep-shearer]. In he slinks. [He unwraps his razors and shaving-cream.] He shaves off the 7 locks of SunRay's head. Immediately YAH takes away SunRay's supernatural strength. Then Delilah starts torturing SunRay!
  14. Psalms 11:2 Wicked [beings] bend their bows, 😇. [They] ready their arrows on their string[s], [aiming] to secretly shoot [saints who are] upright in heart.
  15. Psalms 41:9 Yes, my own ‘safe’ friend, to whom I ran-for-refuge, who ate my food, lifts up his heel [to kick] me [down].
  16. Psalms 55:21 [The betrayer's] mouth [speaks] smoother than butter, 😇. He [hides] his attack in his heart. His words [slide] softer than oil. But every [word] is a drawn sword [pointing at my chest].
  17. Matthew 10:21 Brothers hand over brothers to be killed. Fathers hand over their children, 😇. Children rise up against their parents and have them put to death!
  18. Matthew 26:47 While YahShua speaks, Judas (one of YahShua's 12 apostles) approaches. With Judas stalks a large mob, sent from the chief priests and elders of the [Jewish] people. The [mobsters] carry swords & clubs, 😇!
  19. Matthew 26:48 [Judas, YahShua's] betrayer, has given the mob a signal [to watch for]. He says, “The man I kiss, that's [YahShua]: arrest him.”
  20. Matthew 27:2 The [temple] guards chain YahShua. They lead him from [the high priest's palace]. They hand him over to Pontius Pilate, the [Roman] governor.
    note: “In every country, in every age, the priest [class] is [perpetually] hostile to liberty. The [religionist] stays in constant allegiance to the despot, supporting the tyrant's abuses in return for protection.—Thomas Jefferson, 1826
  21. Mark 14:43 Immediately, while YahShua speaks, Judas, (one of YahShua's 12 [core] disciples) approaches YahShua. With Judas marches a huge [mercenary] mob wielding swords and clubs. [This armed lynch-mob] has been sent [and paid for] by [Judea's] chief priests, Law-professors and elders, 😇.
  22. Mark 14:44 Judas (who betrays YahShua) has given the mob a signal, saying, “The man I kiss is YahShua. [When I kiss him,] seize him. Then lead him bound securely [to his court trial].”
  23. Mark 14:72 The rooster crows a 2nd time, 😇. Peter {Rock} remembers that YahShua predicted, “Before the rooster crows twice, 3 times you deny [knowing] me.” Peter throws himself down [on the ground], 😇. He bursts into tears.
  24. Luke 10:3 Get going now, 😇. But watch out! I'm sending you out like lambs among wolves.
  25. Luke 21:16 Your parents, brothers, relatives and friends come to betray you, 😇. They [hand you over to your persecutors]. Some of you [disciples] end up dead, [killed by your loved-ones' flapping jaws].
    note: You're gonna get hated by your loved ones. You'll likely die for this calling. Is that O.K. with you? If you're doing YAH's will and speaking His Word, right now your loved ones are slandering you on social networks. Any time you offend the moneyed powers, that slander will be used against you. That's not paranoia. For proof, google: ‘Timo Miller’, Christian ‘FBI Complaint’. Watch how Timo's sweet church-lady Mom and Aunt can't shut their gossip-trap mouths. They land their beloved wonderful missionary pastor in jail for a year on false accusations. Your ‘loved ones’ sell you out if you do YAH's will. They may not pull the trigger themselves. Their betrayal of you may be as simple as them falling to the temptation to use your controversial actions and views as discussion material. The tongues of gossiping relatives are great evils, fires that set the whole world ablaze.
  26. Luke 23:18 The crowd cries out all at once, “Away with this man [YahShua]. Set free to us Bar-abba!”
    note: Jesus Bar-Abba (‘Jesus, son of the father’) was a terrorist. The ‘people of God’ embraced a fake Jesus, the son of his father (the devil). Then they killed the real Jesus, the Son of YHVH The Father, the Creator. And that's what most of ChristenDumb does today: they embrace a fake jeezus while shunning the real Messiah and His followers. Judgment day overflows with amazing reversals.
  27. John 16:32 See, 😇! The hour comes, and is upon us now, when [the devil] scatters you all, every man to his own [possessions & families]. You leave me alone. Yet I'm not alone. [YHVH] the Father [always] sticks with me.
    note: See song: I Am Not Alone.
  28. Deuteronomy 28:56 The [most] gentle and delicate woman among you, who would not venture to set the sole of her foot upon the ground because she's so sensitive and tender, [casts] her [evil cannibalistic] eye toward the husband of her bosom, toward her son, toward her daughter:
  29. Judges 14:16 So SunRay's wife weeps in [SunRay's] face. She cries, “You just hate me! You don't love me! You posed a riddle to the sons of my people, but you didn't tell me [the answer]!” SunRay replies to her, “Look. I haven't even revealed [that enigma] to my father or my mother. [Why would] I tell you [the answer]?”
  30. Judges 14:17 SunRay [wearies of the manipulative pagan slut] weeping in his face for the whole duration of the 7 day [wedding] feast. So on the 7th day, SunRay [breaks down. He] tells [the succubus the answer], because she keeps pressuring him. Then, [of course,] she blabs the riddle's [answer] to the men of her [pagan] nation!
    note: The only secrets you have are the secrets you tell no one else.
  31. Judges 14:18 So, 😇, on the 7th day [of SunRay's forbidden wedding feast,] before the sun goes down, the [pagan] men of the city [sneer] to [SunRay], “What's sweeter than honey? And what's stronger than a lion?” [SunRay] answers them, “If you hadn't plowed with my cow, you wouldn't know the answer to my riddle.”
  32. Judges 16:6 So Delilah {Dry-Heart} sweet-talks Samson {SunRay}, “Tell me, please, [big boy,] where lies [the source of] your great strength? [Is it here, between your thighs?] How can [I] tie you up and [tickle] torture you, [my love]?”
  33. Judges 16:14 So Delilah [gets SunRay passed-out drunk, sleepy from love-play]. Then she fastens [her cloth in her loom] with a pin. She [weaves SunRay's hair into the cloth]! Then she yells to him, “The Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!” He startles out of his sleep. He runs out of the door of the house, dragging the pin and the [giant] loom [smashing through the wall! The wall and the loom explode into bits, 😇!]
  34. Psalms 41:6 When my [enemy] ‘friend’ comes to see me, he speaks vain [flattery]. His [black] heart reaps [my confessions] into his memory. Then he travels abroad, telling [everyone all the dirt he can twist out of my secrets].
    note: Anything you say can and will be used against you. So let your words be few!
  35. JeremiYAH 9:4 All of you [humans], watch your neighbor[s]. Don't trust any brother. Your every relative grabs your heels to trip you up, 😇. All [your] friends slink around gossiping [behind your back].
    note: Don't even trust your grandmother!
  36. Matthew 26:49 Judas [possessed by Satan] walks straight up to YahShua. [Judas] says, “Shalom, Rabbi!” Then [he] kisses YahShua!
  37. Matthew 26:56 —But all this is happening to fulfill what the prophets wrote [about me].” Then, 😇, all YahShua's disciples desert him. They run away.
  38. Matthew 27:4 Judas cries, “I've sinned! I've betrayed innocent blood!” The chief priests & elders [sneer], “What's that to us? That’s your problem. You deal with it.”
    note: Judas appears to have been deluded by Satan to believe that his betraying Yahshua was going to force Yahshua into a victorious showdown against the priests, thus thrusting Yahshua into political power.
  39. Mark 14:41 YahShua [prays. Finally he] returns a 3rd time. He says to his disciples, “Are you going to go on sleeping? No! You've had enough rest! The ‘hour’ arrives. Look! [Judas and the religionists] betray [me,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ into the hands of sinners.
  40. Luke 22:4 Judas [sneaks out of YahShua's camp]. He conspires with the chief priests and captains [of the Temple guard], 😇. He plots to betray YahShua to them. [He rats out YahShua's secret movements so that the guards can arrest YahShua.]
    note: Your relatives and ‘friends’ go public at the moment you finally stretch out in faith and do something radical for Christ. Your obedience gets you into ‘conflicts of law’. So your loved-ones run their mouths. They rat out your secret movements and location. Of course, they do it with the ‘best of intentions’.
  41. Luke 22:47 While YahShua speaks, a mob arrives. In front [of the mob] struts one of YahShua's 12 Apostles, the [rat] called Judas! He walks up to kiss YahShua!
  42. Luke 22:60 Peter {Rock} again lies, “Man, I don't know what you're talking about.” Immediately, while Peter speaks, a rooster crows, 😇.
  43. John 13:18 I’m not talking to all of you. I know who I've chosen, 😇. [But there are many other so-called ‘Christians’ who will not be blessed. Their rejection of me] fulfills the scripture: ‘He eats bread with me, then he lifts up his heel against me [to kick me]!’
    note: Psalm 41:9 Condemning both Judas Iscariot and ‘Christians’ who take communion at churches but reject Yahshua's commandments.
  44. John 18:3 The chief priests and [phony preacher] Pharisees send Judas with a battalion of Roman soldiers and some Temple police [to seize YahShua]. The mob storms [the Garden] with lanterns, torches and weapons, 😇.
  45. Genesis 40:23 Yet the chief butler fails to remember Joseph {Increaser}. He abandons Joseph [to rot in prison, 😇]!
  46. Numbers (Journeys) 14:10 But the whole crowd [screams], “Stone [Jahshua and Caleb with rocks until their brains bleed out on the ground]!” [Suddenly] the glory of YHVH appears in the Meeting Tent. [Heaven's light flashes on the stunned] faces of the [2 million] people of Israel!
  47. Judges 14:15 Then, on the [feast's] 7th [and final] day, the [pagan spies] pressure SunRay's wife [with death threats. They hold a knife to her throat. They whisper,] “Entice your husband to solve the riddle [for you! Then tell the answer] to us, or we'll burn you and your father's family [to death] with fire!” [They run the knife up her skirt, growling,] “You [and SunRay] invited us to your [stupid feast] to steal every penny we have. Admit it!”
  48. Judges 16:5 So the Philistine [War] Lords suck up [to Delilah]. They [whisper] to her, “Entice [SunRay] to show you [the source of] his great strength. [Find out] how we can get him under [our] control.” [Delilah objects: how can you ask me to betray my one true love!?” The warlords answer], “We [won't kill him]. We'll [just] bind him [with ropes], to humble him.” [Delilah still refuses. The warlords sweeten the deal:] “Each one of us will give you 1100 pieces of silver!”
    note: Each warlord offers the succubus the price of a nice new car today. The total would buy a high-end luxury mansion. Would your lover betray you for that much money?
  49. Judges 16:8 So the Philistine war-lords bring 7 green undried bow-strings up to [Delilah]. She ties SunRay with them, [pretending to play a bondage game with him].
  50. Judges 16:9 What SunRay doesn't know is, attack-warriors lie beneath the beds and in the closet in Delilah's bedroom. [Delilah] yells, “The Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!” So [SunRay] breaks the bowstrings, like a wild-fire snaps threads of string! So [the secret of SunRay's] strength remains a mystery [to the succubus].
  51. Judges 16:13 So Delilah {Dry-Heart} says to Samson {SunRay}, “All [during] our relationship you've mocked me and told me lies. Tell me how [I] can tie you up.” So [for the 3rd time, SunRay lies to Delilah], “Weave the seven braids of my hair into the cloth on a loom. Then [I'll be weak].”
  52. 1st Samuel 23:12 So David asks [YAH,] “Will the men of Keilah {Citadel} hand me and my men into the fist of Saul?” YHVH answers, “[Yes,] they'll hand you [over to Saul, to save their own skins].”
  53. 1st Kings 9:13 [King Hiram chides King Solomon], “What kind of cities are these [hick towns] you've given me, my brother?” So [Hiram] calls the [area] the [good for nothing] land of Cabul {Sterile}. [That name sticks] to this day, 😇.
  54. NehemiYAH 6:12 I look [in my ‘friend's’ eyes]. I perceive that Elohim didn't send him. Rather, he pronounced this prediction to [trap] me, because [evil] TobiYah {YAH's-Goodness} and Sanballat {Bramble-Bush} hired him [to discourage me]!
  55. Job 12:4 [You,] my ‘friends’, [make a] game of mocking me: ‘[Job] says he calls to Elohim, and this [disaster] is how [Elohim] answers him! Look! [Job lies covered with festering sores!] Yet [he claims to be] morally spotless! HA!’
  56. Psalms 64:3 [Villains] whet their tongue[s] like sword[s]. They bend their bows to shoot their poison-arrow words.
  57. Psalms 143:3 The enemy chases [down] my life-breath. He strikes my life down to the ground. He makes me [rot] in darkness, like a [corpse] long dead.
  58. Proverbs 25:19 Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble [hurts] like a broken tooth, a foot out of joint, 😇.
  59. Proverbs 26:24 😇, a hater's confusing lips conceal [poison] deceit inside [his heart].
    note: The devil's henchmen use moral platitudes to breed wars and fights.
  60. IsaiYAH 39:4 [Isaiah] responds, “What did the [Babylonians] see in your palace?” HezekiYah answers, “ They saw everything in my palace. I showed them every last treasure [in Judea]!”
    note: The only wealth thieves can't steal from you is the wealth they can't find. In a crisis, your wealth becomes a murder-magnet.
  61. IsaiYAH 39:6 ‘Watch: the days come when Babylonian [soldiers] cart away everything in your palace, including [the treasures] your [royal] fathers laid up in store [from antiquity] to this day. They leave nothing!’ predicts YHVH.
  62. JeremiYAH 9:8 Every talking tongue is a deceit-tipped arrow shot-to-kill. With his mouth, [‘friend’] speaks peace to his neighbor. But inside his heart, [‘friend’] lays his ambush.”
  63. JeremiYAH 12:8 My child-heir [Israel] roars [hatred] against me like a lion in the forest. She [leaves] me [no choice but] to turn away from her, 😇.
  64. Lamentations 1:2 She weeps bitterly [all] night. Tears [stream down her] cheeks, 😇. Her ‘lover-allies’ and ‘comforters’ [have vanished]. All her ‘friends’ secretly-betrayed her, [proving to be her] enemies.
    note: Jer 12:14.
  65. Daniel 11:17 [Antiochus III] sets his face to [rule the entire Grecian Empire] with his mighty, [powerful] dominion. So he forges a [deceptive] agreement [with conquered Egyptian boy-king Ptolemy V. To Ptolemy, Antiochus] gives his [own beautiful 11 year-old daughter, Cleopatra. He rips her away from the caring hands of her mother and grandmother!] Antiochus corrupts [little] Cleopatra [with instructions to bed the boy-king, then to kill and/or make him her daddy's puppet]. But [Cleopatra] rebels [against her father's mad pedophilia & murder plot. She sides with the boy-king] against her father.
  66. Daniel 11:25 Backed by a great [Grecian] army, [Epiphanes] stirs up his power and his bold heart against [his nephew,] the [Egyptian] king of the south [Ptolemy Philometor,] who stirs up into battle his [own] massive overwhelming [Egyptian] army. But [Ptolemy] falls, [not because Epiphanes is stronger,] but because [Epiphanes secretly] corrupts [Ptolemy's generals and authorities] with bribes.
    note: See 1 Macc 1. Antiochus Epiphanes was the son of Antiochus the 'Great' and the brother of Cleopatra. She birthed Ptolemy Philometor (181-145 BC), one of the two sons from her childhood marriage to Ptolemy Epiphanes.
  67. ObadiYAH 1:7 Bloodthirsty beastly men, [Edom's own] sworn oath-bound confederate allies, force [Edom's men, women and children] out of the borders of their homeland. The men Edom locked in the safety of a peace treaty deceive her, seduce her, lure her, lead her astray, conquer her & overthrow her into suffering. Those who ate her bread lay a trap of treachery under her without her realizing it. Fatally wounding her, the betrayers devour her flesh.
    note: This prophecy prefigures Judas betraying Christ.
  68. Matthew 20:18 YahShua says, “Look. Soon we hike up to Jerusalem. There, [one of you 'friends'] betray [me,] Adam's [ultimate] son, [into the murderous religious fists of] boss-priests & liar-lawyers. Then they sentence [me] to death.
    note: Yahshua says this in code, referring to himself in the 3rd person, so the disciples don't make the connection.
  69. Matthew 26:15 Judas makes an offer to these boss clerics: “What will you give me if I'll betray YahShua to you?” So the chief priests seal a covenant with Judas by paying him 30 pieces of silver.
    note: Consideration seals the contract.
  70. Matthew 26:24 [I] ‘the Son of Adam’ soon die just as the scriptures predict. But woe to that man who betrays [me,] the ‘son of Adam!’ It would have been better for [the betrayer] to have never been born!”
  71. Matthew 26:50 YahShua responds to Judas, “Friend, do what you came to do.” Then, 😇, the mob storms in. They seize YahShua! They arrest him.
  72. Matthew 26:55 Then YahShua asks the mob, “Why have you come armed with swords & clubs to kidnap me as if I were [a terrorist, a thief,] a leader of a rebellion? I sat daily with you teaching in the temple. Yet you never laid a hand on me.
  73. Mark 14:30 YahShua corrects Peter {Rock}, [You blab nonsense.] I tell you the rock-solid [Truth]: Tonight before the rooster crows twice, 3 times you deny [knowing] me.”
  74. Mark 14:42 —Get up! Let’s go! Look! Here comes my betrayer!”
  75. Luke 22:48 YahShua asks him, “Judas, are you betraying [me,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ with a kiss?”
  76. Luke 22:61 [Inside the High Priest's palace,] Adoni [YahShua] turns [his head]. He looks [through a window] at Peter {Rock}. Then Peter remembers the Adoni's word(s), how YahShua predicted, “Peter, before this [morning's] rooster crows, you deny me 3 times.”
  77. John 13:38 YahShua answers Peter {Rock}, “You'll lay down your life for me? I tell you the rock-solid truth: Before the rooster crows [this coming morning,] you disown me 3 times.”
  78. 2nd Timothy 4:16 At my first defense, 😇, no [mortal] stood with me. Everybody abandoned me. [I pray to YHVH] that He relents from [giving my so-called Christian brothers] their deserved punishment for deserting me.
    note: Your so-called "Christian" brothers betray you when you finally get serious about obeying Jesus. The churchgoers dump you like a hot-potato with AIDS. And they blame you for it.
  79. Genesis 40:14 So [please] remember me when life goes well with you. Please show me kindness. Mention me to Pharaoh. [Rescue] me. Get me out of this dungeon!
  80. Judges 16:15 [Delilah chases SunRay. She cries,] “How can you say, ‘I love you, [Di, Di]’, when your heart is divorced from me? 3 [painful] times you've mocked me! You never tell me the source of your great strength!”
  81. Judges 16:20 Delilah screams, “The Philistines are attacking you, SunRay!” So he wakes out of his sleep. [He] thinks, “I'll escape like always. I'll shake myself [loose].” But he's unaware that YHVH left him, 😇.
  82. 1st Samuel 18:21 [King] Saul [thinks], “I'll give [Michal] to [David] as a trap. The power-hand of the Philistines will smash him.” So Saul says to David, “'Now you have a second [chance] to become my son-in-law.”
  83. 2nd Kings 8:14 So [HazaEl rides] off [northwest] from EliShua {El's-Salvation}. [HazaEl] comes to his [king, Ben-Hadad], who asks him, “What did EliShua {El's-Salvation} say to you?” [HazaEl replies], “[Elisha] told me you're definitely recovering.”
  84. 2nd Chronicles 24:22 So king JAHoash {JAH-Fired} forgets the kindness that [ZechariYah's] Dad ([high priest] YAHoyada) did for him. Instead, [JAHoash] murders [YAHoyada's] son! As [ZechariYah] dies, he groans, “YHVH, see [my murder]. Avenge it.”
  85. Job 6:27 Yes, you overwhelm fatherless [orphans]. You dig a pit for your ‘friend.’
  86. Job 21:27 [Job's friends scoff. Job continues,] “Watch [out, false-friends]. I know what you're thinking. I [see] the schemes you wrongfully invent to fight me.
  87. Psalms 55:12 For it's not [merely] an enemy who persecutes me. That I could have borne. It's not [just] someone who hates me who spirals himself [high to drop bombs on] me. I would have hid myself from [my known enemy].
    note: The most tragic betrayal comes from the people who owe you love and gratitude.
  88. Psalms 55:13 But it's you, someone like me, my guide, and my friend, [who stabs me in the back]!
  89. Proverbs 26:23 😇, an evil heart's warm words shine, [like metal] paint [disguising] a [fragile] clay pot.
  90. Proverbs 29:5 A man who flatters his neighbor spreads a net to [trap] his [neighbor's] feet.
    note: Peterson: “A flattering neighbor is up to no good; he's planning to take advantage of you.”
  91. JeremiYAH 2:7 I bring you [Judeo-Christians] into a [fertile] land of plenty, to eat its fruit and [enjoy] its wonders, 😇. But as soon as you get in, you defile my land. I give you a [limitless] inheritance. You morph it into an abomination.
  92. Daniel 11:26 [Ptolemy, the Egyptian king, has his power] cracked [into pieces] by the [bribed military, political and economic] courtesans who dine with him. So his massive army washes away in the flood of its own blood.
    note: The resulting disarray leads the Alexandrian Egyptians to install (Ptolemy's brother) Eurgetes as king over Alexandria.
  93. Daniel 11:34 Now when the [wise-ones] fall, they [barely receive] any help [from their foolish ‘brothers and sisters’]. Rather, their [fellow ‘Judeo-Christians’ and ‘government’ employees] who are obligated to help them [slickly] flatter them, [then abandon them].
  94. Matthew 26:16 From the moment [the blood-money hits his hands], Judas watches for an opportunity to betray YahShua.
    note: Likely Judas tried to force Yahshua to join forces with Jewish leadership to revolt against the Romans.
  95. Matthew 26:25 Then Judas, YahShua's betrayer, answers, “Master, is it I [who will betray you]?” YahShua answers Judas, “You have said it yourself.”
    note: ‘The words are yours.’
  96. Matthew 26:72 Again Peter {Rock} denies YahShua. He swears an oath: “I don't [even] know the man.”
    note: Yahshua is inside being beaten to death for refusing to swearing an oath. Meanwhile, Peter, Yahshua's ‘top man,’ is outside disobeying Yahshua's explicit anti-oath command! [See Matt. 5:33-37, James 5:12]. Peter, to try to save his own skin, swears oaths denying Yahshua. That's human nature. Don't expect better performance from your ‘Christian’ friends & relatives when you risk your life to obey YAH. They will fail you.
  97. Matthew 27:3 Judas, YahShua's betrayer, sees that [the priests] have condemned YahShua. Seized with remorse, Judas returns the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders.
  98. Mark 14:11 The chief priests [smile] with glee upon hearing Judas’ [offer to betray YahShua]. The priests promise to give Judas money. So [Judas] begins looking for the right time and place to betray YahShua.
  99. Mark 14:18 YahShua and [his] 12 [core ambassadors] sit eating. YahShua says, “I tell you the rock-solid [Truth]. One of you who eats with me soon betrays me.”
  100. Mark 14:21 —For [I,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ must go [to die,] as the Scriptures long ago predicted. But how terrible [life ends] for [my] betrayer, 😇. Far better for him if he'd never been born!”
  101. Mark 14:46 The [religionists’ mercenary] mobsters slap their [dirty] hands on YahShua. They arrest him.
  102. Mark 14:68 Peter {Rock} denies [knowing YahShua]. He lies, “I don't know [this ‘YahShua’]. I have no idea what you're talking about.” Peter {Rock} walks out onto the porch. Immediately a rooster crows.
  103. Luke 9:44 YahShua warns his disciples: "[Focus, guys!] Let [what I'm saying] sink down into your ears! [A traitor] soon betrays [me,] the ‘Son of Adam’, into the fists of [evil] men.”
    note: Yahshua turns away from his chattering crowd of fickle fans to warn his disciples to ignore the misleading hoopla.
  104. Luke 22:5 The religionists [grin with giddy delight, 😇. They] seal the contract by giving Judas money.
    note: Consideration seals the contract.
  105. Luke 22:6 Judas consents [to the contract]. He spies for an opportunity to betray YahShua to the religionists, away from the public eye.
    note: The forbidden oath seals the unrighteous contract.
  106. Luke 22:21 Yet look, 😇! The hand of the [man] who betrays me is with me on this table!
    note: It's your nearest and dearest who sell you out.
  107. Luke 22:34 YahShua responds, “I inform you, Peter {Rock}, before the rooster crows today, you deny 3 times that you know me.”
    note: ‘Today’ is accurate because Hebrew days start at nightfall.
  108. John 2:25 YahShua [has never] needed any [human] to inform him about anyone, 😇. YahShua [has always known] what [lives] in every [mortal's heart: sin, corruption, unfaithfulness, betrayal, perversion and selfishness].
    note: Jesus was wary of these ‘believers’. He understood people. He didn't need anyone to tell him about human nature. He knew what people were really like.
  109. John 6:70 YahShua answers his [core followers], “Haven't I [personally] handpicked you, the ‘12 [apostles],’ [my devoted spiritual A-team]? Yet one of you is a devil!”
    note: Finding 12 people to follow Yahshua together is probably impossible. Mega-churches boast thousands of ‘christian’ members—what a joke! Fair-weather ‘christianites’ grow like cancer to stoke the lake of flames.
  110. John 11:46 But other [spies] run back to the [murder cult leaders, the political preacher] Pharisees. [The spies] tell the [preachers] everything YahShua did.
  111. John 13:11 YahShua knows who betrays him, 😇. That's why YahShua says, “Not all of you [people who claim to be my disciples] are clear [of guilt].”
  112. John 13:21 Then, 😇, in deep anguish of spirit, YahShua declares, “I'm warning you: truly, inescapably, one of you [apostles] soon betrays me.”
  113. 1 Maccabees 1:53 [Israeli traitors] drive the [faithful] Israelites into secret hiding-places. Saints flee [Israel in hope of] help.
  114. Genesis 27:31 Esau {Rough-Red} cooks savory meat, 😇. He brings it in to his [sleeping] father. [Esau] says, “Father, Father! Arise. Feast [on] your son's wild-caught-meat, so you can [officially] grant me your [estate]!”
  115. Judges 9:17 (My father [Gideon] fought for you! He risked his life [traveling across countries] to snatch you out of the power-fist of Midian {The-Brawler-Nation}.
  116. Judges 16:7 So SunRay [lies to Delilah], “If [my enemies] bind me with 7 green bow-strings never yet dried, then I'll be weak, just like any other man.”
  117. Judges 16:16 Delilah keeps on pressing SunRay every day with her [forked-tongue] words. She begs him until his soul [feels] scraped to death.
  118. Psalms 35:19 Muzzle my enemies. They criminally light up over my [suffering]. [Pluck] out the winking eye[s] of the [liars] who hate me for no reason.
  119. Psalms 55:20 [My opponent] reaches out his hand to [kill people who live] at peace with him, 😇! His promises dissolve [into poison].
  120. Psalms 56:5 All day [long] the [meatheads] twist my words, 😇. They spend all their [dubious] brainpower inventing schemes to harm me.
  121. Psalms 57:6 The [thugs] set net[s] for my steps. [Their attack] knocks my life-breath [to the ground], 😇. They dig pit[s] in front of my [paths]. But [YAH makes my opponents] fall into their [own traps]. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  122. Psalms 62:4 [My haters] constantly conspire to hurl me down from [my place of] honor, 😇. With their mouths they bless [me]. But inside they're cursing [me].
  123. Proverbs 14:15 The seducible [fool] believes every word [he hears], 😇. The prudent [human] diligently eyes his steps.
    note: Fraud is easy to perpetrate because there are more fools than there are wise people.
  124. IsaiYAH 7:2 [The attackers approach Jerusalem. A spy] snitches to the dynasty of David {Love}: “[Highland] Syria lies in league with Ephraim {Rebel-Northern-Israel}.” [Judea's King Ahaz's] heart shakes, along with the hearts of his people. [They] quake like wildwood trees in the face of a tornado.
  125. IsaiYAH 24:16 😇, from the wings of the earth, hear [future saints] strike-strings, [singing to] glorify [YHVH], the Righteous-One. Yet today, I cry, "Emaciation! Starvation! Deceit! Extortion! Two-faced traitors [infest the world]!
    note: Glory = weight. Emaciation = skin-n-bones.
  126. JeremiYAH 2:2 [YAH] says, “Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, 😇. Say, ‘YHVH decrees this: ‘I remember you. In youth you were kind. [Like] a young bride, [you showed me] love. You traveled following me through the wilderness, [through] land[s] [too rocky and rough to] plant.”
  127. Lamentations 3:61 [YHVH], you heard all the insults [the infidels hurl] at me, and all the [lies] they keep making up [to harm] me.
  128. Lamentations 3:62 [You see] the lips [of my attackers] rise up against me. All day [and night they spit out] their plots to destroy me.
  129. Ezekiel 17:17 Pharaoh never [ends up bringing] his mighty army and great hordes to perform war [feats] for [Israel's king]. [Pharaoh fails to] mount up siege-works, build forts, or cut off hordes of [Babylon's] soldiers.
    note: Egypt cannot help the Hebrews. Spiritual Egypt = the world-system (The United Nations) around you.
  130. Matthew 27:9 [The purchase of that field] fulfills the prediction spoken by JeremiYah the prophet: “The [priests] pay 30 pieces of silver. That's the price the people of Israel put [on the head of their Messiah];
  131. Mark 3:19 [Last and least of the “12”, YahShua ordains] his betrayer-to-be: Judas from Keriot.
    note: To participate in real ministry work is to bless people who will betray you.
  132. Mark 14:10 [Then] Judas (from K’riot), one of YahShua's 12 [core envoys], slinks to the [cabal of] chief priests, to betray YahShua to them.
  133. Mark 14:20 YahShua answers his disciples, [The traitor] is one of [you] 12 [apostles] who dips [matzah bread] in [this] bowl [with me].
  134. Luke 6:16
  135. —lastly Judah (the brother of James {Heel-Grabber}) & [the bad] Judas, (the traitor) from Keriot.

note: There was a good Judah and a bad Judah. They symbolize the righteous people of YAH vs. the Synagogue of Satan who falsely claim to be Jews.
  • Luke 20:23 But YahShua perceives the crafty [trickery of these statist religionites].
    note: Do you perceive their craftiness? ‘Did you sign your tax return under penalty of perjury, Jesus?’
  • Luke 22:62 So Peter {Rock} [runs] out [of the courtyard. He] sobs, 😇. He wails.
  • John 18:27 Peter {Rock} again denies [knowing YahShua]. Immediately the [high priest's] rooster crows, 😇.
  • Judges 9:36 Gaal {Loathing} sees [AbiMelech's soldiers]. [Gaal shouts] to [Governor] Zebul, “Look! People are [running] down from the mountaintops!” [Governor] Zebul lies to Gaal, “You mistake mountain shadows for men.”
  • Judges 12:3 So, when I saw you [fruits] fail to rescue me, I put my life in my [own] hands. I charged over to [confront] the [inbred] spawn of Ammon. So YHVH delivered them into my hand. So [what right] do you [fruits] have to come up to me today, to fight against me?”
  • Judges 14:14 SunRay says to the [pagans], “Out of the eater comes [food] to eat. Out of the strong [comes something] sweet!” For 3 days the [pagans wrack their brains. They] labor unsuccessfully to solve the riddle. [They beg Samson's wife to get the answer from him. She plies him with tears. But he zips his lips.]
  • Judges 16:11 So [SunRay again lies] to [Delilah], “If [my enemies] tie me tight with new, never-used ropes, then I'll be weak, just like any other man.”
  • 1st Samuel 25:21 [Up the hill behind his men,] David [steams, growling,] “What a total waste! I guarded everything this [jerk] had in the wilderness. He didn't lose even one [sheep] of his vast belongings. Then he pays me evil for good!
    note: No good turn goes unpunished.
  • 2nd Samuel 19:27 [Ziba instead galloped off on my mule! He rode out to] slander [me,] your servant, to [you,] my lord the king, [to steal my estate]. But [you,] my lord the king are like the angel of Elohim. So do what is good in your eyes.
  • 1st Kings 9:12 So [king] Hiram [rides his chariots out ~30km southeast] from Tyre {Rock-Port} to see the ‘cities’ Solomon {Peace-Man} paid him. But [Hiram frowns,] totally disappointed. [Expecting to see huge, buzzing metropoli, Hiram sees only ghost-towns.]
    note: All business dealings between pagans and Hebrews end in disappointment.
  • 2nd Kings 9:16 So [Captain] JAHu {JAH-Is-He} gallops [his] chariot [30km west across the Jordan river] toward JezreEl, where [north Israel's king] JAHoram lies [groaning and bleeding next to] Judea's king AhaziYah (who traveled down to see [JAHoram]).
  • 2nd Kings 9:23 So [king] JAHoram {YAH-Raised} flips [his chariot-reins in] his hands. As he flees, [he cries] to [king] AhaziYah, [“Treachery!”]
  • 2nd Kings 20:12 Meanwhile, Merodach-Baladan {Baal-Is-Lord} (the son of Baladan, Emperor of Babylon) hears that [king] HezekiYah lies sick. So [as an excuse to infiltrate Jerusalem with spies, Merodach-Baladan] sends [get-well] letters and a present to HezekiYah.
  • Ezra 4:2 So [evil pagan leaders] approach Zerubbabel {Born-From-Babylon}, and [Judea's other] chief fathers, with this [unholy and deceitful] offer: “Let us re-build [Jerusalem] with you. We seek your Elohim, just like you. We've been donating [animals and wealth] to [YHVH's sacred government] since the days of Esar-Haddon {Assur-Gives-A-Brother}, Emperor of Assur {Assyria}, who deported us up here [to Judaea].”
    note: Hebrews and pagans don't mix. If worldlings mix with Hebrew society, Hebrew society rots. One bad apple ruins the whole bunch.
  • NehemiYAH 6:13 My enemies hired [my ‘pal’] to terrify me into [running into YAH's Most Holy Place, where only a priest can go], so they could spread the news of my sin, thus discrediting me [throughout Israel].
  • Esther 3:1 [5 years] pass, 😇. Emperor Xerxes awards a promotion to [evil] Haman (the son of Hammedatha {Troubler-Of-Law}, the descendant of [fiery Amalekite king] Agag). Xerxes [continues to] advance Haman. Eventually [Xerxes] assigns Haman a seat of authority higher than all the princes [of his time].
    note: Mordecai, of the tribe of Benjamin, crushes the Amalekites, as predicted in 1 Sam 15:2-33.
  • Job 6:14 A friend should show pity to the afflicted. Instead, [you rude ‘friends’] forsake the fear of the Almighty.
  • Job 6:15 [You,] my ‘brothers,’ keep betraying [me]. You're like a flash-flooding torrent [that drowns swimmers] in a channel, [then runs dry, so the river-dwellers die of thirst].
  • Job 16:3 Will your talk-tornado never stop [spinning]? What gives you the cockiness to contest [with me]?
  • Job 16:10 [Hypocrites] gape upon me with their mouths [hanging open]. They hatefully slap me in the face. They amass themselves to [attack] me!
  • Job 16:20 My 'friends' scorn me. But my eye[s] pour out tears to [YHVH] the Eloah.
  • Job 19:5 Do you really want to spiral yourselves [high] over me, to use my humiliation [as evidence] to condemn me?
  • Job 30:22 You lift me up to the [raging] hurricane. You make me ride [alone] on a tornado [of tragedy]. Your [betrayal] dissolves and destroys my [last remaining] power [to live].
  • Psalms 5:9 For no faithfulness lies in [my enemies'] mouth[s]. Their heart[s brim full of] destruction. Their throat[s are] open grave[s]. They [flick their snake]- tongues in [treacherous] flattery.
  • Psalms 35:12 They repay me evil for good. They abort my life.
  • Psalms 38:12 My enemies hunt me like I'm an animal. They lay traps to [catch] me. They race to injure me. They concoct lies about me. They conspire [evil] plots all day [long].
  • Psalms 70:3 They [cackle,] “Aha! Aha! [We've trapped him now!]” Reward them by spinning them back [into oblivion].
  • Psalms 109:4 I love them. [Yet they hate me like] Satan [himself]. [So my only refuge is] prayer.
  • Psalms 109:5 [Traitors] keep rewarding me evil for good. [They sling] hatred [in exchange] for my love.
  • Proverbs 10:18 A fathead hides hatred. [His] lying lips barf out slander, 😇.
  • Proverbs 16:28 A perverse man sows strife, 😇. A gossip separates best friends.
  • Proverbs 25:14 Whoever brags about gifts he never gives is like [empty] clouds and wind [that starve the land of] rain, 😇.
  • IsaiYAH 39:1 Soon [prince] Merodach-Baladan (son of Babylon's Emperor Baladan {Baal-Is-Lord}) hears that [Judea's king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} has been sick, and has recovered. So [Merodach-Baladan feigns sympathy]. He sends [deceitful] letters and a present [to secure king Hezekiah's trust, 😇].
    note: Your enemy's false ‘love’ defeats you faster than his army.
  • IsaiYAH 39:3 So the prophet IsaiYah travels to [see] king HezekiYah. [Isaiah] asks [him], “What did those [ambassadors] say? From where did they travel to meet you?” [king] HezekiYah responds, “They've come from a far country—all the way [~700km southwest] from Babylon—to [wish] me [well].”
  • JeremiYAH 37:7 [YAH's angel] says, “YHVH (the Elohim of Israel) warns, “Say the following to the king of Judea who sent you to me to beg for my [guidance]. Watch: Pharaoh's army storms north to help you. But they soon turn tail to retreat [south] to Egypt, into their own land.
  • JeremiYAH 38:22 —Look: See all the women who remain [alive] in Judea's royal palace. Soldiers haul them to the Babylonian Emperor's princes. Those women come to mock you: ‘Your trusted friends seduced you! They beat you. Now your feet lie stuck in mud. All [your allies] deserted you.’
  • Ezekiel 17:7 But another great eagle (with massive wings and rich plumage) [swoops] in. Suddenly the vine bends its roots toward [the new eagle]. It shoots its vine-branches from the farm-plot toward [the new eagle], hoping he will give [the vine] more water.
    note: 2nd eagle = Pharaoh Hophra of Egypt. Water = Nile.
  • Ezekiel 29:6 Finally all Egypt's inhabitants recognize that I am YHVH {The-Sole-Omnitemporal-Reality}. [I punish you, Egypt,] because you [intentionally collapse like a] reed-staff [every time] the family of Israel [foolishly lean on you for help].
    note: Egypt incited Israel to rebel against Assyria. Then Egypt left Israel for dead. 2ki 18:21.
  • Ezekiel 29:7 When [my people] grasp you by your hand, you break [faith]. You dislocate their shoulder[s]. When [My people] lean upon you, you snap and wrench their back[s].’
  • Daniel 6:14 When the Emperor hears these words, he [becomes] bitterly angry at himself. He sets his heart on rescuing [his friend] DaniEl. [The Emperor] labors till the sunset to [find a legal way to avoid killing] DaniEl.
  • Nahum 3:17 [The war-state's] rulers consume [countries like] caterpillars, 😇. Then, [in times of danger, the chiefs turn into far-flitting butterflies]. Warmongers [are mere] grasshoppers. [They] camp [in the] hedges [in] cool times. [But when the] heat [of battle] arises [they] flee away, vanishing to no one knows where.
  • Matthew 2:4 [So] Herod gathers together all the chief priests and scribal-law-professors from the whole [Judean] population. Herod demands that these [experts] tell him where [the prophetic scriptures say the] Messiah will be born.
    note: This bogus pedophile ‘king’ of Judea doesn't even know basic facts about the bible.
  • Matthew 21:37 Last of all the land-owner [YHVH] sends His own son, [me, YahShua] to the renters [Israel]. [The land-owner] reasons, ‘They should respect My son.’
  • Matthew 22:15 The Pharisees [see that this story is an indictment of their highly profitable, yet murderous religious network]. So they [stomp away], 😇. They plot traps to entangle YahShua in his [own] words.
  • Matthew 26:14 Then one of YahShua's 12 disciples, the [Moabite] called Judas from K’riot, [sneaks] to [Judea's evil] chief priests, 😇.
    note: Judas Iscariot
  • Matthew 26:21 As the disciples eat, YahShua says, “I tell you the rock-solid truth: one of you soon betrays me.”
  • Matthew 26:22 The disciples [erupt] in violent despair, 😇. They all ask YahShua, “Master, will I betray you?”
  • Matthew 26:45 Then YahShua [staggers back] to his disciples. He [groans] to them, “Are you still sleeping & resting? Look! The hour has come for [religionists] to betray [me], ‘the Son of Adam’ into the fists of sinners!
  • Matthew 26:46 —Get up! Let's go! My betrayer is here.”
  • Matthew 26:69 While [the religionists beat YahShua], Peter {Rock} sits [trembling] outside in the palace courtyard, 😇. A servant girl [stomps up]. She accuses [Peter]: “You gang with YahShua, [that false prophet] from the Heathen-Circle!”
  • Mark 14:49 —Day after day I [stood] with you in the temple teaching. You didn’t seize me then. So [this is happening because] the scriptures must be fulfilled.”
  • Mark 14:69 Again, a servant-girl spies Peter {Rock}. She starts blabbing to the bystanders, “This [guy] is one of [that terrorist YahShua's henchmen].”
  • Luke 11:54 [The religionists spy like snipers] laying in wait for [Christ], trying to provoke him to tie himself up in a trap of His own words, 😇.
  • Luke 20:21 So these [crooked] chief priests and liar-lawyers flatter YahShua. They [whine], “Master, we know that you speak and teach rightly. You're not influenced by anyone's [status or wealth or power]. Rather, you truthfully teach the way of [YHVH] the Eloah —
  • Luke 22:22 Yes, truly, [I,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ [march to my death], as [YAH] pre-planned. But [how terribly YAH] punishes anyone who betrays [me, 😇]!”
  • Luke 22:53 Every day I [stood] with you in the temple courts. Yet you never laid a hand on me. But this is your moment, the time when the power of darkness reigns.’'
  • John 6:71 [The ‘devil’] YahShua speaks of is Judah Simonson from Keriot. [This] Judas—one of the [famous] ‘Twelve!’—soon betrays YahShua, 😇!
  • John 11:57 So that the [assassins] can seize and kill YahShua, the chief priests and the Pharisees re-issue [their nationwide executive] order that anyone who spots YahShua [will die unless he immediately] rats out YahShua's location.
  • John 13:2 By suppertime, the devil has put [the order] to betray YahShua into the heart of Judah Simonson from Keriot.
  • John 13:26 YahShua answers, “My betrayer is the man I give this bread, after I dip it.” YahShua dips the bread, then hands it to Judah Simonson from Keriot.
  • John 18:5 The goons & guards answer, “[We're searching for] YahShua of Nazareth.” YahShua responds, “I'm [YahShua (Simonson) from Nazareth].” Judas (YahShua's betrayer) stands with the mobsters and officers.
  • 1st Corinthians 6:8 Instead, you yourselves wrong and cheat. And you do it to your own brothers!
  • 1st John 2:19 The anti-Messiahs keep abandoning us [believers], 😇. The [impostors] were never [truly] part of our brotherhood. If they'd been part of our [faith] family, they would've continued [to struggle] beside us. Instead, the [anti-Messiahs] ditch us. So [YAH] eventually exposes them as [infidels] who merely posed as our [Judeo-Christian] brothers.
  • Judges 9:16 [JAHtham explains the parable:] “So now [I ask you], did you deal truly and sincerely by crowning [the slut-spawn] AbiMelech [as] your father-king? Did you deal rightly with [Gideon the] Baal-Fighter and his [legitimate] family? Did you properly repay [Gideon] as his [valiant] actions deserved? [No!]
  • Judges 9:18 Yet today you rise up against my father [Gideon's] family. You've murdered his sons, [my brothers]! 70 men [bled to death] on one stone! And you made your brother AbiMelech, the spawn of [my Dad's] maid-servant, king over the men of Shechem {Neck}, because [his slut-Mom was one of your clan].)
  • Judges 14:13 But if you can't tell me the answer, then you'll give me 30 [linen] shirts and 30 [fine] robes.” The [30 enemy spies posing as ‘friends’] answer SunRay, “Tell us your riddle. We wanna’ hear it.”
  • 1st Samuel 18:22 [King] Saul commands his workers, “Secretly talk with David. Say, ‘Look, king [Saul] delights in you. And all [Saul's] servants love you. So [do whatever Saul says. Then you'll] be the king's son-in-law!’"
  • 1st Samuel 21:7 Meanwhile, the chief of Saul's herdsmen (a [Red-Man] Edomite [assassin] named Doeg {Anxious}) [stalks] there in Nob {Fruit-Town} that day. [Doeg comes to the sanctuary to] fulfill a [religious obligation] before YHVH. [David sees Doeg spying on him talking with the priest.]
  • 1st Samuel 22:22 So David [moans] to Abiathar, “I knew it that day, when Doeg {Anxious} the Edomite was there [at the sanctuary], that he would definitely [rat us out to king] Saul. I caused the death of everyone in your Dad's family.
  • 1st Samuel 23:23 —So hunt and map out all [David's] snake-holes. Come back when you’re sure [where he lies]. Then I'll go with you. If he's in [your] territory, I’ll search 'til I find him. [I'll rifle through] all the thousands of [people in] Judaea.”
  • 2nd Samuel 10:3 But the princes of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon [hiss] to their lord Hanun {Favored}, “Do you think David is [really] honoring your [dead] father by sending sympathy-messengers to you? [No.] David is sending his servants to you to search [our] city, to spy it out, to overthrow it!”
    note: An example of loving your enemies being harder than it sounds. It doesn't always work the first time. Like anything else, "If at first you don't succeed by loving your enemies, try, try again."
  • 2nd Samuel 13:33 —So now don't let my lord the king take this [rumor] to heart. Stop imagining that all the king's sons lie dead. Really. Only Amnon died.”
  • 2nd Samuel 15:31 A [spy runs up the mountain]. He tells [king] David, “[Your advisor] Ahithophel {Slime-Brother} joined AbShalom's conspiracy.” So David prays, “Oh YHVH, please, turn Slime-Brother's counsel into foolishness.”
  • 2nd Samuel 16:3 So king [David] replies, “And where's your master [king Saul's crippled] son?” Ziba {Station} answers the king, “[Mephibosheth] stayed [behind] at Jerusalem. He bragged, ‘Today the house of Israel will restore the kingdom of my Grand-father [Saul] to me!’”
    note: Ziba may be lying.
  • 2nd Samuel 19:26 [The cripple] answers, “My lord [and] king, my steward [Ziba] deceived me. [I,] your servant am lame. So I said, ‘I'll saddle up a donkey so I can ride on it and go to the king.’
  • NehemiYAH 6:2 [So] Sanballat {Bramble-Bush} and Geshem {Shower} send [messengers] to me, saying, “Come, let's meet together in one of the villages in the Ono {Strong} Valley.” But [I realize that] they're scheming to harm me.
  • Job 6:18 [Camel trains] wind through the [desert,] wasting to nothing, dying [of dehydration. That's what it's like to have friends like you.]
  • Job 16:4 I too could speak [lies] like you. If your life-breath were [hanging from a thread] like mine, I could pile up [insults] against you. [I could] shake my head [in scorn] at your [pain].
  • Job 19:3 10 times now you've [hurled] insults at me. Still you [feel] no shame at alienating me, [your old ‘friend’].
  • Job 30:21 You've turned cruel to me. You [band] your mighty hand[s] to oppose yourselves against me.
  • Proverbs 1:17 [Villains' traps lie hidden, hard to spot.] You don't trap a bird while it's watching you, 😇.
  • IsaiYAH 24:17 The scare, the snare, the lair spring [on] you, earth-dwellers.
    note: The Hebrew here is highly alliterative.
  • ObadiYAH 1:11 [YAH sends payback for] the [fiery] day [when the Red-Man's clan] stood aloof and turned aside (like Israel's enemies) while strangers carried away Jacob's wealth. [Fire repays] the day when foreigners invaded Jacob's gates and threw [dice] to establish claims to Jerusalem.
    note: Esau is the man of the flesh. Edom's proud nation came from the flesh. The trouble with Esau is pride, a root of human evil. Pride wars against YAH's Spirit. Sin-flesh rejects Yah's purposes for human life. Flesh continually defies the transcendence Yah hopes for man to attain. Each of us has this struggle within us. Pride is the number one identifying-mark of the sin-flesh.
  • Malachi 2:10 [I the prophet say,] “One Father, One Elohim {Sovereign} created [all mankind]. So why do we backstab [each other], 😇? Every man sabotages his brother. We [deceptive Judeo-Christians] profane the covenant of our fathers!
    note: Every facet of modern society runs on scams: medicine, insurance, law, politics, religion, education, finance, communications, agriculture, all hopelessly corrupt, throughout the globe.
  • Matthew 2:7 Herod summons the wise men to [his dark royal hideout for] a secret meeting. He asks them, “On what date did this star appear?” [They tell him the date.]
  • Matthew 2:8 [So snake-tongued] Herod sends the wise men to Bethlehem {Bread-House}. He [hisses], “Go. Investigate. Search diligently. Find the young child [Messiah]. Then bring me back word, so I too can come and ‘worship’ [him] with you.”
    note: Murder him, that is.
  • Matthew 17:24 YahShua & his disciples journey. They arrive at [the comfortable walled town of] Capernaum. The mandatory-temple-donation collectors corner Peter {Rock}. [They try to trap YahShua in a trumped-up tax-evasion charge.] They ask, ‘Doesn't your teacher [YahShua] pay the temple-tax?’
    note: This temple-tax is a forced donation forbidden by the Hebrew Law.
  • Matthew 26:2 “You know that the feast of the Passover lies [only] 2 days away. There [religionists] betray [me,] the ‘Son of Adam.’ [They] nail [me] to an execution-stake.”
  • Matthew 26:23 YahShua answers, “My betrayer just dipped his [Matzah-filled] hand into the bowl with me.
    note: Or: ‘The one who hands me over is someone I eat with daily, one who passes me food at the table.’
  • Mark 6:20 Herod [lives in] awe [& fear of] JAHn, knowing that JAHn is a righteous and holy man. Herod [surveils] JAHn. When Herod hears JAHn [speak, Herod shakes, massively] disturbed, yet intrigued.
    note: OR: Herod sought to protect John.
  • Mark 12:13 Next, 😇, the religionites send to YahShua some Pharisee [holier-than-thou jerks], and some Herodian [political whores] to catch YahShua in his words.
    note: Fools try to trap us saints into saying something for which we could be arrested. Never talk in a legal confrontation unless the Holy Spirit prompts you to say something.
  • Mark 14:19 The disciples [fill] with sadness. One by one, they launch into asking YahShua, “Not me, right? [I won't betray you!]
  • Mark 14:66 Meanwhile, below in the courtyard, Peter {Rock} [sits shaking beside the fire, 😇]. One of the high priest's slave-girls slinks up to [Peter].
  • Mark 14:70 Again Peter {Rock} denies [knowing YahShua]. A little later, some bystanders accuse Peter, “You're definitely one of [YahShua's fellow terrorists]. You're [a] Heathen-Circle [hick]! Your speech gives you away.”
  • Luke 22:56 But a servant girl [whom the high Priest pays to do more than just clean his house] spies Peter {Rock} sitting by the fire. [Her demonic fire-lit eyes shine.] She [shrieks], “This man [ran] with [that devil] YahShua!”
  • Luke 22:57 Peter {Rock} denies [YahShua]: “Woman, I don't even know him!”
  • John 7:11 The Jewish [murderer-priests and their soldiers run around] hunting for YahShua at the festival. They ask everyone, “Where is [that terrorist,] YahShua [Josephson from Nazareth]?”
  • John 13:29 Judas holds the money-bag, 😇. So some of the disciples assume YahShua is saying to Judas, “Buy whatever [supplies] we need for the [Passover] feast.” Or that [YahShua is commanding] Judas to give some [silver] to poor [people].
  • Acts 27:30 The sailors attempt to escape from the ship, 😇. They let the lifeboat down into the sea, pretending they're going to lower anchors from the front of the ship.
  • Genesis 27:32 Father Isaac {Laughter} asks Esau {Rough-Red}, “Who are you?” Esau replies, “I'm your son, your firstborn: Esau-the-Red-Man.”
  • Numbers (Journeys) 32:30 But if [your cattle-loving countrymen] won't [faithfully] rush with [west] you across [the Jordan and into danger], then [don't recognize their land ownership here]. They'll [have to come across and live] among you [wherever you'll let them stay] in the land of Canaan {LowLand}.”
  • Judges 4:12 [The evil Kenite (Lancers)] show Sisera {Servant-Of-Ra} that [Israeli General] Barak {Lightning} (the son of AbiNoam {Gracious-Father}) has marched [his praise-army] up to mount Tabor {Fragile}.
  • 1st Samuel 18:24 So [king] Saul's boot-lickers [run and] tell [Saul] what David said.
  • 1st Samuel 23:20 So now, O king, since you’ve wanted so much to come down [to our land,] come [on] down! [We'll do] our part. We'll hand [that rebel David] into [your] royal fist.”
  • 2nd Kings 20:14 So the prophet IsaiYah [teleports] to king HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}. Isaiah asks him, “What did those [spies] say? Where did they come from?” HezekiYah replies, “They traveled all the way from [their] country, Babylon.”
  • NehemiYAH 6:17 Meanwhile, Judea's nobles send many letters to [evil Babylonian politico] TobiYah. And TobiYah keeps sending [back scheming replies to our nobles].
  • Job 6:16 [Yes, your ‘friendship’ dies,] choked with black ice. [Your hearts lie] packed with snow.
  • Job 6:17 When the hot [sun] comes, [your support] vanishes [like mist], leaving nothing [but thirst].
  • Job 16:2 “I've heard many such [attacks]. You're all counterfeit comforters.
  • Job 17:3 Throw me a rope [down from heaven]! These [hypocrites] won't even shake my hand.
    note: Key words: put braid; slap hand. “Rope/braid/striking hands” may infer putting up security, i.e. bailing someone out of trouble, redemption.
  • Job 17:12 [Job screams to the sky,] “These [hypocrites] call day, ‘night’ and light, ‘the face of darkness.’
    note: Or: “I'd hoped my night would yield to day, that dawn would break.”
  • Job 19:15 My [previous] house-mates, my [former] workers, [reject] me as if I were stranger. They evil-eye me, like I'm an alien.
  • Job 19:16 I call my [former] assistant. But he gives me no answer. I [wear out] my mouth begging him [for help].
  • Job 30:20 I'm crying to you [friends]. Yet you don't answer me. You [sit there] and stare at me while I [rot].
  • Job 30:23 So, [my ex-friends,] I know that you'll bring me [down] to death, to the [grave] house appointed for all living [beings].
  • Psalms 3:1 YHVH, [my enemies] multiply [like rats]! They squeeze [out] my [lifeblood]! Hordes [of persecutors] rise up against me.
    note: A Psalm by David, when he fled from his son Absalom.
  • Psalms 55:14 We enjoyed each other's sweet counsel. We paraded [arm-in-arm, leading the] throng to Elohim's sanctuary.
  • Proverbs 6:13 [A profane, worthless, wicked man] winks with his eyes. He signals with his feet and finger motions.
    note: This condemns gangland hand symbols as well as secret-society code-communication.
  • Proverbs 23:8 You'll vomit up [every] morsel [of unholy benefits] you eat, 😇. Your sweetheart deals will [crumble into] ruins.
  • JeremiYAH 41:6 So IshmaEl {El-Hears} [rides] out from Mizpah {WatchTower}. [He] drips [fake] tears all along the road. He meets the [mourners]. He lies to them, “Come visit [the grave of Governor] GedaliYah {Great-YAH}.”
    note: text includes: ‘the son of NethaniYah’ and ‘the son of AhiKam.’ As in v10.
  • Daniel 11:23 [Nations] sign treaties with [Epiphanes]. But he deceitfully [breaks every treaty]. So he maintains a small but very forceful empire.
  • ObadiYAH 1:14 [The Red-Man's descendants regret] standing in the crossroads to cut off Jacob's escaping refugees. [Edom] handed over [Israel's] survivors during [Israel's] burning day of distress.
  • MicaYah 1:14 [Like an adulterer steals another man's cheating wife, the lords of lying-city] Achzib {Freeze-Drought} (in whom the kings of Israel trusted) steal away [Israel's prized] possession: Moresheth-Gath {WinePress-Land}. [Mockers cry, “File for divorce, Israel! Your beloved land is gone. She 'aint comin' back! Cry bleeding tears. Your wine is gone! Blood is the only red liquid you'll get!]
    note: Akziyb from #391; deceitful (a winter-torrent which fails in summer); the name of two places in Palestine.
  • Matthew 17:22 YahShua & his disciples stay in the Heathen-Circle [Galilee]. YahShua tells his disciples, [A traitor] is about to betray [me,] the ‘Son of Adam,’ into the fists of [murderous] men.
  • Matthew 22:16 The Pharisees send their disciples out to [spy on] YahShua. Some [corrupt political allies of pervert-king Herod tag along. This gang of religious criminals lie through their flattering snake-teeth]. They say, “Master [YahShua,] we know you are true. You teach the Way of [YHVH] the Eloah as it really is. And you don't care what any man thinks about you. You refuse to respect human personal status.
  • Matthew 22:26 —And every brother this poor widow marries keeps dying. The 2nd brother dies. Then the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and finally the last, the 7th brother, dies too.
    note: I know what you're thinking: this lady was dangerously vigorous and insatiable in lovely, or she was a serial killer who liked to poison her husbands. Of course, this is just a made-up story invented to trick Yahshua. But Yahshua is too smart for the Sad-You-Sees.
  • Matthew 22:34 Soon the Pharisees hear that YahShua has put the Sadducees to silence. So both [factions] gather, conspiring together, [despite their bitter, murderous hatred of each other].
  • Matthew 26:58 Meanwhile, Peter {Rock} follows far behind [the mob]. He eventually straggles to the courtyard of the high priest's palace. Peter slinks into the [courtyard]. He sits with the guards. He waits to see what [the religionists will do] to YahShua.
  • Mark 14:67 The slave-girl sees Peter {Rock} warming himself. She glares at him. She yells, “You [ran] with YahShua, that [terrorist] man from Nazareth!”
  • Luke 22:23 The apostles [immediately glare at each other with accusing, suspicious eyes, 😇. They] launch into interrogating one another, to discover which [apostle is the rat] betraying YahShua.
  • Luke 22:55 The guards kindle a fire in the middle of the courtyard. They sit down together. Peter {Rock} sits down among them.
  • Luke 22:58 A short time passes. Another [religionite puppet] spots Peter {Rock}. He sneers, “You're one of YahShua's disciples.” Peter lies, “Man, I am not.”
  • Luke 22:59 One hour later, another [preacher-spy] boldly insists, “This fellow definitely ran with YahShua. He's from the Heathen-Circle!”
  • Luke 22:68 —And if I ask you [what you mean by your trick question], you won't answer me. And you won't let me go.
  • John 10:24 Judaeans surround YahShua, baiting Him, “How much longer are you going to keep us in suspense? If you're the Messiah, tell us publicly!”
  • John 11:56 [Meanwhile,] Jewish [assassins] hunt for YahShua. Standing in the temple area, they ask each other, “What do you think? Is YahShua [too scared] to come to the feast [and get killed]?”
  • John 13:22 The disciples flip their heads around the room, 😇. [They glare] at each other, [dying to know] which disciple [will betray] YahShua.
  • John 13:30 Judas grabs the bread. He runs out into the night.
    note: That's what Christianites do: take the communion and then go out into the dark night of the world and sin like their neighbors, just behind closed doors.
  • John 18:2 Judas [from Keriot, (the traitor] betraying YahShua) knows this grove, because YahShua often [camps at Oil-Press-Garden] with his disciples.)
  • Acts 1:17 Judas [the betrayer] was numbered with us. YahShua assigned Judas a part in our work.
    note: Betrayers infest all so-called Christian organizations. Watch out for ‘Christian’ traitors. They're after money.
  • Acts 1:18 Now this man Judas ‘purchased’ a field with the reward for his wickedness. [After hanging and swelling,] Judas fell headfirst. He burst open there. All his bowels gushed out!”
    note: This appears to be a contradiction, because Judas gave the bribe money back. However, the people to whom Judas threw the silver used it to buy the field. Dr. John Lightfoot writes, referencing the apocryphal book of Tobit, that as soon as Judas threw the coins into the temple, the devil lifted him into the air and strangled him and threw him into the field.
  • Acts 1:19 Everyone in Jerusalem has heard about Judas’ death, 😇. (So the Judaeans call that field (in their dialect), ‘Aceldama,’ that is, ‘The field of blood.’)
  • Acts 1:20 As [David] writes in the book of Psalms: “[The betrayer's] home [lies] desolate, 😇. No man dwells there. Another [apostle] takes [the betrayer's] position [of leadership].”
    note: (Psalms 69:25, 109:8)
  • Acts 15:38 But Paul argues it's unwise to take JAHn-Mark, who deserted [Paul and Barnabas] in Pamphylia [Turkey]. (JAHn-Mark had [chosen not to] continue with [Paul and Barnabas] in the [gospel] work.)
  • Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 6:13 Separate yourself from your enemies, and watch out for your ‘friends.’
  • Joshua 22:11 So [some pagans run up and] tell the [western] people of Israel, “Hey! [Your Cattle-Barons] built an [occult] altar on the frontier of the land of Canaan {LowLand}, on the edge of [the] Jordan [river], on the [West] side, [your side]!
    note: "Cattle-barons" = peoples of Reuben, Gad, and the eastern half-tribe of Manasseh. Some commentators say their altar was on their [east] side of the river.
  • Job 6:30 [You know that no] wickedness [lies] on my tongue. [I can't stand the] taste of evil!
    note: or, “I can taste your betrayal, hatred...“
  • Proverbs 12:26 😇, the righteous [man] searches out [good] companions, while wrongdoers get seduced by the road [they stray down].
  • JeremiYAH 36:11 From this scroll, [little snitch] MichaYah {Who-Is-Like-Yah} (the son of GemariYah {YAH-Perfects}, the son of Shaphan {Secret-Keeper}) hears all these prophecies from YHVH.
  • JeremiYAH 36:13 MichaYah {Who-Is-Like-Yah} tattles to these [corrupt officials]. He repeats all the war-predictions he'd heard Baruch {Blessed} read from [Jeremiah's] scroll into the peoples' ears.
  • Matthew 22:35 Then one Pharisee, a [holier-than-thou] religious [liar] lawyer, asks YahShua a trap question, 😇:
  • John 12:4 Then one of YahShua's ‘disciples’ (Judah Simonson from Keriot, the man who will betray YahShua) gripes:
  • John 18:18 The slaves and guards stand there, 😇, warming themselves by a fire of coals they've lit to fend off the cold. Rock stands with the [killers,] warming himself.
  • John 18:26 One of the servants of the high priest, a relative of the soldier [Malchus] whose ear Peter {Rock} had cut off, says, “Didn't I see you in the garden with YahShua?”
  • 2nd Timothy 4:10 For Demas {Ceres-Worshipper} has fallen in love with this present world. He deserted me to run off to Thessalo-Nike. Crescens {Growth-Seeker} went to Galatia. Titus went to Dalmatia [in Europe].
  • 2nd Timothy 4:14 Alexander {Man-Defender} the copper-smith did me much evil. The Adonai [will] pay him back for what he did. [I don't have to retaliate.]
  • 2nd Timothy 4:15 You too should beware of [Man-Defender]. He strongly opposed our [gospel] Message.
  • 2nd Kings 1:1 After [king] Ahab dies, Moab rebels against Israel.
    note: See the Moabite Stone for corroboration.
  • Matthew 10:4 [lastly] Simon {Listener} the Canaanite, and Judas from Keriot, who [comes to] betray YahShua.
    note: ‘Judas Iscariot’ means: ‘Y’hudah from K’riot.’ This Judas (Judah) son of Shimon the Moabite from Keriot, was a descendant of drunken Lot's daughter-incest. Judas was likely an undercover zealot who thought turning Jesus over to the Israeli leaders would force Jesus to use his super-powers to get rid of the Roman-installed Jewish leaders, and thus ignite war to evict the Romans from Judea. The Zealots were a militant sect of super patriots. Zealots believed that once war raged against the Romans, the Creator would rush to their aid. Zealots did later evict the Romans from Jerusalem for a few years, in AD66, prior to being absolutely crushed by Rome in AD70. War solves nothing.
  • John 13:25 Leaning back against YahShua, [JAHn] asks, ‘Master, who will betray you?’
    note: Apparently John was leaning against Yahshua's chest like a dear relative or a child.
  • Job 9:1 Then Job replies:
  • John 13:24 So Simon-Peter {Rock} beckons to [JAHn, whispering], “Ask YahShua who's going to betray Him!”
  • 1 Maccabees 6:21 But some of the enemy under siege escape. They join forces with some wicked Israelite [traitors].

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