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12 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Sorrow

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  1. Abraham Boots His Lover & His Son Of Adultery
  2. Job's 3 Friends Come And Mourn & Wail For Him
  3. Bad Bro's Bloody Jo's Coat & Send It To Dad
  4. Nehemiah Begs The Emperor to Let Him Go Home
  5. Antiochus Enslaves Israel
  6. Ruth Arrives In Moabite-Hating Israel
  7. Future Jews Mourn Over Christ's Murder
  8. Don't Worry; Be Happy
  9. Isaiah Foretells The Destruction Of Moab
  10. YAH Saves Depressed Repentant Rebel Perverts
  11. True IsraEL = Those Who Will Rule With EL
  12. Job Rejects The Arrogance Of Eliphaz


129 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Sorrow

  1. Matthew 5:4 Blessed are they who mourn, 😇. For [YAH] comes to comfort [them].
  2. Genesis 21:16 Hagar runs a bow-shot’s distance away to a [ridge, 😇]. She [falls down]. She faces [IshmaEl]. She cries [to heaven], “Don't let me watch my son die!” She sits weeping, [clawing the sand, tearing her hair, watching IshmaEl] shout his voice [hoarse, screaming dry desperate prayers for water].
  3. Job 2:13 So, 😇, for 7 days and 7 nights, the [3 men] sit down on the [ashen] ground with Job. They watch [him sob in] overwhelming grief [that no words can heal]. So no one speaks a word to Job.
  4. Luke 19:41 YahShua approaches [his assassins' power-base:] Jerusalem. He sees the city. He weeps over it, 😇.
  5. Genesis 37:33 [Immediately Israel] recognizes the coat, 😇. He cries, “It's my son's coat! A wild animal tore Joseph to pieces and ate him!”
  6. Exodus 11:6 So there [arises] a great cry throughout the whole land of Egypt, like no cry ever before [heard on earth]. Nor will [the world ever again hear] such wailing.
  7. John 11:35 YahShua weeps, 😇.
    note: Jesus sobs, cries. Not because Elazar [Lazarus, "Elohim's Helper"] is dead, but because the people show so little faith and insight. This is the shortest verse in the bible. It's dramatized in this song/skit: Jesus Wept.
  8. Genesis 27:38 Esau {Rough-Red} begs, “Father, one benefit, father! Bless me, father.” [Isaac shakes his head, ‘No.’] Esau lifts up his voice. [His gravelly] weeping [echoes across the countryside].
  9. Genesis 37:34 So Jacob [Israel] tears his clothes, 😇. He ties sackcloth around his waist. He mourns for his son for many days.
  10. 2nd Samuel 12:18 Then, on the 7th day [after Nathan's pronouncement,] the child dies. But David's servants fear to tell [David] the baby is dead. They say, “Look, while the child was alive, we spoke to [David]. But he wouldn't listen to our voice. Who knows how he'll harm himself if we tell him [his] infant lies dead!”
  11. 2nd Samuel 12:20 So David struggles up from the floor. He showers. He oils himself. He changes his [stinky] clothes. He staggers [down the street] into YHVH's sanctuary. [There David falls down on the ground. He sings sobbing] praises [to YAH]. Later David goes back to his [palace]. Later he asks [for food]. So his [servants] set [a meal] before him. Finally he eats.
    note: Praise is the most healing response to heartbreak.
  12. NehemiYAH 2:2 So the Emperor asks me, “Why is your face sad? I can see you're not sick. [You're daring to show me] sorrow of heart!” I [shake,] terrified.
    note: It was a death-penalty offense to show negative emotion in front of the King.
  13. Job 1:20 Then Job [staggers to his feet]. He rips his cloak. He shaves his head. He hurls [himself] down on the ground. He prostrates [himself before YHVH].
  14. Ecclesiastes 7:3 Sorrow [shines brighter] than laughter, 😇. [Crying blotches your face.] But it cleans your heart.
    note: A point in favor of sad songs and sad movies.
  15. Lamentations 3:49 My eye trickles down [tears] nonstop, never resting, 😇.
  16. Matthew 26:38 Then YahShua says to [Peter, James & JAHn,] “My soul [heart] lies so filled with sadness I could die [of grief]. Remain here. Stay awake with me.”
  17. Genesis 37:35 Then all [Israel's] sons, and all his [female relatives] travel to comfort him. But he refuses all consolation, 😇. [He] moans, “[In] mourning I'll go down to the grave to my son!” [On and on, Joseph's] father weeps, [crying,] “Joseph!”
  18. 2nd Samuel 12:21 Then [king] David's advisers ask him, “We don't [understand you]. You fasted and wept for the child while he was alive. Yet when the child died, you got up and ate food. [Shouldn't it be the other way around?]
  19. NehemiYAH 2:1 In the month of Nisan {~Mid-March}, in the 20th year of Emperor Artaxerxes {Truthful-Ruler}' [reign, I (Nehemiah) place] a flagon of [the world's finest] wine before [Artaxerxes {Truthful-Ruler}]. I [pour] the wine. I hand the [golden goblet] to him. It's the first time I've ever [risked death] to show [my] sadness to the Emperor's face.
  20. NehemiYAH 2:3 So I reply to the Emperor, “[I pray that ELohim] lets [you,] king, live for ever. [But] why shouldn't my face be sad, when [Jerusalem] city, the site of my fathers’ tombs, lies waste, its gates eaten by fire?”
  21. Job 3:1 Finally Job opens his mouth. He curses his [own birth]day.
    note: Birthdays are only mentioned in scripture 3 times, and every mention is a curse or a cursed event. True Hebrews are focused on YAH, not on self. Birthdays are occult witchcraft high-holy days.
  22. Job 30:31 My harp detunes to sad [keys]. My flute [mourns] like the a weeping [widow's] wail.”
  23. Psalms 102:4 My heart [lies] struck-down by [despair], 😇, dried-up like [dead] grass. [I'm so depressed] I forget to eat my food.
  24. JeremiYAH 8:18 I keep longing to comfort myself, 😇, to fight the sorrow. But my heart falters in my [chest].
  25. JeremiYAH 45:3 “You keep crying, ‘Aaagghhh! YHVH keeps piling grief on top of my sorrow! I faint from groaning. I find no rest!’
  26. MicaYah 1:8 [Exiles stream from the wrecked Capitol City, 😇.] They tear their hair. [Refugees] beat their breasts. [Sufferers] sob, howl, marching, wandering barefoot, stripped, nude, spoiled. [Men] wail like dragon-monsters. [Women and girls] mourn like little ostriches.
    note: Most translations, taking their cues from 7th-Century AD interpretive markings, say that Micah is the one lamenting. However the context does not justify that shift in perspective.
  27. Mark 14:34 YahShua [groans] to [Peter, James & JAHn], “My soul lies [crushed] with grief to the point of death. Remain here. Stay awake!”
  28. Luke 5:35 —But the days approach when [YAH] takes [me,] the groom, away from the wedding guests. Then [my disciples sink into such deep depression that they] fast for days.”
  29. Luke 23:27 Following YahShua stream a great crowd of people, including women crying, bewailing his [demise].
  30. Luke 23:48 All the people who've come together to [watch] the spectacle, seeing [the paranormal events and the murder], beat their breasts. They stagger back [sobbing to Jerusalem].
  31. John 16:20 I tell you the rock-solid truth: [when I die] you weep and lament while the world rejoices [to see me dead]. You [wallow] in depression. But [later YAH] turns your sorrow into joy.
  32. Ruth 1:21 —I went out [of my country] full. Now YHVH has brought me back home empty. So why would you call me Naomi {Pleasure}, seeing YHVH has looked down on me? The Almighty has demolished me.”
  33. 1st Samuel 30:4 So David and the people with him lift up their voice[s]. They weep until they have no strength to weep any more.
  34. Job 10:1 [Job continues,] “My body has grown weary of life. [So] I'll unleash the grief inside me. I'll blurt out the bitterness of my soul:
  35. Psalms 73:16 Still, waking up to see [life's unfairness] stings my eyes like acid, 😇.
  36. Psalms 143:4 So my spirit drowns within me. My heart [hangs] desolate in my [chest].
  37. JeremiYAH 9:1 Oh! [Evil deeds] turn my head [into] a water[fall], 😇. [Crime morphs] my eyes [into] fountain[s] of tears! I weep day and night for my daughter-population's slain [people]!
  38. JeremiYAH 31:15 YHVH laments: “Over Ramah {Heights} [I] hear the voice of bitter mourning. Rachel {Ewe} weeps for her children. She refuses to be comforted over her young, now passed away.”
  39. Romans 9:2 I suffer great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart, 😇.
  40. 1st Samuel 4:15 Eli [listens]. His 98 year-old [face contorts in terror]. His frozen blind eyes [well up in tears].
    note: "set" eyes: 1KI 14:4.
  41. 1st Samuel 4:21 [Choking on her last breaths, she mourns] the capture of Elohim's Ark. [She laments the deaths] of her father-in-law and of her [jerk] husband. She names the child “Ichabod {Vanished-Glory}”. [She] wheezes, “The glory has left Israel!”
    note: I-Kabod.
  42. 2nd Samuel 3:35 Later that day all the people come [trying to] convince David {Love} to eat meat. David [lies on the ground]. He swears, moaning, “I pray that Elohim [murders] me, and worse, if I taste bread, or anything else, before the sun sets.”
  43. 2nd Samuel 12:22 [David replies,] “While the baby was still alive, I fasted and wept. I said, ‘Who can tell? Maybe YHVH will be gracious to me and [let my] child live.’
  44. 2nd Samuel 13:31 King [David] jumps off his throne. He rips his royal robes. He lays [his body] on the [marble floor]. All David's servants gather near [him]. They too rip their clothes.
  45. 1st Kings 20:43 So [north] Israel's king [Ahab mopes back] to his palace in Samaria, angry and depressed, 😇.
  46. NehemiYAH 1:4 Hearing these words, I sit down, weeping. I mourn for several days. I fast. I pray before [YHVH] the Elohim of heaven.
  47. Esther 4:4 [Back in the Capitol,] Esther's maids and chamberlains [rush into her bed-chamber]. They yell, [“Mordecai lies in the street, wailing and rolling around wearing a sack!”] Queen [Esther's] face [blanches,] overwhelmed by grief. She [runs around her room, digs in her dressers. She shoves] clothes into her servant's hands. She yells, “Take these clothes to Mordecai. Get him to put on normal clothes! Take off the sacks [before the guards kill him]!” But [in the street,] Mordecai refuses to take the normal clothes.
    note: The meaning of “HaleluYah” is to make a foolish public spectacle of yourself to bring attention to YAH. Your protection comes not from people respecting you, but from a change in the power-balance in the unseen spirit-realm around you. Rolling around got Mordecai attacked by men and protected from heaven.
  48. Job 16:16 [Weeks of] weeping scar my face with rashy-boils. The shadow of death creeps down my eyelids.
  49. Psalms 80:5 You feed [us] the bread of tears. You [make us] drink bowlful[s] of sob-water.
  50. Psalms 88:9 My [bloodshot, black] eye(s) mourn in depression. All day long I call to you as I stretch my palms up [to heaven].
  51. Psalms 102:5 I groan and croak [in mourning]. My bones cling to my skin.
  52. Psalms 109:24 My knees [bow,] weak from fasting. My [once] rich muscles cringe in [weakness].
  53. Proverbs 14:13 [When you're on the wrong road,] even while you're laughing [out loud, your] heart wallows in pain, 😇. A [misguided] joyride ends in depression.
  54. IsaiYAH 24:8 [Drought and famine] stop the mirth of [the world's] tambourines. The noise of the celebrants dies, 😇. The joy-jumping harp [twangs] its final [notes].
  55. IsaiYAH 54:6 Your Elohim [sees you, 😇, crying] like a brokenhearted woman, forsaken, dumped by the [husband she married in] youth. So YHVH calls you [back to himself].
  56. JeremiYAH 30:6 Ask yourselves if you ever see a pregnant man suffering labor pains, 😇. So why do I see every man pale-faced, his hands grabbing his bladder like a woman wracked in [birth] pangs?
  57. Matthew 26:37 YahShua takes with him Peter {Rock} and [James & JAHn,] the two sons of Zebedee [Giver]. Then YahShua plunges into agonizing sorrow & distress, 😇.
  58. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 30:23 Love your own soul, and comfort your heart, cast sorrow far from you, for depression has killed many [people], and it helps no one.
  59. 1 Maccabees 1:25 So there rises a great mourning in Israel, in every place where [Jews live, 😇].
  60. 1 Maccabees 2:39 MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift} and his friends hear of the slaughter. They mourn terribly for the massacred Hebrews.
  61. Ruth 1:9 [I pray] that YHVH grants that you find rest, each of you in the house of a [new Moabite] husband.” Naomi {Pleasure} kisses the [young widows]. The [3 ladies] lift up their voices. [They] weep.
  62. Ruth 1:20 Naomi {Pleasure} [cries] to her [long-lost townspeople], “Don't call me Naomi {Pleasure}. Call me Mara {Bitter}: for the Almighty has brought intense bitterness to [my life].
  63. 1st Samuel 1:16 —Don't class me, your handmaid, as a worthless ‘devil's daughter.’ I've been praying here out of the depths of my anguish and sorrow.”
    note: Devil=Belial
  64. 2nd Samuel 1:11 David and his men grab and rip their clothes, 😇!
  65. 2nd Samuel 13:36 Later, as soon as Jonadab {JAH's-Big-Man} finishes [more annoying] yak-yak, [David] sees his royal sons [rush into the throne-room]. They scream their voices [raw]. They weep. The king and all his servants join [the princes]. They weep so bitterly [the whole city wakes up], 😇.
  66. 2nd Samuel 15:32 [The march drags on.] Finally David reaches the top of mount [Olivet]. There he [falls down]. He worships Elohim. Soon [David] looks [up. He sees the feet of his friend] Hushai {Hasty} from Erek {Long-Town} running to meet him. [Hasty's] torn long-shirt [flaps in the wind]. The soil [of mourning stains Hasty's sweaty] head.
  67. 2nd Samuel 19:1 [A runner runs from the city gate to the battlefield.] He tells [General] Joab, “[I] saw king [David] weeping and mourning for AbShalom.”
  68. Job 3:24 I groan instead of eating. Moans roar out of me like flood-waters.
  69. Job 17:7 My eye[s] dim from sorrow. All my body-parts [wither] like shadow[s].
  70. Psalms 69:3 I'm worn out from crying, 😇. My throat's on fire [from screaming desperate prayers like this one]. My eyes [fail,] exhausted from waiting for my ELohim [to save me].
  71. Psalms 107:18 [Sinners get so depressed,] they hate [the sight of] food. They touch the gates of death, 😇.
  72. IsaiYAH 65:14 Watch my servants shout songs of heartfelt joy while you [reprobates] cry in heartbreak, howling in painful chaos of spirit.
  73. JeremiYAH 3:21 Cries echo on [earth's] high [occult] shrines, 😇. Israel's imps weep and beg [for help,] because they pervert their life-paths. They keep forgetting YHVH their Elohim.
  74. Lamentations 1:12 [Jeremiah wails as the voice of Jerusalem:] “Look, YHVH! See how vile I've become. Is [my pain] nothing to you, all you who pass by [laughing and sneering]? Look, 😇! See if there's any sorrow rivaling the pain YHVH inflicted on me in the day of His fire-breathing fury.
  75. Ezekiel 27:30 [Your mourning sailors] raise their voices. All over your [territory, shipsmen fill peoples'] ears with bitter cries. [Mariners] throw [clawfuls of] soil upon their heads. They wallow in ashes.
  76. Amos 5:16 [Because of society's systemic injustice,] YHVH-Elohim-over-armies, my Adonai, predicts: [See your future, 😇: People] scream in every street. [Sufferers] cry on every highway. [Refugees] yell, ‘Oh no!’ Farmers, judges, [professors] mourn, groan, tear [out] their hair, beat their breasts [over their dead loved ones].
    note: Or, "Everybody go out in the street and repent and cry over your sins."
  77. ZechariYAH 12:14 All surviving Israeli tribes divide into clans, men and women separated, to [wail and weep in repentant remorse because their ancestors murdered their own Messiah, YahShua of Nazareth].”
  78. John 16:6 😇, because I now [warn] you [about your earthly future filled with persecution and death], sorrow fills your heart, 😇.
  79. John 20:13 The angels say to Mary, “Woman, why are you weeping?” Mary answers the angels, “Because the [persecutors] have taken away my [dead] Master! I have no idea where they've [hidden] him.”
  80. 1 Maccabees 1:27 Every groom [wails] in lamentation. Even the brides sit [slumped] in the marriage chamber in heavy [suicidal depression over their murdered loved-ones].
  81. 1 Maccabees 2:14 [As Hammer finishes screaming,] MattathiYah {YAH's-Gift} and his sons rip their clothes, put on sackcloth. They mourn like [dying dogs].
  82. Numbers (Journeys) 14:39 So Moses repeats to all the sons of Israel [every word YHVH] decreed. So the people mourn [all night. They send up a wail to the heavens.]
  83. Joshua 10:6 So, 😇, the men of Gibeon {Flower-Hills} send [swift messengers on horseback] to JAHshua, at [his] camp at Gilgal {Wheel}. [The messengers] beg, “Flex your power! Help your servants! Hurry! [Ride] up to save us. Help us! All the kings of the Amorites, those [inbred] mountain-lurkers, have amassed together to [murder] us!”
  84. Judges 21:2 The [Israelites] flock to Elohim's sanctuary. Until evening they stay there [on their knees, praying] before Elohim. They lift up their voices. They bitterly weep [over the horrible, insane carnage they've wreaked].
    note: The Tribe of Benjamin fulfills his mother Rachel's name for Benjamin: ‘Son Of Sorrow.’
  85. 2nd Samuel 1:24 Daughters of Israel, weep over [king] Saul. He clothed you in scarlet. [He filled your life with] delights. He lavished golden jewels on your dresses.
  86. 2nd Samuel 13:37 Meanwhile, [prince] AbShalom gallops [his black race-horse north] to [his maternal Grandfather, king] Talmai {Terrace}, the son of Ammihud {People-Of-Splendor}, ruler of Geshur {Bridge}, [the area just east of the Sea of Galilee, heading toward Damascus]. [Days pass. Back at the palace in Jerusalem, king] David mourns for his son [Amnon] every day.
  87. 2nd Samuel 19:3 So the [soldiers, afraid to disturb king David,] creep softly [back] into the city, like [cowards] ashamed to steal away as they flee from battle.
  88. 1st Kings 13:23 So [the bereaved prophets] stop eating food and drinking [wine]. The [tempter] prophet saddles the donkey for the [mystery] prophet. The [tempter laments ever] bringing the [doomed mystery-man] home.
  89. 2nd Kings 2:3 The sons of the prophets at Beth-El {House-Of-El} [walk] out to EliShua {El's-Salvation}. They ask [him], “Do you know that YHVH will lift away your master [Elijah over] your head [into outer space] today?” Elisha answers, “Yes, I know it. Be quiet.”
  90. Job 6:3 [— my pain] would [stand] heavier than the sand of the sea. That's why I'm [choking] out complaints.
  91. Job 6:7 [Meanwhile,] my body, [racked with] sorrow, refuses to touch [any] food.
  92. Job 7:3 So [YAH] allots me months of desolation, [filled] with my appointed nights of misery.
  93. Job 7:11 So I won't restrain my mouth. I'll speak in my anguish of spirit. I'll complain in the bitterness of my soul.”
  94. Job 16:6 When I speak, my grief charges on. When I stay silent, the [pain] lingers.
  95. Job 29:2 [Job] says, “Oh, in [my head I] time-travel back to months past: the days when [YHVH the] Eloah guards me.
  96. Job 30:28 I [stagger] around in sunless gloom. I stand up and cry to a [heartless] community.
  97. Job 30:29 I'm a brother to jackals. I'm a companion to owls, [awake howling all night].
  98. Psalms 77:6 My head hums with songs [about YAH rescuing previous generations of Hebrews]. All night long I talk to my heart. I search my spirit [for hope].
  99. Psalms 86:3 YHVH, [please] bend down to me. I'm crying to you every day, all [day].
  100. Psalms 130:1 Out of the depths [of suffering], I cry to you, YHVH.
    note: A “song of ascents,” by [king] David.
  101. IsaiYAH 15:4 [The city of] Heshbon {Intelligence} cries. EL'ealeh {EL-Ascends} [shrieks to high heaven]. The [survivor's] voices carry to the ears of [the people in] Jahaz {Stomp}. Even the armed soldiers of Moab cry out, despairing of life, 😇.
  102. IsaiYAH 15:5 My heart cries out for Moab, 😇. Its fugitives flee to Zoar {Tiny-Town}, and [the town called] “3-year calf.” [Moab-spawn stumble] up the ascent to Luhith {Floored}, weeping as they go. On the way to Horonaim {Double-Cave-Town}, they raise up heart-rending wails.
  103. IsaiYAH 24:9 The [refugees] stop drinking wines. [They quit] singing. [The poor-quality] strong drinks taste bitter even to drunks.
    note: Presumably near the world's end, the only alcohol available is cheap rubbing alcohol.
  104. JeremiYAH 30:5 YHVH says, [I] keep hearing [people] crying in terror, bereft of peace, 😇.
  105. Ezekiel 16:54 [In slavery] you [Jewa] bear your disgrace. You end up aching, realizing you've committed so many crimes that the [nations you judge] feel better [about themselves when they think of you].
  106. Jah-El 1:8 [My country] cries! [She] weeps like a virgin draped in sackcloth, mourning the [dead] husband of her youth.”
    note: Or, "my people cry..."
  107. MicaYah 1:10 "NO!” people shriek in Gath {WinePress}. “It can't be!” The [besieged people] cry, weeping. At Beth-Ophrah {Dust-Town}, [mourners] roll in the dirt in fits of anguish & despair.
    note: Beit-L‘afrah = Dust-Town.
  108. Nahum 3:7 Look, 😇! Flee! Declare, ‘Nineveh [is] laid waste!” Mourn where [you can] find comfort!
  109. Mark 2:20 But the days approach when [YAH] takes [me] the ‘groom’ away from [my disciples]. Then my disciples fast [for many] days.
  110. 1 Maccabees 1:26 Princes and elders [wail in] mourning. The virgins and young men [stagger,] feeble. The beauty of women changes [to horrifying grimaces of despair. Dignified ladies collapse in uncontrollable slobbering fits of fury.]
  111. 1 Maccabees 6:8 Now when king Antiochus hears these words, he reels astonished and moved to depression. He lays down upon his bed. He falls sick for grief, because his hopes [of world domination] lie dashed.
  112. 1 Maccabees 6:10 So Antiochus calls all his friends. He says to them, “The sleep is gone from my eyes. My heart fails for anxiety.
  113. Judges 20:26 Then all the sons of Israel, and all [their] people, stream up [from the battleground, 😇]. They arrive at Elohim's sanctuary. Weeping, they sit there [mourning in the dust] before YHVH. They fast all day until evening. They offer ascension-[gifts] and peace offerings before YHVH.
    note: YHVH doesn't want burned or mutilated animals.
  114. Job 6:5 [Don't I have a right to complain?] Doesn't the wild donkey bray for grass? Doesn't the ox moo for his feed?
  115. Job 9:27 I [wish I] could say, ‘I'll forget my complaints; I'll drop the heavy-face; I'll comfort myself.’
  116. IsaiYAH 15:8 Death-cries circle Moab's borders. The [sufferers'] howling reaches Eglaim {Twin-Ponds}. [Sobs] howl on to Beer-Elim {Well-Of-Heroes}.
  117. IsaiYAH 23:5 The bad-news about Rock-Port reaches Egypt. [The Middle-east moans in] anguish, 😇.
  118. ZechariYAH 12:13 The family descended from [ancient high-priest] Levi [weeps for YahShua] in solitude, their wives sequestered. Shimei's relatives [wail] in solitude, their women sequestered.
  119. 1 Maccabees 6:9 Many days Antiochus stays in bed, his grief growing deeper and sadder. He [makes his last will and testament as a dying man].
  120. Job 6:2 “If all my anguish and misery were weighed on scales,
  121. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 30:21 Don't surrender your mind to sorrow. Don't punish yourself when you talk to yourself.
    note: Paraphrase.
  122. Job 13:1 [Job continues:] “Look, [friends]. My eye sees everything [you see]. My ear[s] hear and understand [truth as well as yours do].
  123. 1 Maccabees 4:39 The [army men] rip their clothes. They scream and moan in lamentation. They cast ashes on their heads.
  124. 1 Maccabees 6:11 I think to myself, ‘Into what tribulation I've come. In how great a flood of misery I lie! I was bountiful, beloved in my power.
  125. 2 Esdras 5:16 And in the second night suddenly SalathiEl {Ask-YAH} the captain of the people comes to me, asking, “Where have you been? and why is your facial-expression so heavy?”
  126. 1 Maccabees 4:40 [Thousands of Israelites] fall down flat to the ground upon their faces. [Priests] blow an alarm with their shofars. [They all] cry toward heaven.
  127. 1 Maccabees 5:14 While [Judah the Hammer] reads these letters, he looks up. He sees messengers from Galilee [running to him] with their clothes torn.
  128. Job 3:2 Job [groans]:
  129. Tobit 10:3 So Tobit was very sorry.


6 SONGS on the theme of Sorrow

  1. When All The Light Has Gone
  2. Yahshua (Yesterday)
  3. Aleluyah (Parody OF Sheryl Crow's Home)
  4. Jesus Wept
  5. Psalm 13
  6. Anna


11 CHAPTERS on the theme of Sorrow

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  2. Jackie Reveals Her Parents' Death & Her Abuse
  3. The Shepherdess Dreams Of Her Shepherd Boy
  4. King David Weeps Over Absalom
  5. King David Mourns Amnon's Death
  6. General Joab Sees King David Cry Over Absalom
  7. General Joab Shames David Into Courage
  8. Binge Drinks At Party
  9. Antsy's Dad Falls Into Depression
  10. Depression
  11. Echo Wails At Zeus & Hairah


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