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40 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Death

    Interactive Timeline
  1. YAH Uses Death To Rescue Righteous People
  2. In Unimaginable Suffering, Job Praises YHVH
  3. Yahshua, History's Greatest Man, Dies
  4. Don't Seek Fun & Wealth; Visit Dying People
  5. Death Devours All Human Success & Beauty
  6. Isaiah Forewarns Destruction Of Beast-Nations
  7. Unredeemed Man Is No Better Than An Animal
  8. Moses Dies
  9. Yahshua Predicts That Peter Will Disown Him
  10. David Repents & Suffers Torture In Silence
  11. A Dramatization of Rachel's Burial
  12. Moses Sings To YAH, Begging For Help To Live
  13. The Miracle Child Dies Of A Brain-Hemorrhage
  14. Job Laments Hard Life & Black Death
  15. King Hezekiah Sings A Song Lamenting His Pain
  16. Jacob Finishes His Blessing and Dies In Bed
  17. David Repents Of Mass-Murder To Stop A Famine
  18. Yahshua Opens Seal #4: Death Devours Mankind
  19. Valiant Israelis Recapture Saul's Carcass
  20. YAH Tells Jeremiah: Avoid Marriage; War Comes
  21. Job's Lament Slides Into Deathly Despair
  22. Ezekiel's Words Result in His Wife's Death
  23. Again Ezekiel Predicts the World System's End
  24. Despised Moabite Ruth Marries A Doomed Hebrew
  25. Joseph Visits The Promised Land To Bury Jacob
  26. Abraham Dies And Rests Beside Sarah
  27. Praise YAH Before Death Drags You To Silence
  28. Quarantine People Who Touch Corpses
  29. Joseph Dies, Awaiting The Exodus From Egypt
  30. Joshua Dies At 110 Years Of Age
  31. David Sends Sympathy To Inbred King Hanun
  32. The Prophet Samuel Dies
  33. YHVH Banishes Moses To His Death Place
  34. Jacob (Cheater) & Esau The Red Man Bury Isaac
  35. Another account Of JAHshua's Burial
  36. Rogue Priest-Brats Get A Paupers' Burial
  37. The Apocryphal ‘Wisdom Of Solomon’
  38. Judea's Evil King Ahaz Dies [YAY!]
  39. Terah Fathers Abraham
  40. Wide-Open Bigmouth Dies; Leaders Replace Him


348 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Death

  1. Job 1:21 [Job moans], ”I came out of my mother's belly naked. I'll return to [the dust] naked. YHVH gives, and YHVH takes. I kneel to YHVH's authority.”
  2. Genesis 3:19 —By the sweat of your face you will eat bread, ‘til you return to the ground. [I] took you out of soil. For dust you are. So to dust you will return.”
    note: Sweat is a blessing, not a curse. You can't circumvent sweat. If you don't sweat, the nutrients you eat don't make it into your body's cells. Sweat is one of the main ways you clean out your lymph and blood circulation systems. Sweat or die!
  3. IsaiYAH 57:1 The righteous [man] perishes, and no man lays it to heart, 😇. [YAH] takes merciful men away [from this world]. Yet no one grasps that [YAH mercifully] takes law-abiding [people in death] to [rescue them] from [earth's] evil future.
    note: Thus answers, "Why do good men die?"
  4. Matthew 27:50 YahShua cries in a loud voice one last time. Then he yields up his spirit. [He breathes his last breath. He dies.]
  5. Mark 15:37 YahShua cries with a loud voice, 😇. Then [he] ‘gives up the ghost.’ [He breathes his last breath.]
  6. Ecclesiastes 3:20 All [meat-bodies] go to one place, 😇. [We're] all of the dust. So to dust [we] all return.
  7. Ecclesiastes 9:12 For man has no clue [when] his time [will come up], 😇. Humans [die] like fish snatched-up in an evil net, like the birds caught in a snare. In a moment [we] fall without warning into the tragic trap [of death].
  8. IsaiYAH 40:7 YHVH's spirit-wind blows on [us humans. We] shrivel [like] slumping lawn flowers, 😇. [We] mortals are just [walking] vegetable-moulds.
  9. Luke 23:46 YahShua cries, shouting, ”Father [YHVH], I entrust my spirit into Your hands!” Then [YahShua] breathes his last [breath, 😇].
  10. Ecclesiastes 12:7 The dust [of your body] is returning to the earth, to its original home, 😇. [Your] breath [of life] returns to [YHVH] the Eloah who loaned her [to you].
    note: ‘Spirit’ is feminine.
  11. Hebrews 9:27 😇, [YAH] appoints all mortals to die once. Then comes the judgment.
    note: This is the primary Biblical argument against reincarnation.
  12. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 6:8 I look. See, 😇! A [sickly pale] greenish horse. ‘The Death’ is the name of the rider who sits upon the green horse. ‘The Unseen’ [Grave] follows with ‘the Death.’ [YAH] gives power to [‘the Death’ and ‘the Unseen’] over 1/4th of the earth, to kill [people] with sword, famine, plague, and land-beasts.
    note: Death's horse is not grey, it's pale, sickly green: 5515 chloros khlo-ros' from #5514; greenish, i.e. verdant, dun-colored:--green, pale. Death is green because from death springs life. The raw material of existence recycles into green new life. Chloros is the base of our word ‘chlorophyll’: bright green, grass-green. The same word is used in conjunction with grass in Mark 6:39 and Rev 8:7, and it's the color of spring, rejuvenation, re-birth. Again, ‘hell’ is usually used here, but ‘Hades’ means ‘the unseen’ (as does Hades' Hebrew equivalent: Sheol.)
  13. Genesis 35:19 [Jacob turns back to sees his beloved] Rachel {Ewe}, cold, stony-white, 😇. [He falls beside her, kisses her, hugs her, cries over her. Jacob passes out from grief. Hours pass as Jacob's sons] dig a grave [in the side of the hill,] by the road to Ephrath {Fruitful} aka Bethlehem {Bread-House}. [Jacob's sons wake Jacob. They move to pick up Rachel. Jacob bats them away. He picks up Rachel. He carries her, staggering down into the grave. He] lays her there [with one last kiss. Jacob emerges from the grave. He drops a handful of dirt into the hole. Each man, woman and child of the gathered weeping, wailing tribe throw a handful of dirt, eventually covering Rachel.]
  14. Psalms 9:17 Elohim recycles all wicked [people] into Sheol {The-Grave}, 😇. He [turns jerks into worm-food]. All the nations who forget [YAH, become fertilizer].
  15. Psalms 39:6 Every last man walks [through life] a phantom in a commotion of emptiness. [Man] heaps up riches, ignorant of who will gather them.
  16. Ecclesiastes 9:3 This [horrible] tragedy consumes all [human] accomplishment under the sun. The same [dirt and worms eventually eat] every meat-body. The heart[s] of [us] brats of Adam [writhe] full of evil. Madness [wreaks havoc] in [all human] heart[s] while [we] live, 😇. Then [we all] descend to the dead.
  17. IsaiYAH 34:3 [Survivors] sling out [their] slain. Stink rises from the [worldlings'] carcasses. [Earth's] mountains flow with blood, 😇.
  18. IsaiYAH 57:2 The [righteous dead] enter into peace, 😇. They rest on their beds. [Then they rise] to walk straight up [to heaven].
  19. Ezekiel 37:2 YAH [swings] me all around the [valley]. [My jaw drops at] the spectacle of millions of [bones piled] on the valley's surface. I [drop down to] inspect the [bones]. They're totally dry, 😇.
  20. Mark 14:35 YahShua stumbles forward a little, 😇. He falls on the ground. He prays [to YAH] that, if possible, the time [of torture predicted in the scriptures] will pass him by.
  21. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 14:13 I hear a voice from heaven say to me, “Write: ‘From now on, blessed are the dead [people] who die [because they are members of the political body of YahShua] the Master.’” [YAH's] Spirit answers, “Yes, [righteous people] die so they can rest from their labors, 😇. Their [good] works follow them [to heaven].”
    note: None of the good you do lies wasted. YAH blesses you for it all in the end. Your righteous works are the only things you can take with you out of this earth when you die.
  22. Genesis 6:3 So YHVH says, “My spirit always strives with man. [They keep piling up] fleshly [sins]. [So from now on I'm limiting each human's] lifespan to 120 years.”
    note: 120 years is enough time for you to prove that you are interested in living YHVH's Word.
  23. Genesis 23:4 [Abraham groans], "I'm an alien—a sojourner among you. Sell me [sole] ownership [not rental] of a burial site [near] you, so I can bury my dead [wife where I'll never see her again].”
    note: See 1Pe 2:11 & Ps 39:12.
  24. Genesis 35:29 Finally Isaac {Laughter}, old and full of days, breathes his last. He dies, 😇. [Isaac's sons] Esau {Rough-Red} and Jacob {Heel-Grabber} carry Isaac's body. [They bury it] before [Isaac's] gathered [weeping, wailing] crowd of descendants.
  25. Genesis 49:33 Jacob finishes commanding his sons, 😇. Then he pulls up his feet into the bed. He breathes his last. He joins the members of his family [who had already died].
    note: As you soon will.
  26. Genesis 50:13 Jacob's sons carry his [carcass] into the [nearby] land of Canaan {LowLand}. They bury him in the cave facing Mamre {Whiplash} in the field of Machpelah {Fold}, which Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} bought with its adjoining field from Ephron {Fawn} the Spawn Of Het {Terror}, as a cash-possession to use as a burial tomb.
    note: To convince you to keep your dealings free of entanglements, again and again the bible emphasizes the method Abraham used to buy the field: generous cash, in fee-simple, with no loans, no mortgages, no co-ownership, and no land-tax.
  27. Numbers (Journeys) 19:11 Anyone who touches the dead body of any man should be [considered potentially] contaminated for 7 days, 😇.
  28. Numbers (Journeys) 20:29 The whole population realizes Aaron is dead. So they, the gigantic ‘family’ of Israel, mourn for Aaron for 30 days.
    note: They carry Aaron's bones and bury them at Moserah, see Deut 10:6.
  29. Numbers (Journeys) 27:13 Then, when you've overlooked [the earthly Promised Land, I'll] take you away [to the heavenly Promised Land], as [I] took Aaron your brother.
  30. Deuteronomy 34:5 So, fulfilling YHVH's prediction, Moses the servant of YHVH dies there [on the mountain] in the land of [incestuous] Moab.
  31. 1st Samuel 4:18 As the [defector] mentions the ark of Elohim, [Eli] falls off [his] seat backward, next to the gate. His neck breaks. So he dies, an old, obese man. [Thus ends] the 40-year [span] of Eli's leadership of Israel.
  32. 2nd Samuel 12:23 But now [my baby lies] dead. So why should I fast? Can I bring him back [from the grave]? [No.] I'll go to him [in death]. But he won't return to me [in this life].
    note: Actually the baby's resurrection was a possibility, albeit an extreme long-shot.
  33. 1st Kings 3:19 Then, in the night, this [hooker's] child died because she rolled over and smothered it!
  34. 2nd Kings 4:20 The [servant] grabs the boy. [He runs the child] to his mother. The [boy] sits on her knees till noon. Then he dies, 😇.
    note: Don't move people with head injuries.
  35. 1st Chronicles 29:15 We're just strangers [wandering] beneath your face. [We're] sojourners like all our ancestors. Our days on the earth flit [away] like shadows. None [of us] remain.
  36. Job 14:1 [Job faces his accusers as he continues,][A] mortal born of a woman [lasts] only a few trouble-raged days.
  37. Job 14:2 [Man] comes forth [from the womb] like a flower. Then he dries up [and blows away]. He flees like a [flickering] shadow.
  38. Job 14:11 [Man dies] like waters evaporate from a [once-full] lake, like a flooded-river shrinks and dries up.
  39. Psalms 39:5 [I] see you've made my days [short as] a handbreadth. My age is nothing before you. Truly every man at his best is a mere puff [of your breath]. Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  40. Psalms 104:29 You hide your face, and [we] vanish. You take away [our] breath, [and we] die, falling back to [our physical source:] dust.
  41. Psalms 144:4 Man [lives and dies] like an air-puff. His days [flit] like a vanishing shadow.
  42. Proverbs 11:7 When an evil man dies, his hope dies with him. He loses everything he expected to gain [from his power], 😇.
  43. Ecclesiastes 3:3 A time to kill; a time to heal. A time to break down, and a time to build up;
    note: There is such a thing as allowing someone to die. It is not merciful to keep people on life-support machines absent reasonable hope of recovery into a worthwhile life.
  44. Ecclesiastes 7:1 A good name [pays] better than the most expensive [oil], 😇. [Your] day of death [shines brighter] than the day of [your] birth.
    note: Scripture mentions birthdays only 3 times, each mention a curse. True hebrews don't celebrate birthdays. Birthdays are high-holidays for witches. Nations lose big when they trash their reputations fighting wars to steal other nations' oil reserves.
  45. IsaiYAH 14:11 [YAH] smashed your pride down to the grave. Your raucous [royal] instruments [lie dead, soundless]. [A mattress] of maggots writhes underneath your [corpse]. Worms cover you [like moving blankets].
  46. IsaiYAH 24:2 The same [death] overtakes the people and the priest, the servant and his master, the maid and her mistress, the buyer and the seller, the lender and the borrower, the charger of interest and the payer-of interest.
  47. IsaiYAH 38:12 —My years blow away from me like a shepherd's tent [in a tornado]. Like a weaver rolls up and cuts a piece of cloth from the loom, night kills [my] day, 😇. [YAH] finishes me [like a seamstress] cuts off a dangling thread.
  48. IsaiYAH 38:18 —For Sheol {The-Grave} can't praise you, [YHVH]. Death can't celebrate you. [Beings] who go down into the pit can't hope for you to [prevent their] decay.
  49. Ezekiel 24:16 “‘Son of Adam,’ watch: in one stroke, I take away from you the desire of your eyes. Yet you don't wail. You don't lament. Not one tear runs down [your face].
  50. Matthew 9:23 YahShua arrives at the ruler's house. He sees the funeral musicians and the crowd in an uproar. [They grieve for the ruler's dead daughter.]
  51. John 13:36 Simon-Peter {Rock} asks YahShua, “Master, where are you going?” YahShua answers Rock, “Where I go [to death], you [are too weak to] follow me now. But later you follow me [through torture and death into heaven].”
  52. Deuteronomy 28:26 Your [disobedient] carcass[es] become meat for all sky-birds, and for the beasts of the earth. No one scares [your predators] away.
  53. 1st Samuel 25:37 But the next the morning, after Nabal {Fool} [pees] out his wine, his wife tells him [about her meeting with David]. [Immediately Nabal's] heart [partially] dies inside him [from a stroke]. He turns [stiff] as a stone!
  54. 2nd Samuel 1:17 David laments. He sings the [following] dirge mourning the deaths of Saul and his son JAHnathan {JAH's-Gift}:
  55. 2nd Samuel 19:2 So that day [David's] victory morphs into mourning for all the people [of Israel]. From ear to ear, the word passes [across the country]. [Gossipers] describe the king [shaking, moaning, sobbing on the floor,] grieving for his son.
  56. 2nd Samuel 21:10 So Rizpah {Hot-Stone} the daughter of Aiah {Screamer} takes sackcloth. She spreads it [over her dead sons] on the rock. From the beginning of harvest until water drops on the [carcasses] from heaven, she lets neither the sky-birds swoop [down to eat her dead] by day, nor the beasts of the field [devour their corpses] by night.
  57. 1st Kings 13:29 So the [tempter] prophet picks up the carcass of the [disobedient] man of Elohim. The [tempter] lays the [corpse] on the [dead man's] donkey. He brings it back to [BethEl] city, to mourn and bury the [mysterious prophet].
  58. 2nd Kings 14:6 But [AmaziYah] relents from killing the murderers' children. This [mercy] conforms with the law written in the book of Moses, where YHVH's word commands, “Never put fathers to death for [crimes of] their children. [And] never put children to death for the [crimes of their] fathers. Instead, every man dies for his own sin.”
  59. Job 4:19 How much less [will Yah trust humans] who dwell in houses of clay? Your foundation is in the dust. [Yah can] crush [you more easily] than [you can crush] a moth!
  60. Job 9:22 [We're] all in the same [boat]. That's why I keep saying, “[YAH] kills blameless and wicked people alike.”
  61. Job 14:12 So [every] human lies down, never to rise [on earth]. 'Til the sky [and outer-space pass] from existence, [dead humans won't] wake. [Nothing] can raise [dead people] out of their sleep.
    note: Job's asserts that the Judgment Day follows the complete wrap-up of the history of the universe. This is probably chronologically correct. But outside of time, our temporal point of view has little meaning.
  62. Psalms 6:5 For in death nobody remembers you. In the grave who can throw their hands [in the air to thank you]?
  63. Psalms 22:29 [YAH] eventually consumes and hurls down all earth's rich [greedy people], 😇. Everyone who goes down to the dust will kneel down before YAH. No one can keep his own soul alive.
  64. Psalms 90:11 [In death we] experience the terrifying power of your [fire-breathing] face as you transport us [to the great beyond].
    note: lit. nostrils.
  65. Psalms 90:12 Show us a budget of the days we have [to work with], to motivate us to bring a heart of wisdom home [to heaven when we come].
  66. Psalms 103:15 Man's days [die] like grass, 😇. Man flourishes [briefly] like a flower in a field.
  67. Ecclesiastes 3:19 For what befalls us Adam-spawn [also] befalls animals, 😇. The same [fate] ravages [man & beast alike]. As the one dies, so dies the other. Yes, all [meat-creatures] share one common breath. So an [unregenerate] man has no preeminence above an animal. All [mortal life] is vanity.
  68. Ecclesiastes 4:2 So I conclude that dead carcasses are happier than living people yet enduring [this grinding] ‘life.’
  69. Ecclesiastes 5:20 [On your deathbed,] you won't remember much from the days of your life, 😇. Only the humble [altruistic services] ELohim gives you [to do] will bring joy to your heart.
  70. Ecclesiastes 7:2 It's better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting, 😇. For [death] is the final [resting place] of all man-flesh. [While you're] alive, [keep awareness of your mortality in your] heart.
    note: Visit funeral parlors.
  71. JeremiYAH 9:22 “Tell [the future],” YHVH [pleads]. [Soon] the carcasses of men fall like feces on the open field, like sheaves dropped by harvesters' hand[s]. No one gathers [the miscreants' corpses].”
  72. Ezekiel 27:34 Now you lie a wrecked [ship], broken by waves, [dead] at the bottom of the sea. All your merchandise and your crew fall [to die] with you.
  73. Hosea 13:14 [Yet] I ransom [my remnant people] from the power of Sheol {the-Grave}. I redeem [my people] from death, 😇. Death, I come to [exterminate] your plagues! Grave, I am your destruction! No regret will stain my eyes.”
    note: See variant reading in 1Co 15:54-55.
  74. Genesis 35:8 [Time passes, 😇.] Rebekah's nurse Deborah {Bee} dies. [Jacob and his tribe] bury Deborah at Beth-El {God's-Home}, under an oak. [From the faces of the gathered men, women and children, tears fall to flood the root-laced soil. Jacob] says [to his tribe,] “This tree will forevermore be named Allon-Bachuth {Oak-Of-Weeping}.”
  75. Genesis 35:20 There, [on the road to Bethlehem,] Jacob [and his sons] erect a pillar over Rachel's grave. That, 😇, is the standing-stone [marking] Rachel's grave to this day.
  76. Deuteronomy 32:50 Then, on the mountain you climb, die and be received by [your ancestors who live here in heaven with Me], just as Aaron, your brother, died on Mount Hor {Looming-Peak} and joined [his ancestors].
    note: Mount Hor may be near Moserah; see Deut 10:6.
  77. Deuteronomy 34:8 So, for 30 days, there in the plains of Moab, the [2 million] people of Israel weep for Moses. Finally [Joshua] ends the days of weeping and mourning for Moses.
    note: A time to mourn, a time to dance.
  78. 1st Samuel 25:38 Then, 😇, about 10 days later, YHVH strikes Nabal {Fool}. So he dies.
  79. 2nd Samuel 19:4 [There in the gatehouse,] king [David] covers his face. [He] cries, “Oh my son AbShalom!” [He] shouts, “Oh AbShalom! My son! My son!”
  80. 2nd Samuel 21:12 So [king] David {Love} [gallops ~20 miles east across the Jordan river] to Jabesh-Gilead {Arid-Heap}. [There] he confiscates the bones of [king] Saul and his prince-son JAHnathan from some thieves who stole their [royal] bones off the street-gate in Beth-Shan {House-Of-Ease}, where the Philistines crucified them after murdering Saul in Gilboa {Gushing-Spring}.
  81. 1st Kings 13:25 Soon some men pass by. They see the [prophet's] carcass strewn in the road. [They see] the lion standing beside the [bleeding] body. The [men run north into] Beth-El {House-Of-God} (the elderly [tempter] prophet's home city). The [men] report [the prophet's spooky death].
  82. 1st Chronicles 10:8 Then the next day the Philistines [hike up] mount Gilboa {Gushing-Spring} to strip the slain [warriors]. They find [Israel's king] Saul and his sons fallen [dead].
  83. 1st Chronicles 10:12 So all the valiant men [of Jabesh-Gilead] rise up. They steal away the body of Saul, and the bodies of his sons. [They] haul the [bodies] to Jabesh {Arid}. There they bury the bones [of Saul and his princes] under the Jabesh oak. Then [all the Israelis] starve [themselves for] 7 days [of mourning].
  84. Job 3:14 [I'd lay beside] kings and counselors of the earth, who built now-destroyed [palaces and cities] for themselves.
  85. Job 8:9 (For we [humans] were born yesterday. [We] know nothing. Our days on earth [flit away] like shadow[s].)
  86. Job 14:5 Mortals' days lie numbered.” [Job looks to the sky:] “You, [YAH,] long-ago decided how long we [humans] will live. You [YAH] set the boundary. No one can cross it.
  87. Job 14:19 [You] wear me down like flood-water reduces stones to powder. [You wash me away like a plant] who grew out of [loose] soil. You kill the hope of all mortals.
  88. Job 17:1 [Job continues,] “My life-breath [lies] twisted [and tortured]. My days [rush to] extinction. [Earth's] graves [open their mouths to receive] me.”
  89. Psalms 30:9 What profit [can you reap from] my blood [spilling] as I plummet to the grave-pit? Will [my] dust praise you? Can [my ashes] use your [stabilizing] truth[s] to correct [the world's quaking]? [No!]
  90. Psalms 39:4 YHVH, let me know when my end [will come]. Tell me the measure of my days, so I can see how frail I am.
  91. Psalms 90:9 All our days [ebb away when] your [smiling] face crosses-over into [frowning rage]. We [humans] waste our years like a [dying] sigh, [a whisper].
  92. Psalms 102:3 My days vanish in smoke. My bones burn hot [as] glowing-embers!
  93. Psalms 103:16 The wind passes over [mankind]. [Then our lives] vanish, 😇. [Our stomping grounds] recognize us no more.
  94. Ecclesiastes 1:4 One generation passes away, 😇. Another generation comes. Yet the earth stands for ages.
    note: Ages = loam, not forever. The earth does not actually last forever, despite the Jehovah's Witnesses' claim. YAH will soon melt and remake this entire universe.
  95. Ecclesiastes 9:2 Everyone's [meat-life] ends the same, 😇: [in death]. Saints and criminals, the better [and the worse,] the clean and the unclean, the slaughterer and the pacifist, [the meat-muncher and the vegetarian], [the donor and the hoarder,] the good-guy and the sinner, the oath-swearer and the [man] who [rightly] dreads [being bound in an] oath: [We all die.]
    note: lawful & lawless.
  96. Ecclesiastes 9:5 For living [people] know that they'll die. But dead [beings] know nothing, 😇. [Stiffs] never net any further reward [nor advantage]. [Time] eventually erases all memory of [us mortals].
    note: As in Ps 77:9, “ceases to exist” disproves the theology of conscious eternal torment.
  97. Ecclesiastes 9:6 The [carcasses'] loves, and their hatred[s], and their envy die forever. Eons pass while corpses miss all share of any thing done under the sun.
    note: Solomon's wording leaves room for the resurrection of the righteous and their future life on earth.
  98. IsaiYAH 38:10 "I've been moaning, ‘[YAH] cuts off my days! [YAH hurls] me through the gates of Sheol {The-Unseen-Realm-of-the-Dead}. [He's] depriving me of the rest of my lifespan.’
  99. JeremiYAH 9:21 For death ascends into our windows, 😇. [He] invades our [citadels, ravages our] palaces. [He] cuts off our babies [in] the street. [He butchers choice] young men in [our public] squares.
  100. JeremiYAH 16:4 The [hypocrites] soon die grievous deaths. No one [survives] to lament them. No one buries their [bodies]. They [fester] like poop on the face of the earth. They [die] consumed by sword, [shrunken] by famine. Their carcasses end as meat for sky-flyer[s], and for earth-beasts.
  101. JeremiYAH 16:7 No one shares [food or drink] to comfort the mourners [who sob] over [their] dead [family and friends]. No one offers a cup of consoling [wine] to the [son or daughter lamenting] their [dead] father or mother.
  102. JeremiYAH 49:12 For YHVH decrees: “Look: even people not guilty of [death-penalty crimes] still have to drink the cup [of death]. So how do you [murderers imagine] you'll get off without punishment? You'll get double retribution! Drink your fill [of death]!
  103. JeremiYAH 51:39 In the [peak] of [my enemies' lustful] heat, I set out a feast [of destruction]. I get the [murderous pigs] so drunk they convulse, 😇. They sleep the un-waking slumber of eons,” warns YHVH.
    note: The pig-people eventually wake for judgment day, after which they eternally die.
  104. Ezekiel 18:32 For I get no pleasure from the death of anyone who dies,” says Adonai YHVH. “So turn yourselves [around, 😇], and live!”
  105. Ezekiel 26:20 I hurl you down [to lie in death] with your ancient predecessors who descended into the abyss. I bury you in the ancient ruins of underworld soil. So fall, [infidels]! [Cascade] into your pit where no one lives, while I [YHVH rise to] establish [my] glory in the land of the living.
  106. Ezekiel 32:23 [I] set [fallen warlords'] tombs in the recesses of [earth's] crypt. Assemblies [of cadavers] surround [their leaders'] grave[s]. All [the Empire's soldiers] lie gutted, hurled down by the blade, [never again] to spread terror in the land of the living.
  107. Ezekiel 44:25 And [priests, being food preparers and health workers,] must not approach any dead human. [The rotting corpse could] contaminate [the priest and the community he serves]. But [a priest can risk] contamination to [give one last hug to] his [dead] father, or mother, or son, or daughter, or brother, or unmarried sister.
  108. Luke 13:4 Or those 18 people on whom the tower of Siloam collapsed and smashed [into rock-pizzas], do you think they were worse sinners than everyone else in Jerusalem, 😇?
  109. Luke 23:49 All YahShua's acquaintances, including the women who followed [YahShua] from the Heathen-Circle, stand far off, staring [in shock] at [YahShua's] murder.
  110. Acts 2:29 Men, brothers, let me freely speak to you about the patriarch David {Love}. He lies dead and buried. We [can visit] his tomb today.
  111. 1st Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy [YAH] destroys is death.
  112. 1st Thessalonians 4:13 And brothers, I don't want you to be ignorant about people who lie asleep [in death]. Unlike other [humans] who have no hope, don't you stay sad, 😇.
  113. 1st Peter 1:24 For [Isaiah writes:] “All flesh [ends] like grass. All man's glory [perishes] like grass-flowers. All grass withers. All flowers fall and die.
    note: See the scripture song embodying this verse: The Word Of Our Elohim (stands forever). Also see the similar Seeds Family Worship song.
  114. Genesis 23:2 Then Sarah {Monarch} dies in Kirjath-Arba {City-Of-The-4-Giants} (aka Hebron {Society} in the country of Canaan {LowLand}). So Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} comes to wail and weep for [Sarah].
  115. Genesis 23:3 [At last,] Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} stands up from leaning [weeping] over his dead [wife's face], 😇. He addresses the Hittite {Sons-of-Terror}:
  116. Genesis 25:8 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} “gives up the ghost”, 😇. He dies at a good old age, an old man full of years. So [his sons] carry [his body to a funeral to send him to the Unseen with his] ancestors.
  117. Genesis 25:10 So, 😇, in the field Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} purchased from the ‘Sons of Terror,’ Abraham rests, entombed beside [the bones of] his wife Sarah {Monarch}.
  118. Genesis 49:29 Then Israel commands his sons, 😇. He says, “I'll [soon] be reunited [in the grave] with my people. Bury me with my fore-fathers in the cave in the field [we bought from] Ephron {Fawn} the Spawn of Het {Terror}.
  119. Genesis 49:31 [Bury me] where [our ancestors] buried Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} and his wife Sarah {Monarch}, where they buried Isaac {Laughter} and Rebekah {Captivator} his wife, and where I buried Leah {Weary}.
  120. Genesis 50:5 My father made me [promise him something] seven [times]. He said, ‘Look. I'm dying. You must bury me in my tomb: the one I carved [out of the rock cliff] for myself in the land of Canaan {LowLand}.’ So please let me now travel up [there] to bury my father. [Then] I'll come back [to help you rule Egypt].”
  121. Genesis 50:10 Finally, 😇, [west] of the Jordan [river's terminus in the Dead Sea], the [funeral party] arrive at a grain-threshing floor [owned by a man named] Atad {Thorn}. There the group mourn with loud, extreme lamentation. [Joseph] bewails his father for 7 days.
    note: Probably near Hebron.
  122. Deuteronomy 34:1 So Moses hikes up from the plains of Moab… to the mountain of Nebo {Babyl-god}… to the top of [Jagged] Pisgah {Slice}. [He overlooks the impregnable fortress of] Jericho {Moon-Spirit}. [From that dizzying view,] YHVH shows [Moses] the whole land of Gilead {Monument-Mound}, as far as [the land to be conquered by] Dan {Judge}.
  123. Deuteronomy 34:6 [YHVH] buries [Moses] in a valley in the land of Moab, opposite Beth-Peor {House-Of-The-Slit-God} [Mountain]. But no man knows where [to find the] tomb [of Moses] to this day.
    note: Jude 9 says that Michael the archangel ‘contended’ with Satan over the body of Moses.
  124. Judges 16:31 Soon [SunRay's] brothers and all his Dad's family hike down [to Palestine]. [Crying, they dig SunRay's corpse out of the temple rubble.] They take his [body]. They carry him up [to Israel]. They bury him in the [tomb] of his father Manoah {Rest} (between the towns of Zorah {Wasp} and Eshtaol {Prayer}). So ends [SunRay's] 20 years of leading Israel.
  125. Ruth 1:5 [Then] Mahlon {Sickly} & Chilion {Failure} both die. [Death] leaves Naomi {Pleasure} a widow with [nothing but gravestones over her] dead husband and 2 dead sons.
  126. 1st Samuel 31:12 So all the valiant [Israeli] men rise. They rush [west] all night. They [murder the drunk, partying Philistines. They] take the body of Saul and the bodies of his sons [down] from the wall of Beth-Shan {House-Of-Ease}. They haul the bodies to Jabesh {Arid}. There they burn [the now stinking corpses].
  127. 1st Kings 14:12 [The prophet continues,] “So get up, [Queen]. [Ride back north] to your [palace]. [The] moment your feet enter [your] city, [your] boy dies.
  128. 1st Kings 14:13 [The] whole [nation of north] Israel soon mourns for [your boy AbiYah]. [So they flock to] bury him. He's the only person (in the dynasty of Jeroboam) who has any good [respect] for YHVH, Israel’s Elohim. So [AbiYah is] the only descendant of Jeroboam who comes to receive [the dignity of burial] in a grave.
    note: YAH takes good people from the earth to save them from evil.
  129. 2nd Kings 4:21 [Crying,] the [rich lady] carries the boy up [the stairs/ladder] to the bed of [EliShua] (the man of Elohim). She shuts the door on [the boy]. [Weeping,] she leaves [the room].
  130. 1st Chronicles 10:6 So Saul dies [in the same war] as his 3 sons. His whole dynasty dies together, 😇.
  131. 2nd Chronicles 16:14 [King Asa's sons] bury him in the private tomb he'd [ordered stonemasons] to build him in the citadel of David. [Pallbearers] lay [Asa] on a bier filled with many sweet fragrant spices prepared by skilled incense-ointment artisans. [Jerusalem city] burns a huge bonfire in Asa's [honor].
  132. Job 4:20 [YAH] destroys [people] day and night. They perish forever without even knowing [what hit them].
  133. Job 4:21 [YAH] plucks up [every human's] ‘tent-cord.’ [So] they ignorantly collapse into death.
  134. Job 10:22 [I'll soon fall to] a land of gloom like the darkest [cavern]: the death-shade, where no order reigns, where the lightest [moment looms] black as [moonless] midnight.”
  135. Job 14:20 You prevail forever against [man]. So [we] pass. You [rot] away our faces. You drive us away [to nothingness].
  136. Job 14:21 [The dead man's] sons come to honor him. Yet he doesn't see [them]. Or [misfortune] lays [his children] low. But [either way, their dead father] perceives nothing about them.
  137. Job 17:13 I await my [new] home: the [unseen] grave. I strew my bed in the darkness.
  138. Job 17:14 I say to [the] grave, ‘You're my father;’ to the worm[s], ‘You're my mother; you're my sister.’
  139. Job 17:16 [My hope] sinks down to the gates of Sheol {The-Unseen-Grave}. We'll [all] rest together in the dust.”
    note: Or: “You fakers will see how my hope turns out when you and I go down to the grave…”
  140. Job 20:8 [The sinner] flies away like a dream, never again to be found. Yes, [death] chases him away like a vision [disappears] in the night.
  141. Job 21:23 One [human] dies in his full strength, completely at ease and content —
  142. Job 21:24 [the dead girl's] breasts full of milk, [the dead boy's] bones [rich] in moist marrow.
  143. Job 21:26 [Job points at his 'friends:'] “All [humans] lie down alike in the dust. Worms cover us [all].”
  144. Job 24:19 As drought and heat snatch [away] watery snow, the grave [evaporates] sinners' [corpses].
  145. Job 38:17 Have the gates of death been opened to you, 😇? Have you seen the doors of the shadow of death?
  146. Psalms 48:14 For [YHVH] Elohim is our Sovereign forever and ever, 😇. He'll be our guide even through death.
    note: YAH is our provider, not insurance companies.
  147. Psalms 78:33 So [YAH] terminates the vanity of our days [of life], 😇. He [lets us] end our years in trembling [panic].
  148. Psalms 89:47 Remember the transcience of [a human life]. Do you create all of [us] children of Adam just to [watch us burn to death]?
  149. Psalms 103:14 For [YAH] knows [how he] formed us, 😇. He remembers that we're dust.
  150. Psalms 109:23 I go [to the grave] like a declining shadow. [Life] tosses me away like a locust [from a horses' mane].
  151. IsaiYAH 14:18 Even beast-nations always lay their [dead] kings in their own private [burial] tombs.
  152. IsaiYAH 22:14 YHVH-Commander-Of-Armies reveals to my ears: “Only death can cover these [peoples'] evil.” That's a death-sentence from YHVH, Adonai-over-armies.
  153. IsaiYAH 38:11 —I've been crying, ‘JAH! JAH! I won't [ever] experience you [again] in the land of the living. I'll never again see any mortal. I'll [lie] entrenched in the dead-zone.
    note: #3050: JAH.
  154. IsaiYAH 38:13 —I struggle through [the night] to morning. Then, like a lion, [YAH] breaks all my bones, 😇. Day fades to night. I'm finished.
  155. IsaiYAH 38:15 —What [more] can I say, 😇? YAH has sentenced and executed [my death]. I wheeze my terminal gasp of life-breath.
  156. Ezekiel 32:18 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ wail for Egypt's multitudes. [Ritually] cast them down, her, and her famous daughter-nations, to the netherworlds, to lie with corpses descended to the pit.
    note: Every United Nations member state, including the U.S., is a daughter of the mother-whore, Egypt.
  157. Ezekiel 32:24 There lie [the warlords of] Elam {Hidden}, surrounded by their millions of minions. [Elam's corpses] lie strewn about her grave. All her [proud men hang] pierced, downed by the knife, dropped ‘un-trimmed’ into the netherworld for breeding horror in the land of the living. They carry their shame down to rest among the crypt's [hellish] residents.
  158. Ezekiel 39:12 It takes 7 months for the house of Israel to bury [Gog's] dead, to cleanse the land [of Gog's bloody stench].
  159. Ezekiel 39:14 “Israel's [people] dedicate full-time workers to pass through the land to bury invaders left on the surface of the earth, to cleanse it. It takes the [workers] 7 months to search [Israel for dead fighters].
  160. ObadiYAH 1:16 [As the Red-Man's clan] made [YAH's people] drink [death] on YAH's holy mountain, [Edom drinks what] all nations drink. [She] gulps down [death. She] vanishes from existence. [She becomes mountain dirt on which YAH's people praise-dance.]
    note: Edomites likely worshiped Levantine Semite gods: El, Baal, Kaus, Asherah, etc. The oldest biblical traditions place Yahweh as the deity of southern Edom. [The word 'YAHWEH'] may have originated in Edom/Seir/Teman/Sinai before being adopted in Israel and Judah. In Antiquities of the Jews, Book 15, chapter 7, section 9, Josephus notes that Costobarus, appointed by Herod to be governor of Idumea and Gaza, descended from the priests of ‘the Koze, whom the Idumeans had formerly served as a god.’ Islamic literature tells us that the Edomites followed prophet Aabir (Eber) & fasted on the tenth of Iyyar for [their brothers] killed by the Israelites during the exodus from Egypt. Edomites ‘blackened the faces of adulterers, believed God's hands are tied, worshipped Uthras as the sons of God, and threw the Torah behind their backs.’
  161. Matthew 14:12 Meanwhile, JAHn's disciples [hike across the desert to Herod's palace]. From it, they carry out JAHn's [decapitated] body. They bury it. They [travel] to tell YahShua [about JAHn's murder].
  162. Luke 8:42 For Jairus’ only daughter, about 12 years old, lies dying, 😇. YahShua [runs home with Jairus]. The crushing crowd throngs YahShua.
  163. Philippians 1:23 😇, I'm caught between ‘a rock and a hard place.’ I want to leave [this earthly life] to live [in the far better after-life] with the Messiah.
  164. Genesis 43:14 I pray that Elohim Almighty gives you mercy in the sight of ‘the man,’ so he'll send home your brother [Simeon] and Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. If [YAH takes] my children, I'll [die] bereaved.”
  165. Genesis 47:29 The time draws near for Israel to die, 😇. [So] he calls his son Joseph {Increaser}. [Israel] says, “If at last I've found grace in your sight, please put your hand ‘under my thigh’; [promise to] do this true kindness for me: avoid burying me in Egypt.
  166. Genesis 48:7 Now about me: when I migrated [south] from Padan-Aram {Syrian-Highland-Plateau}, [you remember that] on the way [your mother] Rachel {Ewe} died [in my arms] in the land of Canaan {LowLand}, just outside Ephrath {Fruitful}. I buried Rachel there on the road to Ephrath (aka Bethlehem {Bread-House})."
  167. Genesis 50:2 [Finally,] Joseph {Increaser} commands his servants (the physicians) to embalm his father. So the physicians [go to work] embalming Isra'El.
  168. Genesis 50:11 The inhabitants of the land (the Canaanite {Mercenaries}) see the [Hebrews] mourning on Thorn's threshing-floor. So the [Caananites] exclaim, “Wow! [Listen to] that bitter wailing! [How] the Egyptians cry!” (That's how that place [West of] Jordan [by the Dead Sea came to] be named Abel-Mizraim {Mourning-Of-The-Egyptians}.)
  169. Genesis 50:24 Joseph {Increaser} groans to his brothers, “I'm dying. But Elohim surely visits you. [He eventually] brings you out of this [pagan] land [of Egypt] to the [holy] land he swore to [give] Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, Isaac {Laughter} and Jacob {Heel-Grabber}.”
  170. Genesis 50:26 So Joseph {Increaser} dies at 100 + 10 years of age, 😇. [To keep his body preserved until the Exodus, his physicians] embalm him. Then [they lay him] in a coffin in Egypt.
    note: The book of Genesis begins with YHVH creating in heaven, and ends with a dead man on earth in a coffin, clarifying our human condition.
  171. Numbers (Journeys) 19:15 [In the tent of a dead man,] presume infected any container which lacks a closely attached cover, 😇.
  172. Joshua 24:29 [Soon] after these events, [in 1434 BC,] YHVH's servant JAHshua (the son of Nun {Eternity}) dies at 110 years old, 😇. [Israel serves YHVH] all JAHshua's days.
    note: JAHshua only got to live in the settled Promised land for 17 years.
  173. 2nd Samuel 21:11 Then [a field-boy runs ~10 miles south to Jerusalem's palace]. The [boy] tells [king] David [about] Aiah's daughter Rizpah {Hot-Stone}, Saul's concubine, [mourning her dead].
  174. 1st Kings 2:2 [David croaks], “I'm going the way of all the earth. So you be strong. Show that you're a man [by your mature behavior].
  175. 1st Kings 2:10 So [king] David {Love} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [Solomon] buries him in the [fortress known as the] ‘City of David.’
  176. 1st Kings 13:30 [The tempter prophet] lays the [mystery prophet's] carcass in the [tempter’s] own burial [cave]. [The other prophets] mourn over [the dead prophet], crying, “Oh, my brother!”
  177. 1st Kings 14:18 So [Jeroboam's family] buries [their] boy-prince [AbiYah]. [The] whole [nation of northern] Israel mourns for [AbiYah]. Thus [history] fulfills the decree YHVH spoke via the hand of his servant AhiYah {Kin-Of-Yah} the prophet.
  178. 2nd Kings 22:20 ‘So watch. I eventually gather you with your fore-fathers. [Your sons come to] bury you in your grave in peace. So your eyes miss seeing all the calamity I [rain] on this country.’ So king [JosiYah's messengers] bring him the prophecy [from the priestess].
  179. 2nd Chronicles 35:24 So [king JosiYah's] servants haul him out of his [royal] chariot. They lay him in his backup chariot. They rush him [~60km south] to Jerusalem. But he dies. [His sons] bury him in one of the tombs of his forefathers. All Judaea and Jerusalem mourn for JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH}.
  180. Job 7:10 [The dead man] never again returns to his house. His family no longer recognizes his [worm-eaten corpse].
  181. Job 14:8 [A tree might re-sprout] even if its root grows old in the earth, and its stump dies in the ground.
  182. Job 14:10 But [even a] valiant-man dies. He wastes away. Yes, [every] Adam gives up the ghost, and goes [who knows] where.
  183. Job 15:23 [The thug] wanders [seeking] bread, moaning, “Where's [some food]?” The [crook] knows [he lives] in the grip of the day of darkness.
    note: or: evil men are food for vultures. Eliphaz imagines that righteous people stay prosperous and well-fed while evil people stay poor and hungry. But Job knows that the opposite is often the case.
  184. Job 20:9 The eyes who looked [with awe at the robber] see him no more. His own home rejects him.
  185. Job 21:21 For what joy does the [cheater] take [to the grave]? [YAH] cuts off [the conniver's] allotted months. [The crime-boss] leaves his dynasty behind.
  186. Job 21:25 Simultaneously another [human] dies in bitterness of soul, never tasting happiness.”
  187. Job 34:14 Whenever [YAH] sets his heart to [kill a] human, [YAH simply] reclaims [the mortal's] spirit and life-breath.
  188. Job 34:20 [We all] die in an instant. Ripped [aloft] in the middle of the night, we pass away. [YAH] takes even the mightiest of us with his [unseen] hand.
  189. Psalms 89:48 What valiant-man is so alive that he won't suffer death? Can [anyone] snatch his breath from the hand of Sheol {The-Unseen-Grave}? Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
  190. Psalms 115:17 Dead [people] can't [make praise] hullaballoos [for] YHVH. Cadavers sink down into silence, 😇.
    note: Halal = wild public praise party.
  191. Ezekiel 7:6 [The] end approaches! [Death] arrives! It's watching you. Look out — it's here!
  192. Ezekiel 24:17 Stifle your cries, [Ezekiel]. Avoid mourning the dead. Bind your turban on your head. Strap your shoes on your feet. Don't cover [or muffle] your lip. Don't eat the food people [bring you].”
  193. Ezekiel 31:16 The sound of [Assyria's] fall shakes [earth's] nations. I cast him down to Sheol {The-Grave} with the [other infidels] who descend into the crypt. There [eventually] all [earth's] beautiful trees, [even] the richest and best of Lebanon's [white mountain forest], trees that have sucked water [since they first sprouted], sigh [as they fall to] the underworld.
    note: Most translations botch this entire section. They indicate in their fuzzy way that the trees already rotting in the earth are glad to see the ‘big tree’ join them in death. A valid interpretation, though poorly expressed in most renderings.
  194. Ezekiel 31:18 [Today,] in towering splendor you [Egyptians] rival the trees of [the garden of] Eden {Pleasure}. Yet [I soon] hack you down, with the trees of Eden, to the netherworld. You [fall] to lie piled among ‘un-trimmed’ [heathen]. [You lie] with [corpses] slain by the sword. So [ends] Pharaoh and all his throng.” [So concludes] this oracle of Adonai YHVH.
    note: Perhaps indicating that the garden of Eden no longer exists on earth.
  195. Ezekiel 32:19 [Sing,] ‘You're no more beautiful than [any other dead egotist]. Go down. Lay [in the grave] with the [other jerks with] “un-trimmed” [hearts].’
    note: Not a recommendation of penile circumcision. “Uncircumcised” means “loose, unrefined, rough, vulgar, crass.”
  196. Ezekiel 32:22 Asshur {Assyria} lies [in the abyss] with all her hordes, surrounded by graves everywhere, all [her mighty men] mutilated, downed by the javelin.
    note: Asshur (Assyria) survives as today's global dictatorship led by insurance tycoons and their predatory corporations.
  197. Ezekiel 32:26 There [in the corpse-rot lie the twin populaces of] Meshech {Turks} [and] Tubal {Europeans}. All their multitudes fill graves surrounding [the palace. Bigshots' skin] hangs in rags, mutilated by machetes. [That's what they get for] seeding dread in the land of the living.
  198. Ezekiel 39:15 Travelers pass through the [promised] land. When any of them spies a man's bone, he sets up a sign by it, 'til [men's shovels] have buried [all the villains' bones] in the valley of Hamon-Gog [Gog's-Throng].
  199. Luke 7:12 As YahShua approaches the village gate, a funeral procession streams out of the village, 😇. [Pallbearers] carry a dead boy, the only son of a widow. Many [crying] mourners from the village stagger beside the widow.
  200. John 21:23 So, 😇, the rumor spreads among the brothers that [I,] the disciple [JAHn] will never die. Yet YahShua didn't say to Rock, “[JAHn] will never die.” YahShua merely said, "If I choose for [JAHn] to stay [walking around the planet] until I come [back], what does that matter to you, [Rock]?”
  201. Acts 13:36 David {Love} served YHVH's purpose in his own generation. Then David fell “asleep.” [His sons] buried him [beside] his fore-fathers. His body decayed, 😇.
  202. Wisdom of Solomon 3:3 The wicked see the passing of [a righteous man] as utter destruction, when in fact when [the righteous man] dies, he enters [eternal perfect living] peace.
  203. Genesis 23:8 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} negotiates with the [Sons-of-Terror]: he says, “If you want me to bury my dead [wife] out of sight [here], [then] hear my [request]. Talk to Ephron {Gazelle} (the son of Zohar {Dazzler}).
  204. Genesis 25:7 And that, 😇, sums up the days of the years of the [amazing] life Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} lived: 100+60+15 (175) years.
    note: Abraham wandered as a migratory homeless rich man for 100 of his 175 years. Abraham's story ends here, but he actually lives until Jacob is 15 years old. Shem dies in 1846 B.C.
  205. Genesis 25:17 The [wild, brawling] years of the life of IshmaEl {El-Hears} mount up to 100+30+7 [137] years, 😇. Then IshmaEl breathes his last [breath]. He dies. So his [sons] bury him with his ancestors.
  206. Genesis 27:2 Isaac {Laughter} says, “I'm old. One of these days, I don't know which, I'm gonna’ die.
  207. Genesis 49:30 [Entomb me] in the cave in the field of Machpelah {Fold}, facing [the Oak Grove of] Mamre {Whiplash}, in the land of Canaan {LowLand} — the burial place Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} bought for cash in a [package-deal which included] the field of Ephron {Fawn} (the Spawn Of Het {Terror}).
  208. Genesis 50:3 [The morticians] take the traditional 40 days to embalm Jacob [Isra'El]. [In total, 😇,] the Egyptians mourn for [Jacob for] 60 + 10 days.
    note: Hebrews never embalmed. They let their dead fertilize the crops. Joseph makes an exception from standard Hebrew practice by allowing the Egyptians to preserve Jacob's body, to allow the body to be transported in a sanitary manner.
  209. Genesis 50:6 Pharaoh answers, “Ride up [to Caanan] and bury your father, just like he made you [promise] seven [times].”
  210. Genesis 50:8 Joseph's whole [immediate] family (plus his brothers and his father's [other] relatives) leave behind their little ones, their flocks, and their herds in the Goshen pasturelands, 😇. The [men] caravan [north to bury Jacob].
  211. Genesis 50:9 Beside Joseph {Increaser} ride [many] chariots and horsemen, 😇. [Joseph's] riding companions [fill the desert like an army].
  212. Genesis 50:25 Joseph {Increaser} continues, “Elohim forever remembers you [Israelis].” [Then] Joseph commands the people of Israel, “[Promise me] 7 times that [when YHVH gets you out of Egypt, that] you intend to carry my bones up from here [to the promised land].” [7 times, 😇, the Israelis declare their intent to do so.]
  213. Leviticus 10:4 Then Moses calls MishaEl {Who-EL-Is} and ELzaphan {El-Is-Treasure}, the sons of Aaron's uncle UzziEl {El's-Strength}. [Moses] says to them, “Come. Carry your [dead] cousins away from the front of the sanctuary. [Bury them] outside the camp.”
  214. Leviticus 10:5 So, 😇, as Moses asks, the [dead boys' brothers run] to [the meeting tent]. [Weeping], they carry the [dead democratic ex-priests] out of the camp. [The dead men's] tunics drag the ground.
  215. Numbers (Journeys) 19:14 The [following] law applies when a man dies in a tent, 😇: every [human or animal] who comes into the tent, and [everything] in the tent, will be [considered] contaminated for 7 days.
  216. Numbers (Journeys) 19:16 Also, whoever touches anyone slain by sword in the open fields, or who [naturally] died, or a bone of a man, or a grave, should be [considered] contaminated for 7 days, 😇.
  217. Numbers (Journeys) 19:19 On the 3rd and 7th days [following exposure to the corpse], the clean person sprinkles the [potentially] contaminated person [with the ash-water]. [Then, 😇,] on the 7th day, [the exposed man scrubs] himself clean. Then he washes his clothes and his [skin] in water. Finally, [unless disease symptoms are present,] at sundown he's [considered] healthy [and thus eligible to attend community feasts].
  218. Numbers (Journeys) 33:38 There, at the commandment of YHVH, [High] priest Aaron hikes up [the summit of] Mount Hor {Looming-Peak}. [Aaron] dies there on the 1st day of the 5th month of the 40th year after the descendants of Israel emigrate from the land of Egypt, 😇.
  219. Deuteronomy 21:22 Say a man commits a sin worthy of death. So someone puts him to death. You hang him on a tree.
  220. Deuteronomy 31:2 Moses [shouts] to all [the leaders of] Israel, “I'm 120 years old today. I'm no longer authorized to march out and invade [anything on this planet. Instead, I'm going to heaven.] YHVH ordered me, “Don't pass beyond the Jordan [river].’
    note: According to Deu 34:7, Moses was not one bit weaker at 120 than he'd been at 20, because he spent so much time soaking up YAH's heavenly "radiation therapy". Moses was not "aged". He would have been physically able to cross the Jordan river.
  221. Joshua 10:27 Then, 😇, at sundown, JAHshua commands big men to take the [5 dead kings] down off the trees. [The men] throw the [kings' carcasses] into the cave where the [Israelis had found the kings] hiding. In the cave's mouth, [the big men] lay great stones which remain to this very day.
  222. Joshua 24:32 The Israelites bury the bones of Joseph {Increaser}, which the people of Israel brought up out of Egypt, in Shechem {Neck}, on a parcel of ground which Jacob bought (for 100 pieces of silver) from the sons of Hamor {Donkey-Man} the father of [Prince] Shechem. [This land] becomes the inheritance of the children of Joseph {Increaser}.
    note: Gen 33:19
  223. Judges 2:8 Finally Nun's son JAHshua (the servant of YHVH) dies at 110 years old, 😇.
  224. Ruth 1:3 [Time passes.] Elimelech (Naomi's husband) dies. So Naomi {Pleasure} is left [widowed] with her two sons, [‘sick’ and ‘failing’].
  225. 1st Samuel 25:1 [Time passes, 😇. The prophet] SamuEl {Heard-By-El} dies. All the [leading] Israelites gather together. They lament [Samuel]. They bury him by his home [sanctuary bear Jerusalem's] Ramah {Heights}. [Meanwhile,] David packs up. He travels [a few miles southeast] to [hide from Saul in Judea's] Maon {Abode} Desert.
    note: Alternate texts imply: “David travels [hundreds of miles south] to [hide from Saul in the Sinai Peninsula's] Paran {Gleam} Desert.”
  226. 1st Samuel 31:13 The [Israelis] take the bones [of Saul and his companions]. They bury the [bones] under a tree at Jabesh {Arid}. Then [they] fast [for] 7 days.
  227. 2nd Samuel 2:5 So David sends messengers to say to the men of Jabesh-Gilead {Arid-Heap}, “You [will] be blessed by YHVH, because you showed this kindness to your lord, [dead king] Saul, by burying him.
  228. 2nd Samuel 18:22 Ahimaaz {Firm-Brother} (the son of Zadok {Righteous}) [begs] Joab {JAH-Dad} yet again, “But, but—please let me run too, behind Cushi.” So Joab asks, “Why run, son? [David might kill you] for bringing [the bad] news [that I assassinated his son].”
  229. 2nd Samuel 21:13 [King David] hauls [east] the bones of Saul and [Saul's] prince JAHnathan, including the bones of the other [Israelis] the [Philistines] hanged.
  230. 2nd Samuel 21:14 So the [Judaeans] bury the bones of Saul and [Saul's] son JAHnathan in the tomb of Kish {Bow}, [Saul's] father, in Zelah {Limp}, in the territory of Benjamin {Right-Hand-Son}. The [Judeans] perform all [the burial rites] king [David] commands. Finally Elohim [answers the Judaeans'] prayers for the land [to produce food].
  231. 1st Kings 2:1 Finally David's dying day draws near, 😇. So David gives [his final wishes] to his son Solomon {Peace-Man}:
  232. 1st Kings 13:31 After [the tempter prophet] buries [the disobedient prophet], he instructs his sons: “When I die, bury me in the tomb where this [mystery] man of Elohim lies buried. Lay my bones beside his bones.
  233. 1st Kings 14:31 [Finally] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} sleeps [in death] among his ancestors. [His sons] bury him in the citadel of David beside his fore-fathers [and] his Ammon-spawned mother (Naamah {Pleasure}). Then [Rehoboam's evil] brat AbiJah {Father-Jah} reigns on [Rehoboam's throne].
    note: AbiYah aka AbiJam [Sea-Father].
  234. 1st Kings 22:50 [Finally, king] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} sleeps [in death] with his ancestors. [His sons] bury him [beside] his fore-fathers in the citadel of his forefather David {Love}. Then [JAHoshaphat's evil] brat JAHoram {YAH-Raised} reigns in [JAHoshaphat's] place.
  235. 2nd Kings 4:28 Then [the rich lady] cries, “I [didn't] ask you for a son! I said, ‘Don't get my [hopes up]!’”
  236. 2nd Kings 23:30 So [king JosiYah's] servants carry [his royal] corpse in a chariot from [the battleground at] Megiddo {Rendezvous}. They haul him to Jerusalem. They bury him in his own tomb. Then the people of the land grab JosiYah's brat JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed}. They pour oil over his head. [By this ritual] they [crown] him king in his father's place.
  237. 1st Chronicles 7:22 So Ephraim (the [cattle-thieves' great grand]father) mourns for many days. [Ephraim's] brothers [ride to his home] to comfort him.
    note: This apparently describes a pre-Exodus raid, AND/or Ephraim refers to the tribe.
  238. 1st Chronicles 19:1 Soon Nachash {Snake-Hiss} (the king of the [inbred] spawn of Ammon) dies. His [evil] son [Hanun] reigns in his place.
  239. 2nd Chronicles 9:31 [King] Solomon {Peace-Man} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him in the citadel of his father David {Love}. Then [Solomon's evil] son Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} reigns in [Solomon's] place.
    note: Rehoboam = enlarged people.
  240. 2nd Chronicles 12:16 Finally, [king] Rehoboam {Nation-Builder} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him in the citadel of David {Love}. Then [Rehoboam's] son AbiYah {Father-YAH} reigns in [Rehoboam's] place.
  241. 2nd Chronicles 24:16 So [YAHoyada's sons] bury him in the citadel of David among the kings, because he had done [so much] good in Israel, both for Elohim, and for [Elohim's] temple.
  242. 2nd Chronicles 25:28 Then [AmaziYah's sons] bring his [dismembered body parts] back on horses. They bury him beside his fore-fathers in [Jerusalem], Judea's [capitol] city.
  243. 2nd Chronicles 26:23 Soon [king] UzziYah {YAH's-Strength} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him [beside] his ancestors in the royal kings' graveyard. [But they deny him a special monumental tomb,] reasoning, “He's a leper.” Then [UzziYah's] good son JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect} reigns in [UzziYah's] place.
  244. 2nd Chronicles 32:33 Finally [king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. So [his sons] bury him in the best of the tombs [reserved] for the descendants of David {Love}. Everyone in Judea (including the inhabitants of Jerusalem) honor [Hezekiah] at his death, 😇. Then his brat Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} reigns in his place.
  245. Job 10:21 [Relent] before I go to the place of no return, all the way to the pitch-black land of shadowy death.
  246. Job 14:7 For [unlike doomed man,] there's hope for a tree. If someone cuts it down, it might sprout again. Its tender branch[es] might keep growing.
  247. Job 16:22 Any more years like this, and I'll tread the path [of death,] from where I'll never return.”
  248. Job 20:11 His bones, full of sin since his bratty youth, lie down with him in the dust.
  249. Job 26:5 [The drowned] dead twist under the waters where they dwell.
  250. Job 27:19 [One day] the rich man lies down [in death]. [YAH] rejects him [from life]. In the blink-of-an-eye, [YAH] erases [the bigwig from existence].
  251. Job 27:20 Terrors grab hold on the [rich man] like flood-waters. A sweeping-whirlwind [death spirit] steals him away in the night.
  252. Job 27:23 [Heaven's executioner] eventually claps hands on [the extortionist]. [The death-snake] hisses the [crook] out of his home [on earth].”
  253. Psalms 88:4 [People] count me among the [stiffs] whom [trash-haulers hurl] down into mass-cemeteries. I'm a valiant-man bled of strength.
  254. Psalms 88:11 What entombed carcass can publicize your loving-kindness? Your fidelity [is wasted] on grave-dwellers.
  255. Psalms 102:24 I beg, “Oh my El {Power}, don't take me away in the middle of my lifespan. [Let my] years [continue] throughout all generations, [like] yours!
  256. JeremiYAH 34:5 Instead, you end up dying in peace. As [Jews] burned [incense] at the [funerals of] your forefathers, who [died] before you, [Jews] come to burn perfumes for you. They lament your [death]. They cry, ‘Oh, [our] lord [is dead]!’ I speak your [future],” declares YHVH.
  257. Ezekiel 31:17 [The world's other nations all eventually] fall down into Sheol {The-Grave} with [Assyria], to [lie] with [soldiers] slain by the sword. The [allies and princes] who [formed Assyria's] power-arm dwell under the shadow of [its corpses], surrounded by [rotting] beast-nationals.
  258. Ezekiel 32:27 [Bigshots] are too [cursed] to lie with the mighty fallen ‘un-trimmed’ [heroes] who go down [to the] unseen [depths] with their weapons of war [on their chests], with their swords laid under their heads. Rather, the depravity [of the bigwigs shows] on their bones [rotting in the sun], though they were the terror of the mighty in the land of the living.
  259. Ezekiel 36:14 So [you must] forever stop devouring Adam-spawn. Never make nations stumble, miscarried [to the grave],’ commands Adonai YHVH.
  260. Ezekiel 39:16 The [Israelis] rename the [nearby] city: Hamonah {Throng}. Thus they cleanse the [promised] land.
  261. ZechariYAH 1:5 Your fore-fathers, 😇: where are they? [Dead and buried. Worm food.] And the prophets, do they live for ever? [Not now, but they will after the resurrection.]
  262. Matthew 20:23 YahShua answers James {Heel-Grabber} & JAHn, "[Someday] you will indeed ‘drink from my cup’, and be engulfed in the ‘baptism’ in which I'll be ‘immersed.’ [Religious & governmental hypocrites will murder you.] But to sit [on thrones] at my right hand, and at my left, that's not for me to grant. [YHVH] my Father has prepared [the highest thrones] to give the [holy ones he chooses].”
    note: YHVH and Jesus are two individual beings. They're interconnected yet distinct. Like a son and a father. Like a man and a wife.
  263. Mark 5:35 While YahShua speaks, people from the synagogue-ruler's house [run] up. They [gasp], “[Jairus,] your daughter lies dead. Why trouble the Teacher [YahShua] any further?”
    note: They have no faith. Get away from faithless people.
  264. Mark 5:38 YahShua comes to the house of the ruler of the synagogue. He sees a great commotion. People [stagger around] loudly weeping and wailing.
  265. Mark 6:29 JAHn's disciples hear of JAHn's murder. They race [to Herod's palace]. They pick up JAHn's [stinking, headless] corpse. [They carry it to the countryside. They] lay it in a tomb.
  266. Mark 15:40 Some women look on from a distance: among them Mary Magdalene, and Mary (the mother of Jose and James {Heel-Grabber} (the younger)), and Shalomah.
  267. Mark 15:47 Mary Magdalene and Mary (the mother of [YahShua and] Joses) see where [Joseph of Arimathea] sets YahShua's body, 😇.
  268. Luke 8:49 While YahShua speaks, a man [runs up] from the house of Jairus {Goldshine}, the synagogue president. The man [cries] to [Jairus], “Your daughter lies dead. Don’t bother Rabbi [YahShua] any more.”
  269. Luke 23:53 So Joseph takes down YahShua's body [from the bloody stake. He] wraps [YahShua] in linen, then lays him in a tomb hewn from stone, in which no [corpse] has ever lain.
    note: Yahshua: born from a virgin womb, resurrected from a virgin tomb.
  270. Luke 23:55 And the women (who came with YahShua from the Heathen-Circle) follow [Joseph]. The [women] see the tomb. They watch [Joseph and his men] lay YahShua's [dead] body [on the rock].
    note: How can Muslims claim that Yahshua never died, when there are so many first-hand accounts of his death?
  271. John 11:16 Then Thomas [‘Twin’] complains to his fellow disciples, “Come on. Let's go [get it over with! We'll] die with [YahShua. We'll join ‘Elohim's Helper’ in the grave!]
    note: Probably sarcastically.
  272. John 11:19 Many Judaeans [connected to the assassin cult] come to Martha & Mary, [pretending] to comfort them in the loss of their [beloved] brother, [Elohim's Helper].
  273. John 11:20 Martha hears that YahShua is coming. She immediately runs [from the house]. She meets YahShua. Meanwhile, Mary stays [mourning & preparing] in the house.
  274. John 11:21 Martha cries to YahShua, “Adoni, if you had been here [earlier], my brother wouldn't be dead!
  275. John 11:31 Back at the house, Jews [sit] comforting Martha. They see Mary jump up and run out. These Jews, [the eyes and ears of the murder cult stalking YahShua,] run chasing Mary [toward YahShua's hiding place]. [They] assume, “Mary [is hysterical]. She's running to the tomb to weep there [for her dead brother].”
  276. John 19:41 Near where [the soldiers] impale YahShua, there lies a garden, 😇. In this garden lies a new tomb, in which no one has ever been buried.
    note: From a virgin womb to a virgin tomb.
  277. John 19:42 So, 😇, because [YahShua has been killed on the highly-regulated Judaean Passover] Preparation Day, and because the tomb lies close by, Joseph {Increaser} and his men bury YahShua there.
    note: Yahshua was killed on ‘Wednesday’ afternoon, and was buried on the same day at sundown. He stayed in the grave ‘Thursday’, ‘Friday’ and ‘Saturday.’ He was out of the tomb on Saturday night. He was not killed on a Friday. And he did not rise on a Sunday morning, contrary to syncretistic pagan traditions swallowed by gullible christianites who can't count.
  278. Acts 5:6 Some young [believers jump] up. They wrap up AnaniYah's [corpse]. They carry him outside. They bury him.
  279. Acts 20:25 Finally now I know that you all, among whom I've traveled heralding the Kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah, will see my [physical] face no more.
  280. Romans 5:14 Still, 😇, death ruled [the world] from the time of Adam to the time of Moses. Adam's sin-stain even infected people who were [technically] sinless [because they hadn't heard YAH's rules]. But later, YahShua came as the Anti-Adam.
  281. 2nd Peter 1:14 Our Master, YahShua [the] Messiah, has shown me that I'll soon escape this [physical body] ‘tent.’
  282. Wisdom of Solomon 1:13 For [YHVH] Elohim did not [directly] make death. [YAH] takes zero pleasure in the destruction of the living.
    note: Death is perhaps the absence of all good things.
  283. Wisdom of Solomon 1:16 But (with their works and words) wicked men summon [death] to themselves. They imagine they have [death as] their friend. Then they [are] consumed to nothing. They made a covenant with [death]. So [they] are worthy to take part with [death].
  284. Genesis 9:29 And all the days of Noah {Rest} total 950 years. Finally he dies.
  285. Genesis 11:28 While Terah [Traveler] still lives, his son Haran {Scorch} dies in the land where [Haran] was born, (in Chaldean Ur {Flame}, aka Maftir, aka Mugheir, a city on the west bank of the Euphrates [River]).
  286. Genesis 25:9 Abraham's sons (Isaac {Laughter} & IshmaEl {El-Hears}) bury Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} in the cave of Machpelah {Fold} which faces [the oaks of] Mamre {Whiplash}, in the field [previously belonging to] Ephron {Fawn} the son of Zohar {Dazzler}, the Hittite {Son-Of-Terror}.
    note: Bought cleanly for cash in front of witnesses.
  287. Genesis 35:28 There, 😇, the days of Isaac's [life reach their peak at] 180 years.
  288. Exodus 4:24 [Meanwhile, as Pharaoh walks] to his palace, YHVH meets him. [Pharaoh, terrified, stupidly tries to use a magic spell] to kill [YHVH].
    note: This verse is shrouded in pronoun confusion. It's usually translated that YAH wanted to kill Moses because Moses didn't want to cut off his son's foreskin. That's ludicrous, because YHVH never wanted ANYONE to cut off any foreskin. The original hebrew transliterates to: and·he-is-becoming in·the·way in·the·lodging and·he-is-encountering·him Yahweh and·he-is-seeking to-put-to-death·him
  289. Numbers (Journeys) 6:11 The priest cooks 1 [of the birds] as a confession-gift, and the other [bird] as an ascension-gift. [Meanwhile, the priest prays that YHVH] covers [over the defilement the Nazir incurred when he broke the terms of his vow by nearing] the corpse. The same day, [the priest] blesses [and re-consecrates] the [Nazir's] head.
  290. Numbers (Journeys) 19:18 An uncontaminated human then takes hyssop [leaves], 😇. He dips them in the ash-water, then sprinkles it on the tent, on all the containers, and on the people who were present, and on whoever touched: the bone, the [murdered] body, the corpse who died naturally, or the grave.
    note: This verse is both a ritual underscoring the seriousness of death, and a germ-control protocol.
  291. Joshua 14:5 [In JAHshua's time,] the sons of Israel do everything just like YHVH commanded Moses, 😇. So they [correctly] apportion the land, [without fighting].
  292. Joshua 24:30 So the [Israelites] bury JAHshua on the property he inherited in Timnath-Serah {Piece-Of-The-Sun}, on Mount Ephraim {Double-Fruit}, on the north side of Mount Gaash {Quake}.
    note: The Septuagint adds some claptrap about circumcision knives going in the tomb.
  293. Joshua 24:33 [Finally,] ELeazar {El's-Aid} the son of [high Priest] Aaron dies, 😇. The [weeping Israelites] bury ELeazar on Mount Ephraim {Double-Fruit}, on a hill [which the Israelites] gave to [the priests, and the priests deeded] to [ELeazar's] son Phinehas {Snake-Mouth}, [the javelin-thrower who pierced the pagans' privates].
  294. Judges 2:9 So [the Israelites] bury [JAHshua] near the boundary of his inherited-land in Timnath-Heres {Slice-of-Sunshine}, in the hills of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}, on the north side of Gaash {Quake} Hill.
  295. Judges 8:32 So Gideon {Chopper} (the son of JAHoash {JAH-Fired}) dies at a good old age, 😇. [His sons] bury him in the tomb of his father JAHoash in Ophrah {She-Fawn} [in the region] of the clan of Abi-Ezer {Father-Of-Help}.
  296. Judges 12:7 [In total,] Jephthah {Wide-Open} from Gilead {Witness} guides Israel for 6 years, 😇. Then Jephthah dies. So [his sons] bury him in one of the cities of Gilead {Witness-Mound}.
    note: Big mouth = short life.
  297. 2nd Samuel 2:6 — And now [I pray that] YHVH shows kindness and fidelity to you. And I too will repay your kindness, because you [properly buried Saul].
  298. 2nd Kings 13:9 [After 17 evil years of reign,] JAHoahaz {JAH-Siezed} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. His [sons] bury him in Samaria. Then his [evil] brat JAHoash {JAH-Fired} reigns in his place.
  299. 2nd Kings 16:20 Finally Ahaz {Possessor} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him [beside] his ancestors in the citadel of David {Love}. Then [Ahaz' good] son HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} reigns in his place.
  300. 2nd Chronicles 14:1 So AbiYah {Father-YAH} sleeps [in death] beside his ancestors. [His sons] bury him in the citadel of David {Love}. Then [AbiYah's good] son Asa reigns in [AbiYah's] place. In Asa's days the land [of Judah] remains quiet for 10 years.
  301. 2nd Chronicles 21:1 Soon [Judea's king] JAHoshaphat {JAH's-Judgment} sleeps [in death] beside his ancestors. [His sons] bury him beside his fore-fathers in the ‘citadel of David.’ So [JAHoshaphat's] brat JAHoram {YAH-Raised} reigns in his place.
  302. Job 3:17 [In death,] lawless-agitators stop troubling [people]. Worn-out [souls finally lie] at rest.
  303. Job 7:8 The eye[s] of [all] who've seen me will see me no more. Your eyes [are the last to fix] upon me. I'm a goner.
  304. Job 7:9 Like the cloud vanishes away, consumed [by time], so he who goes down to the grave comes up no more.
    note: This is Job's depressed point of view, not a factual denial of ressurection.
  305. Judith 14:6 Then they call Achior out of the house of UzziYah {YAH's-Strength}. Achior arrives. He sees the head of [General] Holofernes dangling from a man's hand in the public assembly. Achior falls down on his face. His spirit fails.
  306. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 30:18 Delicacies poured into a [disabled] mouth are like platters of food set on a grave.
  307. Baruch 3:3 You endure forever, while we perish [to nothing.]
  308. 1 Maccabees 1:7 So after reigning for 12 years, Alexander {Man-Defender} [the ‘Great’] dies.
    note: How the mighty fall. He could conquer a world-destroying Empire, but couldn't add one second to his own life.
  309. 2 Maccabees 7:40 So this man dies un-defiled, putting his whole trust in the Adonai [YHVH].
  310. 2 Maccabees 7:41 Last of all, after [her 7] sons, the [brave] mother dies.
  311. Genesis 50:14 Joseph {Increaser} buries his father. Then Joseph returns to Egypt, 😇, along with his brothers and everyone who'd traveled up [to Caanan] with him to bury his father.
  312. Leviticus 27:29 No one whom [YHVH] specially sets apart as banished can be bought [out of condemnation, 😇]. The [infidel] dies. DEAD.
    note: The ‘death penalty’ is predictive. It does not amount to a command for holy people to execute criminals. Hebrew: “every-of one-doomed who he-is-being-doomed from the human not he-shall-be-ransomed; muth iumth.”
  313. 2nd Kings 9:28 So [AhaziYah's] servants carry [AhaziYah's bleeding carcass] in a chariot to Jerusalem. There, in the citadel of David {Love}, [Ahaziah's sons] bury him in his tomb beside his fore-fathers.
  314. 2nd Kings 13:24 [Eventually] Syria's king HazaEl {El's-Sight} dies. Then [HazaEl's] brat Ben-Hadad {Son-Of-Ferocity} reigns in [HazaEl's] place.
  315. 2nd Kings 14:16 [In the end,] JAhoash {JAH-Fired} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him in Samaria beside the [previous] kings of [north] Israel. Then [JAhoash's] brat Jeroboam {Nation-Wrangler} reigns in [JAhoash's] place.
  316. 2nd Kings 15:38 Finally [good king] JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him [beside] his ancestors in the citadel of his forefather David {Love}. Then JAHtham's brat, Ahaz {Possessor} reigns in JAHtham's place.
  317. 2nd Kings 20:21 Finally [good king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. Then [HezekiYah's] brat Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} reigns in [HezekiYah's] place.
  318. 2nd Kings 21:18 So [evil king] Manasseh {Sweet-Forgetting} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him in the garden of his own palace, (the garden of Uzza {Strength}). Then [Manasseh's] son Amon {Skill} reigns in [Manasseh's] place.
  319. 2nd Kings 21:26 [Amon's sons] bury him in his tomb in the garden of Uzza {Strength}. Finally [Amon's good] son JosiYah {Founded-By-YAH} reigns [on Amon's throne].
  320. 2nd Chronicles 27:9 So JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him in the citadel of David {Love}. Then [JAHtham's] son Ahaz {Possessor} reigns in [JAHtham's] place.
  321. Luke 2:29 Simeon {Listener} cries, “Adonai [YHVH], now I can die in peace, as you promised me!
  322. Hebrews 7:23 😇, the many Levitical priests [who passed] throughout history all died. They became powerless to serve.
  323. Judith 16:24 So the house of Israel laments Judith for 7 days. Before she dies, she distributes her goods to all the nearest kin of her husband Manasseh, and to her nearest kin.
    note: You can't take it with you!
  324. Genesis 5:5 All the days of Adam's life total 930 years, 😇. Then Adam dies.
  325. Exodus 1:6 Joseph {Increaser}, all his brothers, and their whole generation all die, 😇.
  326. Judges 10:5 Jair {Goldshine} dies. [His sons] bury him in Camon {Hill}.
  327. Judges 12:10 Then Ibzan {Splendid} dies. [His sons] bury him in Bethlehem {Bread-House}.
  328. Judges 12:12 Then Elon {Trunk} the Zebulunite dies. [His sons] bury him in Aijalon {Deer-Field} in the territory of Zebulun {House}.
  329. 2nd Chronicles 27:8 16 years after [JAHtham] takes the [throne] in Jerusalem, he [dies] at [41] years old.
  330. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 30:19 [Giving food to a person] who's being hunted by the Adonai's [angel of death] is like feeding an offering to an idol who can't eat or smell.
  331. Baruch 2:17 Open your eyes, and see. For the dead in the graves, whose life-breath [you] take from their bodies, will never give the Adonai praise or righteous [behavior.]
  332. Genesis 5:8 All the days of Seth's life amount to 912 years. Then [Seth] dies.
  333. Genesis 5:23 All the days of Enoch's [life] total 365 years, 😇.
  334. 2nd Kings 24:6 [King] JAHoiakim ‘sleeps’ [in the grave beside his] fore-fathers. [He leaves] the reign to his brat [prince] JeconYah.
    note: JeconYah means ‘YAH WILL RAISE,’ a name which prefigures JeconYah's fall and repentance. The decree that none of [Jeconiah's] descendants would ascend the throne (Jer. 22:30) was repealed when Zerubbabel was appointed leader of the returned exiles (cf. Sanh. 37b-38a).—Encyclopedia Judaica: Jehoiachin
  335. 1st Chronicles 24:2 ([The original, ancient evil priests] Nadab {Liberal} and Abihu {Father-Serving-YAH} died earlier [than] their father. They left no children. So [ancient] Eleazar {El's-Aid} and Ithamar {Palm-Coast} assumed [Aaron's] priestly work.)
  336. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 6:7 The Lamb opens the [book's] 4th seal, 😇. I hear the voice of the 4th [eagle-like] creature say, “Come and see.”
  337. 1 Maccabees 2:69 So MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift} blesses his sons. [Then he closes his eyes in death. His family and town] gather [around] him. They carry him to [the graves of] his fore-fathers.
  338. Judges 12:15 Then Abdon {Worker} (the son of Hillel {Praiser} from Pirathon {Throne}) dies. [His sons] bury him in Pirathon in the land of Ephraim {Double-Fruit}, in the ‘Amalek {Blood-Licker} hills.’
  339. 1 Maccabees 2:70 MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift} dies in the 146th year [of the Greek Empire]. His sons bury him in the tombs of his ancestors at Modin. All Israel makes great lamentations for [MattathiYah].
  340. 1 Maccabees 13:30 This is the tomb which he made at Modin, and it stands yet to this day.
  341. Genesis 5:11 All the days of Enosh {Mortal} amount to 905 years. Then Enosh {Mortal} dies.
  342. Genesis 5:17 All the days of MahalaleEl {Praise-El} number 895 years. Then he dies.
  343. Genesis 5:31 In all, Lamech {Force} lives 777 years, 😇. Then he dies.
  344. Genesis 11:32 The days of Terah amount to 205 years, 😇. Then Terah dies in Haran {Scorch}.
    note: As confirmed in Acts 7:4, but mistaken by the Massorites.
  345. 2nd Kings 15:7 [Eventually, leprosy-ridden king] AzariYah {YAH-Helps} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. [His sons] bury him beside his ancestors in the citadel of David {Love}. Finally [AzariYah's] son JAHtham {JAH-Is-Perfect} [officially] reigns in [AzariYah's] place.
  346. 2nd Kings 15:22 Finally Menachem {Comforter} sleeps [in death] beside his forefathers. So (Menachem's son) PekahYah {YAH-Observes} reigns in [Menachem's] place.
  347. 1 Maccabees 6:16 So king Antiochus dies in Persia in the [Greek Empire's] 149th year.
  348. 1st Chronicles 8:32 Mikloth {Rods} fathers Shimeah {Proclamation}. In contrast with some of their kinsmen, these [sons of Gibeon] and their families live in Jerusalem.


6 SONGS on the theme of Death

  1. I'll Sell You To Science (When You Die) — A Love Song
  2. Dead Skunk
  3. Promoted to Glory
  4. Dust I Am
  5. We're All Gonna' Die
  6. Bed By The Window


49 CHAPTERS on the theme of Death

  1. WolfGang Invades The Mountain Concert
  2. Pharaoh Brings His Dead Son Up From Sanctum
  3. The Almighty's Death Angel Kills Prince Neko
  4. BAJ in the tomb
  5. The Queen's Goat Sacrifice Backfires On Egypt
  6. Charity Buries Her Dad, Goes To Cruel School
  7. Nurse Nazzi Cruelly Vaccinates Baby Charity
  8. Charity's Dad Dies Of Apparent Embarrassment
  9. Prince GrizzlyBeard Buys Fria's Dead Animals
  10. Smiley's Mom Sees The Newspaper
  11. Violet & Smiley Bury Rodeo King
  12. Romanux & Torturanus Kill Flame's Mom
  13. Botched Vaccine Kills Jacqueline's Baby Girl
  14. Princess Fria Accidentally Kills Silky Rooster
  15. Mourners Bury RotGut
  16. RotGut Crosses The Finish Line Of Life
  17. Stunter Drowns
  18. Charity Runs From Her Grandmother's Funeral
  19. The Latin Crowd Sees Peleador's Plane Crash
  20. Smiley Saves Lil' GunShot. But The Horse dies
  21. Queen Isix Apparently Dies Of Consumption
  22. Ed Rex Buries His Priestess (Adoptive Mom)
  23. Disease Ravages The Fort
  24. Examples of the Weirdest Ways To Die
  25. Eisenstein Decides To Feed Roofus To Bowser
  26. General Joab's Men Bury Absalom
  27. Runners Tell King David His Son Absalom Died
  28. Rachel Dies Birthing Benjamin; Tribe Bury Her
  29. The Moment you die
  30. SunRay's Dad Digs Him Out Of The Rubble
  31. SunRay's Family Bury Him
  32. Dad Dies
  33. Judd Visits His Dad In Critical Care
  34. Jeni Buries The Dead Perverts
  35. Akil's Mixed-Race Parents Die
  36. Salaam's Husband Dies
  37. The Death of Moses
  38. Mom Struggles To Run, Falls, Bleeding
  39. Helen Shoots Helo's GrandFather-Copter
  40. Investigators See Avi's Mom's Bones
  41. The Luddite Delivers Avi, Buries Avi's Mom
  42. Confusion
  43. Butch Watches His Chain-Smoking Dad Die
  44. The Amish Hay Cart Runs Over Antsy's Mom
  45. Banished, Antsy Wanders Into The Coffin-Room
  46. Munky Injured In Car Crash, Parents Die
  47. Other Mysterious Music Deaths
  48. Starts A Fight; Dad Dies Defending Him
  49. The Machine Goes Haywire, Kills Sister


1 ARTWORKS on the theme of Death

  1. Death Icon


57 REVIEWS OF MEDIA on the theme of Death

  1. Gravity
  2. Sixth Sense
  3. Biutiful
  4. The Book Of Life
  5. Babel
  6. Unbreakable
  7. Where The Red Fern Grows
  8. The Secret Garden
  9. Ponette
  10. JFK
  11. Old Yeller
  12. The Man In The Moon
  13. Dancer in the Dark
  14. Meet Joe Black
  15. Legends Of The Fall
  16. Cry in the Dark
  17. All Is Lost
  18. About Elly
  19. .
  20. The Red Turtle
  21. Bridge to Terabithia
  22. The Son's Room
  23. Snows Of Kilimanjaro
  24. Frequency
  25. Life Itself
  26. Bringing Out the Dead
  27. The Fountain
  28. The Messenger
  29. 1408
  30. Andromeda Strain
  31. The Forgotten
  32. City Of Angels
  33. Swiss Army Man
  34. NorthFork
  35. Exotica
  36. A Monster Calls
  37. Existenz
  38. Final Destination 2
  39. What The Deaf Man Heard
  40. Sometimes They Come Back/ Sometimes They Come Back Again
  41. Get Low
  42. If I Stay

  44. Surprised by Joy
  45. Scarum Fair
  46. Your Skeleton Is Showing
  47. Literally Disturbed;Tales To Keep You Up At Night

  49. I want to die in my sleep like my grandpa, not yelling and
  50. ...wham...chest pains. Very severe... I'm seeing life thru n
  51. The graveyards are full of indispensable me
  52. Tomorrow we shall meet, Death and I-. And he shall thrust

  54. All My Tears
  55. Family Reserve
  56. Our Town
  57. Since the last Time
  58. John Harbison : Mirabai songs 6: Don't go, DOn't go
  60. Ballad of A Runaway Horse