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12 SCRIPTURE_SECTIONS on the theme of Unbelief

Interactive Timeline
1* The Israelites Turn On Moses In Rage
2* The Crowds Trample Their Big Doubting General
3* Yahshua Heals A Demon-Possessed Mute Man
4 Religionists Order Yahshua To Do Miracles
5 Spirit-Fight To Maintain Your Faith
6 The Messiah Predicts His Death & Resurrection
7 YAH Promises To Send Meat For Israeli Masses
8 State Schools Spawn Military Destruction
9 Messiah Predicts His 72-Hour Death-Span
10 Judeans Attempt To Stone Their Messiah
11 Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem With Death
12 YHVH Continues Correcting Job


139 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Unbelief

1* Exodus 5:23 [Ever] since I came to Pharaoh to speak in your Name-Authority, Pharaoh has done evil to [my] people! [You call this] delivering? You haven't rescued your people at all!”
note: YHVH's stories are dramatic. If you want to be part of HIS story, prepare for a roller-coaster ride through your darkest nights and your brightest days.

2* Matthew 13:58 [The] peoples' unbelief stops YahShua from doing many miracles there [in his hometown of Nazareth, 😇].
note: The people who ought to know you best sometimes treat you the worst.

3* Matthew 14:31 Instantly YahShua stretches out his hand. He catches Peter {Rock}. YahShua says, [Peter,] you little-faithed [baby-believer]! Why do you doubt?”
4* Exodus 14:11 The [Israelites scream] at Moses, “Is it because there were no graves in Egypt that you kidnapped us away to die in the wilderness? Why'd you [trick] us?! [You robbed] us from [our homes in] Egypt!
5* IsaiYAH 29:16 You [frauds] turn [world order] upside down. But [YAH crumples you up] like [what you are:] potter's clay. Can [art] work say to its author, “You didn't make me!”? Can a built-object scream to its builder, “You don't know what you're doing!”?
6* Matthew 9:34 But the Pharisees lie, “YahShua casts out devils through the [power of the] prince of the devils.”
note: Immediate damnation for the Pharisees who said that lie. No possibility of forgiveness ever. This sort of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is why the Roman army turned Jerusalem into a parking lot 40 years later.

7* Mark 16:14 Then YahShua appears to the [remaining] 11 disciples as they sit eating, 😇. YahShua scolds the disciples for their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they [neglected to] believe the disciples who saw him after he rose.
8* Romans 3:18 There is no fear of Elohim [in humanity's] eyes.”
note: Ps 36:1

9* James 1:7 Doubters should never fantasize that they'll receive anything from Adonai [Yahweh].
10* Genesis 17:17 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} falls on his face. He laughs. He jokes in his heart, “Can a child be born to a 100 year-old [stiff]? Will Sarah {Monarch}, at 90 years old, birth a baby!?”
11* Exodus 6:12 Moses argues with Yahweh, whining, “Look! [Even my own people,] the ‘sons of Israel’ [refuse] to listen to me! How is [mighty king] Pharaoh going to obey me? I'm a fat-lipped [stutterer]!”
12* Numbers (Journeys) 14:3 [The ingrates scream on:] “Why did Yahweh bring us to this land? To fall by the sword, so our wives and our children become plunder [for pagans to rape and enslave]? Wouldn’t it be better for us to return to Egypt?”
13* Numbers (Journeys) 14:16 [The pagans will say,] ‘Yahweh killed the [Israelis] in the wilderness. He was [too weak and evil] to be able to bring [his chosen] nation into the land he swore to [give] them.’
14* 1st Samuel 17:33 [King] Saul objects to David, “You're incompetent to go fight this Philistine! You're just a kid! [That giant has] been a [famous] warrior since his youth!”
15* 2nd Kings 7:2 Then the [nation's] Chief-General (the power-wielder supporting the king) contradicts the man of Elohim. [The General] scoffs, “Look: [even] if Yahweh [opens] windows in heaven, [food won't sell that cheap]!” So [EliShua] replies, “Watch. You'll see the [food] with your eyes. But [you] won't eat [one bite] of it.” [Then] the king appoints this power-wielding General, the pillar [of his kingdom], to control the city-gate.
16* Job 40:2 [Yahweh] says, “Does the Almighty's critic teach [the Almighty anything]? He who corrects [the] ELoah, [speak up]! Answer!”
note: Atheists, can you teach your Maker anything?

17* Psalms 14:1 The fool says in his heart, “There is no Elohim.” [Such atheists] are corrupt, 😇. They commit abominable [crimes]. No [fool] does good.
18* Psalms 53:1 The fool [hisses] in his heart, “There is no Elohim.” [Faithless] evildoers [stink,] corrupt and abhorrent. [They] do no one any good.
note: This is another instructional song [maskil] by David. The lyrics relate to state-sponsored murderer Doeg's priest-killing thugs. This song requires arranging by a skilled music director. Based on, or to performed by 'fluting'.

19* Psalms 78:9 [Here's what secular education gets you, 😇:] Ephraim's brats, [apostate northern Israeli soldiers], arm themselves with military weapons [instead of praise-power]. Then, on the day of battle, the [faithless brutes] turn tail and run away!
note: lit. bows and arrows

20* Matthew 9:24 YahShua says to the crowd, “Everybody out! The girl isn’t dead. She’s just sleeping!” The crowd laughs, 😇. [They] scorn YahShua [as a lunatic impostor].
21* Matthew 16:1 Then some [religious, hypocritical, Satan-serving] Pharisees & Sadducees [strut] up, [intending] to trap YahShua by asking him to send them a [miraculous] sign from heaven.
22* Matthew 27:40 The people jeer, “You who [can] destroy [YAH's] Temple and rebuild it in 3 days, save yourself! If you are the Son of [Yahweh] the Eloah, come down from that pole!”
23* Luke 8:53 The [dead girl's family, clergy and friends all] laugh at YahShua, 😇. [They scorn, jeering at him], because they all ‘know’ the girl is dead.
24* Luke 17:5 The apostles exclaim to Master [YahShua], “Increase our faith!”
note: We don't like forgiving!

25* John 3:32 [We, 😇, talk and theorize about YAH.] But YahShua testifies about what he has actually seen and heard [in heaven]. Yet no one [really] accepts what YahShua says!
26* John 5:38 You [religionists] don't have [Yahweh] the Father's Word living inside of you. [You prove your hollowness] by refusing to believe [me,] the One YAH sent [to] you.
note: If you disbelieve Yahshua [and his prophets], you're peeing in your Creator's eye.

27* John 16:9 😇, the world's [primary] mistake is unbelief in me, [YAH's Messiah].
28* John 20:25 So the other disciples say to Thomas {Twin}, “We've seen Adoni [YahShua]!” But Thomas scoffs to them, “Unless I see the nail-prints in YahShua's hands, and put my finger into the [holes], and put my hand into [the spear-wound in] YahShua's side, I will never believe [he lives].”
29 Numbers (Journeys) 14:22 [I'll exterminate] all those [rebels] who saw my glory and my miracles I performed in Egypt and in the wilderness—[the punks] who've tempted me [to kill them] now 10 times. They [continually refuse to] listen to my voice!
note: The Israelites rebelled against Moses 10 times between the Red Sea and Kadesh.

30 Deuteronomy 1:27 You [sit around] in your tents complaining, whining, “Yahweh hated us! That's why He brought us up out of the land of Egypt: to drop us into the fists of the Amorite {Mountaineers}, to destroy us.
31 2nd Kings 7:18 [The General dies because he laughed when EliShua] (the man of Elohim) predicted to the king, “Tomorrow about this time in the gate of Samaria, [vendors] will sell 2 measures of barley for a shekel, and 1 measure of fine flour for 1 shekel.”
32 2nd Kings 7:19 The General [dies for] contradicting the man of Elohim. [The General] sassed, “Now look. [Even] if Yahweh [opened] windows in heaven, how could [food sell that cheap]?” To which [EliShua] replied, “Watch: You'll see [the abundance] with your eyes. But you won't eat one bite of [the food].”
33 2nd Chronicles 32:19 The [Imperial ambassadors] continue insulting the Elohim of Jerusalem, as if belittling the [false] gods of the earth's peoples, mere artifacts fabricated by human hands.
34 Mark 6:5 So [in his old ‘stomping grounds’] YahShua can do no mighty miracles, 😇, except that he lays his hands upon a few sick folk, and heals them.
note: Your faith determines whether miracles can be done in your life.

35 Luke 11:29 The crowd of people [press] thick together. YahShua says, “This is an evil [population, 😇]! This populace seeks a sign. But the only sign [YAH] give them is the ‘sign’ Jonah the prophet demonstrated [by dying for 3 days and rising again].
note: Jonah's 3 days dead in the fish matches Yahshua's 3 COMPLETE days in the tomb: ('Wednesday' Sundown -> 'Saturday' Sundown ). Jesus did NOT die on Good Friday and rise on Easter Sunday. Anyone who claims that doesn't know what they're talking about, despite their blathering nonsense about Jewish idioms. Population = Generation.

36 Luke 24:11 But the women's words seem to the apostles like idle tales —[utter nonsense], 😇. So the apostles [refuse to] believe the women.
note: Yahshua told his apostles to disbelieve rumors claiming he had returned to earth. But that was in the context of his having gone to heaven first. It was reasonable for the disciples to be confused and skeptical.

37 John 6:64 But some of you [still fail to] believe.” (For YahShua knows from the beginning who will [refuse to] believe, and who will betray him, 😇.)
38 2nd Peter 3:4 Mockers [whine], “Where is this [Messiah's] promised return? Since [our] fore-fathers died, all things continue unchanged since the beginning of Creation.”
note: When you die, you fast forward to Judgment Day. None of us lie far from ‘the End.’

39 Genesis 18:12 So, 😇, Sarah {Monarch} laughs within herself, chuckling, “How would I have the pleasure [of child-bearing] now that I and my master [Abraham] have grown so old?”
40 Exodus 4:1 Moses answers, “But, I [don't think] the [Israelites] will believe me or listen to my voice. They'll say, ‘Yahweh didn't appear to you, [you nut]!’"
41 Numbers (Journeys) 11:22 If [I] slaughtered whole flocks and herds, would it be enough [to feed 2 million people for a month]? If [I] collected all the fish in the sea for them, would even that be enough?”
42 Numbers (Journeys) 11:23 Yahweh's [angel] answers Moses, [Do you think] Yahweh's hand has shrunk [to a stump]? [Watch] and see whether or not my prediction comes true for you.”
43 Numbers (Journeys) 14:11 Yahweh says to Moses, “What's the point of this nation spurning Me? How long before they believe me? [How can they ignore] all the [miraculous] signs I perform among them?
note: YHVH knows better than anyone the answers to these rhetorical questions.

44 Deuteronomy 1:22 But you, every one of you [terrified brats] approach me, [begging and whining], “[We're too scared to enter the Promised Land. Maybe YAH can't save us.] We vote to send mortal [men] ahead of us to search out the land for us. They'll bring us back instructions as to by what route we should go up, and what cities we should invade.”
45 Deuteronomy 31:17 Then, as the [backsliders'] days [of rebellion mount up,] my anger flares up against them. I let them [wallow in their bad choices]. I hide my face from them. So they get devoured. Many evils and troubles befall them. But [instead of repenting,] they whine [like a bunch of atheists], ‘These evils came on us because our Elohim isn't with us!’
note: This is the deist's false argument: the Clockmaker god wound up the universe and ran away and fell asleep, leaving us to die like dogs.

46 Job 21:15 —What's the Shadddai {Almighty}? Why we should serve him? What profit would we get by praying to him?’
47 Psalms 73:11 The [crime-lords] scoff, “How could El {Power} know [we're oppressing people]? Ha-Elyon {The-Most-High} [is an impersonal force, not a person who] sees [or knows] anything.”
note: Hence the importance of Star Wars changing ‘YAH be with you’, to ‘May the The Force be with you’.

48 IsaiYAH 30:11 [The hypocrites scream,] “Get out of our way, [bible-thumper]. Stop blocking our traffic, 😇. Quit confronting us with your [beloved] sacred Sovereign of Israel.”
49 IsaiYAH 36:18 —Beware, [Jews]. Don't let [your king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} delude you, saying, ‘Yahweh will rescue us.’ Has any national god [ever] rescued his land out of the power-fist of the Assyrian Emperor?
50 IsaiYAH 37:11 —Watch [out]. You've heard what the kings of Assyria always do to all countries. We utterly destroy [all our enemies]. And you [think Yahweh] will deliver you? [Ha!]
51 Matthew 12:39 But YahShua answers these [murder-conspirators,] “An evil and adulterous generation chases after signs. [I'm not going to dance like a puppet on your church stage.] I refuse your every deceitful request for on-demand signs [though I'm doing miracles right and left right in front of your blind faces]. But you will get the ‘sign of the prophet Jonah:’
52 Mark 9:19 YahShua answers the possessed boy's father, “Ugh! Faithless generation, how long do I have to stay with you? How long must I endure you? Bring the boy to me.”
note: Yahshua fumes both at people who commit sins that invite demons into their lives, and His own disciples who still can't do basic exorcisms because they still don't have faith.

53 Luke 11:16 Other [fools] try to trap YahShua by demanding him to [call down a miraculous] sign from Heaven, 😇.
54 John 2:18 The Jews [scream at] YahShua, “What miraculous sign can you show us to prove you have the right [to terrorize and vandalize our church market]?!”
55 John 4:48 Then YahShua says to the nobleman, “Unless you see signs and wonders, you won't believe.”
56 John 6:36 —I say this because even though you've seen me [performing miracles], you [still] don't believe me.
note: Some of you followed me here trying to trap me in my words, hoping to get a cash reward from my assassins.

57 John 12:38 The [peoples' stubborn refusal to believe] fulfills the prediction IsaiYah the prophet [spoke]: “Yahweh [keeps] revealing his [power] arm, 😇. Yet [show me someone] who believes [YAH's undeniable] message!”
note: Isaiah 53:1

58 John 20:27 Then YahShua says to Thomas {Twin}, “Reach your finger over here. Check out my hands. Reach your hand over here. Poke it into [the spear-hole in] my side. Stop doubting. Trust [me].”
59 1st Corinthians 10:9 And let's not put the Messiah to the test, 😇, as did some of the [Israelites], whom [YAH] then destroyed by [bites from flying] snakes.
60 Hebrews 3:12 Watch out, brothers, that none of you [harbor] an evil faithless heart which could lead you, 😇, to turn away from [Yahweh] the living Eloah!
61 2nd Peter 3:3 First, 😇, understand this: during these, [earth's] last days, scoffers come, chasing after their own lusts.
62 Exodus 4:8 [Yahweh] says, “For sure, whoever [at first] doesn't believe you, [whoever] ignores the importance of the [snake] sign, will pay attention to [that leprosy] sign.
63 Numbers (Journeys) 14:36 [Suddenly, 😇, terror grips the faces of] the men Moses sent to search the land, [the fearmongers] who upon their return, made the whole nation grumble against [Moses], vomiting up slander on the land—
64 2nd Kings 9:11 Then JAHu {JAH-Is-He} walks back out to his General's servants. One [of them] asks [JAHu], “Is everything OK? Why did this mad fellow come to you?” [Captain JAHu] answers [his soldiers], “You know the way such a man babbles on.”
65 2nd Chronicles 32:17 Then the [Emperor] writes letters railing [against] Yahweh Elohim of Israel, antagonizing him, taunting, “Just like the gods of the nations in other lands failed to deliver their populations out of my fist, so the Elohim of [king] HezekiYah will fail to rescue his people from my hand.”
66 Psalms 107:10 [Unbelievers] sit in darkness, 😇. [They huddle] beneath the shadow of death. [They live and die as] prisoners chained up in misery.
67 Psalms 119:158 I see offenders [spawning like cockroaches]. It disgusts me how they desecrate your revelations.
note: Heathen ignore the church. Hypocrites infest it.

68 IsaiYAH 5:19 The [sin-lovers] brag, “Hurry up, [God]! Get to work! Let us see your [power]. Get your master-plan going here, now, ‘holy-one of Israel!’ We'll [believe it] when we see it!”
69 IsaiYAH 40:27 [Descendants of] Jacob, why do you complain, “Yahweh has lost track of me!”? [People of] Israel, why do you moan, “Our Elohim neglects to judge [in our favor]!”?
70 IsaiYAH 49:14 Yet [the ingrates huddled in Jerusalem beneath mount] Zion [whine], “Yahweh has forsaken me. My Adonai has forgotten me.”
71 Ezekiel 36:20 Wherever the [Israelis] immigrate into heathen societies, they profane my holy Name. The [pagans mock me and the Israelis, laughing,] ‘So you're the people of Yahweh, huh? [Your imaginary god couldn't even protect his people from invaders conquering their] land!’
72 Matthew 12:38 Then some [sneaky legalistic] scribes and [hypocritical religious] Pharisees answer Yashua. [They dangle deceptive bait on their murderous fish-hooks:] “Master, we want to see a sign from you.”
73 Matthew 16:4 A wicked and adulterous generation chases after a sign, 😇. So [I] give it no sign, except the sign of [my being dead exactly 3 days like] the prophet Jonah.” Then YahShua leaves those religionists. He goes away.
note: Jonah lay dead, rotting inside a sea creature for 3 days, until Yah resurrected him. Yahshua lay dead in a tomb 3 days and 3 nights stretching from "Wednesday" (the passover sabbath) through "Saturday" night. See Holy Week Chronology.

74 Luke 1:20 —Watch! Because you refused to believe my words, you become mute, unable to speak, until the day [your wife bears your son JAHn]. These [prophecies each] come true at their proper time[s].”
note: Here's your proof, bigmouth who talks back to YAH's angels! I shut your mouth for 9 months!

75 Luke 18:2 [YahShua] says, 😇, in a city there lives a judge. He refuses to fear [Yahweh] the Eloah. This [judge] respects [no] human.
76 John 6:30 Yet the people [still press for free lunch]. They challenge YahShua, “What sign will you show TODAY? Show us [that YAH continues to anoint you]. Give us another [yummy] miracle. Then we'll believe you.
note: Outdo yesterday's boring fish-n-chips routine. Lord, let today's miracle include a new kind of meat, perhaps Filet Mignon marinaded in lemon-butter sauce, with sauteed mushrooms on the side, and garlic-butter mashed-potatoes, and lightly grilled asparagus, and a golden goblet sparkling with that deliciously inebriating wine you made in Cana. And for dessert: cherry cheesecake, with a birthday candle on top. And each of our names written in the cake frosting. In a candle-lit restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Now THAT would be a miracle. We deserve it. After all, we rowed all the way across that huge lake to come to your revival meeting.

77 Romans 3:3 So what if some [Jews] fail to believe, 😇? Can their lack of faith nullify the faithfulness of [Yahweh] the Eloah? No way!
78 Hebrews 4:2 For [angels] now herald Great News to us [believers], 😇, just as [angels heralded liberation] to the [ancient Israelites]. But the message those Israelites heard failed to do [most of] them any good. Because [most of] the [Israelites] who heard [the angelic news] failed to combine [YAH's words] with faith.
79 2nd Kings 13:18 Then [ELishua] says, “Grab the arrows.” So the [king] grabs the [arrows]. Then [ELisha] orders the king of Israel, “Smack [the arrows] on the ground.” So the [king, sick of this game of ‘Simon-Sez’, half-heartedly] smacks [the arrows on the floor] 3 times, then stops.
note: Presumably the king demonstrates unbelief, impatience and indignation like Naaman. He wants a big showy miracle, not a bunch of forward-looking predictions from a prophet who apparently can't even heal his own dying body.

80 2nd Kings 13:19 So [ELisha] (the man of Elohim) [frowns,] angry at [faithless king Joash]. [ELisha] says, “You should have whacked [the arrows] 5 or 6 times. Then you'd have struck [the entire country of] [Highland] Syria 'til you'd devoured them. But now you'll only strike Syria [a mere] 3 times.”
note: Your miracle expands to fill the space your enthusiasm creates.

81 2nd Kings 18:30 —And don't let HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} make you trust in Yahweh, [lying,] ‘This city won't be batted into the fist of Assyria's Emperor.’ [Don't say,] ‘Yahweh will definitely save us.’
82 2nd Chronicles 32:15 —So now don't let HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH} deceive you, or persuade you [with his lies]! Stop trusting him. For no god of any nation or kingdom has [ever been] able to deliver his people out of my hand, nor out of the hand of my forefathers. How much less will your [puny loner] god rescue you out of my hand!’”
83 2nd Chronicles 32:16 Then [the Emperor's] envoys hurl more [insults] against Yahweh Elohim, and against his servant [king] HezekiYah {Strength-From-YAH}.
84 Job 8:14 [The faithless man's] hope gets cut off. [Your] trust turns into a spider's web.
85 Psalms 10:11 The villain says in his heart, “Elohim has forgotten [planet earth]. [YAH] hides his face. He'll never see [my sin].”
note: Deist philosophy.

86 Psalms 42:10 My bone-smashing enemies insult me every day. [They] whine, “Where's your Elohim [now]?”
87 Psalms 78:19 We blaspheme Elohim, 😇. We whine, “No El {Power} [in heaven or earth] could furnish us a table [loaded with food] in this desert!”
88 JeremiYAH 5:12 [Jeremiah continues,] “The [ingrates] keep denying Yahweh, 😇. They whine, ‘Yahweh does nothing. Evil won't come upon us. We'll never see sword nor famine.’
89 JeremiYAH 23:35 Every one mocks [my word] to his neighbor, and to his relative, ‘When did Yahweh ever answer [prayer]? When did Yahweh speak to [mankind]?’”
note: Thomas Jefferson's fallacious Deist argument.

90 Ezekiel 21:23 The [Jews] who swore [treaty] oaths to [Babylon] see [YAH's] prophecy as false divination. But the [emperor's attack] refreshes their memory. [War makes the Jews] realize [the depth of their] depravity.”
91 Luke 4:23 YahShua says to the [congregation], “You're going to challenge me with that old proverb: ‘Physician, heal yourself!’”
note: “Yahshua, if you're such a big-shot, why don't you do miracles here in your hometown like you did in Capernaum?”

92 John 6:42 The Judaeans growl, “Isn't this YahShua Josephson, whose father and mother we know? How can he now lie, ‘I came down from heaven’?”
93 John 6:67 Then YahShua challenges the 12 [followers who later become ‘apostles’], “Don’t you want to leave too?”
note: Consider leaving now. If you stay with me, soldiers and religionists kill you in long, bloody, gruesome tortures we can't talk about around women and children. Some of your killers tear you up so bad they vomit when they kill you.

94 Acts 3:13 [Yahweh], the Eloah of our fathers, the Eloah of Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}, and of Isaac {Laughter}, and of Jacob, has glorified his son YahShua. You handed YahShua [to the Romans to murder him]. You disowned YahShua in the presence of Pilate, when Pilate was determined to let YahShua go!
95 Acts 13:41 [As Habakkuk 1:5 decrees,] ‘Look, you scoffers [who make fun of the truth]! Marvel and die! For in your lifespan I'm going to wreak such [spectacular destruction] that you would never believe it, even if someone forewarned you.’”
96 Genesis 19:20 —Look. There's a little nearby city where [I can] flee. Please let me escape to the little [town,] so my life-breath can survive.”
97 Leviticus 22:12 If a priest's daughter marries a [non-Levite], she [leaves the Potestas (authority) of her Dad to enter the potestas of her husband. So, 😇, she loses her right to] eat any sacred food donations.
note: heave offerings=terumah

98 Numbers (Journeys) 11:21 But Moses replies, “Here I am with 6 hundred thousand men on foot, [plus women, children and old men]. Yet you say, ‘I'll give the [whole nation] meat to eat [every day] for a whole month!’
99 Job 9:24 [YAH has] handed the earth into the fist of wicked [demons]! He covers the faces of [the world's] judges. If [I'm] wrong, who is [our Creator]? And where [is He]?
note: A false but understandable accusation.

100 Job 22:14 —Thick clouds conceal [YAH]. He watches nothing [that happens down here on earth]. He's [busy] strolling the circle of the heavens.’
note: Not true.

101 Job 22:17 [You crooks bark] at El {God}, ‘Get away from us.’ [You scoff,] ‘What can the Almighty do for us?’
102 Job 33:10 [You lie,] ‘Look! [YAH] scrounges [to invent ways] to betray me. He [wrongly] counts me as his enemy;
103 Job 40:8 Will you persist in impugning my justice? Does condemning me make you right?
104 Psalms 74:18 Remember that it's you the enemy insults, Yahweh. Those decadent [murderers] spurn your name!
105 Psalms 74:23 Stop ignoring the [taunting] shrieks of your adversaries. Hear the noise of the rebels rising against you. They'll never stop ['til you stop them].
106 Psalms 77:8 Have [we reached] the final limit of [YAH's] love, 😇? Have his promise[s] expired, [no longer available] to [our] generation and generations [after us]?
107 Psalms 77:9 Has Elohim lost his kindness, 😇? Has his fire-breathing-fury shut off his tender-mercies? Selah {Dramatic-Break}.
108 Psalms 78:22 😇, we fail to build [our lives on] ELohim. We refuse to run-for-refuge in his wide-open [freeing salvation].
note: salvation = #3444 y'shua.

109 Psalms 78:32 Yet, after all this, we keep straying [from YAH], 😇. We fail to build [lives of faith] on [the foundation of] his wondrous deeds.
note: #539 aman = build, not merely 'believe'. Belief = action.

110 Psalms 106:24 Still the [Israelites] despise the pleasant land, 😇. They fail to build [their lives on YAH's] word.
note: Belief = building (#539 ‘aman’), not mere intellectual or emotional assent. The Hebrew language offers no concept of abstract belief. As the Apostle James points out: “faith without works is dead.” A true believer builds his life on his theological principles. Actionless faith saves no one.

111 Psalms 106:32 But the [Israelites go on to] anger [YAH again] at the ‘waters of Meribah {Strife}.’ So Moses [again] suffers because of the [ingrates].
112 Psalms 115:2 Why should the beast-nations taunt, “Where's their Elohim now?”
113 IsaiYAH 43:22 [Stop] refusing to call on me, [descendants of] Jacob. [Stop] being tired of me, Israel.
114 Ezekiel 12:22 [YAH] says, “‘Son of Adam,’ remember that proverb that you [hear] in the land of Israel? [People] whine, ‘The days churn on and on [monotonously], proving every [prophetic] vision a failure.’
115 Matthew 17:16 —I brought my son to your disciples. But they couldn't cure him!”
116 Matthew 17:17 YahShua answers, “Oh faithless & perverse generation, how long must I stay with you? How long will I suffer you? Bring [your epileptic son] here to me.”
note: Yahshua laments the faithlessness of both the demoniacs and his screw-up disciples.

117 Matthew 28:17 Finally these 11 [disciples] see YahShua. So they fall, [faces to the ground,] before him. (Yet some [of them still] doubt, 😇!)
118 Luke 1:18 ZachariYah challenges [YAH's] angel, “How can I verify [I'll have a son]? I'm an old man. My wife is VERY old!”
119 John 8:57 Then, 😇, the Jews scoff at YahShua, “You're not even 50 years old! Yet you've seen Abraham {Father-Of-Billions}?”
120 John 9:18 Still, 😇, the Judaeans remain unwilling to believe that the man [born] blind can suddenly see. So they summon the man’s parents.
121 John 9:29 —We know that [Yahweh] the Eloah spoke to Moses. We have no idea where this [Yeshu] fellow comes from!”
122 John 10:20 Many Judaeans [hiss], “YahShua is demon-possessed, raving mad. Why do you [fools] listen to him?”
123 John 10:26 Yet you [fail to] believe, because you're not part of my flock, like I told you!
124 John 11:33 YahShua sees Mary weeping. [He sees] the [spy] Jews who follow Mary also weeping. YahShua boils in anger in his spirit, deeply agitated, 😇.
125 John 16:31 YahShua answers his disciples, “Do you finally believe, 😇?
126 Acts 12:15 [Shhh!] You're out of your mind,” the believers scold Rose. [But] Rose keeps insisting, “Peter {Rock} is at the gate!” The disciples reply, “It must be Rock's [guardian] angel [at the door].”
127 Acts 14:4 The people of Idol-Town divide. Some side with the Jews, others with [YahShua's] apostles.
128 2nd Timothy 2:13 [Even] when we fail to believe, 😇, YahShua remains faithful. He can't deny himself.
129 Hebrews 3:18 And, 😇, to whom did YAH swear that they would never enter His rest[ing place]? The [Judeo-Christians] who disobeyed [Him].
note: Let's grow up. Disobedient ‘Christians’ don't go to heaven.

130 Hebrews 3:19 So we see, 😇, that [the disobedient Israelis] couldn't enter [YAH's promised place of rest]. Because they lacked faith [in YAH].
note: If you don't obey YAH, you lack faith. If you obey consistently, you have faith. Faith is walking across the Grand Canyon because you believe there is an invisible bridge to support you. Walking = faith. ‘Believing’ = thinking about faith.

131 Hebrews 4:6 It's still true that some [people] will enjoy the rest YAH has prepared [for us], 😇. But [most of] the ancient [people] who heard the good news [angels] heralded to them didn't go into rest. Instead, they [died] because they failed to believe AND obey [YAH].
132 Deuteronomy 6:16 😇, never, [ever] put Yahweh your Elohim on trial, like your [people] incited him at Massah {Testing-Ground}. [You threatened to stone me unless I provided water on command. That provocation resulted in an enemy attack in the desert.]
note: See Exodus 17.

133 Job 9:23 When disaster instantly massacres [millions, El] laughs at the testing of the innocent!
note: Job here makes a false accusation.

134 Psalms 10:1 Why do you [seem to] stand far off, Yahweh? Why do you [appear to] hide yourself in tight times?
135 Romans 11:25 I don't want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers. Never get conceited: Israel is experiencing a partial [heart-]hardening until the full number of the beast-nationals comes into [the Kingdom Of Heaven].
note: Hitler never understood anything in this chapter.

136 John 20:24 Now Thomas (Twin, aka ‘Didymus,’ one of YahShua's 12 apostles,) is absent from the other disciples when YahShua appears [to them in their hiding house].
137 John 10:19 Yet another split ruptures the Judaeans because of what YahShua says, 😇.
138 Wisdom of Solomon 1:3 Perverse thoughts separate [us] from Elohim, and YAH's power, when it is tested [through the mocking challenges of the unbelievers], rebukes the unwise.
139 Luke 1:61 The relatives challenge Elisabeth, “But you don't have any relative named ‘JAHn!’”


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