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9 SCRIPTURE SECTIONS on the theme of Moral Purity / Childlikeness

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  1. Cut All Evil Habits Out Of Your Neurology
  2. Never Let Sin Dominate You
  3. Except Defiled People, Everything Is Useful
  4. Be Generous, Not Stingy
  5. Purge All Wrongdoing From Your Life!
  6. No True Believer Knowingly Persists In Sin
  7. Think Pure Thoughts; Dwell On What's Good
  8. More Of Solomon's Wisdom Proverbs
  9. Get Rid Of All Filthiness


85 SCRIPTURES on the theme of Moral Purity / Childlikeness

  1. Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart, 😇. They come to see Elohim.
  2. Luke 6:45 Out of the good treasure of his heart, 😇, a ‘good’ man brings out good [results, work, products, relationships, feelings, counsel]. But an evil man, out of the evil treasure of his heart, brings forth disaster. For [every man's] mouth speaks what overflows from his heart.
  3. Mark 9:47 And, 😇, if your “eye” causes you to sin, pluck it out! It's better for you to enter into the kingdom of [YHVH] the Eloah with one eye, than for [angels] to cast you two-eyed into the valley of the trash fire (Gei-Hinnom).
    note: Don't participate in a global world money system represented by the ‘all-seeing eye.’ And of course to viewing pornography or being seduced by the attractive power of cars, real-estate, bodies, etc.
  4. Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman, 😇? Her value [soars] far above rubies.
    note: Only your Creator can find you a good wife among the herd of sluts that make planet earth a disease-filled garbage pit.
  5. Titus 1:15 To pure [beings], all things are pure [for the use the Creator intended, 😇]. But to [beings] who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure. Even their minds and consciences [lie] defiled.
    note: Foreskins are pure. Don't cut them off. Instead, cut off the control the penis has over your behavior. That's what circumcision really means: Stop letting your little head think for your big head. This verse cannot be used to justify eating pig meat.
  6. Romans 13:13 Let's walk honestly, 😇, as [do-gooders] in daylight; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in [worldly] coitus and wantonness, not in strife and jealousy.
    note: Koite implies coitus, meaning sexual adultery or more relevant to this chapter, spiritual adulterous joining with the lower powers of man.
  7. Romans 6:12 So never let crookedness reign in your mortal body, 😇. NEVER obey sin's lusts.
    note: It is possible for a spirit-filled mortal to never sin. Living without ever breaking any principle behind the Mosaic code should be your goal.
  8. 1st John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as YAH is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another. Then the ‘blood’ of YahShua the Messiah, YAH's son, cleanses us from all sin, 😇.
    note: Or ‘as he (Yahshua) is in the light.’ See Charlie Peacock's/ D.C. Talk's wonderful song based on this verse.
  9. Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers: everything true, everything honest, everything just, everything pure, everything lovely, everything commendable; anything virtuous or praiseworthy: focus your mind on these things.
  10. Mark 7:20 YahShua continues, “What comes OUT of the man is what [spiritually] defiles the man, 😇.”
  11. 1st John 3:9 Whoever is born of YHVH never commits sin. For YAH's ‘seed’ remains in him. [A reborn human] can't [purposefully] sin, 😇, because he's born of YHVH.
    note: If you're truly born again, you can't transgress the Law of YHWH. For instance, you'll watch your diet; you won't fornicate, you won't make agreements with the peoples and nations around you; you won't borrow, you'll strive to daily, personally educate your children in YAH's Word (rather than abandon them to pagan school,) etc. You ‘Christians’ out there using porn and addicted to substances, it's time to get reborn.
  12. Matthew 18:8 So, 😇, if your [metaphorical] “hand” or “foot” become “snares” for you, [then] ‘cut them off.’ Cast them [into the trash]. For it's better for you to enter into [eternal] Life crippled or maimed, rather than [for my angels] to hurl you with your two hands & two feet into everlasting fire.
    note: The ‘fire’ is everlasting. But it quickly burns sinners up. No people endure conscious eternal torment. Also, obviously, self-mutilation is a metaphor. This is not a commandment to actually mutilate yourself. Don't be like the crazy priest who cut off his sneaky penis. Do get away from people who lead you into sin. And certainly excommunicate from your congregations people who sin unrepentantly. The world gives you a ‘helping hand’ if you raise your right hand and swear an oath of loyalty to a worldly nation. The world gives you ‘feet’ (cheap rapid transportation to anywhere on the globe). But the world takes ownership of your soul in return. Cut off all your ties to the world system.
  13. 2nd Corinthians 6:6 We [true believers] prove ourselves by [supernatural] purity, understanding, patience, kindness, sincere love, and the power of Sacred Spirit.
    note: We don't prove ourselves by wearing nice suits, living in respectable homes, working on salaried staff in swanky church buildings.
  14. 1st Thessalonians 5:22 Abstain from every form of evil, 😇.
    note: The actions of true believers often APPEAR evil to clueless worldlings. Religiots mistranslate this verse to rope true believers into sick conformity with the world. This verse REQUIRES you to do things that the worldly society or the religious people around you think is evil. You might, for instance,
  15. herald the gospel in a Synagogue,
  16. or turn water into wine,
  17. or evangelize in a school,
  18. or bring the gospel into strip clubs,
  19. or travel without worldly documentation, as the Amish do,
  20. or interfere with late-term abortions,
  21. or properly discipline, heal, and educate your children,
  22. or grow a healing plant that the world around you considers evil, such as Ephedra, the root of which is often abused for making meth-amphetamines, but is also a wonderful natural antihistamine.
  23. You are always free to do right.
  24. Romans 12:9 In complete sincerity, love [even your enemies]. Hate everything evil. Hold on to what is good, 😇.
  25. 2nd Timothy 2:22 And flee youthful lusts, 😇! Follow righteousness, faith, charity and peace, with other [people] who call on [YHVH] from pure hearts.
  26. Romans 6:19 I speak in human terms because your “sin-flesh” is weak, 😇. You used to yield your body [parts] in slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness. So now offer your body [parts] in service to right [actions which] lead [you to] separate [from the evil world].
  27. 1st John 3:6 Whoever lives united with YahShua does NOT sin, 😇! Whoever sins has neither seen YahShua, nor known him.
    note: So much for your claim to be ‘once saved, always saved.’ If you sin, it's time to get saved.
  28. Proverbs 31:25 Strength and honor are the virtuous wife's clothing, 😇. She laughs through the coming days.
  29. Mark 9:50 Salt is good. But sometimes it loses his ‘salty’ [flavor]. There's no natural way to restore [dead] salt's [useful taste and beneficial] properties. So, 😇, maintain [the preserving, purifying, seasoning qualities of] salt in yourselves. Live in peace with each other.”
    note: This is a direct attack on the rogue priests who perverted the Levitical system.
  30. Ephesians 5:3 But among you [believers], 😇, there must never be even a hint, not a whisper, of fornication [of any kind (sexual, political, commercial or spiritual)]. Nor [can you harbor] any kind of impurity, or greed. These are [criminal acts], abominations to [YAH's] holy people.
    note: Greed implies covetousness (wanting anything that belongs to someone else). For instance, taking benefits of any kind from the worldly nation around you. Such as anything that you can obtain using a national I.D. number (Social Insurance a.k.a. Social Security).
  31. 2nd Samuel 11:9 But instead of going back home to his house [to sleep with his wife,] UriYah {YAH's-Flame} sleeps at the royal palace gate beside [king David's royal] guard!
  32. Ephesians 4:29 Let zero corrupt communication come from your mouth, 😇! Only [speak] good words that build people up by serving valuable gift[s] to their hearts.
    note: No profanity, no insults. That means you probably can't watch T.V. or see many movies, or you'll eventually start using profanity.
  33. Matthew 6:22 Your eye is a lamp for your body, 😇. A pure [healthy, whole] eye lets ‘sunshine’ into your soul [and body].
    note: If you have a ‘good eye’ [that is, if you are generous] your whole body shines full of light.
  34. Matthew 19:13 Then, 😇, people bring little children to YahShua, hoping that he will put his hands on the children and pray. But YahShua's disciples tell the people, ‘YahShua [is too busy & important to waste time on children]!’
    note: The previous verses encourage celibacy, and this verse is about children. This is because little children have no interest in sex. We disciples should be like innocent little children over whom sexual impulses have no control.
  35. Matthew 18:9 And if your “eye” causes you to sin, pluck it out. Cast it [far] from you, 😇. It's better for you to enter into [Eternal] Life with one eye, than [for my angels to] cast you two-eyed into the [trash fire of the universe].
    note: The fire mentioned here is in the valley of Gei-Hinnom, a burning trash dump in Israel. Gei-Hinnom refers metaphorically to the ‘2nd death’ in which the unrighteous human masses are finally burned up, quickly extinguished like weeds, after the great judgment. The eye that causes you to sin is the 'all-seeing eye' of the New World Order, right there on the ‘almighty’ dollar bill in your pocket.
  36. Proverbs 25:5 Get wicked [courtesans] out of the ruler's face. Then his throne will rest on [a] foundation [of] righteousness.
  37. Matthew 15:17 Do you still fail to understand, 😇, that whatever enters [your body] through [your] mouth goes into [your] belly; then [you] flush it out down the poop-pipe?
    note: Nothing that goes into the toilet has any direct spiritual significance.
  38. 2nd Corinthians 7:1 Dearly beloved 😇, since [YAH gives] us all these [conditional] promises, let's cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit. Let's grow perfect in separation [from the world-system,] because we fear Elohim.
    note: Perfect holiness is your goal.
  39. 2nd Timothy 2:21 So, 😇, purge yourself from dishonor. Then you'll be a vessel of honor, sanctified, fit for the master [YahShua's] use, prepared for every good work.
    note: You are a container for spirits. Clean your insides out. Then YAH will fill you with His Sacred Spirit.
  40. James 1:21 So rid yourselves of every last speck of filthiness. [Purge your heart of] the world's overflowing vulgar evil. Meekly receive [the] Word[s] YAH implants in you, 😇. [YAH's word] is able to save your souls.
  41. Romans 6:6 We know that [YAH] ‘crucified’ our old selves with YahShua, to destroy [the parts of our] bodies [that are slaves] to debauchery. So from now on we [believers] should NEVER serve sin, 😇.
    note: World = Werolt = Old Man = Devil. Parts of our neurochemistry need to be wiped out. There are whole sections of our brains that are devoted to serving our addictions to sugar, drugs, sex and other dopamine triggers.
  42. Psalms 1:1 Bless the man who [refuses to] walk in the counsel of wicked [mouths], or stand on the sinner's path, or sit [wasting time, or in judgment] with mockers.
  43. 2nd Peter 3:14 So, beloved 😇, you live watching for [YAH to destroy all wickedness to re-create a perfect universe]. So stay diligent, so that YAH finds you in peace, without stain, blameless.
  44. Ezekiel 36:25 Then I sprinkle clean water upon you. You become pure, 😇. I cleanse you from all your filthiness, from all your idols.
  45. John 13:10 YahShua answers Peter {Rock}, “If [you] take a bath [and then go outside on a barefoot walk] you only need to wash [your] feet. Then you're completely clean. You're pure. But that isn't true of everyone here.”
  46. Leviticus 14:45 So [the priest gets workers to] demolish the house, smash its stones, scrap its timber, and trash its mortar. [Workers] carry all that [trash] out from the city to a dirty-materials dump.
  47. Proverbs 25:4 Purge scum from [your inner] ‘silver’, 😇, so the ‘smith’ has material to make a [useful] vessel [out of you].
    note: Purge scum from your life, so YAH can do something useful with you.
  48. 1st Peter 1:14 Be [YAH's] obedient children. Never let yourselves be shaped by the evil desires you used to indulge in when you wallowed in ignorance, 😇.
  49. Hebrews 10:22 So, 😇, let's approach [heaven's] Holiest Place with sincere heart[s], in the full assurance that comes from trusting [YAH. He] sprinkles clean our hearts. [He clears our] evil conscience[s]. [He] washes our bodies with [the] pure ‘water’ [of his Word].
  50. Psalms 32:2 When [your] spirit [shines] free of deceit, when YHVH counts no depravity [against you], then [you're] a happy human, 😇.
  51. 1st Corinthians 5:7 😇, get rid of [your] old [sin] fungus. Be like a new batch of dough free of yeast. You [believers] really are [fresh ‘bread’]. Because [YAH] offered [the] Messiah for us. [YahShua] is our Passover lamb.
  52. Proverbs 22:11 The king befriends [the innocent] whose gracious lips [stream] pure-hearted love.
  53. Leviticus 14:46 And anyone who goes into the [infected] house while it's quarantined is [preemptively considered] contaminated the rest of the day.
  54. 1st Corinthians 5:8 Let's keep on celebrating love-feasts together, not with the old ‘yeast,’ (the fungus of malice and wickedness,) but with [lowly, humble] unleavened ‘bread:’ the ‘bread’ of sincerity and truth.
    note: Or, 'let us keep the Passover.'
  55. Psalms 26:6 I wash my hands in innocence, so I can [dance] around your altar, YHVH.
  56. Proverbs 15:4 A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, 😇. Forked [tongues] break the spirit.
  57. Proverbs 15:26 😇, yHVH hates the schemes of wicked [people]. YAH delights in the words of pure [people].
  58. Proverbs 17:3 Refining pots [test] silver. Furnace[s] [test] gold. YHVH tests hearts.
    note: You go through life's fire to remove impurities from your heart.
  59. Exodus 20:25 [But if you choose to] make Me an altar of stone, never build it of hewn stone. For if you lift up your tool upon [a stone of My altar], you defile it.
    note: Several metaphorical interpretations apply:
  60. Yahshua, the ‘Rock,’ the Cornerstone of the Living Temple, was begotten by the thoughts of YHVH, not by men.
  61. The world's authority system (Rome=iron) pollutes people by manipulating and abusing them.
  62. never cut human bodies, as in circumcision.

  63. 1st Corinthians 15:34 Awake to righteousness, 😇. Never sin. For some [people] have no knowledge of Elohim. I rebuke your confusion.
  64. 1st Timothy 3:9 [YAH's workers] must guard the revealed truths of [our] faith with a clear conscience, 😇.
  65. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 3:4 You have a few people in Sardis who've avoided soiling their [holy] ‘clothes.’ They come to walk [heaven] with me in white [robes]. For they're worthy.
  66. Ecclesiasticus (Sirach) 26:18 Like [the temple's] golden pillars on their silver bases; so are the [legs and] feet [of a righteous man or woman] who has a trustworthy heart.
    note: Every item described in the temple has a deep metaphorical significance.
  67. Luke 1:56 Mary continues living with Elisabeth for about 3 months, 😇. Then Mary returns home [to her father's house].
    note: Mary stays far away from Joseph, so no one can claim that Joseph impregnated her.
  68. Leviticus 14:47 Anyone who lies in the [infected] house must wash his clothes, 😇. Likewise, anyone who eats in the house must wash his clothes.
  69. Exodus 19:10 [Then] YHVH commands Moses, “Go to the people. Spend today and tomorrow getting them cleaned-up. Let them wash their clothes.
  70. Leviticus 14:53 Then the priest lets the living bird fly out of the town into the open fields, [to symbolize man's escape from sin and death]. Then the priest [prays for YHVH to] cover the house [with his protection and forgiveness,] to keep it clean.
  71. Numbers (Journeys) 8:7 Here's how you clean [priests inside and out, 😇]: Sprinkle ‘water of purification’ upon them. Then have them shave all their skin. Then have them wash their clothes. Then [have them] scrub [their whole bodies].
    note: Water of purification = sin water, prepared as in Ch.19.
  72. 2nd Chronicles 29:5 [Hezekiah shouts], “Hear me, you Levites. Consecrate yourselves [right] now. Sanctify the temple of YHVH ([the] Elohim of your ancestors). Carry all the filthy [idols] out of the holy place.
  73. Job 25:4 So how can man justify himself before Elohim? How can anyone born from a wombed-man be pure?
  74. Psalms 5:4 For you are an Elohim who loathes wickedness. No evil will [ever] dwell with you.
  75. Psalms 18:26 You show your [limitless] purity to [people who maintain relative] purity. Likewise, you show your shrewdness to perverse deceivers.
  76. Proverbs 4:25 😇, let your eyes look straight ahead [to the goal of righteousness]. Point your eyelids to look straight in front of you. [Avoid all distractions.]
  77. NehemiYAH 12:30 The Cohanim {Priests} and the Levites [sing songs with wild dances]. [They] morally-cleanse themselves. They brighten up the peoples' [spirits]. [They bless] the gates and the city wall.
  78. 2nd Corinthians 11:2 My jealousy over you, 😇, is the right kind of jealousy. You, [the Ekklesia as a group] are [like] a fresh chaste virgin flower I'm presenting as a fiancée to your true Master, the Messiah.
    note: Note that in heaven, Jesus is neither male nor female. All resurrected humans are androgynous, as are angels. So no sexual connotation can be drawn here.
  79. Galatians 5:24 The Messiah's people have impaled (on the stake) their old sinful nature, along with [its] passions and lusts, 😇.
    note: If you still have life-controlling lustful passions, you're probably not one of Jesus' people, even though you said that salvation prayer and you go to church and tithe.
  80. Numbers (Journeys) 31:23 [And] any [other booty] that can survive fire, make it pass through the fire also. Then it'll be [considered] clean, after you purify it with the holy [purification] water. And everything that won't survive fire, [clean with] the water.
  81. Leviticus 21:17 [YAH's angel] says, “Command Aaron. Say, ‘Down through all your future posterity, none of your seed-children who has any [gross physical, mental, emotional or spiritual] defect may approach [the holy altar] to cook the bread [blessed by] his Elohim.
    note: Priesthood work is not for yes-men, church drones who cater to the dictates of bankers, doctors and lawyers who drop money in collection plates. Priesthood is for exceptionally capable people.
  82. Psalms 24:5 [Pure beings] receive blessing[s] from YHVH — vindication from the Elohim who saves them.
  83. Exodus 40:12 Then bring Aaron and his sons to the entrance to the Meeting Tent. Wash them with water.
  84. Exodus 40:32 Every time the [priests] enter the meeting tent, and when they approach the altar, they wash, as YHVH commanded Moses.
  85. Leviticus 14:49 Then, 😇, to [symbolically] cleanse the house, the priest accepts [from the owner] 2 birds, some cedar wood, scarlet cloth, and hyssop leaves.
  86. Leviticus 8:6 [Then] Moses brings Aaron and his sons [before the audience]. [Moses] washes [Aaron's sons] with water.
    note: See Heb 6:2. Perhaps prefiguring Christ's washing of the disciples' feet.
  87. 1 Maccabees 3:8 Hammer goes on to march through the cities of Judah. He destroys the wicked idolaters in them. He turns away [the forces who rained the Greek Emperor's] fire-rage on Israel.
  88. Romans 11:16 Now, 😇, if [you grab into a lump of dough] and pull out a handful pure enough to offer [for priests to eat] at the first-fruits [festival], the whole loaf must also be pure. Likewise if the root [of a tree] is sacred, so are the branches.
    note: Hallah [handful of dough]
  89. Leviticus 14:51 Next the priest takes the cedar wood, the hyssop leaves, the scarlet cloth, and the living bird. He dips them in the blood of the butchered bird, and in the running water. Then [he] sprinkles the house 7 times.
    note: This is symbolic, and possibly cleansing.
  90. Leviticus 14:50 [The priest] butchers one of the birds in a clay pot over running water.
    note: Lit. ‘living water.’
  91. Exodus 29:4 Then bring Aaron and his sons to the door of the congregational Sanctuary. Wash them with water.
  92. Apocalypsis (Revelation) 7:13 One of the [24] elders asks me, “Who are these [countless people] arrayed in white robes? From where did they come?”
  93. Psalms 5:5 No foolish [nor arrogant being] will stand in your sight. You hate all workers of evil.
  94. 1 Maccabees 4:36 Meanwhile, Judah the Hammer and his brothers say, “Look, 😇! Our enemies lie crushed. Let's go up to [Jerusalem to] cleanse and dedicate the sanctuary [for a great victory feast].”
  95. Exodus 40:7 Then you'll install the washbasin between the meeting tent and the altar. Then you'll fill [the basin] with water.
  96. Leviticus 14:52 The [priest symbolically and perhaps literally] cleanses the house with [what he does with] the blood of the bird, the running water, the live bird, the cedar-wood, the hyssop and the scarlet yarn.
  97. Exodus 30:19 Aaron and his sons will wash their hands and their feet at [this sink].
    note: See Jn 13:10.


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