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12 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Rejection

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  1. Dance & Jump For Joy When People Hate You
  2. YAHshua Is The True Vine Of Your Life
  3. Warning: The Evil World Will Try To Kill You
  4. Mortals Feel No Joy Nor Fear Over YAH's Word
  5. Finicky Religionists Reject John The Baptist
  6. Loving Your Enemies = Proof Of Eternal Life
  7. Jeremiah Cries to YAH In Desperate Trouble
  8. Israelis Pester Moses About Drinking Water
  9. Evil People Think Holy People Are Weird & Bad
  10. Job Laments His Destroyed Life
  11. Christian Leaders Deserve To Be Well-Paid
  12. Job Begs His Frenemies To Be Friendly


97 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Rejection

  1. Matthew 5:11 😇, [YAH] is blessing you when men revile you, and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you, because [you follow] me.
  2. Luke 6:22 [YAH] blesses you, 😇, when humans hate you, and when they separate you from their company, and insult [& slander] you, and blackball [curse] your name as evil, because you (obey only) [me,] the [ultimate] ‘Son of Adam.’
    note: Be happy when you're blacklisted.
  3. Matthew 27:46 At about the 9th hour (3PM) YahShua cries with a loud voice, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” ("My Elohim, my Elohim, why have you forsaken me?”)
    note: Quoting Psalm 22:1. Eli signifies ‘Lofty’.
  4. Luke 4:24 YahShua continues, “I tell you the rock-solid [Truth, 😇]: No prophet gets accepted in his own country [hometown].
  5. Luke 23:35 The people stand watching [YahShua's blood drain into the dust]. [Judea's] rulers [lead] the crowd in deriding YahShua. They mock, “He ‘saved’ others. If he's the Messiah, the chosen [One] of [YHVH] the Eloah, let him save himself!”
  6. John 4:44 YahShua testifies that ‘a prophet [enjoys] no honor in his own country.’
    note: Yahshua knew well from experience that a prophet gets disrespected in the place where he grew up.
  7. Luke 9:5 If people fail to welcome you, 😇, shake the dust off your feet when you leave their town [church, area, university, business, etc.], as a testimony against them.
  8. Ezekiel 16:5 No eye pities you. [Everyone refuses] to do any [act of caring] for you, to take compassion on you. [Your parents] throw you out into the open field. [There you writhe in your filth. Your ancestors] loathe your life-breath from the day you spurt from the womb.
  9. John 16:2 [Plainly speak my commandments. Then] the religionites [and others] will drive you out of their [religious, economic, charitable, cultural and educational institutions]. Yes, the time comes when whoever murders you, 😇, thinks they're doing service for [YHVH] the Eloah.
  10. Genesis 3:24 [Adam refuses to be evicted from the Garden of Pleasure… he clings to the trees.] So YAH drives Adam out [into the desert]. YAH places Cherubim {Angels} at the east [edge] of the Garden of Pleasure. And [over the garden, YAH places] a [supernatural] flaming sword. It swings in every direction, to guard the path to the Tree of Life.
    note: Adam & Eve and their children surely tried and failed many times to break back into the garden. A universe of unexplored drama lives in this verse.
  11. John 15:18 When the world hates you, 😇, remember that the world hated me before it hated you.
  12. Luke 11:49 So [YHVH] the Eloah [in His] wisdom says, ‘I keep sending prophets and emissaries to [Jewish and Christian ‘civilizations’]. [You religious jerks] murder some of my messengers. [You beat up and] persecute others.
    note: When you tell the Truth in church or a ‘Christian’ town hall, expect them to kill you, beat you, and/or drive you away.
  13. Mark 6:11 Some places may not welcome you or listen to you, 😇. If they don't, shake the dust off your feet when you leave. That will be a witness against the people living there. I tell you the rock-solid [truth], the punishment will be more tolerable for the sinners of Sodom & Gomorrha in the day of judgment, than for the city [that rejects you, My obedient disciples].”
    note: Perhaps when they see you shaking their town's dust off of your feet, they'll realize that they have wronged YAH's people. Maybe that strong visual image will stick in their minds and make them reconsider their faithlessness. Peterson: If you're not welcomed, not listened to, quietly withdraw. Don't make an [ugly] scene. [Smile] and be on your way.'
  14. Matthew 13:57 So, 😇, the Nazarenes [scoff]. Deeply offended, [they refuse to believe] in [their hometown boy,] YahShua. So YahShua tells the [blind rabble,] ‘A prophet gets honored everywhere except in his own hometown, and among his own family.’
  15. Matthew 5:12 [Keep on spinning around with] joy, 😇. Keep on boiling over with bright [shining gladness]. Your reward in heaven is incalculable, 😇. For that's how [the evil world] persecuted [YAH's] true prophets who preceded you.
  16. 1st John 3:13 Don’t be amazed, my brothers, when the world-system hates you.
    note: The world and its churches hate you who speak YAH's Truth. They refuse to applaud you or award you. They run from you, avoid you, talk ill of you (behind your back). And if they can't shut you up, they murder you, like they killed Jesus, Peter, Paul, James, Ghandi, John Lennon, etc.
  17. Genesis 37:5 [One night,] Joseph {Increaser} dreams a [prophetic] dream, 😇. [The next day,] Joseph blabs [the dream] to his brothers. So they hate him even more!
    note: False religionists and pagans hate YAH's true prophets!
  18. Luke 8:37 Then all the people of the Gerasene region beg YahShua to leave them, 😇, because they're seized with great fear. So YahShua boards the boat. He returns back across the lake.
    note: When you help people, they logically ought to appreciate you. Yet often they illogically reject you. That is often your cue to leave. You have more fertile fields to plow.
  19. Luke 7:32 😇, today's [people] resemble children sitting in the marketplace, yelling insults to each other, ‘blah blah [blah]’. We [prophets] play flute[s] for you. But you [posers refuse to] dance! We sing [you] funeral dirges. Yet you're [too dead inside to] cry.’
  20. John 15:21 The people of the world-system always hate you, 😇, because you follow only my authority. For they don't know [YHVH] who sent me.
  21. Luke 19:14 But this nobleman's [fellow] citizens hate him, 😇. So they send a delegation [to the Emperor] with a signed petition. It opposes the nobleman's rule, saying, “We will never allow this man to reign over us.”
    note: Nobleman = Yahshua. Citizens = Worldly Jews and Christians. Emperor = YHVH.
  22. Mark 5:17 The people start begging YahShua, “Leave our territory!” [“Never come back!”]
    note: People kick out the guy who did the miracle. That's human nature. Get ready to show up in places [especially churches] to help people learn YAH's Word and have them get irrationally scared of you and ask you to leave.
  23. John 16:3 [The world, especially its religionists, will reject and kill you, 😇,] because they have never known [YHVH] the Father, nor me.
  24. Matthew 11:19 [I, YAH's Messiah, the ultimate] Son of Adam, come eating and drinking. These [fake-religious snake-spawn spit out their vile blasphemy against me:] ‘Look at [YahShua,] a gluttonous man, a drunkard, a friend of [traitorous] tax-collectors and sinners.’ But wisdom's children prove [her] right, 😇.”
  25. John 15:19 If you belonged to the world-system, the world would [pretend to] love [you as] its own. But the world hates you, 😇, because you don't belong to it. I've picked you out of the world-system.
  26. Exodus 17:4 So Moses cries to YHVH, “What am I gonna’ do with these people? They're about to stone me!”
    note: That's what you'll be saying if you ever do & say what the Messiah did & said.
  27. JeremiYAH 20:10 I keep hearing countless voices defaming [me]. Fear [stalks me] on every side. The [infidels] whisper, “Tell the [police] everything the [prophet] says!” All my ‘friends and loved-ones’ watch me limp. They hiss, “Maybe he'll trap himself. Then we'll overwhelm him. We'll take our [long-awaited] revenge on the [liar].”
  28. Luke 7:34 [Then I,] the ‘Son of Adam’ come [to you] feasting and drinking. So you say, ‘Look! [YahShua is] a gluttonous drunkard, a [traitorous] ally of [invading Roman] tax-collectors and sinners!’
  29. Luke 11:15 But some [evil, fire-destined people] in the audience sneer, “YahShua casts out devils through [the power of] Beelzebub, the chief of the devils.”
    note: Accusing Yahshua of using black magic, Vudu, powered by Ba‘al-Zibbul, Lord of the flies. That's blasphemy: punished by eternal death—no pardon, no possibility of parole. Evil people will treat you, Yahshua's fallible student, worse than they treated Yahshua, the only perfect man who ever lived.
  30. Ezekiel 20:49 Then I respond, “Oh, Adonai YHVH! [I want to speak for you. But] the [people just mock] me, jeering, “Riddler! Storyteller!”
  31. Luke 17:25 But first [I,] the ‘Son of Adam’, must endure horrible suffering and get rejected by this generation [of snake-spawn].
  32. 1st Peter 4:4 The Beast-National [Gentiles] speak evil of you [Christians], 😇. They think it's strange that you [refuse] to run with them into the same flood of dissipation.
    note: The world wonders why you don't participate in fiat money, commercial religion, empty pursuits, silly politics, fads, entertainment, war-games, materialism and ‘modern’ thought.
  33. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 22:15 For outside [of the City of Peace] lie dogs, sorcerers, whore-mongers, murderers, idolaters, and whoever loves and makes any lies.
    note: ‘Dog’ is a Jewish euphemism for ‘sexually active homosexual.’ Also outside lie everyone involved with the occult and with psychotropic drugs, sexually immoral people, and all who adore the lies of politicians and the facades of celebrities.
  34. John 7:7 The world can't hate you [worldlings]. But the world hates me, because I testify that its actions are evil.
    note: Say the truth and people hate you for it.
  35. Job 17:10 But all you [deceivers] turn your [tails. You] run away [home to avoid easing my pain]. I can't find one wise [man] among you.
  36. John 9:22 The blind man's parents say this [white-lie] to protect themselves, fearing [that] the Judean [leaders will banish them]. For the Jews agree that anyone who acknowledges YahShua as Messiah will be expelled [banned, blacklisted] from the synagogue, 😇, [shunned from educational, cultural, political and religious society].
    note: A socio-economic death sentence. No Jew would buy from or sell to you if you're banned. Just like you can't buy or sell now unless you swear oaths of allegiance to a beast-nation. Oaths that Jesus forbade.
  37. John 17:14 [Father,] I've given [my disciples] your word. So the world [keeps] hating them, because [my disciples] are not of the world-system, just as I'm not of the world-system.
  38. Matthew 11:18 For JAHn [the Immerser] came fasting and abstaining from alcohol. Yet these [snakes] slander him, ‘JAHn has a devil [inside of him]!’
    note: Command YAH's words to people who claim to be ‘believers,’ and many of them will say you have an evil spirit. That's blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. The sentence for such blasphemers is immediate irrevocable condemnation to the fire of eternal destruction.
  39. Psalms 69:20 The [prigs] strip [my dignity]. [They leave me] heart-broken. I'm sick to death. I hope for some [friend or loved] one to shake-his-head [in pity]. But no one [cares]. I find no one to comfort [me].
  40. JeremiYAH 20:8 Every time I speak, I shriek out warnings of violence and devastation. Because [I deliver] the word of YHVH, everybody laughs at me. They strip [my dignity] every day, 😇.
  41. John 1:11 YAH's Word-Light [keeps] coming to [YAH's] own [people], 😇. Yet [even] YAH's own [people repeatedly] fail to receive YAH's Logic-Light.
  42. Job 30:10 [Even beggars] abhor me. They flee far from me. They [soak up saliva to] spit in my face.
  43. Psalms 88:14 “YHVH, why are you hurling away my life-breath [like I'm a piece of trash]? Why do you keep concealing your face from me?!
  44. Luke 7:49 At this, 😇, those [hypocrites] eating with YahShua [scoff] among themselves, “Who is this [arrogant blasphemer]?! He presumes to forgive sins!”
  45. John 15:25 [Our persecution] happens in fulfillment of the prophecies [David] wrote in the [Hebrew] Torah: “Without cause, the [world] hates me, [YAH's messenger].”
    note: Psalms 35:19; 69:4
  46. Judges 11:7 But Jephthah answers the elders of Gilead, “Aren't you the guys who hated me so much you kicked me out of my Dad's house? Why do you [think I'd be interested in solving] your problems?”
  47. Psalms 88:8 You keep ripping my friends away from me. You make them abhor me. I'm locked up. I can't escape.
    note: All humans will eventually reject you if you say and do the things the Messiah said and did.
  48. Acts 3:14 You rejected [YahShua, YAH's] Holy and Righteous One. [You abandoned him to jail, torture and death.] [Instead of YahShua,] you demanded that [the Roman governor] release a murderer [into your streets so that the murderer could kill again].
    note: The people loved a convicted terrorist named ‘Jesus Son Of The Father,’ (Jesus Bar-Abba). They hated the sinless Yahshua son of YHVH.
  49. Matthew 22:5 But the invitees make light of the King's invitation. They go their ways, one to his farm, another to his commercial business.
  50. John 15:20 Remember the maxim I spoke to you, 😇: ‘The servant is not greater than his master.’ Since the [worldlings] persecuted me, they also persecute you, 😇. If the [humans] obeyed my teaching, they'd obey yours.
    note: John 13:16
  51. Psalms 88:18 You've robbed me of all my loved ones, my colleagues, my mates. Darkness is my only friend.”
    note: Following YAH will, at extreme times, rob you of every last bit of human comfort. Everyone will avoid you, at least to save their skins. But the abandonment usually passes.
  52. Psalms 31:11 All my foes see me as a monster. My neighbors hate me more than [death]. My [demise strikes] terror in every [heart] that meets me. [‘Friends’] who see me in the street run from me.
    note: True believers are as popular as an A.I.D.S. patient at the office Christmas party.
  53. Psalms 69:13 I keep praying to you, YHVH. It's time for me to be accepted, Elohim! Show your infinite kindness. Answer me! Stabilize me! Free me [from this mess of rejection].
  54. Job 13:24 Why [do you] hide your face [from me]? Why do you hold me as your enemy?
  55. Psalms 119:51 Arrogant [bigots] destroy my reputation because I refuse to turn away from your [unpopular] law.
    note: People who actually follow the bible are as unpopular as lepers at an orgy. Even in church.
  56. 1st Samuel 27:2 So David packs up. He crosses [west] over [Israel's border] with 600 men. [They hike toward the sea] to [meet] Achish {Gift-Of-The-Sun-God}, the son of Maoch {Oppressed}, king of Gath {Wine-Press}.
  57. Job 19:19 My most intimate 'friends' abhor me like the death-plague. My loved-ones have [all] turned against me.
  58. Psalms 40:15 They're gloating over me, [chortling], “Aha, aha.” Desolate them. Pay them [horror] for their shameful [crimes].
  59. Psalms 44:13 You make us the butt of our neighbors' jokes. All the people around us mock and scoff at our [pain].
  60. Job 30:3 [I'm being looked down on by] lonely famished [homeless bums] who fled [town to gnaw] the ground in [gloomy] waste and desolation.
  61. Job 30:4 [My vagabond critics are so poor, they shop for groceries by] plucking up saltwort and [bitter] leaves. They munch on broom-tree roots!
  62. Acts 7:29 Hearing himself accused of murder, Moses flees [Egypt]. Moses lives as a foreigner in Midian {Brawler} land. There Moses fathers 2 sons.
  63. Job 32:3 [Elihu's] anger also rages against his 3 [elder] friends, because they find no explanation [for Job's calamities], yet they condemn Job!
  64. Psalms 31:12 I'm forgotten— a dead man—[perished] from my loved ones' hearts like a lost [broken] pot.
  65. 2nd Timothy 1:15 You know, 😇, that everyone in Asia has turned away from me (including Phygelus {Fugitive} and Ermogenes [Son of Mercury].
    note: Fake believers turn away from true believers.
  66. Psalms 119:22 Roll away the naked shame [people heap on me] because I guard every word [that comes from] your mouth.
    note: Wrap my stripped, beaten skin with [honor].
  67. Psalms 109:25 I've become the [object of society's] mockery. The [world] stares at me. [They] shake their head[s] [in scorn].
  68. 1 Maccabees 5:47 But the [people of Ephron] city shut the Israelites out. [The jerks] stop up their gates with stones!
  69. Psalms 60:1 Elohim, you push-us-aside. You hurl us in pieces in [the hurricane of] your furious breath. [Please,] turn back [to us].
    note: The miktam (instructional song) teaches about David's feelings when his kingdom got sandwiched between twin wars: against [SouthLander] rebels, and against northern armies from the Syrian cities of Naharaim and Zobah [Station]. Eventually David's General Joab returned to Jerusalem after striking down twelve thousand [southland] Edomites in the Valley of Salt. (See 2Sa 8.) This song requires arranging and conducting by an expert music director. David wrote this to the tune of, or in the style of, a famous song called “The Lily of the Covenant / Elation of Testimony”.
  70. Acts 7:28 —Are you gonna' kill me, like you murdered that Egyptian yesterday?’
    note: Exodus 2:14
  71. 1st Corinthians 9:7 😇, did you ever hear of a soldier paying his own expenses? Or of a farmer planting a vineyard without eating its grapes? What shepherd [tends] a flock without drinking some of the milk?
  72. Job 19:21 Take pity on me. [I'm begging you for] mercy, friends! The power-fist of [YHVH the] Eloah keeps striking me [down]!
    note: Just when you most need compassion, humans (including those in your 'fellowship') show you the depth of their apathy and vindictive selfishness.
  73. 1st Samuel 29:11 So David and his men wake up before dawn. They leave [the invasion army camp]. They return [west] into Palestinian territory. Meanwhile, the Philistine [army marches] up [north] to JezreEl {El-Plants}.
  74. Job 30:8 [My attackers are the] spawn of fools, tramps bred by base [brutes whom society] banished from the land.
  75. Psalms 107:5 [We pass through life] hungry and thirsty, 😇. [Sorrow] shrouds [our] life-breath.
  76. Psalms 119:52 I sigh [in sorrow, yet again] recounting your ancient judgments [to your fury-faced political enemies].
  77. Psalms 89:49 YHVH, where are your former loving-kindnesses, the once-stable promises you swore to David {Lover}?
    note: 'YHVH', not 'Adonai'.
  78. Job 30:11 [YAH] slit the cords of my tent-body. He beat me down. That's why [brats now] let loose of their bridles as they [gallop to trample] me.
  79. Psalms 89:38 So [why] do you push [us] aside, [YHVH]?! You spurn us, your [chosen] authorities! You've crossed-over [to our enemies' side].
  80. Job 6:21 For now [in my time of need] you [‘friends’ give me] nothing but [your] fear [that you might also get] knocked to the ground.
  81. Psalms 77:7 Will my Adonai cast [us believers] off for eons? Will he never smile again, 😇?
  82. Mark 2:7 [These religionites judge YahShua. They think,] “Why does this man speak such blasphemies? Who but [YHVH] the Eloah can forgive sins?”
  83. Job 30:7 [My critics] bray among the bushes [like jackasses]. They huddle [for warmth] in [thorny] undergrowth.
  84. Mark 6:3 —Isn't this [just YahShua] the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James {Heel-Grabber}, Jose, Juda and Simon {Listener}? Aren’t YahShua's sisters here with us?” The synagogue's congregants scandalize YahShua.
    note: Jesus may have done some carpentry. But he wasn't just a carpenter.
  85. Job 30:6 [My mockers] dwell in gullies and dry stream-beds, in holes in the ground, in rock [enclaves].
  86. Job 30:5 [I'm being laughed at by drifters] whom society drove out, screaming, ‘[Scram], thieves!’
  87. Job 17:2 [Job pleads to the sky:] “Watch: mockers surround me. Their taunting [faces] block my eyes.
  88. Acts 7:27 But the Israelite who's punching his neighbor shoves Moses away, yelling, ‘Who made you ruler and judge over us?
  89. Galatians 4:15 Where is that joyful spirit we felt together then? In those days, I know you [Galatians] would gladly have taken out your own eyes and given them to me, if that had been possible.
    note: Paul was blind for a few days when he first became a follower of Christ.
  90. Job 6:28 So now, if it pleases [your honors], look me in the face. You can see I'm [not] lying.
  91. 2nd Corinthians 10:10 😇, some [scoffers] say, “Paul's letters are brawny and potent. But in person he's a weakling who mumbles when he talks.”
    note: Scoffers say, “Ignore Paul. Paul's bark is worse than his bite.”
  92. Joshua 14:4 [400 years earlier, 😇, in Egypt, Jacob divided] the descendants of Joseph {Increaser} into two tribes: Manasseh {Pain-Eraser} and Ephraim {Double-Fruit}. And, [as usual] the [Israelis] gave no [ownership] share of the land to the Levites, except [for providing] cities [for the priests] to live in, with the open land surrounding the [cities] for the [priests'] livestock and crops.
  93. 1st Corinthians 9:4 Do we [missionaries] lack the right to eat and drink, 😇?
  94. 1st Corinthians 9:6 Are Barnabas {Son-Of-Prophecy} and I the only [missionaries] required to go on working for our living, 😇?
  95. 1st Corinthians 9:3 This is my answer to those [bigots] who sit in judgment over me, 😇:
  96. 2nd Corinthians 6:12 We [leaders] never hold back our love from you, 😇. But you [pew-warmers] hold back your love from us.
  97. 1 Maccabees 5:49 So Judah [the Hammer] commands a proclamation to circulate throughout the host, that every man should pitch his tent in the place where he stands.


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36 CHAPTERS on the theme of Rejection

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  2. Prince Reveals Pain Fria Gave Him In Childhood
  3. Avarice's Friends Beat & Abandon Him Broke
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  7. Singer SongMan Sings Princess Fria 'Beautiful'
  8. The Whole School Humiliates Charity
  9. Stunter snores and farts, Brash Kicks pig out
  10. Princess Fria Snubs Every Princely Suitor
  11. Wandering Berlin- Lost, Cold
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  13. Riddler Boy and Riddler Girl
  14. Sports Agent Hank Honey Belittles Jackie
  15. Stunter Tracks The 3 Camels
  16. Charity Sneaks Yogurt To Jock's Room; Busted
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  20. Castle-Concubines Ridicule The Shepherdess
  21. Hank Fires Jackie
  22. The Electorate Refuse To Pay Fria Taxes
  23. Eddie Drives To The School, Wrecks
  24. Miagi Delivers The Eviction Notice To RotGut
  25. Danielle's Friends Pour Suicide-Drinks On Akil
  26. General Joab Refuses To Meet With Absalom
  27. General Joab Again Refuses To Meet Absalom
  28. Bellina Spurns Princeton
  29. SunRay's Mom Cries, Fails Again To Have A Baby
  30. Jock & Charity Grow From 5 to 14 Years Old
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  26. First they ignore you...then they laugh at you...then they a
  27. ...all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Sa