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Righteous actions are the indicator that you are saved.

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7 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Righteous Actions (Works)

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  1. Faith Without Works Is A Rotting Carcass
  2. Life's Only Meaning Is Helping The Needy
  3. Try Your Best, But Ask For Help When You Fall
  4. Isaiah Foresees YAH Restoring The Earth
  5. Only Doers Of Good Actions Go To Heaven
  6. Righteous People Always Win In The End
  7. Do These Things And You Will Live Forever


100 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Righteous Actions (Works)

  1. Matthew 5:6 Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, 😇. [YAH] eventually fills them.
    note: Not ‘they who say a sinner's prayer then go on sinning like the rest of the world.’ Those who seek righteousness like starving children chase food.
  2. James 1:27 Pure and undefiled worship in the eyes of [YHVH], the Eloah ([the eternal] Father) is this, 😇: To [personally] care for orphans and widows by [easing] their distress. And to keep yourself unspotted from the world-system.
    note: This timeless BS-razor cuts through all religious hypocrisy. Church people live like their neighbors while failing to help orphans and widows. Religiots die embroiled in impure religion. Help troubled widows and orphans. Separate from the worldly nations. That's pure spirituality. The empty talky church scene is for eternal losers. Also, just sending a few bucks a month to some ‘Christian’ Aid Agency isn't gonna' cut it. Unless you personally go inspect the relief-work yourself, you can assume that the aid agency is using the money improperly, digging the orphans and widows into deeper holes.
  3. James 2:26 A body without [YAH's] spirit lies dead, 😇. Likewise, faith without works lies dead.
  4. James 2:24 You see then, 😇, that [YHVH] fixes a man by [helping him to do good] works, not by mere [passive] “faith.”
    note: Eat that, Martin Luther! Your works matter to your salvation. A person is made right (justified) with Elohim by what he does. Salvation doesn't happen only because of what you ‘believe.’ You are what you DO under pressure.
  5. Job 1:8 So YHVH asks Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? [Do you see] that there's no one like him on the earth—[an] undefiled, upright man, one who fears Elohim, and [always] turns [away] from evil?”
  6. James 2:17 So, 😇, faith without works is dead, like a lone [severed hand].
  7. James 2:18 [You hear false believers] claim they have [true saving] faith, while I, [James, merely] have works-righteousness. [Ha!] 😇, show me your [supposed] faith that does no work. I show you my faith by my Ergon {Energetic-Actions}.
    note: War-state murderer Martin Luther wanted the book of James struck from the Bible because of verses like this. Lutherans still wrongly class the Epistle of James as ‘Antilegomena’ (of disputed authority). Luther wrongly inserted [saved by faith] ‘alone’ in Rom. 3:28, thus criminally dragging Paul into trumped-up conflict with James. Luther foolishly deemed it impossible to harmonize the two apostles. Luther maligned James as an ‘epistle of straw,’ devoid of evangelical character (‘keine evangelische Art’). See Philip Schaff's ‘History of the Reformation’. The controversy persists today. Try to get a Protestant to cooperate with you in gospel Ergon (toil), and the Protestant will lecture you about ‘salvation by grace’. What Luther's Protestant minions fail to grasp is that good-deeds flow from salvation like breathing flows from life. If you're not breathing, you're physically dead. if you're not doing good actions, you're spiritually dead. Yet we can't take credit for breathing, nor for righteous acts.
  8. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 19:8 [YAH] gives fine linen, bright and clean, to the Lamb's wife to wear. (Fine linen is a symbol for the righteous actions of the [people whom YAH] separates [from evil].)
  9. Titus 3:8 😇, put your confidence in this command: Insist constantly that everyone who trusts in [YHVH] the Eloah must always busy themselves, planning and working, doing good deeds that are beneficial for everyone, every [waking] minute of every day.
    note: Of course, on the Sabbath you rest, so that you can be more effective on the 6 days you work. Note that if you demand obedience to this verse, most ‘Christians’ will reject you, calling you a legalist and a fanatic.
  10. Romans 3:22 Without prejudice, Elohim gives this [power to do] righteous [acts] to everyone [of whatever origin] who [actively, fruitfully] believes with faith in YahShua (the Messiah).
    note: Believing means walking out your faith in action. Crossing the Grand Canyon walking on thin air.
  11. James 4:17 So, 😇, anyone who knows the good he ought to do, yet fails to do it, sins.
  12. Matthew 23:23 Woe to you, [religious text experts & self-nominated ‘holy’ separatists]. [You're] hypocrites! You donate 10% of [your] mint & anise & cumin. Yet [you] ignore the weightier matters of [YAH's] Law: justice, mercy & faith. You must practice those 3 essentials to give significance to minor righteous acts [like donating pinches of spice for feasts].
  13. Ecclesiastes 5:18 [So, 😇,] see [the path into the light] that I [finally] see: the [only way to have a] beautiful and pleasant [life] is [for you to enjoy simply] eating and drinking [healthy food and juice], and to see good [benefit to the needy] coming from all your toilsome labor under the sun all the days of your life that ELohim gives you. [Charitable accomplishment is] all you can take away [from this life. When you help oppressed people, you build treasure in heaven for yourself.]
    note: As normally translated, this verse contradicts the other verses. Solomon has just taught us that work itself is meaningless, wretched vanity. So why would he then tell you to absorb yourself in your work? The point is that you will be most happy if you live a simple life centered around righteous work that helps needy people.
  14. Galatians 6:9 So let's never get tired of doing good, 😇. If we don’t give up, we [believers], in due time, reap the harvest [of eternal life].
  15. James 2:22 So you see, 😇, that what you believe and what you DO work together. What you DO makes your faith complete.
    note: Faith is like a body without a heart. The work is the heart. Without deeds, your faith is a corpse.
  16. 2nd Peter 3:11 Seeing then that [YAH] comes [soon] to dissolve all the [galaxies], what kind of people ought you be? Your manner of behavior should be 100% righteousness and separation [from evil, 😇].
  17. Luke 18:20 —You know [YAH's] commandments, 😇: Never commit adultery; never murder; never steal; never bear false witness; honor [& pay the living expenses of] your father & your mother…”
    note: (Exodus 20:12-16; Deuteronomy 5:16-20) Murder = phonos.
  18. Romans 8:9 But if the Spirit of Elohim truly lives in you, 😇, you live, not enmeshed [in] meat, but ‘in’ [YAH's] Spirit. Now if any man lacks the Spirit of [the] Messiah, that man does not belong to the Messiah.
  19. Romans 4:12 While still uncircumcised, our ancestor Abraham became the “fore-father” of the [believers] who, despite having mutilated genitals, still walk in the footsteps of Abraham's faith.
    note: Faith is action. Whether or not your parents made the unbiblical mistake of chopping off 1/3 of your penile skin, you can be saved, because faith is spiritual, not physical.
  20. Romans 3:21 But now, 😇, the news is spreading that Elohim can repair [us] even if we fail to [legalistically observe] the Sinai {Bush} Code. The Law and the Prophets speak about this [imputed] ‘righteousness.’
    note: Heart-righteousness is not based on legalistic rule-following, but on repentance.
  21. Proverbs 28:12 When right-walkers triumph, [society basks in] great glory. But when violators rise, men hide.
  22. Genesis 17:1 [13 years pass, 😇.] In Abram's 99th year [of life], YHVH appears to Abram. [YAH] says, “I am the El Shaddai {Almighty-Power}. Walk in my presence. Be pure-hearted.
    note: You CAN become virtually perfectly sinless, in THIS life, right now. Perfection is the goal of Christianity. We can and must achieve perfection, with help from the Perfect One. It should be your daily goal to approach moral perfection. However, actual 100% perfection is only likely to occur after this life.
  23. Titus 2:14 YahShua gave his [life] for us, 😇, so he could redeem us from all wickedness, to purify for himself a populace all his own, zealous to do good deeds.
    note: Grace is power to be good, not permission to be bad. YAH saves you to get you to do good, not to sit in church and talk about how you got saved by saying one prayer. Protestants often lie, saying the point of redemption is that YHVH accepts you even though you still sin. Salvation is the power to do right, not the freedom to do wrong.
  24. James 2:21 Abraham {Father-Of-Billions} exemplifies active faith that justifies sinners: Our ancestor Abraham [mistakenly] thought YAH wanted him to sacrifice his precious son Isaac {Laughter}. So [Abraham] attempted [murder]!
    note: Filled with faith that YAH will raise his son from the dead, Abraham works hard to climb a mountain. He ties his boy up on a mountaintop altar. Against every instinct in his body, Abraham lifts the knife in the air to stab into his son's heart. It takes an angel to grab Abraham's hand and stop him from acting in faith against every natural interest and desire a father could ever have.
  25. 1st John 3:10 Here is how [you, 😇,] can distinguish clearly between YAH’s children and children of the devil: whoever fails to do righteous deeds AND love his brother [humans] is not from YHVH.
    note: If someone does evil or fails to love, he's a child of the devil, whether he THINKS he's saved by grace or not. Preachers, stop lying at funerals and altar-calls.
  26. Galatians 6:10 So as the opportunity arises, let's do good to everyone, 😇, especially to our faith-family.
  27. Ecclesiastes 6:3 [Even] if a man spawns 100 children, and lives many years, multiplying his [earthly] days, constantly avoiding burial, if his soul isn't satisfied by [doing] good [for the needy], I say that an aborted baby is better than him.
    note: Most translations make the insipid assertion that a decent burial makes a man's life better. If Solomon doesn't even reckon life as meaningful; why would he think a burial gives life happiness and meaning? Praising burial is copycat translational error. The CJB understands the "burial" clause correctly. The point is that even if you live forever, your life lies meaningless unless you do good for the needy. This verse is an expansion of the point Solomon made at the end of the preceding chapter.
  28. Romans 13:12 The night lies far spent, 😇! The dawn looms at hand! So let's cast off the works of darkness. Let's put on the armor of light.
    note: Cast off the lower powers, with their deceptive armor of debt-funded military power. Put on the true protective shield of faith. Cast off the darkness of residential and commercial frivolity. Cast off the darkness of anarchy against brave soldiers, police and leaders.
  29. Psalms 34:17 [When] righteous [beings] cry, YHVH hears, 😇. He delivers them out of all their troubles.
  30. 1st John 3:7 Little children, let no man deceive you. Whoever does righteous acts is righteous, just as YahShua is righteous.
    note: The paid liar preacher tells you, ‘You're saved by grace; your sins won't send you to the fire.’ But John says, ‘If you were saved by grace you wouldn't be sinning.’ You are what you do under pressure.
  31. 3rd John 1:11 Beloved 😇, never follow anything [or anyone] evil, [no matter how prosperous, religious or respected they seem]. Follow [only] what's good. Whoever does good is of [YHVH] the Eloah. Whoever does evil has never experienced [YHVH] the Eloah.
  32. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 27:8 If you chase righteousness, you'll obtain her, and put her on like a glorious long robe.
  33. Luke 1:6 ZachariYah & Elisabeth live righteous [lives] in the sight of [YHVH] the Eloah. They walk blamelessly in all the commandments and regulations of the Adonai.
    note: So it's not impossible to please YHVH by your actions; it's just that people rarely do so.
  34. Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, 😇. Sin degrades any population.
  35. Proverbs 28:4 People who forsake [YAH's] law praise wicked [criminals]. Law-keepers struggle [for what's right], 😇.
    note: If you fight for what's right, don't expect people to applaud you. Expect to meet resistance so tough that you need help from heaven to fight it.
  36. Ephesians 5:9 (For the Spirit-Light produces ‘fruit,’ [a limitless cornucopia] of goodness, righteousness and truth, 😇.)
    note: Some texts say "Light," others "Spirit."
  37. Proverbs 28:10 Anyone who makes [a] right-walker stray onto a ruinous life-road [eventually] falls into his own trap. Upright [people] eventually inherit [everything] wonderful, 😇.
  38. Psalms 112:6 [The good man] survives the shaking [of the world]. Stay on the right path, 😇. Then your history will stretch into forever.
  39. Hebrews 10:24 Let's see how inventive we can be, 😇, in encouraging love and doing good to help other [believers].
  40. Romans 3:5 Elohim's [bright] righteousness shines more brightly [when] contrasted with our [dark] unrighteousness. Can we then conclude that [YHVH] the Eloah is unjust in bringing his wrath on us? No way, 😇. That's just a [fallacious] humanistic argument.
  41. Ezekiel 18:9 Walk in my statutes, guard my judgments, deal truly, [live] justly. Then [you, 😇,] will surely live,’ promises Adonai YHVH.
  42. Ezekiel 18:17 He keeps his hands from [oppressing] poor [people]. He never takes interest large nor small. He executes my verdicts. He walks in my statutes. [Such a] man won't die just because his father was evil! [The man of integrity] permanently lives!
    note: Interest charges are wrong, whether they're large or small.
  43. Genesis 6:9 [Here is the genealogical] history of Noah {Rest}: Noah lives righteously, [virtually] flawlessly. Throughout his entire lifetime, Noah walks with [YHVH] the Eloah.
    note: It IS possible for a mere mortal man or woman to be perfect, at least close enough to perfect to please YHVH. Many churches, Lutherans, for example, teach the lie that it is humanly impossible to be righteous. Virtually flawless living is rare, but possible.
  44. IsaiYAH 56:2 [I] bless [every] man who actively [rescues oppressed people. Be that rare] ‘child of Adam’ who seizes hold on [righteousness]. Guard the Sabbath from [anyone] poking [holes of work into] it. Keep [your] hand from doing any evil, 😇.
  45. 2nd Kings 18:3 [Hezekiah] does what's right in the sight of YHVH. He follows every [good example] set by his ancestor David {Love}.
  46. Psalms 85:10 Mercy and truth magnetically-connect, 😇. Right-walking and total-peace kiss each other.
    note: Tell the truth and do kind acts, and you get divine-favor and complete well-being.
  47. Psalms 37:27 So flee from ruin, 😇. Do kind [deeds,] and [you'll] thrive forever.
    note: Faith = Action.
  48. Psalms 15:2 Only [beings who] walk uprightly, who do righteous deeds, who speak the truth from the heart, [can live with YAH].
    note: Belief = action.
  49. Proverbs 11:19 Righteousness [is] life, 😇. The [fool] chases evil [to his own] death.
  50. 2nd Chronicles 34:2 [King JosiYah] does what's right in the sight of YHVH. He walks in the [good] ways of his ancestor David {Love}. He never detours to the right nor the left.
  51. IsaiYAH 5:16 Through his just [actions], YHVH commander-of angel-armies towers [above the world], 😇. El [uses his] holy power [to] perform righteous acts. [This] proves his [heart shines perfectly] clean.
    note: YAH demonstrates his goodness through good deeds. So should we.
  52. 2nd Chronicles 11:17 So for 3 years, [Hebrew priests] reinforce the Judean kingdom. They strengthen Solomon's brat-king Rehoboam {Nation-Builder}. For 3 years the [Judaeans] walk in the [relatively righteous] way[s] of David {Love} and Solomon {Peace}.
  53. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 2:19 😇, I recognize your works, charity, service, faith, and your perseverance. [I love] that you now do more [good] than you did at first.
  54. Ezekiel 18:7 Never oppress anyone, 😇. Restore collateral to [even deadbeat] debtors. Never rob. Never be violent. Give [your] bread to hungry [people]. Cover naked [and poorly-clad people] with clothes.
  55. IsaiYAH 3:10 😇, remind right-walkers that they'll eventually eat the wonderful fruit of their good-actions.
  56. Proverbs 13:9 The light of do-gooders [grows ever] brighter, 😇. [YAH] snuffs out the wrecker's life-lamp.
  57. Psalms 119:1 😇, it makes [you] happy to walk the flawless path. [So live] YHVH's law.
    note: The longest chapter in the Bible, probably written by good king Hezekiah. The conflict is that Hezekiah gets messages from heaven. Yet his millions of unruly, worldly citizens insist on copying the evil satan-nations around them. Being a real ruler = signing up for nonstop torture. That's why today's 'rulers' default to hooking as highly paid bank-owned prostitutes for their uber-master, the devil.
  58. Judith 5:17 As long as the Hebrews avoided sinning before [YHVH] their Elohim, they prospered. [YHVH, the] Elohim who hates evil, stuck with them.
  59. Ephesians 4:1 I [serve YHVH] the Adonai. So [his enemies, the religionists,] have locked me up [here] in prison. I ask you, 😇, to [join me in] living a [similarly sacrificial] life worthy of what [YHVH] chose you for.
  60. Psalms 119:3 [Contented people] avoid distorting morality, 😇. They walk in [YAH's] ways.
    note: Greedy ingrates wreak evil.
  61. 1st Timothy 5:25 Likewise, 😇, some good works are obvious. While others are not so visible. But [YAH] eventually publicizes and rewards everyone's deeds.
  62. Psalms 118:20 This [temple] gate belongs to YHVH, 😇. Only right-walkers can enter it.
  63. Romans 8:12 So brothers, we have an obligation—but not to the sinful nature. Never live as [sin] dictates, 😇.
  64. IsaiYAH 26:7 [YAH] smooths out the path[s] of righteous [people]. [YAH,] the most upright [being] of all, levels the road for just [beings to walk].
  65. 1st Thessalonians 4:1 So, brothers, we [apostles] urge you and call you [in the authority of] the Master YahShua, to increasingly continue to walk in a way that pleases Elohim, like we [apostles] taught you.
  66. Psalms 112:3 Power and riches [eventually] come to rest in [the law-keeper's] family. His virtue stands forever.
  67. Hebrews 1:9 —You've [always] loved righteousness and hated wickedness. So [I,] YHVH your Eloah, set you above your companions [by] anointing you with the oil of joy.”
    note: Paul here reinterprets the wedding Psalm 45:6-7 as referring to Yahshua. Jews have traditionally interpreted Psalm 45 as praising a Jewish king, perhaps Hezekiah.
  68. Psalms 112:2 [The Law-keeper's] seed-children grow mighty on [the] earth. [YAH] blesses the family-tree of upright [people].
  69. Psalms 92:12 Right-walkers shoot-out-buds like palm trees, 😇. They grow great like cedars on the white-mountain[s of Lebanon].
  70. Psalms 37:6 [YAH] draws righteousness out of you like light, 😇. [He makes] justice [shine through your life] like the noonday [sun].
  71. Psalms 34:15 The eyes of YHVH [shine] on [all] righteous [beings]. [YAH's] ears stay [always] open to [saints'] cries.
  72. Job 9:2 “True. I see [all] that. But how [could] that any [of us] mortals justify [ourselves] before [the ultimate] El {Power}?
  73. Wisdom of Solomon 3:15 For all good works [eventually] bear glorious fruit. The root of wisdom never rots.
  74. Ephesians 5:10 Figure out what will please Adonai [YHVH]. Then do it, 😇.
  75. IsaiYAH 61:9 The seed-children of [do-gooders] end up world-famous, 😇. [Our] offspring mix with all peoples. Everyone who sees [us] acknowledges that [we saints are] the seed-people whom YHVH blesses.
  76. JeremiYAH 7:5 Thoroughly amend your life-plans and your behavior, 😇. Completely execute justice in [disputes] between each man and his neighbor.
  77. IsaiYAH 26:2 Throw [open] the gates [of the city of peace, 😇]! Let [YAH's] truly righteous populace come [home]!
  78. Malachi 3:4 [After our purification and testing process is complete,] the offerings of the People Of YAH's Name, and of the City Of Peace, become pleasant to YHVH, 😇, as in days of old, in [better] years gone by.
  79. Proverbs 10:20 The fair-dealing [man's] tongue [pays wealth like] valuable silver, 😇. The heart of an unethical [man] lacks worth.
  80. John 16:10 I'm going to my Father. So you will no longer physically see me. But [the Advocate Spirit continues to demonstrate] righteousness [to the world through you, 😇. And this righteousness brings feelings of conviction into the hearts of everyone the spirit touches.]
    note: Heavily paraphrased.
  81. Proverbs 10:7 [YAH] blesses the memory of the law-abiding [man, 😇]. But [YAH] lets the name of the lawless [man] rot.
  82. Psalms 128:1 YHVH blesses everyone who reveres him and walks in his ways, 😇.
  83. Psalms 125:3 Righteous [beings] never set their hands to [commit] unfair [acts], 😇. So the rod [that beats] lawbreakers won't [long] rule over righteous [beings nor over] their inheritance[s].
    note: Are you concerned about inheritance taxes? Put your money into serving needy people and spreading the gospel.
  84. Psalms 119:6 By respecting your every command, [I] banish shame [from] my [dominion].
  85. 1st Thessalonians 2:12 We [apostles] have [always] encouraged you, comforted you and appealed to you to walk [out your lives] in a way worthy of [YHVH] the Eloah, who calls you, 😇, into his Kingdom and [his] glory.
  86. Romans 8:10 But if [the] Messiah lives in you, 😇, though your body is spiritually dead because of sin, the Spirit of righteousness [gives you] spirit-life.
  87. Psalms 119:4 [YAH,] you command us [humans] to guard your [moral] principles with all our might.
  88. Psalms 119:5 [Please] give me overwhelming [power] to [walk] the road [of life as a] guard [for] your [precious] laws.
  89. 2nd Corinthians 6:7 [We believers prove ourselves, 😇, by speaking] word[s] of truth, by [demonstrating] the power of Elohim, with the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left.
    note: True believers return evil with kindness. That in itself is a miracle.
  90. Galatians 4:18 It's fine to be zealous, 😇, provided the cause is good. Always be zealous for good, even when I'm absent from you.
  91. Susanna vs. The Elders 1:4 Now [Susanna's husband] JAHoacim is a great rich man. He has a [huge] beautiful garden adjoining his house. [Prominent] Jews [fellowship, trade & consult with] JAHoacim because he behaves more honorably than all the other [men in town].
  92. Wisdom of Solomon 1:15 (For righteousness is immortal.)
    note: Immortality is a condition which equals the existence of sentient, loving life without any accompanying sin. There is simply no way that sinners can live forever. Sin = death. Love = life. Sin = the absence of life = the absence of real love.
  93. Ezekiel 18:5 So, human[s], just live justly. Do what's lawful and right, 😇.
  94. 2nd Chronicles 14:2 [King] Asa does what's good and right in the eyes of YHVH his Elohim.
  95. Psalms 106:3 [YAH] blesses everyone who guards justice and [who] continually performs [acts of] righteousness, 😇.
  96. Psalms 15:1 YHVH, who can stay in your sacred-dwelling? Who [is worthy to] live on your holy [heavenly] mountain?
  97. 2nd Peter 3:1 This, beloved 😇, is the second letter I've written to you. In both letters I remind you to give life to your pure intentions.
    note: Do what you think is right. Don't just think about it. Also, make statements of intent in place of promises and oaths.
  98. Proverbs 3:32 Perverse [men] are abominations to YHVH. YAH joins with righteous [beings, 😇].
  99. Psalms 101:6 My eyes will watch over the faithful [people] of the land, so they can live with me. Only [people] who walk [through life] in a perfect way can work [with] me.
  100. IsaiYAH 33:5 [But see the future, 😇:] YHVH, [our] impregnable [‘fortress’] who lives on high, again fills Zion with justice and righteousness.


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